(There are 30 recordings of the sounds that you can hear from the sound bars at the end of this page)




1 Root chakra – C, Do (red)   

2. Sex chakra – D, Re (orange)

3.Solar Plexus chakra – E, Mi  (yellow)   




4. Heart chakra – F, Fa (Green)

5. Throat  chakra – G, Sol (blue)

6. 3rd  eye chakra – A, La (indigo)




7. Crown chakra – B, Si or Ti (violet)

(P1) The 7 chakras of the body

(P2) Sticks (mallets-wands) for the bowls




(P3) Bowls 40, 45, & 50 in. (A, G, F)

(P4) Set of 7 small bowls (7, 8, & 9 in)

(P5)  3 Bowls of 20 in (C, D, E) 


       A) GENERAL.  In my previous page (II.1.D4) I gave information on the therapeutic sounds and their application, as an example for the root chakra. Here, (having copied certain paragraphs from that page), I give a more complete description of sounds, that cover all seven chakras. Even more important, I give 30 recordings of the 15 crystal bowls I bought, so that a person, by hearing and feeling in his body the vibration of each sound, can be cured from the physical of mental illness associated to the sound. Also he can improve his well-being, his mood, his energy and increase his vibrations, a fact that helps also his entry in the fifth dimension. Historically crystal bowls were used in ancient Atlantis as the basic therapeutic means in the “Temples of Healing”, (knowledge that had been given to Atlantis by the extraterrestrials). Since ancient times, many enlightened healers have been using the bowls in their treatments. Today the use of bowls has increased, with continuously accelerating pace, because of their spectacular and immediate results, but also because their production cost is lower. In recent bibliography (see “The healing tones of crystal bowls'' and “Let light into your heart with colour and sound'' by Rene Brodie,  published by Aroma Art Ltd,  Vancouver,  Canada), there are given countless cases of treatment with crystal bowls, described by patients and healers, that some look like miracles.

       The sounds, are vibrations derived from the seventh dimension, and are not addressed to the conscious mind, but speak straight to the unconscious, having, under certain conditions, powerful cleaning, energising and therapeutic attributes. The clean crystal sounds have mainly these precious attributes, and the more usual source of these sounds is the crystal bowls produced from exceptionally pure (99.99%) silicone quartz. The form of bowls shown in the pictures above. Their thickness is 0.5 – 1.0 cm (0.2 – 04 in.) and their usual diameters 15 - 60 cm. (6 - 24 inches). Each bowl produces a certain note that resembles the sound of a bell. The bigger the diameter of the bowl the lower the octave of the note, and vice versa the smaller diameters produce the more acute sounds. Our seven chakras of our body are influenced respectively by the seven notes of music that each crystal bowl produces, with the following relation: Root chakra – DO (i.e. C). Sex chakra – RE (i.e. D). Solar plexus chakra – MI (i.e. E). Heart chakra – FA (i.e. F). Throat chakra – SOL (i.e. G). Third eye chakra – LA (i.e. A). Crown chakra – SI or TI (i.e. B).  There is also the note F diesis related to the thymus gland chakra (see note below).

      B) TREATMENTS.  As it is also reported in the related bibliography, sound therapy is based in the resonance, the infiltration, and the vibration that create changes in the cells, and the tissues of the body. When something vibrates, the sound waves are scattered and they infiltrate all body. Therefore when “we play” a bowl the sound, with its higher harmonics,  infiltrates in the tissues, the nerves, the bones, etc, so that not only we hear but also we feel the vibration in our body. This initially relaxes us, and then fills us with energy, a fact also confirmed by the people who used it. Thus our body is gradually resonate with these sounds and its vibration increases. Here is where the healing of the body, the mind and the chakras begins. As it is known, everything in nature is vibrating. Therefore, when an illness exists in the physical body, or even it exists only in the energy body, (i.e. before the illness reaches the physical body and the symptoms begin), then the vibration that it produces is not that of a healthy body and should be corrected. For this, we use the suitable vibration of the crystal sounds, in order to alter the vibration and make it of a healthy body, so that, if the illness is still in the energy body only, to prevent it, or, if it has advanced to the physical body, to cure it. 

       As I describe in more detail below, each chakra is connected and influences certain organs, systems, and certain physical, mental or spiritual functions. Consequently, if one chakra is “ill”, this has adverse influence on the corresponding organs, systems and functions. Likewise, if our body is ill, and its functions are not the ones they should be, then also the corresponding chakra is influenced and needs treatment. Thus maintaining our chakra healthy (i.e. clean, open and activated), we ensure our good health (physical, mental and spiritual). In order to cure an illness we focus on treating the corresponding chakra. These relations between chakras and functions are given below, with emphasis on a) the root chakra, (because if this is not cleaned and activated, the results for the other chakras will only be temporary), and b) the most important heart chakra, (additional information can be found in the related bibliography about chakras).  

