Tables of symbols of Reiki (code  a), Seiki (code  b), and SSR (code c)





       In this page I begin answering some more questions of the previous page II.1.D2, of how we will facilitate our entrance to the fifth dimension. So I give at a concise and simplified way the techniques of utilisation of cosmic energies of high vibrations, such as the  Reiki, the  Seichim, the  Sechem  and their combination  SSR, (Reiki-Seichim-Sechem), and in particular with the method of  self-attunement that each one can do alone. So we do not need to go and pay hundreds and thousands of Euros in the various schools of Reiki, that keep this knowledge secret and transfer to the students against high fees, e.g. the costs of an attunement (initiation) in the third degree of Reiki, are usually from 3.000 Euros to 10.000 USD. With the use of this energies we can develop and cure so much our physical as well as our energy bodies, (that exist in our aura and also influence our health), and we increase and keep high our vibrations, in order that (with the healthy bodies and the high vibrations), we ensure our passage in the fifth dimension and at the easiest and painless way. Noteworthy that our energy bodies include the ‘‘aetheric’’, where our energies (that keep our body alive) circulate thru the meridians (for this reason we consider it incorporated in the physical), the ‘‘sentimental’’ or ‘‘astral’’ where the sentiments and  ‘‘samskaras’’ (see chapter C, par. 2) are based, the ‘‘mental’’ where are our thoughts are based, and the spiritual where our spirit (i.e. the soul) is based.

      A) INTRODUCTION:  The Reiki, the Seichim, the Sechem and their combination (SSR) are cosmic energies of high vibrations that supplement each other multiplying their effectiveness, that (most probably) emanate from the seventh, (a non material) dimension, where the various geometric energy symbols are based. In order to use this energies we have to be attuned, functioning as channels, and channel the energies to ourselves and to others, (but also to animals, plants, places, crystals and other objects), with the help of special symbols that are used for these energies. In order to use the symbols, and consequently the energies, we should first have an attunement (initiation) that up to now was given from master  to student. With our entry however in the fourth dimension and the new energies that reached the Earth preparing it for the fifth dimension (that were strengthened considerably the running month of August 2008), we can henceforth make all attunements ourselves (after suitable energy preparation and the help of the ‘‘masters in heaven’’). This energies are channelled either by placing our palms in various places of our body, or of the body of others, or, if the other individual it away, sending to him with our thought the suitable symbols. Noteworthy that whatever amount of energy we channel, it cannot harm (because the organism keeps only as mach as needed), but on the contrary it helps, supporting also any medical treatment. Finally for the history  I should add, that this symbols were given to us by extraterrestrials many thousands years ago, (e.g. engraved symbols of Seichim exist in the pyramids of Egypt), but were forgotten and came back recently by enlighted persons, (the  Usui  and the  Zeigler  respectively).  

       B) PREPARATION:  The preparation below it should be done before each attunement, for each degree of Reiki, Seichim, and  SSR . However, it is recommended to be repeated when we have time, together with the techniques of next chapter C, because  it helps in the unblocking of energy and in the smooth flow via the chakras (energy centres) and the energy meridians of our body, fact that also helps us to be healthy, full of energy and in good form. Still it protects us from any negative energies around us, or from others who absorb our energy, while it increases our telepathist capabilities, helping us with the practice to be able to communicate with our superior self, our celestial advisers, the angels, the extraterrestrials and other beings. It is as follows:

      We seat between two soft chairs in order that the perineum (between anus and genitals) is free, and relax closing our eyes and taking deep breathings. If it is difficult to relax the first times, we concentrate our attention in the various parts of our body, beginning from the soles and finishing to the eyes, giving mentally each time the command ‘‘relax’’ three times. If we accompany our breathings with a light low sound, this enlarges whatever we do during all the procedures. Now we imagine an pipe that begins from the perineum and meets in the centre of the Earth a huge crystal, in which we are grounded and we come to contact with the astral energies of the lower dimensions. Then we move our attention in our aura that we imagine it surrounding us like a very big egg, that we limit slowly-slowly into roughly three metres high. Then we imagine the egg to be  filled with a golden bright light, and then we ‘‘seal’’ the aura for our protection against negative energies, covering the egg with a dense violet colour. 

       Then we activate our third eye (that it is located between our brows), moving for a while our attention there, and observing the colours and the forms that are created, and then we move our attention back in the centre of the brain (where it is the centre of third eye) and we concendrate in what we see. And now, the most important, we try to see behind colours the space (the empty background), that usually it is presented with a black or very dark colour, and to imagine our body to be there, or to swirl in this space. Now we call in this space to come in order to help us in what we try to achieve, (in this case to perform, the best possible way, an attunement or our self-attunement in the cosmic energy that we select), beings from superior dimensions that are. a) Our superior self (i.e. our soul, small part of which has been incarnated in us), that helps and guides us when we need and ask for it (usually in our meditation). b) Our heavenly advisers (two or three) that are usually masters that also consult us when we ask for it. c) Our angels that also protect us and help when we ask them (they are messengers of the divine energy). d) ‘‘Beings of light’’ from fifth and superior dimension and more specifically the ‘‘Emissaries of light Pleiadians’’. We imagine all them (as each one of us prefers) to come and seat around us ready to help in what we ask, provided that this is indeed for our outmost good and it does not harm the others. In this point we have completed our preparation and we can advance in an attunement or our self-attunement (see chapter E).

       A variation of the above preparation, that can be used also apart from any attunement, and helps in order to maintain high our vibrations, (it is good to try it for thirty consecutive days), is the following. The golden light that enters in our aura, we imagined that transports the ‘‘divine energy’’ and that after filling the big egg, it enters from our skin and fills all our body that shines intensely. We imagine the various organs of our body to shine with the light, which cleans and also cures, and this goes down and reaches and cleans our cells. We feel our matter to become thinner and its atoms to vibrate (each time we repeat the exercise) in higher frequency. 

