A810  The brown disk of Faistos

An237  In the planet of Pluto  

An212  Landscape in a planet of Scorpion     




C2g467  The many faces of the flowers

An194  The navel of our earth

An96 The overflow of senses and hope




Bg94  Faces hidden in our dreams

C1n17  The polar star which guides us

C2g75  The colorful feathers of hope


       NOTE: Due to the fact that I received a lot of questions asking for more information, I added more data to the present text. Also, at the end of the text, I added, in January 2010, information about other extraterrestrials (apart from the Pleiadeans), as required by the readers.


       As I have also written, in the “Special Events” (see page II.1.B3 of my site) ‘‘another source of my inspiration is to enter in deep meditation and to imagine that I use the technique of a great painter of the future and that I am in another planet…‘’. Gradually using this practice I observed, with big surprise the first time, my conscience to leave my body and to wander in the space, having a sense of great euphoria, and to see various unusual things until I return in my body. This later began to happen also during the night when I sleep, for longer time intervals, and as experts explained to me, these are called ‘‘astral travels'’ that a lot of people have the possibility to experience, and in many cases this happens in situations of narcosis in the surgery.

       With the enthusiasm from this new experience, and given my innate interest for other planets and cultures, I began consciously to direct my astral travels, asking the evening in my meditation before I sleep, to visit another planet and to communicate with the intelligent beings that might live there. After many efforts this began, to my great pleasure, to happen, and or (a) it is a result of imagination that my subconscious creates responding to my intense wish, or (b) it has a certain base of reality, case for which I give today (2007) a probability of 50%. This probability is gradually increasing as various things happen to me lately, and as I compare my information with charismatic person who have similar with mine experiences so that today (in the middle of 2009) to approach certainty. I decided therefore to describe and to put in the internet certain of my countless experiences, having in mind, as I am a distrustful technocrat, to use certain criteria and see, if certain things will happen during the next two years, this will mean that is in effect the case (b), while if they do not happen it means that it is the case (a) or that the information I receive is not 100% correct. At the same time I consider useful to share and to check my experiences (that as I mentioned before constitute one of the sources of my inspiration for my painting), also with other persons that might have similar experiences. This I have already done in certain cases, (in particular with persons that function as ‘‘channels’’ and communicate with our ‘‘superior selves'’ and other beings), with very positive results.

       NOTE: Based on what I describe in a related paragraph below, the referred above sightings of UFOs have already started in considerable numbers (see also their photos at the end of this text).


       Respecting your time, I will refer only to visits that I made in a planet of the constellation of Pleiades that has I think seven main suns, 200 other smaller and more than 250.000 planets many of which have water and sees like the Earth, where the intelligent beings have in majority anthropoid form. However, I know also about other planets in Pleiades, in Serious (that is considered as the red cross of our galaxy), in Orion and in the constellation of Centaurs, as well as planets in other galaxies as in Andromeda (which is called the galaxy of intelligence). At these planets the intelligent beings have apart from anthropoid also other bodies (saurian, feline, draconian, etc). Common characteristic of most of these beings, with which you communicate using telepathy, (that is to say they read your thoughts and transmit to you what they want to say, or what you ask, as if it comes from your subconscious), is that are very friendlily and radiate love, thing that makes them pleasantly acceptable, despite the repulsive for us appearance of many of them.

     The people in this particular planet of Pleiades, men and women, are very pretty for our tastes, but also very coquettish and highbrows, and give great importance in their appearance, in beauty in general, and in sex. They are particularly tall (200 to 220 cm), with big blue eyes and long fingers, while the legs, for many of them, consist of three parts with two knees, fact that gives them great charm in their walking. The prevailing colour, i.e. in their clothes (which are very simple and resemble to ancient Greek tunic, or alternative clothes of the ancient Vikings) and the environment, is blue and in all shades of blue, even the sun is blue, that's why their constellation is named "Blue Pleiades". They have a great interest and appreciation to the arts in general. I suspect that they have, in some mysterious way, helped me to enhance the productivity of my paintings (currently on my website I have uploaded more than 9300 paintings and more to follow). They have marvellous brain and are very good in organizing, (one alone can coordinate with precision hundreds activities that happen simultaneously, like a huge computer).

       Within the Galactic Confederation (see my page II.1.D2) the Pleiadians are considered to be historians and scientists. They also have computers (of high artificial intelligence) consisted of amino acids, with which they communicate verbally and even telepathically. They carry a small device (like a mobile phone) and through the screen can receive information, pictures and diagrams that are transmitted by the computers. Moreover, they have large laboratories where scientists monitor and direct various functions on the planet, equipped with very large screens running and analyzing data and events. They have libraries where information is stored in crystals, and can be viewed by crystalline projectors in three-dimensional holograms, regardless of when they occurred. Finally, they focus on two main interests, art and science, which are the foundations of their civilisation.

       Moreover, they have spacecrafts in a flying saucer shape with a diameter of around 12 meters (scout ships) and cigar-shaped spacecrafts with a length of around 400 meters (administration ships). For their travel in the galaxy they have two types of' “mother” spacecrafts. The normal ones (exploration and science ships) have a length of around eight kilometres and contain about 700 spacecrafts of the two above mentioned classes, while the large ones (for long missions) are up to 300 miles (480 kilometres) long with many tenths of miles high with vast capacity, and contain a fleet from 4000 to 7000 smaller spacecrafts. The age of these spacecraft may reach one million years and the construction is done by using special factories where the operation is directed telepathically by the scientists’ minds, using as material a liquid metal that take the form and shape we desire. The spacecrafts and the computers have some intelligence and consciousness like living beings and function by receiving telepatheticaly orders by the crue. The mother ships are never landed but stay in the limits of the atmosphere of the planets. This elementary consciousness (besides their artificial intelligence) the spacecrafts (and the robots etc in general, which are all regarded as lifeless matter), get it and is formed by the collective consciousness of the people who built them, while each atom and molecule, organic or inorganic, contains some form of soul energy, that can be made to be manifested at a collective level.

       The boarding and disembarking from the spacecrafts, of crew and passengers, is done by teleporting (beaming). The spacecrafts disappear by teleporting, using time-space gates, to appear somewhere else in a few minutes (defying destination coordinates even in other galaxies), and reappear when they return. So you need 1.5 minutes to enter the frequency of the inter dimensional space and the coordinates of the destination and only 30 seconds for the teleportation. With these spacecrafts both Pleiadians, as well as extraterrestrials from Sirius, monitor the evolution on Earth which they’ve been visiting since ancient times. Note that the Andromeda spacecrafts are made by plasma to be invisible and invulnerable, while the other spacecrafts become invisible by raising their frequencies. Even as both the spacecraft and its passengers are coordinated to the high frequencies, there is no problem of inertia, so they can take sharp turns and accelerations of hundreds of kilometres per second. The luminosity emitted by the spacecrafts is because of the energy fields that surround them, which are, the outer one for protection, the middle one for navigation and the inner one (which is denser) for propulsion. Usually, they have various colours.

       As to the way their governments operate, based on the few things I know, they have twelve boards (with the members of each board rotating), which we can say that correspond to our ministries and cover, among others, the following responsibilities. 1) Administration. 2) Science. 3) Science of living matter. 4) Technology. 5) Technology of living matter. 6) Spiritual science (of consciousness and soul). 7) Technology of spiritual science. 8) Consultants – Mentors. 9) Ambassadors – Representatives. 10) Design and Constructions. 11) History and Archives. 12) Culture Arts and traditions. As far as I can conclude from the above structure, it seems that they give great importance to science and technology, and particularly of the living mater as well as to “spiritual science” (I guess they mean the soul and the consciousness of the beings in general, in which they include animals, plants, planets, etc.), for which (in a way strange to us), they have developed relative technology (I can imagine that among others, it refers to methods and rituals for the rise of consciousness). They consider that their DNA includes in its codes, not only their physical characteristics, but also their prehistory from previous lives and dimensions, as well as their experiences and the wisdom they have acquired through them. This is the reason why in their rituals they send, among other things, their DNA codes, through the “crystalline grid” (see more about this in my page ÉÉ.2.D5), so that they form the best collective DNA of their planet, which they also consider a living being (of another level). Their rituals are accompanied by chants (which we will call “heavenly melodies”) and musical instruments which remind the harp, the drum and a combination of the bugle and the flute. Finally, they seem to be interested in arts and in tradition, whereas they don’t seem to care about subjects of security, defence, justice, economy, employment, health, etc, because they have obviously solved all these maters.

       Some of the main skills they have, and we will have as well when we enter the fifth dimension (see my next page II.1.D1 “The Earth in the fifth dimension”) are: a) Telepathy. They hear, see and feel what is near or far from them, and whatever happens to others, or what they think, as if they were one with them. That is why they have been trained to clear everything from their mind and focus only on what they are interested in, or what is important to them. b) Telekinesis. They can move or function with their thoughts objects or devices and perform various tasks. c) Teleportation. They can, (using their thoughts) be transferred (beamed) with their physical body wherever they want and come back, or can fly in the air or levitate defeating gravity. d) Materialisation. They can think or feel different things (objects or situations, etc), but when what they think, they feel it to be or to happen at at the same time, then this is materialised automatically. However the materialisation (manifestation) is carried easier and better with the use of devices (simulators and holographic theatres) that I explain further down. This reinforces also the theory that applies to our present situation on earth, that the best way to help something to happen, is not simply to invoke or pray for it, but to feel strongly with our imagination that we already have it or is already happening.

