Bg43   Living precious stones

C2n37 The pearly tower of our dreams

Bg399 Layers of extraterrestrial minerals




C1n27  A blossomed forest in spring

C1g120  Birds in the crystal garden   

C1g150  The garden with the creatures of flames




C1g241 Trees in the green sky

C2n84  The beauties and the beast              

C1g117  In the magic garden            


      The ‘'third dimension'’ in which the Earth was up to October 2006 is a clearly material dimension as we have experienced up to now. In the ‘'fourth dimension'’ where we are now, the matter has become thinner and is vibrated faster, as a preparation for the ‘'fifth dimension'’. Thus the frequency of the pulses of the Earth has risen from just over 7 that was in the third dimension to close to 13, while the consciousness of people is changing and are awaking, their intuition is enabled, and some acquire psychic abilities. This however does not mean that today (June 2010) we have all become people of the forth dimension, but our number increases daily. In the fifth dimension where we are moving the matter around and inside us will become even thinner (etheric), (the empty space in and between the atoms - material particles will be much larger) and will vibrate even faster. In addition, the spirit will dominate on the matter and our thoughts will gradually create our reality, guiding the matter as e.g. the magician in the fairy tales does with his magic spill kin. The fifth dimension will at the end of 2012 and the changes it will create will be completed by 2017. Noteworthy is that after 2012 the calendar and the time we know changes (see for the calendar my page II.1.D4), and consequently 2017 is given based on the current (old) calendar. Then, from what the extraterrestrials say (and their information converges), marvellous things will happen, which even if they prove to be ‘‘faithful wishes’’ as many may believe, at least they are very optimistic and would help us feel much better and therefore become healthier, if we believe that are  probable to happen, as I already believe myself.

    In this dimension, the illnesses will recede and our body will remain healthy obeying to our will, while it will be  adapted gradually in the body type that we wish as well as in the age we wish, facts that will allow us to live many and comfortable years. The food will not constitute so much a necessity, since we will take the energy that our body needs also from other sources, but rather a gustatory pleasure. The gravity will be overcome fact that will influence a lot our constructions, our transportations and our movements from place to place. Our vehicles in general will not need fuels and will follow certain ‘‘energy lines’’, while they can change directions where these lines cross. The possibility will also exist for teleportation i.e. to be able to pass (as through a beam) instantly to another place with our material body. Here it is worthy to say that according to the extraterrestrials, apart from our material body that we all know, we have in our ‘‘aura’’ other non material (energy bodies) that are around us like the layers of the onion. One of these, where also the sentiments are based, will acquire particular importance in the fifth dimension. Still we will all have the power to see the aura, which contains precious information about our past and about us, and by which we influence and we are influenced by the people around us.

      In more detail our transportation methods will pass through three stages as follows. a) Before even becoming fifth-dimensional we will use cars to travel on existing roads using clean (not polluted) free (that does not use fuel etc.) energy (such as costless electricity, etc.). This technology already exists but the governments are covering it due to the interests of the oil companies. Details for the different forms of free clean energy, whether due to Earth inventors, or are an extraterrestrial technology, I am going to give (because of the many questions I receive) in my future page II.1.D7. b) In addition with techniques that eliminate the gravity, large flying vehicles transporting goods and passengers will be flying with very high speeds, also using free clean energy, as well as we will have smaller flying personal vehicles used as personal cars. This technology is also given by the extraterrestrials, but is kept as top secret by the governments that have received it. This technique can be used also after becoming fifth-dimensional, primarily for transportation of materials etc. c) After becoming fifth-dimensional we can be teleported (beamed) in seconds, either alone, or together with our vehicles (along with our passengers and our belongings) to any point of the planet we wish, and for interplanetary travel (even in other galaxies) we will be teleported in our spacecrafts in a few minuets (mainly using mother spacecrafts if it is for intergalactic travels, see my previous page II.1.D). Thus after 2012, roads, railroads, terminals, etc, that so mach destroyed the environment will become useless.

      Our constructions, like houses, buildings, etc, will be constructed much easier than today, and they might be moved in other places, if their residents decide to change their environment, as is done already in other planets. Also it will be possible to construct floating cities, that will be totally self sufficient of whatever needs they have, and to travel in the seas. The various spaces – rooms, while they have their external dimensions, when you enter in them, a new ‘‘internal’’ dimension will be presented to you, large enough to cover all your needs, fact that happens also in many extraterrestrial spacecrafts. In addition, you can arrange certain sides of the building to have a different view in different places of the world, (without however this to facilitate direct access to these places), thing that when I first saw it, it was very surprising. Also big impression made to me the intense, beautiful and unusual colours, that also move making the objects to look alive and as if are breathing, and I expect to enter in the fifth dimension in order to enjoy these colors daily. With regard to the electric energy, each building will have in the roof a small appliance that will collect energy that enters from the universe and goes to the centre of the Earth, when it enters and when it comes out, and this energy will cover, without expense, all our domestic energy demand. In addition the cadastre, the recording office, and other relevant public files will be useless, since everything will be written in the aura of persons and objects that everyone can read.

     Given that each one will be able to read the other people’s thoughts through telepathy, there will exist in general no secrets between the people, with has as a result the marriages to become considerably limited (only to people that really love each other), and the personal relations to lose to a large extent the exclusivity between two individuals and to become more free, as they are in the other civilisations of the galaxy. The need for monogamy will cease to exist since the soul does not ask for it. In addition, the births will be limited, fact that however will not influence the population of the Earth, since the average age will be increased impressively. The current systems of administration and governing will collapse and new will be created. Since will not exist any self-interest, the persons that have leading, or administrative positions, will not enjoy particular privileges, despite the increased responsibilities and pressure of work in comparison with the other people. However they will be much fewer than they are today, since the people will be in general able to cover most of their needs themselves. They will be at some way real ‘‘servants’’ of the society, and they will enjoy their work, as they enjoy it today those who offer charitable work. Also the courts and the prisons will cease to exist, since gradually people will develop relations of unselfish love. Those who will choose to live in a different way, they will be ‘‘punished’’ by the conditions that the life they have chosen will create for them, until they realise that they have to be adapted as the rest of the people. Certain ‘‘advanced’' persons that will have entered first in the fifth dimension, they will have as their main task to help the others to enter as well, and to utilize all the possibilities of the fifth dimension. Finally the interplanetary travels, the contact with other civilisations, the rituals and the accumulation of new knowledge and experiences, will constitute some of the most basic ‘‘entertainments’’ of the people in the fifth dimension.

       Dissatisfied from these changes will be perhaps only those that are used to have the power, to use other people and to gather for themselves all the material goods, things that in the fifth dimension they will not be able to do. However even those will become obligatorily adapted, receiving also the many other advantages of the fifth dimension. In any case, as it is generally supported, in the universe does not exist ‘‘lack’’ but ‘‘abundance’’ of everything, that everyone can enjoy. In addition in the fifth dimension we will have access to the ‘‘ether (or akasic) archives’’ where all universal information is filed, having thus direct access to knowledge etc, and will not exist any more confidential secrets, nor will we need the type of schools we have today. Finally, we will be able to materialize objects (food, cloths, furniture and fittings, apparatus, etc) that we need, power that certain guru in the Far East already have (in a minimum degree), as we hear, and generally we do not believe. The climate in Earth will become subtropical, (that is much warmer than today), and a lot of the ice will melt. The pollution will be limited to minimum, while we will transform the garbage from matter to energy. A lot of attention will be given in keeping the environment in an excellent condition.

       Referring to the fears of catastrophes and millions of deaths during the passage to the fifth dimension, the extraterrestrials support that this (that was initially probable to happen), finally has been avoided, and any wars will be of limited character, as well as any natural catastrophes. Although the crust of the Earth will change dramatically and new lost continents will reappear (Lemuria in the Pacific, Atlantis in the Atlantic, and Great Srilanka in the Indian ocean, while the Sahara and other dry areas will be transformed into lakes, so that the Earth surface will consist of about 50% land and 50% water), however these changes will be made slowly permitting the transfer of the population (with the help of the extraterrestrial’s spacecrafts), either to safer places or to the Hollow Earth ( see description of the Hollow Earth in my page II.1.D7). Thus scenarios that I often see in the internet (and certain are supposed to have scientific base), as e.g. that in 2012 the magnetic poles of the Earth will be reversed, or that the Earth will stop rotating for three days (during which the half hemisphere will have continuous night and the other half continuous day), etc, are not (after the last developments of energy on the Earth), going to happen. As to the magnetic poles, the north pole will be extended to cover the entire surface of the planet (making the planet monopolar), while the south pole will move towards the centre of the Hollow Earth, where the “central sun” is.

       On the other hand, what it is very likely to happen is a big “crash” of the economic system. Therefore I suggest to people who have large deposits, to split the money in various banks and to keep also a (small) amount in bank notes. During our passage in the fifth dimension, instead of a lot of deaths, simply will exist a period of a few months at the passage, different for each person, during which, continuously or at intervals, a person will feel an intense malaise, mainly on issues of breathing, that will be accompanied by unjustified lassitude (see a method to face these problems in the meditation I give in my page II.1.D7), and very often by depression that might in extreme cases reach a tendency for suicide. For those who cannot accept their truth and do not want to enter in the fifth dimension this tendency will lead to accidents and to cerebral and cardiac episodes. However those who consciously want to enter in the fifth dimension, they will endure this situation and will succeed. Certain persons, who know what is going to happen, will be able, with suitable preparation, to enter in the fifth dimension even before the end of 2012, getting earlier the advantages at the great surprise of the other people.

       Feeling well and happy, having positive thoughts and most important positive sentiments (such as love, compassion, calm, peace, etc), and eating healthy food, helps a lot in order to faster increase our vibrations, so that we enter easily the fifth dimension. On the contrary feeling fear, insecurity, hate, anger and other negative feelings keeps our vibrations low. I must emphasize here the important role of laughter, which unites the function of the left and right side of our brain, while when we laugh we connect our spiritual  and our physical body. Laughter is an integral part of the life and rituals of the extraterrestrials, and we already know the therapeutic power (laughter-therapy), even for incurable diseases. Even the continuous laughter and joy will accompany the time of our “enlightment”. Also all above assist in order to protect our body and keep it in good health, while is a good practice to look every morning in our mirror and say: “I keep my body always in good health”. In addition the crystal sounds which are recorded in my page II.1.D6 help a lot for our health, as well as for the increase of our vibrations. The children in general do not have any biases, and therefore will easier and earlier enter, before the grownups, the fifth dimension, developing their intuition and their ability to read the ‘‘ether archives’’ where all universal knowledge is included. They will see visions and acquire awkward for us behaviour, as e.g. that they will not want to go to school, as they will already know the knowledge the school gives to them (by reading the ether archives), or because they will know that is a knowledge not useful to them and to their future (because e.g. many professions will change). 

       Money will have much less importance than they have today, since the basic human needs will be covered very easily. The value of the real estate and property in general, as it is today, will fall vertically. A lot of enterprises will close as useless, like e.g. those dealing with medicines, the health, fuels, the electric energy, the education, the transport, the insurance, etc. (to name only a few). In addition, the public services (tax collectors, police, army, municipal services, etc), as well as the public utilities (for electricity, telecommunication, water, post, transport, railways, etc) will cease to exist, or very few will remain but will be dramatically smaller. The kinds of employment, due to the high technology that the extraterrestrials will transfer to us, (who expect to gain a lot from our precious planet in the advanced state of the fifth dimension), will be profoundly altered. Many professions will be abandoned as useless, while new will be created, as e.g. the teaching to extraterrestrials the conditions that prevailed during the third dimension and the sentiments that these conditions created. When I asked the extraterrestrials ‘‘What will the persons that will not have work, or will not want to work do?’’, the answer was: ‘‘Simply they will live and gather experiences’'.

       In any case, the art in any form will maintain a very high position in the Earth and the planets. Especially the painters and the sculptors will be invited to make exhibitions in other planets, not because the extraterrestrials could not buy their work in the Earth, but because they will want the artist to describe to them the third dimension stimuli and sentiments that led him to the creation of this work. I wonder also if in my case I decreased prematurely my successful business career as a civil engineer, in order to deal initially with poetry and then mainly with painting, as if I was subconsciously influenced and informed about what potentially will happen. Possibly the extraterrestrials influenced also the vertical increase of my productivity in paintings, which the last three years became five times higher, exceeding all my previous records. You can see my site: with more than 9300 (October 2008) of my paintings. Also in several paintings, (see e.g. Group 9A) I try to represent the transition period (when the fourth and the fifth dimensions will coexist), with double presentation of the various themes and figures in the same painting, trying also to imitate the impressive colors that will prevail during this period. Something that made me very happy is that the extraterrestrials told me that my paintings are increasing the vibrations of the people who study them, therefore I started to follow this advise also myself. 

     It should be noted that from 650 millions of civilizations, only a small minority remains still in the third dimension, while all the rest are in the fifth and higher dimensions (sixth etc. that are totally non material). Thus in our solar system apart from the known nine planets, may exist also others which are only in the fifth dimension and will be revealed to us when we will be also in the fifth dimension. In addition, a planet can belong sometimes in more than one dimensions. and these two dimensions can coexist in the same space. In any case, when the Earth will be fully in the fifth dimension no individual on Earth will exist in the third dimension. Those (the few) who do not want to enter they will die, and will return much later with fifth dimensional bodies or will be transferred by the extraterrestrials to other three dimensional planets. Many years later, we will be able to visit also the sixth and the seventh dimensions, but not with our material body but with our energy bodies. Extraterrestrials that visit us now (and transfer to some scientists new ideas, as if these ideas emerge from the scientists’ intuition), will visit us in big numbers when we will enter in the fifth dimension. They will teach us their technology, their rituals (tat help us and the planet), how to remain healthy, how to materialize things, and many other useful ‘‘powers’’ of the fifth dimension. They will be initially anthropoid because their intention is not to frighten us and see them as a threat, or they will wear ‘‘uniform’’ that will present them as anthropoid. Later however when we will get used to them, other extraterrestrials in various forms will begin to appear also, whom we will accept regardless of their appearance, because they will emit love, that is a basic characteristic of most of the fifth dimensional civilizations. 

      Moreover, recently many visitors of the site asked me questions about what will happen with the various functions in the new dimension. Their main question was about the banks for which the extraterrestrials said to me the following: The banks will not exist in the fifth dimension (but only in a new form during the interim period), because people in general will be self-sufficient and will be able to ‘‘materialise’’ the things they need. In general, the transactions among people will be based on the value – ‘‘energy’' of what they take in relation to what they give. This value will be measured in units recorded on ‘‘intelligent’’ cards. In any case, the extraterrestrials added that in the interim period a large ‘‘disturbance’’ will take place from the fact that many people will refuse, or will be unable to pay to the banks their loans, while the present economic system will be changed. In addition, (among many others), all companies and services related with the production and use of weapons will cease to exist as useless, fact that will also create a large disturbance especially to the governments. Also there was a great interest about what the future will be of the professions of the doctor – nurse – heeler, etc, as well as of the lawyer – judge – politician,  etc. The answer is that they will not exist, since there will be no illness of any kind, nor quarrels between the people, and the prevailing laws will be the ‘‘universal laws’’.  Finally those dealing with metaphysics such as channels, mediums, spiritual guides, etc, will have to change profession since all of us, being in the fifth dimension, we will have their special powers.

       To my intense desire to see now how the picture of the Earth will be in the fifth dimension, I got indirectly the answer via my charismatic friend Elpida Lekka from Chania - Greece who gave me Reiki. The picture was a great feast, a celebration with songs, dances, fireworks, and laughing persons of every age and colour, that would not stop, while plants and flowers with very impressive colours were part of the festive setting. Every time I bring this picture in my mind, it fills me with joy and optimism and gives me energy to continue the rest of my day. Moreover, wanted to know  what my mission will be in the fifth dimension, I got (in the same as previously way), the following symbolic answer: The picture of a child that runs, hops and plays laughing in a beautiful meadow, while where he steps, various beautiful flowers and plants with impressive changing colours immediately grow, giving the impression that the plants are breathing. This gave me the idea that probably my mission in the fifth dimension could be to spread joy and laughter and probably for this reason I created the new Reiki symbol (the symbol of joy, see my page II.1.D3). Also, whenever I bring this picture in my mind (and I like to do it often), I feel as a carefree child that enjoys his game.

       In my question to the extraterrestrials of what I should do in order to enter in the fifth dimension, the answer was to continue doing what I am already doing. When I insisted asking how I will enter earlier, the answer was that I will enter long before 2012, but I should not be in a hurry, because a very premature entry in relation to the others, will make me experience loneliness, and often will make me indignant with the behaviour and the ‘‘foulness’’ of the people around me who can also be my dear friends and relatives. When finally I asked them again what I am already doing today, they gave the following symbolic vision. I was on the one side of a big precipice in the third dimension, while on the opposite side of the precipice, I watched the feast of the fifth dimension, and there I could also see another part of myself. Then I saw a huge ice bridge to be formed bridging the gap of the precipice, with soft snow on its surface, where I started walking together with many other people, directed to the side of the fifth dimension. Then two ethereal flying creatures approached me, taking each a big ball of snow that spread it above me, and the snow fell upon my body as golden rain. Then my skin began to shine and I began to fly towards the other side, also taking balls of snow and spreading them above the people around me, which they also shone and followed me towards the fifth dimension. 

       NOTE: The chapter about the problems of Greece until 2012 has been transferred due to its volume, from this position that previously was, to a separate new page II.1.D12.

        From what the extraterrestrials told me, Greece, Israel and the Philippines are the three countries with the people with the lower vibrations in Earth, and for this reason they send them continuously energy in order to increase their vibrations, so that they can enter easily as well the fifth dimension. Even a ''master'' from Peru that visited Athens said that Athens is one of the cities with the lowest vibration, so he came to raise it in order to remove this large difference with other cities. Please note that Greeks are very resistant to accept these new ideas and to take off the blinders they wear. Therefore while I am a member of several foreign internet communities dealing with the fifth dimension, I considered pointless (with very few exceptions) to sign in the corresponding Greek internet communities, because I thought I would lose my time in vain. Nevertheless I believe the Greek people, that sometimes in difficult moments can achieve miracles, should finally wake up and do something to address the upcoming whirlwind, by assisting the Earth Allies when they will intervene, regardless of when the full assistance of the extraterrestrials will come. Note: Although I am ashamed for my country’s situation, finally I decided to transfer to the English text here the content of the above paragraphs, as an example to be avoided.

       Because this indignation, and the anger that creates, not only spoil our feelings, but also keep low our vibrations, I took lately certain decisions, and I realised that they ‘‘work’’ satisfactorily for me, and might also be useful for many others. First I stopped watching news in the TV, radio, newspapers, etc (95% of which refer to unpleasant and negative subjects and only 5% have something pleasant or useful to give), and I replaced these by musical (melodies etc) programs and intelligent comedies. The danger of not being informed, is compensated by the fact that if there is something I need to know, somebody informs me about it in time. Equally great damage i.e. to keep the vibrations low, create the various dramatic (or even alleged comic) television series, created by scenario writers who write (with sadistic tendencies) to satisfy the public (that has masochistic tendencies). Therefore the 98% of the episodes are dominated by the ‘‘evil’’ people, that use scheming methods and create merciless suffering to the ‘‘good’’ people, producing great indignation, sadness and anger to the spectators, and only the 2% (the final episodes) reveal the truth, and restore the good people. However the damage with the low vibrations and the promotion of the ''noble'' principles of ''hate'' and ''revenge against our enemies'' has already occurred, over several months or even years. On this occasion, I want to point out that ‘‘good’’ and ‘‘evil’’ are all immortal souls of equal value, and that all of us in some of our previous incarnations we have being very ‘‘evil’’, because we have chosen this role to play in that incarnations, in order to complete the puzzle of experiences from which humanity had to pass. So let's not rash to exaggerate with punishment and revenge, and let us bear in mind and what the Christian religion suggests.

       Also, (thing that I have started long ago), I systematically avoid any personal contact with public services, banks, Inland Revenues, assemblies, etc, by sending to them individuals to representing me, giving them the necessary authorisations. Finally, while some time ago I was a very social individual giving parties and receptions, now I have limited my contacts mainly to telephone communication, while my everyday interactions are limited to individuals which, independently education and social or economic level, have a positive aura that gives me positive sentiments. Certain of these individuals follow ‘‘metaphysical’’ paths as I do, and they have similar with me ‘‘metaphysical’’ experiences; only they hesitate to admit these experiences in public. 

       Anyway something that comforts me and fills me with patience and optimism, (and I believe that it will comfort and those who believe, even as a probability, that we will pass soon to the fifth dimension), is the fact that in the fifth dimension each of us will take the place he deserves. So all those that today pester us, will lose their powers, authorities, privileges, their economic superiority, etc, but also the power to harm other people, and the higher their position, the worse ‘‘landing’’ they will have in the new reality. Those who can face ‘‘their truth’’ and are wiling to be adapted to the new reality, will enter and enjoy, (together with the other people), the advantages of the new dimension. Those however, who are very strongly attached to the status they have created with so much effort (and frauds), they might not be able to bear ‘‘their truth’’ and accept the new, without privileges, reality. Then their subconscious will lead them to leave (i.e. to die), causing them accidents, cerebral episodes, cardiac offences, etc) and they will be reincarnated much later, when we will be in the fifth dimension. Even the Pleiadians have provided of a place in their own world, for the ''undecided'' who have not taken the final decision whether or not they want to enter the fifth dimension (and these are mainly the powerful people on Earth, Illuminati etc.), where will give them a wide range of information in order to decide. If however they will insist to live in the third dimension, will be transferred (according to the universal law of free will) in another solar system of the galaxy, that remains three-dimensional, to take their chances there.


        Here it is worthily to mention an agreement between the extraterrestrials and important governments (especially the U.S. government), headed as NESARA (National Economic Stabilization And Reformation Act), whose history is as follows: After the destruction of Atlantis, the Anunnaki (evil extraterrestrials, see my previous page II.1.D) controlled the people ïí Earth. When in 1995 a peace agreement was signed between the forces of Light (Galactic Confederation) and of darkness (Saurian, Anunnaki, Gray, etc), and the Anunnaki left, mandated to their earth collaborators (Illuminati, etc.) to abandon the economic and political oppression of the people. (The very few Greys that remain are those working in secret projects of certain governments). However, most of the Illuminati did not obey because they do not wand losing their privileges. Therefore the ''good'' extraterrestrials pressed them, (by various means not always legal), and through them pressed the basic key governments (to which the extraterrestrials had previously given significant technology), to sign the NESARA agreement (in 1988 for USA and until 2003 for the other key governments), which agreement the governments did not revealed. To delay the implementation of the agreement the Illuminati secured in 2000 with fraud elections the government they wanted in order to create in 2001 (with the help of the CIA) the new Pearl Harbour, that is the attack to the two towers in N.Y. (see my previous page II.1.D), just before the implementation of the Agreement.. But now the time is ripe for the gradual implementation of the agreement which contains, inter alia, the following six key points:

         1) All loans to banks, financial institutions and cards will be zero (“loan forgiveness” in return for the illegal methods the banks have applied all these years), while the loans that will be given hereafter will have a very low interest rate. 2) The U.S. central bank (Federal Reserves Bank, the only private central bank in the world, responsible to a great extend for the current major economic chaos), will be owned by the state and the currency that will print will be covered by precious metals and other real values. 3) The Constitution of the United States would take again its original form, and all laws made under various excuses (state of war, terrorism etc), to restrict the freedoms and for the manipulation and exploitation of people, will be abolished. 4) The U.S. government (controlled by the economic elite, Illuminati etc) will be forced to resign, (including congress) and will be replaced by a temporary designated government, to lead to free and fair elections within four months, after informing the people for all vital information and illegal actions that the previous governments concealed. 5) The new President will declare peace and will revoke back to the country all offensive military forces located overseas. 6) The current tax system would be abolished and the revenues of the State will be based primarily on indirect taxes on sales (excluding the basic goods like food, etc), and other sources (not from the people).

       Even a significant proportion of existing wealth and income in the meantime, will be available for humanitarian purposes in order to meet adequately the needs of all citizens of the planet. For this humanitarian purpose the extraterrestrials’ Earth allies collected for many years now, and created major funds, property and precious metals, relying also on ''enlightened'' children of very rich families, who joined, when adult, this NESARA movement. Similar with this are the agreements with all other major governments of the world, while the present “cover up” will stop, and the governments will officially announce the extraterrestrials, their presence on Earth and their good intentions to help us. In the mean time there are additional more detailed agreements signed, that create a complete legal background defining the relations between citizens (including entities such as companies, corporations, organisations, etc), the relations between citizens and state, and the organization and functioning of the state. These agreements are awaiting the right time to be announced, and start urgent implementation.

       In order to enable a smooth and complete implementation of the agreement, will be essential to disclose the hidden technology that major governments have about the free clean energy, the propulsion of vehicles overtaking gravity, about food, about health etc. Many of these governments received these technologies from the extraterrestrials and keep them confidential, with the excuse of the state security, but in reality because of the interest the dark forces (Illouminati, oil companies, etc). This technologies will be enhanced later with the arrival of the extraterrestrials, who then will give us technologies that include: “Simulators” that by turning the light energy into matter, give us food, clothes, furniture, utensils, etc, “holographic theatres” that construct our houses and the surroundings, “centres of holographic communications”, “vibration sonic showers” that clean and refresh us, and other devices, etc, that can serve all our basic needs and can make us self-sufficient and independent (see details on my page II.2.D). The agreement, as I learned recently (May 2010) from the extraterrestrials, will now start (according to the most probable scenario) from the official announcements of some governments (which will take place possibly in 2010), admitting that the extraterrestrials are here, are benevolent and friendly, have given us technology and are trying to help the planet. These announcements will be supported by the massive and for long time explicit appearance of their spacecrafts, which will follow the announcements. In addition in my question whether President Obama will participate in the upcoming changes, the answer was that he will announce his resignation and he will depart.

       In order to better support what I said about the NESARA agreement, I include below three paragraphs from a message received from the Sirius SA LU SA that came by channelling through Michael Quinsey, which are as follows: “The final events may not manifest exactly as you might have expected, based upon many prophecies relating to physical changes. The benefits of NESARA have become a part of the general changes, and embodied in the plan that we are working to now. Debt has been deliberately forced upon poor countries as a means of control, and taking their assets in the form of oil and other precious commodities. In a similar way Man himself has been subjected to laws that have often been illegal, and have ensured that he is only able to live with financial help. Thus both the countries and their populations have been kept in debt. Therefore steps are in place to reverse that situation, once your existing governments are replaced. It has only been through the decimation of the Laws of your Constitution that it has happened in the U.S. However, the financial controls and problems arising from them have permeated most of the world, and that must change to bring about a fair and just distribution of wealth.”

       “Many benefits are lined up for you, but a priority exists where the Third World is concerned. Hunger and lack of adequate water facilities have caused much misery and death amongst them. Their quality of life is artificially kept low, as there are sufficient resources upon Earth to ensure everyone has a decent standard of living. Before the end time there must be upliftment all round, and a bringing together of all people so that they become as One. You are already souls of equal status having come from the Source, and you all deserve to share a happy life where lack has been eradicated. As Ones with the capacity to be all loving, would you really have it apply differently to your other brothers and sisters? We believe that you are recognizing your Divinity and see life differently to what it was previously, and can see beyond the outer physicality.”

       “What you perceive as the most evil people are still sparks of God, and they need love to awaken them to the truth of their essence. As you are working towards Unconditional Love to become a Christed One, it is never too early to put yourself to the test. It starts with compassion and the ability to be non-judgmental. “But for the grace of God go I” is a powerful statement that is worth remembering, as without exception you have all spent lifetimes where your light has dimmed. Such experiences are not a stain upon your character that remains forever, and the opportunity is given to everyone to make them good. There is no such thing as condemnation that damns you forever, and if God can forgive you is it not for Man to follow suit?”... (End of the message from SA LU SA and of NESARA).

        I have being informed (from above) that “we swim” in a  “sea of energy” that surrounds  our  DNA, our cells, our body, all the beings of planet, the objects and all Earth (with her electromagnetic fields). We influence and we alter the energy of our body (our individual energy) with our thoughts and mainly with our feelings (“good” or  “bad”), which are also a form of a very “thin” energy, that however has decisive repercussions in our bodily and intellectual health, in our situation and in our mentality, influencing even the chemical reactions in our organism. Our individual energies and the energy of planet have direct interdependence and influence considerably one another. With regard to in the energy of Earth her magnetic field is undergoing an accelerating change lately (reduction of his intensity), that will reach its peak in 2012. Also the frequency of the pulses of the vibrations of Earth increases (from the 7.8 pulses per second that initially was) in order to enter the fifth dimension frequency that our cells follow. This makes (the more sensitive of us) to feel that the time is accelerated and that the day is shorter, while it creates the sense that something important is going to happen.

       Similarly our thoughts, our intentions and our feelings, and especially if they emanate collectively from large groups of individuals, influence the energy field of Earth, which, in its turn, influences also the rest people of the planet, that do not belong in these groups, creating thus a “collective conscience”. This has been also confirmed by  a research conducted in the seventies by a university, in 24 cities of USA with an average population of 15.000 each. The researchers asked a relatively small group of citizens in each city (it was proved that the critical mass for the system to work was less than 0.8 per thousand), to feel for the certain period of the experiment, peace, love, solidarity, etc, for their fellow-citizens. Then they realised that during this period the crimes, the robberies, the clashes, even the accidents, in these cities were decreased considerably, while when the experiment finished they gradually came back in their previous levels. A similar experiment, but to a larger scale, took place in the beginning of eighties in the Middle East during the war between Lebanese and Israeli, referring to violence and terrorism there, with the same as above results. Thus for Greece of 12 million people takes less than 10.000 people properly dispersed, and for the world of 6.5 billion, about 5 million people are required, while the ''stars seeds'' and the ''light workers” we are a hundred times more. and it would be useful to work for this purpose (work that, among other things, would maintain high our vibrations). Another important experiment that took place in an alternative hospital in Tibet, refers to the treatment of  an European lady which had a non operational cancerous tumour of 7 cm in length in her bladder. The experiment shows the tumour in its original condition, while next to it the supersonic scan shows its size within three minutes only to diminish and the tumour finally to disappear. This was achieved with the help of three specialized in the method “doctors”, which had been trained to believe and at the same time to feel that what they visualise it really happens. So during the three minutes required, they were repeating words that freely translated mean ‘‘it has been healed’’ while the patient who was lying next to them had the same feelings, see the relevant video of Gregg Braden in the "Spontaneous Healing of Belief", as well as in his book ''The science of miracles'' (

       On this theory is also based the “Global Meditation” I propose in my page II.1.D5, since a small presentence of people properly placed in the planet, using their feelings are able to influence the entire planet, and help all the people to face the interim period and to enter the fifth dimension. Therefore, it would be of most importance the creation of such groups of persons in all the nations and places of Earth, where a few hundreds of such persons would be enough in order to influence positively cities of hundreds of thousands residents. Naturally the more they are the better the results. Thus the persons of these groups, cut from what really happens around them, (as this is presented by television and the other media, that like to focus, search and present the worse that happens around us), they should, as in the previous two experiments, to feel that they live in an ideal world, where both within themselves, and around them prevail the feelings of love, peace, compassion, health, joy, abundance, etc, which I think would be the easiest (although indirect) way to deal with the transitional period (until 2012).

       I added the previous paragraph mainly in order to persuade my unbelieving technocrat friends (while those dealing with metaphysics already know the above), for the effectiveness of the method I propose hear, to help ourselves and the Earth in the smooth passage to the fifth dimension. In this effort, instead of been alone, I recently signed up (free of charge) to 62 internet communities (ning and others), that have now in total more than 2.000.000 members (see also my next page II.1.D2), which make synchronized meditations for the uplifting of the “Earths collective conscience”. In this organisations in only four months more than 2300 members asked me to be my “internet friends”, while I created my groups titled “The new Earth in the fifth dimension” with a purpose the members and my friends to make the meditation that I propose in my page (II.1.D5). Ôhis meditation is done  twice a month in certain hours (for Australia, Europe, and America), and aims to ensure the smooth passage of Earth in the fifth dimension (from the end 2012), and to prepare us to follow this passage as individuals at the most sure, fast, easy, comfortable and painless way, while it helps also in facing of problems and disturbances that will be created during the interim period, until we become 100% fifth dimensional. However when we will become 100% fifth dimensional, all the abilities and forces that I describe (with many details) for the Pleiadians in my page II.1.D, and for the people in Shamballah, capital of the Hollow Earth in my page II.1.D7, will be also valid (in general) and for us.


       Before to conclude the picture about the fifth dimension, which is continued also in the next page ÉÉ.1.D2, É wish to describe the various categories of people (Human and extraterrestrials) but, also, the other spiritual beings and souls who are among us and help us with our transition into the fifth dimension. These are the following:

       1) The “Star Seeds” (discussed in more detail on the following page II.1.D2), which are people usually incarnating on other planets and now they have chosen to be incarnated on Earth in order to help with our ascension to the fifth dimension, and afterwards, they will transfer their experiences about Earth to their home planets. The same category includes also the “walk ins” (see about them on page II.1.D2). Their population exceeds the 5% of the population of Earth (I attended one their conventions in London, in 2008), while many of them have memories from their lives on their home planets.

       2) The “Light Workers”, who are all fellow human beings who have been awaken and are informed about the fifth dimension, the 2012, the existence of the extraterrestrials, and generally about what is going to happen. They work for this cause by informing and alerting our fellow humans, meditating about the ascend of the planet’s consciousness and applying the unconditional love and help towards the people around them and the society in general, helping to overcome the thousands of problems that pester us, especially nowadays. This category also includes those Star Seeds that have recognised their mission.

       3) The “Earth Allies” of the extraterrestrials, who comprise the most important group on Earth, whose mission is to help with the ascension. These people, who cooperate with and are guided by the extraterrestrials for years, have been build up and today they hold key positions in governments, political life, administration, economy (some of them are multi-millionaires such as the “illuminated children” I mention previously), and to other organizations, where they work discreetly, without making themselves a target for the dark forces that oppress us. They are the ones that, at the appropriate time, will put pressure on the governments to reveal the existence of extraterrestrials, their benevolent intentions for Earth, and the technology they have provided, while they will take part in the NESARA treaty, which I analysed previously, and in the caretaker governments, which will arise. They comprise, in other words, the attack squad for the overthrowing of the dark forces, which oppress us, and this is the squad all of us should assist so that the overthrowing takes place as swiftly as possible, without causing extra pain. A small percentage of them (about 5%) are people from the Hollow Earth who live among us. Note here that the extraterrestrials consider as a prerequisite, (if everything goes smoothly), the commencement of the enforcement of the NESARA treaty before they land and provide us with their help in an ordinate manner without scaring those of us who will not be informed, unless of course force majeure (such as long delays enforced, or crucial dangers for the planet) makes them to intervene immediately, regardless of the above-mentioned prerequisites.

       4) The extraterrestrials, who consist of representatives of approximately 50 star nations of our galaxy (including Andromeda), are basically the star nations who came to Earth 900.000 years ago and colonised Lemuria (see details in page II.1.D), thus creating the human race on Earth. These extraterrestrials have come today in billions, following the decree of the Divine Hierarchy, to help Earth (and our entire solar system, in general) to enter successfully the fifth dimension, in 2012. They are in their spacecraft (around the Earth and around the Sun and in the bases they have in Hollow Earth (see page II.1.D7), the Moon, Mars, planet Uranus, etc. Among them are also people who have come from other distant galaxies, with the permission of the Galactic  Confederation, in order first to help, as well, with the special skills that each constellation has, and second to be witnesses to this unique ''experiment'' which is the Earth passing to the ascension with our physical bodies. Noteworthy that since we become fifth dimensional, there are many constellations in their galaxies, who would like to know how we managed to do it, in order them to follow our example, under the instructions that will give them, we the earthlings, which we will then play the role of their teachers. The steps taken after the landing of their spacecrafts and the assistance they will provide us with in our transition, are discussed in detail on the next page II.1.D2. It is worth mentioning that certain extraterrestrials have been among us for years, without us being able to tell them apart from our fellow humans, in order either to collaborate with and guide their Earth Allies, or as scientists on various research projects (mostly governmental), helping and solving the problems of earth research scientists. (see page II.1.D)

       5) Our brothers of Hollow Earth, who have resided for million of years in the inner crust of Earth (which is 800 miles below the outer crust, see details in page II.1.D7), and have already entered the fifth dimension and they consider us to be their brothers, (some of them, indeed, come from the outer surface, like Lemuria etc. and took refuge there before their countries were destroyed). They isolated themselves from the outer surface in order to avoid the wars and turmoil that were taking place there, while they wait for us to enter the fifth dimension so that we can be reunited in a global nation the Earthlings. Some of them wander among us incognito, transferring information and collaborating with the Earth Allies. When they come to the surface en masse (I have invited one of them to stay in my house), they will give us their knowledge and their technology, while they have already prepared for all of us temporary lodgings in their crystal cities in Hollow Earth, where we will go in order to enter the fifth dimension in a few days only, in the “transformation champers”(see details in my pages II.1.D2 and II.1.D7

       6) The “Divine Beings” are those who direct the Divine Plan for our transition into the fifth dimension and will also help each one of us with our spiritual ascension, so that from partially conscious beings that we are today, to become fully conscious spiritual beings. The main categories of such Beings can be basically the following three: a) The “Ascended Masters”, who are souls that with repeated incarnations have reached perfection and they do not need to incarnate any more, but they come when needed for specific assignments, such as the imminent help they are going to give us. Such Beings are e.g. Saint Germaine, Hilarion, Serapis Bey, etc. b) Various archangels and lords of Heaven who direct the divine plan of our ascension (such as archangel Michael, Lord Surea, the Eloheem, the Seraphim, etc, see page II.1.D), as well as angels (carriers of the divine will) who will help each one of us. c) Our heavenly advisors, who are usually upper-level souls residing in the ninth dimension, (where they stay before their next incarnation), and are attending us from our birth.

       All six categories (the first three of which are made by us, the Earthlings), will have to cooperate harmonically and effectively towards the fulfilment of the divine decree, that is for the Earth (with the overwhelming majority of its inhabitants) to pass successfully the fifth dimension, which is something that has been set for 2012 and cannot be further delayed, nor there is a risk of failure. Let us all take with patience, persistence and optimism the role intended for each one of us (see the other pages of my site about this), which for the  most of us, as we have said, is to keep our vibrations high (with meditation, positive thinking, and positive feelings and actions). Our mission also entails to inform (and persuade) as many people as possible about the imminent events, so that they are prepared. Another matter of utmost importance is the increase in the number of the Light Workers, so that it reaches a satisfactory level (critical mass), in order to achieve the rapid acceleration of the developments.

