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Bd129  Stormy coast at night

Bg533  The river of serenity  




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C1n40 A garden in paradise

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Bg221  Faces emerging from the hot liquid

       Below the above techniques are given, designed (during the transitional period, until 2012), in order to keep us healthy and alive and to protect us from the biological warfare that we suffer from time to time by the dark forces (Illouminati etc, see my page II.1.D10) using air spraying, engineered pandemics, dangerous vaccinations, mutated and dangerous foods and drugs, etc. (see my page II.1.D9), as well as in order to maintain the high vibrations of our body for our secure and easy transition to the fifth dimension (see my page II.1.D1). The basic techniques below include: A) A meditation. B) Formulas, tools, etc, which reinforce and protect our body resistance, as well as cure us in case of sickness. C) Rules about what and how we must eat. In addition I include in D) Messages from the Sirians with useful information from the extraterrestrials.


        A) General: With the energy changes occurring in our world today, we often feel an unexplained fatigue, lack of energy, drowsiness, inactivity, etc, which prevent or restrict our activities. Because this reduces the efficiency of my mission I have undertaken, along with many others, to inform and prepare the world for easy entrance to the fifth dimension, I asked the celestial forces which care about me, to give me a method to overcome the problem and to remain the most part of the day active and productive. The method suggested to me through my subconscious is the meditation below, which I do at least once per day (or more often if I feel the need) lying in the bed at night before going to sleep or just before getting up in the morning, or at midday when I rest after lunch, etc. Because I found that has for me the results I expected, I suggest it to anyone who feels he has lack of, hoping that it will help, not only on strengthening the energy, but possibly also in the other areas we call upon to help us.

        B) Sources we call upon: We select the sources we want to call upon in order to give us energy and help us, which we receive as light that fills our entire body and aura with the color we choose for each source. As such sources I have chosen 16, which we call upon either all (the one after the other) in the same meditation, if we have the time, or in parts, starting from the first ones to continue another time with the next part, etc. The first source to call upon is of the God-First Creator (white in color) while the next 15, in groups of three, are: 1) Of the Archangel Michael who oversees our Galaxy (indigo in color). 2) Of the Christ representing the cristic and the masculine energies of the universe (gold in color). 3) Of Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene together representing the female energy of the universe (purple in color). 4) Of the Lord Sourea, which coordinates the divine plan of our ascension and I feel him to be full of love (pink in color). 5) Of Saint Germaine who has me under his protection (red in color). 6) Of Serapis Bey who is the master of knowledge and wisdom (magenta in color). 7) Of our Superior Self, who knows everything about us because we are part of him (blue in color). 8) Of our divine consultants that guide us (blue in color). 9) Of our Angels (or Angel) that protect us (khaki in color). 10) Of Adama (the high priest of the city Telos and its inhabitants in the Hollow Earth, who love us and consider us their brothers (green in color). 11) Of Mikos (the guardian of the knowledge of our galaxy) and the residents of the etheric capital of the Hollow Earth Shampallah (light green in color). 12) Of the extraterrestrials who are hear to help our planet, and particularly the “Emissaries of light'' Pleiadians (with the color of copper). 13) Of our illuminated ancestors who love us and care for us (beige in color). 14) Of all the other Saints and Ascended Master with whom we have contact (light brown in color). And 15) Of mother Earth, father Sun and the other celestial bodies that affect us and affect us with their energies (dark brown in color). Of course everyone, depending on his culture, religion and the special relationships he may have with divine and other beings, may choose the source, the colors and the order of the sources he wants to follow. However, he can also apply exactly as presented the 16 sources I propose, that it should be noted that would help equally well for each case and for everyone.

        C) Technique: We lie down comfortably with eyes closed, calm and relaxing, breathing deeply. Then we visualize the energy of the source we have chosen, (in the form of light with its color), to fill both our body and the aura around us with its color, and then we perform the following seven steps: a) We say (within ourselves) that the energy and the light of…. (we mention the name of the source), shields us and protects us continuously, from every danger or event or illness and from any negative mental, or emotional or other influence. b) We feel the light to clean all cells, organs and systems of our body removing anything harmful or unnecessary and making then to shine, and we say (within ourselves) that are healed and thoroughly active and healthy, as well as our mind and our soul, and also our chakras one by one and all our energy (etheric) bodies to be activated and healthy, and that so will remain. c) We feel the light to fill us with endless and unconditional mutual (bidirectional) love, and we say that we feel this love for our self, for all other people around us (family, friends, fellow citizens, etc.) but also throughout the earth (both for the good and the bad), for all other physical or etheric beings of our planet, and for all the kingdoms (animals, plants, etc.). d) We feel the light to give us the enlightenment within ourselves, and we say that fills us with knowledge and wisdom, develops our intuition and our telepathic abilities for communication, opens our hearts to the vast internal knowledge buried within us, and properly guides us to do all what is for our ultimate good, according always to the divine plan to which we surrender. e) We feel the light to fill us with immense joy (and it is useful to recall also from our memories moments of intense joy we felt in the past), and we say (within ourselves) that we are full of fun, carefree, glad, joy, optimism, happiness and bliss that lasts. f) We feel the light to fill us with high energy that runs through us and lasts, and we say that we feel full of strength (physical, mental and emotional), vitality, zest to work and energy and ability to tackle any situation, to get whatever we desire and to achieve easily all our targets. g) We feel the light to fill us with vibrations and we say (within ourselves) that our matter is getting more and more etheric, and our frequency every time increases and remains high, in order to ensure our fast and most quick, convenient, and safe  entrance to the fifth dimension.

      In addition, we can specialise the meditation, if we have a specific issue or problem that concerns us. So in step (b) we can add more light and energy in those organs, etc, where we have (or think that we have) a problem that we want to cure, and imagine them cured. Similarly, in step (c) we can send love also to specific persons, with problems in our relations, and imagine that our relations have been restored. In step (d) we can send the light of enlightenment to specific situations, for which we should make decisions about what path to follow. Finally, in step (f) we can send light on a specific problem and see it solved, or to a specific target and see it to be achieved. Note (very important) that in all these steps, we are not asking for something to happen, (as we would do in a prayer), but we feel that what we want it is already happening and it is valid hereafter. At the end, after finishing with the last source, we can visualise that we receive one by one the colors from each source and then we repeat once again the seven steps for all the colors of the sources together, receiving their collective energies and help that they give us. This set of colors we imagine to be a large ball with very many bright colored fibbers, spinning (while retaining their colors) inside the large ''egg'' that surrounds our body and our aura, which are penetrating our body and are filling it with the benevolent energies they contain. We can even do it independently, if at some point we feel that we lack energy and feel “down”, or that we are under the influence of negative influences (evil eye, etc.), while we do not have the time to do the process one by one for all sources. Finally, why not, if we want also to help one person (or even two or three together), we can visualize that during our meditation he is located next to us (and he may even be physically so), and we imagine that he is receiving, together with us, all the beneficial energies called upon. Finally note that it is preferable to use a few sources in each meditation, in case our time is short, and feel deeply inside us these energies, instead to try to use all sources rushing and superficially.


