C1n02  The cave  with the treasures         

    Bg131  Entangled convictions      

Bg326  Faces melting in the brown liquid   




Bd37  Ghosts in the haunted lake

C2n46  Reflections of the crystal forest

An84  Dreamy figures we hope to find





Be04  A spacecraft in the crystal forest

Bn16   The precious ornaments of our soul    

     C2g245  The roc of our integrity   



       The Earth which is shown from the outside as a sphere of 8.000 miles diameter (1 mile = 1610 meters), is actually hollow as are all planets, which were created by spinning air masses of high temperatures, which were extracted from their suns and by gravity and centrifugal force created, when became colder, a solid crust with large caverns inside, with openings at the two poles of rotation, as well as a large central ''sun'' which collected the heavier materials. The Earth's crust is 800 miles thick, having openings of about 800 miles diameter at the two poles, and an inner surface (which is similar and a continuation of the outer surface) of a diameter of 6,400 miles. In the centre has a giant glowing crystal of diameter also 800 miles, which plays the role of the sun for its inhabitants, giving a smoky light that dose not burn and a constant temperature all the year, without any strong winds. I note that as I describe in the technique of my page II.1.D3, we can use the energy of this central sun in order to clean our “Energy Column”. The population (the Agarthans) is about one billion people, having daily 24 hours day. The inner surface has all the characteristics of the outer, having mountains (higher than ours), seas (with ¾ land and ¼ sea), rivers, etc, and vegetation and animals (even those that have been extinguished over the last 13000 years). See the shape of the Hollow Earth in my page II.1.D1.

       The animals, even those that are considered dangerous, have become vegetarian (according to what the Agarthans say), and live in harmony with all the others, while the few that continue to be dangerous are confined in separated areas. When Earth will become fully fifth dimensional this extinguished flora and fauna will be also transferred in the outer surface to become again (along with the other geological changes) as it was 13000 years ago, in order both surfaces to have the same energy pattern. The Agarthans can communicate with the animals and trees and receive from the trees energy and information (from the communication system that represent) about what happens any time in their environment. The atmosphere (which is absolutely clean as well as the waters and all the environment), has approximately twice the proportion of oxygen of the outer, and its thickness (height) is about the double of the outer, while has the proper moisture where is needed (that is covering the ground as drops of water) to support vegetation.  the gravity (the centre of which is at the mean surface of the crust, i.e. at 400 miles inside) is about the half. In addition there are no harmful cosmic radiations as we have, especially now, in the outer surface.

              In a recent question I have received about the poles I respond as follows: A ship approaching the opening of the North Pole, (in case it would be open and without ice), will continue to sail normally along the entrance curve and along the vertical surface of the crust, since the force of gravity continues to be vertical to the vessel and the water, because the centre of gravity is in the middle of the Earth’s crust. Simply the gravity gradually decreases to become half when the ship will be sailing in the sea of the inner surface. The same would apply for the traveller who would travel in the territory of the opening of the South Pole, as well as for the flying vehicles passing through the openings. Also, because the curve of entry (which is both in the outer and inner surface of the opening), has a horizontal length of 100 miles, the ultimately net (narrower) diameter of the opening (which starts as we have seen with 800 miles) is limited to 600 miles. Even the light of aurora borealis in the pole is not due to cosmic radiation, but to radiation from the central sun of the hollow Earth. On this occasion, I should note that for many questions received, the spontaneous answer that my subconscious gives me, is confirmed later in my next astral travel, and it is only then that I make the answer public. Even a friend of mine who works as a channel, said at a recent session I had with him, that sees me connected to the universe, which gives me information subconsciously.

       The Agarthans are the same as we are, (many little taller than us), and came either from the outer surface (such as from the Lemurians before they were destroyed), or from extraterrestrials who colonised long ago the Earth (inside and outside). The majority of these people, (which I recently visited in my astral travels, and therefore I can give information), live mainly in large “crystal  cities” located as a rule within huge caves (in order not to destroy the beautiful nature of the inner surface). The buildings have the form of large crystals, with crystal walls transparent from inside and opaque from the outside, without obvious doors which appear and open by telepathic thinking. The heist level is used as a dock station for their spacecrafts. The next level is for common use (for recreation, meetings, conferences, rituals, etc, that can be arranged and equipped according to every need each time). The lower levels are for the houses of the inhabitants. These houses (as well as the rooms) are round, without corners, so that the energies can circulate freely, and are separated, as a rule, by vegetation that provides energy and a feeling of euphoria in the area. Their rooms, although they have a small outer dimension, when you enter you find a much larger “inner dimension” capable to cover all your needs (and this is valid for all fifth dimensional civilizations). These underground cities are illuminated from the central sun (using appropriate energy openings) and from illuminated crystals, and communicate (between them and to the inner, but also to the outer surface) using tunnels, (where electromagnetic flying high speed vehicles are travelling). However there are other smaller crystal cities and smaller settlements located upon the inner surface, surrounded by a very beautiful environment that remains pristine and rich of vegetation and life, while the inhabitants do not cat trees or flowers and leave the nature undisturbed to develop as very well knows.

        The people of the hollow Earth decided, thousands of years ago, to isolate themselves from the outer surface (where great wars and disasters were prevailing), in order to be able to develop themselves undisturbed. So they sealed with electromagnetic “dams” both poles (that open now only for the passing of spacecrafts, either their own and of the extraterrestrials that have their bases there), as well as the portals of the tunnels to the outer surface. In terms of technology, development and culture are divided (as I can figure out) into two categories. The first refers to the “crystal” capital of Shamballah (which is almost “etheric” built inside a huge cave of diameter of 400 miles, below the capital of Tibet, Lhasa), and to other cities as is  Katharia, beneath the Aegean Sea in Greece (between the island Evia and Chios), that has the large library of Porthologos, containing in crystals the knowledge and events not only of the Earth but also of the entire galaxy (which can be holographicaly projected in full size, as if you are present in the events). This library, that had also provided information to the library of Alexandria, (which had been burned by the “dark forces” in order to cover certain truths that they did not like), is visited not only by the people of the Hollow Earth but also from the entire Galaxy for the unique information that contains.