      C) TECHNIQUES OF SELF-HEALING: The above preparation, apart from the attunements, can be used also in a lot of other techniques of cleaning and curing our four bodies, (fact also useful for our easy passage to the fifth dimension), of improving communication with others, etc, therefore I consider useful to mention a few below. For more information concerning some of these techniques and the above preparation, as well as many other metaphysical subjects, you can refer to the excellent books of a charismatic person from Australia Ethan Vorly (website ).

       1)  Cleaning of cords:  In our relations with others we exchange energy. However certain individuals (usually from our close environment) systematically ‘‘steel’’ our energy so that we feel down and exhausted. To face it we imagine a thick cord that begins from our ‘‘solar plexus’’ (three fingers above the navel) and then it splits, connected with all those (good or bad) that we suspect that might ‘‘steel’’ our energy. Asking the help of the beings that we called in the above-mentioned preparation (and in particular of the Pleiadians), we move our hand with impetus like an axe in front of our solar plexus, and we imagine to cut the cord, which then is dissolved, while we put our two hands on the solar plexus to seal the flow of our energy. This can be done also any time during the day, if we feel that somebody is taking our energy. So we close the eyes, we imagine the cord that connects us with him, and we cut it with our hand two-three times as before, and cover our solar plexus. Then we seal our aura (in order not to happen again), filling it with golden light and sealing it with violet colour, thing that we can also do each morning, or before a difficult meeting.

       2) Cleaning the ‘‘Samskaras’’: During this life, but also in our previous incarnations, we sometimes face situations (more often during our childhood), creating traumatic experiences and sentiments called ‘‘samskaras’’, which are crystallised in our astral-sentimental body, and transferred from incarnation to incarnation. When the same samskaras are repeated, they grow immensely and influence our behaviour, creating problems to ourselves and to people around us, without been able to find out what is the reason. We can locate and find out the events that created a certain samskaras with the psychoanalysis, the hypnotism, the regressions in our past lives, or with a technique that we can apply ourselves (which however it out of the scope of this page). Since we locate the nature of a samskaras, we can remove it from our subconscious, bringing it to our conscious, and erase it easily as follows: We ask from the beings that we called in our preparation (chapter B) to help us to be freed from the samskaras we located (one at a time), and we ask the Emissaries of light Pleiadians to place above our head the ‘‘Multidimensional Cone of Light’’, which is consisted of a spiral of golden light. Then we imagine the located samskaras to be disconnected from our astral body, and to be  shattered into small peaces, which are absorbed by the cone and disappear, liberating us.

       3) Cleaning our ‘‘Energy Column’’: We imagine our superior self to enter in our body and with his help we align it to the correct sitting position, with our back vertical and we imagine the cone of light put by the Pleiadians above our head. Then we imagine a vertical pipe (the Energy Column) to pass through our body connecting our chakras (see chakras’ description below), and going downwards to the center of the Earth, and upwards (through our body) to the sky, where it meets a bright star. We imagine the star to emit a golden light which goes down through the Column, it passes through our body and it reaches the centre of Earth, activating there a huge red crystal. Then the crystal begins to emit a red light that goes up, passes through our body, reaches in the star and from there returns golden, and this up and down is going on as long as we want. While the two luminous beams pass through our body, they increase the diameter of our Column and Clean our column and chakras, while the light cone absorbs the ‘’waste’’ that comes out. When we finish, we imagined the red and golden light to return to their sources. This cleaning, if repeated from time to time, can liberate us from chronic lassitude and other problems, and the widening of the column can help us to communicate with other beins and energies. Noteworthy that if we want, we can incorporate this cleaning also at the end of the preparation we make for the attunements (chapter B).

       In the clean Column we can imagine our consciousness to enter, and either to go downwards in order to be connected and absorb the astral energies of the lower dimensions, or, in another case, to go upwards to the sky, in order to enter and communicate with the higher (non material) dimensions. In this case it is possible with the repetition of this exercise, to be able to communicate with the beings of these higher dimensions, and receive precious information and answers in the subjects of our interest (personal and general).

       4) Activation of chakras: The chakras are multidimensional energy centres, seven of which are in our physical body. Here (for brevity) are given only the information that are required for their activation. This activation is most important for our health, for cleaning our samskaras, and for our communication with superior dimensions and in particular with our superior self (see also my page II.1.D6). We can visualise chakras as luminous balls, or luminous wheels, or luminous regular polyhedral (tetrahedron, 6hedron-cube, 8edron, 12edron, 20edron, 12edron with 12 sides five-angular pyramids, and 20edron with the 24 sides triangular pyramids, one for each chakras, beginning from down), that rotate around various axes. The first, (basic chakra) it located in perineum and is red. The second (sex chakra) is five centimetres under the navel and is orange. The third (solar plexus) is five centimeters above the navel and is yellow. The fourth (heart chakra) it in the center of breastbone at the height of heart and is green. The fifth (throat chakra) is in the throat and is blue. The sixth (the third eye) it is in the third eye and is indigo. The seventh (crown chakra) is on the top of the head and is violet. Each chakra is related to important physical, mental and metaphysical activities and organs (that are described in related books and in my page II.1.D6). For their activation we do the preparation (chapter B), the cleaning of the energy column (paragraph 3), and we call once again the Pleiadians to help us with the activation of one specific chakras, keeping our back vertical. Then we imagined the chakra that we have selected, (as ball, or wheel, or regular polyhedron (see the table above), in its proper place and colour, and we see it to be freely rotating (spinning) in high speeds and to change colours, and we observe it with our imagination for quite a while, without to intervene in its free rotation. This will be repeated for each chakra separately, and can be also strengthened with the breathing that we mentioned before (chapter B) visualising with the inhalation that we suck energy and light via the chakra from superior dimensions, and with the expiration that we strengthen its rotation. Finally if during the day when we focus our thoughts in one chakra and see it spinning, this means that it is unblocked and active, while if we see it immovable that means that we have to reactivate it some time. Noteworthy that, if we want, we can incorporate this activation also at the end of preparation that we make for the attunements (chapter B). It should be noted also that another (more effective) method of cleaning and activating the chakras is done by the use of crystal sounds, as described in my page II.1.D6.

