(Steps for the Ascension, The Dark Cabala plans)

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Cd161 Mountain by the sea in the 4th and 5th dimens.

C1g222 Garden among ruins and ghosts

 C2g782 Trees by the sea in the 4th and 5th dimensions




Bg780 The moon over the lake in the mountains

Bg787 A calm lake in the mountains in spring

Bg796 Flowers and rocks by the lake




Cd860 Waters on the rocks in the 4th and 5th dimens.

Bg875 Ghosts in the waters of a stormy coast

Ch51 Colorful rocks in the 4th and 5th dimensions


       When the Earth will be 100% in the fifth dimension, she will become a new member of the ‘‘Galactic Confederation’’ where already other fifth and higher dimensional planets belong. Then we will not distinguish various nationalities and states, but will exist only one nation ‘‘the Earthians’’. This course that has started long ago, based on Divine order, recently was finalized, and no force, or team of reacting persons, can anymore change or delay it. Therefore, it is of great importance to know what is going to happen, when and with what order, so that we can be suitably prepared in order to pass more painlessly the transient period, but also in order to better profit a) from the new possibilities that will be provided to us, and b) from the help that the extraterrestrials will give us. The Galactic Confederation (it is also called as the '' Galactic Federation of Light'' which deals with the Earth in helping us move in the fifth dimension), currently includes 200,000 constellations of our galaxy and of Andromeda (which has her own constellation in our galaxy), which each one has many planets with billions of residents, (which are 40% humanoid), heaving a very high culture, technology and consciousness, and are creatures full of love that have eliminated all kinds of adversity. In addition to those exist in our galaxy also many constellations having their own confederation (the of Anchara Alliance), which had been previously enemies of the Galactic Confederation trying to conquer her, but with the recent peace treaty in the 1990s, they changed from “evil'' ''to ''good'' in order to obtain the "light body"  that the ''good'' have, and so the wars (which lasted for millions of years), have ended. Moreover the Galactic Confederation is a member of the “Intergalactic Union” with tens of thousands of galaxies having diverse cultures and star-nations. The many billions of galaxies form the universe where we live, while there are also countless parallel universes that exist together with our own. All these form our present “physicality” (referring to the physical world in contrast with the word of spirits), which is created by the Creator for a vast period of time, to be vanished later and to be recreated again, providing new experiences each time for the Creator. Actually our present physicality is considered to be the sixth from the beginning of times, with basic target, this time, the “marriage” of light and dark (i.e. of the “good” and “evil”) in order to produce more light, while Earth plays a crucial role in achieving this target.

        Therefore, the main questions below have to be answered with clarity, plenitude and without contradictions, so that we will be really assisted by the information that we will receive. I stress this, because the various ‘‘metaphysical’’ congresses and festivals that I heave attended and the relative books or reports in the internet that I have read, did not add something useful to me. Most of them contain, for the most part, generalities and vagueness with regard to the fifth dimension, and they are usually focused on the ‘‘life after death’’ and on what the one or the other ‘‘Archangel’’, or ‘‘Master’’, or ‘‘Ascended Spiritual Teacher’’ does or said. Even communications with certain individuals who act as channels with the one or the other extraterrestrial, are carrying messages of optimism, etc, but without giving any specific information about how we are passing and how we will be the life in the fifth dimension.  Fortunately a pleasant exception to the above is the information that I discovered in May 2009, which the charismatic Dr. Sheldan Nidle provides in his site  as well as some other persons that have communication with the extraterrestrials, (see details in the messages below and in my other pages of my site). Anyway the questions I consider as the most important for our immediate future are:

       1) How we could better prepare and what we should do in order to ensure our entry in the fifth dimension and not to leave (i.e. die, as it will happen to certain of us), but also how we could enter in this easier, faster and more painlessly.

       2) What the new possibilities and the advantages that the fifth dimension will provide to us are, and how we will better and quicker utilise these, in order to improve our life and live hereafter exactly as we wish, healthy and happy.

       3) What situations and ‘‘disturbances’’ will prevail during the transient period (from today until the Earth becomes 100% fifth dimensional), and how we will face and handle these, as individuals and as leaders, not only for our personal good but also for the good of the planet.

       4) How we will communicate earlier and more advantageously with the extraterrestrials, and how we will better and thoroughly benefit from the knowledge and the help that they will give us.

       5) What new conditions are created by our integration in the Galactic Confederation, what rules will be in effect, and how we will better benefit from this integration, as individuals and as a planet. Still, how we will be able (for those of us who wish to do so) to contribute in the coordination and the smooth operation of all systems, undertaking leading positions.

       6) How our relations with the other planets will be, how we will perform our transactions with the extraterrestrials and the interplanetary travels, and with what criteria we will select a) what will be our occupation (profession), and b) in what planet we will live, with whom, and for how many years or centuries.

       In these and other relative questions I will attempt to give an explicit and complete answer with useful, (I would say precious) for each one of us information, based always on what the extraterrestrials say to me in my astral travels, (under the condition that they will happen exactly as described). In the previous two pages II.1.D, II.1.D1 of my site, I give a few elements answering these questions. However, because in the summer months of 2008 the Earth received an abundance of new energies from the universe, (that certain of us received and then transferred to the Earth), that assist in the Earth’s development to the new dimension, I believe that from the next year (2009) I will have more complete information to answer the above-mentioned questions. Then I will include these answers probably in a different site, because I created the present site  primarily to cover my paintings (which are connected to my astral travels that are the source of my inspiration).

       NOTE 1. Today many new information I have added at the end of this page, as well as in my other pages (II.1.D, II.1.D1, II.1.D5, II.1.D6, II.1.D7, II.1.D8 and II.1.D10) answering in many of the above questions. However I have not changed the site because the present site is already known to tenths of thousand visitors in more than 50 countries having about 1000 visits daily.

       Also I believe that it would be very useful, or even absolutely necessary, a world organisation to be created that would prepare the individuals and the entire planet informing us: a) For the entry in the fifth dimension, b) for the solution of problems during the transient period, c) for the communication and the collaboration with the extraterrestrials and d) for our successful integration in the Galactic Confederation. This organisation could have the title: ‘‘World organisation for the information of the public about the preparation for the integration of the Earth in the Galactic Confederation’’. This organisation could also assist the Earth Allies (see my page II.1.D1) to put an order, in order to avoid unpleasant events during the disturbance that will prevail (fortunately only for the short transient period), mainly as a result of the despaired effort of certain powerful individuals and organisations to retain and extend their power. For this purpose they will collectively and well organised try to cause fear presenting false dangers, and also (mainly with the help of the banks), to collect more and more economic force taken from the people, (who will become more and more poor), in order to keep the people fully dependent on them, despite the changes that the new dimension will bring.

       NOTE 2. Although (as is obvious from the text at the end of this page), the extraterrestrials that came to help us, are going to carry the main load of our passing to the fifth dimension, still our role is very important and our effort absolutely necessary for two reasons. First because we must be well informed and accepting their assistance (in order them to be willing to help us), and then to respond positively and with all our effort and attention to the training we will receive. Second because their intervention will be only for a short period (i.e. until we enter the fifth dimension), while thereafter (using our new enormous abilities and qualities), our evolution and our position in the Galactic Confederation depends exclusively to our efforts, our organization and our responsible actions. However as long as we will proceed wisely and with dedication to our important purpose, our way and evolution will be glorious and precious for our galaxy, (but also for other galaxies as well).

       It is worthy to say that the 10% of the current population of the Earth (i.e. more than 600 millions), are individuals that are usually incarnated in other planets but this time selected to be incarnated in Earth, in order to help in the great changes that will take place, as well as in order to transfer later in their planets their unique experiences from this ‘‘experiment’’ that, as mentioned before, is taking place for the first time in the universe. These persons when they realise their mission (having at some point of their life memories of their planets), and ‘‘wake up’’ (many they have already and call themselves ‘‘star-seeds’’ and ‘‘light workers’’), could very well constitute (together with many other Earthlings workers of light), the members of such an organisation. Noteworthy is that in October 2008 I attended a very  interesting world congress of  the star seeds,  that took place in  London, where individuals from all parts of the world were gathered, to exchange their experiences from the memories they had from their planets, to meditate, to do channelling, etc, as well as to visit ancient monuments, (Stonehenge,  Avebury, etc), in order to feel the energies and the information that these monuments release. 

       However it should be noted that, based on more resent information, this percentage is now increasing due to new incarnations. These incarnations have proliferated recently with the method of "walk in", where (although this may sounds absurd), when a soul decides to abandon her body (i.e. die), another soul can go in the same body and replace her, so that the body still lives, with the new soul in it, taking the experiences of the previous soul (which are slowly fading), and also bearing the memories and the experiences of her origin (e.g. of the planet from which emanated). Such a case is typical with my friend Sharon Snyder from Montana in the USA, which is therapist using the energy method of "Matrix Energetics, ". Sharon told me about her amazing experiences of both, her life in Altone (her planet in a constellation of Andromeda), and her life that has in these recent years in Earth, as well as about the life of her  little granddaughter who is a crystal child and can ''travel'' to other planets and to the hollow Earth. She further said that there are other 3000 people of her planet incarnate on Earth today, with many of which communicates, and will soon publish a book of her experiences. In her garden there is a ''portal'' and when she feels depressed or with low energy, goes there in order to recover, while this portal provides also communication with her planet. In the Matrix treatments that sent to me from distance, Sharon felt dizzy afterwards (which means that the energies were sent), while I felt in the beginning some discomfort in the places where I had a problem, and then I felt a deep relaxation.

       Sharon also receives information through the “automatic writing” from his brother Gabriel a person from her planet, two of which that she received on 2 and 3 September 2009, she sent to me ïí 4.Sept.09, and since I consider them important I mention here briefly. This information say that both, the fires in California, and the swine flu and the following vaccinations were deliberately manufactured, from the powerful who control our planet (about 2000 Illouminati, billionaires, bankers. politicians, etc.). Also Obama and his associates, about twenty, (which are all puppets of the above powerful people), they will overnight and without the knowledge of Congress and Senate, try to introduce systems to enslave the people of three countries United States, Mexico and Canada in their dark plans. Finally Gabriel reassured Sharon and her family that will not suffer anything, and there are already established systems to prevent the final prevalence of the dark plans.



       On this important issue I created a special page (II.1.D9) of my site with the title The Killing Vaccine For The Flu, which I consider absolutely necessary for you to visit, before accepting to make the swine flu vaccine or any other vaccine from now on. However, the alternative methods of facing viruses (and various other infections in general), are given in summary in my page II.1.D9, and in more detail in my page II.1.D8 to replace the need for vaccination. Because a small percentage of the world population (a few units per 100) had the misfortune to be vaccinated (and to undermine for all their life their immune system), hundreds of millions of unused vaccines are left over. Therefore the ''dark forces'' through the pharmaceutical companies are planning, changing the label to pass off these vaccines as seasonal flu vaccines during the autumn of 2010. Furthermore, at least in Greece, they invented the risk of ''new tuberculosis'' to foist the respective vaccination, starting with the mandatory vaccination for the teachers in schools. For this reason I consider here necessary to timely inform the people about the risks of the new vaccines, which are a new attempt of  the dark forces to reduce the population of Earth. So I give a summary of what the new vaccines contain and how operate in the body (see confirmation of the following in the video of the researcher Alison Jones, with 25 years research on these vaccines  and her website  Also you can find more of sach information in Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz site

      So the vaccines they produce fall into two basic categories: a) Vaccines with dead virus that contain (supposedly for easier and cheap production), among other harmful substances, mercury and aluminium. Note that since the autumn of 2009 U.S. law that limited the allowable amount of mercury in vaccines has been suspended, especially for new flu vaccines, etc. Therefore the pharmaceutical companies can put now as much mercury they want (making the vaccines more lethal). Mercury accumulates in the brain (like an oil spill) and eventually kills the brain cells, while our immune system tries to eliminate mercury through the liver, function which however is blocked by the aluminium contained in the vaccine and accumulated in the liver. I note also that there is a problem of disposal of expired vaccines because the mercury contained is dangerous for the contamination of the environment (while is not considered dangerous to the contamination of our bodies). b) Vaccines with attenuated frozen viruses which when enter into our body and take the appropriate temperature become active, go inside the brain cells where they multiply and kill the cells, and when they go out to ender to new cells, our immune system kills a large proportion of them, so the damage they cause to the brain evolves slowly. But when the person gets old, then the immune system weakens and the damage accelerates causing amnesia and finally death. This is a very good method of the dark forces to get rid of the elderly people who produce no work, while having a significant cost. For this reason they do not vaccinate babies because their immune system is still very week and the damage would be immediate. In this case (b) the most dangerous form of vaccination is the one introduced by nasal spray, because of the proximity of the nasal cavity to the brain, allowing more direct access of the virus to the brain cells. More about the efforts and the achievements of the dark forces against our health are show in my page II.1.D9.

      A Greek TV channel received from me an interview in my house in 2009, concerning the dangers to our health from the vaccine against swine flu, orchestrated by the dark forces to hit our immune system and have us all dependent on the pharmaceutical drugs that they control. The interview finally was not broadcasted, although my information was internationally confirmed, nor the journalist was allowed to broadcast any show about the vaccine. So I had to hire a company to sent 200.000 emails to doctors and others with my article about the vaccine, and with a group effort of hundreds of my compatriots who moved accordingly, we protected the Greek population from vaccination, which was finally limited to only 300,000 unfortunate uninformed people (out of the 12 million vaccines that were originally ordered), who went like sheeps and vaccinated, while the devastating effects will occur over time (see details in my page II.1.D9). Another of the many cases which demonstrate the dependence of the ''independent'' media (with the exception of internet that for the time being remains free), is that a journalist in the same channel revealing scandals in his broadcastings, although I have sent him several emails with my article on the vaccine, supported by testimonies and international links, not only ignored them but also declared on camera, that he will be vaccinated as well as his children (I doubt if he actually did it). (End of the chapter for the Killing Vaccines).

       It appears, from what the extraterrestrials say, that also I belong to this percentage of star-seeds and for this reason I feel ‘‘at home’’ very comfortably and cheerfully, each time I have an astral visit to a certain planet of Pleiades, in the same always region. Also they said to me the following weird thing: That I am one of those that the extraterrestrials send to me a rare shiny (like metal) energy which I transfer to the Earth when I walk. This energy is needed to the Earth and the Earth guides me (unconsciously) to make travels in the parts of the Earth that need this energy. And indeed I had to go, this and the last year, to strange places in Germany, England and in Greece, while recently I have been informed by a channel that soon I am going to have another long journey in a remote country. In any case I do not consider myself a worker of light, but simply a researcher who collects information and responsibly informs people, until this ‘‘light’’ is revealed to me to a full extend and beyond any doubt.