       This category also includes settlements on the inner surface. This category consists of fully fifth-dimensional residents, (touching even the sixth dimension), who came millions of years ago from other constellations and settled in the hollow Earth, to avoid the wars that existed in the galaxy, and there to be developed undisturbed in the high level that are today, where their civilization and technology is similar (perhaps even superior) to that described for Pleiadians (see my page II.1.D). Therefore all the descriptions I give for the Pleiadians in II.1.D, are valid also for them (replicators, holographic theaters, hologram communication centers, telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, flying, levitation, the ability to materialize objects, perpetual youth and health, etc, and all other fifth dimensional attributes. However they have a different organization system of government and administration (which we may also follow in the future), and slightly different culture (e.g. they give more importance to the family, etc),

       Especially for Shampallah, which I recently visited in my astral travels, (while my friend Elpida visits often as well), I have to add the following: Shampallah is Located inside a huge cave with dimensions 300X400 miles (400 miles, below Lhasa, the capital of Tibet), area as big as an entire country like Greece. It consists of huge hollow crystals (with kilometres in diameter each, having a height usually four times the diameter), that change colors and include the upper level for docking of the spacecrafts, the next level for public spaces (for meetings, rituals, entertainment, etc.) and the lower levels for housing. The prevailing colors are beautiful shades of purple, while the atmosphere is filled with wonderful aromas of plants and flowers. Since all the other crystal cities are sending energy to the capital, the visitor feels great energy to surround him. In addition feels great joy and euphoria, as well as mutual love with the people and the environment in general (fact that is also valid for all other crystal cities), while Shampallah is considered one of the most beautiful cities to live in, not only of Earth but also of our entire Galaxy.

        Each level of housing includes a large number (up to and over than one hundred) of large circular plots, each divided into six (almost) triangular sections (units), while in the centre is a smaller concentric circular unit. In each of the six equal units, there is a house with its garden and its surroundings, where lives a person, a couple, or a family, while the central unit is shared, for the meeting and entertainment of the residents of the six units. The lines separating the plots and the units are made by wide bands of dense beautiful plants – gardens, with trees with which you can communicate, to get information on what happens in the area, from the large telecommunications system that the trees create. The vertical distance between levels is several hundred meters (and even kilometers) high, fact that creates the impression that someone is living in the countryside rather than in a building. With the “simulators” existing in each unit, one can cover every need, just thinking what he wants and send it through telepathy, such as food (which is converted from light to matter and is totally absorbed, so that you do not need toilets), clothes, utensils, furniture, etc. In addition, you have other means, such as for communication, transportation, supersonic showers, video where you can participate in the holographic film that you watch, etc. (see also details in my page II.1.D). Therefore e.g. you can invite 10 people for dinner in your house, and the simulator will procure the appropriate table with the settings, dishes and menus you select, and after lunch will get back everything, without having you to wash dishes etc. Even you can change as often as you want your clothes your furniture and your home decoration. I note again here that the food, which can include meat (made of light), it is not necessary for your maintenance but rather a tasty pleasure.

        In addition using the “holographic theatres”, you can change your house and its surroundings as you like. The houses shown by the outside have usually the form of a simple or a multiple dome (with transparent walls from inside to outside), and are situated close to the central circle. In the rest of the surface of the unit (each unit having usually an area between 2.5 to 5 acres), you can create the garden and the environment that you prefer. Also at times (always with the help of the holographic theatres), you can create the holiday environment of virtual reality that you wish. This may be e.g. a lake with fish where you think that you swim for miles while you have only moved a few meters, or a tropical forest, or a small island, or a snowy mountain for skiing, etc. In the capital is the ''Governmental council”, the councils of the basic powers (and clans) of the hollow Earth, and the various other councils, public buildings, embassies of the constellation of the galaxy, etc. There with the various daily rituals (which are also taking place and in the other cities), people send their energy (through the crystalline energy grids) to the planet, and throughout the galaxy, where these energies are needed to help, while accepting at the same time from the planet and the galaxy energies, in order to improve themselves.

       The second category refers to the other residents who live mainly in 120 “crystal” underground (as a rule) cities, situated also on nodes (primary or secondary) of the crystalline grid. The most important of these cities is called Telos situated beneath Mount Shasta in California, created by residents who came from Lemuria before its destruction. Adama who is the high priest of Telos, communicates with our people who function as channels and gives them information about the Hollow Earth, while the same dose Mikos who is the guardian of the library of Porthologos. These people are moving between the fourth and fifth dimension, and are also very evolved and fully conscious beings, while some of them are visiting us (with their fourth-dimensional form) and study us, but we can generally not distinguish them as different from us. We can call upon these people, who can communicate through telepathy with us (especially with those of us who are aware and open to all that is happening, as are the ''light workers”), before we go to bed, to come in our dreams and give us valuable advices about our life, which either we will remember when we will wake up, or the advices will be recorded in our subconscious to come when will be needed. Even during our meditation, we can offer to host in our home one of them, when (before 2012) they will come to help us in our transition to the fifth dimension, and then, if we want, we will be able to visit them in their crystal cities. The people of both these categories live thousands of years, to enable uninterrupted collection of experiences and become wiser, and die when they decide (after covering all the objectives of this incarnation), to reincarnate elsewhere. They have children with only three months pregnancy and without pains, during a related to birth ritual, and they need only one or two hours sleep every 24 hours (which is actually a deep meditation). Noteworthy that now (February of 2010) the Hollow Earth has become already fully fifth-dimensional.

       The Hollow Earth is already a member of the Galaxy Confederation and in Shamballah there is a large base (that has the form of a sphere of 80 miles diameter with various levels) of the group of the 50 extraterrestrial star nations, which help us in our transition to the fifth dimension. In this base are their coordination centre of the operations, the base of their spacecrafts and the base of their laboratories, which analyze and coordinate the physical evolution of the outer Earth (which is changing along with her inhabitants), while about one hundred million extraterrestrials are currently in their various bases in the hollow Earth, working to prepare Earth for this transition. Apart of those there are billions of others in their stellar fleet around the Earth and the Sun, with bases on Mars, Venus, Uranus, Moon (small) etc, because when they will land, every person on Earth (who wants to enter the fifth dimension), will have a contact with one extraterrestrial adviser (mentor, who may share his time with more people). Also millions of scientists and technicians will come, who will introduce and install on Earth their high technology. Details of the steps to be followed, before and after the arrival of the extraterrestrials and during our full transition to the fifth dimension, and after that, as well as for our abilities and our way of living that we will have then, I give in my page II.1.D2. However when the extraterrestrials’ mission will be completed and they will depart, then their bases will become a continuation of the crystal cities.