       5) Addition of pages in the ‘‘Book of Life’’:  One other technique (different this time), that however I consider useful to incde here because it helps us a lot and in various ways, and activates our subconscious so that we pursued and achieve what we wish, is the following. We close the eyes, relax (see relaxation in chapter B) and we imagined us to be flying in the space, leaving  the Earth and approaching with grate speed a bright star that attracts us. There we reach a luminous temple, like Parthenon, with a lot of rooms and we enter in one of these. There we ask from the angel (the guardian of the room) to bring us the ‘‘book of our life’’ in order to add a new page. (Noteworthy that each soul before its incarnation, decides what experiences and lessons wants to have in this incarnation, and all this is recorded in the book of life. When the angel brings us our luminous book, we open it in the last (empty) page, and with a luminous pen that gives us we write: ‘‘From this moment on I want to have my experiences in this life in ''…. and we add what we want to have e.g. ‘‘in perfect health’’, or ‘‘in grate material abundance’’, or ‘‘in grate success in the… (a certain sector)’’, etc. We ask each time only one thing and we are careful not to ask the same thing again in the future, (because this undermines what we asked for, implying that we do not trust what we have done). Then we return the book and the pen to the angel, and he puts it back. We thank him, and we return (the same way) back to Earth, where we thing for some time what we did and what we asked for, before we open our eyes again.

         6) Keeping our aura intact: It is very important to maintain our aura intact, because this protects us from not only negative energies, or bad influences around us, but also from more material dangers such as illnesses (viruses etc.), accidents, etc. There are a lot of causes that can tear our aura and leave us exposed for big intervals, until its cohesion is restored. Such are the negative thoughts and sentiments (anger, hate, fear, sorrow, pain, etc.) but also exterior factors as e.g. the radiation from a discussion with mobile telephones. For immediate restoration of the cohesion of our aura (so that we keep it most of the time intact), we should, after we stop the cause that created it, to concentrate our thoughts to something pleasant, visualising e.g. a beautiful flower, or an artistic painting, or a nice landscape, or a song we like, etc.

       D) SYMBOLS: The symbols of the energies of Reiki, Seichim, and some of the combination Reiki–Seichim-Sechem (SSR) are given in the above tables, where their codes  also appear (a1, a2,..  b1, b2,..  c1, c2,…), which you should print, while below is given a short description. The signing of symbols goes from left to right and from up to down, while for some the way of signing is given. In order to familiarise with the symbols and have a better connection with their energies, we should often sign them, look at them carefully for some time, and visualise them, (preferably with our third eye). How each energy helps, appears in the description of its symbols, (obviously the  SSR  includes also all the symbols of Reiki and Seichim).

      a)  Symbols of Reiki:  1) Cho-ku-rei. It is the symbol of force and the one used more often. It increases the capability of accessing the energies of Reiki, it opens the chakras, it increases the force of all other symbols, and protects us from negative influences. It is the symbol for ‘‘all purposes’’ (even in order to find parking place). It cleans spaces (rooms, homes, cars, etc), crystals, etc. and it protects them from negative energies. It cleans and activates foods, medicines, herbs, lotion, etc. strengthening their effectiveness and limiting their side effects. It limits the bleedings and soothes the pains, the sorrow, the stress, the anger and the depression. It is used also at the beginning and at the end of each treatment.

       2) Hon-sha-ze-sho-nen. It is used for healing treatment and in particular in sending healing from far, to individuals or objects irrelevantly of place and time. Thus we can send Reiki and the other energies in the past in order to correct a old trauma, or a relation, or a situation, or even to send it at some point in the future, if we know that somebody of us then will need it. In these cases we send it followed by the other symbols we need of Reiki, Seichim or SSR. Finally it is used to make an attunement from far.

      3 Sei-he-ki. (sounds say-hay-key). It is the symbol for physical protection (e.g. placed in persons, or vehicles, etc protects from accidents, and in appliances from damage), but also for our protection from negative energies and influences. It cures sentimental and mental problems while it cleans the subconscious, and balances the left (of logic) with right (of sentiments) part of the brain. Also it helps us to escape from any dependences or bad habits (drinking, smoking, narcotics, etc). Placed on the third eye (and in particular if signn in a counter-clockwise circle) it brings relaxation, calm and peacefulness.  

      4) Tam-a-ra-sha. Is the equalizing factor that harmonises the physical, the sentimental, the mental and the spiritual, and grounds and balances the energy, unblocking the chakras and allowing the energy, to flow freely. Placed on the feet, or on the soles, it unblocks the body, and in parts where pain exists, it soothes them. 

      5) Dai-ko-mio. Is the symbol of the master. It is the most powerful symbol of Reiki and is used for the treatment of the soul. It can cure illnesses in their source, that they have exceeded the other three bodies and have reached the spiritual. Therefore mast be used in all treatments strengthening them considerably. It includes also the electromagnetic frequencies of all the other symbols of Reiki (without however to substitutes the need of utilisation of all the others). Also it cleans our energy column and prepares us to accept the other symbols of Reiki, Seichim, SSR. Finally it helps us to exceed the third dimension and our physical body, and links us with higher dimensions and with our divine substance via the heart chakras. 

     b) Symbols of Seichim:  1) symbol of Infinity. It links us with God, with our nature and our superior self. Strengthens the flow of creation via the divine Ying and Yang that does not end. Signing it before the treatment in our palms, strengthens the flow of energy of Seichim and Sechem.

      2) Seichim Cho-ku-rei. Is the enlarger. It strengthens and enlarges all the other symbols and activates the attributes of completion. In the table it is presented with three circles that means activation in the power the three. In order to activate it in the power of nine (used in attunements) we have to add six more circles.

      3) Mai-yur-ma. (The heart and the gate to the soul). It is multidimensional and opens the heart, it harmonises love, it cleans sentimental traumas and creates confidence and comprehension. It increases the physical, sentimental and the spiritual side of love and strengthens the unconditional love. Still it can change a difficult situation into a useful lesson, and accelerates the process to acquire good health, material abundance, or a good personal relation with an individual. Similarly we can activate it in the power of nine, adding six more symbols of infinity, beginning always from inside (the small) to outside (the bigger). This is the Symbol of Love that is also used in the Global Meditation of page II.1.D5.