       Finally, I asked Gabriel (an extraterrestrial from planet Altone of Andromeda, who is with his spacecraft here on Earth to help us, and we communicate through his sister on Earth Sharon (Sara), see my page II.1.D10), in order to verify whether the above article includes all the categories of our allies, and the answer I received on 10.Mar.10 is the following: As Sara said it is beautiful and it answers so many questions for the people. I would like to add that things are progressing very rapidly as events are moving much quicker then we thought they would. The Earth is intent on making its shifts faster then we had calculated. It is funny that no one earthling or extraterrestrial like myself can fore see just what mother earth is going to do. She has her own time table and no one is going to slow it or make it go faster. We believe that man by his mishandling of mother earth or Gaia, has effected the changes that are happening right now. Mankind has been anything but kind to her. It's funny watching your scientists with their calculators and expensive equipment to try and figure out the next move, or say that all this is just a flack and it will pass, that people are making to much of these things. They will be the ones saying "Oh my God, how did i get this so wrong". This year (2010) is the year that everything changes, the way people think and the conclusions they draw, this is going to make it so much easier for us to appear and be of service, so we can get going with the work that needs to be done before things really start to change. Your article will help many people understand what is going on and who the ones are that are here to help. Thank you for sharing this with us. Your Friend Always Gabriel. Hold your head high as it is almost over. In addition I asked Gabriel to verify what many people have asked me, whether, when we will be fifth dimensional, we will be able to communicate with the people that are dead (especially relatives and feints), and the answer was: Absolutely, what would hold you back. You will be able to go and see them and they will be able to come and see you. Don't think for a minute they already haven't come and visited you they look forward to your being able to see where they have gone as they are proud of their home on the other side.      

       Here I stop this elementary tour in my unusual and incredible experiences. From this I omitted to report many other information for certain shocking actions that happen today in our Earth, caused by the “dark forces” (Illuminati etc) who are persons or groups of persons in high positions. These people know what is going to happen and try desperately but without success to delay our passage to the fifth dimension, (keeping with our fear and our anger our vibrations low), so that they do not lose the preferential positions they possess. Among these actions are the sprays they are pouring upon us with various chemicals (in order to influence our health, our psychology and to control us). The epidemics they create from time to time and the killing vaccines that follow (see my page II.2.D9). The lows that prevent the use of alternative medicine (homeopathy etc), the use of vitamins and food supplements, in favour of the Big Pharmaceuticals. The local wars and conflicts they provoke, together with (supposed) terrorist actions and physical destructions, in order to intervene with their army where they have their interests, as well as in order to pass lows that gradually limit the freedom and the human rights of the people. The dirty games with the economy in order to collect all the wealth and leave the masses in poverty. Finally the hidden truth about various events (connected with the cover up about extraterrestrials) like e.g. the flights to the Moon. For the latter I have to say that the flights were made possible only with the help of the extraterrestrials, and especially with regard to protection from the lethal radiation from which the vessel passes to reach the Moon. Also that they created a studio in a secret base in Earth, to produce false images of the surface of the Moon, in order to replace the actual ones that show spacecrafts and extraterrestrials’ bases. Even as the flight of Apollo 13 carried a plutonium atomic bomb, the extraterrestrials (considering it unacceptable) blocked the systems of the vessel and led the surviving capsule with the astronauts to one orbit around the Moon, and then brought it back to Earth by opening by telekinesis the parachutes for the falling in the ocean. Later they banned any manned flight to the Moon, and that is why the Apollo program stopped a little later.

       NOTE: The chapter about the problems of USA until 2012 has been transferred due to its volume, from this position that previously was, to a separate new page II.1.D12.

       Still I am ready to add much more of my experiences, when the criteria I have put, such as e.g. the appearance of the spacecrafts will be met. In this case, it will deserve my time and effort to deal deeper with it and write entire books, so that the people who read them will be prepared to make more easily and painlessly this big jump of humanity, which we hope that will soon happen. I close with an impressive phrase of the extraterrestrials who say for us: ‘‘When people on Earth realize that the imagination is the divine part of the mind, then they will open the gates of immortality and will become again the Gods that they had been'’. Finally I would like to kindly ask from the visitors of my site that might have similar experiences with astral travels, or contacts with extraterrestrials, or curious changes in the energies that are surrounding us, etc, to contact me (and many have done it in Greece and abroad) in order to exchange and cross check our experiences. This fact may lead to certain useful conclusions, and I thank them in advance for their response.



       NOTE 1: Due to the extent it took this article with the meanwhile additional information, whoever does not have the patience to read it, can hear it recorded  at the end of this page (the recording to be ready soon).

       NOTE 2: Due to the immediate response to the e-mails I sent, initially  to a few hundred friends of mine, who not only promoted them via the internet, but also printed and gave them out to people they knew (and they were eagerly received), and due to the enthusiastic comments I got, and still get in my e-mail every day, I asked my many friends to send as many e-mails as they can in Greece, with the optimistic messages included in my interview, so that more people get to know them, and feel encouraged in these dire straights we are going through world wide. In fact,  at some question points, I added further explanatory comments, not mentioned in the interview, while some info blogs, as I recently discovered, have already posted this interview of mine e.g. Toxotis”, “Avoleytos”, “Taxidi ston kosmo tis psyhis”, “Ideogramata, and about a hundred more (mainly in Greek). So I kindly ask the people who receive these e-mails, to send them to as many people as possible, because even if most people don’t believe them, it is good for them to know in advance, as I’m certain that they will believe them when they hear the statements that some important governments will make about the extraterrestrials, and then see their space crafts  flying in large numbers over their cities. I thank you all in advance for your effort.

     Even to show a favourable effect on the optimism created by this e-mail to the majority of people who receive it and have the patience to read it (bearing in mind that dew to the nature of it, there will be many who will ignore or reject it), I quote a recent (3.Oct.10) from the many thank-you e-mails I receive everyday, which reads as follows:

       "Mr. Koemtzopoulos good morning. I wanted very simply and humanly to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the good that you did to me with this e-mail I have received, and I read your site every day since then, simply because, quite simply, you have put an order in my mind for all the things I was thinking and bothered me, and just I could not understand. Trying to find meaning and purpose in my life, I deal for many years with psychoanalysis, yoga, meditation, and reading books that have helped me too, but whenever I was thinking  about the future, everything was collapsing in front of me, and I was loosing every optimistic thought  I had built (especially with the recent economic problems, etc). I am not very good in expressing my thoughts which are so many, therefore I will stop here saying only in big THANK YOU for everything. Let God always give you the strength and love that so generously you offer to others. I hope and believe that all will be well for all of us. Thank you again. With love.  Vasiliki."

       INTRODUCTION. A Greek TV channel recently took an interview from me again, with a TV crew that was sent to my home for the show called “The Portals of the Inexplicable” which focused on what is going to happen in 2012. During this interview, I told them in a nutshell about the problems our planet will be facing till 2012 and how they will be solved, about the changes that will occur on Earth and the population, as we will be entering the “fifth dimension”. I elaborated on the great abilities we will have as fifth dimensional beings, etc., as well as about the important help we will get from the extraterrestrials, in order to achieve that transition. The host of the show however, didn’t air this interview, although I had send him beforehand, a newsletter, on the basis of which he chose to have me speak. I guess he considered the interview to “advanced” and “subversive” in comparison to what had been said in previous shows, all the more, considering the fact that I mentioned a predicted nullification of the world’s debts to the banks, credit cards etc., as well as the technological revelations taking place, in terms of pure energy for free, etc., which the governments got from the extraterrestrials and are keeping secret at the moment, as well as many more truths which are withheld by the “dark forces” which as we know are controlling the media, as the would not under any circumstance want them to be revealed to the general public. Perhaps that is the reason they decided not to air my interview. For all interested to read the interview which I already announced by e-mail to several people. Recently I learned that the show ''The Gates the inexplicable” stopped definitively, despite the high ratings it has had, (to exclude the risk of future disclosures of such information).

       I hereby present it with this e-mail. I recorded the interview separately, because (as I told the crew) I predicted a lot of editing, omitting the crucial points, as they did with my previous interview.  Furthermore, the reporter who accompanied the crew, was kind enough to record the interview on paper (for the most part) and e-mail it to me.  You can also read it completed, on my website , on page ÉÉ.2.D1 , (a site which  includes many more relevant issues.), or hear the whole interview on pages ÉÉ.2.D1 or ÉÉ.2.D2 in said site. Note that in my page II.1.D1, I will enrich the text of my interview with additions at times (things that were not recorded), which will give further clarifications and will answer the questions which I will be receiving.

       Another previous interview I gave to the same TV channel, from my home, focused on the dangers to our health from the H1N1 vaccine, which was promoted by the dark forces, in order to attack our immune system and keep us dependant on the big Pharma products which are a means of control.  So although everything I said in that interview was confirmed all over the world, they still didn’t air, and the journalist was not allowed to even make a show for the vaccine although he made for other smaller scale scandals. So, I was forced to hire a company who sent 200.000 emails (see them in my site page II.1.D9) to doctors etc, with specifics I gave for the vaccine, so that -with the team effort of hundreds of my compatriots who acted accordingly- the population would be protected from the vaccination, thus limiting the harmful substance to 300.000 unfortunate uneducated people (out of the 12 million vaccines which were initially ordered) who want like lambs to slaughter and had the vaccine, the destructive effects of which, will manifest themselves in the long run. (see details in page II.1.D9 in my site

       Another of the many instances that prove the dependence of the “independent” media (with the exception of the internet that remains free at the moment) is the fact that the journalist who hosts two shows (in the same channel), “Jungle” and “Yellow Press” exposing scandalous cases, not only ignored my repeated informative emails concerning the vaccine, supporting my point with many presentations from all over the world, but he said on camera that he will take the vaccine and will have his children take the vaccine too. In the Winter of 2010-11, another wave of vaccinations followed, and with a misleading change of the label, the swine flu vaccines appear as seasonal, with the result that thousands of individuals, and in particular children, take the deadly vaccine, thus weakening their immunity system for the remainder of their life, for the profit of the pharmaceutical companies, while afterwards the vaccinations in the end of 2010 started the swine flu in the beginning of 2011. Accidental? I do not believe! Therefore I mention a part of the many emails and publications that circulate. 17.Feb. 2011. They Planted the virus in thousands Greeks. We became the guinea-pigs of the Pharmaceutical industries. They hide from us elements. When did begin the expansion of the new flu? Last year, but also this year, with the massive vaccination! They made us guinea-pigs without our will! Indicative it is that died in the country many young people that had done the vaccination with a simple excuse that… simply it didn’t work for them… It did not work the vaccine, and simply they were injected with the virus and after they got the illness… they died!!!”

       From 1.April.11 the Codex Alimentarius (which is in effect already for the USA), will be in effect for Europe as well, which bans the distribution of vitamins and any kind of alternative medicine medication, etc, (see details below for this grate crime against humanity), and I am waiting to see what position our “free” TV channels will take this time. Still the vaccine of the “new tuberculosis'' is being also promoted, (obligatory today for school teachers). Finally, the Ministry of Education recently released the disreputable circular (despite last year's fiasco internationally), returning indirectly to the vaccine (now rotting in warehouses), forcing a child in order to enrol in the school, to present the health card, or instead of it, a medical certificate that is contraindicated, for medical reasons, this child to be vaccinated.

       But besides my personal experience about the ''freedom'' of the media, the ''Reporters Without Borders” recently ranked Greece last in Europe and 70th worldwide (below Tanzania), because of censorship imposed, while the European Court convicted five times this year Greece for the same reason. Even journalists and media are condemned by the unjust overwhelm unpopular laws passed for the journalists’ silence, while we had the recent murder of a journalist who dared to speak against the present establishment. Also, governments and multinationals manipulate the media by the commercial choices they make, (especially those media that have financial problems), while the larger media belong already to the representatives of the dark forces, so that they control them. Finally, as a culmination of shame of censorship is the arbitrary silence on the eve of municipal elections, the television channel "Contra Channel", because those that it was revealing disturbed the status quo and because it speaks against the memorandum with IMF (International Monetary Fund). Thus prevented the channel to present news and reviews, created interference in the broadcasting and imposed fines, which angered the numerous listeners, the people in journalism and the political parties opposed to the moratorium.

       And the story continues with Cyprus on 26.Apr.11 when they asked me to speak to Sigma TV channel about 2012. There in a spirit of pessimism and catastrophe of the previous speakers, when I said that things will be evolved very optimistically, speaking openly for the existence of extraterrestrials, they started questions for how I received such information that reminds scenario of scientific imagination. When I finally began to say something about 2012, they interrupted me asking if Greece will pay back her debt, and if the Turks will leave Cyprus, etc, and they suddenly closed the telephone connection saying that they will come back. Next day when they telephoned to me and I was waiting to speak in the TV, the line was closed before to start speaking and they justified it later that there was a problem in their telephone centre.  This is a clear gagging of somebody that opposes the dissemination of fear, that the dark forces of the elite attempt in order to dominated us, and they insist in the coverage of the existence of extraterrestrials (which are the only entities that are afraid of). Next day I asked the Andromedians about the incident, and they said that the channel is controlled by the Archbishop of Cyprus that does not wish such subjects to be disclosed.

       Having completed this unpleasant introduction, I will now continue with the very pleasant messages, as they are presented in my interview below, regarding 2012, which will inspire us with courage and optimism in this difficult time we are going through globally. You will gradually see that everything I’m stating will be coming true, beginning from the present time.

       THE PORTALS OF THE INEXPLICABLE: TOPIC : 2012.  Dr. GEORGE KOEMTZOPOULOS,  civil engineer, former professor on computers in  the National Tech. University of Athens. Camera: Dimitris Psilias, Sound: Dimitris Siavelis, Journalist: Nandy Papamitsou.

       QUESTION: Mr. Koemtzopoulos, what can we expect in 2012? The great disaster, the end of the world, or the evolution, the joy and the uplifting?

       ANSWER:  Things are very optimistic for 2012. But the changes that are going to occur in us as well as the environment, are so multi faceted and numerous, that I’d need a two day presentation in order to cover them all. So I’ll try to give you the basics, starting with the changes that will occur on Earth.

       At this point, I’d like to say, that because there will probably be questions left unanswered due to the limited time of this interview,  anyone can go to my site, where they will have access to further details, and have their questions answered (this is why I’m going to refer to my site every now and then) . I’m covering extensive subject matter there, for example which are the real reasons for the problems Greece is facing till 2012, and what we must do about this, as well as similar problems in the US and all over the world, also,  other things  that are currently happening in our planet which are trying humanity, economically and health wise. Furthermore, you can also see in my site, dozens of relevant videos which I didn’t want to include in this e-mail, to avoid making it too heavy, and at the and of page  ÉÉ.1.D1 which includes my interview with all new clarifications.

       I’ll start off by telling you that I have received this info from the Sirians, (from the constellation of Sirius) as well as from my co patriots  the Pleiadians the star system of which, includes 7 large and 200 smaller suns with over 2000 inhabited planets, (one of which I have frequently visited in my “astral travels- see my site). I call them my co patriots, because at least 10% of Earth’s population, as well as my self, who usually incarnated in other planets, their souls chose to come here this time (especially the last 25 years), to incarnate on Earth, the so called “star seeds”, many of which have memories from their past planets, and often hold conventions (one such convention which I attended, was held in London), and this contributes today to the over population on Earth. This is occurring because they want to bear witness ( as well as the ones who usually incarnate on Earth) of these important events that will take place, which is Earth’s transition from the purely materialistic 3rd dimension, to the 5th, which is a combination of material and ethereal conditions, along with  earth’s inhabitants and their living material body.

       This change occurs because the Divine Hierarchy commands it, and that is why it is supported by about 50 constellations in our galaxy, which were assigned to help with this transition, and the Sirians are heading this (as they are the ones who mainly colonized the surface of the Earth in order to form the human species in Lemuria). Note that these constellations belong the Galactic Federation of Light, which includes approximately 300.000 civilizations, while there are other federations, alliances and unions in our galaxy, forming the “Galactic Confederation” of our galaxy’s civilizations containing more than one million civilizations.

       QUESTION 2:  Right.  So what will happen on planet Earth exactly?

       ANSWER:  At this point, I’d like to say this: The extraterrestrials have been with us for many years, at least since Eisenhauer’s presidency (1945 who knew about them) and they have given the governments very important technology, which includes pure free (of charge) energy, antigravity systems for our transport with various means, pollution clean up systems, and many more, out of which certain (such as laser, visual fiber, complete circuits etc), the governments gave out to mainstream use. However, they keep the greater part of this technology for themselves, as that would damage the interests of the oil companies etc and generally of the dark forces, on the preface of national security reasons. The extraterrestrials were visiting Earth also long earlier, as evidenced by the huge spacecraft discovered intact in Antarctica under the melted ice in 1996, by a Russian satellite. When the Russians visited it, they found by the samples of ice that the spacecraft had come 24,000 years ago. Soon rushed to leave the area in panic, and then returned to destroy it in order not to fall into the hands of the Americans, thus losing a great opportunity to acquire knowledge and technology (see related video with descriptions and photos of this and other spacecrafts in!.

       When I talk about “dark forces” I mean the elite i.e. a few thousands rich and powerful people (bankers, industrialists, politicians etc) which are usually called Illuminati, who control the governments as well as many international organizations like (UN, NATO, EU (United Europe), IMF, WHO, (World Health Organisation), ITO (International Trade Organisation) , CFR, (Council of Foreign Relations), World Bank, TCrilateral Commission), etc). The key-members of these organizations, are chosen and steered according to their interests. Noteworthy e.g. that the members of WHO are all current or former executives of major pharmaceutical, and most commissioners and officials of the European Commission, even many MEPs are in the lobby of multinational companies, and so on with the other organizations. The history of dark forces through the centuries is given with enough precision (no however 100% precision) in a line from 25 ten-minute English videos that you can see beginning from the

       The target of the Illuminati is the humanity’s economic and spiritual destruction, so that they can control the masses and implement their agenda, which is the creation of a world government, which will be under their total control. Among these I distinguished the Jewish families of Rotsilts and Rockefellers, and many other (mostly of Jewish origin) businessmen and officials, which having obtained the largest share of global wealth, are the “world lenders'' to individuals, organizations and states, bringing all these entities, using their criminal tactics, on the verge of bankruptcy. Note that the total remaining debt to repay for the countries who took loans, with the compounded interest which became enormous due to the high fluctuating interest rates, is now more than the double of the initial borrowed amount, and the lenders prefer, instead of the pay off of the debts, to perpetuate the situation and enjoy the high interests.

       The extraterrestrials, in order to fight this situation, have created a network of their so called “Earth Allies”, who are prominent personas in the economic and political scene, etc., who are trying to fight this situation.  In this effort, the extraterrestrials also have the help of the so called people of the “Hollow Earth”, who are already in the 5h dimension. These people who have colonized the Hollow Earth millions of years ago, consider us “brothers”, they care for us and want to help us. They look very much like us, in fact some of them are from Lemuria (or Mou), and they went there, before the sinking of the continent which existed in the Pacific, long ago. They created the city of Telos under Mount Shasta of California (which is a high energy point). The Americans and other inhabitants of this planet, are having ceremonies every year at that mountain. Some of these people are visiting us at times, and living among us, without us realizing it, so as they are informed of what is happening, they will be ready to help us when the time comes.

       Because many people might not know what Hollow Earth is, I’d like to mention that Earth (as is true with every planet) is hollow and has an outer crust, approximately 1200 kilometers thick. (the mid surface of which, holds the gravity centers), while the inner surface is similar to the outer, with mountains, seas, rivers, atmosphere (with double the oxygen levels of what the outer surface has), it’s flora and fauna, and with half the gravity pull of the outer surface.  At the center, there is a huge crystal, the “central sun”, about 1200 klm in diameter, which spreads light out, on a 24 hour basis. They communicate with the Earth’s outer surface and the galaxy, through two great holes, one situated on the north pole, the other on the south, through which, their space crafts  also pass. These openings are hidden with electromagnetic “fences” in order to keep the undesirables out. The hollow planets were created by spinning air masses of high temperatures, which were extracted from their suns and by gravity and centrifugal force created, when became colder, a solid crust with large caverns inside it, and with openings at the two poles of rotation, as well as a large central ''sun'' which collected the heavier materials.

       The population of the Hollow Earth, is about one billion, plus many millions extraterrestrials who have their bases there, (with spacecrafts, laboratories, houses, etc.), and control the natural changes occurring on Earth today, while preparing for the things that are going to follow (see details about Hollow Earth on page ÉÉ.1.D7 in my site).      

       QUESTION 3:  What is going to happen to the people inhabiting the Earth

       ANSWER: I start by telling you what will happen on the Earth’s outer surface. At this point, I want to point out that the tectonic plates of the surface (from small until the size of continents) are “floating” on a thick magma which has a concentration of powerful energy of gravitation waves, (which start at the mid surface of the 1200 km crust we mentioned before). The process of the plates “locking” between them has already begun, something that will cause earthquakes, volcano eruptions and other major upheavals. Finally, many changes will occur and this surface will take the form it had 13.000 years ago. That means that the sunken continents like Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean and Lemuria in the Pacific, will emerge from the waters again. Also, the continent of the Greater Sri Lanka will emerge in the Indian Ocean.  Australia’s land area will expand and many other changes will take place, such as the Mediterranean Sea shrinkage, while in areas like Sahara, in California, or in a part of Tibet, large lakes will form. All these changes will alter the land-sea ratio, which will come to about 50%-50%.

       Glaciers will melt and the climate will become hypo tropic, (with temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees Farenite, in all the outer surface),  but the sea level will have no significant change, because a great part of the waters will create formations of frozen water vapors which will be electromagnetically supported in two different layers that will envelop the Earth like cloaks, at the higher atmospheric levels, protecting the planet from the intense sun radiation. These layers existed in the past, and their destruction caused floods (the biblical flood one of them) which annihilated most  of the population at the time.  Flora and Fauna will be like they were 13.000 years ago, and the plant and animal life that were extinct, will return, because they were kept in the Hollow Earth, and they will then be transported to the outer surface. Their colors and scents will be much more intense, and there will be an abundance of energy, which will revitalize and create a state of tranquility. Even the oxygen ratio in the atmosphere will increase significantly, thus reinforcing the new eco system that will be created. Finally, the north magnetic pole will move south and will eventually cover the entire outer surface of the Earth, while the south pole will move inside to the Central Sun of the Hollow Earth (which will become brightest), and so the planet will externally appear as monopolar, like all the fifth-dimensional planets. These are some of the basic changes in the outer surface. Noteworthy however that Earth is already one from the most rich planets of the universe in flora, fauna and minerals, while exist planets with only one species of animals, and with only two or three species of trees.

       QUESTION 4:  What are the changes humans (Earth inhabitants) will undergo and how will those changes come about?

       ANSWER:  These changes will come about, with the assistance of the extraterrestrials. Similar transitions have occurred in other planets, and the following scenario will follow (see the videos starting with Phase one. The Earth Allies of the extraterrestrials will pressure the governments to accept certain changes (which have already been agreed upon with the NESARA treaty, see the related chapter in my site), like the abolition of all tyrannical and unpopular laws etc., as well as their concession to a world peace, which includes the return to the US of all forces with aggressive targets the US maintain in various part of the world. All corrupted governments will be replaced with transitory governments of prominent figures, including the Earth Allies in each country (the transition governments are already on stand by for many important nations) which will truly work for the citizens and not for themselves and the big interests. 

       At the same time, all the wrong or inadequate systems and practices that are badgering us today, will be rectified (by means already developed and programmed) while all citizens will be encouraged to take active part in the course of things, with their actions as well as their ideas. Those new governments (in which the right people will be in the right places), will be collaborating closely with the people, who will become active and will form many comities on a local and peripheral level, and will undertake and handle all kinds of problems and requirements, while they will coordinate the solidarity and help between citizens, reinforcing the weak and those who are in need. Also, these comities include training the citizens in their new obligations and duties required for the smooth function of the new systems. These transitory governments will work for 6 to 8 months in order to ensure the essential changes necessary, and afterwards they will be replaced by others that will derive from free elections. 

       With regard to the NESARA Treaty, homonymous organizations have been established in major states in order to speed up its implementation internationally, especially with regard to replacing the governments with temporary governments, to global peace and to the debt forgiveness. So you can visit the following sites,,,,, while there are many more. The Treaty of NESARA passed by the U.S. Senate (under pressure from representatives of the extraterrestrials) and endorsed by the International Court in The Hague (where 180 countries agreed to implement the benefits of it), was to announce the start of implementation on 10 o’clock in the morning of September 11, 2001. But this was not happened because the control centre of the treaty was on the second floor of the World Trade Center (Twin Towers of New York), who fell down a half hour before (see below details and video of this crime of the CIA), while the headquarters were in the adjacent Building 7, which collapsed mysteriously and without any apparent reason.

       Phase two. includes the revelation of all the technologies give to the governments, which are relevant to the pure free energy, antigravity methods for our high speed transportation, nutritional and health issues, etc. As I said, these governments kept all this knowledge secret, to serve their own interests (for them, any technology is useful only when it produces profits). The 84 min. video # docid=-4182905293548090350, English origin, reveals hidden information about these technologies and why were concealed, and the same treatment suffered photos and evidences of alien spacecrafts and views of extraterrestrials that you see in the video. These revelations and their implementation, will raise our standard of living and economical situation.

       Phase three (very significant), The system of economy will change, seeing that it is already on the verge of collapse and we will soon see it’s actual implosion. The new system that will take effect, will start with the so called “debt forgiveness”, which means nullification of all debts to banks, brokerage firms, financial organizations, credit cards etc., for people (and even nations) to repay for the years of exploitation by our lenders, and all foreclosures and confiscations to persons or organizations, will be returned to them. Note that banks may lend up to ten times the money they really have (i.e. thin air), while they enjoy also the high interest), and the central banks print uncontrollably (especially lately) banknotes without coverage, so the actual value of the banknotes is worldwide below the 20% of the indicating value, so we have all states to be debt-ridden as well as citizens all owing to banks and to moneylenders (Illouminati, etc).

       With the overflow of money created (inflation, economic overheating), initially the banks encourage customers to take big loans which usually can not repay, and to overcharge their cards. Later the banks close the ''lending tap'' (deflation, economic downturn), forcing with this trick the borrowers to repay the loans with their homes, their properties, their cars, etc, thus lending money they do not have (i.e. thin air), and taking back properties that have real value. But when they go too far, surpassing the capabilities of the people to cover the loans with their assets (bad debts), then it becomes a boomerang that strikes back on the banks (like is the case today), leading the banks to collapse, and in order to survive (even temporarily) are receiving by the governments (i.e. us taxpayers) large “liquidity injections”.

      A system of home and land ownership will also be created, for the metropolitan as well as the rural areas. Specifically on the matter of land ownership, there will be a collective and interdependence on the ownership, based on the principle that all the land belongs to the planet, and people are only temporary owners of each piece of it, and they ought to manage it taking into consideration neighboring plots, and with respect to the subterranean resources. Consequently, a new system of six basic world currencies will be formed, which, contrary to the currencies today, they will be covered by real values (like gold, silver etc) which the Earth Allies have accumulated with the help of the extraterrestrials themselves, while today’s currency will lose its value after a brief transitory period of time.

       With the basis of this currency, checks will be distributed (twice annually) from the new “healthy” smaller local banks that will be established, in a way that all people, even the poorest, will be able to cover their basic needs, many of which by the way, will be covered free of charge, or at a very low cost, by the new technologies. “Secure Valves” will also be created for emergency situations. Note that the amount currently available for this purpose is (only in U.S.) 90 trillion $ (equivalent to about $ 15,000 for every inhabitant of the planet). A large portion of the huge estates will also serve the greater good, while people will start feeling responsible for their fellow men, helping and supporting them. Furthermore, a network of interconnected companies will be created, in order to facilitate the adequacy and proper distribution of goods. Finally, the taxation system will be revised as well as the legislature and the way it will be implemented.

       Phase four.  In this people will be fully and officially informed by the governments (or better by the transitional governments replacing the corrupted-manipulated ones), about the upcoming arrival of the extraterrestrials, about them being benevolent and friendly and that they have come to help in our transition to a new “golden age” in the 5th dimension. The mainstream media (TV, press, etc,) together with speeches, interviews, etc, will provide the appropriate education for this coming events, so that their arrival will not cause fear and disruption. Noteworthy that the first announcements about the existence of extraterrestrials in our planet will start already from the first of the above-mentioned phases, so that will begin the domino of the changes, and it will be completed in every detail in this fourth phase.

       The first to come and help us will be our brothers of the Hollow Earth. Certain of them are already among us, working with and helping the Earth Allies, collecting information about what is going on in the planet and maintaining continuous contact with the extraterrestrials, but we do not distinguish them because they do not differ substantially from us in appearance. However during the above four phases their number will continuously increase reaching a maximum after the official in detail announcements of the governments about the extraterrestrials and the role are going to play for the planet, (and from this moment they will circulate uncovered). Their mission will be, using their skills and experiences, to ensure that all these changes that I mentioned before, will be performed at the best possible way, in short time and successfully. Noteworthy that long ago I have asked in my astral travels to accommodate one or more people of the Hollow Earth in my house, and the answer was that “they take a good notice about it”. Recently (17.Jan.11) the (extraterrestrial) Gabriel confirmed to me that they accepted my invitation and that they will come to stay and to collaborate with me during this interim period. Still I create a team of friends for Greece, who are also offering accommodation in their houses for an Agarthan (i.e. person of the Hollow Earth), from those that will come.

       This is the normal scenario, to which the governments will be forced to yield due to the pressure of financial collapse. There is however, the “emergency” scenario, if the governments delay to conform, in which case, the extraterrestrials might do their own announcements (directly and telepathically, in peoples minds) and then land, while deactivating every earthly means which might pose a threat to their arrival. Besides, they will be protected by strong energy fields, during landing. They have already temporarily deactivated in the past, during times of crisis, according to people in the military (see\ as well as the, dozens of nuclear warheads and they have made clear to all nuclear forces that they are not going to allow any use of nuclear weapons.

       Messages from the Sirians. In order to support and explain further the above I include parts 4 recent messages from the extraterrestrials, (while the complete messages, with a lot of other similar messages you can see in my page II.1.D13 of my site). The first two are from the Sirian council through Dr. Nidle, from which I got also a lot of the information that I have included  in this interview, (see his site, while the next two are from the Sirian SaLuSA through Mr. Quisey (see his site

       First message (28.Sep.10): As the dark approaches its defeat, we must discuss with you what is to happen. Once in power, the new regimes will take into custody the members of the previous dark governments. This will free up the 'airwaves', allowing a true and open dissemination of information concerning all aspects of the incoming new reality: general debt forgiveness; distribution of tax refunds; delivery of prosperity funds; new monetary system; creation of global peace and nuclear disarmament. After these are thoroughly explained to you, the subject of us, the Galactic Federation, must be discussed. Indeed, the end of the 'UFO' cover-up is a major issue all by itself. We will be introduced alongside the revelation of a whole slew of secret technology. As you can see, a great deal of information is to be released to you in a relatively short period. Also, most of those who were incarcerated for non-violent crimes are to be released after a review of their cases. Lawyers will be retrained and the entire court system overhauled.

      The new institutions will be people-oriented. At present, governments, banks, places of work etc., are all geared toward serving the wealthy and powerful, as they have been for centuries. The daunting task of our Earth allies is to turn this attitude on its head and transform the dismissive indifference of your social institutions. We have talked long and hard with our Earth allies on this one subject alone. Special transitional organizations are needed in order to move from authoritarian and hierarchical institutions to decentralized and people-friendly ones. Some of your more forward-thinking corporations have adopted this approach, and this is a good start. However, we favor a complete reorganization of governance along these lines. The average citizen must be able to provide input and, where appropriate, be able to monitor and oversee the changes agreed to. This can be a start for employing fluid group dynamics.

      Interaction between government, institutions, and citizens needs to move onto a decentralized footing. Interpersonal communication is set in general to change immensely. Not only does your environment rely heavily on electronics and the Internet, but once abundance sets in, this too will change the way you relate to each other. Further, you are in the midst of a huge shift in consciousness. To top it all, we are about to be added to the mix, and this will create something unique. This coming environment is utterly different from your present one. Moreover, it will be based on one simple fact: personal sovereignty, with full unalienable rights. These various rights cannot be abridged! What we are asking our Earth allies to do is simply to make your organizations user-friendly and environmentally responsible. In a nutshell, the new regimes are to change how governments, banks, and corporations respond to you.

      The goal is to create a prosperous, informed, and concerned citizenry. This diversity can solve any problem that comes up. You are to receive great wealth, astonishing technology, and a super-abundance of information. Plus, you are approaching the point of becoming fully conscious! We are here to monitor this and to mentor you when needed; however, the bulk of the responsibility stays with you. Each of you possesses innate wisdom and Heaven's blessings. Your future is bright and the sky is literally the limit! You have enormous resources and a living planet to protect. Included in this is the vast realm of Inner Earth. The Agarthans are part of your world, and like you, they have a huge reservoir of wisdom. Come together to make a wondrous new reality!

       Second message (18.Jan.11): «We come again with more things to discuss with you. Right now, some breakthrough developments are taking place around your planet and a new series of meetings has brought us to the brink of your deliveries. These meetings are setting the stage for the events marking the start of the changes we have all been waiting for so patiently. Ever since we arrived en masse above your world, we have been waiting for the global changes that are the precursors to first contact. These much-needed events are getting ready to be presented to you. Federation personnel who are at these meetings have informed us that the last obstacle is being worked out, and at the same time, the delivery schedules are being finalized. The change in governance and the deliveries need to be synchronous, and it was the inability hitherto to achieve this critical timing that resulted in the seemingly unending delays. But now, the dark cabalists have been given to understand that their future safety may be in jeopardy and this has caused some of them to alter course.

      We can also report that several of their associates have been forced to step aside. This breakthrough has much heartened our Earth allies. The dark cabal has been able to keep a number of nations and their respective banking systems from joining the growing movement for a new global financial system, and the recent developments have put this movement for banking change back on track. Further, a number of new criminal trials are close to happening, which will put these obstacles to rest once and for all. Indeed, it is the threat of these upcoming trials that triggered this most welcome change of heart, and we look forward to seeing a sequence of progressive events roll out like a domino effect. The prospect of the looming economic disaster proved too much even for the dark and its cronies to contemplate! This scenario would have pulled the rug out from under the present system and led to an unbelievable rise in global chaos. In short, the change of heart was induced by the twin specter of unpleasant legal repercussions and a financial crash that would bring no relief to the dark's present dilemma.

      We stand at the edge of the precipice! Several adjustments in personnel have been made to the composition of the first cabinet of the interim President. It is important that the caretaker government be able to operate cohesively in carrying out the programs announced in the official broadcasts. We are pleased with the way our Earth allies are using the remaining moments to prepare for the grand charge. The first month in office requires that the scheduled agenda be dutifully and quickly brought into being. We see that each of the departments of this new government is prepared to institute several new precedents on policy, and this applies to many other governments worldwide. A global effort is underway to establish a policy of debt forgiveness, new banking and finance, and even worldwide cooperation. These initial policies will be followed speedily by a full disclosure of our existence and benevolence, which will lead to our full cooperation with these new regimes in bringing out formerly suppressed technologies.

      These new technologies are to lay the foundation of a new paradigm, beginning with the sciences, which will turn over a new leaf for humanity and reveal the truth of your origins. We watched as numerous individuals in the physical and social sciences pioneered new directions in scientific research. These forays into new methodologies, initially pooh-poohed by their peers, are now being recognized, and we respect these pioneers who were courageously showing the way to a new science. We are putting together a series of educational broadcasts that will introduce these heralds to you by name, thus pointing the way to a more spiritual science. This will be the prologue that will introduce you to the science that we use every day in our monitoring and upkeep of Gaia. As your responsibilities grow, you can rally to the challenge of developing a science of consciousness, which can enable you to pick up the slack in taking care of your global society and the living planet that sustains you.

      What is happening on your world is not only a quiet revolution in governance and finance; it is a revolution that vaults you into full consciousness! Just think for a minute what this implies. You are moving into a realm filled with spiritual responsibilities. These things constitute our prime reason for existence. Physical Creation is a most special part of the infinite heavenly realms. It exists to provide many unique experiences that are vital to all spiritual Beings, the most important of which is the concept of 'time.' Time in Heaven has little meaning, and whether it is seen as sequential or as the omnipresent, eternal Now makes little difference. All things in Heaven are immortal and each moment simply a given. Time is an element needed for physical Creation; it is time that regulates the process that turns inter-dimensional Light into matter, and it is matter that shapes all of physical Creation

       Third message (19.Jan.11): «Everything comes to he who waits, and certainly you have needed much patience over the last few years. Yet for all of the frustration and waiting the process of Ascension has proceeded uninterrupted. At times it has seemed that progress was held back but in spite of all the delays, the original goal is still within our sights. Most importantly those of the Light have continued to keep focused on Ascension, and helped raise the consciousness levels on Earth. The important changes that you have been anticipating have now become compressed into a shorter period of time, but will be none the less effective. They will fulfill your expectations and have already galvanized many people into action. You are seeing the results beginning to materialize around you, as the world responds to the energies creating change. It causes unrest, demonstrations and even violence, which is regrettable, but nevertheless is a sign that the people are restless and demand change. We wish that everyone were informed about Ascension, as that would negate the need for violence of any kind. Then the energies would remain positive and put to good use.


       We of the Galactic Federation are more active than ever, not that we would expect you to necessarily be aware of what we are doing. With what is tantamount to the last big battle between the dark Ones and the Light, we are supporting our allies to ensure that matters do not get out of hand….. Many of you volunteered to take an incarnation on Earth to help mankind through this very period. It has meant dropping your vibrations to do so, and losing the memory of your background. You have invariably brought some knowledge and skills, most important for helping those who are awakening and choose Ascension. For some of you your best work is yet to be done, and you will come to the front after disclosure. From that time things will move forward with leaps and bounds.