       In addition I will eventually describe in a separate page details of the nature, environment, cities, culture and lifestyle of the inhabitants of the hollow Earth, for both the above categories, (who they consider us as brothers, love us, watch us and have a great interest about us), as well as for their valuable assistance to give us during our transition to the fifth dimension, and how to utilise this assistance. I note here that they have already built for our temporary stay with them, large cities with ''transformation champers'' where we will enter to complete successfully and quickly (within three days only, instead of tens of years), the “upgrading” of our DNA and chakras for our entry in the fifth dimension. The crystals of these cities differ in the fact that all levels, even the higher two, are for housing, while the areas of each unit is little bigger to accommodate exactly the holographic house and the hole area where the individual used to live in the outer surface, so that to feel “at home”.  They also gladly offer, for those of us who will prefer to live in the excellent environment of the hollow Earth, permanent residence in their crystal cities, to visit the outer surface mainly for their vacations and for rituals in the sacred temples there. Moreover they are also, along with the extraterrestrials, going to bring, install and train us to the use of their high technology, which among other things, will clean pollution and will protect us and neutralize any kind of natural destructive phenomena in the outer surface. Finally they are very much interested to be united with us (after 13000 years), when we will be fifth dimensional, and form one very important for our Galaxy nation, the “Earthlings”.


       The current methods of producing energy and vehicle propulsion (with fossil fuels or nuclear energy) are both expensive and they contaminate the planet with carbon dioxide and toxic wastes, apart form the political, etc. problems they create. The clean energy producing systems (using the wind, the sun, or flowing water) are extremely costly to install, in the first place, (it would take 10-20 trillion dollars to replace all other contaminating energy sources), and they take up too much space. Furthermore, the organic fuel from cultivations puts a significant limit to food production (each filling up of a car’s fuel tank corresponds to the food of dozens of people for a whole year). Also, current energy production costs, aggravate the cost of almost any product that is made or transported, while the fossil fuels will, sooner or later, be exhausted. In contrast with this grim reality, there are numerous methods for clean energy and propulsion, which the governments, pressured by the oil and other energy companies, wilfully hide from us. These methods come from both the inventions of Earth researchers, as well as (most importantly) from technology given over the last fifty years by the (good or bad) extraterrestrials, who cooperated with the most important governments. It is worth noting that the leaders of these countries, the parliaments and other officials do not have access to this technology, which is enviously kept (and sometimes used in secret underground bases), by the trustees of the “Illuminati” cabal. People who tried to bend the rules, either by infiltrating into the system, or by revealing secrets while they were part of the system, repaid it with their lives. The same price was paid by certain inspired inventors many of whom, when they refused to be bought, “committed suicide” just before they made their inventions public, and their inventions were confiscated for reasons of “national security”. In the first step they try to buy (exclusively) their inventions offering a lot of money. In the cases that they do not succeed, they threatened them in order to keep their inventions secret, and if they are not persuaded to comply, then they murdered them. See the video http://divinecosmos.com/index.php/videos/44-2012-return-to-camelot/487-awesome-new-disclosure-videos. Even in the department of patent approval of the USA, there are 4000 pending applications for such energy inventions, which have been hampered on purpose.

       Below, I will present concisely a number of different methods of clean energy, propulsion and anti-gravity, without specifying their source (human or extraterrestrial), as I suspect that many of the inventions of humans were assisted (consciously or unconsciously) by extraterrestrials. The good news is that the concealed inventions will be finally revealed and will be available to the public, following the enforcement of the NESARA treaty (see my previous page II.1.D). This disclosure, along with the disclosure of other secret technologies related to food, health, etc, will improve greatly the life on the planet, as well as the superior technology of the extraterrestrials that will be delivered to us upon their arrival, (after certain governments formally announce their existence). I start with the father figure of these Earth technologies, Nikola Tesla (whom I regard as the greatest scientist of his century), who, from the early twentieth century until 1943, using energy from the ground and the atmosphere, managed to produce electricity of low power, (10 KW, with the means at his disposal at that time). He also managed to transfer it wirelessly to long distances (both the energy and the voice) based on frequency coordination. He also surmounted (under certain conditions) gravity and even set the basis for time travels, which comprised the cornerstone of the Philadelphia experiment. As early as 1902, he covered the energy needs of his farm with clean free energy, while his research was the basis of the HAARP system, the weapon which can, among other things, influence the climate, or cause earthquakes through frequency coordination, etc, (see my page II.1.D10). The electricity companies of that time not only did not fund his inventions, but made sure that they remain buried, as, due to their non-centralised character, were not a sources of important profit for them. The most basic current technologies (given concisely, without technical details) are as follows:

       1) Cold fusion. It is a technology which achieves the fusion of hydrogen nuclei into a helium nucleus, using water, which releases energy equal to that of the hydrogen bomb, but without radiation emission and in a controlled manner so that the heat which is produced gradually, can be used for powering turbines, produce electricity, etc. 2) Hydrogen fuel which comes from water electrolysis, but with technology with which the energy used for the electrolysis is far smaller (with the aid of high voltage electricity and high frequency which releases large amounts of hydrogen, and with the use of proper chemical additives), than the one produced during combustion, and the difference is used, for example, to power a vehicle using water as fuel. See as an example  such an apparatus in the site http://www.blacklightpower.com titled Backlight Power. Recently, a Greek scientist received an award for a similar invention. 3) Generator through magnetic pulses, which starts like a motor, using a battery, and then works as a generator (taking advantage of the eddy currents), producing electricity without consuming energy. It is based on the energy provided by Earth’s crystalline grid (see my page II.1.D5). This was going to be presented at a recent conference in the USA, but the inventor was found dead on the eve of the presentation of his invention. 4) Thermal exchange generator, which is based on the principle on which the heat pump (or the air-condition) operates, where we take advantage of the heat of the environment and we can pump (and use) 4.7 times more energy than the one consumed. For other technologies and more details see the site http://www.theorionproject.org/en/research.html. 5) A more advanced technology is the Quantum vacuum, or the zero point. To begin with, we utilize the huge energy contained in space (ether) which surrounds us, where the energy contained in a cubic centimetre can cover the energy needs of a large country for a whole day. This technology, apart from producing free clean and abundant energy, with the aid of appropriate electronic condensers, can neutralise (with appropriate radiation) the weight of various materials and create a quantum vacuum flux field, in which any vehicle can travel (without gravity) at very high speeds. This technology, which was perfected by one of Einstein’s collaborators and is classified as top secret in the USA, was used in secret bases of the USA for space programs which include the creation of such vessels (flux liners), see details in the site http://www.theorionproject.org/en/quantumvacuum.html.