       As I have been receiving telephone calls from people asking either how to protect themselves from the swine flu (see my page II.1.D9), or what they could do, should themselves or one of their kin had already had the misfortune of having had the vaccine, i answer as follows: Based on what the famus German doctor Gabriele Staler says (see one of her interviews in the video, but also taking into consideration what others have said, a sufficient deposit of the life-saver vitamin D3 is a very good protection measure against any virus or inflammation, as well as a good antidote to the vaccine. Its best source is sunbathing, naked for 20-30 minutes (in the winter, in the room but with the glass window open), which gives us 10.000 to 20.000 units of D3 on a daily basis. This is the reason we generally do not get ill in summer, when the vitamin D3 is abundant in our body. On cloudy days, adults should take 5.000 units of D3 in pills daily, for the first three months and 2.000 after that, while children should take 2.000 units, (preferably those taken from sheep-skin), till the end of winter. Vitamin E in combination with selenium is also helpful, as a precaution. Moreover, vitamin C  at a high dose, e.g. 4.000 mgr, would also be beneficial, should there be an inflammation.

       Also, instead of the common flu vaccine, which unfortunately from now on will include strains of the swine flu, (therefore we should not take it), we could take instead one pill of Grip-Heal every autumn for ten days with empty stomach to be dissolved in the mouth. In case we finally get ill by a flu or a cold, we should take and up to 5 pills during each day until we get well. There are many more supplements and vitamins which help our health, which the pharmaceutical companies try to keep away from us, following the international regulations of “Codex Alimentarious” (see my page II.1.D9). Such a supplement is e.g. vitamin B17 (or amygdaline) which prevents (and in certain cases ever cures) cancer. It is found in the seeds and kernels of fruit (apples, apricots, prunes, etc.), in lentil, sesame, strawberries, all berries, bitter almond, casiu nuts, alfalfa, quaker, black rice, etc. It has the property of when it comes to contact with the "sick” cells, such as the cancer ones, it is broken up releasing the cyanine it contains, which destroys the cancer cells. In Mexico, there are special hospitals for cancer patients which are based on the implementation of vitamin B17 (and other supplements) with remarkable results. Many cancer patients from the USA seek treatment there, as in their country the specific medicine dose not exists (because the pharmaceutical industries oppose any  medicine that cannot be patented for them, or it is very cheep). You can see details in the site with detailed instructions, one of which is this: If we eat e.g. three apples per day, to eat also their pits (after we remove their skin).

       Another supplement which works miracles is the oxysilver, which is a colloidal silver solution (see site It is produced by electrolysis of pure silver in distilled water, which contains only a little salt. This, which NASA uses for their astronauts, is a great booster for our immune system, while it eliminates fast any kind of viruses, germs, bacteria and parasites, both in our body (by drinking it, or applying it on skin infections, or skin burns), and for the quick disinfection of various objects or foods. We can obtain it in two ways: a) Concentrated in bottles we buy from the above-mentioned site and we can have one or two teaspoonfuls every morning, or b) By producing it ourselves in a glass of distilled water with the aid of a special, cheap, device which we can buy from USA (Colloidal Silver Generator, email address: When we produce it, we consume it all within five minutes, every day. Method (b), that is making it ourselves at home free of charge, as many Americans do, is cheaper and better because we drink it while it is still fresh and we do not run the risk of drinking something that has not been well-preserved. I have already bought four such devices, for my home and my friends. Each oxysilver intake remains in the body for approximately one week from the time we take it, and then it is completely discharged. Compared to antibiotics, which kill only a small number of microbes, etc, oxysilver kills about 650 different microbes, viruses, bacteria and parasites, while it is not toxic. Another interesting product we can obtain from the site mentioned at the top of the paragraph is zeolife, which cleanses our body and our blood from heavy metals and other toxic poisons we take through our food, the water, the medicines, the vaccines and the atmosphere (e.g. through the chemical aeroplane spraying). We drink a teaspoonful a day (i.e. half a teaspoonful after each of our main meals) for a period of time (e.g. a month) and we repeat the same another one or two times during the year, to keep our bodies cleansed. (I have tried it for a month and, initially, it may cause symptoms which resemble the ones of a detoxification diet).

       Two equally interesting devices that we can obtain from the above email address, (which I have already ordered), are the following: a) Thymus and Thyroid Booster, a small and inexpensive electromagnetic device of infrared radiation, which carries electricity into the body through a twelve-volt battery (which can come from the plug in the car while we are driving), that helps the boosting of the function of the thyroid and the thymus glands (see my page II.1.D5 about these glands). This procedure results in the boosting of our body energy and metabolism and the elimination of relevant problems, as it has been proved. b) AC/DC Zapper, which traces and kills any kind of microbes, bacteria, parasites and viruses. It is basically electrotherapy (an old method that has evolved recently), which applies pulsating current of low voltage into our body. We can scan our body with this, coordinating the pulses successively to the frequencies of the various viruses, etc. and we can eliminate them with three applications, of a few minutes each. Details about this method and the multitude of diseases that have been treated effectively can be found in the book “The Cure for all diseases” by Dr. Clark, who combines this therapy with herbs-therapy. c) Another simple and inexpensive device is the one invented by the charismatic inventor (who has dealt with other inventions as well) Dr. Pete Peterson (see, with which, using long metal plates as electrodes, he rubs various points of the palm and the fingers, thus influencing positively and boosting the various organs that are connected with these points, based on a chart that connects each organ of the body to the respective spot ( which is something similar to reflexology).

       Finally another very useful device is the Zero Point wand which is based in the ‘‘Zero Point energy’’ (which is a revolutionary technology, see my page  II.1.D7). It is a wand with the size of a big pen which contains various energised crystals and other energised materials and is produced (together with other Zero Point products) by the company Amega Global ( The main benefits of this device include: To discharge energy blockages in our body and to obtain homeostatic and balanced condition. To clear the distortion in our bio energetic field and to facilitate the flow of energy and the body in healing. To quickly remove various pains, aches, ailments, and discomfort. To energise foods, liquids, creams, oils, etc, and to neutralise (energetically) their harmful elements. To supplement energy deficiency in pets and plants and to energize our environment in general. We use the wand by rotating it clockwise 3, 9, or 18 times very close the point of our body (or to the material) we wand to heal (or to energize). We can also use it in contact with our face to rejuvenate the skin, as well as to press and rotate at least three times on all our finger and toe tips to unblock the energy ( see the I have already ordered this (magic as they say) wand and I am going to use it to verify how effective it is.