       They live many-many years (usoaly 1000-3000 years) and they do not give the same meaning that we give to time (I suspect that either they may be able to travel in time, or that for them the time combines the present and the past, or even and the future). In addition, they are not in a hurry for anything. They are not in a hurry to go to next reincarnations, because they want to take as many experiences as possible and become wiser in the same body, without needing to start all over again. Indeed, the more they have worked for their planet and helped it, the higher the positions they occupy in its administration and governance, which are not positions of power (like on Earth), but more like honorary and humanitarian services. Administration is usually done by 12 member boards where people rotate, where there is no competition, and each issue is appointed to be faced by the one who has the greater “talent” concerning the specific issue or problem. Finally, when they decide to die (when they believe that they have fulfilled all the objectives of their present incarnation), they invite their friends to a big farewell party. Then embark on a inter-dimensional vehicle that they create, called “merkaba”, and disappear (along with their body), to go to other levels that are determined by their higher advisers, until their next incarnation in the same or other planet. Generally they believe that the souls reside in the ninth dimension, and are incarnated into lower dimensions in order to gather experiences, and they return back to the ninth when they ''die'', while in the higher dimensions (10th, 11th and 12th), are living higher beings (angels, archangels, etc). With regard to their population, they have few children and they raise them collectively, as if the children had many parents, and they have great freedom with their sexual relations, that they consider as an opportunity to exchange positive and reviving energy. Some of their beliefs are described, with the following phrase: ‘‘We see ourselves as accumulators of information for the ‘‘prime creator'’ (they mean the God). We do not judge ourselves and we live in order to learn. If an experience does not satisfy us, we try another because we have seen how boring is to have nothing to do and we do not want to experience it again’’.

     Referring to their cities, their equipment, and their advanced technology, these are in general similar to what I have described in the next page (II.1.D1), which is also valid for the Earth when the Earth enters the ‘‘fifth dimension'’ (the dimension the extraterrestrials have entered many-many years ago) as well as what I describe in detail about the cities in the Hollow Earth in my page ÉÉ.1.D7. Their city buildings usually remind me of enormous multi floor crystals, that can change shape, colour and size and are transparent from the inside to the outside and opaque from the outside, while their doors appear when one asks for it (telepathically) to enter or exit. Regarding the space in their rooms and apartments, while having certain external dimensions, once you enter them they show a new internal dimension, large enough to accommodate your every need. These buildings are surrounded by lush plantation with large trees, and can easily (defeating gravity) be transported to another location, if residents decide to change their environment. Many times, as strange as it may seem to us, the walls between apartments-residences have been replaced by appropriate plantation, so that the herbal component, which is a source of energy for the residents, to have a strong presence (see details in my page ÉÉ.1.D7.)

       Something to notice is that their planet is hollow inside, consisted of a thick layer of hundreds of kilometres, the inner surface of which is similar to the exterior one, while in the centre there is a gigantic crystal, which is the “central sun” of the planet. I was informed that this internal surface (which I have not visited) is also inhabited and communicates with the external one. In the outer surface there are six large continents that contain many lakes and are divided by seven big seas, where dolphins dominate. They have a special affection towards the dolphins with which they communicate telepathically. Impressive is the dense vegetation with huge trees and large flowers with nice scent that change colours (giving the impression that the flowers breathe) which, apart from the countryside are extended in the cities as well. What seems incredible is that trees, which live too many years, have some form of consciousness and communicate with each other, exchanging and recording what happens on the planet, forming a large database from which Pleiadians receive information, as they can communicate with the plants and the animals of the planet. Moreover they do not cut trees and flowers (as we do), nor do they kill animals, while when they walk in nature their feet do not trample vegetation, but remain a few millimetres above it. Finally, they consider that trees are a vital source for their planet and themselves, and often send their love to them, while they do not intervene with nature, as we do, but let it grow unimpeded, as she knows very well how to do it.

       Generally I could say that their high technology is connected with their high consciousness and that the (thin) energy of their mind governs and guides the mater and its functions. Result of the above are the materialisation devices (simulators), which they already have (and we will soon have as well in the fifth dimension), whereby with their thoughts they order what they desire, and the devices directly provide, furniture, utensils, objects, clothes, dishes with food, etc. When they no longer need them, they return them back to the devices, where are turned back from matter to energy (without having to wash or clean). The food and beverages they consume are fully digested by the body, (as they are pure energy and light), and there is no danger to become overweight, nor do they need to dispense anything, and therefore they have no toilets. The telepathic communication is achieved because as the words create vibrations in space so the thoughts create vibrations in the ether space which are captured by the device which reacts accordingly. The simulators attract the inter-dimensional energy which goes through three levels of “magnets” which condense it gradually, until it almost materialises and then, they put it through “prisms” each of which determines different frequencies. The combination of these frequencies determines, in many ways, the different kinds of matter that the simulator produces, so that we can use it. Therefore, for example, we give a telepathic order to the simulator to create a table for ten guests, with the crockery and food of our choice, and after our guests have eaten, we return them to the simulator, which turns them back into energy. In the same way, we choose the decoration of our home, or ever the clothes we want to wear on every occasion. It is worth noting that the clothes fit our body perfectly and they change the insulation level they provide (functioning like air conditioners), as well as the degree of how tight or loose they are, according to our wishes.

      To clean themselves, they enter a “supersonic showers” for 30-60 seconds, which vibrates the skin intensely (including the teeth) so as to release every dirt, while for another 30-60 seconds the skin is “bombarded” to rid itself of anything unnecessary and, getting out, they materialise (using the simulators) the clothes they prefer. Besides these showers can offer you an invigorating massage and relax that balances the energy and rejuvenates physically, spiritually and mentally. The beds, when you lie on, take the shape of your body and are softy surrounding you, so that you feel that you lie in clouds, (fact that when I tried it, made me to want to stay lying down for hours, enjoying also the vivifying energy emitted by the entire house. Note that in the houses are everywhere curves, without (in general) corners and edges, so that the energy can flow free, which creates a sense of internal and continuous joy and wellness.

       Larger scale devices are the so-called “holographic theatres” where you, for example, give the designs and the surroundings of the house you wish to acquire and in a short period of time (I think in hours or a day at the maximum) it is absolutely real and ready to be inhabited, while you can change it (e.g. enlarge it) in accordance with your wishes. In addition, these theatres can also create “virtual realities”. For instance, in your backyard, they can create a beautiful lake with fish, in which you get in and swim for kilometres, while in fact you have moved only a few metres. Thus, you can feel that you have been on vacation on a tropical island (with its flora and fauna) without actually leaving your home. This apparatus can also make you feel that you have been skiing on a snowed slope and it adjusts the surrounding virtual environment (even the air speed) so that you feel that you have skied for quite a few kilometres. Even the holographic theater can give us information with the ''education windows'' that create, through which you can see three-dimensional holographic of all information and events recorded in the universal “akashic files”, and even the the fifth-dimensional extraterrestrials may in addition read also the thoughts of the beings that appear there. Such an example would be for planet Earth, the struggle of two prehistoric monsters, life in ancient Egypt, a speech of Christ, or the battle of Waterloo, or Beethoven composing, etc.

       Certainly the holographic theaters have their limitations, so in order to build something big and complex (such as e.g. a spacecraft), specifical high-tech plants are required, which besides energy, also use existing materials as e.g. crystals, ''liquid metals'', plasma, etc, (where a relatively small quantity can reproduce itself and thus to be increased as required). In these factories, the holographic theaters and the telepathic commands are simply ''tools'' there. Finally, for major interventions apon the the astral bodies (planets, suns, etc), the assistance of God the First Creator is required, implemented through the Spirits-Archangels we call ''Elochim'' which are carriers of God's energy and creation.

       Another very interesting device is that of telecommunication, where you can call anyone in the planet (even throughout the galaxy), and appears in front of you the other person’s 3D hologram in real size, with whom you can communicate translating (with an appropriate device), automatically the other person’s language to yours and vice versa, while at the same time you transfer your hologram in the area of the other person. In a canning question I made whether someone could do other more interesting things with a beautiful hologram, the answer was that rather not, because those holograms are unfortunately non-material.

       I also have the impression that, unlike the people of Earth, their body tissues have a strong crystalline form (based on silicon instead of carbon), which makes them very strong and resistant to outside influences. Their external appearance remains youthful (as if they were 20-30 years old) irrespective of their old age, while they are considered children till the age of 20, adolescents from 20 to 70 and adults after their 70 years of age (according to our measurement of time). Until they become adults, they receive intensive education and training using means (such as holographic computers and crystalline libraries), that in a short period of time provide knowledge that we give in our children during an entire school year, and this is done in an environment full of joy and of high interest. During their growth they are supported by a team of many people (can reach the number of 60), who solve their queries and assist them in the practical application of knowledge received, while they enhance their confidence to themselves and the security they feel. They do not need really to sleep as we do, but with a few hours (for example, 120 minutes per day) of meditation can relax and rejuvenate. Whatever work they do, it makes them happy, like a game does to us. Of course, they have games and especially team ones, which they play in all ages, many of which rely on their telepathic and telekinetic abilities, without the element of competition. Usually, they dance and sing (in rhythms that remind Far East) like we do, in a ceremonial way, while one of their main entertainments are the daily ceremonies, which apart from the joy and the help they providefor them, they also help their planet and their galaxy in general.