       As regards the purely extraterrestrial source energy production (as I describe on page II.1.D), each building or other place that requires energy, will have a small device on its roof (e.g. a pyramid) which will capture the energy that comes in from the universe and moves toward the centre of the Earth, (coming in and going out), and will direct it (as a different kind of electricity) in order to cover, without cost, any energy needs we might have. With regard to our transportations (as I explain on page II.1.D1), they will pass through the following three stages: a) Before we even become fifth dimensional, we will use vehicles which move on the existent roads, using clean, free energy (electricity, etc.) of human technology which already exists. b) Then extraterrestrial technology that eliminates gravity and uses free energy, will be used by large flying vehicles for the transportation of goods and passengers, which will be able to reach any corner of the planet in less than an hour, while we will have (smaller) flying cars, as well. c) After we become fifth dimensional, we will have the ability to be teleported, either on our own, or with our vehicles and co-passengers to any part of the planet we wish, while for inter-planetary travels (even inter-galactic) we will be teleported in a few minutes with our spacecrafts (see my previous page II.1.D). Consequently, after 2012, road arteries and terminals (stations, airports, ports), which were so costly to build and maintain, let alone their destructive impact on the environment, will become obsolete.


       As we said in previous pages (II.1.D1 and II.1.D2) our passing to the fifth dimension needs the help of the extraterrestrials, who have been appointed by the Heaven Hierarchy to help us with guidance and information and with their high technology that will give us, in order to face the various problems that arise during the transition period until 2012 that we are already experiencing, (economic, political, environmental, climatic, tectonic, health, poverty, abuse, oppression, etc.) with minimal casualties, as well as to secure (in 2012) the fastest, safest, easiest and most painless transition to the fifth dimension for the vast majority of the world's population. Since there is a universe law of the free will and the non-interference if not requested, we should assist and accelerate the extraterrestrial intervention to save us from the severe situation we face. This assistance can be provided if a significant number of people gather their thoughts and intentions to the fast fulfilment of all the conditions that the extraterrestrials have set so that their intervention to be as smooth as possible, without scaring or upsetting the people, and especially those who do not believe in their existence, or who feel that they are coming with hostile and imperialistic intentions. Such assistance may well be a global synchronized meditation that I propose below, where its various steps are covering one by one the conditions that the extraterrestrials have set out, which I give in more detail in the preceding pages (II.1.D1 and II.1.D2).

       I propose this meditation to take place every Saturday at 6.00 in the afternoon Athens time, which means 4.00 pm London time (GMT), 11:00 am USA East Coast time, 8:00 am USA west coast time, 7.00 pm Moscow time, 9.30 pm India time, 12.00 midnight China time, and 1:00 am (Sunday early morning) Japan time, so that to cover most of the planet at reasonable hours. Its duration can be 10 minutes (one for each step) or more, where, after we relax we focus for one minute our thoughts, our intentions and our desires to each one of the 10 steps for the extraterrestrial intervention and we visualise these steps to happen. These steps are determined by the extraterrestrials, on the basis of what has been done on other planets who received such assistance, while 6 of them (4th to 9th) are determined by the signed (between the earth allies of the extraterrestrials and government officials of the U.S. Government and other major Governments), Treaty of NESARA (National Economic Stabilization And Reformation Act), see details about the Treaty in my page II.1.D1, and are as follows:

       1) We imagine the Earth Allies who hold important positions in the governments, to press the governments to officially announce that extraterrestrials exist, have benevolent intentions and objectives for our world, and for many years are helping the governments giving them high technology that the governments (as a rule) kept it for themselves, but which now intend to disclose and distribute to the public. I suggest to focus this intension mainly to less dependent on the powerful interests (Illouminati, bankers, oil companies, etc.) governments such as Poland or India that are easier for them to make the first announcement for the other governments to be obliged to follow.

       2) We imagine the multitude of methods to produce clean and free energy, antigravity, movement or flying of crafts, production of goods, health, etc, derived either from extraterrestrial technology, or from Earth inventors (that the powerful interests seized and concealed), to be distributed and used by everybody, to create sufficient goods for the public, welfare, comfort, health, to clean the Earth from pollution, etc

      3) We imagine the extraterrestrial spacecrafts to appear in our skies in large numbers and for long periods, not just as bright spots, but with their normal shapes, as you can seen in many photos that have been already taken, (see three of them on my page II.1.D), in order to cease the doubts of the most sceptical of us, and to begin to become accustomed to their presence.

       4 to 9) Covers the basic terms of the NESARA Treaty (for USA) which we imagine one by one to be accomplished, not only for USA but also internationally. The terms of this treaty are as follows:  1) All loans to banks, financial institutions and cards will be zero (“loan forgiveness” in return for the illegal methods the banks have applied all these years), while the loans that will be given hereafter will have a very low interest rate. 2) The U.S. central bank (Federal Reserves Bank, the only private central bank in the world, responsible to a great extend for the current major economic chaos), will be owned by the state and the currency that will print will be covered by precious metals and other real values. 3) The Constitution of the United States would take again its original form, and all laws made under various excuses (state of war, etc), to restrict the freedoms and for the manipulation and exploitation of people, will be abolished. 4) The U.S. government (controlled by the economic elite, Illuminati etc) will be forced to resign, (including congress) and will be replaced by a temporary designated government, to lead to free and fair elections within four months, after informing the people for all vital information and illegal actions that the previous governments concealed. 5) The new President will declare peace and will revoke back to the country all offensive military forces located overseas. 6) The current tax system would be abolished and the revenues of the State will be based primarily on indirect taxes on sales (excluding the basic goods like food, etc), and other sources (not from the people). Note: Respectively, anyone can imagine these 6 steps to be for his own country, adapting some of them to the special conditions of his country.

       10) We imagine the extraterrestrial spacecrafts landing by millions and the extraterrestrials to come out, to communicate with us and to guide us visiting their spacecrafts, thereby making the ''First Contact'' which is the crucial first step to start our transition to the fifth dimension, the steps for which are described in detail in my page II.1.D2.