          Because I received many questions about the star seeds, (which in childhood are shown as indigo children, or crystal children, or children of the stars, or children of the rainbow, or children of the new millennium, or children of light, or the gold children, etc), I mention the following (see more in the site These children, who take their name usually from the color of their aura, and many have three strands in their DNA (instead of the two we, all the others, have), usually have the following key attributes: Highly intelligent. Often very creative. Developmentally advanced in reading walking, talking, etc. Psychic/intuitive abilities. Multi-dimensionally awareness; they perceive a broader range of reality. Telepathic abilities. They sense and feel energies from people or other living things (aura reading). Telekinesis, etc. Moving objects with their mind energy and thought. Awareness of scientific, historical, anthropological and spiritual knowledge not consciously learnt. Sometimes called ‘knowledge bombs’. Awareness of past lives. Extremely empathic to all creatures, not just humans but animals and plants. They can communicate with the unseen world, spirits and angels. Multi-dimensional healing abilities. Manifest unusual artwork, languages and scripts. They experience dreams where they are being taught how to use their high sense abilities on space craft.  Dual consciousness; feeling part human and part extraterrestrial. Have a sense of mission or higher purpose (e.g. helping the awakening of the human consciousness).

       Because they are so different from other children and seem to live in their own world, are often misunderstood and described as suffering from ADD (attention deficit disorder)), or as autistic. To this helps also the fact that they find too boring to listen to school teachings with which they disagree, or which are already known to them. There is no doubt that contact experience can inspire some individuals to draw the extraterrestrial life forms they interact with, and that many of them look identical, which I believe is further testament to this reality. Likewise, they may draw unusual landscapes of planets, with which they can have a deep emotional connection. These landscapes may sometimes be strikingly similar, as are some of the artwork, symbols and written scripts. These paintings may also create emotions to the (sensitive) observer. (I mast note, that some visitors of this site who saw my artwork, told me that they felt strange feelings watching some of my paintings, perhaps subconsciously reminding them of their origin). Sometimes they vocalise strange languages without conscious thought, and articulate them more fluidly than their normal human language. They use words and symbols or sign language (like the deaf people), who do not learn and can not teach to others. Even they can see not only using their eyes but also using other parts of their body (e.g. their hands). These occur in all countries, but particularly in the Himalayan region, China, Russia, Australia and in Mexico, (see the site 20Children/new_humans.htm).

       Russian scientists have made extensive research on the DNA of these children, (which has expanded also to the DNA in general). They say that: The human DNA is a ‘biological Internet’ with evidence that DNA can be ‘influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies.’ This suggests that ‘our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body, but also serves as data storage and communication.’ The Russian scientists and linguists have found that the genetic code ‘follows the same rules as all our human languages.’ In effect, human language did not appear coincidentally but is a reflection of our DNA. This research argues that there is a change in the ''collective consciousness'' of these children, which, when extended (as more and more such children are born), can influence the overall collective consciousness. They comment that ‘if humans with full individuality would regain group consciousness they would have a godlike power to create, alter and shape things on Earth, and humanity is collectively moving towards a group consciousness of a new kind.’ Similarly China is particularly interested in these children, and has done extensive research (see the book “China's Super Psychics” of Paul Dong), which describes their specific capabilities (such as the ability to open flower buds by thought alone). Even the Chinese have recorded with special scientific instruments the changes occurring in the DNA of these children. In the Aksai Chin region of the Himalayas where there are many such children, the residents are convinced that the children have regular contacts with the extraterrestrials, and the same is valid for more than a thousand children in Mexico City. Mary Rodwell, the head of such research group (ACERN) of Australia, has collected numerous testimonies from mothers around the world who have such children. So I choose one example among many of such testimony and I quote.Five-year-old Aiden from Western Australia says ‘I don’t mind them going through the walls, and they teach me more on the ships than I learn at school. They come through walls, float not walk, become invisible, but are still around!’ His mother writes, ‘This astounds me. He is very blasé about it and says he will introduce them to me one day! Aiden knows what I am thinking and finishes my sentences for me. Also feels pain when I do (see more in the site mentioned in the previous paragraph). Finally, also for Greek school children, was an investigation with a questionnaire for such properties through a University of London, but the purpose and the results of this investigation is kept secret. 

        One of the reasons that I added the previous chapter is to convince the scepticals about the changes that are coming and about the existence of the extraterrestrials. Of course there are many other events, such as the increasing appearance of their spacecraft, the physical changes is the planet (climate, magnetic, tectonic, etc.), but in the sun and in the entire solar system (which NASA observes with surprise), the witnesses which timidly appear about the (top secret) technology received by the extraterrestrials, etc. Nevertheless, the dark forces do not hesitate to use any means to hide everything, as illustrated by a recent article of the (supposedly) wise Stephen Hawking in Times Online, which urges us not to communicate with extraterrestrials and that mankind should do its best to avoid them, (however the article has received many negative comments from the readers). Even he leads a ridiculous presentation of the Discovery Channel that shows extraterrestrials as monsters ball-shaped with two short legs and a broad trunk-sucker trying to make them repulsive to people. I suspect that his paralysis problem made him to use mainly the left side of his brain increasing significantly his logic, intelligence, etc, while on the other hand decreased the use of the right side of his brain where the emotion, the intuition, the internal knowledge, etc, are based. These statements angered and the former defence minister of Canada Paul Hellyer, who accused for misinformation the astrophysicist and stated the following: "The extraterrestrials are not threatens humanity, as claimed by Mr. Hawking, but on the contrary are visiting Earth for decades, perhaps even for thousands of years, and the UFOs have helped significantly in the technological evolution of our planet (microchips, optic fibbers, computer monitors, etc).'' However, because a lot of discussions took place with my colleagues technocrats, who wonder why I, a doctor in civil engineering with rich academic and business career, now I am dealing with metaphysical subjects and the extraterrestrials, that they consider as ‘‘fairy tales’’, I have to send them the following message: 

        The physics and the natural sciences in general, using the observation, the measurements, the experiments, etc, analyse and explain the phenomena and the laws that are in effect for the third, the clearly material, dimension. On the other hand, the metaphysics using the meditation, the visualisation, the intuition, the communication with other entities, the imagination, the sentiments, etc, analyse and explain the phenomena and the laws that are in effect for all dimensions. Many times these phenomena are very difficult to become understood and explained with the means and the data of the third dimension. Thus e.g. the description of the taste of food, or of the odour of a perfume, or of the splendid lively colours that prevail in the fifth dimension, cannot make us actually see or feel them. Similarly e.g. a hypothetically two-dimensional world that lives in the plane, cannot explain what happens with a three-dimensional being e.g. a ball, that is presented from nowhere in various places of the plane, as a point, or as a circle with changing diameter when touches or cuts the plane.

       Nevertheless, I will attempt as an example, to explain how astrology and the horoscopes work, that many of us consider also as fairy tales. Each planet and generally each celestial body emits ‘‘astral energies’’, of different nature each, that reach the surface of Earth and surround it with intensity that depends each time on the place of the planet in relation to Earth. A soul that is going to be incarnated, select the foetus in which it will enter, (entering mainly the moment of birth) and enters bringing with and putting in the foetus’ astral body also the astral energies that prevailed the moment of birth. These energies influence the character and the life of the person, together with the influence from the experiences of the soul from previous lives, and from this life as grows, etc. Indeed the soul, knowing when each foetus will be born, selects the one that the astral energies at that time will help the soul to achieves more easily the targets set for this incarnation, and to have the experiences that needs for the improvement of the soul.

       Since these energies cannot be measured and analysed with the means of the third dimension, a technocrat will ignore them. On the contrary a spiritually aroused person that deals with the metaphysics, in order to check the above theory, will enter in deep meditation and will call his ‘‘superior self’’ and his ‘‘celestial advisers’’ and will ask them to explain to him the qualities of the stellar energy of each celestial body. If therefore a person feels by intuition, that all the above explained to him are true, will accept these with the same certainty that a technocrat researcher accepts a theory that has been proved by the experiment. These are the best I could say to my friends technocrats although I am afraid that I will not convince them, at least until we will enter in the fifth dimension when, whether they want it or not, the truth it will be revealed also to them.

       Still exist very interesting television broadcasts in Greece and abroad that deal with metaphysics and strange phenomena in general. Many times however, these make the error to try to explain the metaphysical phenomena with the laws of physics. For this reason, they invite in the studios scientists and professors that say their opinion trying to explain everything as simple natural phenomenon, and get angry if somebody dares to expresses a metaphysical opinion, and they do not even allow him to complete his opinion. This has as result the people that watch the broadcasting and try to learn something, instead of being able to hear a different (metaphysical) opinion, (which if their intuition considers true they will accept, otherwise they will ignore), to become more perplexed and many times to feel indignant with the explanations that the ‘‘wise heads’’ try to give. It is a pity, the moment that we approach 2012, (where a lot and important changes for our life will happen, for which we are supposed to be prepared), to discuss nonsense and not to listen to our ‘‘superior self’’, to our ‘‘divine advisers’’, to the extraterrestrials (that are already in the fifth dimension), and to other superior beings that try to help us. This situation makes me to recall the very up to date short story of H. G. Wells, ‘‘The Country of the Blinds’’, and I hope we will stop being blind soon.

       From time to tome I am invited for an interview from a Greek television channel, a television channel on Cyprus, from radio stations and magazines, and the next day after the broadcasts, I received hundreds of calls from enthusiastic people who shared with me also their metaphysical experiences. These however, did not have the courage to admit this in public, fearing that they will be considered as dreamers or insane. Answering, in any case, also to those who did not telephone to me (noteworthy that the address of my site has been shown wrong in TV, and the six times that I referred to my site during the interview were cut in the montage), I want to assure them that not only they are not dreamers or insane, but they are pioneers, together with hundreds of millions other people who’s number is continuously increasing. Nevertheless my goal for giving this interview was my site to become also well known in Greece, as it is abroad, so that the visitors that are ready to accept these important messages, to see much more details than an interview can contain. I choose to give in a next paragraph out of these calls only one (that I feature), which comes from my dear Giuli Kanelaki.

       Recently (June 2010) the same Greek channel took again a 35 minutes interview with a camera crew sent to my house for the broadcast of ''The Gates if inexplicable”, covering matters referred to what will happen in 2012. In this interview I talked briefly about the problems that our planet is facing until 2012 and how these will be resolved, about the changes to be made on the Earth and her inhabitants by then entering the fifth dimension, and about the assistance to be given to us ne the extraterrestrials in all these. But the responsible journalist did not dare finally to present the interview, although I had previously sent him the text based on which he selected me, because what I was saying, especially about the “dept forgiveness” the suppressed free energy technology and many other truths that the dark forces, who control the major media, would not want under any circumstances to be disclosed to the public, and therefore prevented the presentation of the interview.

       Giuli Kanelaki, mentioned above, lived until 15 years ago in Georgia. She said, among many other things, the following: Over the capital Tbilisi where he stayed, were often seen spacecrafts (even in colorful formations), who were reported by the media (and she had old newspaper clippings with such photos), unlike what happens in other countries that conceal, deny, or try to ridicule these sightings. The closest experience was the appearance in only ten meters above the balcony of her penthouse, of a silver-gray egg-shaped spacecraft, about ten meters long, that when he called her family which came and saw it, the spacecraft flied away and after meeting with two others, they all disappeared with unimaginable speed. Moreover there were people who were embarked on similar spacecrafts; and later they returned without remembering what happened there. Even she told me that extraterrestrials of 2.00 to 2.20 meters tall with white and silver glossy tunics, were appearing to selected families and even had dinner with them, showing a marked preference for sweets (tarts and cream), and left messages on the skin of children, that the children were able to interpret. In addition, two women in Tbilisi under the guidance of two extraterrestrials (for almost two years as long as the extraterrestrials’ presence lasted), performed therapeutic treatments in long queues of patients gathered daily, which included short time difficult surgeries, while the patients shortly after the surgery returned home with the stitches on their body. Even close to Tbilisi two such extraterrestrials were touching with their palms the abdomen of women who could not have children, and the women could then become pregnant.

       In addition In the village Simoneti residents argue that there is a deep well in the adjacent mountain (of which the bottom could not in any way be identified), which is a tunnel leading to an underground city where people live, and that the same is happening also in Tibet and in other places. People who are sensitive feel that this area is a place of intense energy. If this is true then I believe that these phenomena came from residents of the Hollow Earth (at that time they were fourth-dimensional, hence their desire for food). They made selectively their presence in a “friendly environment'' in order to know and help us, and let us know them and get accustomed to them. Finally, Giuli has asked me (and I happily accepted) to translate in the Georgian language the 11 related with these matters pages of my site, while something similar has been done with translations in the Spanish language  by members of the internet organizations listed below. Today (May 2010) Giuli lives with her family in the suburbs of Athens and she sees very often after sunset, to appear for a long time over the nearby mountain a large bright yellow oval flying object, often accompanied by four smaller white which are approaching very near to the top of the mountain, and these they see also the other members of her family, while whenever it happens fills her with joy.

       Even as a recent example from Greece of viewing spacecraft, I mention the case of a friend (Vasilis Bobos from Athens) who observed, together with this housemates on 26.July.10 at 8:00 pm for several minutes over 500 meters above home three spacecrafts manoeuvring and change colors and then disappeared with unimaginable speed, and brought me the model of 70 cm length made by him (he is also a model maker) showing one of them (the shape resembling overturned boat, with rows of lights). He called a week later (when constructed) a TV channel and they told him that have already received many phone calls from people who phoned for this event. He also called the Planetarium, but its head seemed rather unhappy with these news and tried to downgrade the event (dose he have received orders to  cover up such information?)

       In order to help in the distribution and the cross checking of these information, but also in order to participate in a group effort to rise the consciousness of our planet, I became a member of 62 “communities” (ning and others) in the internet, who have about 2.000.000 members today (light workers and star seeds), such as the ‘‘Extraterrestrials’’, the ‘‘Powerful Intentions’’, etc, where I have already many thousands  internet friends. Their focus is to exchange experiences between the members, but mainly with the help of group synchronized meditations (see my page II,1.D5), etc, to help in rising the consciousness of people, in the smoothing of the problems of the interim period (from today until to become 100% fifth dimensional), as well as to stop us from depending on the existing oppressive systems, and generally to improve the conditions of our life. Within these organisations, I have created my own groups (with the title “The new Earth in the fifth dimension”), that are focused in the objectives that I describe in this page, so that I do not struggle alone, but together with others, many of which are more advanced and consequently more effective than I am (see also my previous page II.1.D1).