      Finally, they show that they know in every detail what happens in the Earth, as if they have seen it in television or they have read the human’s thoughts. What they ask for, with great interest, is ‘‘how we felt’’ when the one or the other thing happened to us, and in particular our emotions in cases of pain, sorrow, despair, poverty, etc, sentiments that they cannot feel, because the above causes have ceased to exist a long time ago in their planet. Indeed, the large fleet of spaceships, of the 50 and more galactic constellations of the confederation, which have the duty to ensure the most possibly painless and safe passage of Earth to the 5th dimension, closely monitors what is happening on Earth, and prevents any devastating actions of the ones in power that govern us. So they deactivated twice, the nuclear warheads etc for as long as there was a crisis that could possible lead in their use, and they informed all governments of the countries that possess nuclear weapons that they will not allow in any case the use of nuclear weapons (note that the effect of nuclear weapons goes beyond the third dimension). Moreover, they neutralised and continue to neutralise actions of secret services of USA that try to create disasters in order to blame terrorists, so as to justify the declaration of martial law and abolish any freedoms left in the miserable people. Two such events were: 1) The attend to use chemical weapons in a large airport in the USA, where by warning telepathically the maintenance people to check the ventilation pipes and identify the chemicals, saved thousands of lives. 2) The attend to start fire in a large refinery in Texas, where they also warned in time the fire brigade and the fire was extinguished, while otherwise would have such destructive effects as of a nuclear explosion. On my question, why they did not prevented also the destruction of the two towers in New York? (Note that we all now know that this was the work of the C.I.A. which after the impact of the two unmanned military aircrafts, blew by explosives on each floor the two buildings, which otherwise wouldn’t fall, where thousands were killed (except for Jews who warned not to go that day at work). In order to justify the intervention in Afghanistan and then Iraq, and the vote of unpopular illiberal laws see and, The answer was because they wanted somehow  to come in light the dark role that billionaires, bankers, etc of this planet play by appointing governments and  presidents (and sometimes killing them), which they use as obedient persons for their dark projects.


       From the Pleiadians, but also from other extraterrestrials, I learned and I crossed a lot of information that gave me about our Earth. The main characteristics of the Earth, that makes it unique in our galaxy, are the many ‘‘gates'’ it has that will render the Earth the ‘‘airport’’ of our galaxy, when the Earth will enter the fifth dimension. Through these ‘‘time – space’’ gates, an individual suitably equipped, or a spacecraft, can enter and be transferred immediately to the other end of the galaxy, without the need to travel for millenniums. Many of such gates exist also in Greece as e.g. in the rock of Parthenon, in the region of Delphi, in ancient Olympia and in almost all ancient sacred places, that render Greece a privileged country in Earth. These gates gradually now begin to be activated helping the visitor with his inspiration and with the reception of information, as if information emanates from his subconscious. Therefore I recommend to the visitors of these places to try entering (for those who have the experience) in meditation, and I believe that the more ‘‘sensitive’’ ones will have the same pleasant surprise that I had myself. Some times this information enters directly to subconscious, and we are not aware of it, until the time that we will need to use it, and then it emerges and guides us. It should be noted that recently in Delphi the authorities prohibit (using some funny excuse) the access to these activated places. Finaly huge gates exist above Iraq and Iran that can accept spacecrafts of tenths of kilometres length, that makes also these countries privileged in Earth.

       Also at the end of 2008) another gate gradually opens in a property of 12.5 acres (50.000 square meters), which (guided by my subconscious) I bought sometime ago in Attica (prefecture of Athens). This gate is near to an ancient temple of Apollo where in the underground exist large formations of crystal quartz. Many (sensitive) friends who visited me there felt a strong energy that for some of them was very strong. I expect with anxiety to welcome in this gate my friends the Pleiadians, when they will decide to come down to Earth, as they have promised. Finally, I would like to add that there are three types of gates. a) The so-called ''wormholes'' by which you can go directly from one point to another. In order to understand their function consider two remote points on a map (two-dimensional), but if you fold the paper of the map so that the one point to fall upon the other (third dimension), then the transfer is immediate. b) The time-space gates that through them we can travel both in time (front or back) and go to another dimension, from which however we can return to any (remote or not) point our initial dimension within 30 seconds (as we saw earlier). c) The portals (which are the more numerous), through which we receive information and we communicate with other entities (spirits, etc.), or through which we pass to a ''parallel reality” that coexists in the same space with our reality. Experiences about such portals and parallel realities had some people (who called me about their experiences), which while walking in a familiar landscape suddenly found themselves in a completely different landscape from what they knew, to come back later to the initial landscape. If there was someone watching them, he would see them to suddenly disappear and to reappear later somewhere else. This explains also the traces found on the snow in the Himalayas, which start and stop suddenly, created by a creature called “big foot” which occasionally passes for a while from his own reality to our reality.

       Another characteristic of our planet, that makes the Earth precious for the ‘'Galactic Confederation'’, in which we will participate when we enter the fifth dimension, is the great variety of our mineral wealth that very rarely you can find in other planets. What makes it more important is the fact that, with the help of the high technology, small quantity of one mineral can cover needs of multiple quantities. Something that also indicates the importance of our planet, is the fairytale that the Andromedians say to their children which is: ''Once the world he decided to be full of love and removed the negative part from himself and continued to grow and be developed in love. There came though a time that the Creator said that in order for the world to reach higher levels he should be united with his negative part that he had abandoned. That negative part though had also grown and developed and a possible unification would cause an imbalance in the universe and destruction. Therefore, the world decided to sent a small part of himself, properly prepared, which would go and be integrated in that negative part, in order to soften it and change it, so that then the reunification would be carried smoothly without imbalances. The part that the world sent was called “the earthlings”. The full interpretation of this fairytale, that shows the importance of this experiment with Earth and its transition to the fifth dimension, will be given in my future page II.1.D8.

       They also informed me about the moon, which (unlike to what we believe) is an artificial satellite of Earth. This was the largest scientific spaceship in the fleet of Pleiades, with a mission to explore life in various planets of the galaxy. Its surface was composed of titanium and the inside was whole, full of scientific laboratories. When the moon reached Earth, the crew was impressed by the ecosystem and the richness of the Earth, and stayed there, originally to study her and later to protect her against reptilian extraterrestrials invaders. The latter destroyed moon’s propulsion system (which was based on crystals), and thus she remained trapped as a satellite of Earth, while the current state of its surface was created by debris celestial items that fell on it through the millennia. It is notable that when the astronauts of Apollo created, for research purposes, an explosion on the surface of the moon, this echoed for hours, fact that NASA (as did with many other matters) covers it up. When, however, we enter the fifth dimension, the moon will be reactivated and continue the journey to Mars and the planet Maltek. Maltek has been destroyed (during the war of “good” and “bad'' extraterrestrials) and resulted in a zone of meteorites, but will be re-created in the fifth dimension, while Earth will have again her two natural satellites which also had been destroyed (see my next paragraphs). The restoration of planets and satellites, as well as the revitalization of devastated from the wars planets in order to be inhabitable again, will occur in the fifth dimension (according to the divine plan of restoring our solar system in its original “pristine” condition), with the help of Elochim which are the bringers of the divine creation. There is even a scenario of bringing back the whole of our solar system in the constellation of Sirius, where originally was, from where it was transferred by the Elochim to this part of this galaxy, to proceed protected in this important experiment carried out on Earth.

       Moreover, I learned other impressive things, such as how 900,000 years ago the extraterrestrials, mostly from Sirius, created on Earth a colony named  Lemuria (Mou) in the Pacific, (bigger than Asia, stretching from the Philippines to  Hawaii), which later established other colonies on Earth. The main colony was Atlantis in the Atlantic ocean (stretching from the Caribbean to the Canarias islands and near the British islands). In Atlantis, about 300.000 years ago, new inhabitants came, primarily Pleiadians and Centaurians. They had encountered the vast dark multitudes of Anchara, who were most directly responsible for inflicting malicious cruelties upon the Light. I also learned the causes for which these developed civilizations were destroyed, (while information about the life in general in those civilisations, due to many questions I received, I may include in my future pages). In response, however, to the causes of their destruction I briefly mention here the followings: Lemuria was destroyed by the (bad) Atlantians who tried to rule the world (and Lemuria did not permitted them). Thus with the traction rays from vast spacecrafts of their (bad) extraterrestrial friends, moved one of the two natural satellites that Earth had at that time (their size was around ¾ of today’s moon). They destroyed this natural satellite with the spacecrafts’ war rays, shortly before the moon entered the atmosphere, and directed its debris upon Lemuria, which hit by the debris, but also by the caused detonation of underground gases and volcanoes, it sunk. Those who survived fled to the “Inner Earth” forming the city of Telos. Then, in an attempt of world domination, they destroyed another large Lemurian colony, which did not surrendered, (it was named Yu and was in Tibet), while its survivors fled to Shamballah, today’s capital of the Hollow Earth (see my page II.1.D7).

       At the same time scientists of the elite class proceeded in genetic experiments (with the help of the ''bad'' extraterrestrials), to create a race of underdeveloped humans to use them as slaves presenting themselves in front of them as their gods. Some unlighted scientists objected in this effort, resulting in their exile to another Lemurian colony, the Ionia, in southeast Europe, where present Greece lies. With these experiments, (which had as side effects the creation of monsters like the Centaurs, Minotaur, Cyclops of Greek mythology, etc.), they finally managed to disconnect and disable the 10 of the 12 helixes of DNA, leaving mainly for the masses the necessary (lower) functions for survival. These 10 helixes exist now and remain inactive in our etheric body, as they did not managed to completely delete them, due to the upcoming disaster of Atlantis. This is what makes it possible and quick to reconnect and activate the codes of the remaining 10 helixes, which will convert us from “partially conscious beings” into fifth dimensional “fully conscious beings”. Their destruction occurred in trying to destroy ''disobedient' 'Ionia using (as happened with Lemuria), the second natural satellite of Earth. The Ionian scientists realised this early enough, (who were expecting such a thing) and eventually led the debris of the satellite on Atlantis and destroyed it. After that, many Ionians went and settled in Shamballah in the “Hollow Earth”, while the few remained are distant ancestors of the Greeks, hence the high civilization of ancient Greece. The Atlantian survivors of the ''elite'' wend to the Beta of Centaurs, while the ''slaves” remained on Earth seeking new rulers. The Anunnaki presented themselves as such, and made as well the remaining inhabitants of the planet their slaves, (eliminating many of them by various cataclysms and by creating wars between them).