       Concluding this brief meditation I feel confident that during this year (2010) some governments will make the official announcements about the extraterrestrials (so that will inevitably begin the avalanche of the developments mentioned above). Moreover with this  meditation, depending on the response it will have in the many thousands of people who visit my site (about 1,000 daily), and (more importantly) in the members of 63 ning and other internet communities, with more than 2,000,000 members several of which visit the pages that I post as a member in these organizations, (and many of the visitors, as they write to me, are enthusiastic with the “Global Meditation for the Fifth Dimension'' that I have on the present page), we may be able, with the 10 minutes spent each week, to assist in accelerating the start of the procedures that we expect with such impatience and hope.

       In order to verify the accuracy and effectives of the above meditation I asked my friend Gabriel, an extraterrestrial from the planet Altone of Andromeda who is in his spacecraft here on Earth to help us with our accession, (see details in my page II.1.D10) and here is what he said: Question 1. Can this meditation help in expediting the first contact, or can help in any other way our purpose? Answer: Of course George it is going to help. You put much thought and care into your words. Please understand that anything that helps worldwide consciousness is going to help. Question 2. Is anything that I can do to increase the effect of this meditation, or to help in any other way in expediting the first contact? Answer: You are doing all you can do. Keep up what you are doing. Question 3. Is it something wrong in this meditation which I must change? Answer: There is nothing that needs to be added or deleted. Be proud of what you did. I hope these helps George, you make us proud off you because of all your work. Things are coming to a head faster then you realize.

       In addition a way of informing the public about the existence of the extraterrestrials, regardless of when the various governments are willing or obliged to formally announce their existence and their cooperation with them, is the following: During the Easter holidays I found a shop that prints messages etc on hats, shirts, etc., and I printed several hats and shirts with the following messages in Greek and in English "WELCOME ETs OF THE GALACTIC FEDERATION WE ARE EXPECTING YOU", which I gave also to my family and friends. Surveys in the U.S. show that a significant proportion of the population believes in the existence of extraterrestrials while a smaller percentage have already seen UFOs. Therefore if those who believe in extraterrestrials will inform (using e.g. the chance of wearing such hats and shirts), and persuaded those who are not informed and do not believe, then soon nearly all the world will learn about the extraterrestrials and they will wait for them. If this were the case then the extraterrestrials would no longer delay their large scale appearance with their spacecrafts, (since they would no longer scare us), regardless of the official announcements of governments who are postponing the announcements. I believe that such a method is worthy to be applied by all of us. (Even for a moment I thought I would add to the text the address of my site for the public to get more information, but I did not do it because I did not wanted to be consider that I do advertising.


       Furthermore I would like to support, supplement and crosscheck all the above information, as well as to give you also the “good news” that the extraterrestrials are already here, taking good care of us (with the help of their “Earth allies”) to cover the problems of the interim period and guide us to successfully enter the fifth dimension. Therefore I give below selective paragraphs from messages that a charismatic person Dr. Sheldan Nidle (info@paoweb.com site www.paoweb.com) has received from the Sirians with which, besides channelling and astral travels (as I have with the Pleiadians), Dr. Nidle often has and physical contact with them (see also my pages II.1.D, II.1.D1, II.1.D2, II.1.D5 and II.1.D10). I also give at the end of this page selective paragraphs from messages that another charismatic person Dr. Michael Quisey www.treeofthegoldenlight.com  receives through channelling from another Sirian of the Galactic Federation named SA LU SA.

        MESSAGE of 2.Mar.10: We come again with much to talk about! Mother Earth continues to be in her active state, busy making those adjustments that are required for the immense surface changes that lie ahead of her. The most important step is the process of stabilizing the borders of her tectonic plates in anticipation of fusing these currently moveable surface plates. This operation has produced some sizeable earthquakes in various places over the past year, and you may expect more of these in the coming months. Mother Earth is giving our Earth allies a definite heads-up about what lies ahead for humanity, and it is incumbent on all of you to accelerate what needs to happen before we can land. Meanwhile, we are fully prepared to come before you if the quickening earth movements become too much for your global society. We monitor what is going on beneath us most carefully. Mother Earth needs to finish what she so patiently put on hold to give you time to realize your contributions to the changes. The changes are tied to broadcasts that can assist us if sudden landings become necessary.

      Your economic difficulties are only just beginning. The amount of hidden debt is much larger than has been acknowledged and is reaching a point where it can utterly swamp your remaining financial assets. What is not known is that huge wealth held in sequestered trust funds and in a vast mountain of gold can easily reverse this dire state of affairs. Our Earth allies have full possession of these assets and are ready to use them once the myriad government changes become public. From our vantage point we have seen many attempts by the dark cabal to heist these assets from our Earth allies, but these sorties all flopped. The Agarthans and the Earth allies together established levels of security and surveillance more than equal to any dastardly plots devised by the dark. In a very short while, the dark will be forced to admit what has long been obvious: the jig is definitely up! And the time to let go and accept the consequences is at hand. Then this great logjam that has been slowing things up can be swept aside and the longed-for changes can at last roll out!

       Holistically, your reality sits at the very fulcrum of change. Your world is at the point where she must now merge her two aspects. Below lies Agartha and its 5-D realm, while around you is the visible 3-D realm. This dichotomy has existed for nearly 13 millennia. This was allowed under the auspices of Heaven, and now she is following the divine decrees which explicitly state that this schism is to unite into one realm. This is something we gladly undertake. You have a potential as a people that is really quite astounding. Each of you represents the best of the fifty star-nations that originally colonized Lemuria. Some of you are to return with us to your respective home worlds, but most are to stay and colonize the other water worlds that make up this solar system. The resultant new star-nation is to be one of the more important members of our Galactic Federation, and your tasks are to take you far beyond this galaxy and to affect positively most of physicality. It is for this reason that we have come with a fleet of many millions of ships!

       We plan to share our ships and our technology with you. Until then, there are technologies presently hidden away from you by your governments that can help you better understand what we possess. Together, all these technologies can help Mother Earth in her transition to her new wholeness. It is this new reality that you are to reside in. Right now, Mars possesses vast underground technical facilities that are to be used to terraform Mars into a water world similar in general appearance to Mother Earth. Earth's near twin, Venus, is also being readied to transform into a water world of the same elegant beauty as Earth. These three worlds will form the initial core of your new star-nation. Many of you are to travel to these two worlds once you are fully conscious. The moons of Mars, each around a quarter the size of your moon, are to be rehabilitated once the terraforming project is completed.