       Before closing this page, and because the main source of my information up to now, is my contact with the extraterrestrials, I would like once again to beg those who have related information from any source, to send it to me in order to cross check it with my information, and I thank them in advance for their time. Here I have to add that an enlighten person from Australia (Ethan Vorly ), who has written a lot of very interesting and useful books about metaphysics (some of which I used in my page II.1.D3), when I asked his opinion about  these pages of my site he said: ‘‘Thanks for your email and the information on your site. It is the best description of these things that I have read. I think it is all real. Please let me know when you share more information, I would like to read wishes, Ethan’’. Still, charismatic individuals from Europe and America that function as ‘‘channels’’ and communicate with superior beings, when they entered my pages they ensured me that what I write ‘‘makes sense’’ and, in general, is confirmed. In addition the members of the 62 internet groups that I mention above, express to me their enthusiasm and thanks for the information I post from time to time, Therefore I invite you all to become members (free of charge) to these communities (like e.g. the Extraterrestrials with link and to my groups there.

       In the next page II.1.D3 I begin to give the answers to the above questions, starting by giving the techniques of attunement to the utilisation of cosmic energies such as the Reiki, the  Seichim, the Seichem, etc, and in particular with the method of ‘‘do it yourself’’, so that someone does not need to pay hundreds and thousands of Euros to those who teach Reiki etc. With the use of these energies we can develop and cure our physical body as well as our energy bodies, and what is the most important, we increase our vibrations and keep them high, so that we ensure our passage in the fifth dimension and we do that at the most painless way. You can see the next page of my Site: REIKI-SEICHIM-SEICHEM SSR. Moreover in my page II.1.D6 I describe the healing of the body, of the mind and of the chakras, by the use of the sounds of the crystal bowls, which also help us decisively in entering the fifth dimension, as well as in opening, cleaning and activating our chakras and ensuring our health and the raising of our vibrations.

       NOTE 3: Here I want to emphasise that it is beyond any doubt that the extraterrestrials are already here in Earth with their spacecrafts as is proved by thousands reports of people. To verify this you can visit the Disclosure Project ( and the National UFO Reporting Centre  (, sea details in my page II.1.D. On the other hand recently the Greek television announced that an unidentified flying object was shown over Attica sometime ago following a plane of Olympic airways, and two Greek military planes were taken off to find out what was going on, but the object had disappeared with excessive (for the Earth data) speed. Also on 2nd of November 2008 a friend that lives in Corinth telephoned and informed us that on the 1st of November he saw from his window a very luminous flying object. In my recent question, the extraterrestrials said that these sightings will be more and more often, until we will consider it as something very common.



       Trying to give an answer to the above questions, I quote below the most optimistic scenario for a quick and easy (within three days only) shift to the fifth dimension, which was given by the Sirians to Dr Nidle, (sea about him below), which refers to the whole population of Earth (that will consciously want to enter the fifth dimension), except those incarnated from other planets, which will be transferred to the spacecrafts where they will make the shift and then will return to their planets. I however, based on information I had long ago from the Pleiadians (unless something changed in the meantime), I describe also the case that this scenario  may refer only to a percentage of ''lucky'' people, while many others will follow, during the shift, a more difficult  and longer course (see my previous page II.1.D1). Although I would be glad if the Sirians’ scenario applies to all of us, I give below descriptions of other scenarios and possible developments. What is ultimately important is that whatever course we take and the time will take us, we will all find ourselves in the same position when we will become fully fifth-dimensional. The scenario of the Sirians is as follows:

       a) General: This shift is supported and helped by 50 constellations of our galaxy, (with the Sirians to be the leaders), the spacecraft of which came under the orders of the ‘‘divine hierarchy’’, which decided the Earth to become fifth-dimensional by 2012. So has to be soon the “first contact” with their spacecrafts, even if Earth still dose not meet the prerequisites for such contact valid for all other planets, which are (besides the approval of the hierarchy which we have), the planet to be united, to have advanced (space) technology, to be aware about the shift and the large majority to accept it. Obviously none of the four above conditions applies for Earth, and the governments of major countries of the world react to the arrival of the extraterrestrials, (with which they have contacts for many years now), because this is not in the interest of the powerful people of Earth, i.e. the few thousands billionaires choosing (directly or indirectly) and manipulating the governments, because they do not want to lose the privileges and the power they have. For these reasons the extraterrestrials were connected with “Earth allies” (who have power in government positions, banks, etc, or are financially very strong individuals), with the help of which are preparing a smooth arrival, so that the people will not be terrified and consider them as invaders with bad intentions, when in fact just the opposite happens. So before the arrival of the spacecrafts for the first contact, the following stages will precede, which will proceed with speed in order to catch up with 2012.

       b) Preliminaries for the “first contact”: Stage 1: Includes the effort to persuade the leaders reacting to accept what will happen, and if needed to replace the existing governments with others transitional, that will be cooperative. So for example, referred to USA, Obama will declare his resignation, explaining the reasons and the upcoming changes while the members of Congress, etc, will follow, and all this is intended to happen peaceful and bloodless (according to the signed agreements), under the supervision of the army to prevent declaration of martial law or other knee-jerk reaction from the government. In addition the U.S. will withdraw all military forces abroad, which will return home, stopping wars and closing their bases there. To persuade governments to implement the signed agreements, Earth Allies have two instruments of pressure: a) legal pressures, based on the many illegal acts (obvious and hidden), and anti-constitutional provisions and laws which are now to come out in the attention of the public. b) And more important, with financial pressure, based on the impending bankruptcy of many governments and on the unpopular measures they apply creating major reactions of the people. Stage 2: To reveal to public the secret advanced technology that the extraterrestrials gave, directly (or indirectly, i.e. helping Earth scientists with their inventions),  that includes free and clean energy and antigravity propulsion systems (without fuel, see my page II.1.D7), the facing of diseases and malnutrition, etc, that the governments have taken but keep it as top secret, due to the financial interests of a few strong companies,(oil companies, etc.), or due to matters of military superiority, etc.

       Stage 3: To resolve the economic stalemate of the people, by changing the economic system, including inter alia eliminating debts to banks, financial institutions, credit cards, etc, (“dept forgives” to compensate the fraud that the banks created to people all these years), by changing the tax system, and by abolishing the privileges of the various entities. Also by the redistribution of the wealth and the basic goods in order to adequately serve all people, and by the use of new currency having real value covered by precious metals, and other values. Note that for this purpose the Earth allies have collected and guard large stockpiles of gold, that will be increased by the gold that the extraterrestrials will eventually bring, and then there will be six main currencies in the world, and all banks will be replaced by other small local banks, aiming not to profit but to serve the public so that everyone can easily cover his basic needs. Also those who have large assets, will be obliged to devote most of their cash to be distributed to those without. In addition, at least in the USA, there are both the local governments of the various states and (especially) the federal government, who keep secret funds that are handled by few powerful people, reaching the astronomical total sum of tens of trillions of dollars (those who have doubts should visit the site, while many states (like e.g. California) with a lot of these funds, appear to be on the verge of bankruptcy. These three above sources of money (and possibly others), will provide the possibility in the new administrations of the banks to distribute checks to everyone. So together the dept forgives (which in addition will return to the owners their confiscated cars, houses, properties, etc), and the wide distribution of the hidden technologies, will allow everyone to prosper and cover all essential needs during the short transition period until 2012, after which we will no longer have such needs.

       Stage 4: To undertake a broad announcement and inform the people of the impending arrival of the extraterrestrials and the role they are going to play, to be broadcasted initially by the governments, and then in greater detail by the Earth Allies of the extraterrestrials. All these stages the Sirians believe that can be achieved in less than a year. After this preparation will be a massive landing of their spacecrafts in the selected areas, while no one gives (Earthly or extraterrestrial) a specific date when this will happen. However, based on other data, I feel that this first contact can not be delayed beyond the beginning of 2012, while the above preliminary stages can not begin later than early 2011, (while it is also probable to begin much earlier). Already is expected within 2010, that some governments will announce the existence of the extraterrestrials and their many years cooperation with them. All the above are according to the normal plan A. Finally, if because of strong reactions from the governments, things will not roll smoothly and quickly as planed, the landing will be made anyway and in time, according to the “emergency plans” B or C, by informing the world of the impending friendly first contact directly by the Earth Allies (plan B), or by the  extraterrestrials themselves using their resources to inform the world (plan C), without waiting for the governments’ announcements, while in the mean time they will disable any earthly weapon that could threaten them. The plan A is the one most desired and the extraterrestrials, updating us each week on the progress, through their messages (see some of these at the end of this page, as well as in my other pages). Plans B and C are only an emergency back up, in the event that the present course (due to the resistance of the dark forces) it would not be possible to be completed within the timetable given by Heaven.

       c) The arrival of the extraterrestrials: The landing will include millions of spacecrafts, (10 millions in the first phase and 100 in the second) since almost every person on Earth will have an extraterrestrial advisor - mentor (including the mentors from the Hollow Earth, see my page II.1.D7), In addition they will bring millions of scientists and technicians to install and teach us their high technology, so that every house to have free energy, a simulator (which will provide food, furniture, clothes, etc, see below and in my pages II.1.D and II.1.D7), a communications centre, an ultrasonic shower, and other useful devices. The extraterrestrials will be accompanied by many ascended masters of the  divine hierarchy, (which obviously, as are spirits do not need spacecrafts), to help mainly in the spiritual (of the consciousness) ascension. During the landing, which will be in a very slow motion, a signal will be transmitted straight to the minds of the people (telepathically) to leave the landing positions free until the doors of the spacecrafts open, in order to by protected from the high energy prevailing there. When landing a series of energy waves will be applied to eliminate (for security reasons) any potential use of weapons, and as soon as the frequency of the extraterrestrial will be adjusted with the frequency of the environment, they will come out to meet and talk with people, and the devices that they will carry will allow this conversation. Shortly after landing, the extraterrestrial leader of the spacecraft fleet will send a proclamation to all the people of Earth directly in the minds of everyone (telepathically), explaining the reasons of their arrival and their good intentions to help the planet. This first phase will be then followed with the second having much more spacecrafts.

       The first month will be passed by exchanging information and the training of the people on Earth, which will include visits to the spacecrafts. This training includes information on their technology based on the “zero point energy* and on telepathy, based on which devices such as “simulators'' are functioning under instructions given by our thoughts. The simulators can provide immediately everything we ask (furniture, apparatus, food, clothes, etc.), which later if we do not need them we can return to the simulators to become energy again. In addition there are larger devices, the ''holographic theatres” that can create whole houses to live in, with their surroundings (gardens etc), or can create even landscapes, such as a lake where we think that we swim for kilometres, while in reality we move only for a few meters. Along with the technical training, the spiritual - mental training is given, on how we will be ''fully conscious'' beings.

       In the second month will be the “marriage” between Earth and extraterrestrial technology, the cleaning of the environment from pollution, and the education of how to create a correct and proper galactic society on Earth. In the third month will be education about what will happen when we are fully in the fifth dimension, what are the conditions and possibilities that we will have then, and how should we behave and act in order to exploit them. Finally in the fourth month we will be informed of how exactly our transition to the fifth dimension will be done in the ''transformation' chambers”, designed for this purpose in the ''crystal cities'' of the Hollow Earth (see details below). After the end of the fourth month the process of our transferring to the Hollow Earth (with our families) will begin, for those of us (and we will be the vast majority) that we will consciously want to enter the fifth dimension. During this procedure we will feel very tired and we will fall asleep, and then we will be “beamed” to the spacecrafts that will carry us through the poles of the Earth to the Hollow Earth, where again through “beaming”  we will be transferred in our temporary dwellings described below. If needed this four month period may be extended to six months or little more.

      d) Our “metamorphosis” in the Hollow Earth: Unlike the other planets that changed dimension, where all the inhabitants died and reincarnated much later with their fifth-dimensional bodies, the divine hierarchy decided for the Earth to enter the fifth dimension together with her inhabitants, the bodies of  which will be rapidly converted from three-dimensional to  fifth-dimensional. For this reason special crystal cities in the Hollow Earth were created, as temporary housing for the people of the Earth, where in 1991 constructed and placed there the ''transformation chambers ”, by which the transformation  can be achieved in only three days. This temporary housing is taking the form (with the help of the holographic theatres), with all the details of the house that you had on the outer surface of the Earth, in order to make you feel that nothing has changed, and the only difference is a great joy and wellbeing that you feel and the presence of your advisor - mentor. Even, given that the vast majority of the population will have moved to the Hollow Earth, one can continue to have contact with friends, acquaintances, colleagues, etc, as before. As for the pets will be transferred to another place and will be returned to us after we will be fifth dimensional and then we will be able even to talk with them. It is understood that also the homeless will be in a comfortable and safe place, although with the changes that will take place they will be almost no more homeless. Apart from the mentor who will inform you and answer your questions, you have around you also your higher self, the angels helping you, etc. It takes at least one day of preparation and information, where you learn why before 13.000 years, the elite  of Atlantis and later the Anunnaki, changed your DNA disconnecting 10 of the 12 helixes in order to keep you underdeveloped and use you as their servant. Moreover you will learn that these helixes will be reconnected, and all the codes of your DNA will be reactivated, as well as all your 13 (instead of the current 7) basic chakras (which are inter-dimensional energy centres), along with about 200 secondary will be open and active. In this way from limited consciousness being you will become a fully consciousness fifth-dimensional being. The next days you will enter the metamorphosis chamber (which resembles the divers decompression chamber), lying comfortably in a comfortable bed, where for three days, the following processes (in summary) will take place:

         1st Day: your body falls into hibernation (but you keep your consciousness), while an inter-dimensional light rises your frequencies, reconnects the helixes of your DNA and activates all its codes as well as all your 13 chakras. At the same time affects your epigenetic settings, reversing the aging course and making you young, so that by leaving the chamber to have the age you have chosen, and then stop aging anymore. Generally the first day covers your physical transformation, and you can even affect your organs or limbs of your body, if you have a problem to fix, or if limbs are missing to recreate them, while you can even interfere with your appearance (changing your height, or your weight, or your face, etc). 2nd day: It relates to your spiritual transformation, taking lessons from your spiritual advisers, in order to become a fully conscious being full of love, full of joy and free from fears and negative emotions. In addition the ''veil” falls and all your previous lives unfold in front of you, in order to know your whole story, what you really are, to what spiritual family you belong, and what is your mission and destination. 3rd day: It combines the physical and spiritual transformation, and you start to see and feel unprecedented things, to feel a great joy, to hear angels’ songs, and to acquire forces that you do not know how to control, so that you can become dangerous. Therefore your advisors guide you and solve your queries, in order that, when leaving the chamber at the end of the three days, not to cause a great chaos. The little chaos is inevitable, therefore ten days follow of personal and group training, in order to learn to use properly and to control the new forces and properties acquired.