       To complete this story, I should also add that Atlas, who was the last “'king” of Atlantis (one of the twelve switching places each decade), was opposed to genetic experiments, and reacted. Because he feared for his life and that of his family, he sent Magiam (the brother, of his wife), to America, and his son Osiris, and his daughter Isis to Egypt, who ruled the colonies there. After the destruction of Atlantis, the Anunnaki (“bad” extraterrestrials from the planet Ibiru), having the form of humans, or of giants, or of demons (i.e. those appearing in the black magic) succeeded the Atlantians. The Anunnaki for 13,000 years pretended to be (with their supernatural forces) as the gods of the people on Earth, and introduced or altered various religions. This they did on one hand for the easy manipulation of the believers, and on the other in order to collect and absorb the energy they need, that we give them by worshiping them, believing that we are giving our worship to our God – Prime Creator and to his true representatives. Their actions, permitted initially by the Divine Hierarchy (in order the Earth to pass to the dark and later to retune to light, according to the Divine Plan), they were limited later by the incarnation of divine creatures (like Jesus, Buda, etc) send to help humanity to remember their true origin. However, the Anunnaki they use as their “minions” selected humans and families (Illuminati, bankers, ballooners, kings, etc.) which they assisted to hold highest political and economic positions of power. This lasted until the mid of 1990s decade, when with the “galactic treaty" signed, the Anunnaki left and only the earth minions remained to continue as they used to do so far (and in order not to lose their privileges), their evil plan  of oppression and manipulation of the people. However, this, according to what the extraterrestrials declare, will soon (before 2012) stop and all of them will face the consequences they deserve.

      Moreover, I learned about many other ancient cultures in Earth (in America, in Asia, in Africa, etc), that the extraterrestrials had visited and helped several times in the past. For the life in the ‘‘Hollow Earth’’ its surface, its central sun, the crystal cities and its people, who are already in the fifth dimension and also their etheric capital city (which has gone beyond the fifth dimension). Hollow Earth is already a member of the Galactic Confederation and there are extraterrestrials’ bases that observe and protect our planet from external dangers (e.g. rerouting of hazardous meteorites) and internal (e.g. preventing the actions of dark earthling forces that govern us). They informed me as well of the important assistance that our brothers in Hollow Earth will give us with the “transformation chambers” that have already constructed for us, etc, so as to successfully and in short time complete our DNA upgrade and our entry in the fifth dimension. Given the important role they will have in assisting us and the extraterrestrials in their work i.e. for us to become fully conscious beings. See description of the Hollow Earth, the cities and her people in a separate page of my site II.1.D7).


       I also learned about the parallel universes that can coexist with our universe and how they are created. For the various “Creations” (to which different universes and different “realities” belong to) that are created, go through a cycle of evolution, and after accomplishing their goal (which is mainly the collection of experiences), disappear to be recreated from the beginning. That today's creation is the sixth in the series with main objective of the unification of light and darkness (good and bad), so as to emerge more light, and our Earth holds a key role in achieving this goal. For our ‘‘astral body’’ and the other non-material bodies that we have, for the life after death, the ‘‘God - prime creator’’, for our ‘‘superior self'’ and our communication with him and with our ‘‘advisers’’ and ‘‘angels’’. For the reincarnation and for how we choose our parents and the time and place of our birth. For our ‘‘plan of the experiences’’ we decide to take in each incarnation and is written in the ‘‘book of our life’’, and how we can include changes to it during our life (see my page II.1.D3). For the ‘‘gates of exit’’ from this life, that we have placed ourselves before our incarnation, and we decide (usually subconsciously) during our life which of them to take (i.e when to die). In addition, that sometimes we are incarnated in other planets, or that we come from other planets. In addition for the ‘‘veil’' that covers our memory so that we do not remember (at least consciously) our experiences from our previous lives as well as from the ‘‘other’' (after death) life. That we can sometimes temporally break this veil with ‘‘regressions’' etc, and that in the fifth dimension this veil will not have reason to exist. With this occasion, I would like to say that I have made also efforts for regressions to my previous lives, with the help of four different ‘‘masters’’. None however of these regressions convinced me 100% that I went indeed to previous lives, and that what I saw was not simply a result of my guided imagination.

       I learned about God – the First Creator and other divine entities and the role that each of them plays in the “divine plan.” Among these, I would like to mention the angels and archangels, Lord Metatron, Lord Surea and Archangel Michael (who are taking care of our galaxy). With the last two I feel that I have a subconscious communication receiving guidance and protection, and I feel euphoria whenever I focus my mind to them. Moreover, I learned about the Elochim, who are those who create (i.e. the celestial bodies, etc), the Serafims (who manage the divine plan), Christ, Virgin Mary, Gabriel, Ariel, Ouriel, and all the divine hierarchy (and how this escalates through the universe, the galaxies the constellations and the planets). Also about the physical (with material body) angels, and the ascended masters, among which I motion those that are dealing with our ascension now such as Saint Germaine, Hilarion and Serapis Bey (who is the master of wisdom). I learned about the various divine councils, like that of the nine (the most important one), the seven, the twelve, etc, as well as the four key energies emanating from the First Creator. I also learned about our “higher self” (and the higher self of our higher self, and so forth), our communication with him, with our “divine advisors” and with our “guardian angels”. I learned about our “sister souls”, and that our soul may be incarnated in more than one physical bodies and dimensions. I learned about what consciousness is and what it means to be “fully conscious being”, and the dual role we play in life as “performers” (our material part), and as observers (our spiritual part), and how we can combine these two roles. I also learned about the non-material (etheric) world of the various spirits that are around us, and represent the consciousness of the trees and the plants, as well as the collective consciousness of inorganic material, such as water and crystals and even the consciousness of natural phenomena, such as the weather. With these we can, under certain conditions, communicate, such as to send love to a plant to grow, or to perform the rain dance that the Indians do (dancing to bring the rain). I even learned about the consciousness of the animals, (with them we will be able to communicate when we enter the fifth dimension), and about the dolphins and whales that play an important role for the equilibrium of our planet, and that have high intelligence.

       Moreover I received many questions about how one could have astral travels. I believe that a good way would be to lie down, to relax and to imagine that our consciousness leaves our body and goes up to the ceiling, and from there we try to see what is going on in the room. Trying this repeatedly and without stress for the outcome, we will probably succeed, and then if we are not afraid, we will begin to go far away, and later we may achieve to visit another planet. This process would be much easier if we open and activate with the crystal sounds (that I give in my page II.1.D6) our chakras and in particular the chakra of the “third eye''. Also to the question “how could we communicate with our superior self in order to receive precious information for our choices and our life in general?” the simplest answer is: To lie down, relax and pose the question in our mind, without anticipating a specific answer, (e.g. what we like, or what we fear, etc) and without stress, as if the question refers to another person. We should accept and trust the first thought or picture that will come to our mind from our subconscious, without trying to judge, analyze, or dispute it. The more we trust these answers that we receive from our subconscious, the better contact we establish with our superior self, as long as: a) We should not repeat the same question, which implies that we doubt the answer, (unless in the mean time the conditions have substantially changed). b) We should not occupy our superior self with questions of low importance for our life, because then we may lose the good contact with him.  

       I was also learned about our origin as human beings, our DNA that has only two helixes, (unlike other extraterrestrial beings who have twelve helixes in their DNA) and about the reason for which we remained underdeveloped all these years, and how we can reconnect the remaining 10 helixes in our astral body, in order to multiplying our efficiency as humans. Noteworthy is that the combinations of the chemical elements (codes) that create the helixes of DNA, function also as antennas communicating with and influencing, when they are open, the environment around us. The opening of these antennas depends a lot on our (“good” or “bad”) feelings, and therefore our feelings influence our environment and the people in it (see details in my next pages II.1.D1 and II.1.D5). In addition I learned about the studies that certain extraterrestrials perform in human bodies and in particular in the ‘‘sentimental body’’, taking people while sleeping and bringing them back, without these people remembering in general what happened. I also learned about our various wrong convictions and adherences that have negative impacts on how we feel and on our mental euphoria, as well as consequently on our health. Finally I learned about the great importance of maintaining our ‘‘aura' intact and of “cleaning” it regularly, for our protection against dangers (illnesses, etc.), and not breaking it by internal (negative sentiments, etc.) or external (radiation of mobile telephones, etc) causes, and how to recover when these causes occur (see my page II.1.D3). All the above, which are only a few of what I learned from them, I simply give without any details because are not the main subject of this page. 

       In addition I learned that a lot of the extraterrestrials have been visiting us already for many years now  and they study us, but we do not see them because they and their spacecrafts are in the fifth dimension, while we were in the ‘‘third'’, the clearly material dimension. Only in 2006, we entered in the ‘‘fourth dimension’’ that constitutes the entrance for the fifth dimension, where we will gradually enter from December 2012 until 2017. However, with the use of some appliances the extraterrestrials can bring their vibration down to the fourth dimension and become visible to us, ‘‘wearing’’ also a ‘‘human form’’. So they visit us quite often lately, mainly in order to communicate and deal with certain governments that are influenced by them, (thing that began in 1947 and is done today on a regular basis and in a large scale). If this is true, obviously the governments keep it as top secret. What is also impressive is that certain historical, but also supposed mythical persons of ancient Greece (like the Greek Godes) and of other ancient cultures were extraterrestrials that passed one interval of their life in the Earth and transmitted to us their knowledge.

       Finally, I learned about the great importance that the ‘‘game’’, which is taking place with the entry of the Earth in the fifth dimension, has for our galaxy. In all the other cases when a planet passed from the third to the fifth dimension, all the people died before the passage and were reincarnated in the new dimension, with their fifth dimensional bodies. In the special case of Earth, we are going to enter in the fifth dimension alive, with our third dimensional bodies that change to fifth dimensional, and thus we will carry in the new dimension all our experiences from the previous. This is a ‘‘game’’ of great interest for all extraterrestrials, and they will visit us in large numbers and will remain with us for long periods, acquiring near us new experiences. (Actually they speak for a ‘‘party of experiences’’ that will last on the Earth for at least a thousand years).