       I would also like to point out the important role that have the alternative methods of prevention and therapy, either in parallel, or before we seek help from the conventional medicine, such as homeopathy, various energy therapies, "kinetic" therapies (yoga, reflexology, tai chi, qigong), acupuncture, chromo-therapy, herb therapy, crystal therapy, electromagnetic therapy, Reiki, Sequim, Sechem (which I describe in my page II.1.D3), therapy with crystal sounds (which I describe in my page II.1.D6, together with the recorded sounds) and many more. It is preferable to work on maintaining the health of our body by taking prevention measures, with the above mentioned methods, than being forced to use them, as well as conventional medicine after we get ill. At this point I must refer to the large number of "thank you" emails I have received by so many visitors of my page II.1.D6, who listen regularly to the crystal sounds I have recorded there, thus cleansing and activating their chakras and healing and boosting their organs and their functions (bodily, mental, or psychic). Lastly, the most important way of maintaining our health and preventing diseases, as we all know, is based on our diet, about which I give some concise basic rules below. As the Ancient Greeks said: “Your food to be your medicine”.


       As so many articles have been written about diet and are already known, I will focus, concisely, on four points only, which I consider of utmost importance. a) We should eat fresh, biological products and we should avoid foods that are: canned, decayed, mutated, with many preservatives and pesticides, cooked and preserved in the refrigerator, or the freezer for days, multi-processed (chips, etc.), with a lot of animal fat, or with the three “white deaths” which are the large amounts of salt, sugar and white flour (and the products made from them). b) The largest proportion of our diet should be fruit and well-washed fresh vegetables (preferably raw or lightly cooked), which contain the necessary vitamins, microelements and fibres. We should drink a lot of water (1,5 to 2 litres daily). If we have doubts about the quality of the water or the foods, it is best to wash and decontaminate them with the ozone which is produced in the water by a small home device, the “ozonizer” (see details in, which is in a larger scale used in swimming pools). Furthermore it is beneficial, from time to time, to detoxify our body by eating only fruit for a few days. If we drink only freshly squeezed fruit juice (e.g. for a week), because there is no solid food in our digestive system the sense of hunger subsides, while we also lose weight. c) It would be a good idea to separate the foods in each of our meals, to facilitate their digestion and to avoid the destruction of vitamins. So in the same meal, we should avoid eating simultaneously proteins and carbohydrates (e.g. meat with pasta), but only one of the two kinds, accompanying it with a lot of vegetables, and (if we want) with a little fat (olive oil is better). Fruit should be consumed in-between meals (half an hour before a meal, or two to three hours after a meal). Moreover, we should chew our food very well and eat slowly in order for the brain to take the message (it requires 20 minutes), that we are not hungry any more, so that we do not overeat.

       d) Finaly, because obesity is a perfidious cause of many diseases and malfunctions (apart from the aesthetic viewpoint), there is a multitude of diets which help us to lose weight (very often with great effort for the last kilos) while (unfortunately), the weight that we lose many times we gain it again sooner or later. When we reduce our calorie intake, our body (for reasons of self-preservation) reduces gradually the amount of calories it burns, (our metabolism) and in this way a vicious circle which limits the burning of our fat is created. This is the reason why I recommend a way of nutrition, which we should use as a permanent habit and which outsmarts our metabolism. It consists of following our low calorie diet one day and the next day we add a normal meal in our diet, (but without overdoing it and with a duration of no longer than half an hour, so that we do not overeat. We do this on an alternating basis. It is effective in the sense that the brain does not receive the message that we are on a diet on the one hand, and on the other, we do not deprive ourselves of our favourite meals, which is something that would eventually tire us and we would stop the diet. At the same time, in order to burn more calories and generally be more healthy, we should engage (daily) in some kind of exercise or sport, which could only be half an hour of brisk walking, either outside (where it could be up to an hour), or on a treadmill at home. Although each one of us could choose the diet he prefers, on the base that they follow the above-mentioned rules (a-d), I feel I should give an example of such a diet:

       In the morning, we have a beverage with a little protein (egg, or yoghurt, etc.), or carbohydrates (light biscuits, cereals, etc.) and if we feel hunger later, we should have one or two fruits, preferably apples, so that we can eat them with their pits, as we said in (b) above. The next two meals, lunch and dinner (which dinner we should have early, unless we are going to dine out) must be lean, of low calories and accompanied with vegetables. If we start with the vegetables we fill our stomach and end up eating less of the other foods. One of these meals could be protein and the other carbohydrate, but this is not necessary to be so. If we prefer we can combine these two meals into one only, but richer, (either protein, or carbohydrate) and replace the other one with some fruit and as many vegetables as we want, which should ideally be done on the days that we have our non-low calorie meal, for which, in order to enjoy it, we can sometimes ignore the rule of food separation. In addition, it might be a good idea to put about twenty almonds in a glass of water every day, which will make its skin easier to remove, and eat two or three of them every now and then (without the skin) in order to control our craving, should this be necessary, and avoid the temptation of eating something else. If in a moment that we experience hunger we do not hurry to eat something but we wait for a while instead, then the feeling of hunger often goes away, because our body starts burning calories from the fat deposits it has. Also, because fat is burnt usually in the evening hours, we must avoid eating anything else than a few vegetables or their juice (e.g. carrot juice) in the evening. However, if we want to lose weight quickly at the beginning of our diet, we can have the non-low calorie meal not every other day, but every third days. Lastly, when we are travelling or we are on holidays (and our weight allows it), we can temporarily stop this kind of diet, but without overeating, (so that we do not develop bad habits, which will be difficult to change later).


       Furthermore I would like to support, supplement and crosscheck all the above information, as well as to give you also the “good news” that the extraterrestrials are already here, taking good care of us (with the help of their “Earth allies”) to cover the problems of the interim period and guide us to successfully enter the fifth dimension. Therefore I give below selective paragraphs from messages that a charismatic person Dr. Sheldan Nidle ( site has received from the Sirians with which, besides channelling and astral travels (as I have with the Pleiadians), Dr. Nidle often has and physical contact with them (see also my pages II.1.D, II.1.D1, II.1.D2, II.1.D4, II.1.D5 II.1.D7 and II.1.D10). I also give selective paragraphs from messages that the charismatic Dr. Michael Quisey  receives through channelling from another Sirian of the Galactic Federation named SaLuSa. (In his message SaLuSa among others, exposes the cover up made by all mainstream media and their  journalists, imposed by the Illuminati who are the owners of these media). I also include another message from the extraterestrial SAUL  channelled by another charismatic person John Smallman (, speaking about the financial crisis today. Finally I include information I received from my friend Gabriel an extraterrestrial from his planet Altone who is here on Earth to help us with the ascension, speaking through his sister in Earth Sharon who sends me the corresponding emails.

       NIDLE 27-APRIL-2010

       We come with more information about what is taking place on your world. This final phase of your dark cabal's efforts to forestall the inevitable is concluding. We are busy drawing up the proposals that are to constitute the first agreements between the new caretaker governments and this first contact team, and are selecting the personnel who can best represent us at these initial meetings. We are using the knowledge accumulated from our observations of you over time to put together a three-step move that will allow these new governments to formally acknowledge our presence. Once this is done, we intend to make our own announcements so that you can know directly who we are and why we are here. First contact can then proceed in a more normal fashion. We want to give you a range of technologies that will dovetail easily with the devices to be made public by the caretaker regimes. Under the provisions of an exchange contract, the "black projects" directorates of your secret government received a number of devices from members of the former Anchara Alliance.