      C) USE OF THE CRYSTAL BOWLS. We strike the bowls (usually externally) with specific sticks (mallets or wands), and also “rub” them on the external surface near the upper ends with the stick, which we turn around in continuous contact with the surface. Then the bowls creates an intense sound, of its particular note each, with its higher harmonics, (as it happens in a crystal glass when we do the same with our finger). Turning the stick around anticlockwise opens, cleans and extends the associated with the note chakra. This should be done first and for sufficient time. Turning the stick clockwise activates the already cleaned chakra and should follow the cleaning. The big diameters, for a certain note, (low octave), help better in cleaning and extending. The small diameters (higher octaves), help better in activating the specific chakra. Thus, if no economic problem exists, we could have two bowls for the chakra that we are particularly interested, one big and one small, while if we can not have both we should prefer the bigger. If the bowl is not very heavy we could lie down and place the bowl on our body, so that the vibrations create an even more powerful effect. Finally instead of the bowls we can have a very good recording of the sounds they produce, (as I provide below) that also has powerful therapeutic etc results, however not as powerful as when we have the actual bowls.

       Thirty sound bars exist at the end of this page with which we can begin or stop the sound or we can move the sound back and forth. The first 28 bars are grouped in 7 groups, four for each chakra (with the related to the chakra note). In order to be distinguished, each group has the colour of the related chakra. The first bar of each group has an anti-clockwise (left) recording of the sound of the big bowl. The big bowls have diameters: of 20 in. for the first 4 bowls, of 18 in. for the next bowl and of 16 in. for the last two, (low octaves) These are used, (as said before), for the cleaning and the enlargement of the corresponding chakra and the recording last (as well as all the other recordings)  for about 8-8.5 minutes, automatically repeated when reaches the end. The second bar of each group has the similar but clockwise (right) recording of the sound of the big bowl. The third bar of each group has the clockwise recording of the sound of the small bowls. These bowls have diameters: 7 in. for the 2nd, 8 in. for the 1st, 6th and 7th, 9 in. for the 4th and 5th, and 10 in for the 3rd, (high octaves). These are used for the activation of the corresponding chakra, repeated also when reaches the end. The fourth bar of each group has the similar but anti-clockwise recording of the sound of the small bowl. Finally the two last bars have 8 minutes recordings of the thymus gland bowl (F diesis, the first anti-clockwise and the second clockwise). The duration required for each healing session, as well as the number of sessions required for the complete re-establishment of health, is something personal for each individual, depending also on the degree of dysfunction of each chakra.

       Generally (considering the experience of many healers), I propose as satisfactory duration, when we use the actual bowls, at least 8 minutes for cleaning – expanding, and immediately afterwards at least another 8 minutes for the activation, i.e. total 16 minutes. When however (as in the present case) we use the recordings (that are obviously less effective), then the double or even the triple time is required, in order to have similar results (i.e. two or three repetitions initially for the cleaning and then two or three repetitions for the activation), i.e. total 32 to 48 minutes for each chakra. While (as we said) we need only 14 recordings for the main 7 chakras (i.e. 7 anti-clockwise for the big and 7 clockwise for the small bowls), I added also the 14 reverse recordings (i.e. 7 clockwise for the big and 7 anti-clockwise for small bowls). I did this because during the application of treatments we observed the following. a) Certain persons feel more satisfied with the clockwise sounds even of the big bowls. If this is your case then you can use mainly clockwise sounds even for the big bowls. b) In some cases the clockwise sounds of the small bowl of the crown chakra were not pleasant. In this case you can use the anti-clockwise sounds. Generally is better to trust your intuition (i.e. how you feel with each sound), than the above rules for the choice of the sound of the bowl, as well as for the duration and the frequency of treatment. Therefore do not hesitate to experiment with various cases.

        Also it is advantageous, (for those who can), to connect the computer with a good audio system, so that, particularly the low octaves (bass), can be better reproduced, for the better cleaning and enlargement of the chakra. Since the 30 recordings were made in a high fidelity studio, and since the digital sounds maintain the 100% of their quality in the copies, a very good solution would be also to copy the recordings from the computer to a CD, and then put the CD in a very good audio system with large stereophonic loudspeakers and stay in between. In such a case, I believe that the result will be almost equally good as if we had the bowls in front of us. Noteworthy that I do the same, i.e. É connect my computer with my home theatre (having large loudspeakers), and É lay down and relax, when I am too tired to play the bowls. Also sometimes I embrace one large loudspeaker (48 in, 120 cm high) to better feel the vibrations in my body and so I feel revived. In addition it is useful to turn our palms, and if possible also our soles as we lay down, towards the source of the sound (and if the source is a loudspeaker even to touch it), in order for our body to better absorb the vibrations. I also practice this, laying down in a couch between the two large loudspeakers, touching with  my soles the one and with my palms the other, thus creating a bridge between the two sources of sound. As described in the related bibliography, (see the books in the first paragraph), in most cases, even for the difficult ones, there have been successful results of treatment, with only a few sessions.

      D) RELATIONS OF CHAKRAS AND FUNCTIONS.  The chakras are multidimensional energy centres, the main seven of which are located in our physical body, and are most important a) for our health and for our cleaning from the  samskaras  (mental traumas from this or even from our previous incarnations), and b) for our communication with the higher dimensions and in particular with our “superior self”. We can imagine the chakras as luminous balls, or as luminous wheels, or better as luminous regular polyhedral i.e. tetrahedron, 6edron-cube, 8edron, 12edron, 24edron, 12edron with the 12 sides pentagonal pyramids and 24edron with the 24 sides triangular pyramids, for each chakra, beginning from root chakra, (see the above pictures). We can imagine them to be spinning in various directions and axes. The first (Root or basic chakra) is located in the perineum (see the above picture) and has red colour. The second (the sex chakra) is three fingers under the navel and is orange. The third (the solar plexus chakra) is three fingers above the navel and is yellow. The fourth (the heart chakra) is in the centre of the breastbone in the height of the heart and is green. The fifth (the throat chakra) is in the neck and is blue. The sixth (the third eye chakra) is in the forehead between our eyes and is indigo. The seventh (the crown chakra) is at the top of the head and its colour is violet (see the pictures above). Each chakra is connected with certain organs and systems of our body, and with certain important physical, mental, and metaphysical functions which are described below.

