(With emphasis in painting)




Bd07  Reflections of our hopes

Bd129  Stormy coast at night

Bg533  The river of serenity




Ce08  The aura of Santorini

C1n40 A garden in paradise

Ce17  The waterfall of our resources




An06  Dens branches in a strange forest

An36  Hidden strange creatures

Bg221  Faces emerging from the hot liquid



























PERSONAL DATA: Greek, born in Greece. Languages: Greek, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish. Hobbies:  Literature. Writer of poems and short stories with distinctions and honors. Artistic photography with emphasis on people, flowers, landscapes, monuments, underwater life and strange objects. Collector of fine art objects with emphasis in modern art paintings.

PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: PhD. in Civil Engineering, teaching Computers and Structural Analysis at the National Technical University of Athens. President and Chief Executive Officer for many years of Real Estate Development and Construction companies, with activities in Greece and abroad.

PAINTING: He started painting when he was yang, using various materials and techniques, devoting little of his free time in painting, and storing his paintings in the basement of his house and keeping them for himself. However in 2005 he decided to retire in order to devote all his time and passion in painting and opened his paintings to the public. It was then when his productivity had a vertical increase (with the help also of his extraterrestrial friends with which he started to have contacts), so that at the end of 2008 he had more than 10.000 of his paintings 9.300 of which you can see in this site. He became member of various painting organizations. He had interviews and reviews of his work in various magazines and enthusiastic comments by art specialists. He received first prices for some of his paintings that had been presented in competitions in Greece and abroad and started selling his paintings at continuously increasing prices. He transformed his large home into a gallery (with over 1000 paintings framed, of which over 200 are exhibited on the walls), and invites people to see and buy them.

EXHIBITIONS: He took part in many exhibitions alone or with others. His last personal exhibitions were: In the Russian center of Science and Culture in Athens from 28.Sept.07 till 27.Oct.07 (where he has been invited by the Russian Ambassador A. Vdovin). In the Museum Stendhal (aux salons de la Maison de l’International) in Grenoble, France, from 14.Nov.07 till 30.nov.07 (where he has been invited by the responsibles of the museum and the Mayor of Grenoble Michel Destot). The previous two exhibitions were completely free of any charge for the artist.  He also took part in an exhibition in Agora Gallery in Chelsea, New York from 14.Dec.07 till 3.Jan.08, as well as in other personal and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. One of his next personal exhibitions will be in the Academy of Arts in Moscow where he has been invited by the president of the academy Zurap Tsereteli, and where he will present 100 of his paintings.

At the end of 2007 more than 300 of his paintings are in Greece and abroad in museums, art galleries, art associations, ministries, embassies, consulates, academic and other institutions, public and private cervices, non profit and other organizations, city halls, banks, hotels, hospitals, cruise ships, companies, Industrial places, shops, offices and houses of art collectors, twenty two of which have been sold in auctions.

Lately he is heavily dealing with the changes that will take place in our planet in 2012, and dose not give any more time (since 2008) for exhibitions but, as far as painting is concern, he allocates his time only in the production of new paintings, (and his productivity as said before had a vertical increase), inspired also and influenced by the upcoming changes, (see pages II.1.D, II.1.D1, II.1.D2, of this site). Therefore he stopped the sales of his paintings and he will again open his work to the public after 2012, when the Earth will enter the “fifth dimension”.

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Be08  The living jewel

Ce20 A pair dancing in the sky

Be09  The magic lamp of Aladdin






An66  The flowers of our heart

C1n21  Trees in the vortex of our life

An38  A tribe in a planet of Pleiades






Bg512  River covered by the autumn leafs

         Bd31 Angry waters

Bg535  River in the green forest






C920  Strange rocks by the seaside

Bd26  The gohst of the seaside

Bg590 A snow covered landscape






Cd589 A beautiful view in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Cd407 Red islands in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Cd592 A colorful landscape in the 4th and 5th dimen.






Cd305 Calm yellow waves in the 4th and 5th dimens.

Bh83 A fertile valley by the lake

Cd229 A yellow sea in the 4th and 5th dimensions






An20  Landscape in a planet of Libra

Bn08  Desert in another planet

An22  The monsters’ kiss

Ae12  On a planet of Orion