       e) Training after the metamorphosis: When you get out from the chamber you feel an overload to all your senses, like the whole world around you to be you, and you to be the whole world, (which is actually so, because in the fifth dimension we feel unity with all others). This will create a strong headache to you that your advisers will neutralize in ten minutes, and you learn how to close the various channels of your senses, and then you learn how to adjust the “volume control” (as in the radio) and to choose what you want to receive, and what is important to you, and to handle your telepathic abilities. Then you learn levitation, how to move objects, or to operate devices with your mind, you learn teleportation, and how to be beamed somewhere, e.g. back to the chamber and return (and all these will take about an hour). Then, (and this is the more difficult part), you learn how to materialise (manifest) or not materialize what you think. When something that you think at the same time you feel it (which is usually the case), then this is  automatically manifested in front of you (which most likely you do not want to happen). Therefore you practice at thinking things or situations without feeling them, unless you want to be materialised, and you practice it usually in a group, materializing items that have been requested from you and sending them by teleportation to the group members, and respectively, receiving from the members what you have requested. Even you learn how to connect and communicate with the environment and to improve it, or to improve yourself using the environment. On your new properties are included, among others, and the ability to communicate with animals and plants. After the ten-day training you are now ready to meet the various inhabitants of the galaxy (humanoid or not), who have come to the Hollow Earth.

       f) The period after the training: The acquaintance with the various extraterrestrial species (human or not), including our brothers from the Hollow Earth, will last for about two weeks, where the extraterrestrial will show you their rituals, that are very important for the evolution of their planets, and they will seek to learn about your third-dimensional experiences and especially the emotions that you had then. This exchange of knowledge will continue on for a year, where you will ''teach” giving lectures on the experience you have had, and how you made this unprecedented passing, (with your physical body) from the third into the fifth dimension. A very large number of extraterrestrials, not only from our galaxy bat also from other galaxies will come, for each of you, to attend your lectures. Particularly with regard to galaxies where still exist forces of darkness in the third dimension, people will come to learn the method by which the people of Earth switched with their material body, (i.e. without dying and reincarnating), from the third to the fifth dimension, expelling the ''evil'' from their lives and their societies. In addition our brothers of the Hollow Earth will guide us to show us their cities and their country and to inform us on their lifestyle, and they will even propose to us to have our permanent residence in the cities that they have built for us, going to the outer surface mainly as tourists (visiting also and heaving useful for the planet rituals in the ancient temples there), or to spend our vacations in a “vacation house” there.

       g) The changes in the outer surface of Earth: Meanwhile all this time on the outer surface of the Earth will be enormous changes: Old continents will be emerged from the sea, lands will be sinking, volcanoes will explode, and large earthquakes will prevail, making the outer surface extremely dangerous, while the Hollow Earth will be in complete safety and tranquillity. More specifically, the lost continents of Atlantis in the Atlantic, of Lemuria (which is larger than Asia) in the Pacific, and of the Great Srilanka in the Indian Ocean will reappear, while Australia will increase in size. In addition areas such as in Africa (Sahara), in Himalaya and in USA (California), will be transformed into large lakes while Mediterranean will be largely decreased as see. and the proportion of land versus water in the planet will be about 50% - 50%. Almost all extinct (during the 13.000 years) animals, and plants, preserved all this time in the Hollow Earth, (including forest etc) will reappear and Earth will be as she was 13.000 years ago. The ice in the poles will melt and the Antarctic will be a continent like all the others, communicating (through a ''huge'' hole in the south pole) with the Hollow Earth, while a corresponding hole will appear in the north pole. There will be no more snow, or strong winds and the climate of Earth will become subtropical with temperatures around 73 degrees Fahrenheit (23 Celsius). The skiers should not worry, because through the “holographic theatres” they could create virtual reality snowy landscapes, where they can ski. Through all these changes also the flora and the fauna that existed 13,000 years ago (before many species disappear) will return, so that the Earth to get the pristine stage as she was then. Their colors will be more vibrant and the flavours more intense, and there will prevail a rejuvenativ energy creating refresh aw well as calmness. Even the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere will increase substantially, helping the new ecosystem that is created. However all artwork created until now and all monuments of our civilization will be saved despite all the disturbances. Even today (June 2010) an intense volcanic and seismic activity begins that includes after the destructive earthquake in Tahiti, other smaller earthquakes around the world, the volcano in Iceland (where the ashes paralyzed the air traffic in northern Europe), the activation of a more dangerous volcano (Katla) in Iceland, a volcanic eruption in Guatemala, the earthquake with volcanic eruption in Ecuador, etc.

       Furthermore, two layers of frozen water vapour will be created in the atmosphere (that existed before), at a height of from 4.500 till 5.500 meters the one, and from 10.500 till 11.500 meters the other, which layers will absorb and significantly weaken, (as they did before), the (harmful) cosmic radiation that reaches the surface, improving life on Earth, while the large volumes of ground water used, will significantly reduce the rise of the sea surface caused by the melting ice. This layers, that are supported in the atmosphere by the energies of crystal formations on the surface, were having suffered damages from the various wars causing floods (as the biblical flood 8.000 A.D.) from the falling water. Finally they have been totally destroyed in the wars between Seth king of Sumerians (Mesopotamia) against king Rama in India and against king Horus in Egypt, and the falling water caused the last great flood in 4.000 A.D. which destroyed most of the then inhabited world. All these wars, floods, fires and other destructions were caused by the Anunnaki in order to eliminate the great majority of people on Earth, whenever the people started to be awaken and remember their real origin and stop considering the Anunnaki as Gods.

       In a question I made to the extraterrestrials, why we needed all this preparation (with the four initial stages and the implementation of NESARA Treaty, etc), before their arrival, wile their arrival, with the recourses that they would give us, could alone solve once and for all, all our hot issues, the answer that I received was: "The people of Earth they should prove before, that they want (universal law of free will), and are determined and able to proceed to these changes, renouncing their former conditions of living, demonstrating in this way that they truly deserve to get the help that will follow. However, because there is a clear mandate from God for the transition of the Earth in 2012 in the fifth dimension, whereby mobilized both the Divine Hierarchy and the fifty constellations of the galaxy who came for this purpose, there is always also the emergency scenario to cover any emergency case.

       h) The destinations that we can choose: After the end of the year of lectures and contacts with the   extraterrestrials, a first part of the newly shifted to the fifth dimensional earthlings, would want to go to colonize the water planets, (which are also hollow as all planets are), of our solar system. These are e.g. Mars, Aphrodite, and a new planet that will reappear (which was previously destroyed) the Maldek. These planets in the meantime, with the help of the extraterrestrials, assisted by the divine “Elochim'' (spirits of divine energy and creation, like the archangels), they will be inhabitable again, with water and atmosphere (coming from the inner surface), flora and fauna. Also there is the scenario, (with the help of Elochim), the entire solar system to be transferred (through a huge space-time gate), in the constellation of Sirius where originally was, and was moved in its present position for reasons connected with helping the Earth in her important experiment (I might give farther details later). A second part of the newly ascended will travel to the stars, being the ambassadors of the Earth and of our solar system in general, activating (where needed) the peace treaty that was signed in 1995 for our galaxy. Many of those ambassadors will travel to thousands of other galaxies, where wars still exist, in order to teach also there, the peace between the constellations. Many of them will also play the role of the teacher, sharing the particular experiences during the shift to the fifth dimension, giving lectures and having meetings, and as their experiences from their contacts with other planets will grow (and therefore) will become wiser, they will also begin to give advices for the solution of problems there, transferring knowledge from one part of the universe to the other.

       A third part (the largest according to the Sirians) will remain permanently in the warmth and the perfect environment of the hollow Earth and her marvellous inhabitants, because of the many benefits she already provides (see my page II.1.D7). A forth part will return (when everything is smooth and settled), to the outer surface. According the information from the Sirians (Nidle), those who will choose to return will be a small minority, while according the information the Pleiadians gave to me (some time ago) they will be the majority. The Pleiadians also told me that many will remain on the outer surface all the time, and make the sift (that will last mach longer) there, surviving and facing the turbulences and the dangers there (see my future page). This slower rate (excluding the use of the transformation chambers), will start just before 2012 with certain characteristics (such as the telepathic ability, etc.), and will be fully completed by 2017 with final characteristic the teleportation. I believe that those who will choose not to go to the transformation chambers in the hollow Earth, will be those who either are not convinced for the good intensions of the extraterrestrials, or they have not taken a final decision whether they wand to abandon any privileges they have and proceed with the shift. This creates an obligation for all “light workers” etc who are informed and awaken, to inform and assist as many people as possible.

       However, all the inhabitants of the Earth with our brothers of the Hollow Earth will now have a single state, the ''Earthlings'. They will be governed by (usually of twelve or sex members) boards at different levels and with different responsibilities, the heads of which will rotate between them and the management will be exercise not based on power but on cooperation, according to the skills (talents) of each member in each sector. Even the managers do not enjoy any special privilege, despite all their increased responsibilities and obligations, but will work much like people that are working today providing free service for charitable purposes. Basically there will be six areas of governing named "clans" (we might call them something like our today ministries), which are briefly as follows: 1) Spiritual clan dealing with the soul and spiritual matters in general and the various rituals (covers, among other topics, what is covered today by our religion). 2) Administration clan dealing with the management of the planet and the coordination of activities of other clans 3) Science clan dealing with research and development of various sciences. 4) Science engineering clan dealing with applications of science and with all types of construction both of devices, spacecrafts, etc, as well as of factories, public works, etc. 5) Life science clan dealing with the science of life in general, both of beings of this planet as well as of beings of other planets of the galaxy, which is exploring and studying (looking mainly for intelligent beings) with the “scions add exploration” spacecrafts. 6) Life science engineering clan dealing with the application of life sciences for the improvement of life where may be required, and with the healing and help the beings in the regions of the galaxy in need, (as e.g. they did with the construction of the transformation chambers in the Hollow Earth). This is the governing system of six clans which follows the present system of  Sirius, the system of the Hollow Earth and of several other constellations, while the most widespread is the system of 12 clans that I have described for the Pleiadians in my page II.1.D. Because people will be then people can self catering and self sustained, together with the fact that will disappear any dispute or controversy between people, as well as will be no  need for  accumulation of material goods, and even many other needs that we have today will cease to exist, therefore the public services in general will not be needed, while the very few that may be required will be of a very limited character (see details of all previous in my pages II.1.D I and II.1.D1). In addition all the inhabitants of our solar system will become a single nation, as are the nations and all the other constellations.

       Finally as I said before, there is a fifth part (of the “star seeds”) to be transferred directly to the transformation chambers on the spacecrafts, and make the shift there (instead of in the Hollow Earth), and then to return to their planets, where they came from (when they incarnated in Earth), in order to share their experiences with the people of their planets. Note that the education of these people, after they come out of the transformation chambers, will be much shorter, as they were previously fifth dimensional in their planets before their three dimensional incarnation in Earth, (in order to get the relevant experience), and the education will be limited mainly to remember, with the help of their advisers, the skills and the qualities that they had previously in their planets.

       What will be the destination that we choose depends (largely) on our “life plan'' that we selected for our present incarnation, but also on the final choice we make, which can be different. Here it is worth noting that regardless of the route that each person follows, the final result will be exactly the same for all, i.e. to be converted from a limited consciousness third dimensional being to full consciousness fifth dimensional. In a question I made why it is certain that the vast majority of the inhabitants of Earth will choose to move to the fifth dimension, the answer was that those that are in their present incarnation in Earth, had already chosen beforehand to follow this transition.

       I Asked the extraterrestrials on how  the about 6.5 billion people of Earth, will be distributed in the above destinations and the answer was that this would depend on the choices made freely by each person. But as a technocrat that I am I dare to make my assessment, although it may ultimately be far from reality. So I believe that about 6+ billion will be passing the fifth dimension. Of these, about 1 billion will be returned to their planets (stars seeds, fifth part), or will travel to the stars (second part). The 4 billion will be allocated on the water planets, i.e. 2.5 billion to Maltek, 1 billion to Venus and 0.5 billion to Mars, (according to their size, first part). The remaining 1+ billion will remain on Earth i.e. the bigger part in the Hollow Earth (third part) and the smaller part on the outer surface (fourth part). So the total population of Earth will be 2+ billion (including the 1 billion of our brothers of the Hollow Earth). Therefore (if something like this will happen), the outer surface will become very sparsely populated, even taking into account that with the new continents emerging, the area of the land will increase significantly. The settlements (towns) will be relatively small and “discreet”, respecting the environment and its rich vegetation, let alone that there will be floating self sustained cities, while some people will live in flying cities, (i.e. large spacecrafts). The houses will be usually villas having the shape of multiple domes, without corners for the free flow of the energy, but they can have any other form that the owners may choose (and construct using the holographic theaters). Usually the areas where the houses will be build will be large circular plots, each divided into six equal sections (units), while in the centre is a smaller concentric circular unit. In each of the six equal units, there is a house with its garden and its surroundings, where lives a person, a couple, or a family while the central unit is shared, for the meeting the rituals and entertainment of the residents of the six units. The lines separating the plots and the units will be made by wide bands (exceeding 10 meters wide) of dense beautiful plants – gardens. The walls will be transparent from the inside and opaque from the outside, and the doors will be displayed by telepathic command when someone needs to pass.

       The today's giants, buildings and cities, and all infrastructure and other constructions will cease to exist converted into energy, with the exception of temples and monuments in the energy nodes of the crystalline greed (where also various rituals for the sake of the planet will take place), which will be preserved together with all works of art which will be also preserved. These events that will happen anyway (regardless of the assessment I made about the number of residents, which might change), show that the need to depend on any kind of wealth and property is very temporary and vane and soon will cease to exist. Respectively also the inner surface will be sparsely populated, as it is today, as the large crystalline cities of the Hollow Earth are generally built in caves (with dimensions of tens and hundreds of kilometers), located below the surface. Therefore on the inner surface small settlements (also respecting the environment), are scattered, which communicate with the crystal cities (as well as the crystal cities communicate among them) using a network of tunnels, where flying vehicles are moving at very high speeds (see my page II.1.D7).