       This unique attribute of us, to have experiences from both “bad” and “good” and for how we can move from bad to good, will make people of Earth (when we will become fully fifth dimension beings), precious not only in our galaxy but also to the other galaxies. Thus, they will invite us to give interviews, teaching to those beings these experiences. Therefore, many of us will play the role of ambassador of our solar system, but also the role of the teacher, which means that many interesting journeys await us, which in addition will increase our knowledge and experiences, making us through time very wise beings in our galaxy. Moreover, many of us are programmed to colonize the other “water” planets of our solar system, when they become as well fifth dimensional and obtain water and life, such as Mars, Venus, the Maldek (a new fifth dimension planet), etc, fact that is also expected to occur soon. Finally, they gave me the information that our new DNA will position us at the top of the scale of the fifth dimension civilization, not only in our galaxy but in other galaxies as well. This is something that other civilisations may possibly attempt to use and manipulate us, by offering to us as lure their high technology. For this reason, we must be careful, especially when dealing with cultures of other galaxies where there are still good and bad beings as well.


       In my question when we will all be able to see their spacecrafts and if this will happen in December 2012, their answer was: ‘‘For your time and with the speed you are proceeding you are supposed to see our spacecrafts (if things are proceeding as planned) until the end of 2009 or little later’’. In my recent question, what they mean with “if things are proceeding as planned” the answer was: “Our spacecrafts of the Galactic Confederation (which is a union of many Galactic Federations), are already here, but you will be able to see them when enough people will want us to come and help them, the number of which now increases rapidly with accelerated speed as they are awakening. This is because we respect the universal law of non-interference unless we are asked for. When we will come, we will restructure your whole planet with our technology and we will help you in every aspect, silently, calmly, peacefully and with respect to all cultures of the planet. In addition, we are going to help changing the “frequency” of the people, in order to be in line with the increasing frequency of the planet, because otherwise, the planet will impose its frequency to the people, and that will not be comfortable for them. We have successfully given our technological or other assistance to many other planets and entire star systems that needed our help. We already have contacts and negotiations for decades with your governments but they still show resistance. The obstacle is the difference in ideology with the governing bodies of this planet, who continue to govern by using force and by creating systems that control and enslave the humanity. However, with the evidence we are giving them about the changes that are anyway going to happen in the planet, they begin to change their mind because they realise that they have no other choice, and begin to face the new reality, which are aware of but they still keep it as top secret from the masses”.

       To speed things up, I, together with hundreds of thousands of other members of internet communities, try to inform as many as possible of what is going to happen, because most people are today in despair with what is happening around us, and are praying for a solution. Our effort aims to quickly create a “critical mass” of 1% to 3% of the world’s population that will be positive to the arrival of the extraterrestrials, accepting them as beings who want to help us, so that they will be welcome. However, because most media are controlled and try to ridicule or cover up any reference to UFOs and extraterrestrials, the only mean that remains independent is the Internet (which we mainly us mainly e). There are today hundreds of sites and “internet communities”, (with thousand of videos and millions of members), that discuss about UFOs, extraterrestrials, 2012, the fifth dimension, etc. Already, as I also stated elsewhere, I am a member in 62 such “internet communities”, whose members are close to 2,000,000, where I often post every new information I receive, while I receive daily in my email up to 100 messages from those members, which obviously I do not have the time to read all.

       NOTE: Here I would like to emphasize that it is beyond any doubt that the extraterrestrials are already here on Earth with their spacecrafts. This is proved by hundreds (even thousands) of people who have seen them flying, or landing, or crashed on the ground, and have taken pictures and videos of these events, and in some cases, even pictures of extraterrestrial crews. As proof of the above please visit the Disclosure Project ( ), which is a non-profit research project to uncover the true facts for the UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and disclose (from the governments that have received and cover it) the technology for clean energy and advanced propulsion systems of vessels. The program has more than 400 senior governmental and military officials, (who are now retired) who witness (and are prepared to testify under oath in the parliament) about their direct, personal and first hand experiences with UFOs, extraterrestrials, extraterrestrial technology, as well as about the cover up of this information. On Wednesday, May 9, 2001, over twenty people (military, information officers, government officials, companies officers and research scientists), testified  their experiences in the National Press Club in Washington, in order  to establish the truth about UFOs, extraterrestrial forms of life, and their advanced technologies for energy and propulsion. The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government data and other evidence will reveal without doubt the truth about these phenomena (see the relative video with the testimonies in the above website). The extraterrestrials have given us clean and cheap energy and technology to reduce pollution on our planet, but the governing people who received it, they hide it, due to their interest in various types of fossil fuel. I will copy a phrase that I liked in this video regarding the cover up by the authorities of the USA in all UFO data, etc: “The absence of formal proof is not proof of its absence (meaning of UFOs)”.

       Dr Steven Greer a leading member of the Disclosure Project says, among others, in his video (see # t = 2864) the following: From childhood he had many contacts with extraterrestrials and spacecrafts, and when he grew up joined the above organization and created a school for learning to contact the extraterrestrials. During Clinton government he saw him and the intelligence chief of CIA and informed them about the extraterrestrials, their superior technology that have given to America and to other countries over the past 50 years, and that in an underground U.S. base there are 8 spacecrafts crashed and extraterrestrial corpses. Then he learned, with great surprise, that both the President and all his administration have been denied access to these data, that several hundred people who are a kind of a ''Dark Government'' that are pulling the strings of the Government, and are jealously guarding for themselves the received technology. To his proposals handed to Clinton (with 600 pages report on what happens), got the answer through the Head of the CIA that the president believes that if he will attempt to opose the ''Dark Government” will have the fate of the murdered J. F. Kennedy. In addition $ 100-200 billion per year are spend uncontrolled in projects of the Dark Government. These projects include the creation of spacecrafts that will be presented as extraterrestrial spacecrafts, as well as the creation in due time of scenarios of ''Star Wars'' in order to make people to believe that the extraterrestrials are coming with aggressive purposes, and to have fear, while exactly the opposite happens. Dr Greer also briefed officials of other governments (which are more flexible in sharing such information, than the United States), but they are expecting someone else to make the first movement of disclosure, and then these governments to follow. Already, while when the Disclosure Project was created, only 35% of Americans believed in the existence of extraterrestrials, currently (2009) the believers reached 80%. Even many of the persons that retain now or have access to this information, they begin to believe that many of this information can now be disclosed. Finally as Dr Greer says, and as I firmly believe, if this information will not be revealed by the responsible until a certain time limit, then it will be revealed “by force'' when the proper tine comes. (For methods of free cleen energy see my page II.1.D7).

       In addition, in the National Reference Center for UFOs ( ) you can find tens of thousands of references for UFOs appearances (only for USA), with classification either by state, or by date of incident, or by type of spacecraft, etc. In addition, another UFO reporting centre that I know, (of the many that obviously exist) is in Philippines, where dozens of reports per month (including the August 2009 ending 2 days ago), are posted in the pages of a ning community group having the title "They are hosts of heavens not Ets” ( In addition see the video for the “Golden Age” of David Wilcock ( and many other videos and articles that speak about extraterrestrials the fifth dimension and 2012 in his site ( Furthermore, because the images speak better than words, I post at the end of this text three, of the hundreds of photos (and videos) that have been circulating on the internet. The first two are from the group “Space Brothers” ( of the ning community OV, while the third was sent to me by e-mail from a friend in USA, which photo was taken in August 2009 by Dr. Boylan in Stroudsburg of Pennsylvania in the USA. In fact, now the UFOs are now IFOs, i.e. instead of “Unidentified flying objects” (UFO) are called  Identified Flying Objects (IFO). In addition I have been recently informed (May 2010) by the extraterrestrials, that their uncovered and for long time appearance of their spacecrafts will be more and more often now, in order the people to be accustomed to their existence, (see impressive sightings in Greece in my page II.1.D2). Even I include a 45-minute video presented ones by Walt Disney Television and then banned for any farther presentation, (while someone viewer had been videotaped it), see the It should be noted that this cover up is due (according to a U.S. government official), to the fact that the disclosure of the existence of extraterrestrials “is a dynamite in the foundations of the smooth functioning of the government'', while officials in office who proceeded earlier to such disclosures, were punished even with long-term imprisonment.

       Finally, because there are many discussions about “good” and “bad” extraterrestrials, I would like to add the following: After wars that lasted millions of years between the forces of Galactic Confederation (mainly anthropoid extraterrestrials), and the forces of “darkness” (mainly reptilians, Greys, Anunaki, etc, which they were trying to be the rulers of our galaxy), in 1995 a treaty was signed, and the “bad” ones joined as well the Galactic Confederation and became “good”, in order to acquire as well the “light body” that they were missing. Therefore, since 1998 that had all joined the treaty, there are no longer any more “bad” extraterrestrials in our Galaxy, and the Anunaki who for 13,000 years kept us underdeveloped and slaves, (after the destruction of Atlantis), recently left. They remained however their earthling minions, the ones in power on Earth (politicians, bankers, billionaires, etc.), who continue by momentum (fortunately for very little more time), their dark plan against the masses, hoping in vain in the creation of  a “world (dictatorship) government” and a central control of the economy.

       The above appearance of their spacecrafts is one of the landmarks I use, among others, as criteria in order to verify the accuracy of what I see in my astral travels, (that are presented to me so clear and without any contradictions), and that we are to expect soon an upcoming exiting and splendid (as we will see in my next page II.1.D1) reality. Of course certain appearances of spacecrafts have been observed already, mainly from pilots of military air force, (with an effort to be kept secret), but my question to the extraterrestrials referred to their appearance in front of millions of people. The extraterrestrials, however, prefer before the at large appearance of their spacecraft, to become official announced by the governments for their existence, for the technology that have offered to the governments and for their benevolent intentions, so as not to scare the world by their appearance. Based on recent information that I feceived (in the beginning of January 2010, see my page II.1.D10), these announcements will be made in the coming months of 2010, and even from governments of smaller countries, because the major powers (fully controlled by Illouminati) they try to delay this appearance and intervention.