      These technologies can swiftly transform the way your sciences and their outdated frameworks view the workings of your reality. In fact, your world has been greatly limited by their pronouncements of what is possible and what is not, and these antiquated boundaries need to be expanded to include concepts like dark energy and dark matter, as well as broader notions of what constitutes "physical" and "spiritual." As you begin to integrate these new concepts into your worldview, you become capable of entertaining ideas that had previously seemed fantastic. This is when our technology can begin to make sense to you. We live in a very different realm from yours and would like you to experience some of what our reality is like. This will allow you to compare both worlds and to revel in just how easy it is to adapt to and welcome all we have to offer you. Our technology can form the first support of a bridge between us, and the second support will be your growing consciousness. Consciousness is basic, as our tools are predicated on telepathy and telekinesis and on the mutual interplay this provides between our tools and us.

      From our perspective there is no real separation between our technology and us. Whether the device is a ship, a transporter, or a replicator, all are living entities which merge their sentient potential with our own to create something. This something can be a trip through the universe, the invention of a special implement to make life easier, or dinner! The point is to move beyond your present notion that there are living and non-living states. Your planet and your Sun are alive! And as you progress into the sciences of nanotechnology, nanobiology, and artificial intelligence, new definitions of sentiency are sure to come up. What we are doing is jump-starting these concepts and demonstrating their potential. The use of a technology such as ours relies on your as-yet untapped mind-consciousness link, and our purpose is to bring forth this now latent ability in you, as it constitutes one of the stepping-stones on your road back to full consciousness. Then, as you blend your technologies with ours, something wonderful happens.

      The activity of practicing how to operate our devices has the effect of strengthening your life force field. Many devices "acquired" and back-engineered by your secret government have a similar effect. As you become proficient in their use, you will become aware that you possess a number of immense hidden talents, which we have been hinting at. These talents are remnants of your former fully conscious self, and once you set foot on this path there will be no avoiding the fact that you are much greater Beings than you presently believe. We have refrained from openly revealing these technologies to you before now because to do so ethically would have required a peaceful and cooperative environment in order for them to be in any way beneficial to you. This is why we are waiting until your new regimes have moved your societies beyond war and aggression. Once global cooperation is set up, we can bring in a whole slosh of technologies which will define the parameters of a new spiritual science for you.

      Creating this new science makes it possible for you to perceive your reality in a new light. Spiritual science moves you into a world that leaves behind the differences that surround you. You look anew at the concept of consciousness and your quest for truth takes on a deeper meaning. This sudden expansion of your perception brings you closer to our own, and you begin to understand the importance of your oneness with all Creation and the significance of personal sovereignty. You can also begin to see why first contact plays such a pivotal role in your journey back to full consciousness. We are here to introduce you to mind-boggling possibilities and to assist you to achieve them. Hence, first contact is the catalyst that can permit you to regain your full potential and get your global society into a state of health. From there your world can morph smoothly into a fully functioning galactic society.

      Galactic society is a perfect working environment for fully conscious individuals. It provides a support structure that helps you to unfold who you are and to fully develop your talents; it promotes creative solutions to society's challenges and motivates its members to make breakthroughs in achieving their life purpose. It supports meaningful interaction with your planetary guardianship and with your inner spiritual duties. This form of society brings us great personal, creative satisfaction while at the same time supplying the recognition and approval that creates a heart-warming sense of group unity. Galactic society daily celebrates our individuality as well as our duties and responsibilities to physicality, the spiritual realms, and to each other. In this joyous web of mutuality we find our true identities and our unique paths to enlightenment.

      Unfolding the truths of each lifetime is the raison d'être of galactic society. Here is found a peace which encourages creativity and promotes vibrant well-being, and you are surrounded by a veritable cornucopia of internal and external supports. We enjoy our rituals and the meaningful time spent with our spiritual and physical counselors. We live long, useful lives of a thousand years or more, and at its end, we depart as Light in a special ceremony with our spiritual counselors. Before we go we review our life many times to understand the way it connects with all our other lives. This reveals whether we need to set up further lives, and if so, where and when. After the passing-ceremony we go to places of Light and take up another set of responsibilities to the Creator and to our selves, and this sets us up for the lives that are to come.

       For us, childhood is sacred. We bring our children into a cocoon of support that nurtures them and brings out their talents and uniqueness early on. We subscribe deeply to the power of Love and encouragement, and our children are surrounded by those who understand the power of nurturing. They are bathed in an endless ocean of knowledge and wisdom in which they are encouraged to paddle at will, each according to their inner direction. All talents are approved of and honoured by the podlet they reside in, and all members are de facto relatives of each child and gladly work with them when needed. Thus, each child grows up with a healthy drive to express its individuality and to serve its community and the Creator. We are proud and yet humble to proclaim divine service as our greatest joy!

      Today, we touched on some aspects of the wondrous nature of galactic society. We come to you in divine service as both mentors and as your loving space family. Heaven and your gracious spiritual family join with us in this, and we look forward with great enthusiasm to the celebrations that our reunion will bring. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

      NIDLE 18-MAY-2010

       We come with much to talk about! At present, a series of discussions is taking place around your world to finalize the particulars of the dark cabal's relinquishment of power. These panels are also empowered to go into detail concerning what the post-cabal world is to look like. We are acting as mediators and moderators of these myriad discussions, and once they are completed and signed, we will ensure that all is carried out as negotiated. Our liaisons have done a magnificent job of overseeing these meetings. The cabal now understands that it can no longer continue as before, and so its ultimate concern is to find a way out of the dire consequences it faces. The heads of the major families that make up the dark cabal are terrified of what may happen to them, and so, in order to gain the concessions that this planet's peoples so desperately need and want, our Earth allies have leveraged this fear, resulting in a number of agreements that are close to the signing formalities. Once this is done, we will turn over implementation of the contract specifics to the Agarthans.

      It is essential that the two human constituents of your globe work together and get to really know each other. This new relationship can form the foundation of the post-landing world as each of you has experience of a different aspect of what constitutes being human. There is also the urgent matter of bringing a true spirituality back to the surface world. The surface realm has been hugely manipulated over the past 13 millennia, first by the Anunnaki and then by their minions. What you feel to be real in your spiritual rituals and practices has been released from within you by your recent awakening. The Agarthans can mentor you and give you a deeper knowing of these many areas of Spirit. Moreover, we will ask them to set up programs designed to introduce you to the functioning of galactic society. For our part, the heart of our mission is, as ever, to get you into full consciousness as soon as possible. Everything else that is going on is merely a lead-in to our actual mass landings and in a sense constitutes only time-consuming diversions that we can put behind us once the above-mentioned agreements are acted upon.