       Do not despair if you are anxious to help in these end times, and do not yet appear to have been called. If it is part of your plan to be involved you will be for certain, as everyone is known by us for their abilities and experience. It is not that we are without adequate personnel, but we want Man to be an integral part of the projects that will commence in the very near future. We should say that it is your planet, you are the guardians of it and responsible for its present condition. By karma you are therefore expected to play your part in helping Mother Earth to recover. It will be a happy task as so much is owed to her, and she has so to say also been the Mother to the Human Race


       Forth message (28.Jan.11): «NESARA has been very much in people’s minds for a long time, and its benefits are coming to you. The new approach to the financial side will be far reaching, so as to avoid any repetition of the recent collapse. Banks are to be accountable to the people, and the gambling syndrome will not be allowed. Money will once again have real value and interference with the markets for pure speculation will ceaseThe most important changes will be in connection with the sharing of wealth so that everyone benefits, and there is no longer such a distinction between the poor and the rich. We have to say that there is more than enough wealth in the world to comfortably achieve our goals.


       It seems quite extraordinary to us, that so much needs to be changed in your world. However over millennia of time you have been led into the current situation, and almost reached the point of no return. The erosion of your rights by increasing controls over you, and the misuse of your taxes has brought about a near collapse of your civilization. In any other circumstances you could all by now have easily been living a comfortable life, with all your needs provided for. You will taste the freedom we talk of very soon and by then you will have contact with us, and a guarantee of your right to choose your own future. It will of course mainly come within the plan for Ascension, but an alternative path may be chosen.


       Your role at present is to be a calming affect on those around you, and do your best to eliminate the fear factor. In the long run nothing will really matter, or have the ability to deny you the opportunity to ascend. It is thus written and so it shall be as promised, as the dark Ones have failed to achieve their aims for world control. The chaotic conditions will be cleared up and total peace declared, by silencing the weapons of war. With the consciousness levels increasing it will become much easier to lift people’s minds, into a new way of thinking largely arising from a new found desire for peace. You are to witness a great wave of love and joy sweep over the world, and barriers between people will quickly come down. Most of you seek the same things out of life, and with the return of your freedom you will achieve success. »


       QUESTION 5: The way you’re describing things, you’re actually telling us that almost everything is preordained. Are there unforeseen factors?

       ANSWER: First of all, I’d like to say that after the treaty signed in our galaxy during the 90’s, there are almost no malevolent (enemy) extraterrestrials. Those who existed as representing the dark forces (fourth dimensional non human entities with high technology), which belong to the “Anchara Alliance”, (which aimed in the conquest of all the star systems in the galaxy), finally joined the light, via the intervention of Archangel Michael (who oversees our galaxy), so that they could also obtain the light body they lacked. So the Grays, the Annunaki and all those who badgered us in the past, have gone. There are still (fortunately not for long) the human collaborators of the Annunaki which are the core of the dark forces and, although their extraterrestrial bosses have left and they ordered them to stop, they continue the efforts to retain their high privileges, the power and the wealth they have gained. Note that the Annunaki who are now collaborating with the Galactic Federation of Light, are also helping the take over as counselors, because they have extensive knowledge and experience as far as this planet is concerned. Of course, there are still some extraterrestrial saurians (mainly in the US) military bases (“bad guys”) who help with the new weapons, who are banished from their planets, but their numbers are gradually reducing. In addition according to recent information (21.3.11) that I took from the Galactic Council of Andromeda also certain other “dark” extraterrestrial, exist among us (relatively in small numbers as my superior self confirms), aiming to guide us in order to remain attached to the third dimension, about which I speak in detail at the end of my page II.1.D2.

       Secondly and most important, Earth’s transition to the fifth dimension has been determined by the Divine Hierarchy and that cannot change, nor can it be delayed. This will take place in 2012 when the conditions (“alignments”, “photon belt” etc., see my site) of the celestial bodies of the galaxy, favor this. Again, in the event that the governments procrastinate (in spite of what has been agreed) due to the dark forces, there is the emergency scenario. Due to the extraterrestrial’s high (“organic”) technology (which they received and are continuously developing for over 4 million earth years), there is no force (from Earth or outer space) which could stop or delay them. As far as the humans on Earth are concerned, they still have the free will to either be part of this transition or not. Those who are not willing or won’t be able to take part in this, they will be transported by the extraterrestrials to some other three dimensional planet of the galaxy, for the rest of their days, thus missing the opportunity that will not given to them again for a very long time.

       QUESTION 6:. What will happen as far as the personal change on each human is concerned? On their person, their energy, their body, their psyche, their appearance?

       ANSWER: In order for us to grasp what will happen, lets first see how it will happen.  The extraterrestrials will initially land in two phases. The first phase will include about 10 million space crafts  and the second, 100 million, which are already situated in our solar system, within huge “mother space crafts ” hundreds of miles long, which also contain whole self-sufficient cities, with their environment and their flora that mimics their planets, and with all the amenities for a long term stay. They are also in bases on the Moon (small base), Mars, Uranus, etc. This is because every single human will have his own extraterrestrial counselor (mentor, including the mentors who are the people of the Hollow Earth) who will guide them through these changes, so that all will take place in a safe and proper manner. After their landing, four months (or even up to six if need be) of training will follow. Noteworthy that for these four months you can see a description (together and with other information) in the videos of Dr. Nidle such as the and other similar in the same site.

       During the first month, there will be contacts and exchange of information. We will visit their space crafts  (and then some people will remember having visited them before in their dreams and forgot about it), and people will be trained on the new technology that the extraterrestrials will bring, along with millions of scientists who will install it, so it can be soon put to good use towards a revolutionary change in peoples living conditions. Among many new technologies and gadgets, there are 4-5 basic ones, apart from the free energy and vehicle propulsion that we have already mentioned, which the governments that received them, are keeping them secret. The free energy, includes small generators of a kind of “parallel electricity”, while the magnetic propulsion, allows the travel from one end of the planet to the other, in less than an hour, so that there will no longer be a need for any kind of fuel.

       Furthermore, there are other given technologies, like the ones referring to advanced communication and administration systems, to the cleansing of the planet from pollution, to nanotechnology, nanobiology, artificial intelligence etc. Among those, there is also a global system of mobile telephone communication (but without the harmful radiation), for direct communication with the extraterrestrials for further information, etc., but also for communications between humans.

       The first devices, are the “simulators”, which condense energy (especially the universal “zero point energy” which is a very high frequency energy, covering the whole universe, see details in my site, page II.1.D8) converting it to any form of matter, and via telepathic communication with them, we will be able to create our food, our clothing, our furniture, our home appliances and decorations, and anything else we need. Telepathic communication is achieved, because as the words create vibrations in space, so do thoughts in the ethereal  space, which the device “picks up” and reacts accordingly. So if for instance,  we have invited 10 people in our home for dinner, the simulator creates a table with chairs, dishes etc, and the food we have chosen. And after dinner, we send the things we don’t need back to it and the simulator “sucks” them back and converts them into energy. In fact our food which might have a meaty flavor or anything else we want, is essentially just energy, that is why it is totally absorbed (even water)  by our body, and we will not need toilets, (when we become 5th dimensional) because we will excrete nothing, and we will not have problems with obesity.

       Also, there will be no trash, waste or garbage, seeing that whatever we don’t need, we’ll turn it back to energy with the simulator. We will no longer need the planet’s resources (farming, fishing, mining etc) and we will relieve the planet’s flora and fauna from our destructive interventions!

       QUESTION 7:  So the energy will be able to convert to matter and vice versa, easily?

       ANSWER: Sure it will. That is one of the many appliances every household is going to have. A second device, is the “sonic waves shower”, where we will walk in, and the vibrations will remove all dirt from our skin, even from our teeth, and then our body will be bombarded for total cleansing, while it massage us in order to balance our energy, and we come out clean and revitalized, physically, mentally and psychologically. Then, with the help of the simulators, we will get the clothes we choose to wear.

       A third device, is the “communication centers”, where we can call and get the holograph of the person we want to talk to, from any part of the galaxy, and with the aid of a gadget, our conversations are automatically translated in our language, while at the same time, our holograph goes to his space.

       The fourth and most important device, are the so called “holographic theatres”. We feed in these larger than the simulators devices, the blue print or the characteristics of the house we want to build, with it’s surrounding space, and within hours, or one day at the most, the home materializes in front of us, with its garden, its pool, etc., which we can then extend or change etc. For larger constructions (like large multistory buildings which will be used to fill the needs of the transitory period until 2012), as much as three days might be required. We can also design a new device we invent (with the aid of the reinforced spiritual abilities we will acquire in the fifth dimension) and give the blue prints or merely its characteristics to the holographic theatre, so it can be manufactured.

       These holographic theatres also create the potential of “virtual reality”. For instance, if we want to go on vacation at a lake, they create the image of a lake with fish etc., in our back yard, where we get the sensation of swimming for miles, whereas in reality, we’ve only moved a few feet. We can also create the image of a snow covered mountain slope, and get the sensation of skiing for miles with cold wind hitting our face, whereas in reality, we will have only “travelled” a few feet.

       Furthermore, the holographic theatres provide us with info, with the “education windows” they create, through which we can see 3D holographic images of all info and events recorded in the universal (“acasic”) files, which we request telepathically. One such request would be for example the fight among two prehistoric beasts, life in ancient Egypt, one of Christ’s speeches, the battle of Thermopylae, or Waterloo, or Beethoven composing, etc. We will also be able to read the mind (when we enter the fifth dimension) of people who appear there.

       Naturally, the holographic theatres also have their limitations. In order to make something large and complicated (like a space ship for example) big high tech factories are required, which, apart from the energy, they use existing matter, like crystals, “liquid monatomic metals”, plasma etc. (a small quantity of those, could repeat itself and thus increase as much as required), while the holographic theatres and telepathic instructions, are simply “tools” in these factories, along with their high tech computers.

       I must point out that the space crafts  with their intricate functions, apart from the artificial intelligence they get through their organic matter computers, they also have some form of consciousness deriving from the collective consciousness of the people who build them. The computers in the fifth dimension, are comprised of living organic matter, which imitates perfectly the brain neurons and provides them with a genuine artificial intelligence, capable of very complex functions. As for interventions on a larger scale to celestial bodies (like planets, suns etc.,) the God’s-First Creator’s  assistance is required, which is materialised through the spirits-Archangels we call Elochim, which are the carriers of the Divine energy and creation.

       Finally, from the abundance of other useful devices we will receive, I shall mention the "healing scanners". They are small hand devices, with which, as we move them over various parts of our body, we will detect any problems we might have, which we will then fix with the therapeutic energies (zero point energy) they emit. Note also that all the devices mentioned above, which already exist in the extraterrestrials’ spacecrafts, can easily be replicated directly in large numbers, to be quickly distributed to all households.

       During the second month we will be undergoing behavior training, for our fitting in the “Galactic Society” in which we will enter when Earth becomes a member of the “Galactic Confederation” in the fifth dimension. We will learn the rules, the universal laws, behavior protocol, etc. Furthermore, we will learn how to be active citizens and help considerably in the whole function of the system, participating in comities etc, expressing ideas and exchanging vies in the context of a perfect collaboration with everyone. Consequently, the rapid cleansing of the Earth will take place with new technologies (with the collaboration between Earth humans and Extraterrestrials), removing the pollution in all levels, (and even the most insidious, which is derived from radioactive residues from old nuclear tests, from leaks of plants and reactors in general, published or covered, etc), which suffocates us, makes us ill, and kills us slowly and without us realizing it, at a fast growing rate, while we will receive assistance in health problems, addictions, etc.

       During the third month, we will learn about our new abilities, our new powers, and we will be taught how to control them, so as not to become unintentionally dangerous, because of the powerful abilities we will acquire in the fifth dimension. We will also learn to communicate easily and directly with our “higher self” (those who are not already doing it) and with our Divine spiritual advisers  who will give us instructions, information and answers,

       During the last forth month, when our training will be completed, we will learn what will happen exactly in the “transformation chambers”, through which we will soon pass (within three days) from the third (or fourth, see my site) dimension in which we are now, to the fifth. By the end of the month, we will be beamed down to the Hollow Earth (in our sleep) by the Extraterrestrials.

       There will be over 6 billion transformation chambers, one for every human on earth, that lives already or will be born. Each chamber is specially adjusted for the specific person, and the after birth deterioration he has been subjected to. They have already been created (since 1991 for our quick and safe transition), by the Extraterrestrials in the crystalline cities of the Hollow Earth. We will temporarily dwell in these cities and we will transported there in order to go through this transformation much quicker, which would otherwise need many years and much effort, plus there would be the danger of failure if this was done gradually without the use of the transformation chambers.

       As we will go to the Hollow Earth with our families, our dwellings will be the exact duplicates of our present homes (along with personal items etc.) and we will be able to visit our friends and associates, as most of them will be also transported in the Hollow Earth. This is achieved through the holographic theatres, so we can feel that nothing has changed. We will also have extra room with the transformation chamber, the training rooms, and our advisor (a separate mentor for each of us, who has been watching over us for years and knows us well through our Divine advisers) who will be constantly giving us instructions.  We will feel joy and euphoria there, and we will be full of energy. Of course any homeless, who had remained that way perhaps because they chose to, will also find themselves in comfortable dwellings.

       Keep in mind that these crystalline cities, are comprised of huge crystals, with a diameter and height of many miles each, on the top of which is the space ship “parking” space. At the next lower level, are the convention centers, ceremonial places, as well as recreation halls or places of gatherings and events. All the levels underneath, (which are numerous), will hold the dwellings. There is a distance of several hundred meters between each level, so that the homes can have their “sky”, and their “grounds” with its flora etc. They are situated in large “land” portions, each including their garden, pool, etc, as if they are out in the country and not in a city.

       QUESTION 8: How will the transformation take place in the Hollow Earth?:

       ANSWER:  As soon as we settle there, we will learn in a briefing, about how 13000 years ago, we were fully developed people, and the “bad guys” of the elite in Atlantis, deactivated 10 out of our 12 DNA helixes, in order to use us as slaves, and how immediately after the destruction of Atlantis, the Annunaki (“bad” fourth dimensional extraterrestrials with high technology, from the planet  Nibiru, counselors for the elite) who came to Earth, took over from the elite and continued from there. They kept us in the dark for 13000 years, distorting religious texts and ancient knowledge, which light entities had taught us at times,  as they tried to make us forget our stellar origin and to believe that we derive from apes etc, and every time we started remembering our roots, they destroyed the planet with fires, floods etc, so that the few survivors would start their evolution again as primitives. Also they will teach us how now it was time for us, (according to the Divine plan, and after so many karmic tribulations we have been trough in all these years), to become again fully conscious fifth dimensional beings, upon which time, we will reconnect all our other helixes who remained in our “astral body” (see my site).

       We will then enter these chambers, which resemble diver’s decompression chambers, we will lie comfortably in a hibernate  state, but retaining our senses, and we will be “flooded” by a inter dimensional light from zero point energy, which will increase our vibrations and on the first day we will undergo changes in our body. These changes include: the reconnection of the 10 helixes we mentioned before. The creation of our 13 chakras (we only have 7 now) and the implementation of 200 other secondary changes. The changes in our body which will halt the after birth withering and ageing and we will return to the age we desire. Usually the Extraterrestrials have an appearance between 20 and 30 years of age, whereas they could be 1000 or 3000 earth years old.  Our organs and functions with problems will be rectified, and we will even regain a lost limb, arm, or leg.  We will also be able to choose the body we want, like our height, our weight, and our looks in general. We will become robust, and every physical, spiritual, psychological disease, bad habits, addictions or “draw backs” will be eliminated, so that we will be reaching for perfection.

       And I continue with second day in the transformation chambers, which will tackle the psychic and spiritual changes we will undergo. This will be done with the help of souls-spirits from the ninth dimension, who are our Divine advisers. It is they who are protecting us now, in this life, guiding our subconscious mind without us knowing, although some of us are able to communicate with them and get answers.

       This is where, with the spiritual energies showering us,  we will change from beings of limited consciousness that we are now, to fully conscious beings, filled with unconditional love for the whole world, and with respect for all beings and for our environment. We will discard all our negative thoughts and feelings, and we will steer clear of any negative action or wrong doing. We will become people full of kindness, respect for others, understanding, willing to help our fellow man and the planet, and we will be filled with joy, optimism and contentment. And another thing. The veil which hid memories of our past lives will be lifted, and all our past lives, even the ones in the ninth dimension we were as souls after death and before our next incarnation, will be revealed to us, and we will obtain all the knowledge and the experiences we had, along with the full awareness of who we really are, as well as who our planetary family and origin is, and what is our present “mission”.

       We will also learn many other things, like that regardless of whether they are souls incarnated in the third, fourth, or fifth dimension, etc., when they die they all go to the ninth dimension, until their next incarnation. In the ninth dimension are also the Ascended Masters, who having reached the perfection no longer need to incarnate, unless is necessary to help humanity. In addition the higher three dimensions, tenth, eleventh and twelfth are where the various grades of the Divine Hierarchy are located, while God – The First Creator (located above the dimensions), has created the universe we live in, as well as all other parallel universes that coexist in the same space. All these universes (that were not created by the "big bang" as wrongly scientists now believe), consist (from the beginning of time) ''the sixth material creation'', which like the previous five, are to collect experience and when they complete their goals they dissolve. Note that the objective of this sixth material creation is the ''harmonic marriage'' between light and darkness, given that the beings of darkness (such as the ''bad'' extraterrestrials), are also eternal souls that were created by God and have within them the divine spark, while Earth is now plaing an important role in completing this objective. Here ends the second day.

       The third day, combines the two previous, and new abilities are revealed to us, which we now have, and which are very powerful and therefore must be controlled, because when we come out of the chambers, we might unwillingly become dangerous with these abilities. Thus our advisers (extraterrestrials and spirits-souls) will show us how to handle and control them. We will get the feeling that we are hearing and seeing a lot of new things that overload our five senses. As for the toddlers and the children, after the transition, they will find themselves at the beginning of puberty, or at any other age they choose as they will be now developed souls.

       Note, that it will be possible, even for criminals, imprisoned people, as well as retarded or mentally ill people, to pass to the fifth dimension, where they will become fully conscious beings full of love.  Let us not forget that the seemingly “bad” people, are still eternal souls who carry the Divine spark within them. They choosed to play the “bad guy” part in this incarnation, in order to obtain the experiences they needed, while as soul none of us  is better than any other.   Furthermore, let us keep in mind, that all of us, with no exception, have been especially bad in some past incarnation. In light of this, even the most high ranking representatives of the dark forces, who have committed many crimes (many of which were not yet made public knowledge), after “serving” a (brief) sentence and punishment, they will be able to pass to the fifth dimension if they want so, (repenting at the last moment like the one convict on the cross). Finally, our pets will return to us when we have become fifth-dimensional, and then we will be able to fully communicate with them.

       As we come out of these chambers, at the end of the third day, we will initially have a plethora of various sensations bombarding us, as if the whole world is inside us and we are the whole world, which will be very annoying. It is a fact that in the fifth dimension, we experience a unity with our environment, animals and plants, as if we are one with them. Then our advisers will show us how to shut some switches down, and to regulate the intensities of the volume, so that we focus only on the object we wish to communicate with, and to receive information.

       We will then be trained (with the aid of the holographic training windows that the holographic theatres create), on how to use our telepathic ability with which we will even be able to read the thoughts of others. This means that in the fifth dimension, there will be no secrets between people. They then train us on telekinesis, so we can move various items by sheer thought, handle appliances/devices, do chores, etc. They will also train us to overcome the gravitational pull, so we can fly or hover. That way, when we go outdoors, we will be able to walk a fiew millimetres above the vegetation, thus protecting it.  They will then train us in “teleportation” thus we will be able to “be beamed off” with our physical body to various places, far or near, and return.

       Most important training of all, is to materialise items. When we “think” something and consequently we “feel” it, then it automatically materialises.  So, we will have to think about things without feeling them, if we don’t want them to materialise. There will also be group training on this, where we will materialise various objects in front of a group, things people will ask us to materialise, and send them, or we will ask others to materialise things and send them to us. Of course, when we have a simulator handy, the materialisation will be easy and without effort on our part.

       When our training is completed, then we come in to contact with many extraterrestrials from various planets and galaxies, which have come to the Hollow Earth to meet us as fifth dimensional beings. They will teach us their culture and various rituals they perform in order to keep their vibrations, as well as their planet’s vibrations high, (knowledge that will be useful in future, to facilitate such purposes). We will teach them (and they will listen with great interest the lecture each of us will give in a large audience), about our experiences when we were in darkness, which is the third dimension, and how we managed to pass to the light (in the fifth dimension) with our physical body alive.

       This exchange of knowledge and experiences might take a whole year. Note, that in all other instances of planets in the galaxies, all the inhabitants died before their transition and they reincarnated much later with their new fifth-dimensional bodies on their planets that had also transcended from the third to the fifth dimension. That is why, this event taking place now on Earth, is considered unique and very significant for all. I repeat that all of us with no exceptions in the fifth dimension,  will be beings filled with unconditional love for all,  rejuvenated and happy, with absolutely healthy bodies, without pain or ailments, so light that we will almost not feel our body at all, and they will not deteriorate in time, while we will also be able to change our form.  In general, we will have a wide range of choices and conditions that we will be able to experience, even by leaving our physical body temporarily, in order to ascend to higher non material dimensions (the sixth or the seventh), or travel back and forth in the non linear fifth dimensional time, or visit parallel universes, etc.

       The people of the Hollow Earth will show us around and will teach us their technology, which is one of the highest in our galaxy, and in their city of Katharia (situated in a position which extends under the Aegean sea, from the island of Evia to that of Chios). There exist a huge and unique in the whole galaxy crystal library, which functions with holographic imagery of knowledge and events taken place throughout our galaxy. People from all planets visit and get knowledge in this library. The ancient library of Alexandria, had taken certain important information from this library. The Anunaki later burned it, in order to keep the people in the dark. The people of the Hollow Earth will suggest that we stay permanently in the dwellings they created for us in their crystal cities, thus enjoying the advantages of this place, where everything functions perfectly for eons, without the need for us to make or build anything.

       I asked the extraterrestrials why is all this preparation with the four initial phases and the implementation of the NESARA treaty necessary before their arrival, seeing that their arrival (and with all things they would give us) would in itself solve all our problems once and for all. The answer was as follows:  The people of Earth will first have to indicate themselves that they want (universal law of free will) and that they are determined and capable of proceeding with these changes, renouncing their former state, thus proving that they really deserve to get the help that will follow. Of course, because the Divine order distinctly calls for Earth’s transition in 2012 to the fifth dimension, (because of which order, the Divine Hierarchy, as well as the 50 star nations of the galaxy were mobilized and came here for this purpose), exists also the possibility of the emergency scenario, for any unforeseen circumstances”.

       In Any Case recent information (21.3.11) that I took from the Galactic Council of Andromeda, say that will function in the exterior surface of Earth, invisible champers of “Healing and Activation” of our DNA/RNA etc, under the form of cylinders open in both ends, for those that will want to remain there for the Ascension, but who will also maintain high their vibrations, in order to be able to enter to these champers. The DNA is referring to the strands-helixes, and the RNA to the connections between each couple of two helixes. Specifically for Greece, which noteworthy accepts a merciless war (because her geographic place, her mining and marine wealth, her energy triangles that link important points in the planet, and for a lot of other secrets that are minimal admitted), and the things will become worse, this champers will be found in the energy nodes of triangles of the crystalline grid, where usually are found also the ancient temples. (See details an the end of my page II.1.D2).

       Note that Greece is privileged to have large energetic triangles, in which time-space gates are already opening, and through them enter:  a) Energies which increase our vibrations as well as the vibrations of the planet. b) Valuable information  which we receive telepathically. c) Various beings, either physical (i.e. extraterrestrials), or (mainly) spiritual (i.e. of the Heavenly Hierarchy), who are helping us to ascend, and d) other energies, while the extraterrestrials, in collaboration with enlightened Earth Allies, make sure these gates remain clean, preventing the entry of negative energies and entities. Furthermore NASA, who is completely controlled by the dark forces, has created long ago, a subterranean base under Tempi, within the energy area of Olympus, in order to monitor and to try and get information, or pose obstacles to the above mentioned process in the gate there.

       QUESTION 9: All this is going to happen in 2012, or will it happen gradually?

       ANSWER: All this will take place when we will be transported to the Hollow Earth (at least for the ones who wish to go there, which will rather be the grate majority of people, while those that will choose to remain in the outer surface will follow a longer procedure). The transition is estimated to take place in 2012. Definitely before the critical date of December 2012, when Earth will be fully fifth dimensional. Furthermore, it is probable that during the first semester of 2011, some governments, (starting, most probably from USA) will officially announce the existence of the extraterrestrials. This will happen under the pressure of the coming economic collapse towards the spring of 2011, as it will be considered the only “life saver”. However recent information (21.Mar.11) that I also received from the Galactic Council of Andromeda (see details in the end of my page II.1.D2), supports that under the pressure of the dark forces, the announcements will delay so much, that will force the extraterrestrial to make the announcements themselves about their existence and the role that are going to play in Earth, (i.e. the emergency scenario will be in effect), and their massive landing will take place somewhere within one year from today (that is to say up to March 2012).

       According to farther information (28..Apr.2011) from the same source, discreet landings will begin, from the summer of 2011 on, in areas where time-space gates are opening (there will be many such gates in Greece, especially where the ancient temples are located), where the extraterrestrials will come to physical contact with selected groups of people, who have already been awakened and know of their existence. These encounters will not become publicly known, and this procedure will expand, making these contacts more and more frequent in larger numbers and at protected areas in numerous locations on the planet. Mass landings will be avoided before official UFO disclosure announcements, in order to avoid panic and possibly casualties deriving from the panic. However the emergency scenario for mass landing can apply any time for our protection, in case that the dark forces, out of desperation because they are losing the game, may try to proceed in mass destruction against humanity with the technological aid of the dark extraterrestrials.  Note that while the extraterrestrials themselves are not in any danger, they feel very responsible and are concerned for our safety. Furthermore, when I asked to have a significant metaphysical experience, I was told that during the summer (of 2011) an Andromedian will visit me with his physical body, to talk and to give me significant metaphysical experiences, which is something I am eagerly expecting.

       Already the largest U.S. bank, the Bank of America (BofA) has, even informally for the present, been bankrupt and there are fears that will start closing branches, under the weight of the $ 47 billion of bad mortgage loans that the central bank (FED) asked BofA to cover and BofA failed to do so, (with possible problems for the deposits of the clients), while about 100 small banks have closed this year, and many other banks will follow, so it will start to flow the avalanche of the domino development. So within the next eight months of 2011, which will follow the announcements, the space crafts will land, if of course, the planed scenario I’ve already unfolded, is still in effect, and if we don’t have to go to the emergency scenario that I also mentioned, in which case, the expected announcements might delayed a little and be given directly by the extraterrestrials. Note however that the entire planet, states, services and individuals are indebted to illegal loans – bubbles, created by the lenders – i.e. the dark forces and these bubbles are ready to ''pop'' as evidenced by the following data:

       Starting from the graph of the debt of the group of G7, the gross debt in Japan is at 227% of GDP (Gross annual product of the country), in Italy the 120%. In U.S. the 93%, in France the 84% and in Britain the 78% of GDP, (for Greece at the end of 2011 the dept will be 362 billion euro i.e. 156% of GDP). But many countries have hidden liabilities that are not shown in the official statistical data. So Britain has obligations to the pension funds, representing 78% of GDP, with the figure for the United States including the commitment to the health sector to reach 700% of GDP. Overall it is estimated that the U.S. has a deficit in state funds of the around of 100 trillion dollars. According to the OECD the corresponding state obligations of France represent 330% of GDP in Germany 190%, in Japan 150% and  in Italy 130%. There are, however, in addition the financial obligations incurred by the state guarantee on bank debts and here the statistics are even more difficult to reveal the true picture of the problem, which for Britain seems to be the 50% of the GDP. Something similar applies also to the emerging economies, e.g. China, India, etc. (see all of the above in but in Greek).

       Noteworthy that, as the extraterrestrials support, the total world debt from every source is many times higher than the total national gross product (NGP) of the entire planet, and consequently is impossible to be paid up. It emanated, for the most part, from illegal energies of banks and, more generally, of institutions. In any case the extraterrestrials try, with a lot of probabilities for success, to intervene based on their normal scenario (that begins with the official announcements about their existence to be made from the governments of the major countries), so that to start the essential changes in order to avoid the absolute bankruptcy with the inevitable unpleasant consequences. 

       Also supporting the fact for the coming changes, I quote one paragraph from each of the 10 most recent messages, of the many that regularly receive from extraterrestrials (see full text of the six messages in my pages II.1.D13 and II.1.D14), Dr. Sheldan Nidle (for the first 5 messages, see his site: and Mr. Michael Quisey (for the other 5, see his site


       First (30.Nov.10): ….At this time a pall has descended over the dark cabal. Suddenly, these smug and superior Beings are beginning to realize that their long reign over you is coming to an end. Our Earth allies, on the other hand, are sensing that their hard-won victory is truly upon them. We are excitedly looking forward to a whole raft of astonishing changes in the way your world operates. The first item on the agenda is, of course, the prosperity deliveries, followed swiftly by sudden regime changes, the key catalyst being the major shake-up in the US government in Washington. We therefore expect you to be regaled with startling news at any moment. …..Our liaison groups are working out what our own part in these exciting activities is to be, and we cannot overemphasize the need for those of you who are more than ready to lend your assistance to these festivities to get ready for your vital role in this cosmic play…….

       Second (21.Dec.10): …. The trite reiterations of your authority figures fail to convince; and the economic, governmental, and social underpinnings of your reality are falling apart. The depth and extent of this systems failure is global in scope, and it is apparent that widespread panic is indeed setting in, spreading from one continent to another…. The banking sham and the huge debt that is engulfing the system portend the start of a global collapse the likes of which your world has never seen. Similarly, governments, especially in the Americas and many nation-states in Europe, are reaching the end of their rope. Civil unrest and other forms of national disobedience are beginning to crop up in many parts of your world, and the more totalitarian regimes are apprehensive about a degree of civil disorder …. Despite their best efforts, our Earth allies are unable to push it through on their own, so we have decided to do it in our own way. At the right moment, this special intervention will happen. It will signal the start of a chain of events that is to change governments and usher in a new global, hard monetary structure….  Our technologies are to supplement the presently sequestered technologies that the new regimes are to release into the public arena…. We have basically taken over responsibility to see that the flood of global deliveries is carried out at the appropriate moment. The new governments, especially the American one, have the job of broadcasting the dramatic, initial series of announcements which will lay the groundwork for all we have been talking about in this message….   What lies just ahead of you is Heaven's grand thrust to institute a new fully conscious reality for you. We take this role very seriously as we comprehend fully what Heaven intends for you. The suffering you have had to endure is now to end. You are ready now to embrace a wealth of facts and astonishing truths that will run counter to what you have long been given to believe….

        Third (28.Dec.10): …Our counsellors have waited for almost two decades to set you free and graciously introduce you to the amazing, sovereign Being that each of you has hidden within you…. These scenarios are beginning to interlink, and we have come to agreements with the major white-Light, secret societies of your globe on what is to be done next… The first item on the agenda of this first contact mission is to move you toward a more ethical form of governance combined with an economy based on abundance. The aim is to begin to fully honor you as sovereign Beings, and this implies a complete reappraisal of how you treat one another. Each of you is a precious creation of the Creator, endowed with equal and unalienable rights and delivered into this world with certain life-long goals. You are then equipped with unique talents that can be used to help others, as well as yourself, to reach those life goals. Galactic societies take these talents to their full potential. Normally, societies have reached this point before being eligible for first contact. You are to go beyond this point, all the way to full consciousness. You have a glorious future ahead, as a key member of the Galactic Federation of Light!....

        Forth (04.Jan.11): ….We are in a special position insofar as we are the only factor in the mix that the cabal deeply fears. We possess the means and the technology to challenge them successfully at every turn, and this feeds their growing panic. At the appointed times we use this leverage to advance the cause of our Earth allies. We fully realize that the moment has now come for us to go beyond our 'containment' of the dark to the point where our Earth allies are firmly propelled toward a well-deserved victory over this cabal. These definitive moments are at hand, and we need to step up the pressure and blast through to the finish! To this end we have assigned several new liaison teams to finish up the delivery process and have sent others to assist in preparing the caretaker regimes to take up the reins of power. These operations are progressing swiftly. In addition, we are moving some key command ships into closer Earth orbit…

        Fifth (11.Jan.11):  .Your world is reaching a point where the failsafe mechanisms (such as they are) built into your societies can no longer hold, and in light of this, Heaven has described to us a scenario in which a series of direct interventions can safely take place. These projected intercept points are fast approaching. We are monitoring these (ultimately) man-made disasters and deeply wish to intervene on a massive scale. This will happen in the very near future, as events are underway that will make this most possible! Not only your climate but your economy also is in serious difficulties. Your dark cabal and its media and governmental minions are deliberately turning a blind eye to the illegal activities that have brought your world to the brink of a colossal ruin. These conditions have now been pushed to their limits. A massive backlash is mounting, but this can actually expedite what we intend to do. Heaven has instructed us on these matters and we need to follow these sacred directions to the letter…. Your world hovers on the edge of incredible change. We are pledged to intervene. Our many liaison teams are focused on getting the preliminary changes done swiftly. We are determined to do this. One minor obstacle is the continuing belief of many on your world in an invasion by an off-planet organization. This concept is being played up constantly by your entertainment industries, and we have therefore taken measures to ensure that what we do is not misinterpreted by your society…. The Divine has stated that a bloodless revolution is required, now. This is what our Earth allies and we are about to produce. It is to be at once a truly shocking and a truly marvelous happening!. Try to resist the temptation of frustration, and see these last days as the lull before a full-blown, unprecedented series of phenomena erupts onto the world stage, changing everything! Our personnel are working all out to shove these sensational events into being….

        Sixth (01.Dec.10): ….Now more than ever we ask that your focus be upon future, which will bring the answers to your problems. If you can, look beyond the repercussions that the changes will bring, and know that all will change for the betterment of humankind. This month will be one of mixed feelings, but the signs of change will be accompanied with strong indications of the upliftment that will result.….Our allies are finding opportunities to voice their opinions, and direct your attention to what is really required to set you upon the right path. As you are now noticing, what has been deliberately hidden from you in the past is coming into the public domain. Such revelations will reveal who has been behind many of the actions that have caused confrontations, which have in some cases led to war. Denial will not alter the facts, and the dark Ones will be caught in a trap of their own making. For the first time you will see your representatives as they really are, and how you have been fooled and deliberately misled on so many issues. Corruption and criminal actions have been endemic, and also involved the big corporations….

       Seventh (20.Dec.10): …..It proves that if you so desire, you can create an energy around you that is unaffected by the lower vibrations. How nice it would be if you could maintain that higher level well into the New Year. However we know that similar messages and ours do not reach everyone, and as the changes develop many are fearful of the future. This is where as informed Lightworkers you can help others, if in no other way than to make sure that they understand that it is only a temporary condition. That the outcome will lift your whole civilization up to higher levels not experienced previously…. By and large you have learnt whatever lessons you came to experience. You can therefore apply yourself to making the necessary break with all that is associated with duality…. There is no denying that hard times are still going to occur, as you cannot otherwise experience the decline and fall of your civilization. Yet your reward by being here to experience it, is that you will also be part of the changes by serving your travelling companions. One day you will look back and feel so privileged to have been part of it. By then you will have forgotten the hardships and challenges you had to face. It will all come under the heading of “experience” and you will have risen to high levels of consciousness as a result…. Our plan has reached a point of manifestation that very soon we will be called into action. Our allies are ready and as your levels of consciousness continue rising, so the time to go full speed ahead is approaching. You sense it to be so and your intuition will let you know, when it is time to be ready for the changes to commence that will start a new era in your lives…..

       Eighth (29.Dec.10): …Looking ahead 2011 is to be most memorable and will eventually re-write the history of the Earth. The truth will come out from all quarters, and your understanding will be such that you will not tolerate any attempt to return to the old ways. As a collective, Humanity has inordinate power through the higher levels of consciousness, and what you have achieved so far is a credit to you all. The awakening is well under way and will continue at an ever increasing speed, and is resulting in the opening of more people’s eyes to where they should be placing their focus. It is the peaceful revolution that was always going to come about, and it is far too late for those who oppose it and would stop its rapid progress. The changes will really commence in 2011 and your path to Ascension will gradually unfold, so that you are prepared for the final year of 2012 when a great uplifting will occur. Then and only then will you have put behind you any remaining vestiges of the hold duality had upon you…. Mother Earth must complete her own cleansing in good time and it will unavoidably cause some disruption. However, we will as always be monitoring your Earth’s activities, and just as we have in the past will lessen the effects it has upon you. Whilst it is all happening, the important issues of your financial problems will be addressed, and your life patterns will begin to change. You will be the eager participants in many schemes, which will help overcome the past lack of progress where your everyday living is concerned…. Each of you has a role to play and is equally important to the whole, even although only some can take the centre stage….

       …. You are as much responsible for the outcome as we are, indeed if not more as we have not come to do it all for you. It is your future that is being created and whether you fully realize it or not, you can exercise your power to create it in the manner you desire. Ascension is your goal, but many potential pathways can be taken to achieve it…. Also as you will ascend in your physical bodies Ascension is as told to you previously, a unique occurrence in your Universe. It follows that you have much to experience that will be very fulfilling and satisfying…. The Creator’s word carries the powerful energy of fulfilment, and nothing can therefore prevent the end times from passing as given to you…. Also once the truth of your past history is revealed you will feel more attracted to us, because we have had a hand in your genetic development…. Eventually only that which is of the Light will remain, and all else will disappear as nothing of the lower vibrations will have any place on the new uplifted Earth…. The deadline for it is almost here, so in one way or another we will expect disclosure to become worldwide within the first quarter of this coming year. Go forward in full confidence, as we are fully with you in this final stage of your journey….

       Ninth (3.Jan.11): ….With everything that is happening do not forget that the most important matter concerns the changes within you. With understanding and the desire to ascend, you must as far as possible live your life as on who has already reached a higher level of consciousness. The distractions will increase but realize that they are only going to affect in the short term, and out of all the sudden changes you will clearly see the path to Ascension…. Remember also that your Guides are working tirelessly to help you expand your levels of consciousness. They prompt you when there is an opportunity to gather more information, and that is often related to someone you meet. It can even go to the extent that you will feel strongly attracted to an article or book, that can fill in some of the missing gaps in your knowledge. It is known for books to conveniently “fall” across your path when they are exactly what you need. Take notice of such happenings, as they are usually for a purpose and although you may view it as a coincidence it is absolutely intended for you. Nothing of any importance to you happens by chance, and each time something special enters your life try to understand what purpose it serves….