       1) Root (basic) chakra.  It should be cured first (as said before). It constitutes the centre of the force of life, and trough this all the energies of the Earth enter our body (when it is not closed). This is “built” during the first 3.5 years of our life. If during this period the child had a serious accident, or was ill-treated, or experienced lack of love, or abandonment, or lack of game, or happened to have overprotecting, or strict parents, which continuously prohibited him to do things, then the chakra malfunctions and causes serious problems to the adult. Such problems, among others, are: In the physical level: Problems in the waist, in the skeleton, in the teeth, in the skin, in the muscles, in the large intestines (constipation, haemorrhage, cancer), in the kidneys, in the prostate, in the blood (circulation), in the joints (arthritis), in the immune system, and in the production of cells. In the mental level: Lack of self-confidence to and lack of trust to the others, phobias about his personal safety, his health, about the safeguarding of his fortune, etc, and mainly about death. Permanent economic insecurities about how he will survive, mistrust to everybody around him, gluttony and in particular in the proteins (meat), lack of satisfaction from life (sees the life as a heavy load), persistence for alcohol, lust for sex, etc. Anger, competition, insistence in imposing his will, continuous effort to take without giving, negligence to protect his body (e.g. continues smoking having serious heart problems, etc), dependences, fury for excessive cleanness, etc. The healing of this chakra (cleaning, enlargement, activation) gives a feeling of well-being, patience, courage, confidence and energy for life. Finally in the metaphysical level (for those who are aware of it), it opens the flow of kundalini to all other chakras, it connects us with the Earth and the material dimensions, and in collaboration with the crown chakra (i.e. if both are clean and activated), it allows our superior self to come down and enter our body. 

      2) Sex chakra. This is connected and influences the lymphatic system, the organs of reproduction, the sexual potency, the skin, the kidneys, the large intestine, the digestion, the bladder, the liver, the spleen, while it harmonises the sexuality of the individual and his social behaviour, and strengthens and balances the operation of the other chakras. Unfortunately, the rules of the society and the opinions and the behaviour of the parents, often block since childhood the operation of this chakra. Its malfunction makes us to be sentimentally unstable, to be easily handled by others, to lack energy, enthusiasm and self esteem, to be passionate with sex, or on the contrary to be afraid of sex. Its healing helps to be ourselves and to express spontaneously our real nature and our sentiments. Also helps in our sensitivity, in our calmness, in our enthusiasm, in our love, in our exploring tendency and in the growth of our personality. In collaboration with the throat chakra, it develops our creative forces and whatever we create is essentially based in the collaboration of these two chakras. Finally, in the metaphysical level it should be also open and activated in order to allow our superior self to enter our body. 

      3) The Solar Plexus chakra. This is connected and influences the nerves, the muscles, the stomach (ulcer, indigestion), the liver, the spleen, the pancreas (hypoglycaemia, diabetes), the gall bladder (stones), the small intestine (colitis), the metabolism (obesity), the hypogastria, and the cells. It is the centre of the will force and the energy of the body, and distributes this energy via the nervous system to the entire body, but also beyond this, giving colours and revival to our aura. When the child is not encouraged, he has many disappointments in what he tries to do and does not have what he wants, then his solar plexus is blocked because of lack of personal force. However when the child is spoiled giving him whatever he asks for, then again is blocked because of no utilisation of the chakra. When this chakra is blocked, then we feel weak and incompetent, we do not have confidence, we worry about what the others think about us, we cannot focus, we cannot take decisions and we are wandering around, while often we can also have depression, or even attract the negative energies around us. When this chakra is ill, even if the chakras of creativity are healed (the sex and throat), then still nothing can be created, because of lack of will and lack of internal force. When on the contrary it has been cured, it activates us, gives us an intense sense of personal force and of sentimental satisfaction, makes us social, cheerful, and optimistic about life, and helps us to accept with joy the challenges of life. Finally, in the metaphysical level it is our gate of communication with other dimensions, as well as the gate via which we can (if the chakra is open) to make our astral travels, and generally to have astral influences. 

      4) The Heart chakra. This is connected and influences the heart (cardiac problems), the blood (leukaemia), the circulatory system (obstructions of arteries), the lower part of lungs, the glands and in particular the thymus gland (which is the centre of the physical growth). Also the heart chakra influences the immune system, and the upper part of the body, (pains, etc) including the shoulders, the hands and the upper part of the back. When this chakra is blocked we experience hate, anger, envy, fear, and we feel pity for what we believe we are, fact that can lead us even to paranoia. When this chakra is cured then we breathe easier, our immune system is strengthened, we maintain our youth, and our energy flows freely, while it facilitates also the operation of the throat and the third eye chakras. In addition, we become very creative and what we create it flourishes. We radiate and accept love. We feel sympathy and understanding for the others. We feel completely lifted up, renewed, balanced and masters of our body, while we communicate better with our soul and get the tendency to deal with charitable work. This chakra is located in the centre of the seven chakras, and balances the upper three (mainly intellectual), with the lower three (mainly material), while it creates the feeling of unity to our organism, and maintains us in harmony. 