       Another issue under discussion at these meetings is the new economic system and the delivery of the abundance programs. A key element in the US is the "Farm Claims," which form part of the legitimization of the new banking system in America. It is essential to dismantle the illegal Federal Reserve which constitutes the foundation of the present economic system first set up at Dumbarton Oaks in 1944. These Claims kill the entire present system, leaving the way open for a successor. To this end, a number of new proposals were enacted by various economic committees. These regionalize the Dumbarton Oaks system; set up a new range of gold-backed currencies; and re-charter the International Monetary Fund. Once this is made public, the new system will drastically reorder international finance. Charged with global debt forgiveness, it can serve as a transition to a true economy based upon global abundance and consistent universal prosperity. These conditions segue into what we call consciousness economics.

      Consciousness economics is a state where money no longer applies, as your living conditions have been raised by zero-point technology to a level beyond dependence on Mother Earth (e.g. farming, fishing, manufacturing, etc.). Here, the basics of survival like water, food, and shelter are no longer derived from planetary resources. Moreover, you have graduated to a state of spiritual wisdom which allows you to perceive your relationship to physicality in such a way that you move out of dependence on a planet's ecosystem and into a new role as her guardian. This way of looking at physicality is normal for the Agarthans and is something you have not as yet experienced. This is another reason for bringing you together with the Agarthans. They will become your master-teachers and introduce you to the glories of full consciousness, where you will begin to recall your past fully conscious lives and integrate them into your limited-conscious 3-D lives.

       SALUSA  14-APRIL-2010

       The dark Ones continue to find that their covert actions are being revealed, and in a time of truth so will it continue. The extent and scale to which you have been used and manipulated, is beyond your full understanding. However, you will learn sufficient to know that something radical and far reaching must be done, to cut out the cancer of corruption that has spread all through politics and business. Such knowledge will ensure that whatever replaces it, is based upon honesty and fairness with the object of doing what is best for all. That a small number of people have amassed great wealth, while most of you work hard for less than your labours deserve must change. It indeed will change Dear Ones, and the plans are ready to be implemented. In so many ways you have been led to believe that you are subservient to those in power, and your rights have been deliberately eroded to keep you down. Again that will change and although it will take time to reverse the situation, eventually you will become sovereign Beings once again.

       At a time when you have such a good system of communication, it is ironic that it is controlled by those behind the media who determine what you are allowed to know. What should be given a public airing is censored, and results in so many major topics of national interest being hidden away. There has not been such a thing as freedom of the Press to report on all matters of interest for a long time. Indeed reports are falsified to satisfy the aims Illuminati, and journalists comply rather than risk losing their jobs. When their lives and family are also threatened it takes a brave person to stand up to them. However, the truth does eventually come out, mainly thanks to the Internet and it needs protecting to ensure the principle of free speech. The false operations such as 9/11 are a good example of what the Internet can do to bring out the truth. It is true that it can also be used to counter truth with disinformation, but with discernment and intuition you will know what is true or not.

       Some of you ask what can you personally do to help change things, and our response is to advise you to talk amongst yourselves so that the truth is known by as many as possible. If action groups can be formed all the better, and along with others you will continue to apply pressure for the full truth to be revealed. Otherwise individually concentrate on how you visualize the future where you are free and your sovereignty is restored, and you will be helping it to manifest. Of course we have a great input into such matters, and working with our allies behind the scenes to speed up matters so that our plan for your future can fully commence. Have no fear as to the outcome; it has been decided in the higher dimensions by great Beings who see the whole picture from their perspective. What has been decreed by them will come to pass, and all will be manifested by the time this cycle of duality has been completed. You are so near to major changes upon Earth, whilst the Sun and your solar system continue to move into a higher vibration. That is already being noted, but again such information is not readily made public but held back. There has been a policy of secrecy for many years, none more so than the findings of NASA who have deliberately set out to keep you from knowing about our activities and us.

       Dear Ones, we are near to announcements that will reveal the truth about us. No amount of denial will make any difference, and the secrets about our involvement with you and your governments will come out. They have known of us for many, many years and have repeatedly refused our offers of help. The benefits that we are bringing you could have been yours a long time ago, and you have been stopped from progressing to satisfy the greed for wealth and power of the elite. It is time to remove the dark Ones and their cronies, and they will not be able to stop the tide of change that is sweeping through the corridors of power. Governmental changes are a high priority and we will ensure that the right people represent you when we openly arrive on Earth. Our ways are ones of peace and love for all life, and those in power that are not working on a higher vibration will be removed. We shall use legal means to bring about such changes, and there will be no hiding place or way to defeat justice. We know exactly what each individual has done during their time serving as your representatives, and hold the proof should it be needed.

       The dark Ones have had their opportunities to have a change of heart and move towards the Light. It is their choice as to where their future lies, and we seek nothing other than their removal from office. Like any soul, they will one day judge themselves, and there is no retribution or punishment except that they may answer to Mans laws. You have learnt much through the cycle of duality, and it has served its purpose in bringing you to understand the opposites and still rise up. You are clearly spiritually stronger than when you started your epic journey through the darkness and lack of Light. It is in fact quite remarkable that given the loss of your true identity you have still managed to find your way back, and today stand at the door of Ascension. It is truly a wonderful achievement and you are to be applauded for it.

       Keep your focus as ever on the future, and the past will take care of itself. Your energy is best used in this way, as the more of you who do so the quicker your vibrations will rise up. It will also increase your protection against any intrusion from the dark Ones, and you will easily ward it off. As you rise up your consciousness levels increase and a stronger link is formed with your Higher Self. This is just but one step on the path to super consciousness and your return to the higher dimensions, where your awakening will be complete. Even now your awareness is growing and you are becoming more intuitive. You will gradually find that you do not need outside help to the extent you did previously. These are sure signs that you are progressing very quickly, and you will undoubtedly succeed in reaching Ascension.

       I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and delight in giving messages to you, as it helps create a bond between us that will carry us all far. We have so much in common that it will not take you too long to reach our levels, and that will restore you to where you should be as one of us. Let your imagination run free and you will pick up much that is on its way to you. Your happiness and freedom is to be returned to you, before you leave Earth. 

        SALUSA  3-MAY-2010     

       Once we can come out openly much more will be added to your understanding, and any last minute attempts to divert your attention away from the truth will be quite futile. Believe us Dear Ones, our allies are making rapid headway to enabling disclosure to come out, and you do not have much longer to wait for it. There is absolutely no way it can be prevented, and you would do well to bide your time until it does. The forces of Light are too powerful to be held back, and your help in remaining focused on it will be of great help. All of your troubles will eventually be overcome through the changes that are planned, and you will find it well worthwhile. Subconsciously each one of you knew that this cycle would end in a victory for the Light. It has meant that you have inwardly accepted the promise of an end to duality. It is the Creator’s Plan that it should be so and who would dare to suggest otherwise. All eventually makes its way back to the Light, and it is now your time to change track to one that provides you with fulfilment. It is Ascension by name, and the energies being beamed to Earth will see you taking this wonderful opportunity to take a quantum leap forward.