      4) Lightning bolt.  It unblocks the energy, brings new energy and soothes the pain. It helps us not to feel down and depressed, and it neutralises the undesirable old convictions.

      5) Angel wings. It ‘‘gives as wings’’ increasing our self-esteem and gives us energy to reach the maximum of our output. It can be used everywhere for persons and situations.

      6) Eeef - Tchay.  (Sounds if-ter-cha). (Infinitive internal wisdom). It is used to open the third eye achieving ‘‘inner sight’’, and allows to remove the veils of illusions and to see things as really are.

      7) Male/female balance. Removes the duality and helps to have balance between Ying and Yang,  (so that we are neither excessively apathetic nor excessively full of passion), and helps in heeling emotional issues.

      8) Align with God.  It help to be aligned with our superior self and the divine will for our outmost good, and allows us to have a clean perception of the problem in each treatment.

      c) Selection from the symbols of the combination Reiki-Seichim-Sechem (SSR):

      1) Cho-ku-ret. (From the source to infinity). It strengthens the world around us, (objects and persons). It is multidimensional, awakes consciousness in us and around us, it dissolves the veil that covers our soul, and helps us to see and take instructions etc from our superior self, our advisers, angels, the Akashic Records (etheric files), and beings of higher dimensions. It better works when our energy column és open, therefore it helps to be used after the Dai-ko-mio. It activates objects (e.g. crystals) where we can put our positive thoughts, e.g. for a healing treatment, a good relation, a good job, or for the acquisition of goods, or money, etc (one wish for each crystal). We send three times these thoughts together with the symbol (and with any other symbols that may come to our mind), to the crystal (it is good to be of some size) that we keep together with a paper where we have written our wish. If needed we repeat the procedure, until our wish is realised. It can be used in every case and it connects the Reiki with the Seichim. It helps if the symbol of infinity in the centre is sign at least three times (instead of one in the table above).

      2) The Heart of Christos. (symbol of Sechem). It connects and harmonises our four bodies (physical+ether, sentimental, intellectual and spiritual) as well as our energy column and strengthens and unifies (see chapter E paragraph a3) the heart chakras, giving us love, enlightenment, power and wisdom. It smoothens our relations with the others and helps in our relations with situations (as it is e.g. the abundance, the success, etc). It is used in all seven attunements of SSR, and each new attunement increases its power.

      3) The Heart of Gaia.  It grounds us with the Earth and connects us with Earths energies and if sign upon the food we eat, helps to clean it.

      4) Divine Balance. It is the combination of the two previous symbols. It creates harmony and helps us to move up and down in our energy column (chapter C par. 3) connecting us with energies and other dimensions, and helps us to communicate with

beings of these dimensions.

      5) The triple coil. (The shining everlasting living facets of eternal compassionate wisdom and healing). It includes the power of all other symbols of the range of frequencies of Seichim (without however this to mean that substitutes the necessity of the others), connects Reiki, Seichim, and Sechem and it helps us to feel and understand better the frequency of each symbol. Spinning it, in the various chakras, clockwise per axis vertical to its level that passes from its centre, (unless you feel it spinning in a different way which is also O.K.), it cleans and balances the chakras. Spinning it up and down in our energy column, it cleans and widens it and helps us to communicate with other dimensions. Also helps in cleaning ‘‘karmic issues’’ leading us to enlightenment. Moreover we can visualise the three ‘‘arms’’ (coils) to be extended (while this is spinning in the column), and locate frequencies of other dimensions and energy healing systems (that we invoke), which are transmitted to us as an additional help in the treatment we try to do. Sometimes this can happen spontaneously by simply using the symbol, (our subconscious invoking the frequency in our effort to cure). Such therapeutic frequencies can be, (as my divine advisers informed me) therapeutic sounds (echo-therapy), chromatic radiation (chromo-therapy), essential oils (aromato-therapy) or even the frequencies that emit the various homeopath medicines (homeopathy) that we use for the heeling of illnesses, physical or mental. This is the Symbol of Healing that is also used in the Global Meditation of page II.1.D5.


       Hear it should be noted, that all sketches, drawings, symbols, paintings (artistic or not), cards, etc (all deriving from the ‘‘Sacred Geometry’’ of the seventh dimension) have a frequency, that might have (or not) an effect when we are looking, or using these (taro cards etc). That is why some of my friends looking at my paintings with their third eye, they see and feel various things, usually related with my intention and visions I had when I was creating the painting.

       E) ATTUNEMENTS (INITIATIONS): Below the techniques to perform an attunement (initiation) to a third person are described, and then the changes we have to make if we do the attunement to ourselves (self-attunement and re-attunement). The symbols (for brevity), are presented in the various steps only with their name. However, it will help us for the attunement, to prepare pages with the signings of the symbols next to the names in each step. We begin with the preparation we have to make ourselves (chapter B), asking from the beings that we have called, to themselves activate the attunement that we perform (to ourselves or to a third person), at the best possible way. Then we stand up, open our eyes, and go behind the person (to be attuned), who is seated relaxed in a chair with the eyes closed, and we begin the attunement following (if we do not remember by heart all the steps), the corresponding for the attunement page we have prepared, (based on the instructions below and the forms of the symbols that we have copied from the above tables). 