       The metaphysical importance of this chakra is very high because is the centre of love and the mirror of our soul. So as the heart draws and sends the blood in all our body, likewise this chakra draws and sends love (that is the essence of the genuine healing and the rise of our consciousness), not only in our body but also in the environment (living or not) around us. The reserves of this love are huge, beyond imagination, but unfortunately we in Earth, (unlike the other fifth-dimensional extraterrestrials which are full of love), we have long time ago forgotten our divine origin and we can make use of only a very small percentage of these reserves, fact that constitutes the main cause of our problems, individual and global ones. Fortunately however now that we are approaching our entry in the fifth dimension, (that will start in 2012, see my page II.1.D1 of my site), this percentage is increased in order to reach  the 100% by 2017. Then we will also make full use of these reserves of love that constitute the core of the universe and the genuine truth. Consequently, it is very important to work with the heart chakra, cleaning extending and activating it, so that we continuously have more and more love. This will help our health and happiness, as well as it will prepare us for our secure and painless entry in the fifth dimension. Finally we must not forget that the more love we give, the more love the universe will give us in return, and in much bigger amounts than what we give.

      5) The Throat chakra. This is connected and influences the throat, the neck, the thyroid, the parathyroid, the mouth, the gums, the teeth (always avoid mercury amalgam), the voice, the ears, the bronchi, the upper part of lungs, the spinal cord, the nervous, the circulatory and the immune systems, as well as the metabolism, while it also controls the temperature of the body. It is the gate that connects the body with the spirit, and the centre for the sound, the vibrations, the rhythm, the words, our expression, our self-esteem and our communication with others. In collaboration with the sex and solar plexus chakras, i.e. when all three are clean and activated, we become creative and effective. When in childhood people do not allow, or do not encourage us to express our thoughts, to sing, they do not listen to our opinion and they reject what we say, then this chakra becomes blocked. Therefore we feel shy, coward, weak, and we are unable to express clearly our thoughts and our sentiments. When this chakra has been cured, we avoid illnesses in the systems that we mentioned above, while it relaxes us, it gives us a feeling of well-being, and with the ease of expression that provides, often creates to us the desire to begin writing. Finally, in the metaphysical level it is connected with our superior self, so that whatever we say to be the truth. When it will be fully activated and we will be fully awaken (and this will happen when we will be 100% fifth dimensional), then this centre will acquire “magic forces” of materialization. So what we say it will be (in most cases) materialised in some degree in the physical world, as it already has been happening in the other fifth dimensional planets, (see my page II.1.D1). 

       6) The Third Eye chakra. This is connected and influences the organs of senses, (ears, nose, left eye), as well as the face, the left part of the brain, the blood, the muscles, the pituitary gland, the lymphatic, and the endocrine systems, and part of the nervous system. It also controls the muscles and the pains. It is connected and collaborates with the second (sex chakra), as well as with the two neighbouring chakras (5th and 7th). Unfortunately for the people on Earth this and the crown chakra are (from our far past), almost always blocked. When however we can open and activate both, then we activate our “higher wisdom” now (i.e. before entering the fifth dimension). Starting to cure this chakra, we will begin to have visions, to see our aura, to see figures just before we fall asleep, to see visions with closed eyes, or even to feel that we depart from our body, while we begin to know things and facts without having been informed about them before. Finally, in the metaphysical level, it is the centre of the spiritual and multidimensional sight, and when these attributes are activated then, apart from the clarity in our thoughts, we develop our telepathy (to see what happens far away), our superior intuition, our contact with other beings (channelling), and our metaphysical sight. Via this, we can investigate our subconscious and our previous lives and clean our old traumas (the “samskaras'' that have been attached in our astral body and pester us). In addition we can communicate with our superior self, our angels, our divine advisers, and with other metaphysical beings that all these can help us in our spiritual transformation. 

      7) The Crown chakra. This is connected and influences the right part of the brain, the right eye, the central nervous system, the blood, the liquids of the body and the electrolytes (metals and other elements in the blood), and the pineal gland (which releases large amounts of growth hormone in the baby – child age). If somebody is narrow-minded and does not accept the logic, neither the opinions of others, this is an indication that this chakra is fully blocked. This chakra is also almost always blocked (as the 6th chakra) and in order to begin curing it we must first cure the root chakra (the 1st) with which is directly connected. When however it is cured, then the pineal gland, (that in the adult has shrunk and stops functioning), is reactivated so that the entire body rejuvenates. All body systems run smoother, and we would live long and free of sickness. However still more important than the physical, is the metaphysical functions of this chakra, which is the entry point to our body of our higher consciousness  and our superior self. This entry makes us feel ecstasy and bliss. Also via this chakra we can go up in our “energy column” (see my page II.1.D3, chapter C3) and communicate with superior dimensions and beings. Moreover, when it is open, it is the proper exit point of our soul at death in order to reach the superior dimensions, while if it is closed, the soul may leave from another opening of the body and have a rough time until it reaches these superior dimensions. Finally of great importance is also the violet colour of this chakra, (which has the higher frequencies of all other colours), because it is the colour of protection and we should use it as such. See my page II.1.D3, chapter B, where we seal our aura for protection with violet colour, and see also in one of my paragraphs below where the pyramid of protection has a violet colour.