       These changes are well overdue and are waiting to manifest. Whether economic or political in nature, these multiple events are to transform your world. All the while, Mother Earth is creating a seismic buzz, which is her way of indicating that the moment of great change is upon you. Acting as the main catalyst for all of this is the event of first contact. We are here to make sure that your reality is changed according to the prescriptions of Heaven's decrees. The Creator sees your reality as being refined by your return to full consciousness, and to this end Heaven has almost completed the present series of physical and non-physical alterations. Those of you in the fields of science have come upon strange data that proves our point. Look upon this positively and be in Joy at what is now manifesting around you.

       MESSAGE of 9.Mar.10: We return with more to discuss with you. At present, the Earth allies have instituted a worldwide Intelligence blackout to demonstrate to everyone that they are applying the necessary security measures in anticipation of the first domino of the changes. The "roadblocks" are now self-imposed as our Earth allies slow down their operations in order to make sure that all potential opponents are removed from any position where they could cause delays to the immense global changes. So far, the remnants of the dark cabal have shown no proclivity to further hinder our Earth allies' good works. The final agreements are in place, as are the funds to carry out the numerous governmental and financial changes. All is in readiness for the grand plan to be implemented. Meanwhile, our inner ring of ships around Mother Earth is prepared to carry out its many pre-landing assignments. Our Earth allies are fully aware that Heaven has given us all the "green light" to act when the time is ripe, and to this end, we have recalled our various planetary patrols and stand ready to act!

      For her part, Mother Earth is accelerating the preparatory stage of a series of massive, global earth changes. Your planet and her Spiritual Hierarchy tell us that time is running out, and it is therefore essential that some sort of pre-evacuation warnings be issued. Pursuant to this, the waiting interim governments comprehend the need to reprioritize their schedule of changes, and we are working with them on plans that meet the Earth Hierarchy's criteria. The most pressing issue is to ascertain how best to prepare each of you for the much reduced time span before departure from the planet surface becomes necessary. A general intensification of planetary activity is also being noticed by your astronomers, who see an upsurge of unaccountable activity happening throughout your solar system. The heightened activity is affecting the space stations and shuttles in near-earth orbit and has lead to the cancellation of most rocket-propelled, manned space missions. In fact, your seriously panicked secret governments are using their antigravity fleet in a desperate bid to avail themselves of a hi-tech escape plan.

       This galaxy is undergoing a vast transformation toward the Light. Everywhere, formerly dark star-nations and immense empires are becoming less dictatorial and more inclined toward personal sovereignty and individual rights. There, everyone is highly motivated to develop a Lightbody and to transcend the limitations of 3-D physicality. This longing has enticed many to focus on what you are going through, and so it is in everyone's best interests for us to advise and mentor you back into full consciousness. Besides, you are part of our space family. Humans were given the gift of a Lightbody and Heaven has protected it from destruction. The following chapter of our joint history is predicated on your return to the Light, so you can see that this sacred transformation of yours is most important to us.

      The pressure-cooker that is first contact is boiling over! It is imperative that the agenda drawn up between our Earth allies and us now be completed. First, we need to get the waiting caretaker governments into power, together with the prosperity fund deliveries which will kick-start the gold-backed financial system. Then we are to co-sponsor the unveiling of a series of remarkable new technologies, adding ours to the pot. Third, we need, together, to address Mother Earth and quickly remedy her current condition. You need to adopt a whole new set of perceptions and come to honor her role in your evolution. She is a living Being and you are her invited guests. You need to become independent, and fully responsible guardians of her diverse ecosystems.  

      MESSAGE of 16.Mar.10: Greetings! We arrive with more to discuss with you. At this moment, our various liaison and diplomatic personnel are concentrating on the work that is removing the difficulties being encountered by our Earth allies. The basic underlying preparations are completed, and now the focus is on those last details that need to be in place before deliveries can happen. Right now, the necessary military and legal elements are being positioned and readied for action. In pursuance of this, we are sending down specific technologies to be used to offset any last-minute glitches. It is essential that the final moves in our Earth allies' plans be carried off without interference. Meanwhile, our allies' European and Asian contingents are putting together a variety of procedures designed to accelerate the globalization of your new economic and monetary systems. Your world is to embrace total debt forgiveness once the last few obstinate banks of the dark cabal are in full compliance. The key factor here is swift compliance, coupled with the nullification of the vast swamp of illegal derivatives and other dubious financial packages.

      Once this is done, it is quite a simple matter to mandate global debt forgiveness. Bear in mind that most of this debt is the result of unfair practices and strong arm tactics imposed by major world banks and their governmental and quasi-governmental agencies. To create a level monetary playing field around the globe, a debt-free tabula rasa must prevail; only then can the new multinational currency system be successful. This system is the prelude to full-scale global prosperity that then propels you beyond money and bartering. It is time to bring your world to a point where farming, industry, and competitive market-forces no longer hold sway. Once you move beyond your current limitations, you outgrow your dependence on Mother Earth as provider, because you no longer need her resources to sustain you. You can then step into your role as her guardian and the facilitator of the energy exchanges that Mother Earth requires in order to maintain and expand her multiple ecosystems. This calling is your true reason for coming to this beautiful realm in the first place.

       As they grow in consciousness and wisdom, humans tend to reach out for something more than mere survival, wealth, and power. The level of technology (albeit mostly withheld) that you currently possess gives you this option. A lot of it is being prevented from manifesting in the public arena by the power and control exercised by the Anunnaki's earth minions as they wish to keep you in the dark. In fact, these dark ones have kept you down for millennia! At last this grip is waning and will ultimately subside completely, allowing for the start of the many shifts of perception mentioned above. The amount of economic and political collapse you see around you is a harbinger of this. We feel the need to bring these issues constantly to your attention because your present world has reached a point of non-sustainability. Across the globe, species, ecosystems, and your many societies are increasingly subject to systemic resource depletion on a huge scale. A new consciousness and a new direction are urgently needed.

       This time in your history is one of miracles and wonder, and a period of grand reunions is upon you. Those who have worked so mightily to bring this off are preparing to celebrate. For our part, we look forward to mentoring you and getting you to the brink of full consciousness. Then, in the special crystal cities of Agartha your inner splendor can be released by means of the special Light Chambers, followed by training in full-consciousness etiquette, which will allow you to experience fully the exuberance and beauty that is full consciousness! In this state of magnificence you are to rejoin us in the great tasks given by Heaven to Humans who reside in this galaxy. Indeed, a glorious time lies ahead of us in sacred service to Heaven and physicality.