       Based on the research and technocratic spirit which distinguishes me, I have to give also the other views about the pathways of our transformation (trying not to be dogmatic, although I fear it may be somewhat confusing). I mentioned earlier the scenario I have from the Pleiadians, where a significant proportion of the world's population will take a longer route that starts in 2012, or shortly before, and becomes 100% complete up to the end of 2017. Here I want also to mention the 13 books (published by Dion), written by the charismatic Greek Gerasimos Kalogerakis living in Thessaloniki, who links the ancient Greek mythology with the extraterrestrials, and believes that the ancient Greek Gods (that are considered to posses a very high energy level and position in the divine hierarchy), will play an important role in our ascension. Note that in my page II.1.D, I also mention that many figures of the mythology (as well as figures of the ancient Greek history), were extraterrestrials (even ascended masters), who spent part of their lives in Earth helping us.

       Another related scenario (see is of the Metaphysical Research Center of India  where researchers acting as ''channels'' communicate and receive information from Indian “Ascended Masters” (called Rishis), which say the following about the fifth dimension: Our passing to the fifth dimension will begin in 2012, with the Earth entering in the “photon belt” (see my page II.1.D5 about the “photon belt”), as well as with the alignment of the energies of certain celestial bodies (Sun, Alcyon, Sirius, etc.) of our galaxy (together with the polar shift) that will happen at this period, and will be completed in early 2018. The process of change will go through 12 successive stages which in turn will raise our vibration and we will acquire new possibilities and “forces” in each stage, (basically those mentioned in the previous scenario of Nidle). These will help us to be self-sufficient and to overcome in time the problems generated by the various existing systems (finance, politics, energy, tectonic, climatic, nutritional, health, transport, telecommunications, etc.) that will collapse. Noteworthy that our transition from one stage to the next will be made by everyone in his own pace, depending on how well he is prepared, and those that will pass first will help the others to follow. However there will be people (hopefully not too many), which will not choose to follow the transition, been attached to their wealth and power they already have (and these people unfortunately will finally die, to return as fifth dimensional in their next reincarnation).

       Also, this scenario does not provide for extraterrestrial intervention, but the whole assistance will be given by the many Ascended Masters (Rishis) which they will then descend to Earth for this purpose. This scenario supports that the collapse of the above systems will be in a short period in 2012 (with serious consequences for the population of the Earth), and not gradually as it will be due to the intervention of the Earth allies and the extraterrestrials. However, in contrast to the above, the government of Indian is already in cooperation with the extraterrestrials, from which receives high technology, while is one of the first to officially announce their existence, (due to the fact that it is less influenced by the Illouminati, etc). In a question I made to my superior self about this scenario, he told me that this is an older scenario that has already been changed due to the assistance from the extraterrestrials, and thus on the one hand the various stages will evolve more smoothly, and on the other the consequences will be mach less painful for us. Even he told me that the treaty NESARA mentioned earlier (see details in page II.1.D1), will not apply just as originally agreed, but it will be modified because the time is now pressing, due to the delays that the reactions of the dark forces have managed to cause.

       Finally another scenario comes from a charismatic person the Greek George Kavassilas who lives and teaches in Australia ( According to him there are three pathways that can be selected. The first is to use the help that the extraterrestrials will give us with their technology, that will make us soon to feel as supermen, but they will ask in return from us to work for their planets, fact that will somewhat limit the absolute freedom that otherwise we would have. The second is to be helped by the extraterrestrials who will give us their “conditional love”, and the conditions will limit again somewhat our absolute freedom. Finally, the third pathway, (which Kavassilas prefers to take himself), is to remain on Earth, despite all the disturbances that will take place, and to pass through one of the many time-space gates that will open, in order for us to enter the fifth dimension, where we will encounter beings with “unconditional love”, and we will have absolute freedom. Then, some of us we will stay there, while others will return back, been fifth dimensional now, in order to help the undecided people to enter as well. To the question I made to my “superior self”, whether I should follow: a) the Pleiadians and the people from India who foresee a passing through a longer path in order to complete our transformation, or b) Dr. Nidle who suggests a three-day process in the transformation chambers, accompanied by brief periods of training before and after the chambers, or c) G. Kavassilas (who in contrast with the previous two cases), doesn’t believe that all extraterrestrials are selfless beings full of unconditional love, and provides for three possible pathways previously described, the response I received, and I have absolute confidence to it, (that has been established based on what my superior self told me so far, that has been proved correct and wise), is as follows: To follow the pathway (when the time comes), that our hearts will tell us that is the one that suits us, and where we will feel perfectly comfortable and without any hesitation or doubts, (about the pathway we take and about the beings that exist there). However, what I can now with certainly conclude, is that (whatever happens), a wonderful angelic reality comes to all who will decide to enter, beyond any imagination, and that (in general) the  fifth dimensional people of Earth, (which will be on the top of the fifth dimensional civilisations), will play a very important role in fulfilling the objectives of the divine plan of the “sixth reality'' (see details about this reality in my page II.1.D).



       INTRODUCTION.  I recently (from 3/21/11) got access to a wealth of information sent to me by the Galactic Council of Andromeda, who advised me to make this info public, in order to awaken as many fellow humans as possible. The Council responded to my questions, according to its own discretion and this contact takes place through a friend of mine who is their representative here, who for reasons of security, wishes to remain anonymous. Thus I started posting this info, upon receiving it, including among other things a slightly different scenario regarding our Ascension, to the one described by the Sirians, which refers to those who will chose to go through the ascension process, by remaining in the outer surface of Earth.

       On the 21.Mar.11 my friend travelled to Athens, after she was instructed by the Council to do so, and revealed to me the following: She originates from the Constellation of Iridanus-E, a distant Galaxy, her planet being in the 8th (non physical) dimension.  She had several incarnations in Sirius, Pleiades, and finally in Andromeda, in order to lower her vibration to the fifth dimension, and she has now incarnated on Earth. She had psychic experiences since childhood, meeting with personas (the Heliotropians) who materialize and de-materialize at will, but during her sleep she has also conversed with beings of the Heaven Hierarchy.  She was approached by the Andromedans in recent years, who  asked her to become their liaison with the people of the Earth, and this is something that she agreed to do. In fact, they put in their space craft named Phoenix her own space at her disposal, where she goes whenever she needs to have her energy shower, or to visit other parts of the ship, to see what is happening on Earth and around Earth, to obtain knowledge, etc. She is consequently being mentored on healing, which she uses upon returning on Earth, as her actual profession here. This mother ship is huge and is inhabited by beings from many constellations of the Galactic Federation. It has all the characteristics I describe on various notes in my site, such as: The interior dimensions are enlarged depending on the needs, and there is a feeling of security, comfort, energy, joy, as well as light footing, going through walls, etc.  There are huge training and information screens, and she is not allowed to take any objects from the spacecraft with her when she returns to Earth, characteristics which coincide with the ones I have already described elsewhere.  Furthermore, her DNA is gradually being upgraded when she’s there, her chakras are activated and her cells begin to take a crystalline form (liquid carbon based crystal), and all these actually prepare her for her entry to the fifth dimension.

       When I asked her why she was instructed by the Council to visit me, the answer was as follows: First of all, they asked her to come to me in order to reconfirm everything I already know as correct (at least by 90%), considering that due to my technocratic mind, I need to continuously crosscheck the information I get, as far as the validity is concerned, despite the fact that I initially consider them as accurate. Their main intention however was to provide me with additional information, things I either had no knowledge of, or I didn’t believe, some of which are formed according to the new condition arising as time passes. They consider it essential that I inform and awaken the general public with this information, for their better and safer preparation for entry in the fifth dimension. The reason they chose me for this work, is my bilingual site on the one hand, which has a high and increasing rate of visitors, (which rate they assured me that they will enhance while they will also protect me from spiritual and other attacks of the dark forces), and on the other hand because as I was told, the things I write are specific to the point and condensed (in contrast to the very theoretical and confusing texts flooding the internet from channels of doubtful quality and clarity), while my text is as far as possible proven as it can get, but most importantly, it is easily comprehensible for all.

       As soon as I posted (in the chapter of my interview for 2012 on the Greek page II.2.D1 in my site), a summary of the initial information I received the following encouraging and thankful message, which the Council sent me (25.Mar.11) through my friend who had visited me, which I hereby post to confirm all mentioned above: "Dear George, you have received the message as precisely we expected, and we thank for your choice to advance in the mass informing of people. You should understand that you carry out an important work on Earth and for this we honour you. You undertook the difficult work of informing with complete conscience and determination, and we glorify you for this. All Galactic Federation stands by your side supporting and protecting you. We want to bring to your knowledge that you will receive many doubts for what you write. There you will need to stand in your force and not to bend. You should protect your sentimental field, because the dark forces know your weakness in human level. What you wrote will be promoted entirely, without additions or abstractions. In fifteen days from today you will receive new governing lines based on which you can write. We Propose, and you will select, to work with the fourth chakra (of the heart) and to intensify it. Light workers, as you are, are important for the plans on the Earth. Great souls like you, with experience that cannot be touch by the limits of earthy time, are holy, and we honour you and we also protect you. Let the work that you selected to undertake, will be successfully completed. Remember always that the light lights up the dark and reveals all the shadows. Yours sincerely. The Galactic Council of Andromeda.'' 

       Then followed their new message (26.Mar.11) that said, inter alia, the following: "Dear George, your golden pen shone for one more time via its presence. Your devotion in the great work of mass awakening of people gives us great joy. If you could see your aura while you write that information you receive and entrust to publish, you would see a golden column of light raising itself there. It Is truth that the dark have escaped from every control and strike in every direction as long as the developments in favour  of the light advance. We want to stress for one more time how important it is to believe to the protection that we provide for you, receiving these information…

        Regarding the questions I asked about me, the information I received contained among other things, the following: I originate from a strong Cherubim energy source, but I travel all the time, having a series of incarnations, each one of which, was an important event, the aim of which was the difficult task of informing and awakening people, on which I have been successful. These incarnations include Sirius and Pleiades, but mainly Andromeda, where I originate from, according to the Council, as can be seen (beyond any doubt, as they say) by the shine of my eyes. In my present incarnation on Earth, I chose not to be a member of the Galactic Federation’s Earth Allies, due to doubts I had then, and that is why I call myself “researcher for the truth”. I undertook passionately however the task of informing people, and in this (as they say) I am also very successful. Considering that my e-mail, with my interview about 2012 (see page II.1.D1 in English or  II.2.D1 in Greek), circulated to more than one million e-mail addresses in Greece, the Council confirmed that about 20% of the receivers read it, while the rest they ignored it (due also to its volume), which however were not ready to accept it anyway. This, along with the great and increasing number of users visiting my site, but also visiting hundreds of other sites, where people have posted my articles and commented on them, makes the Council to feel that I have already awakened many people in Greece as well as in 50 other countries, and that it will help me to continue with an increasing momentum. Furthermore, they inform me that my DNA activation and the changes in my physical body have already begun, even though I might not realise it, and this is the reason I often feel a physical fatigue. They advise me not to worry and to often “ground” the energies I receive, by walking in nature and by tacking large trees for earthling the energies I receive. As for the time I will become fully fifth dimensional, they tell me that this will happen as soon as I complete my writing. I will however return to Earth, in order to encourage the indecisive ones, to also follow the path to Ascension.

       1) INFORMATION OF 21.MARS.2011 

       A) DARK ET’s –DARK SPIRITS. Duality has prevailed in our Galaxy for  millennia, which created the battle between “good” and “evil” (Light and Darkness), which resulted in endless destructive wars, in an effort of the evil ones (mainly the Anchara Alliance) to enslave the good ones (mainly the Galactic Federation of Light –GFL-).  According to the Divine Plan however, this animosity ended with the peace treaty that was signed in the mid 90’s, under the supervision of Archangel Michael (who is the heavenly supervisor of our Galaxy), and gradually all the dark ones joined the treaty, so that they could also attain a Light Body, which they lacked. Thus, the (evil) Anounaki, who ruled the Earth for 13.000 years, and were the bosses of Illuminati (people of the elite that control us), joined the GFL (and are now also helping with the Ascension), while the Illuminati, despite the instructions they got from the Anunaki to stop the crimes and the effort to enslave the people, are continuing their work, unwilling to lose the power and the wealth they have already attained. There are however, two categories (groups) of extraterrestrials who were exempt by the treaty. To first has to do with the few Grays and Reptilians who were in the secret military bases of some governments (USA, Russia and China), helping them develop advanced weapons with their extraterrestrial technology. They decided to continue their work, despite the instructions they received to leave, and for this reason they have been exiled from their planets.

       The second category, which is of particular interest to us, is related to some extraterrestrial groups which remain dark, as the Galactic Council of Andromeda informs me, (and as my higher self confirmed, who says that they are relatively few in numbers). The Sirians (who give their information through reliable channels) do not mention this category, perhaps because they try to avoid creating doubt to people, as far as dealing with the light carrying extraterrestrials is concerned, them being the grate majority. So these dark extraterrestrials which are based in pockets of the Inner Earth (which is part of the Hollow Earth), as well as in their spacecraft around the Earth, either have human form, or take human form with the help of the proper devices, and they appear among us, often with impressive beautiful looks. Their goal being, to keep people’s vibrations low, by attacking their sentimental field, thus hindering their entry to the fifth dimension in order to enslave and manipulate them, which of course is also something that the Illuminati which collaborate and support them, are trying to do. They achieve their low vibration goal, either by creating negative feelings (especially fear, but also hate, stress, despair, etc), or by creating emotional or material  addictions with their influence (romance, sex, etc) on people. When I asked the Council why doesn’t the Galactic Federation eliminate them, the response was, because the Federation respects the Universal Laws and because along with the experiences every soul must have, it must also learn to make the right choices, discerning good from evil and choosing good.

       Seeing that this category of dark ETs, is among us and has a negative influence on us, I agree with the Council that this is something we should know, in order to be attentive. The Council’s initial advice is to open and activate the heart chakra, through which we can have more reliable input from what we get through our brain, which brain they can easily manipulate. I would like to point out that on page II.1.D6 in my site, I have 30 recordings of crystal therapeutic sounds, that open, cleanse and activate all our chakras, and I recommend to use them, like many people already do, and I have received many thanking messages from them. Thus, if something that we hear is true, or someone approaching us is with light, we feel this on the heart chakra, whereas if it is a lie or he is dark, we feel it at the low part of our stomach, or at the solar plexus chakra. However, as far as the mass ET landing is concerned (which according to the Council will most probably happen till March 2012), I believe that we will have no doubts regarding their intentions, because, along with the ETs, there will be spiritual beings descending, to help on the spiritual part of our Ascension (ascended masters, heavenly counselors, guardian angels etc., who, being spirits of course, they will not need spacecraft). Their simultaneous presence will confirm the “quality” of the landing ETs, therefore we need not worry. Finally a safe way of confirming such a credibility, is the fact that we will not only feel they are friendly, but also will feel them familiar, and when we are in the “aura” of these extraterrestrials who are very loving (with an aura which expands dozens of meters around their body), we feel joy, energy and comfort, and we are free of fear, anxiety and any other negative emotion.