       However apart from the seven main chakras, exist also others in our body, i.e. in the thymus gland (that I describe below), in the pineal and pituitary glands (that substitute together the third eye in which the third eye is split), in the base of the skull (the Zeal point, or well of dreams, that controls our dreams), in the diaphragm (that controls our stress and fear), as well as two outside our body about 30 cm above our head, (one left and one right to control our feminine and our masculine energy). See the 13 chakras in the diagram in my page II.1.D1. These chakras are connected with intermediate sounds (diesis-middle and flat) to the seven notes and have their own colours, but because of their activation in the future, I did not included their details in my present page, (with the exception of the chakra of the thymus gland which is now active, see note below). Note that in the fifth dimension as fully conscious beings (when all chakras will be active), we are going to have thirteen chakras (instead of seven), which correspond to our twelve DNA helices (while the pineal and pituitary glands correspond to the same helix).

       ÍÏÔÅ: When I checked the sounds of the bowls that I had bought, I observed that the note of the small bowl (of diameter 9 in.) of note F was F diesis and I was ready to replace it. Then however, my divine advisers informed me that this mistake was intentional, because I should also include the chakra of thymus gland (note F diesis) in the healings. Therefore, I kept this bowl and I also bought the regular F. The thymus chakra (which is also called  the “higher heart”), is located between the heart and the neck chakra, in the place where thymus gland is, and it has the same polyhedron shape with the heart chakra, while its colour is turquoise (i.e. combination of green and blue). This chakra, along with the thymus gland, controls and activates the very important for our health immune system that protects and cures us, gives us a well-being feeling, good temper, and calms our mind and emotions uplifting us psychologically. In addition, it balances the two neighbouring chakras (of the heart and the throat), combining the love with the creativity, and it constitutes the centre where art is born. Also it is the “seat of life energy”, and if people (mainly in the East) wand to increase their energy, they strike with their fingers their breastbone in the place of thymus gland, several times every morning (or whenever they need it), in order to mobilise the energy and hormone production. Finally, this chakra is affected by our diet, the environmental pollution, and our stress, and when it malfunctions we are unprotected against viruses, radiation, illnesses, etc. For all these reasons my advisers were right to advise me to include this chakra here.

       E) APPLICATION OF TREATMENT.  It is of great importance, while listening to the sounds to use also our imagination and intention for healing. Thus during the cleaning process, we can imagine for a while our chakras as shown in the above pictures and colours, (and if we prefer inside a crystalline transparent sphere), to spin, to grow and to become cleaned (scattering around as dark dust every “impurity”), and then to shine like a big pure gem and its light to cover our entire body, (and in particular the organ that might have the problem), with the colour of the chakra, that also changes tones. Respectively during the activation process, we can imagine for a while to inhale the light that the chakra emits (sucking with each inhalation the energy from the higher dimensions), while with every exhalation we imagine to accelerate its spinning. In addition it is useful during the cleaning, to imaging not only the chakra but also the various organs and functions related with the chakra, becoming cleaned and healed from any problem that might have. Also during the activation to imaging the various organs and functions to be rejuvenated and to function properly. Furthermore  if we have the actual bowls, it is better to put in each one a small coloured lamp with battery with the colour of the chakra, so that it shines like a lantern. If on the other hand we work with only one chakra, with one pair of bowls, or with their recorded sounds, then if we have in the room a lamp with the colour of the chakra, it helps the healing. Thus we use for the healing not only the sound but also the colour which (being a vibration) is also a very powerful tool. In addition, some healers usually write on a paper our intention for a specific healing and place the paper in the bowl during the treatment. Here I would like to add two notes for my distrustful technocrat friends who might consider all these as fairytales. First, our thoughts are also a form of energy, and this is proven by the fact that our intentions and sentiments, (good or bad) influence the colours and shape of our aura, as is shown clearly in the photos of the aura. Second, the sound influences certain physical attributes of our body (and of our cells), so that, while the voltage of our body is in general 10 milivolts, under the influence of the crystal sounds it goes up to the 10 volts (i.e. 1000 times more), while peaks have been recorded to be 16 volts. 


       If while visualising a chakra we see it being motionless, this most probably means that the chakra is blocked and we should reactivate it whenever we have the chance, (even with our thoughts, as described above, in case we do not have the sound). In addition we can strengthen the “sound therapy” with the “aromatic therapy” (using essential oils) and with the “crystal therapy” (using crystals), as I describe in detail for the root chakra in my page II.1.D4. When we finish with the 1st chakra it is good to continue with its complementary chakra which is the 7th (i.e. 1+7=8) with the note Si or Ti (i.e. B), and then we select the next pair, as is e.g. the 2nd  and 6th (6+2=8), or the 3rd and 5th (3+5=8), or the 4th and of the thymus gland (without however this proceeding in pairs to be obligatory). The number of sessions that will be required for each chakra depends on the condition of each chakra. In any case it should be noted that sound therapy, no mater how intensively is applied, cannot harm us. However sometimes we feel for a short period a “therapeutic malaise”, due to the cleaning that is carried out as e.g. happens in a diet of detoxification. In case we are away from home (e.g. travelling), we can have the recordings in a CD player and hear the sounds, but not through the earphones but through the (even small) CD loudspeakers, so that our entire body receives the sounds.