       Noteworthy that, if there is no other solution, we can perform the attunement from far, provided that the person knows and accepts it, sitting relaxed in a chair with the eyes closed. Then we take also a chair, (preferably revolving so that we do not need to move ourselves) and we visualise him seating in this chair. Then we send him three times the Hon-sa-ze-so-nen, and start upon his (invisible) body to do the steps as if he were present. When we finish we telephone to inform him that the attunement has been completed. It is good for the steps wher we place our hands to his (invisible)  body, to allow some more time channelling energy, in order the person to feel it. I performed such attunements (for all degrees of Reiki, Seichim, SSR), from Athens to my daughter in London, and she strongly felt the energy in the various parts of her body, and particularly in her palms where I put the various symbols.

      a) Reiki: Includes attunement 1) in the first degree (in four stages), 2) in the second, and 3) in the third (master degree), that is performed in 15 steps for each stage and degree.

      a1) Attunement in the first degree:

      a1.1) First stage: 1) We stand behind him (the person to be attuned – the initiate) and put our hands on his shoulders. 2) We sign with our hand in his back tam-a-ra-sha  three times (either touching his back with our finger, or not touching). 3) We sign tso-ku-rey once while we simultaneously say mentally the name of symbol three times. 4) We sign dai-ko-mio once. 5) Same with step 3. 6) We sign the hon-sha-ze-sho-nen once. 7) Same with step 3. 8) We put our hands in his head, we feel the energy that enters and we say to him ‘‘feel the energy’’ 9) We walk in front of him and touch his shoulders. 10) We sign cho-ku-rei (without touching him) once, on each of the chakras of the crown (above the head), then of the heart and finally of the throat, saying three times the name of the symbol on each chakras. 11) We take his palms (linked together) covering his hands with our palms, and we send energy signing (in our imagination) tam-a-ra-sha in each of his palms. 12) Same with the step 10. 13) We blow a puff of breath once in each of the chakras of crown, heart and throat. 14) Same with the step 10. 15) We inform him (the initiate) that the attunement is complete, and that he can (if he wants) to take a short brake before we continue.

      a1.2) Second stage: Is exactly the same procedure with first stage, with the only difference in steps 1 and 8, i.e.: 1) We put our hands in the forehead (instead of his shoulders). 8) We put our thumbs in the base of his neck and we feel the energy flow there.

      a1.3) Third stage:  Similarly differs only in steps 1 and 8, i.e.: 1) We put our hands on his shoulders and imagine there the tam-a-ra-sa. 8) We put our hands in the base of his neck and we feel the energy flow there.

      a1.4) Fourth stage:  Similarly differs only in steps 1 and 8, i.e.: 1) We put our hands on his head. 8) We put our left hand on his neck and right hand on the crown chakras. 

       After we finish the fourth stage, we make a long break in order the initiate to relax and even to feel and experience the energies that received, and we can continue, after our new preparation (chapter B) to the attunement of the second and then of the third degree, or we continue another day. Whoever it is recommended all the attunements to be completed in short time (in one or in a few days) so that the initiate (that might be ourselves), becomes from the beginning a powerful channel of flow of this cosmic energies, (because the higher the degree the more powerful and more effective the energy). Also because so he can use from the beginning all the symbols, and also send the energy from far.

      a2) Attunement in the second degree: It is exactly the same with the attunement in the fourth stage of the first degree with the only difference in steps 1 and 11 i.e.: 1) We put our hands on his shoulders (instead of head). 11) We sign in each of his palms, (instead of tam-a-ra-sa) the following  symbols: cho-ku-rei, tam-a-ra-sha, cho-ku-rei, sei-he-ki, cho-ku-rei, hon-sa-ze-so-nen, cho-ku-rei.

      a3) Attunement in the third degree (master degree): It is exactly the same with the attunement in the fourth stage of the first degree with the only difference in step 11 i.e.:  11) We sign in each of his palms, the following symbols: cho-ku-rei, dai-ko-mio, cho-ku-rei. Noteworthy that in order to be able to attune others, we mast first been attuned (or self-attuned) in the degree of master.

       During all the breaks (but also whenever we want), it helps to make the ‘‘unification of chakras'' (both, the initiate and ourselves). For this we relax and take deep breaths, imaging we inhale light from our heart chakra, and with each expiration we imagine the heart chakra to grow gradually until encompasses and the other two neighbouring chakras (of throat and solar plexus), and this to continue until gradually to encompass all the seven chakras. Because we have chakras and in other dimensions (seven in the fourth, eight in the fifth, etc.), we imagine the heart chakra to grow more in order to encompass also eight more chakras (four above and four below the initial seven). If we do this quite often will improve considerably our disposal against life, and the way we experience our life.

       b) Seichim:  It includes attunement in the first degree, that requires 18 steps, and attunement in the degree of master with 13 steps. Noteworthy that in order to be able to perform an attunement in the degrees of Seichim, we mast first been attuned (or self-attune) in the degree of master in Reiki.

       b1) Attunement in the first degree: 1) We stand behind him (the initiate) and put our hands on his shoulders. 2) We sign (with our hand in his back) the Seichim cho-ku-rei   (b.2) once (either touching him or not) activating the symbol in the power the 9, (i.e. signing the circles for another 6 times (6+3=9), that means that we connect it straight to the source of energy. 3) We sign the  Reiki cho-ku-rei (a.1) once while simultaneously saying the name of symbol three times. 4) We sign tam-a-ra-sha once. 5) We sign dai-ko-mio once. 6) Same with step 2. 7) We sign the lightning bolt once and if that moment also other symbols come to our mind, we sign them as well. 8) Same with step 2. 9) We sign the hon-sha-ze-sho-nen once. 10) Same with step 2. 11) We put our hands in his head until we feel that are not needed any more, and if certain symbols come to our mind we visualise them on him. 12) We put our hands on his neck and after a while we move only our right hand and put it: a) on the throat chakra, b) on his heart chakra and c) on his third eye. 13) We stop and visualize for a while the chakras of the neck, the heart and the third eye. 14) Same with step 2. 15) We walk in front of him, and we take his hands (with his palms linked together) within our hands, and we envisioned in each of his palms mai-yur-ma (activated in the force the 9 i.e. we sign the symbol of infinity in the centre instead of three, nine times), as well as any other symbol (see chapter. G) that might come to our mind. 16) We sign the Seichim cho-ku-rei  activated in the force the 9 (as we previously did), above the chakras of the crown, the heart and the throat. 17) We blow a puff once to each of the crown, the heart and the throat chakras. 18) We inform him that the attunement in the first degree of Seichim is completed. After we finish we make a long break in order the initiate (or ourselves for the self attunement) to relax and even to feel the energies that received, and we can continue, after our new preparation (chapter B) to the attunement of the master degree of Seichim, the same or a next day.    