       Tenth (7.Jan.11): ….Have no fear Dear Ones, have you not been told that victory is already yours. Just allow some time for it to manifest upon Earth and off you will go with a joyful step and happiness in your hearts. The best is clearly to come, and we have the answers to the financial collapse that hovers over you. Out of all the travails you have had or are to experience, will come the sweetness of success. So we ask that you stay cheerful and confident regardless of the outer happenings because the changes are upon you. Just be patient a little longer as you have everything to gain, and in real terms very little to lose. The plan for you is immaculate and your destiny, and provides for all that is necessary to see you firmly step on the path to Ascension. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you that the Galactic Federation is a tremendous force for good, and we will not allow you to be taken advantage of any longer. There may be scuffles but we certainly will prevent any plans that may further damage Mother Earth, as she has lovingly carried you on her back for eons of time and like you she also has to move towards Ascension…. (End of the messages).


       Also I should add that the changes in the external surface of the Earth that we have seen (with continents to emerge, flora and fauna to change, etc) that would normally require many years, even centuries, will now be completed soon (we could say in a magic way), so that Earth becomes fifth-dimensional taking the form that had 13,000 years ago. Even Armageddon scenarios i.e. that the magnetic poles would be reversed, the Earth will stop rotating for a while and we will have darkness for 3 days, or that tidal waves of km height will appear, etc, (that formerly were a probability), now with the actions of the extraterrestrials will not happen, and whatever disruptions with earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, etc. that will anyway will take place, will not affect us because (our vast majority) will be safe in the Hollow Earth.

       Even the recent disclosures of secret documents by the Wikileaks in the internet, the press, etc, is a trigger to encourage also others who have something to reveal not to hesitate to publish it, in order to start the domino effect of also the other disclosures about the presence of the extraterrestrials, about the hidden technologies, about the crimes of governments and banks, etc, that we are eagerly waiting to happen. Even among the secret documents of Wikileaks that are not yet published, are the referring to the UFOs and the extraterrestrials (reports by pilots and astronauts, etc.), which documents are waiting their turn to be revealed.

       Also recently Fox News presented the official statement of Mexico about the presence of 11 UFO that the Mexican air force observed and very clearly recorded (fact that constitutes also the first government that officially admits the existence of extraterrestrials), while as the American journalist says  in the TV “the 90% of the Americans have been convinced already that the government withholds the truth about the extraterrestrial, (between which are also the majority of the members of Congress), and that a lot of governments lose now their patience with the cover up that is imposed, and begin gradually to reveal documents pressing this way the USA (see the related videos, and  as well as many other videos there.  Still in the same site with the videos you will see also a top secret video of NASA that was leaked recently and shows the “first landing on Moon” with the program Apollo. There, as soon as the astronaut stepped in the ground the assistants of the film director came, dressed with common clothes, helping him with the ladder in order to repeat the scene, while other astronauts under the directives of the director were practising to walk with leaps on the surface (that was supposed to be of the Moon), in order to take then in the camera. These prove beyond doubt that all were a false setting (see also the title that it was added later to the video “We never step on the Moon''

       In addition, in order to show that things are increasingly become more and more evident, I quote the very characteristic incident that my friend Tina from California, who recently (5.12.10) visited me with her husband at home, revealed. She told me that one evening (25.Sept.10) on the Ventura County highway leading to Hollywood driving with her husband, they saw a huge bright UFO, disk shaped, to stand still for some time and from an open door a strong beam of light illuminated the ground, while all the cars on the highway had stopped and photographed it with their mobile-cell phones. The next day the local site about UFO sightings had testimonies and photographs of this UFO, bat no medium, press or TV, did mention anything about it, and a few days later all these pictures and testimonies have disappeared from the site, where remained only the older (of very low interest) sightings, fact that confirms the way that the authorities face similar cases. My friend promised that when she returns to U.S. will try to find the relevant photos from her friends and will sent these to me.

       Based on recent information (09/12/1910) I should add the following: There is a group of countries "BRIC" meaning Brazil, Russia, India and China, which are pushing (mainly U.S.) for an immediate change in the economic and banking system (as determined by NESARA) to occurred before the economic collapse, so that the collapse to be avoided. Certainly when we talk about China we refer to the ''underground government'' that controls the operations of the current communist government, as previously was controlling the acts of the emperors, and was changing them when they hurt the country. In India, there is an underground base of the Galactic Federation which cooperates with the government and influence it, while Russia although previously was in favour of hiding all relevant information, now it has gradually ceased to be.

       In addition, about the changes in the U.S., the recent information says that it will start with absolute secrecy, and the first to be known to the public will be the Obama's statement that resigned himself, the government, the Congress, the Supreme Court, etc., with their immediate replacement by transitional officials, and for two weeks the new authorities will inform the citizens (with lectures, etc. in the press, the TV, and in other media), about the upcoming changes and why these changes are needed. Alongside will start the change in the economic and banking system, (to be completed within four months), and in another four months the landings of the extraterrestrial spacecrafts will occur, as detailed previously.

       Finally the question (which I also made previously), ''why, since we will be transferred shortly to the Hollow Earth, we need to pass through all these changes, (for a period lasting less than two years)?' the supplementary to the previous reply that I received is: ''You must first be familiar with the correct use of money and the power derived from it, and also get used to solidarity and respect of your fellow citizens, etc, and 'stand on your feet’, as sovereign and free person, before you select, using your free will, to enter the fifth dimension''. On the other hand as I stated earlier, this period was to begin in 2001 with the implementation of the NESARA agreement, but delayed for at least nine years because of the crime on the twin towers of New York.

       QUESTION 10 : Tell me, what are the signs as we speak, which show us that this change and this farfetched scenario, will come true?

       ANSWER: The signs we now have in the material world, are signs focusing mainly on Earth but also our solar system in general. The earthquakes taking place, the volcanic eruptions, the fact that the level of the sea bed has risen in many places in the Atlantic, the Pacific, etc., the intensifying climate turmoil, as well as the recent increase of the Earth’s pulse frequency from 7,8 to 13 (see my site). There are even more significant events in space, which NASA is watching with astonishment, but is hiding them for the reasons we mensiond.  For example, there are immense mother spacecrafts  as I already mentioned, as well as the Sun’s intensifying activity (the nature of the Sun’s inner magnetic and gravitational fields is changing), as well as the changes on the other planets. For example the outer gaseous planets are reacting by producing new large spots and there is a hyperactivity in their rings as well as in many of their larger moons, and in the Oort Nebula, in the asteroids zone, etc. Furthermore, there is an increasing activity of the surface of Mars, Mercury and Venus.  

       There are also hundreds of photos and video with space crafts , flooding the internet and I have a number of them in my site. There is a 45-minute video that aired on Walt Disney Television and was censored (see, and forbidden to air again,  as well as over 30.000 UFO sightings in USA alone (recorded by state, month, and type of space craft, see and the video Also in other countries something similar happens (with the largest number of sightings in the Philippines), while in Greece the “Greek Network For UFO Research 1982-2010'' has documented dozens of such sightings per year (see them on the site, which continues with increased numbers of photos and descriptions. The Greek site ''UNEXPLAINED'' (see the, has a rich collection of dozens of photographs and video testimonies of important people (e.g. astronauts) about spacecraft (with its shape and details), but also about the extraterrestrials themselves, and I suggest to the disbelievers to visit it in order to be convince.

       Still you can see the video “The Golden Season” of the charismatic David Wilcock and a lot of his other articles and videos that speak about the extraterrestrial, the fifth dimension, 2012, etc, in his site ( In a line from 9 videos of the 14 minutes each of December 2010, titled “China's October Surprise” that you can see in, it reports among a lot of other things the following: China sent to each of the important leaders of the planet a parcel with instructions to be opened precisely on the 13.Oct.10 (because if opened in any other date would explode). This was proved to contain the drawings for manufacturing, and a ready for operation model, which with a small battery could ran cars for one thousand kilometres, consuming only one gallon of common water. Thus China tried to press the governments to disclose the hidden technologies that have been given by the extraterrestrials, in order to get rid of the need of oil (that in any case China does not produce). Still he speaks about the various astral gates that are now activated. About the Illouminati and their economic interconnections with the various countries, (e.g. large part of the financial surpluses of Japan goes to the Rockefeller family). About the imminent bankruptcy of FED (Central Bank of USA). About the preparation that we should make to ourselves for the 2012. Also speaks about the pressure that is applied by the extraterrestrial and their Earth Allies, as well as by the helping them secret organizations, to the dark governments for the disclosure of the existence of the extraterrestrial, their technology and the role that came here to play. This pressure is intensified by the lately massive de-activation of military missiles bases, of aircraft carriers and other war ships, of refineries that belong to the Illouminati, of nuclear factories and nuclear reactors in boats, etc, while the videos include also a lot of other shocking information.

       An American state official said that they needed to conceal this, because the revelation that extraterrestrials really exist, would be “dynamite on the foundation of the government’s proper function”.  That is why officials on active duty who attempted to reveal or revealed things about extraterrestrials and/or their technologies, were punished in the past, even with long term imprisonment. Other scientists have paid with their lives, when they attempted to implement such revolutionary technologies for clean free energy, for the propulsion of vehicles, etc, some of which were invented by themselves and were successfully tested. There are dozens of such cases of murders and other cases where major scientific studies (which were considered unorthodox) are censored and covered, while important inventions have been confiscated and banned (which include nutrition, health, fuel, as well as UFO sightings, etc. see them in the site Even John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the dark forces ten days since he sent a letter to the head of CIA, demanding to be delivered to him all secret files about UFO etc, with the intention to reveal also the concealed technologies that the “dark government” of USA had received from the extraterrestrials (see the Furthermore, the Vatican recently admitted the existence of the extraterrestrials, via statement of the Pope. In addition the Brazilian government stopped hiding, and ordered all UFOs to be photographed and videotaped, accompanied by a formal report, in order to create a file to be public for any interested party, a decision accepted with disappointment (dew to the free access to the file) by the armed forces.

       There are also testimonies about personal contacts with extraterrestrials with whom they collaborated, as government officials of the US revealed (Generals etc) who are now retired and most of them are members of the Disclosure Project (, run by Dr. Steven Greer). You can see all that in my site too. There are videos with these people talking and are willing to testify under oath, even before the Congress. They did a presentation at the National Press Centre in Washington DC in 2001 (with space ship diagrams etc) which didn’t get any media coverage. There is however a 2hour video with this presentation on the internet (see You can buy the DVD, but you can also watch it for free, at There are also numeral similar accounts from pilots, astronauts etc, as well as relevant videos

       Moreover in 1.5 hours video (and other in other long-term videos from 1.5 to 2.5 hours, such as the, you'll see dozens of testimonials, photos and video clips of UFO, while NASA has between 1500 and 3000 photos taken on various missions of astronauts (mainly infrared and ultraviolet). One example of these recordings that show about thirty large spacecraft (with diameters of two to three miles) to turn around the satellite, which launched from the manned rocket Columbia to 1996 at a height of 500 km from the Earth's surface, which, as the recordings of the astronauts talking with Huston indicate, appeared and disappeared at intervals. Other such photos in other cases clearly show large extraterrestrial bases and structures on the moon surface. This information is kept secret even from U.S. President with the exception of George Bush (senior), who was (before becoming president) the director of Central Intelligence and of the secret service ACIO (Alien Contact Intelligence Organization) who said confidentially to his friend Sarah McLenton (a reporter) that ''Yeah Sara if people find out what we’ve done, they’ll chase us down the street and lynch us”.

       But now at last the information that you see in the videos has been possible to leak, although the second of the above videos, (which contains many testimonies, mainly from military about ETs), says that the relevant information were considered more secret even than those of the hydrogen bomb. Even the video is talking about the presence of a large UFO in 1967 hovering for hours over the biggest U.S. base in Montana with nuclear ‘minuteman’ missiles during a trial of one of them, and the UFO made ineffective the 20 missiles of the base, which were located many kilometres apart from each other. The same was repeated later on similar cases in U.S. bases. These revelations show that many officials (who have retired from active service), are now beginning to realize that no longer has any meaning to hide such information (although many of them previously have paid dearly, even with their lives, for the information disclosure). Unlike the U.S. other countries (like the Soviet Union) were more open in giving news about UFOs to the public, therefore videotaped testimonies (in Russian with English subtitles) appear in the second video, as well as evidences from Britain, France, etc. Even the first video revealed that the space program for ''Star Wars'', for which trillions of US$ have being spent, it was not against the Russians as was supposed to be, but in order to face the extraterrestrials, if necessary. Also the video talks about the ''Dark Government'', which at that time was called as “Military-Industrial Complex” which has its own resources, its own armed forces and secret services and operates above law and Congress, using its own agenda. Anyone who wands to be persuaded can also see many other similar videos appearing on the same pages of these above two that I chose at random.

          Many hidden technologies are revealed there, about free energy etc., as well as the weaponry systems in space, and for that project, the US spends 40 to 50 billion dollars annually. The chief executive officer of Lockheed Ben Rich, father of the Stealth bomber, revealed at his deathbed, with a letter written in his own hand writing, that the extraterrestrials gave them the technology to build the space crafts  they have in Lockheed’s secret base, as well as other fascinating info. He also wrote about the technology  that tackles pollution on the planet, about scanners that diagnose and also treat diseases, (cancer treatment for example), which are kept secret in a criminal manner, and are used only by the “elite”. This hand written text was published on the 20.May. 10 (see the in the Mufon UFO Journal.

       Note that recently NASA, pressed by the fact that more and more people often see and photograph UFOs flying over, was forced to announce that on 2.12.10 will give a presentation about extraterrestrials, since they could not any more pretend to be blind. But the dark U.S. government intervened and banned the presentation, therefore (since it was announced), and underestimating our intelligence, they just talked (believe it or not) only about alleged alien organisms in a lake in the U.S.

          At this point, I must add significant testimonies about the existence of extraterrestrials on our planet, as presented by Bob Dean in the Barcelona Convention, on 25.July.09  (see the video On August 2010, the British Ministry of  Defence, started revealing now unclassified files on UFOs. You can see them at Many important governments are ready to officially announce the existence of extraterrestrials, as well as their collaboration with them (like India, China, Russia etc., where scientist are talking freely on TV about extraterrestrials, and UFO sightings). In Russia, the Governor of Kalmykia stated on TV that he visited an extraterrestrial space ship (and asked President Medvedev to look into this matter (see video In Kazakstan, they are already building an embassy for the extraterrestrials, (see ), with large landing sites, and a reception centre, while we here in Greece (and in other countries controlled by the dark forces) are totally ignorant and most of us, in really “deep sleep state”.

       One of many examples, to show what is happening in Greece, I will mention something that happened to a friend of mine recently (Vasilis Bobos). On 26.June.10, at 20:00 hrs he and some of his neighbors watched three spacecrafts hovering at about 500 yards over his home, maneuvering, changing colors and then flying eastward over Ag. Paraskevi, (where many people saw them) and finally flying away with incredible speed. He brought me a model 70 cm long, (he is a modelist) a small replica of one of the spacecraft he saw, (looked like a capsized ship with rows of lights). A week later, he called the “Alter” TV network, and they told him that they were flooded with phone calls from people (mostly from Ag. Paraskevi area) who had seen the spacecrafts. They said they would show it during the new season in the autumn, but meanwhile the show stopped for the reasons stated above, because the sightings were so frequent that it would be impossible not to be commented on such a show..He also called the Planetarium and the director seemed displeased by the news and tried to play it down. (was he also “advised” to keep this under wraps?)

          People are bringing me photos of spacecrafts, taken in various parts of Greece. Mrs G. Kanelaki for example, took a shots of spacecrafts over Nikaea, Mrs Helen Bililis, took a shot over Gythion, etc.  I also receive via email, photos taken by friends of mine abroad. (see them in my site, page II.1.D).

       I recently saw in the Greek Pulse that on Monday, 27..September. 2010, a scheduled interview took place in Washington, during which, 6 former officers of the US air force and a technician, talked about their personal UFO experiences (see Furthermore, se a 44 minute video with an interview taken later by Larry King, in CNN (see it on, where, among other things, they mentioned that during the cold war era, they saw several times, in a number of bases in the US and England (possibly in the Soviet Union as well) UFO’s (which were also photographed) deactivating nuclear warhead missiles during times of crisis. These were events that CIA made them “forget” and seized the photos and videos (I suggest to those who insist on wearing blinders, to watch the video). Consequently, a charade that indicates the desperate position the dark forces are in, as they insist of “pulling wool over our eyes”, is the servants of the UN appointing the Malaysian representative to receive (welcome) the extraterrestrials.  The first official contact will take place with the arrival of millions of extraterrestrials all around the planet.  A similar charade, is the musical Mythodia in Athens which NASA used, supposedly seeking communication with the Olympians (which were extraterrestrials who spend a period of their lives in Greece in order to observe and help the people there at the time), while NASA, being an organization working for the dark forces, is already in contact with the extraterrestrials see my pages II.1.D13 and II.1.D14).

      Even more impressive sightings than the UFO, are the more than 900 reports (with descriptions and several photos) of sightings about the USO, (Unidentified Submerged Objects), referring to the spacecrafts (usually disk-shaped or cigar), which in addition to flying or stand still in the air, submerge in the sea and travel at supersonic speed underwater at depths of up to 6000 meters (as observed by the U.S. Navy with the help of sonar instruments, etc. in 1963 in Puerto Rico for four consecutive days). Even can penetrate rapidly thick layers of ice (melting them) as was done in 1977 in Antarctica, and in the sea of Leningrad in 1976), or emerging from the Pacific as saucers by hundreds in silence and then fly in the sky, as happened in 1992 in Santa Catalina, etc, etc. The first recorded sighting was by Columbus on 11.Oct.1492, recorded in the log (that is preserved) of his ship Santa Maria as a “huge disk that came out of the sea, passed by the ship and went on flying, and the following days ‘moving stars’ were seeing in the sky, and other strange phenomena”. Also, was mentioned in historical texts that in 329 BC Alexander the Great in India saw a large bright object submerging in the water and tried to find it using a diving bell, while Egyptian hieroglyphics show patterns resembling submarines. Another recorded sighting was in 1904 in Philadelphia, where fluorescent yellow craft came out of the water and passed very near to an English ship, the compass of which was spinning like crazy, and metal objects were ''stuck'' on deck by strong magnetism. 

       In recent decades the USO sightings have become much more often, especially in the Bermuda Triangle with hundreds of sightings (especially on a lagoon of Puerto Rico, where it is believed to exist an undersea extraterrestrial base, therefore there are always there U.S. balloons to observe the area). But also elsewhere we have sightings such as in the fjords of Norway in 1972, where the navy surrounded a large spacecraft cigar shaped, and fired at it initially in the air and then in the bottom of the see without success, and after two weeks the spacecraft disappeared. We also have sightings in Florida, in Greenland, in Korea, etc. An interesting event that occurred in 1967, and is celebrated until today at the port of Shag in Canada, is an USO that fell and remained lit for days moving in the bottom of the bay, until another USO came and met it (perhaps to repair it), and two days later both emerged and disappeared. Also has being observed from larger USO to come out dozens of other smaller and dispersed in the water and return back later as happened twice in 1989 and 1992 in Los Angeles, and in 1960 in Argentina for two such spacecrafts detected by the Navy, where also Russia became interested, and Khrushchev sent representatives to get more information. The fact that many USO sightings took place during the previous decades (not operated by the systematic concealment of such news), has enabled a lot of information, photographs and videos to get wide publicity in newspapers and on TV, as shown in the 45-minute video, while there are much more given in the sites listed in this video, (for example,,,, etc), and in other related videos that you can see there, and I recommend them to be visited, especially by those who remain skeptical about the existence of extraterrestrials on our planet.

        Another indicative sign are the crop circles, most of them made with exquisite artistry, in perfect shapes (huge mandals of over 100 meters in diameter) which are “carved” within a few minutes on crops, by flying light-spheres (with the aid of zero point energy which bends plants without destroying them), and giving out hundreds of symbolic messages from the extraterrestrials, in various countries. Many have decoded the symbols (see them in my page II.1.D4, and in various videos like the two Another sign which proves the extraterrestrial’s action for our protection, is the deactivation of the HAARP system in Norway (secret weapon of the US, see it in my site, page II.1.D10 and in the long video, with a blue high energy beam sent from above, preventing the dark forces of using it as they planned (when Obama went there for the Nobel prize).

       About the recent activities (January 2011) of this highly destructive electromagnetic weapon HAARP I made a question to my friend Gabriel, an extraterrestrial who is here around Earth with the Galactic Federation. Question: Concerning the dead birds, fish, etc, is there any connection with HARRP? Answer: “Dear George it has everything to do with HARRP. They are preparing to cause a major earthquake that is going to rock the middle of the USA. They are starting to deploy FEMA to the area so that they can bring about martial law and put the people in the FEMA Detention centres they have created throughout the USA. This is all part of population control. This is something you might not understand but it will be allowed. The reason it will be allowed is that this earthquake was going to happen during the Earth changes anyway HARRP is bringing it sooner than it would have come naturally. The people that will lose their lives came to Earth knowing they would loss their lives at such a time and place.

       What won’t be allowed it the death of folks at the hands of FEMA outside of this event. This is going to bring on the landings of the ET's because without the landings, the people would panic and the military and cabal would fulfil their desire for depopulation. This event that HARRP has set up, has caused a speeding up of events involving the ET's. The birds and fish are dying because of the frequencies that HARRP gives off. The amount of death and the areas that are covered tells you what a large weapon HARRP is. We look forward to getting rid of HARRP all together. It's sad about those that will loss their lives, but to them they are just fulfilling there paths. Gabriel.” In another question to Gabriel whether the recent floods in Australia are also due to HARRP the answer is: No, they are due to the turbulences of the Earth’s surface while enters the fifth dimension, that create extreme climatic phenomena, which are going to be intensified.”

       In Addition I mention here one half-hour video that you can see in, as well as an extensive Greek site, that both say, inter alia, that the government asked offers for the catering of 7 million people, as well as for water, fuel, etc, intended for the camps of concentration FEMA (with a budget of half billion US$), in order to cover “potential urgent need'', in the wider region of New Madrid in the US, where has stored also a very large number of coffins (with capacity of 4 bodies each). In a recent question that I made to Gabriel (6.Feb.11) about whether all these are true, and whether they have any connection with HAARP, the answer that I received is the following: “Yes, it is the work of HAARP, and with the way that it develops is likely to happen in May. However we press the things with our Earth Allies, in order the governments to start the official statements about us, so that we present ourselves in time and stop this crime. If however this is not achieved, we will ask the authorization from the Divine Hierarchy to present oneself alone, and to intervene in order to save so many lives. On this occasion I also inform you, that even the disturbances in Egypt etc, are due to our Earth Allies. Pray therefore that they succeed. There will be a lot of joy in the future. I send you my benedictions dear George. Gabriel of the Galactic Federation.”

       Also I am informed from Nidle that the recent events in the Arabic world are welcomed, (from the other side), also by the Illouminati, on the one hand because they aim at the increase of price of oil (that they need desperately in the current economic situation), and on the other hand because they hope that they will profit from each confrontation, and that they will dominate the governments that will result. They In deed have plans to organize these countries in a group of countries similar to the United Europe (EU), and linked to EU. promising them various advantages, which group they will manipulate as they today manipulate the EU and the other international bodies that I mentioned before. As a recent proof of the manipulation of EU (for all sceptics who still wear blinders), it is that the EU also intends to implement from 1.April.11 the criminal for our health law of “Codex Alimentarius”, that I describe below, which is already in effect for the US.

       On the recent disturbances in the Arabic world, with climax in Libya, SaLuSa in a recent message (25.Feb.11) says, inter alia, the following: “The current circumstances that are taking place in the Middle East, require that you keep calm and do not add to the emotional turmoil that has been generated. You have the advantage of knowing that the people will win their freedom, therefore the way in which you can help is to spread the Light into those areas in question. A peaceful energy that carries the energy of love, will have a wonderfully calming affect all round. Anger and hate simply feeds the very energies that are fomenting the troubles that you are witnessing. Having come thus far it is not the time to waver or fear the consequences, because as you know your victory over the dark Ones is assured. The repercussions of the unrest will to a certain extent arise in all countries, and it will make the authorities think twice before taking action. They know as well as you that the old ways have run their course, but hesitate to promote the new way of thinking that calls for a total change from the old to a new paradigm. Yet it cannot be prevented from coming into being, and your energies continue to build it up so that it cannot be denied. Soon the fact that Ascension looms large must also be made known to Mankind, and that by itself will bring a great measure of peace to the world…..”

       Even recently (13.Oct.10) in New York a large number of spacecrafts sightings came up, which was shown by the media in Russia and elsewhere, while in the U.S. (with the exception of Internet) nothing was shown (see the video Recently I have being informed, from Earth sources, that Obama had agreed with the extraterrestrials to stop during 2010 the cover up of information about UFO and extraterrestrials, and gave a written order to the director of the Special Studies Group SSG, (which belongs to the National Security Council NSC) Dr. Barbara McNamara, but she after demand of the dark forces ignored the order. Therefore the extraterrestrials are now thickening their presence in late 2010, to make their appearance evident beyond any doubt, like the incident mentioned above, and a newer incident with three spacecrafts that flew slowly and low (at 4000 feet), as admitted this time the channel CBS News.

       I’d like to mention something that has to do with me personally, and that is my paintings (over 10.000 pieces) which include many “mandales”( paintings that help us communicate with energies from the seventh dimension (see in my site, page II.1.D4), 9.300 of which, you can see in my site (which will confirm the things I’m saying). The extraterrestrials helped me draw all of them, in the short time of three years, and I was not even a real artist! I don’t sell these paintings, but I use them for increasing the vibrations of those (the sensitive ones) who see them.  That is why I have them in my site with a good pixel resolution, for anyone who wants to print and use them. (I’m already getting many e-mails from people describing what they felt seeing some of my paintings). These are some of the signs which have to do with the outer world.

       Now, regarding our inner world, it is the mental state of millions of people who communicate with spirits or extraterrestrials as I do, they have altered their consciousness, they have awakened and they are moving to a higher state of consciousness (many people don’t reveal these experiences, not wanting to seem ridiculous or psychotic). Even though the sources of communication vary, either coming from different extraterrestrials or from spirits (ascended Masters, Archangels, etc.) the fact that the information received by the “channellers” are similar and not contradictory, is important.

       Some indications for the people who have already passed to the fourth dimension (preparatory for the fifth, or the tunnel connecting the third with the fifth dimension) are the following: A continuous fatigue, which is usually accompanied by drowsiness and inertia, which might be interrupted at times by insomnia.  Problems in the gastro-intestinal system or muscular pains, pains in the joints for no apparent medical reason. Frequent breathing discomfort or runny nose. Sudden changes in mood and temporary lapses of memory and even short depressions, while we may get weight because besides the food we receive energy from the energy of “prana''. Headaches of various sorts, tachycardia, blurred vision, even nausea (mainly due to the creation of the new chakras in our body). Still we fill frequent sensitivities to sound, light, and temperature as well as numbness, cramps and the sense as if electricity penetrates us. These side effects are often accompanied by intense dreams and by a feeling of restlessness, unexplained anxiety and expectation of events and changes, while we are experiencing a time acceleration, as if the day is shorter than it used to be. All these are softened, and especially the pain, by relaxation and meditation with the axeptance that are due to our physical changes and are temporary.

       All this is due to the increase of our vibrations, and the fact that our body is beginning to get a more crystallized form, (keeping  as a basis the carbon but with the crystal form of the diamond) ,while ageing is beginning to slow down.  It is also due to our RNA/DNA adjustments to the changes, and to the new energies that go through our bodies (physical, astral, emotional and spiritual), every day, that sometimes we feel them as inexplicable waves of heat. These things should not worry us, we’ll be able to handle them by resting, relaxing, meditation, deep and long breathing, being calm, sleeping, eating light health orientated meals, (with lots of fruit and vegetables) and drinking lots of clean water. In addition we should often walk in the nature, in order to ground the energies that we receive and balance our bodies, and it is better if or we walk with naked feet, or if we embrace trees for the more complete grounding of the energies, but also in order to receive power from the trees. The strongest indications have to do with our increased healing powers, especially self healing with energies like reiki, (see attunements in my page II.1.D3), the healing sounds of crystal bowls which open and activate our chakras (listen to the 30 high fidelity recordings in my site, page II.1.D6) and with other healing methods. Finally those that can see the aura, observe that in the awakened individuals and in the indigo and crystal children, the aura that surrounds their body, from the usually one to three feet that is the normal, is extended to 20 to 30 feet around their body, and is more luminous.

       Something very important that happened to me recently (January 2011) and I have to report is the following: A visitor of my site asked me if he can call upon the therapeutic teams of extraterrestrials (Medical Teems) to help him with his health problems, using their therapeutic devices of rays that they apply in order to cure those who have not entered yet the fifth dimension (where no more illnesses exists). This gave me the idea to call upon them in my evening meditation, in order to cure a pain that I had for months in my left knee after a fall, and as a marvel the next morning the pain was gone and up to now it did not come back. I do not know if it was a coincidence or my self suggestion to my subconscious. In any case one has nothing to lose if he tries the same, provided that he accompanies his wish with faith about the result, (and in particular in order to soften the annoying symptoms that I mentioned before) and I beg him to inform me about the outcome.

       Á typical example of “awakened” people are the “crystal children” (with 3 activated helixes in their DNA) as well as the “indigos”, both of which have extraordinary psychic abilities (telepathy, telekinesis, healing and channeling abilities etc., see relevant scientifically verified evidences in my site, page II.1.D2 and in other internet places). Those who are in this, they experience it. Those who are not, they can be informed. There are many seminars in and out of the internet, which explain and teach these things. At this point, I would like to say that it is very moving for me to see dozens of “thank you” e-mails from young people which happened to see my site or read my printed out email (and I believe they are in the above category of children). Many of them go to my site and hearing the crystal sounds that I have recorded (page II.1.D6) they tell me that they open gates for them, transporting them to other worlds.

       There are also numerous evidences of people who, being in places where the “time-space portals” are energized, receive telepathic messages from other dimensions and beings. There are many such portals in our country, at ancient temple sites such as the Parthenon, Ancient Olympia, Delphi, etc. In fact, the authorities (using ridiculous excuses), forbid access to those energized places in Delphi. These temples are almost always situated in the energy hubs of the “crystalline energy grid” which envelops the Earth (and all planets, see my site, page II.1.D5), which means that the ancients knew how to detect these energy hubs. Another such large gate opens recently in the Gulf of Aden, where there is a huge magnetic vortex, while 27 countries have established there the largest naval force ever assembled, with enormous firepower, as if they expect someone, using the ridiculous excuse that is to tackle Somali pirates with their outboard crafts (see details with references to the Russian newspaper Pravda and expected revelations of WikiLeaks in Greek in and in English in the site  of the newspaper "The European Union Times" that reveals and other dramatic events in the Pacific.

       Referring to the above I made a question to my extraterrestrial friend Gabriel, and the answer is as follows: “Dear George, Yes, they are gathered there to greet the aliens that they feel will be coming through the gate that they perceive is opening up. They feel that is the only way the large ships can get into earths atmosphere is through this gate. They don't realize the gate has been there for a very long time. They don't realize that the massive mother ships don't need a gate to come through to enter Earth. Humans are very funny in their reasoning. The humans intend to greet us with their new tech weapons to show they are as strong as we are. They do not realize that their new tech is our old. They are laughable to say the least. What is funny is that if they are busy waiting for us there, we will just come in on the other side of the globe. No worries there George as they look so silly to us. A few months ago an Earth ship with their reptilian helpers tried to board our mother ship, farther just laughed as they were like ticks and just wouldn't give up. They still try on other ships but they have the same reaction, laughter from those aboard. They bring again their brand new tech to attack our million year old vessels and expect to win. They are such fools. I must say we are getting tired of it. I hope this helps dear friend. Gabriel.”

      Another sign, is the collapsing economy which they are trying to handle, by printing fiat currency (mostly dollars) and making false gold bullion (see my site page II.1.D12) so that the real monetary value of money is next to nothing. Today (September 2010) several central banks have secretly admitted bankruptcy, including the FED in the US. All that, intensifies the criminal behavior of the dark forces, which becomes more and more apparent, due to their lawlessness and criminality that commit or intend to commit (see in my site, page II.1.D12 the Bilderberg group’s decisions which leaked from their last meeting), reacting spasmodically and desperately in light of the economic chaos, which as mentioned before, they have created for humanity.

       QUESTION 11: What are the signs verifying the plans and crimes of the dark forces against humanity?

       ANSWER: The dark forces in order to dehumanize people even more (especially in the US, but globally too), they encouraged them to take housing and other types of loans, which were much bigger than they could pay off, thus creating a destructive situation for people who took the loans and banks alike. Banks who are actually part of the dark power grid, and they had to take bailouts in trillions, in order to survive (temporarily only), which eventually boomeranged back to the dark forces, while accelerating their downfall, as other major corporations they control, are on the verge of bankruptcy too. One million home foreclosures are estimated in US for this year, and 75% of the mortgages are higher than the value of the home itself.

       Consequently, hundreds of smaller local banks have closed and the larger ones, are collapsing despite the bailouts with amount to trillions of dollars, while they expect returns from loans in the American real estate market for business use, amount to 1,4 trillion, and the bank will suffer at least $300 billion worth of losses (see The main newspaper of San Francisco the “Chronicle” in an article of   24.Oct.10 entitled ''The rich get richer and buy the elections'', states among other things, that ''one per thousand of the richest Americans (people of the Wall Street, etc) earn as much as 120 million of us'' (see, and that during the last 80 years the taxation of the rich people is constantly decreasing. It continues by saying that ''Washington says that there are no money and the public services are constantly decreasing, while our democracy has become plutocracy.''

          Furthermore, another of their (many) dark plans, is the creation of many FEMA camps in the US, and the National Police (see page II.1.D9 in my site), in order to hold all those who will resist, without knowing that in the future (according to the extraterrestrials) they will be the ones held in these camps.

Another factor, which is not yet apparent to the public, is that the Earth Allies are succeeding in promoting more and more “good guys” in high administrative places globally, so that they will be used when the time comes. In addition, important clubs and organizations are collecting evidence for the governmental lawlessness and crimes internationally, so that when the time is right, they will be put on trial for them, and the people responsible will be removed from office and replaced by “healthy” governments and officials. Recently they prevented and printing of 110 billion value in new $ banknotes (over and above the 930 billion $ already existing worldwide), intervening in the complex printing machines of the central bank, in order to print defective (not useable) banknotes, much to the despair of the dark forces that were expecting these printing.

A typical example of such crimes, is the collapse of the twin towers on 9/11, which has now been proven to be an inside CIA job, right after the crashing of the two remotely controlled military planes. (see the videos ,, ,, , ,, etc) as well as and many other sites and videos), the towers were demolished with controlled explosions on each floor (since there was no other way for them to collapse, due to their structure). About 3 thousand people were killed there (with the exception of Jewish people who were told not to go to work that day). They blamed Muslim terrorists for this event, in order to justify the war in Afghanistan and Iraq (which was motivated by multifaceted interests),and to impose freedom compromising bills which followed in the US and other countries, as well as delaying the implementation of the NESARA treaty. Ôhis crime was recently exposed by the President of Iran in the UN, where Obama angrily refuted it, while Swedish experts examined samples of the debris of the twin towers and found clear traces of explosives.

       The video mentions dozens of eye witnesses who heard the explosions at the tower’s ground level areas (some of them even saved wounded people from the explosions) who at a later date were found murdered or having “committed suicide”, before they got the chance to testify in court. In another video with Greek subs, (, the Jewish Aarin Rsso (he ran for President in the US in 2004) reveals just before he died of cancer in 2007, that his friend and tycoon Nick Rockefller (who attempted to convert him due to the possibility of him being elected) revealed to him truths about 9/11, eleven months before it even happened. In addition informed him about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which would follow, as well as for the Illuminati plans for the establishment of a world government (world dictatorship with microchips and other means of control), a government their banks will run. In truth,  we are dealing with a global dictatorship with micro chip implants, mind control with chemical trails etc, depopulation with induced pandemics and the economic deprivation of the populace, as well as imposing various means of  control and oppression, a government which will be under corporate control (see video

       On a question I made to Gabriel with regard to the air sprayings (chemtrails), he said that this is done by private or military planes that start from military bases of the countries allowing it, and contain very toxic substances, having as main target the reduction of the population through illnesses and deaths, (that they did not achieve with other methods). However, also here the Galactic Federation intervenes neutralizing (at the biggest percentage) the harmful consequences, while the dark forces insist to continue the useless efforts that they make, in their despair because they lose the game (see my new page II.1.D15).

          However, due to the disinformation they dish out globally (which we accept naively and with no questions asked, and perhaps you do too, my dear readers), there were events in the 9/11 anniversary against the “culprit” Muslims. It is incredible how the dark forces have made a science out of disinformation, total control, misleading news, distortion of history, and the psych war attacking us through the media, the movies, etc., which impose a “mind control” on us, keeping us hypnotized and in fear. Maybe its time now for us to wake up and search for the truth.

       Another grater crime they attempted was hitting the public with the manmade swine flu virus, in order to impose vaccinations (which thankfully were limited to a small portion of the population). The idea was to weaken our immune system, so that we become dependant on the big Pharma drugs for life, as well as to increase the death rate of the elderly (not productive for them anymore), because the more the people who got the vaccine get older, the worse the adverse and fatal effects of the vaccine. (see page II.1.D9 in my site). However their goal against the elderly people seems to be working over the past decades, at least for the U.S., because while the U.S. was previously in the fifth position in terms of longevity (the first is Sweden), currently is ranked in 49th position (see http:/ /   

       Furthermore, in order to ensure our ailing health and the big Pharma profits, they devised the notorious Codex Alimentarius (Dietary code) which the UN adopted and is promoting globally, and which forbids the distribution of vitamins of any kind, dietary supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies, and generally, alternative medicine products, while fruit and vegetables will go through  radioactive radiation (obligatory), supposedly to disinfect them, but in truth, to destroy with radioactivity the vitamins, besides the other damages that may result from radioactive radiation. Among other limitations, those who carry produce in their garden, will be forbidden to sell or share them with third parties. These outrageous and unbelievable things are already law in the US which is implemented with heavy fines for those who violate it (as my friend who lives there confirmed, having paid a fine of $5000). It has been decided that these “measures” will apply in the EU, as from 1.April.2011 (and this is no April fool’s prank). Those who are reluctant to believe this, can go to my site, page II.1.D9, where they will see relevant videos and links as well as the Code’s text, etc, or they can read the text here in the site I, in any case, seeing that the announcements about the extraterrestrial delay, hence also their arival, I made reserves of vitamins, trace elements, home pathetic medicaments, etc, in order to be covered, even if I believed that at an early date all will have been resolved and their dark plans will not be implemented. However at 29.Mar.11 an extrajudicial document was sent to all deputies, about the related law (see the ) that has a lot of interest for you to read.