       When after several sessions, we have cleaned and activated all our chakras, having insisted more where some problems existed and the problems are healed, we can henceforth occasionally put (without repetition) the 16 recordings (two for each chakra including the thymus gland, with duration 8-8.5 minutes each recording), for the maintenance of our chakras in a high level of purity and activation. We can do it in pairs, taking a chakra and its complementary, thus using 32 minutes for each pair, and then making an interval before proceeding to the next pair. I have put these 16 recordings in two high fidelity CDs and I give them to my friends to use them in their audio systems. In addition, a composer friend of mine has created music and CDs using exclusively the recorded sounds of the crystal bowls. Moreover I would like to stress that the duration, and the number of the sessions, as well as the order we choose to heal the chakras, is ultimately subjective, while a good guide is always our intuition, and how we feel while hearing each crystal sound. In addition, if we are not sure where a certain bodily or mental dysfunction is attributed, we can try several of these 30 recorded sounds and choose the one that we feel that helps us more. Moreover noteworthy is that each human body has its sound, to which it is better resonated, and we always hear this sound more pleasantly. Finally, during my sound therapies an inspiration came to me (which I recommend also to you). I imagine that heaving crossed a beautiful forest, I enter a cool shallow blue lake and lay down in a violet pyramid in the lake, where all bowls exist and that a beautiful fairy plays the bowls for me. But also, independent from sound therapies, when I feel moody, or without energy, I like to go to this pyramid where I feel secure, my energy returns, and my mood improves.


       Recently I use the technique to repeat (inside myself) three times during hearing the crystal sounds: a) Open the X chakra (three times). b) Clean up the X chakra. c) Align the X chakra. d) Heal the X chakras. e) Activate the X chakra. g) Heal the organ Y1 and then the Y2 and then the Y3, etc., where Y1, Y2, Y3 are the various organs and functions which are affected by this (X) chakra. Note that while I give these commands I feel that they produce the desired result and I imagine the chakras to rotate quickly. After completing the above steps, and if the sound continues for the chakra X I repeat the above steps from the beginning. Then I proceed to the next chakra, with the next crystal sound etc. Even if sometimes the sounds are not available, it is useful to apply the above technique even without sounds, only, then, the results will be less strong. Moreover because, as we move towards the fifth dimension, the other new chakras begin to open and be activated (so instead of the 8 today, we will eventually have 13 chakras), it is useful to open, clean and activate as well the new chakras as follows: While we hear the sounds on the third eye chakra, after completing the above procedure for the third eye, to follow the same procedure for each one of the three new chakras which are a) the “well of dreams” located at the base of the head (in the neck), where starts the spinal cord, b) the pineal gland, which is located at the back part of the brain between the two lobes, and c) the pituitary gland which is located at the meddle part of the brain also between the two lobes. We visualise each one of these in turn to revolve like a golden bright wheel, to open, to be cleaned, healed and eventually to be activated. The same process we follow when we hear the sounds of the crown chakra, for the two chakras which are located outside the body one at the left and the other at the right about one foot over the head, and the first refers to the female energy and the second to the male, and the same is applied for the chakra of the diaphragm when we hear the sounds for the solar plexus. After we finish this process we can visualise all chakras to revolve together, and we can repeat this visualisation some times during the day. Finally, after some days (or months) of repeating the above procedure, it is worthy to try during our meditation to communicate and receive messages from some higher entity (such as the Archangel Michael, who protects our planet), fact that with the opening and activation of the above chakras, is very likely to be achieved.


       Another significant application of the crystal bowls is the activation of water, which is performed as follows. We fill a bowl (better of diameter 8-10 in.) with bottled or better distilled water (e.g. the rain water) to the one third, while we sweep to make the remaining internal surface dry. Then we play the bowl (better clockwise) for at least 2 minutes so that it becomes activated, and then we drink the water, (or the wine, or the juice, or the tee that we put in the bowl). If the bowl we used corresponds to the chakra we want to cure, it is preferable. With this activation the molecules of the water are organised in a better structure of “liquid crystals”' and their physical attributes (surface tendency, etc) are altered, as it has been proven (with the spectrum-analysis) by certain researchers. Noteworthy is that also the water in our body has a similarly organised liquid crystal structure, and in particular the healthy organs have a more organised structure than those with a problem. In any case I believe that similar results are also achieved using the recorded sounds, by placing a glass of water in front of the source of the sound. The crystal sounds have also an important effect to the plants, fact that was proven by the following event. I bought four flowerpots containing the same flower each and I placed them in four rooms in my house. The flower in the room with the crystal bowls remains fresh, whereas the other three flowers have died long ago . Therefore I recommend you to use the recordings that I give, in your house and in your garden.