       At this point, I must add important testimonies of the existence of extraterrestrials on our planet, which were presented by Bob Dean in the relevant conference of Barcelona on 25th July 2009 (see the video In this video, one can see photos of extraterrestrial spacecrafts, many kilometres in length, which accompanied the launches of the Apollo project, which NASA developed and delivered to the Japanese, (on the basis of a high price contract they had with them), where from the speaker obtained them because NASA had classified them as top secret. It also showed satellite photographs of an extraterrestrial base on the surface of Mars, as well as an underground city (see site The same person stated that, while working on a relevant governmental project had been teleported to Mars and had met the extraterrestrials there. Moreover, another former government researcher, Arthur Neumann, stated in the same conference that he had also been teleported to Mars and had attended an hourly conference by the extraterrestrials in an underground base. The same person had been teleported earlier from an underground base in the USA to Australia, for vacation.

       Lastly, a third former governmental researcher in atomic energy said that he ascertained that two of his collaborators, who provided ideas and solutions in the research, could not be from Earth. Therefore, he asked them about their opinion concerning the human race and one of them said: Since you ask, you are, by our standards, primitive, savage and you are dangerous for yourselves and for others. That is why we are here to help you, while the other one added that we have a bad odour. In the conference, he also supported that the manned missions to space took place with the help of extraterrestrials. Otherwise, they would have required a 60 cm lead armouring of the capsule, to protect from the intense radiation in space, which would have made the launching impossible due to weight. In addition, you can see many important people speaking about the extraterrestrials, and many photos of spacecrafts in the video!, as well as Henry McElroy in the video who was briefing Eisenhower about the presence of  the extraterrestrials, while Eisenhower met these “alien astronauts” in 1961. In addition I have learned recently (May 2010) from the extraterrestrials that unconcealed and long time views of their spacecraft, will becoming more and more frequent now, in order people to become familiar with their existence (see the spectacular views in Greece in my page II.1.D2). I still have being informed that the dark forces with the technology acquired and continually improving, they tried five times so far to present their own spacecrafts as extraterrestrial spacecrafts, and even in aggressive actions against the planet, in order people to believe that the extraterrestrials are our enemies and to avoid them, and all these five times the Galactic Confederation stooped these plans.

       I have not seen spacecrafts or something relevant, but I have seen a vision (September 2007) during the nightfall in my veranda. With the right side of my eye, I saw three individuals dressed in something like tunic, but when I turned to look at them, they disappeared. This fact also influenced me to start writing, in the same month, these pages. Finally, I give an elementary description of what the extraterrestrials say about the conditions that will prevail on the Earth of the fifth dimension, (conditions that exist long ago on other fifth dimensional civilizations) in the next page of my site: II.1.D1 THE EARTH IN THE FIFTH DIMENSION


       Because I received many questions about what is going on with extraterrestrials of other star nations, I hereby give certain information about four more star nations. The Lyra, the Sirius, the Centaur, and the galaxy of Andromeda (obviously, these are the names we give them and not the ones they give themselves). I have chosen these because we, on Earth, descend from them, through colonization and reincarnation, while the largest part is covered by Sirians and Pleiadeans. This is the reason why the above-mentioned nations and civilizations (with the prominence of the Sirians) are the ones mainly concerned about our Earth, among the 50 (approximately) star nations which are presently in our solar system, in order to bring us swiftly, comfortably and securely into the fifth dimension. Indeed, because people from Earth have the privilege of being constituted of a mixture of these civilizations, when we enter the fifth dimension and acquire full consciousness (which is when our memories of our stellar origin is returned), we will comprise a prominent nation in our galaxy, which will combine the qualities of all these civilisations. For this and for the other aforementioned reasons concerning the important role of our planet, we will in constitute a kind of tutors - mentors for other nations. The common characteristics of these civilizations are as follows:

       Their height varies from 1.75 m (5 feet 10 in. mainly for women) to 2.10 m (7 feet mainly for men) and they bear characteristics of all races of Earth (blond, dark, African, Chinese, red-skinned, etc) but, also, with light blue or orange skin colour, depending on their place of origin. They usually live from 1000 (Pleiadeans) to 3000 (Sirians) years and even more. They die when they, themselves, decide to, while the appearance of adults is of a person aged 20-30 years old and they are especially handsome as they can form their bodies as they desire and they remain continuously healthy. The colours of their clothes are simple and are usually indicative of their function (e.g. blue for the scientists, light blu for the diplomats, brown for the administrators, purple for the ones involved in spiritual matters, etc.) Their nutrition usually consists of tw meals daily. These are thick, colourful protein soups of high energy, of different tastes depending on the preferences of each star nation, which are created by simulators and served in bowls.

       About their spacecrafts, they are more or less similar to the ones of the Pleiadeans. The scout ships are usually 15-100 metres in length, with a crew of 8-20 people. They have different shapes depending on the star nation they come from and these are the ones which will land during our first contact, about 10 million during the first phase and 100 million in the second one. So every inhabitant of Earth will have contact with an extraterrestrial consultant (mentor, in which mentors are included our brothers of the Hollow Earth), who will inform him and train him to use the new abilities they will acquire.The Administrative ships have a length of a few kilometres, a crew of a few thousand people and they house many scout ships. Lastly, the mother ships have a size of hundreds of kilometres with vast capacity and they can carry many ships of the other two categories. These are the ships in which they travel from one star nation to the other, or go to other galaxies. Each star nation has its own culture and is famous for the special skills in different sectors. So one star nation complements the other, while they are all characterized by their very high technology and spirituality and they all have (without exception) ascended through evolution to beings of unconditional love for everyone, without oppositions and competitions, which is also something valid for all non humanoid extraterrestrials of the fifth and above dimensions. In detail, we can say these about each star nation:

       1) Lyrians. The star nation of Lyra is the origin of humanoid beings (which make up the 40% of our galaxy) and they started emigrating to other star nations of our galaxy millions of years ago. Their main star, the Vega, is 26 light years away from us. They are excellent diplomats, which is why their cloths are usually light blue. They have, just like the Pleiadians, the administration system of 12 Councils. Administratively, 64 people make up a “pondlet”, 500 pondlets make up a “pond” and 11.000 ponds make up a “clan”. The clans make up the planets which make up the “solar systems”, which make up the star nations, while 200.000 star nations of the galaxy make up the “Galactic Federation of Light”, (which helps in our ascension to the fifth dimension) and all together form the “Galactic Confederation”,  part of which is the Galaxy of Andromeda. The other star nations discussed here have a similar administrative system, with the difference of the Sirians, as well as a few other star nations, which have a 6-council administrative system.

       2) Sirians. The star nation of Sirius B is situated 8 light years away from us and it is where our own solar system was before the Eloheem transferred it to its present position, in order to achieve the great experiment of our transition with our physical bodies to the fifth dimension. The Sirians are famous for their spirituality (thus, their usual cloths are purple), and their priests travel to different star nations and organize rituals which seek to bring harmony and evolution to the whole galaxy. They are full of energy and lead the mission of the 50 (approximately) star nations they have been assigned to help us regarding our ascension to the fifth dimension. Their goal is for happiness to prevail in whatever they do. Sirius is the home planet of many “ascended masters” such as St Germain and other religious leaders, while Buddha comes from Andromeda. Note here that the ascended masters are souls who, through a series of incarnations have reached perfection and they do not need other incarnations. They come down to Earth and to other planets only to provide specific help which is needed to be given to the people. Many such ascended masters will accompany the extraterrestrials in order to help with our spiritual ascension so that we become fully conscious beings in the fifth dimension.

       3) Andromedans. Andromeda comprises a galaxy which is 2.2 - 2.5 million light years away from our own. The Andromedans, which consist of many star nations, with different cultures, speak a million different dialects (a fact that is not a problem since besides telepathic communication, they have small devices of automatic translation). Despite the great distance between us, they are closely connected to the inhabitants and activities of our galaxy. The Andromedans have colonized a constellation of our galaxy and therefore are members of our Galactic Confederation. They are brilliant scientists and researchers, that is why we mentioned above that Andromeda is the centre of intelligence. Their appearance varies and covers all the races we have on Earth, as for their clothes, they are usually blue and orange. They have developed excellent activities in matters of recreation and ceremonies, where they use magnificent musical instruments, while their main goal is the continuous improvement of the environment, with which they communicate and they transform. As regards their lifespan (2000-2500 years), food, etc, they are the same as in our own galaxy, while they have constructed, apart from the common ones, spacecrafts of plasma, which are invulnerable and invisible, as we mentioned above. It is worth noting that after the peace treaty between the “good” (mostly humanoid) and the “bad” (mostly reptilian) extraterrestrials, the use and the equipment of all the war spacecrafts were changed.

       4) Centauries. Centaur is the nearest star nation to Earth. Is in only 4.5 - 5 light years away and it consists of 3 main stars. It has been a colony of Lyra and Andromeda, who went there three million years ago, thus they look like them. They are especially skilful in administration and organization and they, as well as the inhabitants of the star nation of Hercules, can handle successfully large groups of people of different origins and abilities. (By the way, the star nation of Hercules is 112 light years away from us and its inhabitants are considered excellent psychologists.) The colour of their clothes is brown (administrative) and gold and they are full of energy. They enjoy communicating with the environment with love, and to “converse” with animals and plants. Their small Mother Ships have the peculiarity of being formed by three tubes with a length of 16 kilometres and a diameter of 5.5 kilometres each, which are connected in pairs of two by communication tunnels, so that (in cross-section) they are the angles of an equilateral triangle, the sides of which are the communication tunnels. The Centaurians were the first to colonise Atlantis while, after its distraction, it was taken over by the Annunaki from the planet Imbiru, who as we have seen, they ruled us through their Earth minions (Illuminati, etc.) for 13.000 years. The Anunnaki left, following the signing of the galactic peace treaty but the Illuminati still remained trying to continue (fortunately for a little while longer) the tyranny of our planet.