       b2) Attunement in the degree of master: 1) We stand behind him and put our hands on his shoulders. 2) We sign with our hand on his back tam-a-ra-sha  three times (either touching him or not). 3) We sign (as previously) the Reiki cho-ku-rei once. 4) We sign a dai-ko-mio once. 5) Same with step 3. 6) We sign hon-sha-ze-sho-nen once. 7) We put our thumbs on the base of his neck and pump energy in visualising there the lightning bolt. 8) We move to side and sign the Reiki cho-ku-rei   once to the chakras of the crown, of the heart and of the throat. 9) We move in frond of him and take his hands (with his palms linked), writhing our hands, and pump in energy visualising there the lightning bolt. 10) We envisioned also the tam-a-ra-sha  in each of his palms. 11) We sign the Reiki cho-ku-rei once on the crown, the heart and the throat chakras. 12) We blow once to the crown, the heart and the throat chakras. 13) We inform him that he has attuned in the master degree of Seichim. 

      c) Combination of Reiki-Seichim-Sechem (SSR):  The Sechem is a third similar energy, which supplements, connects and harmonises the other two, so that we have a combination of Reiki, Seichim, and Sechem the SSR.   Note: Because of the complexity of SSR (it has seven attunements and many complicated symbols), I select not to include it (for the time been) in the present page, although I have experienced its grate power. On the other hand, these were the instructions of my divine advisers (but for other reasons). Instead I have selected and present certain symbols that I consider simple and interesting (you see paragraph c of chapter D), that can be used by those who have taken all the other attunements that I describe, (under the conditions at the end of this page).

         E1) SELF-ATTUNEMENTS:  (Adaptation of the attunements when we do them to ourselves). We seat comfortably in a chair, preferably in front of a mirror (that doubles the power of the symbols), where we stick the page (that we have prepared) with the steps and the symbols of the particular attunement (in order to not to make any mistakes). After we complete our preparation (chapter B), asking from the beings that we have called, to activate themselves the attunement that we are going to do to ourselves, we begin the steps with the following differences. 1) The symbols that we were signing in the back of the initiate, now we sign in front us, and we imagine that enter in our body and reach our back. 2) The symbols that we drew on his chakras, we sign again in front of our chakras and then we imagine to turn facing us and to stick on our skin. 3) For the symbols in the palms, we link  our palms (facing each other), we imagined the energy to flow from right to left and we singe with our mind the symbols on the left, and then we reverse the energy flow (from left to right) and we singe the symbols to the right. 4) When we blow a puff to our chakras we put our hands in front of our mouth so that we direct the air to the chakras, while visualising that the air indeed goes there.

       Note: After the attunement in all five degrees (three of Reiki and two of Seichim), either alone (self-attunement), or by other masters, it is advisable little later (having the two degrees of master), to repeat ourselves all the attunements (re-attunements), and this to repeat from time to time (e.g. once per year). This, on one hand increases and improves our connection with this energies, and on the other is a good practice (without making mistakes) to attune others, that do not have the patience, or do not feel confident enough to enter in the process to study and make their attunement themselves.

       F) APPLICATIONS OF THE HEALING ENERGIES: a) Sending the symbols: (Haw we channel these forces for the improvement, intensification and heeling of our four bodies, and for the maintenance of our vibration in high levels). Because the applications are countless (and we can always devise new) will be limited here in the most common. First it is very important and it strengthens by far each treatment, either for us or for another person, (whether is near us or far), to begin sending all the symbols we know and not only three or four as is usually done. This involves from the beginning all forces of Reiki, of Seichim and of the five symbols of SSR, and the body uses the symbols that it needs and in the degree that it needs, (thing that it is very difficult for us to foreseen). 

       We visualise the symbols (its rough shape because is mainly our intention that counts in the treatment), in our third eye, or as we can, one by one, and say three times the name of each symbol(loudly or in our mind). Then we send the symbols, (we imagined that they go and enter) into our body, or in the body of the person that lays down waiting to be treated by our hands. For the treatment of those who are away, we do the same, but we send each symbol three times, and we have to take (if possible) his approval for the treatment. The order by which we send the symbols is not very important but I find the following to be advantageous. 1) hon-sa-ze-so-nen, followed by 2) the Reiki-cho-ku-rei, 3) the dai-ko-mio, 4) the symbol of infinity, 5) sei-he-ki, 6) the cho-ku-ret, and 7) all the rests with any order we want, and we finish with the Triple Coil and again the Reiki-cho-ku-rei. Also it is useful, at the points we know that there is a problem, (e.g. pain in the waist), to send there the suitable symbol (or symbols) three times (e.g. for the pain, the Reiki-cho-ku-rei, the am-a-ra-sha, and the lightning bolt). Here it should be noted that the one who receives the treatment, if he has serious problems to release and to cure, it is probable for certain days to feel somehow uncomfortably and to have certain annoyances, (as e.g. happens with somebody that makes a strict diet of detoxification). However he should not worry and should have patience, because this is a natural reaction of the body that releases and removes the ‘‘energy waste’’ that was carrying until now. Very soon all these therapeutic reactions will finish and he will feel mach better than before. 

       Also if we want to send these energies to many individuals simultaneously, (e.g. for healing, or protection, or enlightenment, etc, for all the members of our family), we visualise these individuals to become very small and to be all contained in our left palm. Then with our right hand we send all the symbols three times one after the other, (saying each time the name of the symbol also three times for each one). Still another way would be to put the photograph of the individual (or the individuals) between our palms, and to visualise in our palms the various symbols, with the intention these individuals to receive the energy that we send them. Instead of the photograph, we could put a copy of the picture with the chakras (see above table), considering that this is of the individual that we want to help. We can also devise other ways to send the symbols, while what mainly meters is our intention to help. Still I point out that working with these energies and the activation of the third eye, will strengthen for certain persons (who have the ‘‘aerials’’), their telepathic view and they will begin to see and feel what happens to other persons around them. Attention however should be taken not to use the information they receive, to harm the others, otherwise they will lose this rare capability.

