A) CROP CIRCLES.  The crop circles are large forms that are usually shaped in fields of cereals, during one night by the ‘‘light balls’’ that fly for a few seconds above the fields. The crop circles have been photographed and published in books and in the internet and they carry information and transfer energies that the extraterrestrials of various origins send to Earth (see the video  These cosmic energies can be felt and understood by charismatic individuals that walk in the crop circles, (as is also my friend Kalisto, see below). It is noteworthy that the crops are not cut (destroyed) but are bend for the creation of the forms with the help of zero point energy (see my page II.1.D7) that deforms the joints of the shoots, fact that proves the good intention of the extraterrestrials. These forms, that each one covers tens of acres, are usually round and they resemble the ‘‘mandalas’’ that exist since the ancient times mainly described in the religions of the East, and for this reason are also called the mandalas of the extraterrestrials. They are messages that the extraterrestrials are sending to us, the meaning of many of which are obvious or can be understood.

      B) MANDALAS.  The mandalas are geometrical forms (usually of circular form symmetrical to their centre, but exist also as oval or square etc) that are created either by painting (two-dimensional), or by using various materials such as colourful sand, stones, crystals and other objects (three-dimensional). The mandalas are used particularly by people of the Eastern religions (but also many mandalas exist in the western churches), in order to attract the positive energies that each mandala represents, functioning as antennas that tune us to their energies when we look at them, or still more intensely when we construct them. For this reason a lot of monks in the East have as a common exercise the construction of mandalas (usually with sand of various colours), and after they finish and an inspector checks the mandala, they destroy it and proceed with the construction of the next, considering that the value lies mainly in the process of production and not in the product. You can find mandalas in many relevant books and in the internet, where also the attributes that the mandalas transfer to us are explained (e.g. health, abundance, mental calm etc).  

      C) SACRED GEOMETRY. The various symbols, the geometrical forms (two and three-dimensional), and generally the various pictures that compose all of them the ‘‘Sacred Geometry’’, derive (among others), from the seventh dimension (which is completely non-material). Each one of these elements has its own frequencies in which we are tuned using it as an antenna, and ‘‘grounds’’ to us (that is to say transfers) its own cosmic energies from the seventh dimension. Thus, e.g., when we visualise, or we draw, or we call upon the symbols of Reiki etc, they transfer to us their healing and other energies that we use. Something similar happens also with the mandalas (fact that a lot of people knew since the  ancient times and use until today); the only difference is that the mandalas apart from the healing, can transfer to us a lot of other beneficial for us energies. These energies are not addressed to the conscious mind but they speak directly to the unconscious. 

      D) THE MANDALAS OF THIS SITE. Influenced by the crop circles of the extraterrestrials (30 photographs of which I have included in folders  F4A.59 and F4A.60 of GROUP 4A of my  site), but also from the beautiful mandalas of the East, I decided to paint my mandalas (that are included in the files F4A.1 till F4A.58 of GROUP 4A of my site, while 30 of them appear in the present page), giving weight not only in the forms but also in the choice of colours and in the technique that I used in the computer. These mandalas, besides the artistic value, can also be used as antennas in order to connect us with energies, (as the symbols of Reiki do, that appear in page II.1.D3), and for this reason I give them in my site in ‘‘tiff’’ files, for the visitors to be able to print them in large size. Thus looking at these mandalas the visitor can select those that by any chance ‘‘speak’’ to him, and use them experiencing the sentiments that create and feeling the energies that transmit to him, and gradually he can discover also the particular beneficial attribute that each mandala he selected might have for him. Moreover, hanging the mandalas on the walls of a room, can (by the energies that attract), create an important improvement of the Feng-Shui of the space. Finally, because I consider that a lot of things are subjective, I did not attempt to connect a mandala with a certain attribute, but I give below about 100 ‘‘positive words’’ that someone, (using his intuition), can connect a word of his interest with a certain mandala that will transfer to him the energies that the word describes.