       Before I finish I include a description of my friend Sharon for her planet Altone of Andromeda (that she lives now on Earth) and is as follows: Dear George, The differences with what you descrine fir Andromeda are not that great but I really want you to know what my planet looks like, plus our twin planet. As you know my planet is Altone, it is a blue green planet like Earth, with varying weather also like Earth, just much milder and pleasant. Each season is a joy to see comong as there is not the harshness as there is on Earth. We believe that all life is important and that all have the right to it; there is no crime or violence including the mistreatment of animals or trees. Not to mension the plants, as we see everything as a living breathing soul with the same right to life. Now we do not prune or take flowers to enjoy in our homes, as that would be untrue, but we thank them for allowing us to be with them. Because we are fifth dimensional beings we do not need to eat, as we do here on Earth; yet we enjoy a good holographic meal now and then; we get our nourishment from the environment. We do not have digestive tracks as yet we enjoy the taste of certain foods, hence the holographic meals are fabulous.

       Our main crop is hemp and we use it for many many things. Because we feel trees are alive and should not be killed we make a product that is like wood and feels like wood but isn't. Our twin planet that acts also like a moon, is inhabited by a race that would appear like insects to you. They are very large, yet very intelligent. On their planet they have what we do not have as a resource, so together we are able to make a product that looks something like wood; we use this to build our houses with, yet like other planets we also use crystals. We are a very old race one of the oldest; we live to be between 2000-2500 years and when we die it is our choice and we can go wherever we feel that the desire or need to move on in our evolution will be. We are of various skin colors ranging from very white, or white and freckled (that are what I am), to amber in color that my daughter is. Our eyes are like yours in various colors, and mine are sea blue, both my daughter’s are brown as are my son’s and husband’s. Men can range in heights from 6' - 7'1/2' women from 6' to 7'. When we marry, we marry for life, yet before we marry we enjoy our lives as well as sex as we find that very enjoyable. There is more but for now this will do, I want to address the other part of your question.



 Furthermore in order to support, supplement and crosscheck the above information that I received from the Pleiadians, I give you below the information that a charismatic person Dr. Sheldan Nidle ( site: has received on 7 April 2009 from the Sirians, (see also my pages II.1.D1, II.1.D2, II.1.D4, II.1.D5, II.1.D7, II.1.D8, II.1.D10, and II.1.D11 for similar messages). This text, although it is long, I copy without any changes. It mainly refers to the fist contact that the extraterrestrials prepare to have soon with us. In addition gives details about the precious assistance they are going to give us, in order to help us to totally transform our life and our present reality, to restore us to full consciousness and become fully fifth dimensional. In addition I give below selected paragraphs for another four similar messages. The messages are as follows:

       1ST  MESSAGE: Selamat Jarin! (greetings in Sirian) We come with more information for you. As you know, our Earth allies are on the verge of success. Their plans are to change your present world of lack and limitation into a realm of abundance. This project includes a legal foundation that permits them to alter the world that you now know. All this fits nicely into our first contact plans despite the fact that they are far more complex than any we have known. Normally, a whole host of preconditions followed by a series of special negotiations precedes first contact. In your case, planetary conditions prevent us from observing the usual protocols. We are relying instead upon a special group of well-placed and wealthy individuals to achieve our preliminary objectives. This initial phase, generally called the 'awakening,' is somewhat tedious. It includes the work that Heaven is doing to return each of you to full consciousness. It also involves the grand work so far accomplished by our Earth allies. To aid them in this, we offer our advice and good offices when needed. This phase is nearing the last steps before its manifestation in the public arena.

      The 'awakening' phase includes the announcements of our existence by the transitional governments and other actions that are to prepare your world for our arrival. If these preliminaries proceed smoothly, they can take the place of the initial contacts required of a normal contact operation. We are setting up liaison teams that can work with the new governments to create programs elucidating various aspects of first contact and to introduce the technologies currently withheld from you. To these will be added some of our technology which can boost the present capabilities of your devices. It is important that your present apprehension and worry about us be dispelled as positively as possible. This can go a considerable way toward easing you from your awakening phase into the next one, which consists of the actual mass contact. Under Heaven's guidance we are doing everything possible to make this first-contact mission as complete as it normally would be. Assisting us in an advisory capacity are the Agarthans, your Inner Earth cousins. They are keen to reunite with you and re-form a planetwide galactic society.

      The actual first contact operation still comprises two options: The first consists of a mass landing without government announcements and, hence, you are still unaware of our existence and intentions. We will, however, make our own series of broadcasts to prepare the way for our ships. As you can imagine, this option is the more difficult one. Over the years we have discovered a great many things about you that stress the importance of preparatory announcements by your governments. Also, there are sinister elements in your dark cabal that are abnormally fearful of us. They view us as interlopers in their grand scheme to turn your world into a realm of tyranny and hopelessness where they and their cohorts can rule supreme. They will use anything in their dirty bag of tricks to stop us. The second option is the one we update you on each week. The first is only an emergency back up in the event that the present course is unable to be achieved within the timetable given to us by Heaven.

      We have talked at length with our Earth allies and the Agarthans, and all agree that a series of preliminary governmental announcements are required. In due course our own galactic federation broadcasts will be made as part of the mass-landing operation. Our Earth allies have suggested that we participate in a few joint projects and this will be made known by the caretaker regimes. The idea is for your fears to be assuaged by our open cooperation with your governments. Your 'sci-fi' literature and mass entertainment programs are filled with deliberately false and scary images about us. These need to be countered by some well-executed and positive episodes of mutual cooperation with you. This can go far in encouraging trust and setting the stage for our mass arrival. During this time we intend to begin putting into operation some of our technology and this can become more widely used after the mass landings.

      After you are prepared for our arrival and understand why we have come, we can proceed with the mass landings. From our standpoint, these will be unusually extensive owing to the huge numbers of craft involved. We need to land counselors, one for each human on the planet, and technicians to install a series of devices, such as replicators for each household. You will require instruction on how to use, communicate with, and maintain this technology. In essence, its operation is quite simply, but it is nonetheless a very powerful, sentient interactive device. It does what many of you may consider to be miraculous. Hence, you can see that it is important for you to actively participate in the initial meetings between us. These can go a long way in preparing you for the first information we shall be giving you about your metamorphosis into fully conscious Galactic Humans. There is much to cover in a short space of time.

      The post-landing period is to last about four months, during which you can get to know and trust your assigned mentor. This individual knows all about you: your history and life path, what stage you are at, and who you are to become once the metamorphosis process is completed. Your transformation back into full consciousness involves a lot of complex, detailed change to your many energy systems. To this end, each person will have a Light chamber personally calibrated to their own requirements. It can mend and restore all the damage and 'unplugging' done to your RNA/DNA during the latter days of Atlantis. It will reconstitute and unify your 13-chakra system and bring it on line, and your lost physical, mental, and spiritual abilities will be restored. Heaven's mandate that you be restored to full consciousness in this way is quite unique in the annals of Federation history! You are indeed to become very special Beings of Light.

      Once you are fully conversant with all aspects of your restoration process, you can be shown your specially prepared residence in an Inner Earth crystal city. It will be identical to your then-current surface dwelling. Placed next to it is your personal Light chamber which will complete your change into a fully conscious galactic human. Your guidance team and assigned mentor are to watch over you very carefully during your time in the Light chamber. They will monitor your energy systems while a cascade of interdimensional Light converts your RNA/DNA and your body's chakra system into the 12-strand genetics and the 13 chakras that characterize a galactic human. During this time you are to go over your many 'past' lives and learn what your true objectives are for this one. At last the mystery of who you really are can be revealed!

      After your transformation in the Light chamber you will need a period of acculturation which we call full consciousness etiquette. You are now a fully sentient being, possessing quite unfamiliar powers that require a new sense of responsibility and mindfulness. In a sense, you are to go to 'school' to learn to control and use your new powers, including telepathy, clairvoyance, rejuvenation, and teleportation. For example, you can now 'hear' not only everybody's thoughts but also the Song of the Universe! You are now literally 'one' with everything and you need to learn how to fine-tune your abilities to avoid physical, mental, and emotional overload. You need to learn the cultural and social etiquette that will allow you to fit in easily with your galactic family and to know the great inner joy that is your heritage.

      Today, we talked about more aspects of what lies just ahead for you. We have prepared in great detail for all contingencies surrounding First Contact. We are confident that the time for all this is close. Know that something magnificent is just around the corner! We now take our leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

       In addition, I include below four paragraphs from a previous similar message (as of 24.Mar 2009) referring to the special importance of planet Earth and to the changes that already have started, which are as follows:

      2ND  MESSAGE: Greetings! We come before you once again! Your planet is preparing to move into the next stage of her return to full consciousness. This development is accompanied by a similar move by all the water planets in the solar system. Thus, Mars, Venus, and the remnants of Pax (the trans-Martian world) are beginning to show more noticeable activity. Your Sun is now aligning herself with the multidimensional energy streaming forth from the galactic core. Indeed, a vast new rhythm is taking hold. This new patterning is imprinting itself upon all elements in your solar system. This is causing Mars to increase her seismic activity and bring some of her abundant subterranean water up to the surface, especially at the poles. Venus is likewise demonstrating strange cooling effects in her lower atmosphere as well as increased levels of volcanism. Many of the asteroids that once formed Pax are moving around each other in quite odd ways. In the last few months, the Sun has displayed some very unusual behaviour as she moves through her current sunspot cycle.