       Also if we want to clean a space (room, house, etc.) from negative energies, as is required by  Fenk-Sui, or in order to create ‘‘better conditions’’, for an attunement, a healing treatment, or simply in order to feel better there, then we send symbols in the four (or more) corners, (starting from the entrance of the space and moving to the right), and finally in the centre of the space as follows: We open the doors and windows of the space and we visualise the Reiki-cho-ku-rei once and send it to the first corner to the right, saying (with a strong voice) its name three times and then the words ‘‘Power, Purification, Protection’’, and immediately afterwards we send once the hon-sha-ze-sho-nen saying (with a strong voice) its name three times and the words, ‘‘Healing and Harmonisation in all levels’’, and we repeat the same for all other corners and finally for the centre of the space. If we clean a house then we continue the same procedure going from room to room starting from the main entrance and moving always to the right. We can increase the cleaning results if we accompany all this with the sound of a bell and with the burning of essential oils (basil, rosemary, sage, myrrh, etc).

       After we finish we visualise and send the symbol of Infinity in all the openings of the space (that were initially open), beginning from the entrance door and moving to the right saying each time we send the symbol ‘‘We welcome the new energies of the expressed light in this room’’, adding what we want these energies to bring (e.g. ‘‘love, health, wisdom, enlightenment, happiness, joy and abundance in all the levels’’). Then we close the windows and send to the centre of the room the tam-a-ra-sha. For very small spaces (e.g. small storehouses, lobbies, lifts, cars, etc.) we ignore the corners and make the process only in the centre of the space, and the same is valid and for the cleaning above. We can strengthen the above procedure, if we accompany it with burning of essential oils, depending on what we wand the new energies to bring (e.g. for material abundance are the chamomile, cinnamon, jasmine, orange, etc). For the entire house we proceed as previously from room to room. If we have in the house a room where we usually perform healing treatments, it is good to clean it first with this method, and to maintain it clean repeating from time to time this process

     b) Application by hands: The person to be treated lays down on his back, closes his eyes and relaxes, (or he can also relax sitting in a chair), and we send him all the symbols as we said previously. Then we place our two hands in various parts of his body and let the energies to pour into his body, without us to exercise any effort (because we function only as channels and the energies come from the universe). We put our hands for about three minutes in each place, unless we feel that there is a problem there that requires some more time. We begin with the head and the neck, we advance in the front part of the body and then in the back, and we finish with the knees and the feet. The process usually lasts around one hour but often can last longer. A lot of books show the places where we should put our hands (although each differs from the other). What however I recommend is to cover almost all the head and the neck, then to move more densely in the front part of the body (with emphasis in the chakras), and then more sparsely in the back, finishing (from the legs) with the knees, and the feet. Two places that I consider important are: 1) we put one hand on the base of the skull, where we find our second pump of circulation of our energy (the first is in the coccyx), and the other on a) the third eye, b) the throat chakra, and c) the heart chakra, strengthening thus these three chakras and 2) one hand on the heart chakra and the other on the solar plexus, connecting the force with the love, (so that the force is used for good). 

       With the practice we will be able to feel, in what places of his body the other has more need for treatment. Also the practice will increase our effectiveness in treatment, because the newly attuned (and in particular in the superior degrees), often he needs some time and some practice in order to ‘‘ground’’ and to ‘‘assimilate’’ the energy of all the symbols. Soon however with the practice, he will reach the high level of effectiveness that corresponds to the degree of his attunement. When we do the treatment to ourselves and we cannot reach certain points of our back, then we place our hands near there, and we visualise our hands to lengthen and to cover these points, fact that also works very well. When I was writing my present page, it came (from my divine advisers) the instruction, that when we place our hands on a certain place (of our, or of somebody else’s body), it helps to sign with our mind in our palms a symbol that we prefer, fact that strengthens the flow of the energy there. Also that with the practice our subconscious will often indicate us the symbol that is needed for each place. Noteworthy that when we perform treatments to others, not only we are not exhausting our energy, but on the contrary we profit also ourselves, from the energy that passes thru us. Consequently the more we practice treatments (for us or for others) the better we feel and we are at all levels. Even when I seat in my armchair, without doing something that requires concentration, I use to put my palms on various places of my body that I feel comfortable, (and in particular on the chakras) and to send energy, signing also often in my palms the Symbol of Joy (see the last paragraphs of this page), fact that gives me pleasure, rest and relax.

        G) EXPERIENCES FROM THE COSMIC ENERGIES:  Finishing I still want to add the following: I had been attuned in the first and second degree of Reiki in the old days, but when I asked to take also the master degree they asked me to pay 3.000.000 drachmas what I considered too mach for the one hour that they would spend. When much later I began the astral travels, it was given to me the information that a very good preparation for the fifth dimension can be made by the cosmic energies. Thus I read relative books on all these energies, the symbols and the attunements, and then came to me (from nowhere) two masters, Venetia Sxina from Ermioni ( and Kallisto Nikolaidou from Eliniko-Athens ( and The first attuned me to the master degree of Reiki and the second (independent from the first) was going to initiate me to the very powerful combination of Reiki-Seichim-Sechem, (SSR), both without any payment, saying that they would consider their honour to attune me. Venetia after my attunement, she asked me to reattune her in the master degree of Reiki, and while I was doing it she said that she was feeling her back to burn, thing that happened to her for the first time. In addition, Venetia told me (among other stories of healing that she has done) about two difficult cases (in different times) of persons that were in very bad condition in the intensive care. She asked from the divine masters to let her be a continuous channel with the patient, in order to give him Reiki whenever and as long as he needed (thing that she was feeling those moments and was helping him). The result was that in both cases the patients recovered in a few days, despite the pessimistic forecasts of the doctors. 

       Little later I took the (divine) information that every one can attune himself (without a master), with suitable preparation that includes divine masters and beings of the fifth dimension, provided that he calls them and asks them to help. With this information also agreed, (independently one from the other) and my two masters (Venetia and Kallisto), who both have the talent to communicate with ‘‘time-space gates’’ and receive information from them, but also to visit (as I do) other dimensions and planets. After that (as if I was pressed by an invisible force), I sat down with passion on my computer, postponing other obligations (cadastre etc), and for six days I continuously worked. I used to wake up at five o’clock in the morning and up to eight (between awareness and dream), various ideas were coming to my mind of what should I write and how should I organise this page, and many questions were answered, while the rest of the day I was completing and translating to English this page. 