       There are many unnatural incidents that have been deliberately caused to create dissension and unrest. However, this is a time for steady nerves and to resist doing anything that would bring about retribution. Keep calm and resolve to come out of this testing time with a peaceful response no matter what happens. Soon the Light will emerge as a true force that will change your present destiny, even although it appears to be getting more chaotic. Be assured that we are not idle when you are under threat, and we will minimize its affect as far as possible. As much as we would like to, we cannot just intervene every time you are facing difficulties. Sometimes events have to be allowed to work themselves out quite naturally.

       Clearly there will be some fear once we are introduced to you, as over a long period of time we have been depicted as some marauders from outer Space. If we had any plan to take over your Earth, clearly we could have done so easily at any time we wished. Those of you are familiar with our messages know otherwise, and that our positive energy carries with each word as you read them. Let your intuition be your guide and we are sure you will accept the truth that they carry.

       SALUSA  12-MAY-2010

       The call for us to arrive is growing stronger as each day passes, as the threats to your environment pose great problems for your future. However, Man sometimes has to experience first hand the result of his greed and disregard for it, before he wakes up to the extent of the damage he is causing. This is exactly what living in duality is about, and the experience helps you move into a new level of understanding of the Oneness of all life, and its dependence on each other. You have entered physical life time and time again, and now you have by your efforts reached the end of the road. It is all to change quickly and move you into the higher dimensions, and Ascension is your pathway.

       You no longer need to put too much energy into your day-to-day activities, and instead live for the golden future that awaits you. The more of you that hold your visualization of what it means to you, the quicker you will bring it into your lives. Allow the old ways to quietly leave, and know that everything required to lift you up is in the process of manifesting. It is a massive joint effort supported by our allies, who do in fact play very important roles at this time. They have been laying the groundwork for our coming, and already it is paying dividends. As you can see when you look around you, there are worldwide changes going on, and those leaders that have failed to serve their countrymen are being removed. These interim measures are helping us, and make far reaching governmental changes much more easy. The object is to legally remove those who have not served in accordance with their oaths, and replace them with souls who we know are honest and spiritually motivated.

       With the co-operation that is assured with new people at your helm, we can speedily address the many pressing issues that further threaten your stability. Have no fear Dear Ones, although you have serious troubles to contend with, and they are destroying your environment, we can reverse the damage and clear any pollution that has been caused. Much of it can be achieved from our craft without needing to land on your Earth’s surface. It is the type of work we have carried out for you on many occasions over the years. It has had particular relevance where dangerous radiation was threatening all life forms, and we are referring here to nuclear devices. Man has a reckless streak where weaponry development is concerned, and will test these out on the unsuspecting populace and military personnel. This will completely finish, as there will be no place for any type of weapons in the near future.

       SALUSA  14-MAY-2010

       Eventually time will wait for no man because certain targets have to be reached to prepare you for Ascension. The cleansing of Earth is vital and necessary to clear your karmic responsibilities to Mother Earth, and we do not really desire to compress too much into the last few months that remain, before the end of 2012.  We can do it, but we want you to play an important part in these end times. As you take back your power your energies should be directed towards establishing a new society, that is governed by rules of Law that are both fair and honestly applied. There is much that exists that is not in accordance with such aims, and it is your influence and demands that can change it. Speak up Dear Ones and your voices will be heard, and there will be favourable changes.

       It has taken a long time to reach this point in your evolution, so take it with both hands. Such an opportunity will not come your way until the end of the next solar cycle, and that is over 26,000 years. It is true that any individual can ascend at any time if they reach certain high levels of vibration. However, at the end of a cycle it is always planned to allow for a mass opportunity. As now, it is achieved by uplifting the vibrations so that each soul is helped to rise up. Never lose sight of the fact that you are privileged to be on the Earth at such a special time. If you could experience the joy and absolute peace of our dimension, you would not hesitate to grasp your opportunity now. Some souls have of course pre-planned to sample the incoming Light, but do not yet feel ready to go any further.

       Meanwhile we play the waiting game, knowing that momentous changes are in the offing. At last matters are accelerating and we see events coming along quite speedily. It will be both exciting and shocking in some ways as the truth is revealed, and you realize how manipulated and controlled you have been. Not only that, there have been so many crimes committed against Humanity, your history will have to be largely re-written. It is perhaps the scale of deceit and deliberate plans to set you against each other that will shock you. Many wars have been deliberately caused and situations set up to deplete the population, and keep you from acquiring knowledge that would release you from the control of the Illuminati. The so-called Third World has been kept at the poverty level and not allowed real opportunities to benefit from being educated. It has also had its natural resources worked by other countries, without receiving due recompense.

       SALUSA 17-MAY-2010

       We stand at the ready and are urging our allies to push on, and they do so having received assurance of our assistance at every turn. We do far more in this way than may be evident, and a most important function is the continual monitoring of Mother Earth. We ensure there is an ongoing balance to avoid extreme consequences, and are particularly concerned with the areas subject to earthquake activity. We can accurately predict where and when they may occur, and although we cannot interfere with necessary changes we can lessen their effects. We have for many years going far back into the last century, dealt with many problems arising from pollution and nuclear fall-out. We have limited contamination to avoid as far as possible genetic damage to the future generations. However, Man uses various energies to power his inventions that radiate out damaging rays to your health. Most of this is known to you, but little notice is taken by those who profit from them. Our technologies will deal with these problems, and we will introduce you to clean, healthy and safe devices.

       The sad part of your stunted progress where technologies are concerned, is that so many of your useful discoveries have been deliberately shelved. You have been denied the inventions that would have tremendously improved your quality of life. You have been unnecessarily placed in a position where you have suffered through the lack of progress, and forced to live at a very low level of sustenance. However, all of that will be changed once we can openly arrive on Earth. A number of opportunities are opening up that will hasten the event, and we wait with interest to see who will be the first to announce disclosure. It is close to happening but if it is stalled once again, we have the authority to intervene and bring it about ourselves. We would prefer you to front the announcement, as we have no desire to appear to be forcing the issue. However, the Divine Plan does not allow for continued delays and there is a final date by which action is required. The Universe is ascending and all progresses well and as planned, but we cannot allow little Earth to dictate the timing. As important as you are to the whole, you are still a relatively small cog in a very big wheel.