       MESSAGE of 23.Mar.10: We come again with much to say about the happenings in this reality. At present, Mother Earth is poised to begin a second round in the preliminaries to an immense series of Earth changes. She has requested of us that we warn you of this fact and set up a way to have our Earth allies actually carry out the governmental changes long promised to the people of this world. The key to the current impasse is the major central banks on your world, especially the United States' Federal Reserve Bank. This bank and its major sisters have become the main stumbling block to the changes long promised to you. In this regard, we are working diligently with our Earth allies to resolve this issue. Banks on your world are mostly the creature of the powerful individuals and groups that maintain them. These groups need to be disassembled and replaced with more benign and helpful organizations. This we fully intend to do, considering what has failed to transpire over the past two weeks. The present moments in your history are to be filled with actions, not lame excuses for what has not been done.

       We are reassessing the limits of our interaction with our Earth allies. It is necessary to act, but only in a manner in consonance with what Heaven decrees and what our Earth allies are capable of. The point is that these new governments need to be effective on their own terms. What you are on the verge of is a prelude to our mass landings. Accordingly, we have instructed our Earth allies in great detail on the main priorities of these caretaker regimes. To further these ends we have put a great many liaisons and Earth-based individuals from our fleet and from Inner Earth among you. These personnel were mainly to act as co-players in what our Earth allies had decided among themselves to be the first acts of these temporary administrations. Now we are in meetings with our Earth allies to rectify swiftly what has delayed a number of initial acts. The time has come and gone for such actions. We are to set the stage quickly for dramatic moves that can alter whatever is preventing things from happening.

       MESSAGE of 6.Apr.10: We come with many things to discuss with you. Our Earth allies are working with our liaison teams to prepare the world for the announcements that are to follow the deliveries of your prosperity funds. The major banks of your globe are awaiting the fate of the US Federal Reserve Bank because when this bank and its cohort in England collapse, the new global banking system can come on line in earnest. Until then, various methods are underway to force the recalcitrant banks out. All other components of this changeover are ready and waiting and under starter's orders. China, Japan, and a host of other nations are completing the steps to prepare for the moment when the present US administration is replaced by the American caretaker regime. This new governance is to formally mark the start of a period of friendly cooperation among nations. Most of your survival stresses are to be alleviated once the present US government passes from the world scene. The dark cabal and its hubristic manipulation of the American and Soviet governments are primarily responsible for the past sixty years of discord.

      Your history is at a massive turning point. The dark cabal, which has been the de facto power behind the global scene, is on the verge of throwing in the towel, and its demise results inescapably in the full disclosure of our existence and of a veritable constellation of advanced technologies! At a stroke, you are to take a scientific leap of several centuries, and this demands a corresponding evolutionary jump on your part into higher realms of mind and heart. A new perception of yourselves and Creation must spring into being, generating a collective experience of Love, the higher emotions, and the potential that is full consciousness. You are embarking on something unique, and this something will challenge you and leave you ready for the wonders of full consciousness. Furthermore, Mother Earth is egging you on as there is little time left for you to dawdle. You are engaged upon a path of fantastic possibilities and unimaginable rewards. Until now, you have shown little of what you are capable of by way of mutual assistance but once you align with the Divine, Service becomes your highest calling!

       Your world is in fact already fully entwined with us, and our job is now to move us both toward open first contact. However, due to recent developments, the seamlessness of the previous first-contact plan has been replaced by some possibly bumpy interactions. Your dark cabal had set up a scenario that we needed to neutralize, and this we have done. The ploys of your cabal to derail contact have failed! This has led us to intervene much more fully and quite a lot earlier than anticipated into your affairs, with our liaison teams working more closely with our Earth allies. This has also necessitated more frequent contact between your major governments and us. Your ranking military commanders have proven to be very helpful in explaining what is required for effective and legal regime change. Also, many academicians and members of your diplomatic corps have contributed valuable insights about effecting change. The key to change is a coherent stewardship supported on occasion by our technological superiority.

       Recently our Galactic Federation medical teams have reported that many of you are having lower backaches, shoulder pains, and heart, liver, and kidney problems. These assorted maladies are due mainly to the bringing in of the diaphragm, new heart, and thymus chakras. These new centers are tied in to the awakening of various meridians that have been long dormant in you. These meridians are eventually to be integral to your body's more extensive nervous system. One of Heaven's first goals is to bring out of dormancy as much of your physical self as possible, and these aches and pains are part of getting you to a place where your final leap into full consciousness, with the help of your Inner Earth Light chambers, can easily happen.

       MESSAGE of 13.Apr.10: We return with more to tell you about your world. Right now, our Earth allies continue to work on undermining the present banking system. Since the start of fractional banking in the early 1810s, the dark cabal has managed to slowly gain control of the global banking system. This system, like its partner the nation-state, is beholden to the moneyed interests on your world. Opposing them is a group of enlightened ones who saw the gross inequities produced by these systems and sought to reform them. In the past few decades, the opportunity arose to pull off this massive reform. The desperate conditions now surrounding your world's economies are a pressing reason to do these reforms properly. We have watched as your greedy and arrogant cabal plotted to avoid tackling these issues, but this proved to be a more difficult avenue to pursue than the cabal originally anticipated. A large group of hardened profiteers has attacked the cabal with a savage vengeance to the point where it can be said that a sickening sort of cannibalism is taking place.

       Your ecosphere is strongly rebelling, and Mother Earth requires that you leave her surface soon to take up your new homes in the beautiful 5-D world that is Inner Earth. Remember that Earth, like all stars and planets, is hollow. Inside her is the most splendid world filled with sights, sounds, and fragrances that will astound you! To get you there we need to complete Heaven's work and return you to full consciousness. This is no small task when the major governments of your world plot with the dark to keep you from your destiny. Heaven reassures us every day that this goal is non-negotiable and that the upcoming period is when this grand transition is to take place. We have put together a team that is working closely with your planet's Spiritual Hierarchy and a firm timetable is being agreed upon. We asked our Earth allies to accelerate their plans for bringing down the dark cabal and we, meanwhile, are implementing a special plan to speed your conversion by Light Chamber into fully conscious Beings.