       Waiting for Kallisto to attune me into SSR, I evended a way to activate myself also the additional 5 symbols of SSR, using steps 7, 11 and 15 of the attunement in the first degree of Seichim (see paragraph b1, chapter E). In these steps where it says ‘‘add also any other symbol that comes to your mind’’, I added these five symbols of  SSR, and in particular in step 15 (in order to be sure) I added all the 16 symbols of Reiki, Seichim, and Sechem (in every from) in my two palms. These are the additions that I recommend to include in the attunement, in order the attuned to be able to use effectively all 16 symbols. When later I spoke with Kallisto to begin the preparation for my attunement, she said, (to my big surprise), that her divine advisers informed her, that no preparation or attunement was needed, because I had already received the attunement, not only for the five symbols, but also for all the range of the symbols of  SSR  where I became  a master. Therefore the only thing I needed (what she came and did it to me), was the alignment of my chakras in the new energies that I received. With this alignment our (multidimensional) chakras are connected with the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th, dimensions and with the divine force of the ‘‘oneness’’, so that we feel more completed beings and we can receive information straight from the ‘‘Source’’.

       Also it creates the required conditions in order that, with another process (that certain charismatic individuals like Kallisto can do), we connect (in our etheric body), apart from the two helixes we have in our DNA, and as mach as we can from the other 10 helixes of  our  DNA that are disconnected, (most extraterrestrials have 12 helixes), approaching thus little by little our divine nature. This 12 helixes that correspond to the 12 dimensions (material and non material), contain a lot of precious elements and possibilities for each being. Noteworthy that today the 97% of our complete  DNA  is not activated, although it constitutes a live base of data, and a library of human possibilities. If this is activated and recovered, will put an end to the discomfort, the ordeals, the confusion, the conflict and the duality, uplifting the person in a completely conscious entity, with the capability to approach and enter in any time period, and in any energy level that might need as Galaxy Being.

       And here begin the ‘‘fairy tails’’: Studying the various symbols I realised that was missing a symbol that would fill us with joy, cheerfulness, enjoyment, carefreeness (sentiments that increase a lot our vibrations), and I decided to create one. This I do also because with the issues I deal with, I want always to farther develop them, adding my personal seal, as I used to do as a researcher in the National Technical University of Athens (see my C.V. on page II.1.B of my site). So I visualised the symbol in the evening and named it ‘‘The Symbol of Joy’’, and in the morning I drew it and added it in the steps 7, 11, and 15 in my re-attunement I made in the first degree of Seichim, in order to activate it. Then I drew it in my palms and I put my palms in the various chakras in order to see what I will feel. When I realised that it works I sent it to my two masters to try it also themselves. Both said to me that they liked it and find it very strong, and Kallisto added that by simply looking at it, she felt a intense joy connected with the heart chakra. You can see it in the table below, and if you want you can include it in your attunement, and try it to see if it works also for you. Noteworthy that the symbol of infinity has to be repeated four times, because it constitutes also part of three other symbols of SSR, (of the seven that I have incorporated in the Symbol of Joy). This is the Symbol of Joy that is also used in the Global Meditation of my page II.1.D5

       Moreover Kallisto explained to me that it is not curious that I discover new symbols (even if I am not Usui or Zeigler), because in my incarnation thousands of years ago, I was the ‘‘guardian’’ of the temple of Pleiades, therefore I had taken this knowledge that now slowly-slowly comes back. Still she told me that, one of my missions in my current incarnation is to activate this temple, so that a lot of people from Earth can also enter and receive the knowledge, thing however that I have not understand neither what it means, nor how it will be done, (but Kallisto said that all these will be explained to me in due time by my divine advisers.

       And now the most astonishing. When some years ago I had visited the pyramids with a group that was dealing with regressions in ancient Egypt (guided by my friend Georg Kypriotakis), an extraterrestrial met me and from this moment follows me and takes care of me, without myself to feel anything of his presence, until recently that the cosmic forces have being activated in me, what obviously raised my vibrations. So now I can communicate with him, mainly through Kallisto (that obviously is in much higher vibration than me) and gives me information for everything. So the extraterrestrial told me, that my Symbol of Joy exists in (extraterrestrial) books, and that it is better activated with the help and a certain sound, (that he will give it to me, in order to include it in my site), and that for me works better (giving me joy etc), when I apply it on the Crown chakra. Based on this I wonder even if also the other symbols work better with the help of certain sounds, thing that I will investigate.

       Still he gives me also a lot of other information as e.g. that his name is Homai  and comes from the civilization of Jendai, that their spacecrafts will come to Earth in 2010 (while in 2009 they will come, as he told me, the spacecrafts of Sirius), and will be visiting the places in Earth with the higher vibrations, and at that time he will return home. That he has visited another three times our Earth going only in Earth’s ‘‘solar’’ cultures, as they are Greece and Egypt, that is taking commands from the ‘‘Galaxy Council’’ which persons to contact, and what tasks to accomplish as a teem with his other compatriots, and many other information that I intend to include in my upcoming pages of my site. Kallisto who saw him made a sketch of the upper part of his body, together with a message in his language for me (translated also in English) saying ‘‘Homai from blue Pleiades by Kallisto to George’’, that he was guiding her hand to write it. (See the picture at the end of this page).

        Finishing I hope that my effort to write this page will be proved useful and as many as possible persons will be profiting from the information that I give. Therefore I request the readers of this page to communicate it with others, so that they profit as well, and this to be done soon, because the time runs and the 2012 approaches. However my divine advisors reassure me, that those who are ready will be guided to find my site and these pages, while those stuck and trapped in the third dimension, even if they will visit my site due to the paintings, they will not pay attention or even they will not see my ‘‘metaphysical’’ pages. 

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