      All this activity is in anticipation of a tremendous amount of sacred instruction that is originating from the centre of physicality. This great signal is affecting literally billions and billions of galaxies. Physicality is nearing a great shift that is destined to move a new Light throughout it. We have watched this taking form from data received from our Science and Engineering (S&E) fleets scattered throughout this galaxy. Similar reports have come from science fleets stationed in other nearby galaxies. We are on the edge of the great changes prophesied eons ago by Heaven. This excites us, and we come here at this time to tell you about what we are observing. These energies are a herald of a great Light that is to change us in the very near future. We ask that you understand two things about these energies: First, they do not represent anything calamitous; they are a positive force for change within our numerous realms. Second, they are going to transform you into something whole, wonderful, and good, as well as utterly transforming what you now know as your present reality.

      Physicality has gone through many stages of development since it was first created eons ago. In this sector, a number of interlinked realities have come together to form this galaxy. You know very little of its true nature and its real size. Long ago, the Creator tossed some special seeds into physicality. Within them was the blueprint for all that you now see when you look up into the night sky. This world that you call Mother Earth carries one such special seed within her, making your home planet a very special place. Humans across this galaxy live on worlds that are named in her honor. To gaze upon her is to look in awe at the entity chosen by the Creator to forge this galaxy. To be here is to be someone special. Yet we look around and see how, in your great ignorance, you constantly rape this sacred entity! Once you have morphed into a galactic human, you will be able to comprehend what you have done and will dearly wish to make amends to her.

      The transitional phase of your return to full consciousness began well over a year ago. The first part of this phase has now passed, bringing with it the huge amounts of chaos and confusion that you see around you. These things are intrinsic to the early stages of this transition. Now you are entering a new phase, and the moment quickly approaches for a great change in your affairs. Your world is full of rumours about this and we have carefully monitored everything as you world heads toward a supposed great precipice. The worse part seems yet to come as the first blows leave your society still largely intact. Change of this magnitude does not come easily. A great dark demon needs to be exorcised from your world. This horrendous demon is losing its stranglehold on this reality, and new things are just below the horizon, waiting to show themselves. We watch and now wait in joy for what is readying itself to appear.

       Moreover, I include below three paragraphs from another similar message (as of 17.Mar 2009) referring to our history and the contacts of the extraterrestrials with our governments, which are as follows: 

      3RD  MESSAGE: When the Anunnaki arrived here after the fall of Atlantis, your world was in a shambles. They used this opportunity to reshape your world and told you a fable about your origins. Time and again you discarded these lies, each time incurring the destructive wrath of these dark overlords. The Anunnaki persisted, until finally you succumbed to their fictitious creed around the time of the dawn of your recorded history. Since then you have been subservient to the Anunnaki's appointed minions. This period is now at an end. Ahead of you is a time to reassess everything and to prepare for our arrival. It is a very special divine moment, in which you can thank Mother Earth and begin to make up for the destruction unthinkingly perpetrated upon her without mercy or thanks for the gifts she gave you. It is the moment to end a death culture that has produced endless wars, mass hatred, and deep artificial schisms between you. For eons you doled out the same callous behaviour toward each other that you visited upon Mother Earth.

      All of this has a divine timing. Within this framework our primary brief is first of all to be the divine, benevolent overseer; that is, to prevent global catastrophe such as nuclear war. We have been warning your governments repeatedly since the end of the Second World War not to consider this an option. Nevertheless, at certain moments in your recent history global conditions brought us close to a massive divine intervention. All governments receive briefings on these matters in which we are very clear about the dos and don'ts. We give our warning and we leave as we came. We carefully monitor your planet and these strange, spiteful entities you call government. Our relationship with these organizations is dubious at best, though some of them do have a more positive attitude toward us and have actually cooperated to the point of some degree of disclosure regarding 'UFOs.'

      While these regimes' direction generally aligns with the desires of the Illuminati, some have become friendlier over the past decade. This may be enlightened self-interest because of what is now happening globally. A quiet worldwide revolution is gaining a reputation as an unstoppable force, and many recognize an urgent need to address this, for example, by providing a higher degree of transparency for their citizens on a number of vital issues. Public pressure is also beginning to force a reassessment on their policy toward UFOs, and some grudging attempts at disclosure are taking place despite the sceptics’ overall upper hand in this area. But, as with the dark, their grip is loosening. A new wave of officials in several nations can see the "writing on the wall" and are more willing to set some much-needed precedents for the disclosure process.

       Also, I include below one paragraph from another similar message (as of 10.Mar 2009) referring to the banks, (which supports what Pleiadians told me about the banks), which is as follows:

      4TH  MESSAGE: The way banks presently operate is criminal. This is the reason for the decision that a more regulated system is necessary. Further, this system is to comprise a number of regional currencies that have equal status, but these are to be only temporary. A great global abundance is to begin manifesting along with the announcements and this will eventually eliminate the need for banks entirely. So, part one is to remove the old financial restrictions; part two spreads an increasing abundance. This leads to a slew of financial education programs that make everyone on this world wealthy and capable of handling all that wealth entails. You are moving into a world that goes beyond money and limited resources and are thus freed up to concentrate on Love, peace, and mutual understanding and appreciation. This is what sets the stage for a most wondrous first contact event!

       Finally, I include below five paragraphs from the more recent similar message (as of 14.April 2009), referring mainly to the way of facing the opposition that governments and others present to their divine plan, which are as follows:

       5TH  MESSAGE: Meanwhile, our Earth allies are ferreting out the last attempts being set up by the dark ones to defer the inevitable. The excessively byzantine nature of their operations never ceases to amaze us! Indeed, the level of stealth and deceit seems to increase in proportion to the soaring levels of consternation among the cabal leadership. This uncertainty is delaying the deliveries and causing some frustration among our delivery teams. But never doubt that when the moment finally arrives, this first phase of our Earth allies' plan is to be executed with lightning speed! Also on hold are the plans to replace a number of major governments on the planet with caretaker regimes. Those assigned to this particular task feel confident they are ready to go once the deliveries are completed. Until then, teams of top-echelon personnel stand ready to take over the cabinet posts and ranking administrative positions in these new regimes. None of these individuals is to be revealed until the time comes for this mass-action regime change to occur.

      All is now ready. The only thing gumming up the works is the rearguard activities of the remaining cabal diehards. All our combined personnel involved in this final push are working all out to get this last part done. We are restricted to operating with great circumspection as the cabalists are on the lookout to amplify any action on our part that they deem too 'direct,' and we have had to come up with an under-the-radar approach to boost the pace of our Earth allies' action teams. On another front, the deposits of the newly printed global currencies and their gold and silver backing grow by the day and are already at a level where the new global monetary system is ready to be implemented. Again, it is the continuing delays that make it difficult to go forward with our joint plans. Meanwhile, your world teeters on the edge of further, deepening financial crises, with the next wave of 'difficulties' set to appear in the late spring. But be assured we have done much to minimize the fallout from this. We are focusing on having the first part of our plans manifested before then. Know that we feel deeply for the burdens you bear at this time!

      In our opinion it is unfortunate that this first contact has taken so long to come about. Your struggles are legendary among us. For starters, you are in the midst of challenging transformations to all your energy systems, and to undergo these changes during such trying global circumstances is also not usual during a first contact. For our part, sitting on the sidelines and monitoring is not a normal role for us. Heaven tells us, and we heartily concur, that you are special. Long ago, many things happened that left you much reduced in mind and body, and disconnected from Spirit. This point in time is all about returning you to your previous state of Being, and our purpose is to use this first contact to complete this operation. To this end, we assembled a very large fleet, filled with the beings who are to mentor and train you when the moment arrives. Until then, we are to assist our Earth allies and advise them on what they need to prepare for, as the changes are to happen in a rapid-fire sequence that requires the correct responses.

      In this reality you meet your Inner Earth cousins and begin a grand reunion with them that is to constitute the core of your new star nation. When we come, we bring with us knowledge of many things, including a history of your world mostly unknown to you. This new history details a quite different origin for humanity, designating you as extraterrestrials, as your geneticists know full well. You can be described as a unique and indeed 'abnormal' Earth primate! You simply do not fit. Genetically, you are closer to cetaceans than chimps and orangutans. When you know more about your origins, all this will make a lot of sense to you. Until then, be patient. But it is as well to prepare for a number of your central teachings to come crashing down around your ears!

      Your new reality is being born in a storm of anguish and panic unleashed by your dark masters. These cold and heartless men and women are not to be looked up to; rather, they are more properly to be viewed as the foolish, misled descendants of the first earth minions of the Anunnaki. They still hope that their erstwhile off-world masters will come to their rescue, but this is not to be. What is to happen is their ignoble surrender and your jubilant victory. The 'catchers of men' have themselves been caught, and now their fate is sealed. You are destined to witness miracles and wonder as the time for the return of your full faculties approaches. Your spiritual and space families are ready to embrace you and welcome you back to full participation in the affairs of the galaxy!




            Ph01 First photo of UFOs

Ph02 Second photo of UFOs

             Ph03 Third photo of UFOs   




C2g265a Tree in the colorful night

C2g625a  The soft sting of the flower

C2g365a  The cataract of abundance         




Bg354  Our worries that are chasing us

C2n32  Three explosive princesses  

Bg56   A view of our great expectations




Be07  Sparkling stars of Super cosmos

C2g730  The aura of Kremlin    

An189  A valley in the burning planet




C1n16  The green galaxy of Andromeda

Bg517  The dence forest of our thouts

Bg51 Green flower of another planet




Cd372 Red cliffs by the coast in the 4th and 5th dimension

Cd657 Cloudy mountains in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Cd739 A red calm sea in the 4th and 5th dimensions




Ch472  A small atoll in the 5th dimension

Bh45  The spirits of the mountains in the 5th dimension 

Cd126  A dry valley in the 4th and 5th dimensions