       Another useful complementary to the sound therapy (as said before) is the aromatherapy. So we can spread with a cotton impregnated with essential oil, (e.g. levanter) on the upper ends of the bowl we are going to use. If the oil corresponds to the particular chakra (see my page II.1.D4 for the root chakra, and for the rest refer to the aromatherapy bibliography), then this has a better result. In addition, we can place near the chakra the corresponding crystal (for the root chakra see my page II.1.D4 and for the rest reefer to the crystal therapy bibliography). Finally, because I like improving whatever I do (habit that I have since I was a researcher in the National Technical University of Athens), I thought that we can place a crystal bowl on our body while taking a bath, with its bottom external surface in contact with the water. So if we (or somebody else) plays the bowl then the sound is better transmitted through water to our body (than through the air), and in addition the liquid crystallization of the water that surrounds us, benefits us as well.  Finally, because I like the research and experiments, I thought that you could, (using the recordings I give you), to try listening simultaneously the two sounds (clockwise and anti-clockwise) of a bowl, or even to listen simultaneously the four sounds of the two bowls that correspond to a particular chakra by activating all four bars given in this page for each chakra. By doing so you can find out whether or not this practise accelerates the results, decreasing the time that is required, compared to the time required to listen one by one the sounds. Moreover some friends tried hearing the bars of the sounds of different bowls simultaneously, and the result was pleasant to their ears, and one of them told me that hearing a certain combination of several bowls he felt hearing the sounds of the universe (as have been captured by electronic antennas). Also some friends hearing the sound of a particular chakra they felt a heat in their organs related to this chakra.

       Finally a friend (a priest, father Vissarion), who has be given treatments with crystal and metal bowls for years told me the following: He lives in a property next to an ancient temple where he has built also a Christian  church and where a “time-space gate” seems to be activated. Sometime ago as he was playing the bowls in the church, when he struck them in a particular order, he felt a strong noise in his ears and vertigo and fainted. He woke up when his son phoned him from the home nearby, telling him that twenty meters above the church there was a very big luminous object. The priest came out to take a photo but he saw the object disappearing at high speed behind the mountain. When after some time a friend (a minister from Philippines who had witnessed UFOs) visited him, as soon as he entered his house asked him if a spacecraft had come there before, without the minister knowing about the event. The explanation that father Vissarion gives, is that the combination of sounds he played probably was a code of communication with the beings of the spacecraft, who came to see who calls them. Therefore, probably these sounds constitute sometimes a means of communication with extraterrestrials, (as sawn in the science fiction film “Contacts of third type”). After my acquaintance with father Vissarion, (during my treatment with crystal sounds, which now, in the beginning, usually lasts one hour in the morning and one in the evening), I spontaneously felt the desire to pray calling upon the divine forces and the superior beings that support me, to help me in the reinforcement and healing of the chakra and in one by one of each organ or function related to it, fact that I believe that it strengthens a lot the result. 

       In addition I would like to share with you the experience of using the bowls with the help of my friend Georgia Xenariou from Mykonos, (, who is a charismatic healer in many sectors and mainly in the use of healing herbs. From this use, we came up with the following two useful conclusions: For those that have the sensitivity to see colours during the treatment, it is very likely. a) To see with closed eyes the colour of the chakra (possibly in combination with other secondary colours), while hearing the sound. However as the chakra is getting healed, the colours tend to become white or golden-white. b) When we play the bowl anticlockwise, these sensitive people may see the energies (in the form of colours in various shapes), to come down from above (divine energies) and to enter their body, while when we play the bowl clockwise,  they may see the energies to go up from the ground (Earth energies) and to enter their body. Moreover as mentioned earlier, we observed that certain individuals show preference to the clockwise movement, regardless of the diameter of the bowl, while others were disturbed with the clockwise movement of the bowl of the note B (Si or Ti of the crown chakra). Finally in a lot of measurements we made using the “vita sensor” (a flexible metal bar with a handle in one end and a small boll in the other), for the energy of the activation of water, but also of the healing herbs (which we put with their bottles in the bowls), and for the foods in general, we realised that the energy of the herbs and other materials (liquid or solid) was increased from the initial 0 – 10 movements of the vita sensor to 100 – 200 after the activation. We observed that the greatest activation occurred when playing the bowls clockwise (for at least two minutes), and in particular with the use of the bowl of note F (i.e. Fa of the heart) and F diesis (of the thymus gland). 

       Also, with my charismatic friend Sisi Pashalidou we performed some experiments with the help of a pendulum, which gave the following results: First, a note influences positively not only the associated chakra, but also (in a smaller degree) the neighbouring chakras as well. This means that a complete treatment with the bowls that I give here, covers satisfactorily also all other (secondary) chakras inside and outside our body, that are not mentioned here, which correspond (as we said) to intermediary notes (diesis-middle and flat). Second when playing clockwise, the sound not only activates but also cleans (but in a smaller degree) the corresponding chakra. Likewise when playing anti-clockwise, the sound not only cleans but also activates (but also in a smaller degree) the chakra. Also, in a book that Sisi gave me recently, Steve Rother ( received as channel the following message from the divine beings named “The Group”: “The vibration treatment is one of the biggest sectors of treatment and will be largely developed in the next months and years. Your physical existence is nothing more than a wavy line for our optical view. You are vibrations and you are so beautiful wavy lines…. Try to experiment with vibrating tools now, because they will help particularly with the nuisances and the pains due to the change of the Earth vibration. Play with them and afterwards write the books that will help others. You have selected yourself to do this. You are the chosen ones''. This message came as an answer to a related question in a congress of “light workers” in Holland. The nuisance of this change mainly refers to the increase of our vibration, that many of us begin to feel by entering the fifth dimension.