       In order to confirm the existence of the above mentioned dark ET’s, my friend who visited me, described a personal experience of hers, when one evening, being very tired, she went to bed without going through the process of protection which seals the portals from which negative entities can enter. As a result, she woke up feeling cold and the bed spread covering her, was going up and down. She sat up and saw a very tall, and thin dark skinned woman, with black garments and rather creepy features, telling her that she comes from a race called Vrill, which lives in the Inner Earth. Her approach was audacious, and my friend called on her protectors, at which point the entity disappeared. I will write more about the dark extraterrestrials, when the Council responds to the questions I will have the opportunity to ask.

       Apart from the dark extraterrestrials, there are also the dark (sly or diabolical) non physical spirits, which have always been trying to lead us to evil, creating various temptations around us, etc. On this, I have to say the following: The duality existing in the third and the fourth dimension, ceases to exist in the fifth and higher dimensions, where there is only good and unconditional  love prevails, therefore, all these negative forces have no place in that dimension and they cannot affect us.  For the in between period of the third dimension, the SRT method (Spiritual Response Therapy), cleanses and rids  us once and for all from any such  entities and influences, which might be visiting and lingering around us, or feeding us false information when we are channelling. Then follows the method of the “Shield”, which shields our aura and protects us effectively from any spiritual attacks (evil eye, bad mouthing, etc), as well as from people around us absorbing our energy (suddenly making us feel fatigue), people which could very well be our loved ones and relatives.  I hope that the Council will soon  give me more methods of protection from dark spirits as well as from dark extraterrestrials. 

       B) INFORMATION REGARDING THE ASCENSION AND 2012. In light of the fact that I have already described our Ascension to the fifth dimension with great detail in this, as well as in my previous page II.1.D1, my first question to the Galactic Council of Andromeda is whether all that I have written are correct, and the answer was that they confirm at least 90% of what I say in my site. They do describe however a different scenario, especially regarding the outer surface of the Earth and the time required for the completion of the transition, which has to be taken under consideration, especially by those that will choose to follow this path. I managed to get the first important information on this, which I will update as time passes, adding new details in this chapter. First of all I would like to point out that they estimate that under the pressure of the dark forces, the official UFO disclosure announcements of the governments, will delay so much, that the extraterrestrials themselves will be forced to announce their existence and the role they are going to play on Earth (in which case, the emergency scenario will be implemented), and their mass landing will occur whiting a year’s time, (i.e. till March of 2012). As far as the duration of the Ascension process is concerned, this will start on 2012 for the first people that will chose to go through it, and for most people, it will be completed between 2013 and 2015, while for some it will be completed by 2020, by which time, the planet will be fully cleansed from negative forces. At this point, I must say that they consider our calendar wrong, and that we are already in 2012 this year (this is why we see so much turmoil on the surface of the Earth), which is something we should take into consideration correcting by one year earlier the dates given above.

       They also informed me that invisible “Therapy and Activation Chambers” of our DNA, chakras, etc, will be functioning on the outer surface of the Earth, in cylinder form, for those who will wish to stay there, but also who will be able to keep their vibrations high enough for connecting with this cylinders. Specifically for Greece they said that is facing a merciless war against her, due to her geographical position, her mineral and sea resources, and mainly due to her energy triangles (which connect important places on the planet), as well as due to many other secrets advantages known by very few people. and this situation will get worse. However, because these cylinders will be situated on the energy hubs of these energy triangles of the crystalline grid, where we usually find ancient temples, Greece who has plenty of them, will also have a lot of these cylinders. The first information I got for these chambers (more details will follow) is as follows: a) They will not be visible and freely accessible, for security reasons. b) Every cylinder will receive a connection message with the energy field of the person going in it, and thus it will be activated. c) Clear instructions will be given to the person in the cylinder.  d) The person in the cylinder will first be cured and then the DNA and chakras will be activated. e) The cylinders will be based on geometrical patterns. My friend is already entering these cylinders, which are bottomless with electromagnetic outlets in their outer surface, and improves her chakras, DNA and telepathic ability.

       On asking what percentage of the people who live on Earth will pass to the fifth dimension, they answered that this will depend on how many will chose to do so. It will be a conscious choice, but the subconscious will also play a part, because some people chose to stay three dimensional in their present incarnation, in order to get the experiences they need, while some of them avoid even getting informed on what is going to happen (that is why it is very important to be informed and awakened). All these people will die by the time Earth becomes fully fifth dimensional, unless they want to change their programming, even at the last minute, by which time they will ascend as well.  The ones who will die, will be able to chose to reincarnate (when their reincarnation occurs) in the third or the fifth dimension, depending on the experiences they will want to have.  The people who are spiritually retarded or have other psychological problems, have every right to ascend as well. In fact, they will subconsciously choose to do so. Also, in 2020, there will be no third dimensional people on Earth. The ones who will become fully fifth dimensional (the majority between 2013 and 2015) will have attained all the fifth dimensional properties, without needing to wait till 2020, and they will be a brilliant example for the rest who are indecisive. Furthermore, the Council confirmed what the Sirians are saying, that it is the first time this transition from the third to the fifth dimension happens in the universe, where the people are passing alive with their physical body to the fifth dimension. In all other similar transitions, the whole population died and reincarnated much later as a fifth dimensional entity. This allows us to carry with us all our experiences we had in the period of duality, thus mentoring other constellations. This is done by explicit Divine decree (which also brought on the help we are receiving from the fifth dimensional constellations in our galaxy), and that is why it cannot fail, or be delayed.

       Regarding the confirmation I received from the Council on my writings in this and my previous page, on the process of Ascension and the extraterrestrial’s role in it, I will summarize again giving the main points, while the ones not mentioned are implied as been correct. In the future, when I will get more information, I will be in a position to describe more accurately certain matters, based on the developments happening in the mean time, which will form them. Firsts of all, everything I have said about new technologies, free energy, the antigravity and propulsion systems, molecular beaming, therapies, telepathy, telekinesis, simulators (which materialise anything we desire, although at a later stage, we wont be needing them to materialise things), holographic theatres (which build our houses and other structures), and the rest of the devices and our abilities, is true. In addition is true, that we will be completely healthy, we will be persons full of unconditional love, without negative thoughts or feelings, without confrontations and competition, we will live as many years as we wish, we will form our body and appearance as we like, our life will be full of joy and interests, and our work and education will be a pleasant activity. As regards to the transitory period, which undoubtedly is going through difficult phases, when I mentioned in detail the things NESARA treaty foresees for social, economic and political systems (see the treaty in my page II.1.D1), the response was ad verbum  “yes, it will be more or less like this”. I expect more information in the near future, for better specifying these matters. In general however, they told me that all these things will not occur simultaneously, but step by step, because in order to establish a new situation, the previous one must first be remedied. So, I am eagerly awaiting for additional information, which I will present in my site.  

       D) OTHER INFORMATION. On the subject of Earths outer surface changes, which include changes in the flora and fauna and the emerging of continents that have been sunken (Lemuria, Atlantis and Great Sri Lanka), and other changes (so that the Earth returns to her original state as she was 13.000 years ago), the Council says that this will not happen immediately, but in due course of time.  Also in due course, there will be the changes in the water planets, such as in Mars and Venus, who will have water and will become inhabitable, as well as in the new planet (Pax, or Malteck, or Belona) which will be recreated from its own debris, which are part of the asteroids belt around the Sun today, which will also become inhabitable. They also confirm that the dark governments already have underground bases on Mars, which they created with the help of their dark alien “associates”, and they are transported by beaming to those bases. At this point, I ought to remind that time in the fifth dimension ceases to be linear and takes another form.

       They also say that the Hollow Earth will be completely cleansed from the dark ones by 2020, and that the beings dwelling there today, belong to various dimensions, such as the fourth, the fifth, even the sixth (non physical) dimension, and that the Hollow Earth itself is to a grate extend still in the fourth dimension. They also said that when the mass landings of the extraterrestrials occurs, (some of them are already among us and are guiding their Earth Allies), then every person who has chosen to Ascend, will have his own extraterrestrial counsellor (mentor), to guide him. As for the Heavenly Counsellor that we all have, (and some of us can communicate with them), they told me that recently I have got new counsellors, due to the increasing of my vibrations. They also told me that I am  being watched by Light beings as well as by dark ones, but that I have the full protection of the Light beings. Noteworthy that this friend has received orders to visit me every month and to give me additional information like this that follows.

       2) INFORMATION FROM APRIL 28th 2011

       Á) THERAPY AND ACTIVATION CYLINDERS – THERAPIES. Regarding the cylinders I mentioned before, I asked how we can now take advantage of the existence (especially in our country) of the therapy and DNA/RNA activation cylinders (where DNA is related to the helixes, while RNA to the lines connecting the helixes in pairs), which also activate our chakras and create our crystalline cell structure, etc, and which in addition raise our vibrations, preparing us for the fifth dimension. The response I received was as follows: This is done if we are laying in bed before going to sleep, or in the morning before we get up, relaxed and in meditation, and we ask from our higher self to help us get inside such a cylinder, initially with our astral body (as if we are doing an astral travel) , while at the same time, we ask the extraterrestrials to reduce the energies inside the cylinder, in order to enable us to adapt to the energies there. When we succeed, the first times we go in to the cylinder, we remain only for a few minutes, under the supervision of our extraterrestrial mentor who is present to guide us, while the therapies implemented in our astral body are being automatically transferred in our physical body as well. Later we will be able to be beamed in to the cylinder with our physical body, and we will be able to stay even for hours, (making sure that our absence doesn’t cause a problem with our family). Initially we can go in daily, and later on, once a month. Of course, there are the privileged ones, who only need a few therapy sessions, and are being prepared to go in to the fifth dimension later. Note that the cylinders are no substitutes for the transformation chambers, and further processing is required after the cylinders sessions, in order to become fully fifth dimensional.  When I asked which category I belong to and if I am a privileged, I was told that I have to learn first to express my emotions freely, whatever they are, because I waste a lot of energy in locking them inside, and that I will soon attempt (conservatively and only for a few minutes in the beginning) my connection with a cylinder, following the preparation I will  mention below,  and then, during meditation,  asking my higher self to put me in such a cylinder.

       In order to achieve securely and easily our connection with a cylinder, there is a relevant preparation, which also helps in itself (regardless of cylinders) to improve our physical, emotional and spiritual state and to raise our vibrations. I am giving a synopsis of this preparation as follows: We ask our higher self to manifest a hologram of our body, and we visualize this as it is today, with it’s physical, emotional and mental problems, and if possible, we find out why we chose to have this body mirrored by the hologram. We then visualize the hologram of our healthy body, as we would like it to be, without any problem, and we imagine that the new body absorbs the old one within it, and restructures it’s essence healing it, leaving out all it’s problems. Following that, we imagine this healthy body moving in our space (eating, studying, interacting, exercising, having sex, etc) as well as out of our personal space too (driving a car, working, etc), as we wish it to be able to function, and we visualize how it feels doing all this. We then imagine doing the same things with our weak body, and finally, making both bodies function simultaneously, we chose which body we want to have (obviously the healthy one), and we repeat the above activities once again with the healthy body. We usually do this process laying in bed at night or in the morning, and we will soon see therapeutic results in our physical as well as in our emotional body, while our spiritual powers will start improving and our every day habits changing for the better. A healthy diet supports greatly the whole procedure (with light suppers and plenty of fruit and vegetables) and also often taking showers, imagining that the running water removes everything negative or unhealthy from our (physical, emotional, spiritual) body, as well as from our aura. Our frequent contact with nature also helps us, taking walks in the countryside, and hugging trees to ground the energies we receive. It is advised to do this preparation on a daily basis for at least a month, before we ask our higher self to put us in the cylinder, so that we can cope with the first shock successfully. Then we will still continue with the preparation, making sure that we retain in equilibrium with our daily activities and emotions.

       I started this process enthusiastically a few days ago, to the point that every time I close my eyes and concentrate, I automatically envisage my healthy body, which in fact, I imagine as being extraterrestrial. Note that the humanoid extraterrestrials are usually tall (from 2 to 2.20 meters in height) with a slender waist and a thin lower body (as they do not need a digestive system to absorb or discard food), as they appear in the popular movie “Avatar”. So I imagine my body constantly on the move, running, going up stairs, exercising on the tread mill, dancing, doing somersaults, etc. Miraculously the feeling I get then amplifies my energy levels, my strength and endurance, even raises my spirits. Therefore I believe that it might be useful for everybody to try this and please let me know of the results. (I was already pleased to receive positive messages from people who tried this).

       Regarding the cylinder process, we can ask our higher self to cleanse also our emotional body, manifesting in our body hologram and its emotional condition, which our higher self will allow, if he doesn’t consider dealing with this considerably dangerous for us, due to the heavy karmic “legacy” that some of us carry. The more we continue in the cylinder process however, we will eventually be obliged to face also our emotional cleansing, which, if we cannot handle, we will have to stop the sessions, and this will have a negative effect in our choice to our course towards the fifth dimension. That’s why it would be good for us to first release the emotions we keep bottled up inside us, and get over old issues, by recognizing also the true reasons they were created. This resonates with what my higher self says (through my friend Eric, who is my channel to my higher self), that some people will not be able to handle the truth of who they really are, and will prefer to leave (i.e. to die as three dimensional beings), rather than proceeding with the awakening that Ascension will bring. (I am afraid that I do not really understand at this point this role of our emotional body, but I hope that in due time we will all have a better understanding of the meaning of what I am saying, which is exactly as it was communicated to me).