       In addition, one of their many crimes, is the recent  “accidental” oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the deliberate delay of their sealing the leakage and the cleansing of the spill, so as to facilitate their dark agendas (see views and articles of American experts, and information given by the extraterrestrials on this, on  page II.1.D12 in my site). There is also their experiment which caused the earthquake with a high death toll in Haiti, by activating a pre existing tectonic defect. Haiti was chosen as it is a poor country and the people there are considered dispensable. There is also the assassination of Polish officials, who were against vaccinations, and the country’s commitment to IMF, with the staged air crash (see page II.1.D12). Also recently is the explosion of the toxic waste tank in Hungary, which resulted in a huge ecological and economic calamity, with the red mud contamination. This was done to send a message to the new government, which dared to tax the banks (most of them of foreign interests) instead of taking the offered loan from the IMF, in order to cover their deficit.

       Another important case that shows how the dark forces manage to control the populations and to impoverish them, accumulating wealth (e.g. with the doubling of food prices in recent years, which doubled the profits of the large food companies), is the crime made with the genetically modified foods (GM). For this I take as example what happens in India, where in recent years, 200,000 farmers have committed suicide because of debts, see details for the methods of the companies producing GM foods (such as the Jewish interests multinational Monsanto, etc.), in my page II.1.D12.

       Also another point that proves that the dark forces manipulate the puppet governments in favour of their plans worldwide, is the secret document ''7271/NSA/1158-AR/29" signed by Andreas Papandreou (former Prime Minister of Greece in the period of ‘80), in order to receive from the Rockefeller’s bank of Chase Manhattan 100,000,000 $ grant in 1974 for the creation of PASOK (his party). In this document (the text of which you can see in my page II.1.D12), he undertakes to do everything required by the U.S. government (such as e.g. not to raise the Cyprus problem), and the signed paper itself you can now see in, and in many other Greek sites.

      Now his son Giorgakis Papandreou (grandson of George Papandreou and now prime minister, because in Greece the power is usually transferred from grandfather to father and then to son), deliberately (by orders of the dark forces), has brought the country to the clutches of ''troika'' i.e. IMF, EU and European Central Bank (ECB), who undertook to save the interests of creditors of Greece, on the bases that troika would crack down tax evasion and will boost growth. But Giorgakis was unwilling, or unable to go against the establishment (abusers and fraudsters, where also many politicians belong), in order to increase state revenues. On the contrary he increased the misery of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), by reducing their purchasing power, as well as of the employees and of the retirees, resulting in closing downs and unemployment, which led to recession rather than the growth expected, bricking the country into a dead end (see the site ).

       How the dark forces, with the help of the IMF, hit the economy of various countries for the seizure of the wealth sources, appears in the interview to a Greek journalist Eurydice Mpersi of the Argentinean economy professor mister Catch (see the http://ksipnistere. and page II.1.D12 of my site). There he describes how the Argentine (and other smaller countries such as Bolivia and Ecuador), expelled the IMF that led the country to bankruptcy, and finally did not paid the lenders, forcing even the president of the country to escape by helicopter from the besieged presidential palace, and that the Greeks (with the long and heroic history, as he said) should and could do the same. to avoid hunger and misery, and the seizure by creditors of all national wealth as well as their property.    

       Another element indicating their high and mighty plans for controlling the planet, are the implanted microchips. They are based on nanotechnology which the governments got from the extraterrestrials, and one of them, made by Motorola, the Verichip, at an annual rate of one billion (it has already covered one year of production) is 7 milimetres long and 0,75 mil. thick and is implanted with a special syringe between the right hand fingers and works with lithium micro batteries which are reloaded via the body’s temperature fluctuation. It also carries a transmitter, so the position of anyone carrying it, can be detected (it is already used on pets so that they don’t get lost), and it connects to a central computer which has full details of the person carrying it, and with a stroke in front of a device like a cashiers till, all monetary transactions can be carried out. Once it is implanted, it is very difficult to remove, because if it breaks, the lithium fragments and the micro bacteria substance it contains,  will contaminate the body heavily, plus it alerts the police. The idea is to implant the chip to everyone so that nobody can buy or sell anything without it.

       Its precursor is the smart card Mondex with the bar code, which is manufactured by the same company and they are trying to pass off on us today, under the tax evasion pretext, while they argue that the implant is safer as it cannot be forged or stolen. Recently the Greek Banks are attempting to participate on the card issue, in order to increase their profits, even with the small fee they will charge for the various transactions. ÓçìåéùôÝïí üôé ãéá íá áðïöýãïõí ôçí åðéêåßìåíç êáôÜññåõóç ôïõ óõóôÞìáôïò ôïõò ïé óêïôåéíÝò äõíÜìåéò, åðé÷åéñïýí íá åðéâÜëïõí ðáãêüóìéá äéêôáôïñßá, êáé Ýíá áðü ôá éó÷õñüôåñá åñãáëåßá ôïõò ãéá ôïí óêïðü áõôü åßíáé ïé êÜñôåò êáé ôá ìéêñïôóßðò. For more info see in Google the words Verichip and Mondex Smartcard and I advise we should react by all means in order to delay this, but not worry, because as I previously said, they will not have the time to succeed.

       Another way to bring global control applied by the dark forces. is the creation of huge multinationals to provide ''sensitive'' services around the globe, which would normally be provided by governments, and I bring as an example (not to mention constantly U.S.) the British SERCO (see its site and the related detailed article in SERCO is a multinational with 70,000 employees, annual turnover of around 4 billion pounds, covering besides U.K. many other countries (of Europe, North America, Middle and Far East, Australia, etc). Their services include: Operation and maintenance of transport (road, rail and air transport for the public) and their control centres. Operation of prisons and concentration camps, and transportation of prisoners to and from the courts, etc, and electronic monitoring of immigrants. Operation and maintenance of defence systems, including even ballistic missiles around the world, and early warning systems, as well as support of naval bases and ships, etc. Operation and support of Internet systems, and a number of other ancillary services including education, health, etc, even issuing driving licenses. Nevertheless the company manages to keep a low profile and very few of us know about its existence.

       Also another very upsetting element of the criminal action of the dark forces, (based on recent astral travels of my friend Sharon), which were explained to me and confirmed by her extraterrestrial brother Gabriel, is the following: In secret military bases of the shadow governments in the U.S., China and Russia, where exist still the few remaining ''bad'' extraterrestrials, they are creating (for the last 10 years) a supernatural generation of fast growing children, deriving from artificial insemination with extraterrestrial sperm and mothers young girls coming from very poor families, (which girls after childbirth are killed in order to preserve the secret). Already there are thousands of such children, to be used to enforce the ''New World Order'', but as Gabriel says, will not have enough time to use them. In the U.S. there are such bases in a private island and in Kansas, where they also developed viruses and other biological weapons. See my questions and the answers I received from Gabriel (on this and many other issues) in my pages II.1.D13 and II.1.D14. Gabriel also speaks of an  incident indicating the program of the dark forces in China to reduce population, starting by condemning an entire village to death by starvation. The Galactic Federation in order to show that they will not allow to apply such a tactic, vaporised the village carrying its residents safely to the Hollow Earth, where remain waiting for the rest of us in 2012. Also a sample of these children is a child died very early for some reason and the sea turned it out to the shore (its form causing a great sensation to public), which you can see in the video of CNN

       Recently I was informed that the US (for the first time in her history) recalled all her 180 ambassadors around the world for a secret meeting in Washington. I Asked Gabriel about the objectives of it, and the answer was: The objectives were, inter alia: 1) To organize and advise the Americans abroad for the implementation of  the “New World Order” and of the recommendations in the “Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review” (QDDR see my pages II.1.D13 and II.1.D14). 2) To establish the much debated international “Bureau for Energy and Resources”. 3) To ensure worldwide the stability of governments that now sway, to control arms and international security affairs and to limit terrorism. 4) To control the cyber issues (internet, media, etc) emphasizing the information that are convenient for the US and for the dark forces. 5) (Most important).  To do their best to conceal and block all information related to UFO, and more generally to the extraterrestrials. And Gabriel closes saying: “George do not worry, because all these are just the darks making a power play, but will not accomplish anything because approaches the time where we will intervene.'' Noteworthy, that as my many friends around the world inform me, which they send me daily many messages keeping me informed for all important maters happening in our planet (to which, with this occasion, I express my gratitude), the main obstacle in the creation of Bureau for Energy and Resources is Russia, which reacts intensely to this.

       The US has always been the main target of the dark forces, on the one hand because it has the dominant economic and political leadership position in the world, and on the other because the citizens, with the help of internet, etc, have been awakened to a great extend and begin to pose a threat to their dark plans (see the problems they create to US, as well as to Greece in my page II.1.D12)  

       Similarly Greece, has also, especially lately, suffered severe financial and other attacks for the following reasons: The Greeks are considered independent, disobedient, creative and unpredictable in their reactions, creating potential problems on the plans to establish the world government. Therefore, as Kissinger claimed, they have to be limited politically, economically impoverished, to be deprived educationally and to forget their history and their national consciousness. Some of these targets start to some extent to be achieved, dew to the manipulation of the corrupted politicians and other officials of the country, while the creativity of the Greeks (inside the country), instead of focusing on a creative development, often is driven to fraud and corruption. In addition the dark forces support that: ''In Greece, the two “appointed” parties that rule would undermine the country historically, culturally, morally, educationally, etc. The Greeks have to capitulate and stop producing their own culture, because it has become very dangerous, (as demonstrated in previous times), for the successful completion of our plans worldwide.

       The relevant video ( with foreign speakers and Greek subtitles argued that: ''It is wrong to believe that Greece has turned down while the rest of the world progresses. The truth is that gradually the governments of all countries will pass to superior authoritative and legislative centres. What is certain is that the 'coup' in Greece is far from random motion. Instead it is a movement carefully thought and in addition symbolic. If the people, who gave birth to safeguard democracy, become helpless and are unable to maintain today the democracy living and true, this will be a huge step forward for those who are appointed to control everything. The worst kind of dictatorship is when you think you're free, but in fact you are completely manipulated and drown to a mass hypnosis''.

       Furthermore, as shown by extensive researches, (all carefully concealed or blocked), Greece is one of the richest countries in mineral resources (oil, natural gas, methane, uranium, gold, manganese, nickel, aluminium, magnesium, chromium, osmium, etc, that for some of these is the main source in Europe), Therefore the representatives of the dark forces (bankers, lenders, multinationals, etc.) aspire to usurp through the bankruptcy (controlled or otherwise) the wealth of the country (see the site

       A dramatic  speech made recently in the Parliament of Greece from a distinguished member of the Opposition (see the video in Greek, speaks so much for the economic seediness to which the present government it leading the country, with delivering her to the IMF with the memorandum that was signed, but also for political adventures that create national dangers for the country. Thus with the signed memorandum the country resigns irrevocably and unconditionally her national immunity, and mortgages to the lenders the entire public property (in which noteworthy are included the Acropolis, her naval forces’ ships, her aeroplanes, etc), fact that constitutes unprecedented in the world chronicles case of colonialist convention, which is described in detail in my related article about the “current problems of Greece” in my page II.1.D12, (together with the problems in USA).

       For the facts concerning the political dangers, the speaker was referring to the negligence (intentional or not), or to the indifference of the Greek government to react in the creation of minority organizations and other movements and actions, that aim so much at the independence of Greek regions (as e.g. in Thrace),as well as at the restriction of national sovereignty at regions as Aegean Sea, and our economic rights arising from that sovereignty. See also other three similar speeches in the Greek Parliament in the three similar videos, and All these would make me very anxious about the future of my country, if I were not sure for the imminent beginning of the changes, that will climax with the arrival of the extraterrestrials, without however this in no case to imply that we should not react with all our forces we posses, against the plans of the dark forces (that are behind all these scenarios), so that we limit as much as possible their calamitous consequences at this transient period that unfortunately we have to pass.

        Already, referring only to gas resources and only in the island of Crete (where they drill for water and gas comes out), there are an estimated three trillion cubic meters of gas in Messaria area, and when the responsible minister was questioned on a live broadcast on TV in April 2010, announced the imminent establishment of a special service which in two weeks would start working to exploit the gas. Today in November 2010 when he was asked again by the reporter what happened with the creation of this service, the minister’s response was ''no comments'', while no TV channel (despite the great needs of the country in energy and foreign currency) was referred to this event. However on 23.Nov.10 the prime minister under the pressure of the opposition was obliged to announce that will deal with the exploitation of the  mineral wealth of the country (see the

       For the easiness and the low cost of mining as well as for the immense quantities of natural gas in the wider region of Crete versus the Libyan Sea, (as has been proved by French and American studies), the responsible professor in an interview on the TV channel of Alter (which you see the Greek video, says characteristically that is similar to the Russian resources, and that in five years we would comfortably cover our 300 and more billions Euros debts, while the recent proposal of Israel for a common submarine pipeline for the exploitation of the gas, did not still had any response from the Greek government. In addition there is a contract named COOPER, signed in 1940 that expires this year 2010 (with a unilateral option to be extended by 25 more years), which provides that the ‘‘strategic minerals’’ of Greece will be under the auspices of an American consortium of companies, while the person who revealed this contract in his book, was shot in 1952 as a dangerous for the country communist, and thereafter no politician dares to touch the strategic minerals of the mineral wealth of Greece, so that to be available for exploitation in due time by the American consortium of the dark forces (see the article in the

       Also to show how the dark forces using the U.S. services (CIA, etc.) and the banks, hit economically vulnerable countries in order to put their hands on their precious resources, I quote the confession which was given by ex CIA agent Perkins, an “economic killer”, which exposes the method in his book (see my page II.1.D9 and the video as well as nine other videos), for the cases of Colombia, Panama, Indonesia, Chile, Guatemala, Nigeria, Ecuador, etc. Goldman Sachs played for Greece the role of such an economic killer, and it seems so far to be successful. So if the attempt will be completed and the Greeks will not react strongly, then other European countries in turn will follow, until finally the model of Greece to be globally implemented and the global crisis will arrive to the U.S. (see related video alex-jones-on-rt-greek-crisis-will-come-to-america).

       Finally one of the many crimes of the dark forces, using as  main instrument the U.S., is the tragedy of Cyprus, (based on recent U.S. intelligence released secret files). So when U.S. asked the dictator Papadopoulos, (whom they had helped to establish dictatorship in Greece in 1967), to intervene militarily in Cyprus for the removal of Cyprus president Makarios and he refused, then using their agents in Greece (now influential figures in our political life), prompted students to the Polytechnic uprising as an excuse to replace dictator Papadopoulos, by their man Ioannidis, who did the militarily intervention, leading to the attack of Turkey, (as designed by U.S.) and the  occupation of about 40% of Cyprus by the Turks. Right afterwards  the junta was dropped since no longer was useful for the U.S. projects (see

       Of course, from now on and as we approach the year 2012, one of the extraterrestrial’s main concern, (who have the means to know what’s happening on Earth at any given time)  is to prevent (or reduce the harmful effects) of such criminal actions against our lives or our health, as well as actions that spread fear, or create large poverty and hunger, or severely damage the environment, etc. Among their preventions, were for the repeated attempts of the dark forces (via the secret technology they received), to launch an attack on the planet, which they would attribute to the extraterrestrials, in order to convince the public that they are hostile and dangerous, as well as the attempts to create the conditions in order to apply the marshal law in USA. In order to support the above I include a paragraph from a message of 5.Jan.11 from the Syrian SALUSA (The full message is in my pages II.1.D13 and II.1.D14). “….We of the Galactic Federation are still surrounding your Earth, and nothing that happens escapes our notice. We are particularly aware of the attempts to place weaponry in Space, and it has been planned and attempted for quite some time. We have foiled such attempts and have warned your military and government representatives that it will not be allowed. Even so, we can neutralize any nuclear weapons wherever they are, and it is pointless in attempts being made to deceive us. You are therefore perfectly safe and guaranteed to see out the last two years of this cycle, without any major incident. It really is time that the dark Ones admitted that their plans have been foiled, and allowed you to fully focus on your Ascension….”

       QUESTION: What can we choose to do, after we become fifth dimensional?

       ANSWER: After the training is completed, a first part (the biggest one) of the “fifth dimension Earth humans” will want to go and colonize (when they will become inhabitable) the “water planets” of our solar system, (which were previously also water planets, before they were destroyed by wars in the galaxy, one million years ago). These planets are also hollow, as are all planets and stars in general. Such planets are Mars, Venus and a new planet that will appear (which existed before it was destroyed during the galactic wars), called Maldec or Pax, or Belona 3.5 times bigger in diameter than Earth. The extraterrestrials with their scientist and biologists but also with the heavenly help of the Elohim (who are as we mentioned, carriers of the Divine energy and creation), will make these planets inhabitable again, with waters, and atmosphere (coming from their inner surface), flora and fauna, while Maldek will be reconstracted again, by reassembling it’s scattered debris, which are part of the “asteroid belt” in our solar system today, (NASA is already observing an inexplicable activity in this asteroid belt).

       Noteworthy that according to recent information (21.Mar.11) that I also received from the Galactic Council of Andromeda, (see details in the end of my page II.1.D2), the above changes and the mass colonization will take place not immediately but in the proper time, while the dark governments have already in Mars underground bases (which is considered already habitable), which they had created with the help of their dark extraterrestrial collaborators, to which bases they are trafficked via teleportation. The same source supports that also the rise of the sunk continents (Lemuria, Atlantis, and Big Srilanga) will take place also later in the proper time. Here I remind you that the time in the fifth dimension ceases to be linear and has another form.

       A second part will travel to the stars as ambassadors of the Earth, and of our solar system, supporting the peace treaty signed during the 90’s, as well as the unity between the star nations of our galaxy.  Many of these ambassadors will travel to thousands of other galaxies, to teach peace and unity there too. Many of them will become teachers too, sharing their special experiences during their transition from the third to the fifth dimension with their physical body. They will give lectures and do relevant seminars, in the event that the other third dimension planets will attempt the same transition (when the time is right for each planet). Note that almost all civilizations belonging to the Galactic Federation of Light are already fifth-dimensional while from the other civilizations of our galaxy only one third still remains three-dimensional (but peaceful after the signet interplanetary treaty).

       A third part will remain permanently in the Hollow Earth, and will live in the crystal cities, due to the many advantages these cities offer (see details on page II.1.D7 in my site).

       A forth part will return to the outer surface when everything will be back normal, and it will have taken an idyllic form with a lush and clear environment and a fantastic climate, where they will have a carefree dreamlike life. Some people will have remained in the outer surface, where they will also become fifth dimensional, at a slower transformation pace, many of them surviving despite the turmoil and the dangers (earthquakes over 10 points in the Richter scale, etc), having moved to safer places in time.  Their transitory stage (which does not include the use of transformation chambers) will start just before 2012 with certain characteristics (such as telepathic ability etc), and will be completed by 2017, the last characteristic being, the beaming ability. (see details on page II.1.D2 in my site). I believe that this category will include people who will not be convinced about the extraterrestrials good intentions on order to go to the transformation chambers. Also people who haven’t taken the final decision to transform, as they are attached to the special privileges, the wealth and the power they might be enjoying now, or people who are closely attached to their religious beliefs, which  expect other trials and paths to be taken.

       In order to confirm the above I asked my extraterrestrial friend Gabriel and the answer is: There is no given date for the complete transformation of the Earth and its inhabitants, just that it must be done, for those who choose, before the major overhaul of the outer Earth. Yes it will be before the end of 2012. Some will stay on the outer earth and go through the changes and many will die as it will be more then they expect. Those who lose their lives on the outer Earth will come back to another 3rd dimension planet. Those who live though the upheaval will become 5th dimensional (while everyone else is in the Hollow Earth), and their transformation will be much slower as they will have chosen to do it alone (see details in my pages II.1.D13 and II.1.D14).

       However, regardless of whether they choose (maybe for karmic reasons) the easy way of the Hollow Earth, which becomes even easier with the proper preparation for the increase of our vibrations (in order to address the problems of the interim period), or the hard way of several years duration, the final result after our ascension will be exactly the same for everyone. In readers' comments that nothing is easy and cannot be achieved without effort and sacrifice, I say that for 13,000 years mankind suffered hard by the crimes of the dark forces, and yet these people, at least the vast majority, kept their spirituality, and developed a civilization supporting their fellow man, thus showing that they deserve to pass now in the golden age of the fifth dimension.

       On this occasion I would like to add that the existence of the ''evil'' ETs before signing the peace treaty in the decade of 1990, as well as the present ''evil'' ETs that remain in the underground military bases mentioned before, gave rise to certain, otherwise trusted channels, such as the Greek George Kavasilas from Australia (see about him in my page II.1.D2 of my site), and to others who communicate with Pleiadians, etc, to make different scenarios than those I described above. An example might be that together with the ''good'' ETs, might also come  and ''evil” ETs who, in exchange for the high technology that will give us, will try to dominate us and use us to serve them, therefore we should be careful and chose the right ETs, among those that will land, to which we should give our confidence. On this scenario I reply that such a situation no longer exists, because as I previously said, the dark forces repeatedly attempted (with the help of the ''evil'' ETs remaining in their bases) to present their spacecrafts, and the holographic systems that maintain in the underground bases, in order to create a false impression to the world, but all these cases have being prevented by the very high technology of the Galactic Federation.

       Besides, as I said before, together with the ETs will descend at the sane time also the spiritual entities that will help us in the spiritual part of our ascension (Accented Masters, our Divine Guides, our Guardian Angels, etc, which of course as spirits do not need spaceships), whose presence will certify the ''quality'' of the landing ETs, so there is no need of worry or concern. Finally a sure way of confirmation of their quality, is that we would not only feel them as friendly but also as familiar, while when we are found whiting the aura of the extraterrestrial that are full of love, (which aura is extended into many tenths of feet round their body), we will feel well-being, joy, energy and comfort, and we will be freed from the fear, the stress and all other negative feelings. In the same page II.1.D2, you can see also other interesting scenarios, mainly with regard to our gradual passing to the fifth dimension, remaining in the exterior surface of the Earth, which present also particular interest for those who they select this passing.

       In the end of my same page II.1.D2, I have also added another interesting scenario, which while it confirms the 90% of what I report in my site, adds also other interesting elements mainly: First with regard to the years of our gradual Ascension for those remaining in the external surface of Earth, that present particular interest for those that select this path. Second that they continue to still exist both in the external and the internal surfaces of the Earth certain dark extraterrestrials, as well as ethereal negative spirits, that collaborate with the Illuminati and try also to mislead us, so that we remain attached to the third dimension, in order to have us as their servants. All those we have to face, (at least until our planet is completely cleaned of them), so that we can make our correct choices in order to advance with security to the Ascension.

       For the inpatients (before they visit the details in my page II.1.D2) I report here in summary the following: Some days ago came in Athens to visit me a very charismatic person that emanates from higher dimensions, because she had received orders to come and to inform me for certain important subjects, that either I do not know, or I do not e believe, in order to add this information in site my, helping thus in informing and awakening the people. This person has her own space in a big mother spacecraft, where members from many constellations of the Galactic Federation live. The extraterrestrial entities (the Galactic Council of Andromeda) that gave her the command to inform me, they selected me on the one hand because of the large and increasing visits I have in my bilingual site, (which they are going to strengthen, but also are going to protect me from any mental or other attack of the dark forces), and on the other hand because as they said, what I write is concrete and comprehensive, well documented and (mainly) easily comprehensible by everybody.

       With regard to in the years of the Ascension, these will begin in 2012 for the first persons that will select it, while it will be completed for most people between 2013 and 2015, while for certain who hesitate their passage will be completed up to 2020, when also all the planet will be completely cleaned from all negative forces. Here É should say that they consider erroneous our calendar, and that the present year is already the 2012, (therefore we see the great disturbances in the Earth’s surface), thing that should be taken into account correcting by one year earlier the dates that were given above. Still a lot of chambers of ‘‘healing and activation'' (something similar to the “metamorphosis chambers”) exist already invisible on the exterior surface of the Earth and in particular in the many nodes of the crystalline grid (where are also built most ancient temples), in order to be used there. Moreover they confirmed to me, whatever I have written about the new technologies and  appliances and for our new attributes and forces in the fifth dimension, as well as about the new economic, social and political systems, etc, only that will be applied progressively and selectively in the beginning, until they will be generally applied at the end.

       Concerning the dark extraterrestrials, they, based in their spacecrafts or in the Inner Earth, are often coming among us, either having or taking human form, so that we cannot distinguish them, (many with very beautiful appearance), aiming at the sentimental attack against us, in order that with the negative sentiments that cause (fear, anger, hate, etc), or alternatively with the dependences and addictions (sentimental or material) that create to us (using as arms e.g. love, sex, etc), they prevent us from awakening and they keep us tied up with the low vibrations. In my question why the Galactic Federation does not neutralize them, the answer that I received is: because the Federation follows the universal laws, and in addition because among the experiences that each soul should have, is also to learn to make the correct choices, distinguishing the “good” from the “bad”.

       When I asked why Nidle, Salusa and other channels in USA downgrade the existence of dark extraterrestrials and focus only on the terrestrial dark ones of the elite, the response I got, was as follows: USA, due to its leading position, was the main target of the dark forces (terrestrial and extraterrestrial), so that, with the technology received, to be able to stop the arrival of the Galactic Federation (which is of course impossible). However, this prolonged dark influence, contributed in the lowering of the Americans’ vibrations (to level 3). So it was considered by the Galactic Federation wise to communicate optimistic messages to the people, without mentioning facts that might instil fear and doubt for the Ascension process, as would be the existence of powerful dark extraterrestrials, supporting the elite, considering also that when the treaty was signed in the mid 90’s, the majority of the dark extraterrestrials, changed sides, and the remaining are just too weak.

       On the other hand, Greece was blessed with the support of the Olympians or Elanians from the ancient times, who, apart from being extraterrestrial, many of them are very high beings of the Heavenly Hierarchy, who intervened on the DNA of the Greeks, and as a result, the genuine Greeks, are at the very high vibration level of 7.  So, they have no problem dealing with the whole truth, including the active existence of the dark extraterrestrials, which we can easily learn to identify and avoid, due to our high energy level, while these dark will be following us for a few more years (up to maximum 2020). After receiving this information from the Andromedians, I again acknowledge and agree (in general, because I disagree in some issues, like the Hollow Earth for example), with the significant work about the Olympians, done by the charismatic Greek, Gerasimos Kalogerakis (

       Furthermore, when I asked why Greece as a country  (despite the high vibration level of the Greeks) is allocated to a low category of vibration (along with Israel and Philippines as my Higher Self informed me), the answer is that, this is exactly because the darks are afraid of the high vibration level 7 of the Greeks, and they are attacking them spiritually and physically (economically, politically, in social structure, etc) creating a “slumber” situation. From this situation we will soon come out however, with the proper revealing of information as to what is happening and what is going to follow, and then we will in fact lead the way to Ascension, becoming an example for many others, (which revealing is also my main mission here).

       The Galactic Council of Andromeda that gave me the above information, which I began industriously to publish in my site, sent me (25.Mar.11) via the friend that visited me, the below encouraging message: “Dear George, you have received the message as precisely we expected, and we thank for your choice to advance in the mass informing of people. You should understand that you carry out an important work on Earth and for this we honour you. You undertook the difficult work of informing with complete conscience and determination, and we glorify you for this. All Galactic Federation stands by your side supporting and protecting you. We want to bring to your knowledge that you will receive many doubts for what you write. There you will need to stand in your force and not to bend. You should protect your sentimental field, because the darks know your weakness in human level. What you wrote will be promoted entirely, without additions or abstractions. In fifteen days from today you will receive new governing lines based on which you can write. We Propose, and you will select, to work with the fourth chakra (of the heart) and to intensify it. Light workers, as you are, are important for the plans on the Earth. Great souls like you, with experience that cannot be touch by the limits of earthy time, are holy, and we honour you and we also protect you. Let the work that you selected to undertake, will be successfully completed. Remember always you that the light lights up the dark and reveals all the shadows. Yours sincerely. The Galactic Council of Andromeda.''

       Then followed their new message (26.Mar.11) that said, inter alia, the following: “Dear George, your golden pen shone for one more time via its presence. Your devotion in the great work of mass awakening of people gives us great joy. If you could see your aura while you write what information you receive and entrust to publish, you would see a golden column of light raising itself there. It Is truth that the dark have escaped from every control and strike in every direction as long as the developments in favour  of the light advance. We want to stress for one more time how important it is to believe to the protection that we provide for you, receiving these information….

       Even at readers comments that I do not say anything about the devil, the bad spirits and the negative forces that generally affect us, and even bother many of us, I answer as follows: The duality that exists in the third and fourth dimensions between good and evil, ceases to exist in the fifth and higher dimensions, where there is only good and there is unconditional love, and therefore all these negative forces have no place in this dimension and should not concern us. For the interim period of the third dimension there is the method of SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) which can clean us once and for ever from any such entities, influences and forces that may visit us and stay around us, or we inject false information when we are making "channeling''. Then follows the method of ''Shield'', which shields our aura creating an effective protection against any spiritual attacks (evil eye, etc.), and in addition protects us from people all around us which absorb our energy (and we feel suddenly without energy), which people can be even our loved members of our family. Once I received these two treatments by my charismatic friend Mary (e-mail, I ceased to feel suddenly that I loose my energy, and in addition I am more confident about the validity of information I receive. Therefore I recommend unconditionally both methods to those who feel that they need them. Still my also charismatic friend Dorothea (e-mail applies a method that restores the activation of our tsakras that are not fully activated, while she is also manufacturing appliances (RAC), that they neutralize the geopathitik currents that might exist in the spaces where we live influencing negatively our energy.

       QUESTION: How will the Earth be governed in the fifth dimension?

       ANSWER: All Earth inhabitants, including those in the Hollow Earth, will become one State, the “Earthlings”, which will be run by councils (usually of 6 or 12 people) of various levels and responsibilities, the heads of which will interchange and the administration will not be based on power, but on collaboration, depending on the abilities and talents of each person in each field and each problem that arises.

       The “governors” will not enjoy any special privilege, despite the increased responsibilities and obligations. They will work as the philanthropic volunteers are working now, while they will be chosen based on their experience in specific fields that each has obtained throughout the centuries.  Furthermore, every type of work in the fifth dimension will not bring fatigue about, but only joy and contentment, as a hobby we love does.

       There will basically be six sectors-“clans” (something like our ministries) which will be the following in a nutshell: 1) The spiritual clan which deals with the soul and spiritual matters in general, as well as with various rituals (among others, covering matters that are now covered by religion). 2) The Administration clan, which deals with the planet’s administration and the coordination of the other clans. 3) The science clan, which deals with the research and development of the various sciences. 4) The science engineering clan, which deals with the implementations of science and all types of  constructions such as devices, space crafts, factories, public works, etc. 5) The Life Science clan which deals with the science of life in general, the psychology and the relationships of the beings on this planet (supporting planet’s biosphere), as well as with the beings of other planets in the galaxy, which it explores (mainly searching for intelligent beings) with exploratory space crafts. 6) The Life science engineering clan, which deals with the implementation of the science of life for its improvement wherever needed, as well as with healing and helping the beings in some parts of the galaxy, that might be in need (as it did for the Earth’s inhabitants, by creating the transformation chambers in the Hollow Earth).

       A fundamental factor for the perfect coordination and processing (with almost no chance for error) of the complicated functions that will be needed then, is an incredible communications network, along with the supper computers, that will connect everyone with everything, so that there is a continuous collaboration and updates, informing each other on real time, with instructions input to all directions, which our developed brain will be able to handle and respond accordingly. For example, I have seen a Pleiadian coordinating hundreds activities alone with ease and success, for a complicated project.

       Because people will become self sufficient, there will be no competition or quarrelling among them, nor will there be any need to accumulate wealth or material things, and many of the needs we have today will simply cease to exist,  therefore there will be in general no public services as we know them today, and the few that might be required, will be of a very limited nature (see details on page II.1.D1 in my site). Also, most job types and working skills will become obsolete, and new ones will be created. When I asked the extraterrestrials what will happen to the unemployed or to the ones who don’t want to work, the answer was “They will simply live their lives, accumulating experiences”. Noteworthy that with the help of powerful computers a lot of “luminous robots'' will be created, which will undertake to do all routine work, exempting thus the people from any boring work. Furthermore, all people in our Solar System will become one nation, as happens with the nations of all other star systems.

       The Galactic Community in which we will belong, will be ideal for each of us to develop creative initiative and talents for solutions etc., which will serve all and the environment too, projecting each personality and giving it recognition and great personal satisfaction. We will no longer feel that we have little time, all the more because the linear time we knew will radically change in the fifth dimension (see page II.1.D4 in my site). Each person will also have the chance to focus on his hobbies or any needs that the previous live he lived, did not allow hom to fulfil

       Finally, there is a fifth part, concerning the “star seeds” which will be transported directly to the spacecrafts, to become fifth dimensional in the transformation chambers there, and then to return to the planets they came from when they incarnated on Earth, in order to share their unique experiences from Earth, with their people there. The training of those people (the ones coming from fifth dimensional planets), will be very brief after they come out of the transformation chambers, as they were fifth dimensional on their planets, before they incarnated as third dimensional on Earth, in order to obtain experiences. Therefore the training will be mainly to remind  their advisers  of the abilities and experiences they had in the past on their planets.

       To this category I belong too (as a star-seed from Pleiades), only that, after I will go to the spacecrafts for the ascension, then I will return as fifth-dimensional now back to Earth, on the one hand to awaken the uninformed about the ascension, and on the other hand to help mainly those who do not choose the easy option of the Hollow Earth, but the longer (until 2017) gradual transition. As informed by the Divine Hierarchy that is exactly what I have chosen as my mission in this incarnation, which I have also done it before repeatedly in cases with other planets. This information was confirmed to me recently by my friend, the charismatic Maro, which communicates both with Ascended Masters, and with extraterrestrials, etc, and created along with her equally talented friend Thenia (, who is also practising SRT, a very complete and important for Greece internet community (see the called ''Journey to the World of Soul'', where you can sign up as member (free of charge) where you can read numerous articles on metaphysical issues, on extraterrestrials, on the ascension, etc. (many of which came from Channelling), and you can post and your articles and comments. Thenia also performs SRT treatments (see, while my friend Kay from England performs ​​similar treatments (that look like Reiki but are not Reiki, see her site

       My friend Maro has confirmed to me that I have previously come to Earth during the first colonized by extraterrestrials (with the name of Tegeas), later as a genetic scientist for the development of flora and fauna, and occasionally as a leader, as a warrior for good, as priest, etc, even in ancient Greece at 500 BC as philosopher. With these friends, together and with other equally gifted individuals, we are creating a group for communication with superior entities (through automatic writing), which will help us first to check on any changes that exist as the time passes to information we received earlier, and second to add this information to my site, getting answers to many questions that still concern me (I will post these answers to a new page of my site). Recently I met another charismatic friend Mr. Palaiologos, which received orders from the Divine Hierarchy (Archangel Michael), to meet me and help me. He carried out it successfully on issues of health, bodily energy, cleaning and protection from negative energies, etc, and I have him since as my precious adviser in this subjects.

       Another individual that visited me is also Yannis Roysos from Thessalonica, ( ) technologist that in the past few year deals with the etheric energy of “orgone” which, from what I understood, is a new name of “zero point energy” (see my page II.2.D8), or “Prana” in India or “Chi” in China, mainly regarding the therapeutic attributes (see a lot of articles about orgone in the internet, as e.g. in Greek in ). My friend manufactures orgone crystals and ointments, as well as appliances that accumulates the orgone and transfers it to therapeutic layers where the patient lays down for treatment. The same things began to manufacture also my friend Pantelis Dafnomilis from Crete ( ). In addition Fotis Bukinas manufactured orgone accumulator which he uses for agriculture in his  orgone-bio-farm'', while exists also the Greek Orgone Association ( Noteworthy that the first that dealt with orgone in recent times and with the manufacturing of appliances of accumulation, for therapy and energy production was Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), who died in prison of USA after charges of FED (the government owned Committee of Medicine, see site ), because he denied to renounce his appliances, while his books were confiscated and burned. The same above-mentioned site gives also links to other sites with information about manufacturing of appliances and objects based on orgone.

       The destination we will chose, depends (mainly) on the “life contract” we have chosen for our present incarnation, before we were incarnated, while we will be able to change our choices at any time, even after we have reached our destinations (although it is highly unlikely for us to choose such a change).  At this point, it is important to mention that no matter what the course or the destination each person will choose, the end result will be exactly the same for all, which is to change from limited consciousness three-dimensional beings, to full consciousness five dimensional beings, full of love for all.

       QUESTION: How will our settlements be in the fifth dimensional Earth?

       ANSWER: Due to the above mentioned scattering of the present Earth inhabitants (most of which will colonize the other three planets, while the people on the outer surface will not exceed 10% of the population according to my estimates), the Earth will be sparsely inhabited, considering that with the new continents emerging, the land available will be considerably increased. The towns will be relevantly small and “discreet”, respecting the environment and the rich vegetation, while there will also be floating cities (fully self sufficient) as well as some people living on “air born cities” (huge self sustainable spacecrafts).

       Ôhe houses will mainly be comfortable villas with multiple domes,  with no edges, to facilitate energy flow. They could also have any other form their owners choose (with the help of the holographic theatres). The furniture is also without edges, with comfortable seats, which automatically adjust to the body shape, with soft beds where one feels that he is laying on clouds, and two hours of sleep-meditation per day will be more than enough to rest end rejuvenate. (When I laid on such a bed at Shampallah, the Hollow Earth capital, which I had visited in the past, I liked it so much, that I didn’t want to get out of it). The exterior size of the houses will not be of particular importance, sins the interior size will get the holographic dimension that we desire in order to serve all our needs (fact that is also true and for the extraterrestrial spaceships).