       Finally I posed a question to my divine advisors, as well as to two very powerful “channels” about whether my writings about treatments with Reiki, SSR, crystal sounds, meditations, etc will help the people to their passage to the fifth dimension. The answer of the superior beings was: “Certainly yes, and this is your mission in this incarnation, but the degree of help will depend on whether or not many people will be able to find, read, and use what you offer them”. Furthermore they said that my greatest and most important contribution is the fact that myself (along with other, selected for that purpose, individuals) ground the energies they send me to the Earth, which the Earth needs until 2011 in order to enter the fifth dimension at the end of 2012. In addition, they said that this had also been my mission in many other previous incarnations, living in other planets and in other dimensions (see also my page II.1.D2).


       (Note for more than 2.000.000 members of the 63 internet communities (ning and others) where I am a member and where I am connected up to now with more than 2300 electronic friends who regularly read what I post there):

       I have put the above text, in “My Page” (and in “My Group” I have created in each community) and the 30 recordings in “My Music”, so that, the members of these communities and my electronic friends, can use the sound therapy, without the need to search and visit this page in my site.

       Finally I would kindly ask for the comments of those who are going to use this sound therapy, (and I thank them in advance for their time), so that I can evaluate the results and do the necessary additions. In this way I will be able to better help them with this method, which I consider the most important therapy method of all that I know, and has achieved miracles (as you can see in the above mentioned bibliography).

        In fact, in order to prove the “magical” effect these sounds have on us, I am presenting (for persuading people to try them), two of the many “thank you” messages I receive from people who used the sounds. The first (September 2010) was sent by a Greek yang lady, and I am copying it below in translation, while the second (October 2010) is one of the many more I am receiving in English from people abroad.

       First: “Mr Koemtzopoulos. I do not know how you will find what I say (although it certainly will not surprise you), but I literally owe you everything! I can start from the beginning and try to be as brief as my enthusiasm allows. Two weeks ago just felled into my hands a photocopy of the e-mail of your interview in TV about 2012. Initially reading it with my parents I could not help but laugh even though I love extraterrestrials and everything related. But then I could not calm down and I felt shocked because every primary answers about the universe and the meaning of life was given through your words. I went to the Greek pages of your site and drained one by one all the articles, until I got to the page of the recorded crystal sounds and all the rest is now history. Immediately I found myself listening to the sounds for many hours for two days. I was informed using the internet as best I could and thanks to the sounds all began! I started to have the first signs of awareness of energy etc. Within two days I raised my vibrations dramatically and I was grateful for the aid from the universe. I asked for being able to communicate with the extraterrestrials. Within one week I found by chance two teachers who guided me to the point to be able to communicate with my higher self and then with my divine guardian-adviser. How many miracles I experience every day would take a book to list them, but I know and it was confirmed by my guardian that were the crystal sounds that changed rapidly all these. The one moment I was a simple person lost in my problems and the next I became a fully conscious being connected with my soul. Every day for me is a day in paradise and I owe this to you... THANK YOU”.      

       Second: “Dear Dr George, I wrote to you before because I love your website and I am in total  awe with  your paintings. I began using the crystal bowls therapy that you so kindly offer on  your website.I have been working mainly on my root chakra as well as my solar  plexus one. I had many difficult issues arising from an insecure  childhood and my root chakra has always been very stagnant. I also suffer from fear on my solar chakra since I was a little girl,  as soon as I wake up I felt fear on my stomach, so bad that I have a  hard time getting up, I also noticed that I tend to be very settled in  routines, I procrastinate, suffer from low self esteem and depression  has plagued me all of my life. Since I began doing  your root chakra and solar chakra crystal bowls  sound meditation ( I began about a month ago, two to three times a week) I have been feeling AMAZING: My fear is almost gone, I feel happy as a hobbit, self confident and I have begun to do some things that I have procrastinated for years.   I feel so good that I can hardly believe it and I am so thankful to you for offering those wonderful sounds for free to anyone who needs it. I am very piritual and I finally feel like I can do my part for  helping the ascension. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, I don't know you but I think of you often with lots of affection. I also visit your  website  and stay for a while dreaming looking at your paintings. I love the story about your friend that played his crystal bowls in the church and got the UFO"s attention, it always akes me laugh(I'm sorry he fainted). I also have been working at night with a little quartz crystal pyramid, I put it on my forehead and I imagine a ball of Light sending healing Light into my body and I noticed that my dreams are more vivid and easy to recall.I will begin working on my other chakras as soon as I feel that the root and solar are cured, I can hardly wait to see what happens when I do. I will keep you informed. I feel that you are a dear soul friend and I bow to your LIGHT. Maria”.

       I finally add also a part of a long message from Mexico: “I started the spiritual path 7 yrs ago, I am content with my life and I am my best friend. But. I do not have a special partner in my life, been divorced twice, and I am ready to have it. Any way. I have been feeling something was stopping my spiritual evolution since I wasn’t able to cure my constipation problem, and I am recovering for a long period of lacking abundance and prosperity, (5 yrs). As soon as I stated the Root chakra clearing I feel the energy moving all over my body and so far the constipation is gone!!!! I am feeling the change in my energetic level and confidence is coming my way. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. Million blessings to you and to all your love ones. Edna Garcia Montes de Occa”.