       Â) THE LANDING OF THE SPACECRAFTS. According to new information (28..Apr.2011) from the same source, discreet landings will begin, from the summer of 2011 on, in areas where time-space gates are opening (there will be many such gates in Greece, especially where the ancient temples are located), where the extraterrestrials will come to physical contact with selected groups of people, who have already been awakened and know of their existence. These encounters will not become publicly known, and this procedure will expand, making these contacts more and more frequent in larger numbers and at protected areas in numerous locations on the planet. Mass landings will be avoided before official UFO disclosure announcements, in order to avoid panic and possibly casualties deriving from the panic. However the emergency scenario for mass landing can apply any time for our protection, in case that the dark forces, out of desperation because they are losing the game, may try to proceed in mass destruction against humanity with the technological aid of the dark extraterrestrials.  Note that while the extraterrestrials themselves are not in any danger, they feel very responsible and are concerned for our safety. Furthermore, when I asked to have a significant metaphysical experience, I was told that during the summer (of 2011) an Andromedian will visit me with his physical body, to talk and to give me significant metaphysical experiences, which is something I am eagerly expecting. They also told me that I will be informed about the secret landing sites of the spacecrafts in Greece, and I will be invited to visit some of them and meet the extraterrestrial crew, but I will not be allowed to reveal these sites for the time being.

       Note that Greece is privileged to have large energetic triangles, in which time-space gates are already opening, and through them enter:  a) Energies which increase our vibrations as well as the vibrations of the planet. b) Valuable information  which we receive telepathically. c) Various beings, either physical (i.e. extraterrestrials), or (mainly) spiritual (i.e. of the Heavenly Hierarchy), who are helping us to ascend, and d) other energies, while the extraterrestrials, in collaboration with enlightened Earth Allies, make sure these gates remain clean, preventing the entry of negative energies and entities. Such is the mission of my friends Elpida and Athena to protect one such gate in the area of Chania in the island of Kriti (which I mentioned in my page II.1.D1). Furthermore NASA, who is completely controlled by the dark forces, has created long ago, a subterranean base under Tempi, within the energy area of Olympus, in order to monitor and to try and get information, or pose obstacles to the above mentioned process in the gate there. Similar bases of the dark ones, have been created in many other locations of said triangles, that is why the gates open only when it is absolutely safe and secure for them to do so.

      C) THE WAY INFORMATION IS PROVIDED FROM THE EXTRATERRESTRIALS. When I asked why Nidle, Salusa and other channels in USA downgrade the existence of dark extraterrestrials and focus only on the terrestrial dark ones of the elite, the response I got, was as follows: USA, due to its leading position, was the main target of the dark forces (terrestrial and extraterrestrial), so that, with the technology received, to be able to stop the arrival of the Galactic Federation (which is of course impossible). However, this prolonged dark influence, contributed in the lowering of the Americans’ vibrations (to level 3). So it was considered by the Galactic Federation wise to communicate optimistic messages to the people, without mentioning facts that might instil fear and doubt for the Ascension process, as would be the existence of powerful dark extraterrestrials, supporting the elite, considering also that when the treaty was signed in the mid 90’s, the majority of the dark extraterrestrials, changed sides, and the remaining are just too weak.

       On the other hand, Greece was blessed with the support of the Olympians or Elanians from the ancient times, who, apart from being extraterrestrial, many of them are very high beings of the Heavenly Hierarchy, who intervened on the DNA of the Greeks, and as a result, the genuine Greeks, are at the very high vibration level of 7.  So, they have no problem dealing with the whole truth, including the active existence of the dark extraterrestrials, which we can easily learn to identify and avoid, due to our high energy level, while these dark will be following us for a few more years (up to maximum 2020). After receiving this information from the Andromedians, I again acknowledge and agree (in general, because I disagree in some issues, like the Hollow Earth for example), with the significant work about the Olympians, done by the charismatic Greek, Gerasimos Kalogerakis (

       Furthermore, when I asked why Greece as a country  (despite the high vibration level of the Greeks) is allocated to a low category of vibration (along with Israel and Philippines as my Higher Self informed me), the answer is that, this is exactly because the darks are afraid of the high vibration level 7 of the Greeks, and they are attacking them spiritually and physically (economically, politically, in social structure, etc) creating a “slumber” situation. From this situation we will soon come out however, with the proper revealing of information as to what is happening and what is going to follow, and then we will in fact lead the way to Ascension, becoming an example for many others, (which revealing is also my main mission here).

       After I posted this new information as per chapter 2 above in my site, the Andromedians sent me the following message:  Dear George. We honour and salute you, for once again painting the words and the messages, with such beautiful colours. Nothing need to be added or removed at this time. You can bring things to people’s attention, exactly as you have written them. It is also a great joy to see your hologram and to see you choosing the therapy with full consciousness. Within a month from today, you will receive new information, for the questions that arise inside you. We honour you. The Galactic Federation of Andromeda.

      D) OTHER INFORMATION. With the confirmation I received about the transformation chambers and the impressive powers and abilities we will have as fifth dimensional beings (which I describe in detail in the present page above), they also told me that we obtain by birth the false beliefs (which correspond to only two activated helixes in our DNA), that have passed in the left part of our brain, that we cannot fly, or beam off, or materialise things, or be healthy etc, and that the pain and sadness is something natural as well as (the biggest lie) that ageing and death is something natural. All this is not so when we have our 12 helixes activated, at which time we will have all these abilities (and it is possible to have, at higher levels, even 24 helixes in our DNA). Of course, these physical powers must be accompanied with our spiritual and emotional rising, which will make us people full of unconditional love to all, kindness, support, etc, because otherwise we become very dangerous with such abilities. According to the Andromedians, it will be very helpful (in fact they consider it necessary), before we enter the transformation chambers, to fill our soul with good emotions, especially feelings of love, as well as gentle thoughts that retain our high vibrations and make the whole process easier. They also told me that for the time being, the transformation chambers are used to coordinate and adjust the energy of those who come from other galaxies, with that of the Earth, so as to enable them to circulate comfortably on the Earth’s inner and outer surface.

       Regarding the changes we will undergo our physical and spiritual abilities, and the changes in technologies and systems (economical, political, social, etc), for which I inquired in my previous visit, I got the following additional information. The extraterrestrial’s devices (simulators, vibration showers, communication centres, holographic theatres, etc), a small number of which is already here, will be given to selected people, who will be ready to use these for the good and benefit of all, and their numbers will increase, as more people are awakened and ready to receive these. The same way, the governmental changes will be effected gradually, as well as the implementation of the other regulations in accordance to the NESARA treaty in the economical and political sector. It is also very likely, that by the end of this year (2011) the gradual disclosure of the new technologies that the governments are keeping secret, will begin. The appearance of new hard currencies are still under negotiation, and debt forgiveness will also come about gradually and by each individual case, according to the decisions of the creditors (those who do not want to pay, do not pay). Generally the rate of these developments are not absolutely predefined, as they depend on the peoples’ free will.

       They also confirmed my knowledge about the form and the properties of the Hollow Earth, which I have described (see my page II.1.D7). The difference being that they claim that there are still negative beings there (physical entities and spirits), who come to various agreements with the light beings, and they will be cleansed by 2020 as I have already mentioned. Furthermore, they told me that in the Hollow Earth, the past, the present and the future coexist, something that also applies in the other fifth dimensional situations, (thing that I however, do not understand what this really means), while different dimensions also exist, and in the Hollow Earth many people from the outer surface will go and settle, as I have already mentioned. They also said that the disturbances on the outer surface will continue to some extent till at least 2020, and apart from the floating and flying cities, they added the underwater cities. Money and real estate will be degraded and after 2016, they will have no use or meaning whatsoever. They also said that the star seeds are now up to the 20% of the Earth’s population, and there are also “walk ins” (souls directly incarnated to grown up human bodies who have just died), like my friend Sharon, sister of Gabriel from Andromeda. Gabriel being the one who gives me valuable information about what is happening all this time on Earth and the true reasons of that (see my pages II.1.D13 and II.1.D14). It was also confirmed that everything I say about the administration systems (with clans, councils etc), and the form of our settlements on Earth are true, although we have the choice to select different settlement forms each of us.




       A) OPENING OF GATES IN GREECE. In the third visit that yesterday made (13.6.11) my friend from the Galactic Council of Andromeda (which I mentioned before), in order to give me information exclusively for Greece, she said in summary, inter alia, the following: (while the details you can you see soon in the end of my page II.1.D2). In the 15.Jun.11 large gates of light open in central Greece in the energy triangle there, (fact that constitutes a turning-point for the entire humanity), from where various positive energies and high entities that Earth needs will enter, in order to activated and raise high vibrations. This high entities that will enter massively from superior (and beyond the seventh) dimensions, have as mission on the one hand to protect Greece from the attacks of the dark forces that are lately intensified, and on the other hand to change the existing situation creating prosperity in all sectors. Their entry will be also accompanied by certain extreme natural phenomena in various points of the planet including also some minor earthquakes, while the large destructions in certain points on the planet that the dark forces had organised, (and was the main reason of the need of hasty arrival of these entities, are expected to be successfully faced henceforth, eliminating any important consequences for the humanity.

       Still she said that the coming of the energies etc will continue via this gate, while most probably up to the end of June the Earthy Allies of the extraterrestrials that are situated in Greece will announce, under the instructions of the entities that I mentioned before, (via television, internet and other media), the changes that are to follow, that will begin to thoroughly reverse the political, economic, religious, and other problematic systems that are operating today, which will all collapse. These announcements will come in a way that do not create fear or panic. An effort also will be made to limited to minimal any agitations (caused by dramatic reveal of the criminal actions performed against the country, and mainly in order to avoid any confrontation and any chance of bloodshed. Also most probably up to the end of July we will also have announcements (again in a way that do not caused panic), about the existence of the extraterrestrials and on the role that are going to play and the help that are going to give us.

       B) CENTER ZEUS AND OLYMPIANS – ELANIANS. In addition she said that based on orders that Zeus gave her, (Zeus been a very high entity who with other similar entities are in charge of the universe), which has descended now on Earth, (as he had also done in the ancient Greece), in order to help the Greeks, she has created in Larissa in Greece (in one of the most important time-space gates of the planet that it is opened and activated), a center that will be the basis for these high entities as well as for the extraterrestrials that will descend in order to help Greece. This center already has been materialized with the help of my friend, on the one hand as a building that will play the role of ‘‘headquarters of co-ordination and services’’, etc, that will be provided for the country, and on the other hand as an organization with members titled ‘‘Advisory center Zeus'' which is accommodated in the building. Within the services provided is inter alia the performing of therapeutic treatments, mainly for the soul and the sentiments of the people, without using medicines and other methods of conventional medicine. The subscriptions for the members, (meaning the earthy members, because will exist there also materialised superior entities as well as extraterrestrials), they will begin on 15 July (most members will be ‘‘star seeds'' which have been informed), while the official opening will be on 2 September. The entity and energy of Zeus are found already in this center, as well as in any other place that are needed in the planet, where will also exist other such centres, while also himself he will materialize if is needed.

      In the question whether the article in my site that I was asked to post for the center Zeus can create some danger for the center, the answer was that the center is completely protected, so much from earthy attempts of attracts, as from any other case of negative influences. Also asking whether what I write will have satisfactory publicity, the answer was that the publicity and the visits in my site, after the above mentioned announcements in the mainstream media will be made, it will be very much increased, especially for Greece. Still I was asked to me to post the following message of Zeus about his center: “All faithful Ellanioi can assist in this space that with love, comprehension and unselfishness has been created. The center wants to make known that the Ellanio spirit triumphs and that the time is now.  Also my friend said to me: 1) That the two last days she was with a materialised entity that brought energy from Alexander the Great. 2) That the Greek alphabet belongs to the Holy Geometry. 3) That the Greeks with the help of Olympias-Ellanians will play, despite their present problems, a leading role in the world course towards entering the fifth dimension.

       C) OTHER INFORMATION. Obviously similar activities will be developed sooner or later also in other countries of the planet, where such gates open and such organizations are created, with the help of other individuals as my friend, which friend confirmed to me once again that extraterrestrials with their spacecrafts begin to enter secretly through various such gates that open, and will come in contact with awaken teams of people that they wait for them. I will also have the possibility of visiting such spacecrafts, initially with my astral body, and later with my physical body, (writhing a half-year period from today), when I will firmly adopt the idea that I should first carry out my mission in the third dimension. Without this preparation, if we go with our physical body and solve in the spacecraft immediately all our problems, then we will not want to return in our area in Earth and insist in staying there. On the contrary if we resolve our problems in our area, and cure our sentiments and our mentality, at the same time Mother Earth is also cured (of which we constitute a part), in order to pass together more easily to the fifth dimension. In the question about when exactly their spacecrafts will be openly shown and afterwards will be massively landed, she said that this will happen soon in the following future, but the exact time still it has not been revealed.

       Still she confirmed that with the opening of this gate, the bases of the dark cabal (earthy and extraterrestrial), that tried to interfere creating obstacles, were neutralized and rendered non offensive, as happened with the NASA base under Tempi (in Olympus), and the same happened to almost all other bases (with minimal exceptions) of the planet. Still that with the new energies of love that enter, even the evil somehow soften and become less evil in increasing numbers. Consequently the possibility exists that certain politicians to stop manipulating people and rule as dictators, and start to act for the interest of the country and not only for their own. As for the dark elite that oppresses us an “ultimatum'' was given to them saying that, either will stop their dark work and withdraw, or otherwise will be compelled to be transported to another three-dimensional planet, that will play the role of planet-prison, for the rest of their three-dimensional life.



       Furthermore I would like to support, supplement and crosscheck all the above information that I received mainly from the Pleiadians, (except the previous chapter “Shift to the fifth dimension), as well as to give you also the “good news” (if what follows proves to be correct), that the extraterrestrials are already here, taking good care of us (with the help of their “Earth allies” and the Agathans of the Hollow Earth), to cover the problems of the interim period and guide us to successfully enter the fifth dimension. Therefore I give below 22 selective paragraphs from 7 messages that a charismatic person Dr. Sheldan Nidle ( site has received from the Sirians with which, besides astral travels Dr. Nidle has also and physical contact with them, (see also the pages II.1.D, II.1.D1, II.1.D4, II.1.D5. II.1.D6. II.1.D7, II.1.D8.  II.1.D10 and II.1.D11).

      1ST MESSAGE: (of 24.Mars.09). Selamat Jarin! We come with many things to discuss with you! Right now, you are in the process of being prepared for the final ascension procedures. Heaven is doing this now because the time for first contact approaches. So far most of you have completed the first two stages of this procedure. You are rising out of your former slumbers and daily question what you see around you. You have also been through significant amounts of change that have affected your metabolism, redirected your nervous system, caused periods of strange fatigue and the need, from time to time, for more sleep at night. These adjustments brought on line a new set of chakras as well as a new range of aches and pains and other assorted discomforts. The good news is, this stage is nearing an end. Nevertheless, you are still on a path that is to take you back to full consciousness. Meanwhile, Mother Earth's surface activity basically mirrors your own changes. All this is in divine preparation for the final steps that are to take place once first contact becomes a reality.