      These various plans are currently under full review by our Command Board and the entire fleet. We are repositioning a number of atmospheric fleets and calling upon our family in Agartha to assist us in resolving and activating the requirements of several scenarios. We need to move you smoothly and swiftly to Inner Earth, where special zones have been set aside in which several crystal cities have been constructed for you. Here you will find the living quarters and Light Chambers where you are to undergo your transformation into fully conscious Beings. A training syllabus has been compiled to teach you about the etiquette you will need once you are fully conscious. When you are competent and comfortable with your new state of consciousness, you are then ready to be introduced to galactic society. Initially, you will live within a typical Agarthan "podlet," where you can freely discuss what you are seeing and experiencing.

      This period of adjustment will take place while Mother Earth restores your former surface home. This immense reconfiguration is to happen after all living things have been evacuated. Once the new topography is set in place, the new ecology will be introduced. Mother Earth wants a far more varied and a much more friendly series of living zones to be set up around the world, and her new lands, seas, and skies will be the habitats of many new creatures and plants. The only artificial structures are to be small special villages placed on major surface nodes, where you, as Mother Earth's new guardians, are to keep her multiplicity of realms in balance with ritual, dance, and chants. You are also to assist with the song and ritual of your Cetacean allies. Together, you are to honor Mother Earth and be responsible for the well being of all her life forms on this most exquisite of worlds.

      This joint activity with the cetaceans will show you how easy it is to work with your fellow humans as well as other fellow sentient Beings to preserve the natural balance of planets and to unfold the divine plan. As fully conscious Beings you take up your role as physical Angels and use your abilities to make of your home world a true paradise for all living aspects of a loving and caring Creator. The society you create will nurture each individual, and your galactic society will be able to creatively solve any challenge you come up against. As a people you are to be known for your ability to understand even the most abstruse nuance of limited consciousness. This talent is to permit you in the very near future to raise many limited-consciousness planets to the Light, thus bringing you a wonderful celebrity.


       Clearly with matters as they are, there is a great deal of dissatisfaction with conditions on Earth. People are anxious to find something different or some way of escaping them. Yet all of this was foreseen as the climax to the breaking down of the old paradigm, and there is an escape route. We refer of course to Ascension, which is only known to a relatively small percentage of Humankind. Many more have heard about it but it has no real meaning for them, in fact it is often denied as the fanciful notions of dreamers. It is most important that every soul understands what Ascension stands for, and that each one is able to make an inspired choice. You who are already aware can help them understand what a wonderful process it is. One that is intended to lift you up to levels that are more in line with your true selves. As you can understand, it becomes very important that we are able to make our announcements covering Ascension, as soon as possible. This is held up while we work with our allies towards governmental changes, that will enable it to be brought forward. The intention all along has been to ensure that every soul is able to make an informed choice.

       Members of families are often at different levels of understanding, and the dominant guidance is usually through a majority belief. However, if one is seeking the intuition will come into play, and setting aside time for meditation will inevitably lead to a clear communication. For you personally there is really no better guidance, as it is precisely given according to the stage of understanding you are at. We will along with the Masters, set the scene for enlightenment once we can openly come amongst you. It is course necessary to convey the fact that the old Earth will no longer exist as it was. Either way people must decide whether they desire to work towards Ascension, or remain in the 3rd dimension elsewhere. There has never been an occasion quite like this before, and you as ascending souls will be the first to experience bodily changes in preparation for you upliftment into the higher dimensions. In fact many already have an awareness of it taking place, and feel the difference it is making in their lives. Principally it is a feeling of lightness, and a peace within that carries you through duality without being affected by the lower vibrations.    

       We know that some of you wonder if every soul on Earth has the same opportunity to ascend, and you think of those who are living a simple life away from the influence of the West. You may not be too surprised to learn that in their own way, they are nearer to God and Mother Earth than you are. They live in a way that respects nature and all life, and understand its cycles and the energies all around them. Their needs are few, and when they leave there is no trail of damage and pollution. They may not have your awareness of the end times, but lead a highly spiritual life and have every opportunity to ascend. It is not wealth or intelligence that is necessary to create your own pathway, but your spiritual wealth and knowledge and its application to your way of life. After all you do realize that upon leaving the Earth, you cannot take anything of material value with you. Furthermore, there is no such thing as rank or importance in the higher realms such as you experience on Earth. In Spirit souls are equal except that their Light will determine which level they are entitled to be in. Of course there are Masters in the higher realms, but their spiritual achievement to reach such a level in no way elevates them over anyone else, but they do command great respect and acknowledgement.

       Again we say look at us if you want to see the direction in which Humankind is heading. You too are Space Beings and are largely unaware of it, because you have dropped down from the higher dimensions. Your waking memory has no recollection of the times before you came to EarthHowever, for some of you the link is felt when you become very attracted to our activities and us. Yet others hold fear of our presence, mainly due to the images projected by your writers of Science Fiction. It is the comic book image of monsters set upon taking over your world. It has created a reaction of fear to our coming. However, the very reason for our messages is to convey the love we have at heart for you, and to let you know that our mission is one of peace.  

       It is not to say that some E.T’s would not like to colonies Earth for its resources as they do, but your evolution is protected as it has been all along. Where contact has been made that is not in your general interest, it has been perfectly legitimate and allowed through the Law Of Attraction. We refer to the Greys who sought bases upon Earth, and in a deal with the U.S. Government were allowed to have them in exchange for advanced technology. Such covert actions are never for your good, but for greed, power and military domination such as you have experienced. That agreement is at an end, and has no place in your immediate future.

       Naturally some of you are bemused by the thought that you have been fooled for so long, but the Illuminati formed a worldwide group whose tentacles stretched far and wide. That was largely achieved through the principal banking families exercising their power to control the world, by controlling the money supply. It expanded into powerful influences through companies in industries such as oil and pharmaceutical. The latter are still powerful but their days are numbered, and before long they will be forced to accept change. Also, with new sources of energy and new healing methods, their market will gradually cease to exist. All of these changes are just waiting to burst upon the scene, and their introduction has been carefully and meticulously planned. Once the details have been announced, we know that we will receive your total support, as it will clearly be seen how beneficial they will be.

       Once your material, needs have been satisfied, there will also be moves to reach you all with details of the path to Ascension. Since methods of communication will have been advanced to levels that can put anyone in touch with whomsoever they wish, no one will miss out on information necessary to them. As we have stated, the whole mission has been carefully planned with you in mind, as we quite clearly know your full needs. The world’s population is vast, yet to the Galactic Federation it presents no problems when you bear in mind we have millions of ships at our command. So although time continues to pass by quickly, there is no real problem as far as we are concerned.

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