       Noteworthy that in my related question from my friends about the “internal dimension'', the answer of the extraterrestrials was: ”The space in which we live is adapted to our vibrations and can extend itself witching this vibration area, without to influences what is around, as if it is created an additional fourth dimension in the space”. As an example from the three dimension space, is that the residents of neighbouring plots today in Earth, with defined limits of the plots, can build in their plots their buildings of any height they want, without this to influence their neighbours. I Imagine that something similar also happens with the creation of the holographic landscapes of vacations etc in the back of our houses, that I mentioned in previous chapter. Still this justifies also the possibility for the floating or the flying cities that I mentioned before, but also for the discreet small settlements in the outer Earth surface, to accommodate a considerably large number of residents in relation with their outer dimensions, while the same is also in effect for the crystal cities of the Hollow Earth, (and in particular for their public buildings having several floors).

       Usually the house lots will be arranged in groups of six, in the six equal sectors of a large circle, the usual diameter being at least 150 meters, so that for every house, there will be the equivalent of at least half acre (i.e. 2000 sq. m.) of land and at the center, there will be a smaller homocentric circle, which will contain recreation facilities (group activities, entertainment, rituals, etc)  for the six households. One person, or a couple, or a family, or a few friends, will reside in each house. The walls will be transparent from inside and opaque from the outside. The doors will appear by telepathic order when someone wants to pass. The limits (fences) around these large lots, will be defined by thick vegetation belts-gardens with 10 meter minimum wide (see details on page II.1.D7 in my site).

       The huge buildings and cities as we know them today, will cease to exist. They will be dematerialised, converted in to energy, with the exception of monuments and temples at the energy hubs of the crystal grid, where various energy rituals will take place for the good of the planet and its inhabitants. All works of art will also be preserved. These events which will take place no matter what, indicate that the dependence of any kind of wealth and property, for which people struggle today, is very temporary and futile, as we will soon have no such need. Of course, whatever people had in the past and still wish to have it, they can recreate it by memory (with the help of the holographic theatres).

       Therefore, the whole new economic system that will be created as I mentioned before, in order to cover the transitory period, is merely a temporary “bridge” for us to pass to the fifth dimension. After that, this system will be abolished, as there will be no money anymore, and nobody will be interested in buying real estate. Any transactions will be based on the value (energy) of what one gives and what he takes, and this value will be recorded on “smart” cards. In order to support the above I include a paragraph from a message of 5.Jan.11 from the Syrian SALUSA (The full message is in my pages II.1.D13 and II.1.D14). ” ….However, in any event not one person can take their wealth or possessions with them into the higher dimensions. Firstly it is unnecessary as everything you need is provided for, and secondly you can create whatever you desire for your personal pleasure and enjoyment. For example if on Earth you have a cherished painting, you will only have to visualize it to re-produce it. It will be of light energy and be more alluring and “alive”, just as the original artist tried to interpret and paint what was in his vision. Enjoy what you have and realize that you have much more to gain through rising up into the higher dimensions….

       Consequently, the inner surface will also be sparsely inhabited, as it is today, considering that the big crystal cities of the Hollow Earth are generally built in huge caves (of hundreds of miles diameter) which are situated under the surface, while in the inner surface, there are scattered small towns (which also care for the environment). These towns are connected with the crystal cities (as the crystal cities are interconnected between them), using a large network of subterranean tunnels, in which flying vehicles are moving with very high speed (see page II.1.D7 in my site).

       When I asked the extraterrestrials, why they were certain that the vast majority of people on earth will choose the transition to the fifth dimension, the replied as follows: “Apart from the fact that there are huge  advantages in the fifth dimension, the majority of the people who are presently incarnated on Earth, had already chosen to go through this transition, before their incarnation.”

       QUESTION: Regarding what we must do, and how to be prepared in order to make a successful transition to the fifth dimension in 2012, a very  condensed answer I can give is as follows:

       ANSWER: As far as the way we ought to prepare in order to pass quickly, safely and easily to the fifth dimension is concerned (see analysis regarding solving problems of the interim period till 2012 in my site), I wish to point out that at the inner level  it is very important to keep our vibrations high. We can achieve this by retaining positive feelings (such as love, joy, laughter, optimism etc, as well as good health) and by avoiding all negative feelings (such as fear, anger, hatred, resentment, disappointment, sadness, stress, etc).

       Note that the dark forces are counting on the fear they are trying to instil in us, by their actions (wars, false flag terrorist actions, etc) and by doomsday scenarios which they present with the so called catastrophic climate changes, pandemics, disasters during 2012, etc. We must reject this fear and consider these stories false, and we should focus on the favourable end result. It also helps if we call on our “higher self” during meditation, as well as our Divine Advisers, who will directly inform us about what is going to happen and what each of us must do in any event. Also it is good for us toisolate” (detach) ourselves for a while, and focus inside us, on our thoughts and feelings, because these are eroded from thoughts and feelings of those around us, who affect us with their aura.  

       It also helps to come often in contact with the nature, walking there so that our aura is cleaned and grounding the energies that we receive, and in particular in regions with large trees which we embrace for more complete grounding. Still it helps if we can distinguish the truth from the lie, as well as the persons that try really to help us, from those (Earthy or extraterrestrial or negative spirits) that attacking our sentimental field, trying to keep low our vibrations in order to have us as their servants. Certain people that have activated their chakras feel the truth and good people in the heart chakra, while they feel the lie and the dark people low in the stomach or in the solar plexus chakra (see details at the end of my page II.1.D2).

       If we manage to maintain high vibrations continuously, then nothing of what’s happening around us (events or ominous information and predictions) will touch or frighten us, and we can face all of it like detached spectators, as if these things don’t concern us, but others. This also protects our health, and disease/sickness becomes a distant factor as our body will take a more crystallized form. In fact, as unlikely as this may sound, the high vibrations (which are created as we said with positive feelings), create a kind of protection and guide us subconsciously to the right choices, which will help us to overcome problems and dangers, while our guides and our “guardian angels”, frequently rescue us from dangers (going back in time if need be, to rectify things), events which seem like miracles. When our vibrations increase, so does the possibility of realising our dreams and desires. This also increases our telepathic ability, and our intuition becomes more accurate.

       Also asking the representative of Andromeda (who visited me on the 28.Apr.11), of how we can exploit from now the existence (and in particular in our country) of the cylinders for therapy, for activation of our DNA/RNA and chakras and of the crystalic cellular structure, etc, things that will also increase our vibrations preparing us for the 5th dimension, the response I received was as follows: This is done if we are laying in bed before going to sleep, or in the morning before we get up, relaxed and in meditation, and we ask for our higher self to help us get inside such a cylinder, initially with our astral body (as if we are doing an astral travel), while at the same time, we ask the extraterrestrials to reduce the energies inside the cylinder, in order to enable us to adapt to the energies there. When we succeed, the first times we go in to the cylinder, we remain only for a few minutes, under the supervision of our extraterrestrial mentor who is present to guide us, while the therapies implemented in our astral body are being automatically transferred in our physical body as well.

       Later we will be able to be beamed in to the cylinder with our physical body, and we will be able to stay even for hours, (making sure that our absence doesn’t cause a problem with our family). Initially we can go in daily, and later on, once a month. Of course, there are the privileged ones, who only need a few therapy sessions, and are being prepared to go in to the fifth dimension later. Note that the cylinders are no substitutes for the transformation chambers, and further processing is required after the cylinders sessions, in order to become fully fifth dimensional. In order to achieve securely and easily our connection with a cylinder, there is a relevant preparation, (which is described in detail in my page II.1.D2) which also helps in itself (regardless of cylinders) to improve our physical, emotional and spiritual state and to raise our vibrations.

       I am giving a synopsis of this preparation as follows: We ask our higher self to manifest a hologram of our body, and we visualize this as it is today, with it’s physical, emotional and mental problems. We then visualize the hologram of our healthy body, as we would like it to be, without any problem, and we imagine that the new body absorbs the old one within it, and restructures it’s essence healing it, leaving out all it’s problems. Following that, we imagine this healthy body moving in our space (eating, studying, interacting, exercising, having sex, etc) as well as out of our personal space too (driving a car, working, etc), as we wish it to be able to function, and we visualize how it feels doing all this. We then imagine doing the same things with our weak body, and finally, making both bodies function simultaneously, we chose which body we want to have (obviously the healthy one), and we repeat the above activities once again with the healthy body. We usually do this process laying in bed at night or in the morning, and we will soon see therapeutic results in our physical as well as in our emotional body, while our spiritual powers will start improving and our every day habits changing for the better.

       I started this process enthusiastically a few days ago, to the point that every time I close my eyes and concentrate, I automatically envisage my healthy body, which in fact, I imagine as being extraterrestrial. Note that the humanoid extraterrestrials are usually tall (from 2 to 2.20 meters in height) with a slender waist and a thin lower body (as they do not need a digestive system to absorb or discard food), as they appear in the popular movie “Avatar”. So I imagine my body constantly on the move, running, going up stairs, exercising on the tread mill, dancing, doing somersaults, etc. Miraculously the feeling I get then amplifies my energy levels, my strength and endurance, even raises my spirits. Therefore I believe that it might be useful for everybody to try this and please let me know of the results. (I was already pleased to receive positive messages from people who tried this).

       After I posted this new information from the visit of 28.Apr.11 in my site, the Andromedians sent me the following message:  Dear George. We honour and salute you, for once again painting the words and the messages, with such beautiful colours. Nothing need to be added or removed at this time. You can bring things to people’s attention, exactly as you have written them. It is also a great joy to see your hologram and to see you choosing the therapy with full consciousness. Within a month from today, you will receive new information, for the questions that arise inside you. We honour you. The Galactic Federation of Andromeda.

       Another one of the most powerful aids to increase our vibrations, are the crystal sounds of the “crystal bowls” that go through our body and our cells, and are preparing us for the fifth dimension, which in addition open, cleanse and activate our chakras, while they help to strengthen and heal our organs and our functions that each chakra affects. That is the reason I bought the crystal bowls and after I recorded their sounds in a high fidelity studio, I put 30 different recordings (each for a specific purpose) on page II.1.D6 in my site, along with a text that explains their use. In fact, in order to prove the “magical” effect these sounds have on us, I am presenting (for persuading people to try them), two of the many “thank you” messages I receive from people who used the sounds. The first (September 2010) was sent by a Greek yang lady, and I am copying it below in translation, while the second (October 2010) is one of the many more I am receiving in English from people abroad (see more in my page II.1.D6).

       First: «Mr Koemtzopoulos. I do not know how you will find what I say (although it certainly will not surprise you), but I literally owe you everything! I can start from the beginning and try to be as brief as my enthusiasm allows. Two weeks ago just felled into my hands a photocopy of the e-mail of your interview in TV about 2012. Initially reading it with my parents I could not help but laugh even though I love extraterrestrials and everything related. But then I could not calm down and I felt shocked because every primary answers about the universe and the meaning of life was given through your words. I went to the Greek pages of your site and drained one by one all the articles, until I got to the page of the recorded crystal sounds and all the rest is now history. Immediately I found myself listening to the sounds for many hours for two days. I was informed using the internet as best I could and thanks to the sounds all began! I started to have the first signs of awareness of energy etc. Within two days I raised my vibrations dramatically and I was grateful for the aid from the universe. I asked for being able to communicate with the extraterrestrials. Within one week I found by chance two teachers who guided me to the point to be able to communicate with my higher self and then with my divine guardian-adviser. How many miracles I experience every day would take a book to list them, but I know and it was confirmed by my guardian that were the crystal sounds that changed rapidly all these. The one moment I was a simple person lost in my problems, and the next I became a fully conscious being connected with my soul. Every day for me is a day in paradise and I owe this to you. THANK YOU».

       Second: «Dear Dr George, I wrote to you before because I love your website and I am in total  awe with  your paintings. I began using the crystal bowls therapy that you so kindly offer on  your website.I have been working mainly on my root chakra as well as my solar  plexus one. I had many difficult issues arising from an insecure  childhood and my root chakra has always been very stagnant. I also suffer from fear on my solar chakra since I was a little girl,  as soon as I wake up I felt fear on my stomach, so bad that I have a  hard time getting up, I also noticed that I tend to be very settled in  routines, I procrastinate, suffer from low self esteem and depression  has plagued me all of my life. Since I began doing  your root chakra and solar chakra crystal bowls  sound meditation ( I began about a month ago, two to three times a week) I have been feeling AMAZING: My fear is almost gone, I feel happy as a hobbit, self confident and I have begun to do some things that I have procrastinated for years.   I feel so good that I can hardly believe it and I am so thankful to you for offering those wonderful sounds for free to anyone who needs it. I am very piritual and I finally feel like I can do my part for  helping the ascension. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, I don't know you but I think of you often with lots of affection. I also visit your  website  and stay for a while dreaming looking at your paintings. I love the story about your friend that played his crystal bowls in the church and got the UFO"s attention, it always akes me laugh(I'm sorry he fainted). I also have been working at night with a little quartz crystal pyramid, I put it on my forehead and I imagine a ball of Light sending healing Light into my body and I noticed that my dreams are more vivid and easy to recall.I will begin working on my other chakras as soon as I feel that the root and solar are cured, I can hardly wait to see what happens when I do. I will keep you informed. I feel that you are a dear soul friend and I bow to your LIGHT. Maria».

       Still on the issue on  therapeutic treatments as well aw on increasing our vibrations, help also effectively the techniques that I give in my page II.1.D3 (in a concise and simplified way), utilizing the universal energies of high vibrations (that emanates from the seventh dimension), as are the Reiki, Seichim and Sechem and their combination SSR, and in particular with the method of “self attunements”, that each one can apply alone without any instructor. Thus he will not need to pay hundreds and thousands of Euros to the various Reiki centres, (e.g. the cost of attunement in the third degree of Reiki, is usually from 10.000 US$ to 3.000 Euros). For the effectiveness of these energies I mention simply one of the many messages that I receive, as it is that of my friend Despina: «Good morning Mr Koemtzopoulos. I am Despina from Grevena, recently contacting you for my registration as a member in the Advisory Center Zeus. I had the second degree in the Reiki and while for quite some time I studied all the instructions about self attunements in your web page, I had not dared to do it, fearing for the possibility of errors. However something inside me prompted me hard to proceed. After 15 days fast of various kinds of food and the preparation that you recommend in your web page, I made my self attunement in the third degree of Reiki. It was a splendid spiritual experience and I warmly thank you for this! In the phase of invocation of my celestial assistants, for each one that I named, I felt electric current penetrating me. I had the sense of their real presence. I believe that my attunement was absolutely successful, because giving Reiki I use hens forth also the dai-ko-mio symbol, that work very effectively. It Is a splendid symbol, a real sun in my dark view… I thank you very much

       Finally, to encourage participation of all of us in spreading my message (as well as in spreading of the more complete information that I give in my site), to as many people as possible, in order to prepare them for the ascension, to clear their fears and to provide optimism for the future, I quote parts of one of the many messages exchanged between members in the 62 internet communities where I am also a member, related to my articles:

      .... And for me, all of George's information, meditations and suggestions are very powerful focal points through which we can collectively amplify high vibrational intentions shifting the human collective consciousness, without violating anyone's freewill & choice. So I spent all day yesterday reading nearly 80-90% of all the text on his website. Next I plan to apply his singing bowls healings, as I experienced a short sample and found it VERY powerful. So I am carving out a lot of time towards completely comprehending his proposed plans and adding them to my daily life…. And I was initially surprised this morning when my Yogi tea bag stated, "Serve humanity so that people feel we are kind to them". And then I got the "we", as I knew it was my ET advisor's way of letting me know they are here and guiding me to help with their plans in revealing themselves to humanity very soon….  After reading George's interview, I created a file doc and thoughtfully selected about 6-8 of my friends whom I knew would be open to it. But it's been nearly 2 weeks and only one that I know of has read it as of today and “replied with deep gratitude and joy, and has inhaled George's website already”.,.... A wild joyous part of me wants to make hundreds of paper copies to pass out from one end of the island to the other (she refers to an island of Hawaii). But another part of me does not wish to get “stoned to death for creating more fear". I know that discernment is the key, yet a part of me no longer cares what the short term consequences might be, as time IS running out and the ET's have got to help asap, is my take. What is yours and all those following this forum opinion???

      Furthermore, if we want to contribute to the quicker arrival of the extraterrestrials (who will give the final solution), it is good to call on them, and even better to do it with group and synchronized meditation, which are already taking place all over the world every fortnight in three predefined times, depending on the geographic area, by tens (even hundreds) of thousands of people (see page II.1.D5 in my site). Apart from these meditations, more and more people on the planet focus their intentions for a few minutes every night, asking that the extraterrestrials appear soon to help us. In addition, it is good to focus our thoughts for a while on Sundays, to our brothers in the Hollow Earth, in order to receive the energy they send us every Sunday when they do rituals for us, in order to make our way to our ascension to the fifth dimension easier (see page II.1.D5 in my site).

       Also, at the outer level,  it is advisable to pressure our governments (as well as various governmental services and organizations) to remove the corrupted executive administrators who belong or are dependant on the dark forces (even their chiefs), and replace them with other honorable, independent and competent people, who are willing to reveal the truth, e.g. about the extraterrestrials, the technology received and kept secret, etc. This can be done with many ways, which can be aided by the internet, by sending e-mails for example, collecting signatures (which is a widely spread practice already in the internet, for many vital issues) protesting against bad policies, voting for the right people each time, etc. Such persons must be honest, capable and independent representatives, not belonging or supported by the parties of power that led us to this unacceptable situation. Even sending via mobile telephones SMS messages to parliament members etc. helps too.

       However, in order to have a good result through all these efforts, a “crucial” number of awakened and active citizens is necessary.  According to the theory of the “collective consciousness”, the positive thoughts, feelings and intentions of a small percentage of the people in a town, are enough to affect the behavior of the rest, in a positive manner, as proven by various experiments made by an American university. Such an experiment took place in 24 rather small towns in the US, and for the duration of the experiment, with a small percentage of positive thinking volunteers, the crime rate was remarkably reduced. Similar experiments were repeated later at a larger scale outside the US, with the same positive results (see details on page II.1.D1 in my site).

       Moreover when we raise our vibrations, we contribute with our aura, to the increase of the vibrations of our neighbor, affecting them also with a smile or an indication of love and support, and mainly by helping them to overcome any fears they might have. If someone consciously expresses his desire to enter the fifth dimension, it is enough for his Divine advisers to guide him subconsciously towards that end, to meet the information sources, the people and the groups who will help him.

       I recently received a message from Archangel Michael, who in the Divine hierarchy is the one who oversees our planet and our galaxy, and whenever I call on him for help, or guidance, or have visions of him, I feel an inner joy within. This message was received from contacts that a charismatic person frequently has with him via channeling and among other things says the following: (see «Today there are two categories of people on Earth, that’s why you who are in the first category and have faith in the future, without fear and your aura glows the light, and you maintain high vibrations in the forth dimension, you have to approach the others who are in the second category (the majority of people) with love, and help them to overcome their fears for the future (which create feelings of insecurity, stress, anger for everything that’s happening and other negative feelings), which is a great inhibiting factor keeping their vibrations low, thus making their transition, to the forth and then to the fifth dimension, difficult”..... However, as you are aware, a grand cosmic cycle is swiftly coming to a close; and the Earth is spiraling into a new position within the solar system regardless of who is ready to ascend with it or who is not. And so, my beloved Light Bearers, this is where you come in. This is your grand opportunity to SHINE YOUR LIGHT and SHARE YOUR VISION.

       Yes, we hear and understand your protests. You think you are not good enough or wise enough to teach. It frightens some of you so much that you want to withdraw and no longer make an effort to expand your awareness and claim your mastery. This message is to assure you, beloveds, that you are already a teacher for those around you. You are teaching by example. You are teaching through your words and actions. You are teaching with every word you speak and every thought form you send out into the ethers. Your auric field affects the people around you in either a positive or negative way. Are you radiating Love, faith, hope and freedom? Perhaps you are not adding to the fear and negativity; however, let us assure you, you cannot remain at a status quo or in the inertia of non-action. Universal law demands that in order to maintain a constant influx of Creator Love/Light, it must flow into you and then radiate out from you after you have taken the portion you need. This is an immutable, infallible law.

       In past messages, we have explained to you how the Avatars, Ascended Masters, the Angelic Kingdom and the great Beings of Light, along with a swiftly expanding number of earthly Initiates on the Path, will be working together under the guidance of the Cosmic Council of Light to bring forth the advanced wisdom teachings for these unprecedented times of transformation and ascension. Make no mistake, all of you who are on the Path are teachers, whether in a formal manner or just by example, and what is needed most of all is your radiance…. Before you incarnated, you agreed to Light the path and show the way for those following behind. You must be diligent in your search for the truth, and you must have an intense desire and willingness to serve if you are to join the ranks of the masters. You are now in the process of adjusting to higher frequencies of electromagnetic Light currents. The Soul Self encourages you to become consciously aware of the universal laws so that you may take full advantage of your God-given creative abilities…. There will be neurobiological restructuring of the brain, and you will eventually achieve an irreversible state of Cosmic Consciousness. Be assured that enlightenment of the masses is possible in this lifetime, and each of you has an integral part to play in this grand drama…. Brave hearts, we enfold you within our auric field of protection, and we radiate to you the eternal love and gratitude of the Cosmic Council of Light. We are with you always. I AM Archangel Michael

       In addition in his newer lengthy message of 3.Jan.11 (that you can read in my pages II.1.D13 and II.1.D14, and in, Archangel Michael gives detailed instructions through channelling by Celia Fenn: a) About how we will increase our frequencies to reach the high frequencies of the planet in 2011. b) About how we will ground (with the help of a special meditation) the energies that both the Earth and ourselves receive from the universe, so that we have peace and harmony. c) About how we will adapt ourselves smoothly in the new form that takes now the linear time. And d) About how we should live in order to enjoy an ample and fully conscious life. These instructions I also consider (together with the other instructions I give), very useful to our preparation for entering the fifth dimension.

       QUESTION: In the question “what other messages we have from extraterrestrials, from the Divine Hierarchy, and from the Ascended Masters?”, I select from a large number the following:    

       ANSWER: Extracts of such messages that they send to us, in order to encourage and guide us in our course to the Ascension, but also in order to awaking those that continue to sleep, I mention here, while the complete texts you can find in my pages II.1.D13, II.1.D14 and II.1.D15.

       Saul (12.Oct.2010): «Everyone in human form on Earth at this time is receiving major encouragement from the spiritual realms to help them recognize the illusion for what it is, and to nudge them towards wakefulness. No one has been passed over but many still remain deeply asleep and are resisting the call to awaken. However, the example you holy light-holders are demonstrating by intensifying your loving patience in every situation is having a most remarkable effect planet-wide. The energy surrounding you, which you extend and share at all times, is extremely powerful, and when coupled with additional divine energy, as it always is, it harmonizes and melds with it. Thus, humanity has no option but to awaken. And even those who are resisting the call and attempting to remain in a state of deep sleep will be unable to hold out for very much longer.

       Love is enveloping the planet and all the life forms she supports with a power and intensity never before experienced here, and that energy is seeping into every individual—regardless of any beliefs they may have about the impossibility of such an energy existing—and melting away their fear, anxiety, and disbelief. As the first stirrings of that loving flame within them are felt, they find themselves experiencing strange and mysterious sensations which are quite shocking, almost mystical, and they start looking for someone with whom they can talk and who will not think them insane. You, dear Light Holders, are here to listen to them, encourage them, and offer them loving support, as they begin to accept the inevitability of the changes that are occurring within them. This resultant opening of their awareness allows hope to well up from deep within them for a life filled with meaning and joy. Very many had given up on hope and settled into a routine that allowed them to live basically unaware of their true feelings, and desires, and of their divine, permanent, and unbreakable connection to their Creator…..»

       St. Germaine (11.Sep.10): «There is now a huge change in energy. This new energy has cleared and replaced the energy of old; the energy of lack, of confusion, of the imprisoned human on bended knee. There is no reason for anyone to be on their knees at this time. It is time to stand tall and to know within that you have achieved. Settle back and enjoy what is to come. Maintain your energy of achievement. For a time yet it will appear that all is the same, but there will come an event that will change everything. You will see that this will be the crowning manifestation of the new ways.

       You can rest assured that this is to come. You can rest assured that peace and serenity will soon become the norm. Stress no more. And relax, let your worries fall away, be worry free, for there is great freedom in this. When you dip your toe in the new warm energy of peace and abundance, it will feel like home. You can wade freely all the way in now, without worry of strong currents washing you away. For this is your time. And it is our time. It is time for brethren of other realms to come and be with you; time for beings from other places, far off places to shake your hands, to embrace in oneness; you who have cleared the way for them…. Peace is coming. For all. Freedom in all aspects of earthly life is coming. It is done; it is manifest. Relax, sit back and enjoy. Enjoy your many blessings. Enjoy knowing what you have accomplished. And celebrate the greatness that you have brought. All that you have endured and sacrificed; all suffering, all heavy loads are slipping into the past….. I Am your brother, I Am the Son of Freedom, St Germain. And I salute each and every one of my beloved, steadfast warriors of untold and unwavering strength, integrity and Love. Into the dream of freedom we walk together. »

       Master Hilarion (26.Sep.10: «We remind you to feed your physical bodies with foods of the highest vibrations such as fresh fruit and vegetables and to drink plenty of clean water each day. Listen to what your body tells you it wants, even though it sometimes doesn’t seem to be the right desire in your conscious awareness. Rest assured, your body elemental knows what it needs for perfect functioning and excellent health during these powerful times. If you are feeling great waves of heat within your body, it indicates a metamorphosis taking place in every atom and cell of your Being, on all levels and this is the process of Ascension, cleansing and purifying in readiness to absorb the higher frequencies of the Cosmic Waves of energy that are now coming in. Take the time to be out in Nature as often as is possible for you, as this will help to cleanse your auras and energy fields and keep them operating at the highest possible levels and always connect and ground yourselves to the crystalline core of Mother Earth, especially if you find yourselves functioning too much in your mental body, with too many thoughts running through your mind.

       The need to spend some time each day in a state of stillness by going within is almost a required practice in these changing times and will help you tremendously in maintaining balance. Remember that most of you absorb the energies and thought forms of others around you, and that you need to be aware of this so that your daily walk upon the Path you have chosen is more filled with grace and ease. By going within first thing in the morning and becoming clear in your own energy field, you will become aware when you go out in the World that feelings and thoughts that come into your consciousness that do not resonate with your high intentions are most probably NOT your thoughts and feelings. Ask us each morning to assist in cleansing your auric field of all thoughts, feelings and energies that are not in alignment with your highest and greatest good and trust that you are receiving this assistance.

       Much mental discipline is now required of each of you as you each come into more of your personal power, for as you do this, you become conscious co-creators of what manifests upon the Earth plane and the more you concentrate on creating a World of peace, Love, harmony and joy, the more this will become manifest in daily existence. Trust that your powerful intention to manifest the Golden Age upon this beautiful, evolving Planet is coming to pass. Follow your inner guidance and dare to be the grand and majestic Beings that you have always envisioned that you could be…in other words. DREAM BIG! I Am Hilarion.»

        SaLuSa  (31.Jan.2011): «We have never condoned violence of any kind, and that includes the barbaric practices that are meted out as lawful punishment. Violence of any kind breeds more violence, whereas love is not in any way forceful but gently permeates all other energies and uplifts them to higher levels. It is the answer to so many problems, yet some people find it difficult to express their love. Sometimes it is because they have been shown little love during their formative years. It also comes from rejection and the fear of it happening again, yet all souls have the potential to express their godselves. As you grow in consciousness so it becomes a most natural aspect of life, and is easy to apply in your everyday activities. True love asks for nothing in return but is normally reciprocated because like attracts like, and it is how you uplift people without imposing upon their freewill. In these present times there is a wonderful thought form of great size moving around the Earth. It represents Universal Love that calls for peace and goodwill, to end the rule of the dark Ones. Its energy is so powerful that it cannot be denied for much longer.


       So you see Dear Ones that when you send out your love and light, it is not wasted or ineffective but grows in intensity until it brings its desired result. In this way what you send out is returned tenfold, as it attracts more energy from beyond the Earth. Each of you that do so are helping build the new Earth that is forming all around you, even if you are not aware of it. Out of the ashes of the old one, the Phoenix is rising with all the promise of a Golden Age, and we are here to lead the way and help you achieve success. Why else would we be with you in such great numbers unless there was a goal to be achieved? We have your interests at heart and are preparing the way, so that your quantum leap out of the cycle of duality takes place with as little disruption as possible. Changes by their very nature can be uncomfortable and unsettling, but we will bring them to completion as soon as possible. It is true that events have not moved on as we would have preferred, but you shall lose nothing as a result.


       It is not just the Galactic Federation that has a prime interest in you, although we will play a greater part in your lives by coming openly to you. There are legions of Angelic Beings also present, and you may be aware that they too have been showing themselves more frequently of late. The Masters also draw closer, and some of them such as St. Germaine will play a prominent part in your final preparations for Ascension.»

       SaLuSa (4.Feb.2011): «Things are hitting up and there is a movement amongst people all across the world that is pushing them towards a new age. There are changes coming as a result and it is setting the scene for major changes, in line with the promises made to you. So although it is not apparent exactly where it is all leading, you will eventually see that the people are getting attention and their demands being met. It proves that people power is real, and that when sufficient people direct their energies in unison and for the same purpose, it brings results. Also as the levels of consciousness increase, more people are awakening to the truth of their reality. The chains of slavery are beginning to fall away, and suddenly there is an air of expectation that Man will once more become free. It is creating a focus for release from the dark Ones, and soon you will see events that clearly show that their time is coming to an end…..

      ….. I am SaLuSa from Sirius and tell you that we monitor all of your news, and we are well aware from one minute to the next as to what is going on. Better still we also know what is in the minds of the dark Ones, and they cannot fool us as hard as they try. As we have now told you on several occasions their time is up, and they will have less and less affect on us. Even now their activities are being curtailed and we do that with full authority. We have the greatest authority one could work with, and that is your assurance of success. The Divine Plan is the key to it, and has mapped out your whole journey. »

       SaLuSa (18.Feb.2011): «We continue to draw nearer to you, not that you may necessarily notice as we keep many of our craft shrouded in a cloak of invisibility. How exciting it will be when we can at last be open in our activities on and off your Earth…… We refrain at all times from confrontation, and take evading action when we are threatened. Because we have advanced technologies we do not use them to overpower people, but to protect ourselves….. Your freewill has been both a blessing and a burden depending on how you have used it….. It is as well that there are Light workers on Earth, as they are stabilizing the energies of Light and grounding them to the benefit of others. They carry their torch wherever they go and illuminate the way forward. Without them many would succumb to the lower energies, and find it difficult to lift themselves up out of them. This year is to be one of great upliftment for all people in general, as they will see major changes commencing with the promise of more to come. Out of the present turmoil will come the seeds of freedom from oppression, and the beginning of true period of happiness and advancement. The problems that exist today will gradually be eliminated, and then you will know that the path to Ascension has truly opened up.

       Dear Ones, by all means send out your Light where you perceive it is most needed, but remember your immediate needs in the locality where you live. Communities will need the advice and experience of those who are understanding of what is happening. Groups will serve the needs best, and it is time to use whatever skills you have to direct people’s energies in the right direction. There will be plenty of volunteers once the goal for Mankind is understood, as it will be seen that you are all involved in what is taking place. It will be a pleasure to be of service to others, and the spirit of Oneness will prevail. It will continue to grow and the differences because of color, culture and religion will be of no consequence. In fact people will realize that at heart they are all souls on the same journey, and will go forward as One in harmony with each other. There is not one problem that cannot be solved, no matter how big, and the tasks ahead will be dealt with quite speedily. We naturally wish to commence our operations as soon as possible, and must have the right people at the helm….»

       SaLuSa (23.Feb.2011): «Let no one imagine that the tasks ahead are going to be easy, as much confusion already exists and not everyone has the advantage of knowing the purpose of the cleansing which is taking place. The Middle East is now entering a period of instability until the way forward becomes clear. However, one thing is certain that it will not return to the old ways of dictatorship. The people have spoken and their voices heard all around the world. They are drawing upon the energy of change that will ensure that they are given back their rights. To a greater or lesser degree the revolution will be felt by all administrations that have taken advantage of their people. Our presence will give protection to those who emerge as the new leaders, and they will carry the torch of freedom. It is all the forerunner of a complete return to your sovereignty….

       The coming together of people is important for their protection, and there is also safety in numbers. There is no need to resort to violent acts as that plays into the hands of the dark Ones. Keep your peace and spread your love everywhere, and eventually even some of the dark Ones will be moved to change their approach to life. The energy of Love is most powerful, and there is absolutely nothing it cannot achieve, as it is the ultimate power of all creation. Have faith in it even if you cannot see results straight away. Love has a way of softening the hardest hearts, and will overcome all negative energies. Let love be your guiding light. and give freely of it wherever and whenever you can…. Treating others as yourself will become commonplace, and sharing will seem a most natural way of life. It will help of course that the wealth of the world, will have become shared so that there is equality between you all. No more shall the Elite exist and deny others their rightful share of the Earth’s bounties. Mother Earth has always provided more than sufficient for the souls that have lived upon her,… Mother Earth is commencing her cleansing and it will inevitably result in upheaval in some countries, but as always we remind you that we do exercise control over them to reduce the affects. In the long run we can get more involved and will assist you in avoiding total disasters….»

        Nidle - Sirian Council (1.Feb.11): «……The increasing activity in your solar system stimulates your own changes. The huge electrical fields generated by the Sun are pushing you onward and upward. When these fields encounter your energy fields they trigger the awakening of your latent 'junk' DNA, causing a series of cellular encoding episodes that are leading to the New You. This changes how you perceive your reality; in essence, you are becoming more spiritually oriented, prompting you to search for answers that your global society cannot readily provide. Whole movements are forming all over the world, with the objective of finding answers to these basic questions. This worldwide movement has reached the secular world, creating a network of organizations dedicated to change from the ground up and a rescaling of operational structures that emphasize the small over the large, and the local and regional over the global. You are starting to create the foundation for what is shortly to morph into a quasi-galactic society. Your global society is to become more coalescent as new technologies and new abundance provide it with additional reasons for existence.

      The present is a period of transition. Those who monitor developments around your globe notice two primary trends: first, your global economy is on its last legs. The 'appearance' of a recovery is mostly hot air and smoke-and-mirrors. The amount of debt continues to grow, while the chorus advocating a new system based on a series of hard currencies and a more local approach swells by the day. The present power structure is reaching the end of its ability to maintain the fiction so loudly trumpeted in the world's mainstream media. The second trend is the growth of people-oriented and spiritually based power structures, which we are interlinking to the rising movement to end the UFO cover-up. Many nations, and even a large group of corporate directors, are advising their associates that the time to redirect their priorities on this issue has arrived. We have personally met with members of the global business community and some key leaders of interconnected global spiritual networks. All these diverse groups give us the same fundamental reply: the time has come for a benevolent group of outsiders to intervene decisively in the affairs of your world. We have informed them of our first contact mission and of the role in this assigned to the Agarthans. They gladly welcome us and request that such a positive intervention happen in the very near future…  

        Nidle - Sirian Council (8.Feb.11): «We return! Much has happened, and we arrive at a most critical juncture in the transformation of you and your reality. A grand final accounting is in progress, and when this two-step operation is completed, the global abundance deliveries and the much-needed change of governments can commence. These changes are the final requisites before the UFO cover-up can be sent packing! Accordingly, we are working very hard to see that these events happen as Heaven so decrees. Lord Surea has set forth a series of divine proceedings that will see the start of a vast transformation of your solar system's reality, which is even now quite evident in the increasing and unusual activities that are taking place from the Sun to the outer edges of your solar system. And yet these changes are only a pale intimation of what Heaven is preparing to do: she is to transform your reality from a limited-conscious dipolar one to a fully conscious monopolar one. In the end, your solar system will bear only a slight resemblance to its present form.

      This physical transformation is to create the environment in which you will carry out your role as true physical Angels in this Milky Way Galaxy. You will be responsible for sustaining your living world and for maintaining the vital life energies that flow throughout the solar system. Yet these tasks are not limited to simply keeping up your planetary homes; they extend to helping other groups of physical Angels maintain this galaxy and all others that are part of physicality. We understand that at this time this can seem rather overwhelming to you, but it will, in truth, be only one of the many tasks you will perform each day. Surrounding and supporting you will be a planetary galactic society, made up of many major 'clans' that allow your society to function at its fullest potential. Next, you are in contact with fellow associates from other worlds scattered throughout this galaxy. Together you have formed the Galactic Federation to be the vehicle through which you can all fulfill your primary duties to Heaven and to each other. Furthermore, you have reached out to other galaxies and created similar organizations to manifest the divine plan…..

      ….The above scenario actually describes our experience four million years ago. Since that time, we have been integrating hundreds of thousands of galactic societies into our Federation from the farthest reaches of this galaxy…..  Our first contact team is preparing for action. For too long we have let the forces on your world control the extent of our actions but this policy has now passed into history. The moment to don the mantle of the 'galactic option' has come. Until now, our task regarding the heads of the dark cabal was to read them the riot act; this has been done. The next phase is to take the timetable they have long been apprised of and enact it. The requisites for implementing the new financial and monetary system are in place, and we have foregathered those who are to create the interim caretaker governments. The timetable is ticking and about to sound the alarm. Our fleet and personnel are agog and fully prepared to carry out the mission which will change the course of human history! ….»

       Nidle - Sirian Council (15.Feb.11): «What we require from you is a firm belief in what is happening and some positive action on your part in whatever form comes naturally to you. Support those who openly espouse change. Use your skills to educate your communities and have your views made public. It is time to be an activist for change! This simply means that in some major way you become part of this movement. As more and more of you adapt to these new realities, you make it possible for a grand transformation to come into your lives much more easily. It is this that excites us about you: you are admirably adaptable, and when the Truth becomes known you can alter your core beliefs quickly. Our part in this is to put before you the necessary amount of evidence which can demonstrate new concepts about your reality. You have, for the most part, submitted passively to the monumental atrocities that the dark cabals have perpetrated upon you in the past, and the present is a good time to change the way you respond to what the dark is once more trying to do. Use your communications technologies and your sheer numbers to help the Earth allies. Show your global society that what was done in the past to stifle you can no longer work. Times have changed. A new attitude is afoot, and it cannot tolerate what the dark is intent on doing. You can no longer be deceived or enslaved….. As you do this, you are to interact freely with the Agarthans and, together, forge a new solar system and star-nation. This star-nation is to consist of the four water planets of your inner solar system and the spirit Beings making up the higher realms who are an important part of your new interdimensional reality. Your new star-nation is to welcome both the former dark ones of this galaxy and those who have been a part of the Galactic Federation for literally millions of years. You are to be a special Beacon of Light that welcomes all of us, as well as those who come from myriad neighbouring galaxies…»

       Nidle - Sirian Council (22.Feb.11): «We come to carry on with our discussion about the transformations taking place on your world. Our Earth allies continue to forge ahead with their plans to bring forth a new and much-needed financial system for your global society. These worldwide changes are predicated on true hard currency, comprising six main currencies. We have overseen the setting-up of gold and silver depositories at special points around your planet and these serve two purposes: first, to stabilize your global currencies and allow a radically different set of rules to come on line to regulate international banking. Second, their special placement is intended to provide essential points of energy for Gaia at her most vulnerable nodes on the world grid. Most of the nations involved in these complex negotiations have committed finally to these plans. Now outstanding are a few logistics associated with installing the various caretaker governments. These talks are in their last stages and are expected to be completed momentarily. Several key nations have already agreed to the contents of the announcement on the new international pact on government.