      E)  POSITIVE WORDS. I had included these words in a book that I had written years ago when I had dealt with the health and the alternative treatments, and I had connected these words with the ‘‘Creative Visualisation'' that I described there. This book, titled ‘‘Diet, Health, Reinforcement and Success’’ (that included rules of healthy diet and health in general, diets of detoxification and slimming, the techniques and the steps of the ‘‘creative visualisation'' and of the shiatsu massage, reflexology, cromatotherapy, etc), I had published in 3000 copies and I had given it, free of charge, to friends and to members of relevant with its content associations. Because, therefore, a picture (that speaks straight to the unconscious mind), is much more powerful than a word, one can instead of simply visualising a word, to see also the symbol-antenna that coordinates him with the frequency and connects him with the energy of the attributes that are included in the word. Such positive words are, among others, the following:

- Serenity, calm, peace, quietness, relaxation, alleviation, safety, protection.

- Health, well-being, energy, liveliness, force, invigoration, vigour, reinforcement.

- Joy, happiness, satisfaction, plenitude, comfort, pleasure, enjoyment, euphoria, bliss.

- Cheerfulness, insouciance, amusement, mirth, laughter, song, spree.

- Love, devotion, affection, friendship, tenderness, kindness, acceptance.

- Abundance, prosperity, wealth, success, recognition, glory, luck.

- Optimism, enthusiasm, confidence, faith, hope, patience, certainty, courage.

- Self-confidence, self-esteem, love of our self.

- Achievement, insistence, action, improvement, release, salvation.

- Beauty, perfection, attraction, grace, elegance, warmth, politeness of soul, radiation.

- Generosity, solidarity, offer, sympathy, reconciliation, cordiality.

- Wisdom, creation, inspiration, imagination, originality, lucidity, progress, effectiveness.

- Education, culture, intelligence, efficiency, talents, correct judgment.

- Productivity, honesty, sincerity, responsibility, principles.

- Harmony, balance, development, completion, rebirth, enlightenment.

      F) THERAPEUTIC  SOUNDS.  1) General:  The sounds, like the Sacred Geometry, are vibrations based also in the seventh dimension and are (also) not addressed to the conscious mind, but speak directly to the unconscious. Under certain conditions they have powerful cleaning, energising and therapeutic qualities. These precious qualities have mainly the clean crystal sounds, and their more common source is from the crystal bowls made from 99.995% fused silica quartz (see my page II.1.D6).

       2) Therapeutic treatments.  As is also written in the related bibliography, sound therapy uses the principles of resonance, entrainment, and vibration to effect changes in tissues and organs. When something vibrates, it creates a sound wave, which spreads out to all molecules around it. Gently rubbing a quartz crystal bowl with a playing stick causes the bowl to vibrate and the pure sound and tone created penetrates and is disseminated throughout the body by numerous nerves and by bones conduction, to the extent that the music can be felt as well as heard. Quartz crystal bowls create very high frequency overtones that can help relax you while energizing your brain and cleaning and energizing your chakras. People often describe feeling totally relaxed yet fully energized. It is the resonance of the sounds (the frequency of vibration) of these bowls that your body begins to resonate with, in order to change and uplift its vibration. This is where natural healing begins. When e.g. an organ is ill either in the physical body or only in the energy body (i.e. before the illness has any symptoms yet), then the vibration that it produces (because noteworthy that everything in nature is vibrating), is that of an ill organ. Therefore it should be heeled by creating a resonance with the suitable vibration of pure crystal sounds, so that to prevent, or to cure the illness.

        3) Root (or basic) chakra.  As an example of the therapeutic effect that has the crystal sound in various chakras, I will take the root chakra (because if this is not cured first, no other chakra can be fully cured). This is located in the perineum, and constitutes the centre of the force of life, and through this (when it is not closed) all the energies of Earth enter in our body. This is “built” during the first 3.5 years of the life of the child. If during this period the child had an accident, ill-treatment, lack of love, abandonment, lack of game, or happened to have overprotective or very strict parents that continuously prohibited him to do anything, then the chakra that is created is malfunctioned and causes serious problems to the adult (see my page II.1.D6).