       We note that the pressures are rising for a complete financial appraisal, with a view to introducing a totally new system. We encourage such moves as the old one has proven to be inadequate, and not operating to the benefit of the people. Your banking system has been gradually eating away at your hard earned monies, and has had little regard if any for the hardships that result from their avarice. That power is being removed, but only a complete change will serve your real interests and establish a fair and honest system. You will be recompensed, as abundance will see the return of prosperity and a fair and equitable sharing of your wealth. You will gradually move into a new phase of life that will be a prelude to Ascension, and bring you nearer to the Oneness that you will enjoy. Dear Ones, we have no requirement for money as everything is shared, and each souls requirements are provided to ensure they have the best standard of life possible. When you have no such needs the quality of life is idyllic, and allows for ample time for the pursuance of personal interests. The labours of life as you now experience them will no longer exist, and you will not toil and work your knuckles to the bone to exist. It has only been the greed for power and wealth by the richest families in your world, that has limited your progress towards such a society on Earth.

       SALUSA  28-May-2010

The truth commences with the one omnipotent God of your Universe. Many mortals may have been seen as gods, and named as such but there is in reality only the One Supreme God. Different names may have been used, and some souls have deserved to be considered Saint, however, there is still only the One Truth, and The One God. It is a good point to start from which it will bring people together, and put a stop to the claims that one persons God is better than another. The next step is to remove the teachings that have not originated from God or his true servants. The Laws of God are quite clear and based on Unconditional Love, and anything less is not of God’s word. New ones will accompany Man as he ascends, and with his higher consciousness levels they will allow him even greater freedom than before. Life in the Galaxy is so varied and at different stages of evolution, that Man will need to know how to conduct himself.

       Life is certainly not dull on Earth, but you are never totally free to do as you wish. Real freedom is when the Galaxy is yours to travel, and that will come to you in good time. With our advanced forms of transportation, distance is no problem and we can make frequent journeys to far off stars whenever we want. It also helps that there is no issue where we are personally concerned, as we are in a perfect state of health, and do not age as you do. Also our Space Craft are totally self-supporting and provide all of our needs. In fact we could easily survive in them for several hundred years, as you understand time. Time is not constant and you would find inter stellar travelling strange at first, but you are now grasping the idea that the past, present and future are all in the Now.

       Coming back to Earth, your time is up and in the future you will put all of your experiences to good use. You have plumbed the depths, and now you are to rise up quite spectacularly with a quantum leap into the higher realms. Your future will bear no resemblance to duality, and instead give you every happiness and opportunities to share your acquired wisdom with others. Remember that you will have become the Masters that you really are, and will be welcomed into other life streams. Life is bountiful, and exists everywhere making its way along an evolutionary path as you have done so. Much of it is invisible to your eyes because it vibrates at a different rate to yours. As an ascended Being and through the power of thought, you will be able adjust to it just as we sometimes do. You will have many attributes that will seem quite remarkable, such as being in two places at once.

       Matters on Earth are heading for a showdown, and it is just a matter of months before a major step forward can be taken. There is of course always a degree of uncertainty because of the number of people involved in making sweeping changes.  Certainly everything is at the ready and we continually adjust our plans according to the changes on Earth. Our appearance will be orderly and preceded by appropriate announcements, that are near to coming out. These are crucial to our arrival as any other way could be interpreted as a show of force on our part. That is not our way, and even when the ultimate date is reached when we shall lead the way, it will still be done through your officials. It is one thing to show our craft and us in a casual way, but it is now important to gain your agreement to an open landing and official contact with your leaders.

       Whatever happens on Earth, never lose sight of the reason you are in the end times. Ascension is the most important aspect of your future experiences. What is taking place now is the chaos being perpetuated by the dark forces; they have lost their way and try to buy time by preventing us from coming. That ploy will not work, and the longer it goes on, the more it rebounds upon them creating more dissent in their own ranks. They are imploding and fighting to keep their heads above water, but it will be to no avail as their capitulation is assured. It is as you might say a messy business, but that is unavoidable when dealing with those who have no conscience where their actions are concerned. They also lack compassion for those whose lives they have destroyed, but one day they will be called to answer for all of their misdeeds.

       Carry on as best you can, knowing that your suffering will not last and soon you will see the new direction that Mankind is heading into. Already the foundations are in place for a quick change, where your financial systems are concerned. Our allies in many countries are agreed on a plan for a metals backed currency, and the end of the paper currency that has led you into bankruptcy. These are the essential changes to set up a fair system, that will protect your earnings and property from unconstitutional laws. The changes will affect the whole world and that is indeed the intention, so that you are released from unfair systems that include your tax laws. There is at last a glow on the horizon as the Light permeates into every corner of your world. I am SaLuSa from Sirius and carry greetings from the Galactic Federation to all of you, thanking you for your faith in us and the higher powers of Light. You are great souls who we greatly admire, and send our love for your upliftment.

       SAUL 5-MAY-2010 (The New Worldwide Monetary And Financial System)      

       The industrialized nations are in a state of turmoil due to the unsustainable debts that some have accrued and that others have enabled.  Your currency markets are confused and are unable to decide which currency, if any, is sound.  The turmoil will continue for some months, leading to further economic crises before the final collapse of world financial markets later in 2010. There will be much anger, fear, blame, and general confusion before stability and soundness return to the markets early in 2011, when a new monetary and financial system, which has been carefully designed to provide long-term stability instead of short-term distortion, will come into operation.

       Do not become upset as the markets flounder and then founder, as this will only be a temporary destabilization which is a necessary precursor to the establishment of the new worldwide monetary and financial system.  The new system will enable the distortions and errors - which the inadequacies of your present system allowed and encouraged - to be set to rights.  Then, true global cooperation of a completely harmonious nature, and that is good for all and good for the planet, will be possible and will come into operation. As economic stability returns, safety valves will be installed to ensure that the liquidity of the financial system can no longer be threatened or drained away by unseen or unexpected leaks.  Investment in necessary, environmentally sound industries will grow, while unsustainable and damaging industries will wind down and then cease operations.

       With abundant free energy readily available wherever needed, coal mining and oil “harvesting” and exploration will first be greatly reduced and then finally cease, as the industries that require that kind of energy become obsolescent.  Cleaning up and repairing the damage that those basically barbaric industrial conglomerates have caused will be a major task in the next few years, and much, in your terms, technologically very advanced assistance will be provided to ensure that this is done cleanly and efficiently. World poverty will be completely alleviated as everyone’s energy and food needs become available in abundance locally, removing the need for much of the major freight transportation worldwide.  The speed with which your damaged environment will be restored and healed will amaze you.

       As peaceful, intelligent, and harmonious cooperation in all areas of your lives replace the stressful, competitive, and confrontational disharmony that has been standard on the planet for so long, personal stress and anxiety will dissolve, leading to an enormous reduction in sickness and ill health.  Unhealthy life styles will fall away as you all start to find joy, peace, and love in every moment of your existence, and this will remove the need for escape from the constant pressure of survival issues with which so many of you are presently struggling.  One of the results of these life style changes will be an astonishing falloff in addictive behaviour of every kind — drugs, alcohol, food, anger, abuse, and all other forms of depraved behaviour such as manipulation, control, blame, shame, and bullying of others — to be replaced by large-scale acceptance of one another as beings to be honoured, respected, and cherished.