      Meanwhile, we are in discussion with several governments and our Earth allies regarding the formal announcement of our presence. We wish to come aboard formally within the first month of these temporary governments' establishment…. We believe it is also vital that the new technologies, either those already existing on your world or those to be revealed by us, become publicly known beforehand as this can make a big difference to how each of you reacts to these initial disclosures. In the same vein, the new regimes also require definitive proof that the world being created under them is far different than any before. Full disclosure and announcing astounding new technologies makes a winning point…. Our broadcasts are to be done in such a way as to cast a most encouraging and auspicious light on what lies ahead for Earth's humanity. Another timely plus is the formal introduction of your Agarthan Inner-Earth family, which can lead to truly enlightening interaction between you regarding all that is suddenly happening to and around you…. Gaia is a most vital entity! She contains within her the energies which formed this galaxy over 20 billion years ago. At that time we were simply divine Spirits who were being made ready for our journey in the infinitely shaped curiosity that is physicality. We all arrived together in numerous forms and densities and since then, in graciousness and joy, have unfolded the divine plan in these realms….»

       Noteworthy that how the extraterrestrials expect from us to help ourselves for our Ascension, but also more generally, about the history of humanity, you can see a series of 6 video (from an interview with Nidle) in, as well as a lot more information in Nidle’s site Still I propose, by all means, to those of us who have been awaken and believe in the Ascension, to often turn our look to the sky, where their mother extraterrestrial spacecrafts are (invisible for the time being), and send them our intention for their intervention and help, creating thus a mental bond with them, and as long as our numbers increase, so much we clear the way for them for an imminent intervention and for the ‘‘first contact’’. But also those who still have not been awaken, but see with despair what is happening around them, or even are found themselves in agony for their personal problems that are drowning them, they lose nothing if they try the above (even if they do not really believe it), helping thus both themselves and the planet, for a quicker release from the problems and a quicker change of our reality.

      I recently put a series of questions to my Higher Self, In order to complete the picture, mainly as far as Greece is concerned, which, (in order to ensure reliable answers), I put in a relevant channelling session through my charismatic friend Eric, who functions as a very clear channel. In having this ability, he often organizes seminars in various countries, and also publishes many relevant books through the internet (the contents of which also pertain to what he receives through channeling from his Higher Self, etc), which you can download for only $2 each from his site in my site I will present the most important answers here, beginning with the response I got regarding my question whether what I post in my site are true, sayingyes, they are true for now but the truth could be influenced, as time passes, by our free will”, which I believe is true for the following answers, that I give below in summary:

       Greece will not default financially (at least officially) and will not leave the euro to go back to drachma. The savings in the bank accounts are not in danger but it wouldn’t hurt to split the savings, splitting the amounts to more than one  banks,  to be on the safe side, and therefore we will not  need to send our money abroad.  Those living in Greece, will not require  a considerable amount of money at home, neither the large storage of food at home will be necessary. There will be no war for Greece and our borders will not be altered. There will not be a revolution domestically to remove the government, although many of the people holding governmental positions, will be replaced by competent and honest people, while the corrupt politicians, despite the hearings, will not be punished and will get away with it. There will not be sufficient time for the carbohydrate reserves in Greece and Cyprus to yield significant benefits for these countries, and the “selling out of the country’s assets” will have to do mainly with assets not exploited to their best advantage, which will be sold for development. The situation the country is facing today with the immigrants will not change for the better or for the worst.

       Real estate in general as well as money, will gradually lose their value and their importance, since people will only be focusing in the present, and not on investing for the future (for them and their children), while their needs will lessen because some of them will be met by the new technologies gradually coming to light, as well as the fair distribution of money and resources. The deaths before the transition to the fifth dimension will not be caused by natural disasters as much, but more by people’s refusal to follow the transition and adjust their body to the rising frequencies of the planet. Furthermore, the extraterrestrials will land by millions, definitely within 2012, or even by the end of 2011, forcing the governments to proceed to UFO disclosure within the year 2011. Many of these governments will be replaced by temporary transitory ones.

       Apart from the numerous personal answers I got for my many questions, for guidance, I will present the following.  Regarding my present e-mail which circulates in Greece and in other parts of the world in great numbers: «Most people when they open it soon they close it without reading it all, because of it’s volume. This should not distress me however, because those who have a subconscious tendency towards the fifth dimension, will read it all with great interest and will send it out to their friends as something valuable.» Regarding if there is any truth that a come from the Cherubim, (as my friend Maro told me), the answer was: «In part yes, but I am mostly Star Seed from Pleiades and Sirius, that is why, when I move to fifth dimension, I will be going back and forth between my spaceship and Earth, in order to encourage my fellow men for their Ascension. Finally, I was assured of the reliability and the charisma of the people I consider charismatic in my present text, which I can generally trust. In response to certain questions about medications-vitamins-food supplements, etc that I presented to him, I was told which of those would help me, which will have no result, and which would be harmful. (End of messages).

          The above mentioned reference to many isolated deaths and their causes, (and as proven repeatedly, I have every reason to trust what my Higher Self says), I’m led to the conclusion that the ones who will most probably die, are attached to wealth and power which they already have and are unwilling to let them go. They do not want the changes and do not care about the fifth dimension and about rising their vibrations, (perhaps because some of them made that choice in their present incarnation), so they will return on their next incarnation in a three dimensional planet again (which will not be Earth by then of course), to continue their karmic evolution there. In fact, this can be seen as just a self-punishment for those who belong to the Illuminati. Closing my reference in the above-mentioned message, and since Gabriel spoke for the need to collect supplies, I point out that this need does not depend only on political-economical disturbances, but at a large percentage also on the natural disturbances of the Earth surface, and consequently can differ considerably from region to region and from country to country.

       One still optimistic message from the Sirians, that it speaks for first time that the beginning of the official announcements about the extraterrestrial will be during this summer (in 2011 provided that there will not be surprises), is also the folowing, from which I mention here 3 extracts, while complete is in my page II.1.D14.

       Nidle - Council of Sirius (3.May.11): “We return! Much is happening! The Ascended Masters are working on finalizing the prosperity payouts. These payments are to commence shortly. Saint Germaine is having his World Trust finish up the accounting and disbursement of your prosperity funds even as we now speak to you. Further, our Earth allies are in a position of power regarding several of the required government changes. What remains to be done is for the leftover custodial tasks to be fully completed. With these done, our Earth allies can quickly implement the new financial system. This new system is to be based upon a sound number of selected hard currencies that are already in place at several designated depositories and ready to be distributed globally. The activation of this system depends on the prosperity payouts and Saint Germaine is currently seeing to it that these funds are released. These funds form the legal underpinning of the various scenarios that our Earth allies have in place. We also expect Disclosure to be announced by your new leadership no later than the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

      The new governments are to come to power with several common objectives. The first is to begin a complete reform of government. The former masters of your world were given to corruption, lies, and outright deceit. The countering steps are to abolish political parties and open up government to the general public. This is where we need your active support rather than mere lip service. We intend to ask you to learn about fluid group dynamics and to apply it to this cause. Rebuilding your governments requires an active relationship between citizens and their representatives. This can be the first goal of your new reality in which all of you can have a hand. It is an opportunity for you as a collective to forge an intermediary between the present types of governance and a fully functioning galactic society. The coming times are truly about contact with your spiritual and space families and the wondrous ride to full consciousness. This process is behind all that is now beginning to happen around you.

       ..... These monies are first of all being given to start a chain of events which create a legion of organizations focused on bringing to humanity the sacred message of Heaven. You are going to be returning to full consciousness. We have been instructing various Light-Workers on how to employ these funds to convey Heaven's desires to you. Our deepest wish is for these changes in your world to happen easily and swiftly! As we have stated, the Divine Will of Heaven has decreed that your present reality collective be altered to a fully conscious one. This implies that those who now "control" you need to let go, and we have set up the framework to bring this about. We have received the necessary dispensation from Earth's heavenly tribunals to use our abilities to remove these dark ones from power.” (End of messages).

       Still I asked Gabriel (6.May.11) for Osama Bin Laden, and he said to me that Osama died in 2002 from renal insufficiency, and that the all setting for his recent murder is one of the many fraud scenarios of the dark forces, (as were e.g. and the reasons of destruction of two towers in New York), that with audacity present to us and the naive people, that still insist to wear blinders, believe. The complete message exists in my page II.1.D14. The same confirmed to me also my friend from Andromeda saying. “In fact Laden was not murdered. All what you saw was a parody well organized for hypnotized people, and very well executed. In fact he was sick, and selected to leave this way.” 

       Thus I consider as absolutely necessary and useful for the present difficult situation, to spread this message to as many people as possible (together with many similar messages going around in the world, mainly through the internet), which message gives us a positive outlook as regards the arrival of the extraterrestrials, in order to come as soon as possible, and in addition is also preparing people for our smooth and safe entry to the fifth dimension in 2012. That is why I will again ask every one for the spread of this message (as well as oh the references to my site which has much more information and preparation methods), with your help, via e-mails, photocopies, posting it in websites and in blogs, (as many people are doing it already), seeing that the mainstream channels and media are controlled and don’t have the freedom to help. Be sure that your effort (for which I thank you in advance) will not be in vane but will reap valuable rewards for the planet.

       It also helps to arrange meetings, in light of similar messages, in order to have discussions and to inform the participants, as well as exchange views and experiences, either in a smaller circle (even among relatives) or in a bigger one, such as local clubs, communities, etc., for informing as many people as possible and preparing them for the things that are to come, so that they can all help (spiritually or also physically) if need be, for the speeding up of the process which will follow. It is advisable to create internet communities in Greece (like the numerous ones abroad) which will focus and exchange views and info on these matters.

       As far as I am concerned I am already a member in 62 internet communities overseas, which include over 2 million members in total, who are called “light workers”, many of which are much more advanced than I am in these matters, (see page II.1.D5 in my site). There we have our pages, our groups and our internet friends, and we exchange views, information, articles and videos about what is happening today on the planet, as well as outside the planet. We perform group meditations as I mentioned before, and many people are able to communicate with extraterrestrials, with “Ascended Masters” and Divine entities. One of these communities is e.g. the “Extraterrestrials” (with link founded from Greek authors). I recommend the English speaking people to become members there (for free), and then become my internet friends and members of my group ''The New Earth in the Fifth Dimension'', (like a few thousands of other friends of mine in this community and in the 61 others are), so that they can read first hand the important information that I post, as well as the information of the other members of my group, (and of the community in general) post.

       One of equal important organization with thousands members that informed on daily base what was going on worldwide, about the extraterrestrials, about the crimes of the elite, etc, was the ning organization “Children of the Sun''  which however was shut down (9.May.11) by order of the government of USA, where the agent Cass Sunstean considered that the information that where distributed undermined the national security. In addition are constantly deleted from the internet a lot of videos of YouTube in USA that are considered undesirable. Before this shut down I had the time to invited the 1350 electronic friends that I had there, in order to registered as members in the Extraterrestrials, thing that already do. As Gabriel said (see my page II.1.D14,), a continuously increasing attack against internet exists, mainly in America, and the things will go worse, up to the arrival of the extraterrestrials and the changes they will create.

       According to recent updates I received from Sirius, the dark forces, on the verge of bankruptcy, are desperately seeking for more cash flow, even if it’s fiat money (printing huge amounts etc), which the Earth allies are not letting them create anymore, so it is very possible that they will soon implode and leave, making way for the creation of transitory governments for tackling the implosion. Also, in a recent very optimistic message (15.08.10) through channeling that Saint Germaine sent, he confirmed the coming changes I mentioned, and gave us strength by saying that our troubles will soon be over (see the site

       Based on questions I recently received by people who read this e-mail (which I had previously sent) asking what is going to happen to Greece during this interim period (till 2012), I asked Gabriel (extraterrestrial from planet Altone of Andromeda who is here to help us, see page II.1.D2 in my site), and the replies I recently received due to their bulk, are posted in separate pages of my site (II.1.D11, II.1.D13, and II.1.D14,).

       I consider one of his responses important, as he recommends that we store well preserved food and other necessities (medicine, fuel, etc) which would cover our needs for a period of few weeks in order to cover the very probable emergency situation that may arise either from Earth disturbances or from political or economic problems in some areas or countries, so that we would be covered until things get back to normal. Moreover I recently ordered a diesel generator for my home.  Furthermore, Gabriel claims that the collapse of the economy, might start from Greece and extend to the rest of the world like a domino effect, and according to him, if that happens, we should be very proud.

       Still in new questions (13.3.11) that I made to Gabriel for the recent events, so much for the Earthy disturbances, mainly in the western arc of Lemuria (Japan, Australia, New Zealand, etc), as for the political disturbances (Libya, Arabic world, etc), but also recently in Wisconsin of USA, (where the citizens revolt against the anti-popular laws of oppression and occupied the local parliament, a lot of local deputies resigned, and the forces that were sent to face them joined the protestors, while the media have still not reported anything), and finally a question about what is going on with  Greece, concerning the European Union, the answers that I took are the following: “To start with George, the answers that I give emanate not only from me but and from other members of my race, and also of the other races that are here in order to help, while Nidle and his Sirians with their inspired messages, already have covered certain of your questions''.

       “The disturbances you mention are due to the changes of Earth with emphasis in the ‘Fire Ring’ (which encompasses the tectonic plate on which lays the sunk Lemuria). With regard to in Japan the problems have not finished yet. We could had intervene and help, if officially we had been presented, after official declarations of the governments about us, so that so many victims could have been avoided. Another big earthquake at the near future will take place in some area of the planet. With regard to the political disturbances, they are dew to in the reaction of the oppressed populations which they arouse, (with the help of the energies that come continuously and more intensely to the Earth), and claim their rights from the Elite, which Elite however tries, where possible, to profit from these revolts''

       Finally with regard to Greece Gabriel said: “Do not worry George because, no mutter how big problems your compatriots will face, these will be of short duration, and will all finish with our arrival. In Addition he answered that money is not the only reason of problems in Greece, since exist also other deeper reasons. You personally have a very important mission with regard not only to Greece but also more generally, which is the awakening of the people and informing them about what is going to happen, so that they are prepared to follow the Ascension. Limit therefore yourself into this mission, after you take the necessary preparations we have said (e.g. provision of food, etc), keep your sang-froid, and do not involved in other actions that can delay your main target''. In a newer message (18.3.11) for Japan, Gabriel answers my questions saying inter alia and the following: “We are not going  to leave the radioactivity to be also extended in other countries, not even to causes a lot of deaths from radioactivity in Japan, as many fear. However a second big earthquake will follow also in Japan and another one in the US. The Earth advances in her own course in which we do not intervene. However we could, when we will be officially introduced, to save in time the lives of people in the dangerous regions”.

       On the above in a new message (25.3.11) SaLuSA says: “…..Japan is of concern, but the immediate danger has lessened, and we are hopeful that everything will soon be under control. What has happened is a lesson for Mankind, and is causing you to question the further use of Nuclear Power. Clean energy abounds all around you and can be tapped to supply all of your needs ….. We will of course bring our own devices, and the use of those that are robotic will prove very attractive to you. It was never intended that you should spend the best part of your lives labouring, and in the future the emphasis will be on ensuring that you have all the time you desire for developing your own skills. Mundane jobs and services will no longer need manning, except perhaps for a computer expert to monitor all such functions…..”  

       In addition in a newer message (28.3.11) SaLuSa says: “…..As you can see and as was predicted, your ever-increasing levels of consciousness are bringing results as evidenced in the changes taking place in the Middle East. It will not stop there, and you will see other countries subject to pressure from their inhabitants. Freedom is the flag that everyone flies, and it is such a powerful energy that it will carry all before it….. In the course of time we shall call a halt to all war activities, and if that is ignored we shall disable all types of weapons so that none can be raised in anger. Peace is coming and our role is to ensure that it is achieved well before Ascension. This is why you must have the right people leading you governments, and those at present representing you will by and large be replaced…..”

      Commenting what Gabriel said I want to add the following: With regard to Japan an unforgivable negligence of the state is obvious, because despite the three volcanic explosions that happened during the two months before the earthquake, in volcanoes that were for thousands of years inactive, fact that was a clear warning of the befalling big earthquake, they did not take measures of alternative electrification of the pumps of refrigeration of nuclear stations, neither created stocks of the essential supplies (food etc). Is it probable that the dark forces did put also this time as target Japan and her population? Here I note that in the video, the former minister of finances of Japan was asked by a Canadian journalist a year ago, why he delivered the economic system of his country to a few westerners of the Elite, and the answer was “because Japan was threatened by a weapon that causes earthquakes”. When he published this interview the Japanese police informed him, that because of what was published, the city of Niagata will be struck by an earthquake. In fact two days later two earthquakes of 6.8 Richter each, hit the area where the bigger nuclear power plant of Japan is. Because for the journalist it was difficult to believe that this was a simple coincidence, he made research that led him to discover HAARP, which he describes in the video.

      On the occasion of a recent video (15.5.11, that it considers the death of princess Diana as murder, I asked Gabriel that said to me the following: “Really I do not consider this as an important question, but in any case in order to I resolve to you the query, indeed they killed her after orders of very high personalities, because she knew many things and had become dangerous for the dark forces.” Still in my question with regard to the exact time of future earthquakes he said. “Do not listen to the channels that determine which day will be some earthquake, because no one can determine it with such precision, not even those who cause artificial earthquakes via the HAARP.”

       In a question that I made to Gabriel for whether the Hollow Earth is today perfectly clean from dark extraterrestrials, the answer that I received leads to the following: “The Hollow Earth, that includes the internal surface and the caverns between this and the medium surface of the crust of' 1200 kilometres thickness (where the centres of gravity are located), is indeed clean and from now on fifth dimensional. However dark extraterrestrials (in limited in any case numbers), they live still in caverns that are found under the exterior surface and up to the medium surface of the crust, which belong in the said Inner Earth, without however to have the possibility to access the Hollow Earth.

       Also for whether 5D beings can live for a long time in the 3D planet, the answer of Gabriel is: The fifth dimensional beings will be invisible in the 3D planet, except if they lower respectively their vibrations, in which case they become visible and in addition can live there comfortably for a long time, otherwise they will become weaker and weaker. Reversely the 3D beings cannot live in a completely 5D planet, unless supported with special devises, therefore will leave the planet, either transported in another 3D planet, or they will die and be reincarnated later as 3D, (or even as 5D but in a  5D planet, that will then also be the Earth. Still I asked Gabriel about the recent incident in N.Y. of the Head of MIF Mr. Strauss Kahn, and he answered that they trapped him, without been his fault.

       Finally Sharon in her astral travels that she made going to the future, went to 2014 to the exterior surface of Earth, which was already, as they said to her, in the fifth dimension, with rich vegetation, beautiful flowers with beautiful perfumes, beautiful residences, cheerful people dressed in white, while everywhere joy, peacefulness and love was prevailing. In a question that she made to a woman, if the exterior surface continued being over-populated, the answer that she received was: No, because several people died, many went and they live already in the Hollow Earth, while many others were transported with the spacecrafts to the planets they came from or to other 5D planets. Still with regard to the complete text of the messages of Gabriel etc, these you can see in my page II.1.D14.

       For the precise place and form of the new continents that will emerge (Lemuria, Atlantis and the Big Srilanga), as well as the big lakes that will be created (in Sahara, California and the Tibet), the shrinkage of Mediterranean with the extension of the coasts, and the other changes of the New Earth after 2012, you can see these charts in this page, together will the form of the Hollow Earth and the 13 chakras diagram, which I received from the extraterrestrials trough Dr. Nidle. Still Saint German in a recent message (13.Mar.11) draws our attention, in that with the disturbances that happen in Earth, also other nuclear reactors can create serious problems in various countries.

       Also SaLuSa in a message (25.3.11) points out, (on the occasion of the events in Japan), the imperative need of utilization of appliances and means of clean free energy, that exist already available, but the governments that have received these they keep them secret. Still he adds that: “If we had not worked for the elimination of radioactivity from the so many nuclear trials that took place, now your world would be constituted by very ill people. It is not allowed to us however to help with our direct intervention, unless you help us by officially revealing our existence and our role. The recent Earthy disturbances that will be intensified in future, show how imperative becomes now our intervention ''.

       Still SaLuSa in his next message (13.May.11) adds inter alia:….Take for example the various resources of Earth that are used daily to sustain your world and its demands. In the higher levels that will become almost unnecessary as you will have little need to take from the Earth, when you can create what you want through the power of thought. In the same way as you dispose of your creations when there use has expired, there is no waste or pollution as all is returned to the unmanifest to be used again. When you reach such levels you will have the knowledge and ability to handle such matters, as your consciousness will be consistent with that expected of a Galactic Being. If you cannot fully comprehend the changes, simply accept what is happening is to elevate you to a level where all is in harmony and balance. At a subconscious level it is all familiar to you, because it is your natural home…..

       ….There has to be a period of peace, and the unnecessary controls and restrictions removed so that your sovereignty is gradually restored. We of the Galactic Federation respect you and want you to have the freedom you are entitled to. Draconian laws and anything that unfairly restricts your actions will be removed. That of course will be the duty of the new government which will soon be appointed. For that to happen naturally there will be vast changes, and no representative will survive who has been guilty of breaking his/her oath. Clearly you can look forward to an earth-shaking end to this year…...” (see his message in my page II.1.D14).

       Finally Archangel Michael (Which as we mentioned before is the supervising Celestial Authority of our galaxy), in a newer message (of 1.Jun.11) says inter alia (see the complete message in my page II.1.D15) the following: “… In order to better help with the Ascension, I have also been incarnated this time as the Ashtar Sheran, head of the ‘Ashtar Command’, which with the Galactic Federation has as mission it helps with the Ascension ….It is our honour to bring to you knowledge of ways that will make your lives infinitely more enjoyable, and you will be living them in pursuit of that which brings you Joy and Happiness, instead of eking out a meager existence or feeling the need to try and amass as much material wealth as possible to keep ahead of “the game”. In your New Earth, the amassing of great wealth will not even be a consideration to you, as you will come to understand that attaining what you want, need or desire, is as simple as conceiving of it, and you will learn unequivocally how to provide yourselves with All that you require to make you happy….

       …We want to reassure you, once again, that the outcome is assured, and though, as there are still “hold-outs” within some of your governments, and undoubtedly you know who they are, we are still waiting patiently for them to secede and move aside so that we may enter your airspace and reveal ourselves directly to you, the People of Earth, the majority who truly want to take this next step. We also want to assure you that “push” IS coming to “shove” and soon we will take matters into hand whether we would receive a warm welcome from your hold-out governments or not. We also want to assure you that this WILL happen SOONER rather than later.…

       …As I have iterated and reiterated within this message, the outcome is now assured, but let me stress that your diligence in holding the Light for those who are still awakening is vital. It is necessary for you to continue to do all you can to bring Earth into Ascension, so don’t stop now because you are aware that the desired outcome is guaranteed. Remain Heart Centered and Love-filled so that through your compassion toward your Brothers and Sisters who still have yet to awaken, Love will continue to prevail and your Journey and destination ultimately fulfilling….”

       Still in a question that I made to Gabriel (6.6.11) for the recent epidemic e-Coli in Germany he said to me: “This men-manufactured e-Coli, was produced in order to cover the objectives that did not cover the H1N1 (of the swine flu), with a view to frighten the world, but also to begin a new effort for the reduction of the population. Still, as happened previously, certain will lose their lives but it will not have the result that dark forces wanted.” The same is also supported by an article of “Health Ranger'' saying that they processed e-Coli with a series of antibiotics, in order to make it resistant to eight categories of medicines (see All these show that the dark forces continue fighting up to the end.

       Also a new message from Nidle and from the Ascended Masters (7.Jun.11), says inter alia (see the full text in my page II.1.D15) the following: «Our main focus continues to be first contact, preceded by full disclosure. Our liaison teams are now busy with getting the governments of your world on board and we have told our Earth allies that the time has arrived for action. Presently, we are helping them get a major government-transition treaty signed by over 140 nations, and a special task force of legal and government groups is implementing this documentation. Further, a group of high-ranking diplomats is currently on a quick global mission to settle any remaining discord regarding the stipulations in these documents….The pressure we are exerting for disclosure is allowing our Earth allies to move forward on those reforms which will begin an about-face in your society's direction. Announcements addressing these many topics are imminent. We are also monitoring the dark's many secret terror-weapons as it is pivotal that these horrendous devices be kept at bay….

       Blessings! We are the Ascended Masters! We can report that our many associates have completed the final acceptance agreements which establish who are to take up positions in the caretaker regimes. These individuals are preparing the announcements which will forever transform the way your world operates. A primary stipulation is to be the new state of cooperation between nations, beginning with the immediate return of foreign troops to their respective homelands. We also intend to show ourselves to you and use that moment to spread a message of peace, Love, and universal brotherhood….

      …The ongoing process to manifest your new reality is nearly complete. We are moving those who have been chosen to make the initial announcements into places of safety. In these locations are the communication links which are guarded by our Galactic Federation allies. These sites were chosen for two reasons: first, they are utterly secure, and this is paramount because we fully expect the dark to stage a final flurry of attacks to disrupt the changes in government. Second, we asked that the transfer of key new-government personnel be done immediately once the initial announcements are made. This was agreed to, and we are now rehearsing the actual transfer operations. We are somewhat concerned about a number of major governments, and so the Galactic Federation and each of us have prepared some 'special surprises' for the dark cabalists and their government minions. These surprises will defeat any last desperate moves on their part….»

      Finally regarding concerns of the readers whether the changes are going to dissolve their families, I answer that the members of a family will move together for the Ascension, where the children will be in the first place ascended, while if some member selects not to enter the fifth dimension (therefore either he will die, or he will continue his life transported in another three-dimensional planet), then the fifth-dimensional members will be able to visit him, as they will be able to also visit every other soul of beloved persons who died.

      As for how the dark forces (with the collaboration of the governments they control) led Greece to IMF and to financial collapse, and how we could (and still can) get out of this, you will find an analytical description on page II.1.D12 of my site, (in the same page you will see also the even bigger problems that the dark forces have created to the USA which is the country of their main target). Here simply I report that if it did not happen the recent decision on elongation of the loan, with the heavy however returns for the Greek population, Greece would lead to sure bankruptcy, that also would happen somehow later of course, if it did not intervene the changes that will happen soon with the Treaty of NESARA etc, that I mentioned before, and our passage in the fifth dimension in 2012.

       QUESTION: In the question “what actually will now happen for Greece?”, the answer is:

       ANSWER: In the third visit that yesterday made (13.6.11) my friend from the Galactic Council of Andromeda (which I mentioned before), in order to give me information exclusively for Greece, she said in summary, inter alia, the following: (while the details you can you see soon in the end of my page II.1.D2). In the 15.Jun.11 large gates of light open in central Greece in the energy triangle there, (fact that constitutes a turning-point for the entire humanity), from where various positive energies and high entities that Earth needs will enter, in order to activated and raise high vibrations. This high entities that will enter massively from superior (and beyond the seventh) dimensions, have as mission on the one hand to protect Greece from the attacks of the dark forces that are lately intensified, and on the other hand to change the existing situation creating prosperity in all sectors. Their entry will be also accompanied by certain extreme natural phenomena in various points of the planet including also some minor earthquakes, while the large destructions in certain points on the planet that the dark forces had organised, (and was the main reason of the need of hasty arrival of these entities, are expected to be successfully faced henceforth, eliminating any important consequences for the humanity.

       Still she said that the coming of the energies etc will continue via this gate, while most probably soon the Earthy Allies of the extraterrestrials that are situated in Greece will announce, under the instructions of the entities that I mentioned before, (via television, internet and other media), the changes that are to follow, that will begin to thoroughly reverse the political, economic, religious, and other problematic systems that are operating today, which will all collapse. These announcements will come in a way that do not create fear or panic. An effort also will be made to limited to minimal any agitations (caused by dramatic reveal of the criminal actions performed against the country, and mainly in order to avoid any confrontation and any chance of bloodshed. Also most probably will not be long until we will also have announcements (again in a way that do not caused panic), about the existence of the extraterrestrials and on the role that are going to play and the help that are going to give us.

       In addition she said that based on orders that Zeus gave her, (Zeus been a very high entity who with other similar entities are in charge of the universe), which has descended now on Earth, (as he had also done in the ancient Greece), in order to help the Greeks, she has created in Larissa in Greece (in one of the most important time-space gates of the planet that it is opened and activated), a center that will be the basis for these high entities as well as for the extraterrestrials that will descend in order to help Greece. This center already has been materialized with the help of my friend, on the one hand as a building that will play the role of ‘‘headquarters of co-ordination and services’’, etc, that will be provided for the country, and on the other hand as an organization with members titled ‘‘Advisory center Zeus'' which is accommodated in the building. Within the services provided is inter alia the performing of therapeutic treatments, mainly for the soul and the sentiments of the people, without using medicines and other methods of conventional medicine. The subscriptions for the members, (meaning the earthy members, because will exist there also materialised superior entities as well as extraterrestrials), they will begin on 15 July (most members will be ‘‘star seeds'' which have been informed), while the official opening will be on 2 September. The entity and energy of Zeus are found already in this center, as well as in any other place that are needed in the planet, where will also exist other such centres, while also himself he will materialize if is needed.

       Obviously similar activities will be developed sooner or later also in other countries of the planet, where such gates open and such organizations are created, with the help of other individuals as my friend, which friend confirmed to me once again that extraterrestrials with their spacecrafts begin to enter secretly through various such gates that open, and will come in contact with awaken teams of people that they wait for them. I will also have the possibility of visiting such spacecrafts, initially with my astral body, and later with my physical body, (writhing a half-year period from today), when I will firmly adopt the idea that I should first carry out my mission in the third dimension. Without this preparation, if we go with our physical body and solve in the spacecraft immediately all our problems, then we will not want to return in our area in Earth and insist in staying there. On the contrary if we resolve our problems in our area, and cure our sentiments and our mentality, at the same time Mother Earth is also cured (of which we constitute a part), in order to pass together more easily to the fifth dimension. In the question about when exactly their spacecrafts will be openly shown and afterwards will be massively landed, she said that this will happen soon in the following future, but the exact time still it has not been revealed.

       In the question whether the article in my site that I was asked to post for the center Zeus can create some danger for the center, the answer was that the center is completely protected, so much from earthy attempts of attracts, as from any other case of negative influences. Also asking whether what I write will have satisfactory publicity, the answer was that the publicity and the visits in my site, after the above mentioned announcements in the mainstream media will be made, it will be very much increased, especially for Greece. Still I was asked to me to post the following message of Zeus about his center: “All faithful Ellanioi can assist in this space that with love, comprehension and unselfishness has been created. The center wants to make known that the Ellanio spirit triumphs and that the time is now.  Also my friend said to me: 1) That the two last days she was with a materialised entity that brought energy from Alexander the Great. 2) That the Greek alphabet belongs to the Holy Geometry. 3) That the Greeks with the help of Olympians-Ellanians will play, despite their present problems, a leading role in the world course towards entering the fifth dimension.

       Still she confirmed that with the opening of this gate, the bases of the dark cabal (earthy and extraterrestrial), that tried to interfere creating obstacles, were neutralized and rendered non offensive, as happened with the NASA base under Tempi (in Olympus), and the same happened to almost all other bases (with minimal exceptions) of the planet. Still that with the new energies of love that enter, even the evil somehow soften and become less evil in increasing numbers. Consequently the possibility exists that certain politicians to stop manipulating people and rule as dictators, and start to act for the interest of the country and not only for their own. As for the dark elite that oppresses us an “ultimatum'' was given to them saying that, either will stop their dark work and withdraw, or otherwise will be compelled to be transported to another three-dimensional planet, that will play the role of planet-prison, for the rest of their three-dimensional life.

       In addition my friend Palaiologos, whom mentioned before, who receives information from superior entities among which leading is also Zeus (with other six of which gave  me their earthy names), informed me that with the entrance of energies and entities that I mentioned before, HAARP was destroyed beyond repair as far as the influences that had to the peoples mind, and already the people will begin to feel better. This is confirmed to me on the same day (16.6.11) by Gabriel, who said that they destroyed HAARP, but only regarding its influence in the people (the control of their mind, their behaviour etc). Still Palaiologos said to me that the ancient Greek language is very widespread also in a lot of other constellations.

       Still recently (16.Jun.11) he received  orders to visited me in Greece from abroad, a person that wants however to keeps his anonymity, (because of the conditions that prevail in the country were he lives), which had shared the text of my interview to many scientist that search such subjects as the ones that I present, which professors asked me to clarify various points of my text, while from what he told me, they basically agree with what I say. Still he confirmed to me the great respect that receives in our galaxy, (and not only there), the Divine entity that Zeus represents, and told me for the big dissemination that has the ancient Greek language in the galaxy (as is also verified by the Greek word ÅËÅÕÈÅÑÉÁ, meaning freedom, found as the name of a spacecraft that is kept in a secret base in the USA). Also he described the regular informative contacts that he has with extraterrestrial, which take him from certain points-gates with his physical body in their huge spacecraft, in order to lower him later to the ground, (subjects that I will describe in detail in my page II.1.D15).

       To confirm the above-mentioned exciting information about Greece, I made 4 questions to Gabriel who in the 20.6.11 said to me, inter alia, the following: (the complete text you can see in my page II.1.D15). “Dear George, I don't have a lot of time today as things are moving very fast toward first contact and disclosure as you are already aware of, for this reason I answer briefly to you. 1) Yes there was a gate that opened on your Jun 15th in your central Greece and yes ET's did enter and it is in order to help Greece as well as other entities. Things are getting ready to really change your planet. Announcements are important as you know but they are not the most important. Your country is past the brink of no return and without help it is going to implode in on itself. Remember a long time ago George I told you that everything would start in Greece, and now you are seeing and feeling it as being so. There is change and help for you and your country. Again we will see about the announcements actually happening. We would like it to be that way, as we don't want to scare the people and show up unannounced, but if that is the way it has to be, then it will be...... 2) Yes Zeus and the other Gods of Greek mythology help with the situation in Greece, and they watch Greece for centuries…. 3) Your visitor of the 16.6.11 is of the Light and does not say to you lies…. 4) Sharon and all others in the USA etc do not work only for their country, but all work for all, and now we are dealing with the complete removal of the dark forces….

        In order to confirm and supplement what is imminent ôï happen for Greece, (showing that similar changes are imminent and worldwide), I include below a part of a recent (14.6.12) message of Nidle (while the complete text you can see in my page II.1.D15): «We return once again! Everywhere, our Earth allies are making progress. The Ascended Masters assure us that the new financial system is in place and the new monies are ready for distribution. We are busily assisting them in setting up the final pieces needed before the new governments make their first announcements. This operation runs parallel to the process that is manifesting the new central banks. Indeed, several of your major financial institutions are now no more than façades for the institutions slated to succeed them. In addition, the globe's secret gold depositories have already allocated the funds that support the world's new hard currency system; and the mass printing of new bills and the minting of new coinage is also complete. This money is being held in well-guarded, undisclosed facilities around the globe, and the people selected to distribute these funds are at present waiting for the final 'go' codes. The same applies to most of the new-government personnel. All that is left is for the divine right moment to occur.

      As we await this magic moment, our fleet personnel are carrying out the next steps in our disclosure scenario, one of which concerns our first post-disclosure broadcasts. Our communications team is revising what we intend to convey to you. You now want to know more about us, and so we are completing the presentation which will set the stage for our massive first contact with you. One of the main items will be to display the various technologies we intend to share with you, and another will be to give you a video introduction to your Inner Earth cousins, the Agarthans. The Agarthans intend to follow this introduction with a full explanation of who they are and to ask you for a formal recognition of their Inner Earth realm. They desire to teach you about your true origins and your true history. This knowledge is very different to what you now generally believe and hence, needs a clear and formal recognition of the Agarthans before it can be given to you. These events are only the first part of our initial interaction with you.

      The Agarthans are setting up a grand tour for the leaders of the various caretaker governments, which includes a demonstration of a comprehensive tableau of Earth's early history (from Lemuria to the fall of Atlantis) and an explanation to each leader of the scenario envisioned for the initial cooperation between the Agarthans and each new surface government. It is important for the two parts of Gaia to be reunited. During the nearly 13 millennia that the two realms were apart, the dark reigned supreme over the surface. But with the return of the Light to the surface world, a grand reunion can take place, which is why we are giving the Agarthans this vital role in the first contact mission. On another front, the numerous secret societies that serve the Light are in a position to execute the final government transitions; indeed, these governments have begun to issue the orders that initiate the new global financial and currency system. This establishes the system's formal legitimacy and permits our Earth allies to remove the dark cabal from power…

        Still the Olympians gave me a lot of other important information, many of which I will give soon in my page II.1.D15, and I believe that will be particularly interesting and encouraging, not only for the Greeks. Here simply I summarise the following: Apart from the gate that opened, as mentioned above, in Larissa, other two gates have also been opened in the energy triangle under the supervision of Pallada Athina (ancient Greek goddess), one in Makrinitsa of Pilion, and one on the hill Goritsa of Volos, through which a lot of Celestial entities as well as extraterrestrials where recently entered. Noteworthy that in Goritsa the ruins of a temple of Apollo and Pallada exist, and underneath also underground galleries exist, (in which however at orders of government owned services it was not allowed to make any archaeological excavations), while at the night of entry of the entities, spacecrafts above the hill were seen and photographed.