      These movements are wide-ranging and focus on, for example, equitable access to financial resources and alternative medicine; protection of wilderness, wildlife, and organic farmland and food sources. They include people-based networks that address natural rights, personal sovereignty, and true literacy. Underlying this is a drive to link up into a global network that would be dedicated to basic ethics and humanity, elements which we consider essential for even a rudimentary form of galactic society. We have talked before about the diligent individuals and groups responsible for these movements and associated them directly with what our Earth allies are doing. These small yet expanding groups, whether local, national, or international in outlook, are the fertile ground in which the issues we mention can take root and flourish. This new growth springs from the inner drive of many activists to approach old problems in new ways. Open now to revaluating old beliefs, they have in many cases stumbled upon the ideas put forth by our Earth allies.

      What lies ahead of you is not far off. The utter direness of your environment requires a massive amount of intervention. You are also ignorant of certain relationships in your solar system that affect your planetary systems. Your current weather patterns are the result of what you and your solar system do to each other. Much of your daily science is inadequate and must rapidly be brought up to speed. Moreover, the paradigm you currently use is barely enough to sustain a limited degree of inventiveness and needs an enormous boost in the right direction. After that, your knowledge can increase immensely. Some facts will need discarding while others can be reassessed. Thus your world-in-transition can move quickly toward your new reality.

      2ND MESSAGE: (of 3.Mars.09). The new banking is to be based on a new hard currency system. Banks are to be rigorously regulated, and no large, fully integrated banking institutions are to be permitted. Fractional banking, its many usurious practices, and derivatives are to be disallowed. In their stead will be strictly defined, local institutions. Savings banks are to remain, but commercial and investment banks are to be regulated strictly and according to rules that involve a great deal of transactional transparency. Another aspect of this new system concerns the many social responsibilities that are to be embedded in the new banking charters. Likewise, all corporations are to be rechartered and given a similar set of rules that reflect the need for transparency and social responsibility. This well-regulated environment is to emphasize universal prosperity and the social contact, and will be vigilant in limiting the excesses of the past century. Indeed, it is to be the precursor for your coming galactic society. We are to help you, after first contact is completed, in establishing the foundations for galactic society.

      To recap: you are to be provided with the beginnings of your prosperity, debt annulment, and the end of the illegal income tax system. This frees you up to tend to the many urgent needs of your fellows. Mother Earth requires you to start in immediately on programs to end homelessness, poverty, and malnourishment in your neighbourhoods, nation, and throughout your globe. An essential part of this is an effective educational system and the building of bridges between nations, which will transform wars into peace and seething hatred into a mutual understanding of one another. The crying need for global infrastructure and the greening of your environment are good places to begin this transformative operation. Another sphere is the introduction of a number of nascent technologies that already exist at the cutting-edge of your scientific domain. Most of these require little capitalization to begin to positively affect the global economy. What you need is technologies which allow the refocusing of your current industrial mindset away from cost benefit toward improving the quality of life for everyone, especially Mother Earth.

      This new reality is being born out of an insane realm created by the dark cabal, in which artificial divisions reinforce the separateness and extraterrestrialsation needed to control and manipulate whole sections of your populace. Constant strife kept you angry, suspicious, and willing to fight each other for perceived limited resources. In truth, humanity is unlimited in what it can create. You are meant to be prosperous and joyful! Hate and envy are very extraterrestrials to your nature. These distortions are acculturated and inculcated into you from infancy. What we propose is to introduce you to a wholly new vision of yourselves. The first set of announcements concerning the new contract between government and society is just the start. The second set creates the premise for a new age of global cooperation and understanding. Then new systems and ways of doing things can be introduced.

      A new level of technology can be brought on line and used to achieve these goals swiftly. Your environment is very fragile and needs your help. The main pollution-creating industries can be reformed and those deemed unnecessary, abandoned. For such ambitious actions to succeed, global initiatives backed by vast capitalization are required; also needed is an abundant citizenry willing to volunteer and change what must be changed. This audacious agenda requires role models, and here, our Earth allies can lead by example. They have acquired a truly staggering amount of gold and wealth, part of which is to secure global abundance. Next, the elements necessary for transforming your world radically and rapidly must be manifested. The scope and speed of the upcoming changes provide a natural framework in which your first contact can joyously take place.

      3RD MESSAGE: (of 24.Feb.09). This movement toward change is rooted in the sizable groundswell that has emerged around the globe in the last three decades. Added to this is the number of dedicated organizations and political movements that are now transnational in scope. This global orientation is providing the backdrop for what our Earth allies are planning. The concept of, and need for, drastic change is now an accepted part of most nations' political, social, and economic thinking. Because of the urgency of the economic meltdown a majority of the global population now longs for the solutions contained in the programs of our Earth allies. What is needed is to implement these on a massive, global scale. They are to start in North America only because this land is both the source and the solution for what presently ails your world. America was put into this position by the Dumbarton Oaks Treaties executed near the end of WW II and by America's decades of gross negligence in caring for her own grand responsibilities. These facts make her the focal point for the extensive change envisioned by our Earth allies and us.

      Most of you, by now, have experienced some form of physical or spiritual alteration; that is, many more of you are having your bodies unified with your various physical and spiritual energy fields. See yourselves as Light made physical, which is then tied like a giant circuit into your true Spirit/Creator essence. This highly complex operation is controlled by your RNA/DNA. This special organic computer acts as the safety switch in your ascension. Here, included within your genes, is a vast amount of what your geneticists call "junk DNA". As you reach certain levels of ascension, this junk DNA turns on and begins to encode your genes with new messages and programming, thus waking up parts of you that have long been dormant. This is the process that is returning you to full consciousness.

      As these new sections of DNA encode your genetics, you awaken to higher and higher levels of consciousness. However, this process is also affected by your internal epigenetics. These compete for new general settings that control important parts of your genome. The contest is won gradually as entire new sections of junk DNA start their encoding procedures, which allow whole new systems of meridians, chakras, and codes within the genome to be altered. In effect, you are changing, chameleon-like, into something quite different. Eventually this process reaches a certain build-up of proteins, peptides, etc., where a stalemate prevails. At this point a special device is needed in order to safely complete this metamorphosis. This is where our transformation chambers  come into the picture.

      4TH  MESSAGE: (of 17.Feb.09). Until then a number of things are possible. First, we hold the proverbial advantage of the high ground. We look down upon your world with eyes and ears that make everything going on there perfectly transparent to us and thus are able to give relevant intelligence to our Earth allies. Second, we can use our technology to put pressure on the various segments of the dark cabal and guide them in certain helpful directions. This has helped a number of key agreements to be approved that formerly were denied to our Earth allies. Finally, we have used our technology to close down potential, lethal options that were put into play by the dark cabal's henchmen. All this enhances our Earth allies' strategies and contributes toward a successful outcome. That said, the primary party in this continues to be our Earth allies. It is our desire that all this be done sooner rather than later. We are convinced that the prevailing conditions now favour our Earth allies. We expect the deliveries and announcements quite soon.

      When these happen, the "UFO" cover-up can at last be morphed into a total disclosure. This changes the game immediately. We can then move swiftly toward a greater degree of intervention. We have a number of our personnel imbedded in your societies across the globe who are fully trained in the best ways to reveal a range of technologies that can rapidly solve many of your present difficulties. But unveiling these bits of our technology requires a safe environment; governments dedicated to change and truth form such an environment. Further, this allows us to ask for reciprocation on their part by releasing many of the devices that they jointly possess, which are currently withheld due to national security tags. Both these branches of technology can be intertwined to ensure that you resolve the pollution and communication difficulties that hinder both Mother Earth and you. Moreover, these technologies can further ease you into a pre-first-contact condition.

      The remaining manoeuvres are proving to be a bit of a conundrum for our Earth allies. The final push toward a decisive victory can often be the most bloody when you are fighting an extremely determined foe. This dark cabal of yours knows that the people may react violently when they discover how badly they were manipulated. This greatly worries the cabalists. Every major government on your planet is infiltrate with their minions, and literally millions of individuals are involved globally. The amount of collusion within much of the dark's banking system, its main instrument of power, is hardly even guessed at by the public. All that the average person sees is a vast economic disaster growing worse by the day. This damage is the dark's cover for a final attempt to upset our applecart. Funds can be moved surreptitiously, schemes can be plotted and refined, all in the guise of plans to resolve a growing crisis

      5TH  MESSAGE: (of 10.Feb.09). The drive to restructure your present collapsing reality is coming from many quarters, including academia, reform-minded institutions, and a collection of your more savvy heads of state. They recognize that a major systemic collapse is happening. The thinking required for repairing this level of damage cannot stem from the discredited philosophies which got you into this mess in the first place; wholly novel approaches must not only mend the damage but also allow the emergence of a very different worldview. It is this that our Earth allies courageously champion. And even these unprecedented reforms merely constitute a transitional phase that can facilitate the advent of first contact. If you look carefully, the trend is clear to see. At present, all this is just below the radar, waiting to come into view. Those in charge swamp your world with corruption, deceit, and betrayal that is frightful to watch. This all needs to be expunged, followed by a new direction kick-started by Heaven's abundance.

      We wish the moment when you discover that you are not alone to be a joyous one. We wish you to know that you are on the verge of a destiny that is truly wonderful! Over the past decades, we contacted a number of individuals in order to get you used to the idea that we are here and that we bring a series of important messages to deliver to you. Now we are in pre-first-contact mode. Besides giving you brief overviews, like this one, of what is going on in your world and what we are doing, the next step includes vast interconnected, substantial change on your world. This clears the way for first contact to be as smooth and successful an operation as possible. Together, we are indeed Victorious!

      6TH  MESSAGE: (of 20.Jan.09). Selamat Balik! We return with some interesting things to talk about. At present your world is struggling with a terminal economic and political malady. This affliction cannot be cured using the usual methods; e.g., those used by the US and Europe during and after the Great Depression of the 1930s. The problem is one of ideology: The premises upon which your economic system is based are unworkable. Likewise the political ideology that supports these economic premises has reached a crisis. In short, neither works, and you cannot fix them. Both need replacing. The banks, the transnationals, and the greedy, wealthy cabal have deep-sixed the world's economy, and the level of corruption in all governments makes them largely unresponsive to the plight of less well-off citizens. It is time to scrap the lot and replace them with something new. This "something new" is of course the plan worked out in great detail between our Earth allies and this first contact team.

      These plans are slowly manifesting in ways largely unperceived by the dark cabal. Our Earth allies are poised for a massive worldwide "house-cleaning" of your governments. In conjunction with this, they are also ready to carry out a number of operations that will result in an array of interim governments. Your world is to be hoisted out of its mire of violence and assorted forms of deliberately created chaos which daily threaten world stability. Peace is essential; likewise, prosperity. Neither of these elements can achieve their potential without the other. To this end our Earth allies have set up taskforces dedicated to accomplishing these objectives. Included in these are legal, economic, political, and security teams. All operate in modules that are intersupportive and which are led by team leaders answerable only to the needs of each module and to its upper command structure. The success of this strategy puts them on the verge of victory. We are working with them to move forward once certain key situations are presented to them.

      Another aspect of our preparatory strategy is to manoeuvre these teams into various positions of control. We are monitoring these things carefully and confer on a daily basis with the top figures in the command structures. Most of the important "situations" are very fluid and we have put together special liaison teams to oversee and advise when necessary. The first stage of global recovery needs to be "run" by our Earth allies. We are setting up the legal foundations for the introduction of new concepts of people-oriented governance. This approach is to be the basis of your future galactic society, and so it is to be done in a way that emphatically proclaims Earth's sovereignty and then spreads these basic principles to everyone. Government is to become fully responsive to its citizens' needs and not to special, powerful interests. This great about-face can be pulled off by using principles derived from what we call "fluid group dynamics". This is somewhat similar to the Hawaiian "ho'oponopono".

      7TH  MESSAGE: (of 6.Jan.09). Selamat Jarin! We welcome you to another discussion about what is happening in your reality. At present, progress continues to be made in each theatre of operations. All the preliminaries for ousting the dark cabal from its worldwide dominance are nearly done. We are busy helping our Earth allies identify and find those who need to be rounded up when the required changes in the dark regimes take place. We intend that this operation be swift and thorough. To this end, it is necessary to hand over complete dossiers on these ones so that they can be cornered by our many Earth-allies security forces. These groups are in operation all over the world and we are helping them to complete these preliminaries while also preparing our own personnel for first contact. To expedite matters we increased our on-planet personnel. They are concentrating on taking a comprehensive "pulse" of the current global situation, and as these reports filter back to us a much clearer picture of your fears and worries about your planetary conditions has been fleshed out.

      These reports also reveal how you truly feel about us, and we are happy to relate that the graph of your global acceptance rate for first contact has moved upward in the past months. We now see how vital it is to have disclosure of our presence and that this can now further our mission here. Therefore we have asked our diplomatic liaisons to step up their interactions with our Earth allies and those governments ready to cooperate with us. These exchanges have resulted in developments that can quickly lead to first contact. We are impressed with the number of governments that wholeheartedly support ending the UFO cover-up and that want to move swiftly to full disclosure. But we are also saddened by those who use their positions of power in some major governments to maintain this ridiculous cover-up. However, once the necessary regime changes are made these obstacles can be removed. We are told that our Earth allies are very close to putting into effect the secret plans that are to topple these dark regimes.

      We fully expect our Earth allies to institute governmental reform and permit a new era of true freedom and sovereignty to take hold on Mother Earth. Within the purview of this new reality, now-hidden technologies can be disclosed and the new governments can broadcast the formal announcement of our existence and first contact with the peoples of Mother Earth. The dark ones are starting to comprehend the inevitability of all this, including the fact that just and legal repercussions of their vast abuses of power are to be meted out to them. We expect the trial process to resemble that of Nuremberg at the end of WW II, but unlike the sentences handed out at that time, these are to be more humanitarian: no death sentences, but rather long prison terms, to be commuted after we arrive on your shores.

      First contact is, after all, a big step in your growth in consciousness. Each of you has played a special role during this lifetime on Mother Earth. The goal of all this is to become fully conscious and together, to use your collective and individual abilities to forge a new star nation. Some of you will be given the choice to return home. There you can recall your earthly experiences and recount to your star nation exactly what Earth humans went through to achieve full consciousness. Many of you may return, briefly, as Galactic Federation ambassadors and participate in your new capacity in the many conferences to be held in this new and important star nation. The destined future of your new star nation is bright and beautiful indeed!

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