       The need for enforcement agencies will be gone, because when people respect and accept one another as equally valid and worthwhile members of society, the misbehaviour that enforcement agencies have been used to stop and prevent will no longer be a major issue.  Peaceful, friendly, and enthusiastic cooperation will replace the legally enforced organization, manipulation, and control of people everywhere.

       This sea change in the attitudes and beliefs that humanity holds and expresses is the guiding wisdom that will bring you firmly, positively, and excitedly into the Golden Age for which you have been hoping for so long.  Its arrival is imminent.  So start to adjust your attitudes in preparation for your move into full consciousness - by not taking things personally, and by refusing to be offended by the behaviour of others.  If others behave badly or thoughtlessly, understand that they are distracted by their own pain, and rather than reacting in a similar manner, offer instead compassion and assistance.  Indeed, many of you already do this - you have all experienced people responding peacefully and kindly in confrontational situations, and you all have within you the loving wisdom to enable you to do likewise.  Allow that wisdom to direct your responses in every situation, and delight in the peace and joy it brings into your lives.

       It is time to end the blame game!  It is very painful, has been going on for far too long, and totally fails to resolve the issues that it is supposed to solve. When you make mistakes admit them, apologize, and cooperate in correcting them. When others make mistakes, instead of blaming and judging them, offer to help correct the ensuing state of affairs. Loving thoughtful cooperation is the healing salve that enables every mistake to be rectified with the minimum amount of collateral damage.  You all have the strength, the wisdom, and the love to behave like that; so do it, and watch in amazement as the world responds in kind.  Love is the answer in every situation. With so very much love, Saul.           

      GABRIEL 15-APRIL-10.

       My question was: Dear Sharon please ask Gabriel whether the polish aircraft crash was an accident, and if not how it happened. Also whether the loss of so many polish authorities will change the good attitude of Poland with the extraterrestrials and the announcements. The answer is: Dear George, Gabriel here.  I want to let you know that unfortunately it was not an accident, the pilot knew what he was doing. He was following orders. The polish president wasn't cooperating with the other nations and their plans, so they or he had to be done away with. It isn't going to matter one way or another, if the new president has a good attitude toward the extraterrestrials or not. Things will happen with or without them and things are getting very close to happening. I understand a lot of people are getting impatient with us thinking we should be here by now, but rest assured things are progressing as they should. Watch the earthquakes. There are more and more of them but no one is paying attention, because they feel that if they don't pay attention they will stop and all will be well. We know that isn't the case and they will also know soon. The sun is also starting to act up as it should at this time in history. Be at Peace George. Your Friend Gabriel.

       GABRIEL 6.MAY.10

     I returned with new questions to Gabriel about the above matter, after articles I have seen, and hear are the answers: Question 1) Is it true that the plane crashed in Russia had only the crew onboard, while the other 90 or so persons of the Polish leadership (amongst which was the country's president) had been previously executed. Answer: No there were no executions, they were all on board. It wasn't an accident there would be no reason for them to have staged such a thing. They accomplished what they had intended to accomplish and that was to get rid of the president. He was in there way for whatever reason and it was as easy to take part of his cabinet and others out as it was to just take him out. Having it done in Russia made it where international questioning would be at a minimum. Question 2) If so it is, who did that, when, where and for what specific reasons? Answer: There were any reasons as to why it was done. Poland truly didn't want to be part of the new world government, and also they didn't wanted the disclosure to happen (Gabriel is referring to the disclosure about the extraterrestrials), where as most of the rest of the world like things the way they are without intervention. The president spoke for the people so the answer was to get rid of the president and replace him with someone that would speak for the cabal. You don't hear much from Poland since then. As for who did it they were well trained and willing to give up there lives because they believed that what they were doing was the right thing to do, therefore it was the cabal which is made up of high people in all countries. I hope this helps you. Question 3) The reasons where to permit the IMF intervention, or to sign the oil contract with Russia or both? Answer: The true answer will come to light in the future, don't spend so much time wondering why. Question 4) Were the Polish or the Russians who did this crime? Answer:  The Polish had no knowledge of what was to happen, the Russians agreed to allow it to happen in their country so they were aware of it. As to who or what country came up with the plan, again you will have to wait as it will come out sooner than later. Gabriel of the Galactic Federation.

       GABRIEL 27.MAY.10

       Question: I asked Gabriel what is happening with the financial problems in Greece, whom we have to blame for that, and what will happen in the near future, as well as his opinion about what I say in my related article (see my page II.1.D1). Answer: Your article on Greece was very moving to say the least and rang true on everything. George I am sure you can see that the worlds financial situation is at the beyond fixing point. The reason that Greece didn't take any money from the countries of Iran, China, etc. is because it wasn't part of the big picture that the dark cabal has painted for mankind. They want a Global Government and will go about it anyway they have to. The world governments the way they are now with the greedy people that are running them WILL NOT WIN THIS WAR. That means the governments as they stand now including Greece are bound to fall, then the new governments will be sat in place. These new governments have already been selected and are waiting. You are not going to like what I say here but I am going to say it anyway. George GET YOUR ASSETS PROTECTED IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY OR, I AM NOT KIDDING, YOU WILL LOSS THEM. Your government will take them from you and if not your government itself, another will. Its about over but before it is, it will get nasty and you don't want to be in the middle of it. Every part of the world is going through some sort of turmoil. The United States government is dealing with a government that will come from the people, and this has already started. You are getting to the worse of the worse but then it will be all over. Then you will have a time of great peace very-very soon. TAKE CARE OF YOUR ASSETS I SAY AGAIN. Your world, the way you know it, is going to change greatly soon, sooner than our arrival. Be prepared, store some extra food, BE PREPARED. There is an end. Look to that end and don't be afraid and tell your fellow men not to be afraid either. Tell your children not to be afraid that a wonderful time is soon to be upon them. Hold your family close and give them reassurance. Won't it be wonderful when it is over and all is the way its suppose to be, with the dark cabal gone forever, and you are at peace with the world and fully in the 5th dimension? Be at peace in these hard times knowing its almost over. Your Friend Always from the Federation, Gabriel.








Be08  The living jewel

Ce20 A pair dancing in the sky

Be09  The magic lamp of Aladdin






An66  The flowers of our heart

C1n21  Trees in the vortex of our life

An38  A tribe in a planet of Pleiades






Bg512  River covered by the autumn leafs

     Bd31 Angry waters       

Bg535  River in the green forest






C920  Strange rocks by the seaside

Bd26  The gohst of the seaside

Bg590 A snow covered landscape    






Cd589 A beautiful view in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Cd407 Red islands in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Cd592 A colorful landscape in the 4th and 5th dimen.






Cd305 Calm yellow waves in the 4th and 5th dimens.

Bh83 A fertile valley by the lake

Cd229 A yellow sea in the 4th and 5th dimensions






An20 Landscape in a planet of Libra

Bn08 Desert in another planet

An22  The monsters’ kiss        

Ae12  On a planet of Orion