       In the eclipse of the Moon (at 15.Jun.11) the dark forces made an effort of intervention in the gate of Goritsa. that however with the help of Metatron (high celestial entity) were prevented. In my question to the Olympians about the origin of these dark forces that intervened, they said that star seeds also exist incarnated from dark planets (Saurians, Draconians etc,) which planets later, as mentioned above, with the Treaty of Peace they changed and joined the Light. These star seeds growing up (and usually possessing low posts), were hired by the dark elite in order to execute their commands, (as e.g. was this futile effort to create problems in her energies of the Light in Goritsa), as well as to execute various other tasks.

       In my question ïn the 27.Jun.11 about whether the medium-term loan agreement will pass in the Greek parliament, they said yes, but a large part of it will not be implemented. Still that in the near future “real Greeks” honest and capable will enter in the government, who will impose changes in favour of the country, and that there will be some agitations, but generally without bloodshed. Greece for karmic reasons will go down little more until she “reaches the bottom'', and then will advance for the Ascension with the help of the Olympians, constituting the epicentre of the planet in the course that Earth will also follow. Still that Greek Earthy Allies exist in Greece as well as abroad, who help Greece guided by the Olympians. In this category also belongs the group “Epsilon'' (which I will describe soon in my page II.1.D15), and they said that most probably soon will be official announcements on the existence of the extraterrestrial and on the assistance they are going to give us.

       If still the regular scenario about the official announcements and of the first contact (plan A) extremely delays, because of the reactions of the dark governments, then they explained to me that the emergency scenario (plan B) will begin, with convocation of  all the superior selves of all people in Earth (good and evil, while the superior selves as superior entities are always good), and with their decision to inform all people subconsciously for the existence of the extraterrestrials and of their good intentions, so that at the proper time that the extraterrestrials will have to proceed with their appearance without farther delay, will not cause fear and panic to the people.

       In any case irrelevantly of the implementation of plan A or B, the first contact (massive landing of the extraterrestrials), will take place at the latest (as also my friend from Andromeda ensured me) in March 2012. Since our time of preparation after landing are the 4 months that I described in the beginning of my interview, (which in the worse  case can be 8 months, in order to also include those who hesitate to decide), that means that before December 2012 we will have moved to the Hollow Earth, (or the star seeds to the spacecrafts of their planets), in order to become fifth dimensional in the metamorphosis chambers. This passage to the Hollow Earth etc will be by teleportation (beaming) during our sleep (for those who selected the Ascension). In the Hollow Earth our passage to the fifth dimension will be done in three days as we have described, followed by a short period of training, but the complete familiarization with our new forces and attributes will require about three years. 

       Meanwhile, as Olympians confirmed to me, large disturbances will take place in the outer surface of Earth, that will put at risk the lives of those that will select to remain there, and the Earth will have the changes (see map below) that we described, in order to return until 2018 in her initial pristine stage that she had in the old days. Then those from the people in the outer surface that will have survived, they will be henceforth also fifth dimensional (without the use of the the metamorphosis chambers), having also their mentor who will guide them. However because they didn’t received the systematic training of those in the Hollow Earth, will be somehow clumsy in the use of their new forces. In 2018 will be henceforth secure, also for those who have gone to the Hollow Earth, to return to the outer surface if they so wish. With regard to the Hollow Earth they said that the number of metamorphosis champers is today roughly the 60% of the current population of Earth, while the remaining 40% either will go to the spacecrafts (roughly the 20% which are the star seeds will most of them go to the spacecrafts), or will remains in the outer surface, as we mentioned before.

       Still my friend from Andromeda, who was going these days (end of June) to visit me, postponed her travel, because she received instructions from the Olympians to go to the gate of Larissa, where important events were happening, which however could not explain to me by phone. Noteworthy that from the information that she gives me, I post in my site only what allows me at the present time to publicize. In addition on the 29.6.11 two charismatic friends Dora and Evangelia visited me, which also communicate with the Olympians etc, from which they receive information and direct answers to their questions, while in addition they receive attunements and perform energy therapies to people. Still I expect the visit of a third charismatic person that does the same things, fact that proves that the contacts with the Olympians for people in Greece is much more widespread than what could somebody suppose, and this is continuously extended. Note: More recent information from the Olympians etc  you can see in the beginning of my page II.1.D15 where I will post soon.­­

       At 13.Jun.11 my friend from Andromeda visited me again and this time took orders to reveal her earthy name Demetra Karakosta, and gave me a lot of new information, summary of which, mainly regarding in Greece and Cyprus, I mentions here, while more you can see at the end of my page II.1.D2 and in the beginning of II.1.D15 (to be translated soon). I Begin with the fact that since last week a decision was taken so that small spacecrafts to begin to fly low, and be seen not as luminous points but with their regular forms, in order the world to begin to familiarize with their presence, without been afraid, and then also the other media (besides internet) to be forced to present these sightings. In addition lately, persons of the light are entered in the royal families of the planet, (where the darks always prevailed), which influence henceforth the decisions taken, with positive repercussions in the entire planet. The same happens also with the governing (and more generally with the managing), personnel, (that is now in its largest majority belonging, or completely manipulated, by the darks), next to which are placed personalities honest and competent that influence the others in their decisions, and this includes in the first place also personalities in Greece and in Cyprus. Noteworthy that the recent explosion of the ammunitions in Cyprus was caused by foreigners, with the help of remote-controlled rocket of high secret technology that turned on the fire (as ocular witness also said), because the darks wanted to undermine the political etc status and in particular the president in Cyprus, and will attempt to repeat it, while the effort of the Earth Allies is to prevent them. 

       Still she said to me that the required “packages of abundance'', (constituted basically by precious metals and precious stones), have been placed in secure places looked after by the Earth Allies, both in Greece and in Cyprus, in order that based on these packages, when the changes begin, to have all, even the poorest, the possibility of covering comfortably their basic needs, while the first package in Greece has already come two years ago. In my question for the scenario of the course of developments in Greece, she said that the situation will be still little worsened, in order that all people realize the need for sweeping changes and that express (with the one or the other way) their wish for changes, in order that when the changes begin, to be welcomed and supported by the majority of the Greek population. In my question to give me dates, she said that dates are not given in order to not rely on the dates, and the people to remain inactive up to the date of the changes, (fact that would postpone the beginning of the changes), but on the contrary the people to be activated, both in the spiritual level (showing their intentions to the Olympians-extraterrestrials), as well as in the physical level (reacting organised and massively against the anti-popular meters and against the corruptness of the governing officials), fact that would accelerate the beginning of the changes.

       In addition she said that finally the dark elite, seeing that they lose henceforth the game of their power, they attempt desperately and with spasmodic movements to create the sudden and irregular collapse of the world’s economical, political and social systems, so that they will impose then their world government, and this collapse if it would happen, it would have heavy consequences in disorganization, poverty, violence, conflicts, etc. For this reason the Olympians together with the extraterrestrials are ready for their direct intervention, according to the course of plan B mentioned before, if they see that such a case is developing. Still the Olympians decided to come down (in order to be ready to prevent such case, not only for Greece, which they mainly protect, but also for the entire planet), via the big gate that opened in Larissa, in central Greece, while they decided also the direct activation of a Center titled “Advisory Center Zeus” there. The Center (besides its other internal activities), provides also therapeutic activities for the public. At the same time it educates selected individuals that will help the world in its awakening, and for this reason provides also accommodation during the days of their education. Because for quite some time many visitors of my site asked me whether they can become members in this Center, where the energy treatments  are provided free of charge 24-hours per day to the members, Demetra said the following:

       The Advisory Center Zeus will make its (initial) members registrations from 15.Jul.11 until 31.Aug.11, calling the members that already have been selected (i.e. primarily “stars seeds'' which I described previously), and it will begin his operation in the beginning of September. Nevertheless, even if other individuals (such as visitors of my site, that are considered as awakened since are visiting such sites), wish to registered as members from Greece, Cyprus etc, Demetra (who manages the Center) said, that they can send me an e-mail with their details (full name. address, e-mail, etc, and their intention to be registered), and titled it ADVISORY CENTER ZEUS (in order to distinguish it from the many e-mail that I receive daily), in my e-mail Them I will forward it to Demetra in the beginning of September that she will submit it to the Celestial entities that direct the Center and execute also the therapeutic treatments. Those who will be approved (and I hope most) they will take their notice in their e-mail, where they will be also informed for the monthly membership fees that will pay as members (that is to be determined soon), which will be deposited in the bank account of the Center, so that the Center covers its (earthy) expenses of operation, until the Center to acquire its own resources. Then the membership card will be posted to them, together with the official receipt from the Advisory Center Zeus, while the first month and the treatments begin from 1.Sep,11. On the 2.Sep.11 is the official opening of the Center where all members are welcome (as well as whoever other wishes to attend), where they can also meet Demetra, while those who happens to have raised their vibrations to the fourth dimension, they can also communicate with the materialised entities there. For each one it will be determined by the entities (that they are in position to know the economic situation of every person), the amount of his monthly membership fees (between limits that will be determined soon).

       The therapeutic treatments will be done for members (which they can visit the Center all 24-hours), while instructions are also given if required, either in the spiritual level (spiritual exercises, meditations, etc), or in the physical level (diet instructions and food supplements, living habits, etc). The treatments as we said are energy treatments and are addressed to all the bodies of a person, and in particular to the sentimental body, because most problems start from the sentiments, and if they are not cured they burst out in illnesses in the physical body, while on the contrary the cure of illnesses in the physical body is greatly helped by this energy cure of the sentimental body. At the same time the patient continues any given by the doctors medical treatment, which if it includes also chemical medicines (besides herbal or homeopathetic, etc), should be also accompanied by treatment of detoxification. All treatments are executed exclusively by the Celestial entities that came down in the Center, (headed by Asclepius, the ancient God of heeling), which they know better than anybody else what should be done, while if needed instructions are given by the earthy personnelm coming from the Celestial entities with which they communicate, and the duration of the treatments may require  up to three months, without however  the presence of the patient in the Center to be necessary.

       In the question what happens with the persons that they cannot visit the Center, the answer is that this it is not an obstacle, because they can send their request for the treatment of a problem, (bodily, sentimental, or mental, etc) that they know or they believed that they have, and the Celestial entities of the Center will come to them to perform the treatment, wherever they are located in the planet. The request is necessary because the universal law of free will requires that in order to receive help, you should ask for it, since certain people for karmic or other reasons, they may have selected (consciously or subconsciously) to have the particular problem (or even to want to die). Therefore the Celestial forces do not intervene in their free will. Then they will receive in an e-mail any instructions (in case that are required), while as we have said the treatments are provided free of charge, (with the only charge the monthly membership fee). In my question about when I could meet, in their materialised from, the Celestial entities of the Center, Demetra said that this will be possible when I will increase my vibrations to reach the level that it allows it, and then she will come to take me to them, while already exist members that can meet these entities. Still she ensured me that from the last two weeks I started to be under the treatment of the Celestial entities, for solving my problems and rising my vibrations, fact that explains the great well-being and energy that I feel lately, despite my intense and continuous work I have with the computer.

       Another basic reason for the creation of the therapeutic operations of the Center, (while similar centres are also created in other countries, in the similar gates that are opened there, with the help of individuals such as Demetra), is also that this treatments help in the elimination of any sentimental blocking that emanated from this or from our previous lives. This as we have said helps so much (collectively) in the ‘‘therapeutic treatment’’ of our planet, as well as (and mainly), in our certain and secured passage to the fifth dimension (in whatever way this will happen). Greece and Cyprus where this began already, they are found in preferential place as for this subject. This it answers also the recent questions of many of my readers for ‘‘how we will know that we succeeded to clean our sentimental body''.

      Still because I received many emails from people worrying, that in case that they will not be completely cleaned in their sentimental level, they might not enter the fifth dimension, I tell them that for those who will select the metamorphosis chambers (mentioned above), they should not worry, because whoever selects consciously to ascend will achieve it, since in the second day in the chambers he will be automatically cured, as I mentioned before, and all mental etc problems that by any chance remained, will vanish and he will became foully conscious individual full of unconditional love. Naturally we are previously supposed to be free as much as possible from the adherences that keep us tied up (e.g. material goods and large properties, power positions that we possess, etc), so that we can increase our vibrations, thing that will decisively help, as I mentioned before, and with maintaining positive thoughts and sentiments, as well as with whatever we do, not to be based in  self-interest but for the more general good. All these are constitute our conscious choice that we mentioned previously. However also those that will select the difficult and long path to remain in the exterior surface and become fifth dimensional there within  a few years, still they will achieve it, after they become completely cleaned from all their attachments and increase their vibrations, with the help of their advisers - mentors that they will have there.

       Regarding the chapter for the Advisory Center Zeus (for which I have taken already a lot of applications for registrations from Greece and Cyprus, as well as from abroad, which I will pass to Demetra on 1.Sep.11), it should be stressed that in the area of any treatment that somebody asks from the Celestial entities, receives simultaneously treatment for his disengagement from various dependences and phobias that by any chance he has, (that as we said they prevent his entry to the fifth dimension), and simultaneously increases his vibrations for the same aim. Whoever it helps still better even if this two requests are also includes in the his application for his treatment. To support the above mentioned I include also paragraphs from two recent messages of the extraterrestrial SaLuSa, where he reports, among others, that such therapeutic centres that help also in the Ascension. are created already, (under the monitoring of Archangel Mikhail), in many countries of the planet, (you can see the complete messages in my page II.1.D15),

       SaLuSa 22.7.11: «…Whilst on Earth you have the most difficult time to lift out of the lower vibrations, which is why few souls achieve Ascension without immense help. In your present situation you are receiving levels of help that are not normally given, but are intense because the Creator desires that as many of you as possible ascend this time round. It is after all a special occasion that allows for mass Ascension, as the cycle of duality ends for all life forms on Mother Earth. As you must know by now, it does not however take away your divine right to follow your freewill choice. By your actions, words and intent it is you who decide what your experiences shall be. If you so choose to carry on in a similar condition of duality as you are now, that is perfectly acceptable and no one will admonish you or view you as a lesser Being.


       Michael has now added Cities of Light to his understanding, as another facet of what is to manifest for souls on the Ascension path. As the weeks go by information of these magnificent cities will become widely known, and you will find that they are technologically advanced healing centres that will totally change you. They will not be the only ones, as there will be many ways available to you that will concentrate on raising your vibrations. Many civilizations of the Galactic Federation will contribute to the task of attending to your needs, and each often has their own specialized expertise. Be assured that before you reach Ascension, you will have healing that is based on Light, Sound and Color. Your earthly ways are often quite crude, but we do not belittle your attempts to cater for all types of illness and disease. A lot of the new methods are understood by you, but usually lack the funding to be developed. Furthermore, there are Corporations in the drug industries that stem any advances that may replace their products and reduce their profits.…. »


       SaLuSa 29.7.11: «…Your experiences on Earth were created by you, having been given freedom of choice. They bear little resemblance to life in the higher dimensions and in fact you could not have created the same level of existence, unless you experienced a quantum leap in your consciousness. It is what is happening now, and the more your individual levels increase, the more your powers of creation will also rise. Belief in your power will help when you set about self-healing, but you need to be 100% positive in your ability to do it. The Law of Attraction comes into play, and you will achieve more success if you take the positive approach that “you are healed”. Normally you take the view that you should first ask to be healed, rather than inform your body “it is healed”. Those of you who regularly state that “you are healthy, and in harmony and balance” are maintaining a fully positive approach, and as a result that is what you attract to yourself. Looking at the reverse side is it not true that some people are always telling themselves that they are ill, and consequently never seem to get better. That is not to say that they are not ill, but they are unwittingly prolonging their problems by dwelling on their illnesses, rather than the cure.


       However, before the end of this cycle many opportunities will be granted for all manner of illnesses and afflictions to be healed. It will come in various types of healing, but all aligned with New Age technologies that have absolutely no side affects. As you are probably aware by now, in the higher dimensions your body will comprise of matter of a much higher vibration, that will be disease free. It is why everything around you will also be in a state of perfection, meaning that if you have imperfections now such as some form of disablement, it will have been corrected before you ascend. That is possible because even now you carry the original blueprint of your perfect body, and it can be activated. Perhaps the most welcome change will be to find that your new body will stay in its perfect condition, and you will be forever young and in your prime. Furthermore, through your individual powers, you will be able to change any of your features as you desire.


       You will soon be seeing us amongst you, and will note that we are all in our prime. You will find us happy and always in a totally peaceful state. We are not prone to having moods such as humans have, and certainly do not get angry or bad tempered. We do not of course have to suffer your experiences, but even so we are always calm and peaceful. All these positive attributes will also become yours, and as the vibrations continue to increase around you, you too will change for the better and able to eliminate anything that is less.  Even between now and the end of the cycle, you will notice quite big changes within yourselves. Harmony and balance in all things is taking place, and it will continue even until after Ascension.…. »


       At the 3.Aug.11 Demetra visited me again and gave me very interesting recent information, that I will post translated the following weeks at the end of my page II.1.D2 (with regard to the Ascension) and other in the beginning of my page II.1.D15 (with regard to our Solar system and the parallel universes), in combination with information that gave me my superior self in a two-hour session that I had with him at the 31.Jul.11. Here I will report summarizing three only fundamental points from the above-mentioned information. First that during the next two-months period (August-September), it is programmed to have, (with the help of the Olympians), important changes in Greece and Cyprus, which are referring to the various problematic systems that we today have, and in particular to the economic system, for the alleviation of our countries, that may finally include (if everything develops smoothly) even the repurchase of the entire public debt.

       Second that the membership fees in the Advisory Center Zeus will be paid per month, (instead per quarter or per year as I had suggested to Demetra for less transactions), as it is expected these fees to be abolished, as soon as the Center will manage to covers its operational expenses from other sources. On the other hand the exchange of energy becomes also smoother (as confirmed to me also by my superior self), between what somebody gives and what he is receiving. The amount of the monthly fees will be determined (as previously said) by the Celestial entities of the Center for each member separately, according to the economic capabilities of each member, (that the Celestial entities very well know), and will be from 60 Euros the minimum up to 100 Euros the maximum. Third that 500 meters above the time-space gate of Larissa in the evening of  27.Jul.11, numerous large spacecrafts appeared (having the form of disks with three intensive red lights each), that became visible and seen by Demetra and her friends, as well as by other awakened individuals, while at the 1.Aug.11 something similar took place above the gate of Dodoni in the district of Epiros, where Demetra and her collaborator received orders and went there in order to clean the gate from any negative energies of the dark forces.

      Still in my recent question (8.Aug.11) Demetra informed me that the inauguration of the Center will be at 8.30 pm of Friday 2.Sep.11, in the form of ancient Greek ceremony (with corresponding dishes), in the address of the Center that is Farmakidou and Papakyriazi 66, T.K. 41222, Larissa, Greece, where they are invited apart from the members and those who have sent me their application for registration as members, (the list of which I will forward to Demetra on 1.Sep.11 for approval by the Celestial entities of the Center), as well as are invited also any others who wish to attend. Still I point out that although the remote therapeutic treatment is very effective, however the presence in the rooms of the Center, (that it will be open all day long), accelerates any treatment for those that they will have the possibility of visiting the Center. Moreover, as it was previously mentioned the visitors will meet during the inauguration, apart from Demetra also many important members (light workers). In addition those who have increased their vibrations and have reached the fourth dimension they will be able, whenever they visit the Center, to communicate also with the Celestial entities there.

      In Addition in this Center the altar of Hestia will be soon created where an unappeasable flame will burn, which facilitates the incoming of beneficial energies from the universe (that is something equivalent with the candles of the churches), while similar altars will also exist in all similar centres (as also confirms my visitor, whom I call Messenger in my page II.1.D15, to be translated soon). In addition in my page II.1.D15 I will add a video  where Alaje from Pleiades speaks about the Olympians and the help that they gave to the ancient Greece (and via Greece to the entire humanity), as well as for the centres of energy treatments that were founded by Asclepius for the therapeutic treatments of many thousands ancient Greeks annually, equivalent of which aims to be also the Advisory Center Zeus.

       Closing the article about Greece, I add also 4 paragraphs from 2 recent message of Dr.Nidle (16.8.11 and 23.8.11), showing that the changes are imminent not only for Greece, but also for the USA as well as internationally (while the complete message you will see in my page II.1.D15). «We return with another report concerning your world! At present, we are tracking a number of individual unit commanders who are summarily defying the series of recent agreements, signed by a majority of your globe's nations, and a special amended codicil that was ratified by the American government only last week! These groups of the military are on the verge of being neutralized by our special defense force. The peace of your world is being temporarily threatened. We have sent warnings to these various rogue groups and given them a date for their deactivation. We expect full compliance and a swift return to the condition pro ante. Several major governments sent similar warnings to these groups once this situation was made known to them. When this state of affairs is resolved, we fully intend to begin the rapid distribution of your prosperity funds and formal announcements by your new governments. The road to disclosure has hit only a small bump. Your prosperity and your new economic system are still on target for completion by the divine schedule decreed by Heaven and Lord Surea.

      We are watching our Earth allies and seeing to it that those selected for major cabinet appointments in the new "caretaker" governance are ready and fully apprised of what is expected of them. A number of special Agarthan envoys are now evaluating how these new governances are to function during the first week of their operation. Every chosen administration has a series of tasks to complete. These include: announcements, special orders and a series of procedures that are to pump monies quickly into the "starved" economies of your globe. The first authorized moves of this new governance are intended to relieve the immense debt pressure on your world and get under control the "casino-like" atmosphere that has produced an exponential yearly increase in global debt ratios. The debt needs to be dismissed and a sound series of budgetary rules put into place that can truly evaluate how well each aspect of your various national governments operates. The crucial point is to shift from a "bottom line" to a more humane "spiritual line"..…. »

        «We return! The last stages of the delivery process are beginning! The various packages are being readied for distribution. It is expected that a full bank holiday will be implemented after the first formal announcements by the new caretaker governments, and that this legal holiday will be used to change over the entire American banking system to the new rules and regulations which are to take effect after the demise of the Federal Reserve System. At this time the new hard currency will be introduced. This is the first part of a larger series of reforms that is to take effect concurrently throughout the rest of the globe. This new worldwide financial system will be facilitated by global debt forgiveness; taxation will be applied to goods and services but not individual and corporate income; and a wealth of secret trust funds will be launched in order to replace the financial resources normally used by your governments. The people will be liberated from their onerous burdens and encouraged to use various tax refunds to jumpstart your national economies.

      This new financial world will become the foundation for a growing prosperity that will be boosted by the release of a whole host of now-secret technologies. Then comes the major disclosure announcement that puts an end to the global 'UFO' cover-up. This revelation will support the cessation of global violence as well as misguided foreign military adventurism. It is time for your world to reclaim the many pieces that make up many nations' territorial sovereignty, and for negotiations to formally settle the issue of many national boundaries. We intend to participate in these discussions and bring an end, finally, to any form of discord. The criterion here is a swift and forthright win-win situation for all, bearing in mind that this form of sovereignty is largely anachronistic within the context of your global awakening. Nevertheless, quickly resolving boundary issues constitutes another step toward this goal, which is to create a world where peace, prosperity and cooperation are a given...…. »

       Still with regard to the hurricane Irene, Gabriel says (you can see his detailed message of 30.Aug.11 at the end of my page II.1.D15), that it was created and directed to New York by HAARP, for the creation of big destructions and many deaths, and that little before it reaches N.Y. it was prevented by dozens of spacecrafts of the Galactic Federation (that became in deed visible in New York), in order that instead of destructions of buildings etc that the dark forces expected, to causes only big floods.

       At this point I conclude that as harsh as the reality of what awaits us may be, especially for my country Greece in which the people will suffer and our national wealth will be diminished, it is comforting that this reality will be brief and we must be patient and calm, because our troubles will soon be over for good, and all the responsible persons will pay for their crimes with no exeption.

       In closing I’d like to say that a great future awaits us, and a “golden age” for humanity, which should fill us all with joy, optimism and courage for this short period of difficulties we will be going through (in my country an world wide too). I would also like to point out everything I’m describing here is true and accurate, and no matter what you believe as you are reading all this (I urge you to be more adjusting and cautious but not set to your beliefs, as we have very often reviewed our position in life), you will gradually see  these truths being confirmed one by one, starting from the remaining months of 2011.  

      See more about fifth dimension in the next page: THE EARTH IN THE GALACTIC CONFEDERATION


       Furthermore in order to support, supplement and crosscheck the above information that I received from the Pleiadians, I give you below the information that a charismatic person Dr. Sheldan Nidle ( site has received from the Sirians (see also my pages II.1.D, II.1.D2, II.1.D4, II.1.D5, II.1.D6, II.1.D7, II.1.D8, II.1.D10, II.1.D11 and II.1.D13). This information is given in 18 selected paragraphs of four messages which Dr. Nidle received on 3.Feb.09 the 1st, on 13.Jan.09 the 2nd, and on 20.Jan.09 the 3rd and on 23.Jun.09. the 4th. These messages are as follows: 

      1ST  MESSAGE: Selamat Balik! We come again with new things to tell you! Right now most of you are entering the next stage of your preparations for full consciousness. Heaven is putting in a whole new set of energies that are activating your heart and thymus chakras. These, in turn, are activating your immune system and causing you some discomfort. Many of you have flu-like symptoms or are experiencing increased fatigue and sleeplessness. These difficulties are to leave before this month is over. While this is happening your head chakras are going through some preliminary tests that may give you some vivid dreams, mild headaches, and occasional blurry vision. These changes can affect your lower limbs and feet, causing possible swelling of the ankles, knee pains, and on occasion very sore feet. As we said, this will only be short-lived. When this is done, you can begin to experience another leap in your conscious awareness. Colors can then appear brighter, your sleep can be deeper, and your vitality increased.

      These physical changes are occurring now for a reason. Your global society is on the verge of great changes. The political and economic systems of much of your world are beginning to systemically fail. The reforms of our Earth allies are starting to be the only real alternative. Everywhere, governments are failing, economies are declining, and the monetary systems are on the brink of truly catastrophic changes. This cannot continue to go on much longer. The reforms require that this present economic and political reality be scrapped. In its stead, quite new ways of looking at your reality need to be adopted. The time has come to make a great leap from a scarcity-based system to one anchored in abundance. Initially, this means ending the age of oil. Many forms of limitless energy production now exist that are either suppressed or in use under national security tags. This technology needs to be released immediately. It also needs to be coupled with technologies that can easily clean up your air, water, and land. This is, however, only the first stage.

      The next step is to address governance, monetary reform, and banking. Your present governments are incapable of handling the enormity of what the dark ones created. This systemic global mess was to be the justification for their final takeover of your world, which is why this worldwide disaster had to be a real dozy! What you see around you is getting worse. A further, enormous wave of debt has not yet emerged. This is the mega-tsunami that was to plunge your world into an endless abyss of tyranny! This calamity is still waiting to happen. The reforms of our Earth allies neutralize its manifestation through the route of global debt forgiveness. In addition, those debts that are now accumulating can equally be forgiven. The world starts afresh. The next step is open, participatory, and clean government. This is currently impossible. Those who created the global political disaster need to be ousted along with the system of governance they have so superbly mangled. This process is what we call the "quiet revolution". Many brave men and women are close to making this real.

      The quiet battles for your freedom and personal sovereignty do not need recounting here today. All that needs to be said is that many risked life and limb in this noble cause. You are to be the beneficiaries of what they have wrought. Meanwhile, a great deal of legal and financial paperwork was written and approved by a number of important and powerful individuals. This serves as the foundation for what is coming. Your world is to be reborn in freedom, peace, and prosperity. You have wandered into this only because a great, unsung, sacred plan was instituted by Heaven, by many who are Earth allies, and by us. We are proud of where this movement has led us. We cannot say much about this until a series of major announcements have first shocked and rocked the world. Then we dearly intend to ask some of them to come forward and begin a public shepherding of what these courageous ones helped to create. You need to be led partially by example. Then you can take up the baton and affirm what has come to pass.

      The next era on your planet is about understanding yourself while at the same time knowing others. The present dichotomy between self and others needs transforming. A merging is to come about shortly; indeed, this process is beginning even now. Participation in government or in your community can show you that your continuing apathy is not really an option. Coming out and letting yourself be a part of something, even in a very small way, is a good start. Let your unique wisdom come to the fore. Let your beautiful essence be no longer a thing of the shadows. Bask in the light and shine! You are more than you can believe. Indeed, you are incredible Beings! We urge you to go forth and add your voice to the great global chorus. When we arrive, we intend to address those who showed the way and those with the courage to have believed in this.

     2ND  MESSAGE: Selamat Gajun! We come to you with divine blessing from Lord Surea! A great holy Light has descended upon the Earth from the Highest! She comes to complete the great changes that have been prophesied for the past eight millennia. These changes have reached a shifting-point and it is now the divine moment to carry out the detailed decrees of the divine plan. Heaven asks that the Earth now comply with this call and let go of the hold that the dark has had on this realm and her people. We have come from the far corners of this galaxy to achieve a formal and lasting first contact with you. All your governments know of this, and of the need to carry out these sacred decrees! Many things are now underway that are to free you from what remains of the dark. These individuals and groups are to be revealed to you, including their various heinous crimes against you. We welcome this and intend to do everything possible to see that our Earth allies act in accordance with what has been presented to us. A great time of Truth and amazing miracles lies ahead. Be strong, and above all be fair and just in these matters!

      First contact is to follow swiftly once the new provisional governments are in place; however, we need to give them enough time to put your house in order. Their good works can make it feasible for you to successfully begin your journey of creating your new galactic society and star nation. The people of Agartha desire to help you in this and have set up special teams to assist these provisional caretakers in restoring your constitutional governance and in managing the vital distribution of your long-promised prosperity. We intend to monitor all this and provide pointers only when deemed necessary. This unprecedented series of actions needs to originate with you. In so doing you are cleansing yourselves of the dark's long-held, malevolent agenda, in which you were subject to its need to manipulate you into doing bad things to each other, your society, and your world. At the same time you are proclaiming your sovereignty and stamping your enlightened mark onto this reality. This is no small task! You are washing away millennia of filth, serving up an entirely new vision, and revealing the true lie of this land!

      First, a great shift in consciousness descended on your world in the last few decades of the 20th Century. Now, across the globe your children grow strong in the firm realization that they are not here to maintain this reality but to transform it. Each generation increased the number of "way-showers" who were born to pave the way for new, higher spiritual concepts. Thus a plethora of books, organizations, and websites dedicated to the Light have proliferated in every nation, feeding the ever-growing numbers of truth-seekers. From this momentum a movement developed which ultimately demands a "quiet revolution" than can remake your world and prepare it for what we are describing. It is all happening as part of a sacred plan put forth eons ago by Heaven. Now you are watching this grand plan manifest. It is to take the current economic and political chaos and transform it into something truly wonderful!

      We are sitting above you watching all this and waiting for the divine "green light". Then we can activate our landing procedures and move you into another requisite stage of your return to full consciousness. This we most certainly relish! We have been ready to do this for almost a decade and a half. During that time we learned much about you. We see you growing in confidence, and now most of you are prepared to embrace concepts that were considered a decade ago to be unreal. This growing ability is due to the rising consciousness field which has expanded exponentially in the last three years. Your very young children and a number of greatly awakened adults make this possible, and now the internal dynamics of this field has reached an unstoppable momentum!

      3RD  MESSAGE: As this new "world system" is finally revealed, it most surely needs your heartfelt support. Your global society is at a crossroads, and it is abundantly clear that things are happening in the environment and in the economic sphere that emphatically demand a "new way". Your rise in consciousness makes you increasingly a force for good, and you need to capitalize on this by becoming active in implementing the solutions proposed by our Earth allies. Their ideas are partially contained in what many know as NESARA; but the "total package" of the allies goes far beyond the provisions of that most commendable document. You are on the verge of wondrous prosperity, which includes methods for spreading and maintaining this abundance. First of all an unassailable peace must prevail. This implies a state brought about by a process that transcends your current understanding of the word "diplomacy". People-oriented initiatives, rather than government-based, can create a global milieu of such unity that war becomes impossible!

      You have moved into an electronic and consciousness-expanding age. This period is the interim between what you have always known and the new world that is about to be born. This new world includes first contact and your return to full consciousness. The question is, how to get you from here to there. The proposals advocated by our Earth allies revolve around this primary issue, and it is no simple task. Herein lies the reason it has taken so long to get you to the starting gate. Numerous legal, financial, and monetary programs had to be approved by influential segments of the world community. Now this is done. The next step is the implementation of what has been agreed to, and slowly but surely these stages are coming on line. What remains now is the trickier stuff.

      This "trickier stuff", however, is ready to manifest. Our Earth allies and we are jointly doing what is necessary to get things done. What drives us is the prize of first contact. As you reach the next phase in your journey, we need to move ourselves closer to first contact. Needless to say, we wish to do this as smoothly as possible. Nevertheless, if so ordered by Heaven, we are to comply even if your governments are not yet ready to receive us. Remember that Heaven is unfolding a divine plan, and this plan lays out specific time points that we need to observe. These stipulations will be our orders to initiate first contact, and we go planetward when so directed. Until then we follow the directives of the operation outlined in this and previous updates. Intuitively we feel that working closely with our Earth allies can lead quickly to a successful first contact.

      4TH  MESSAGE Selamat Balik! We come again with much to discuss with you. With each week that passes, we can report that our Earth allies continue to push forward. Here, we wish to remind you that each forward step is won in the teeth of diabolic and desperate opposition from the last dark cabal. Happily, however, the cabal's strength continues to dwindle rapidly. The diverse alliance that makes up our Earth allies grows in its determination to see its mission through to the end, thus making it very clear to the cabalists that their position is ever more untenable. The Earth allies' goal is one that the dark ones are frantic to avoid at all costs, and it is this obdurate tunnel vision of theirs that has prolonged this end game well beyond the point that any of us had wished. The dark must yield soon, and it is this clear inevitability that lies behind the recent exponential increase in organizations, both private and otherwise, changing over to the cause of the Light. As the fulcrum of history swings in our favor, we are busy refining the exact timings of a number of different approaches for reaching our prescribed goals.

      The first goal is of course the prosperity programs and instituting the new reformist regimes. These are to restore the true ways of constitutional governance and the new supremacy of common law. This is as important as the funds, because it is essential to provide a structure wherein these funds can achieve their desired potential. The old debt-ridden, corrupt, power-hungry regimes are to fall by the wayside, and the new ones will begin with a clean slate. All the former ways of operating must go, as oil and water cannot mix! A completely new start is to forge a new reality for humanity. You are to move away from war, poverty, hatred, and ignorance toward peace, prosperity, cooperation, and knowledge. Many things are to be proposed by the new regimes which can lead you swiftly out of the chaotic, violent world you now know into one that you have long yearned for. This turnabout in world direction is the underlying determinant of the numerous programs our Earth allies are now putting the finishing touches on.

      These multiple projects serve as a preliminary to first contact. Our diplomatic and liaison groups have made it a priority to inform all nations on the planet of our existence, our benevolent intent, and the fact of the near-future date for a mass first contact. In a similar vein, we have informed all nations of the intentions of our Earth allies and have used these meetings to press home the Earth allies' points. The progress made in this area has got to a stage where a positive resolution of these issues can be had. We are very clear about what has been done and what still needs to be ironed out. Returning your world to what the dark regard as the halcyon days under Anunnaki rule is not an option. A great deal has shifted and your future now lies within the province of the Light. Indeed, a drastic transformation of your reality toward the Light is well underway. The sticking point is that the dark needs first to acknowledge this and then surrender gracefully. Until then, we do all we can to achieve this quickly. To this end, we have informed the dark that there are as yet unused methodologies that can achieve this objective.

     Meanwhile, our Earth allies are resolving the remaining stalemates and moving to a point where victory is a fait accompli. The final push for victory started in earnest last spring. A series of key meetings completed the arrangements for the new economic system, the delivery procedures, and the timing of the first announcements. Armed with these details, many other critical agreements were hammered out. The quantity of precious metals needed to back the new monetary system is in place; the accords required to move away from Admiralty to common law are signed; how the new governments are to function is also resolved and signed off on; the personnel to be appointed to these regimes are decided upon and ready to go when the green light is given. All that remains is the specifics that permit the dark to step aside graciously and let it all happen. We are, at this moment, on the brink of a most historic time! This fact thrills us no end!

      As this immediate aspect of your reality prepares to shift, the solar system also prepares for the new, fully conscious mode. Shifting this aspect of your realm is basic to reintegrating your reality's true scope and nature. Your reality is a multidimensional construct, and while we are able to occupy its totality, you have limited yourselves to a very small part of it. Your reality comprises this galaxy and all her nearly countless components. Full consciousness expands you, permitting you to flow outwards and glimpse this reality's immensity. An equally near-infinite number of realities make up physicality. Exploring and learning about this vastness called physicality is one of our keenest joys. This is why we helped forge the Intergalactic Union. It has thus far brought us into contact with literally tens of thousands of galaxies and their diverse cultures and star-nations. And this is a mere beginning!

        First contact is thus a decisive watershed in your history. It places you in a position to make a momentous evolutionary leap which can unite you instantaneously both with your Lemurian ancestors and with your amazing future. The unifying link is the immense scope of the cosmic records which you will be privy to. This will cast the last 13 millennia in a whole new light, placing this span within the great ebb and flow of physicality. Now you are moving toward the Light again, endowed with a vast reservoir of innumerable lifetimes to draw on. This resource will serve you well during your interactions with the myriad societies you are soon to visit. The chronicles of your intrepid journeys through the dark lands can bridge societies, star-nations, and galaxies! It is this background of yours that makes you so special to us and to all of physicality!



Cristal min


Schematic of the transformation champers

Schematic of a crystal city in Hollow Earth

Schematic of 5D “magical”  apparatus



                          The new Earth in the 5th dimension,                                                               Hollow Earth,                                                   13 Chakras     (All by Dr. Niddl)






C2g173a The dark cataract of our soul

    Ce14  Our feathered loves   

Bg320  The blue forest with the ghosts






C2g53 The sympligades stones

C2g162a  The treasures of the seashore

C2g08a  The tempest of our brain






 C2g293a  The stalactite of our experiences

Bg235  Melted precious minerals

Bg66a A burning extraterrestrial landscape






Bg110a  The fountain of the light of wisdom

C2n13 The bright mask we always wear

Bg290  Cold dark flames






Bg414  Reflections in the disturbed waters

      Bg499  Night in a remote planet

Bg173  Landscape in a hot dark planet






Cd814  Cliffs in the cost in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Cd163  Bursting of waves in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Cd538  Yellow icebergs in the 4th and 5th dimensions






Cd51  Yellow clouds in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Bh44  Angry mountains in the 5th dimension

Cd458  Yellow waves in the 4th and 5th dimensions