       4) Application of the treatment. It is of fundamental importance, to clean and extend first the root chakra, before we advance to the others. We use the bowl with the note Do, (i.e. C) with a diameter of at least 50 cm (20” in) which we rub anti-clockwise for quite a while. Then we energise it by rubbing it (or a smaller bowl of note Do) clockwise. This procedure has to be repeated for days, and if necessary (for a very much weak chakra) even for months. If we have two bowls of note Do (C) e.g. one large (e.g. 50 cm - 20” in.) and one small (e.g. 20 cm - 8” in.) then we can achieve quicker and better results, using the large (low octave) for cleaning-enlarging, and the small bowl (high octave) for energizing. We can strengthen this “sound-therapy” with “aromatic-therapy” (using the oils: cedar, carnation, levanter, hyacinth), and with “crystal-therapy” (using the crystals: agate, hematite, rose quartz, ruby, red coral). When we finish with the 1st chakra we proceed with the 7th, which is its complementary (1+7=8) using the corresponding bowl of note Si or Ti (i.e. B). So we continue by selecting another pair e.g. the 2nd and 6th (6+2=8) or the 3rd and 5th (5+3=8) or the 4th, while the time that is required for healing each one, depends on the condition of each chakra.

       5) The other six chakras:  Details of the attributes of the other chakras, and of the areas of the body or the mind that influences each one (when it does not function as it should), you will find in my page II.1.D6 and in the related bibliography about chakras. Still details for the crystal bowls and sounds in general, you will find in my friend’s Kallisto site ( and as well as in a shop in UK that sells the bowls (see ) and in a shop in Greece (see Finally, in order to facilitate those who do not intend to buy a bowl, I have bought 15 bowls (7 large and 8 small for the 7 chakras) and I have included a high fidelity recording in a separate page of my site (II.1.D6) so that everybody can use these therapeutic energies.

       G) CHANELING FROM SAINT GERMAINE – TIME TRAVELS. The time in the fifth dimension (according to the extraterrestrials) is not linear but rather circular and present, past and future can coexist. In addition we will have the ability to travel back and forth in time. Although I do not quite understand all these about time and about the new calendar (“Tzolk’in”) that we are going to have, I mention these because people more advanced than me may have the antennas to understand or at least to feel what the time will be. On the other hand my good friend Suzanne (member of the “Children of the Sun” ning community) had a channelling about me with St. Germaine, who speaks, among other things, about the creation of a group dealing with time travels through time-space star gates. Because it is very interesting to be able to travel in the past (to see how things really were), and to the future (to see what lies ahead), I include here the entire text of the channeling, and invite those who are interested to time traveling to participate with us in the group that we may try to create with Suzanne, which group will also try to keep the star gates open and clear (as also do my two friends in the Greek island of Kriti for the gates there, through which gates also receive precious information, both for personal and general matters).

       <<<< St. Germaine Channeling – July 27th.Good afternoon – St. Germaine here with a message for George Koemtzopoulos.  George, this message is going to be exacting and to the point, pinpointing your service to the planet and what you can expand upon in the work you are doing. >>

       Firstly, I want to offer you kudos and congratulations for your comprehensive and dedicated SERVICE TO THE LIGHT.  I know that Administration, Organization, and Management are valuable skills that you offer to the Children of the Sun site but also to the planet.  These are going to be important for the coming times as the light workers and star seeds desperately need these talents – many are very creative and intuitive but lacking in left brain skills. (Or perhaps not wanting to develop these skills.)  You have an excellent blending of left and right brain skills and also are extremely prolific in your work.  I think that your work with the Children of the Sun site will continue to be extremely important but that you will be branching out in other directions as well.  Just make sure to keep a good balance with what you are doing so you do not overtax your body.  If your body or brain ever indicate that they need rest you must honor this so you do not burn yourself out.

       Now is a time to begin trusting your guidance more.  You receive a tremendous amount of information, and you are extremely detail oriented,  (for example when you astral travel – more on this later).  The time has come now for people to BECOME like their guidance…. In other words as we approach the 5th dimension there is no separation between you and your guides.  You become masters in the 5th dimension, and so we simply become co-creators with you – in the case of Suzanne, she has simply blended into the Violet Ray and we merge along that ray, only separating when we need to have dialogue/conversation.  Thus you should view no one as “above you” or superior to you in any way.

       If at this time you are still wanting a guide to be in dialogue with, you might think about the Master Serapis Bey who would be beneficial colleague for you.  Serapis Bey is known as the “master of wisdom” and teaches along the 4th Ray.  He was a high priest of the Temple of the Sacred Fire in Atlantis as well as very active in Egypt at Luxor, and he is one of the major ascension teachers available at this time.  Again, do not picture him being “above you” or greater than you but invite him into your energetic field as a teacher.  You could very easily take dictation or “channeling” from him or you could just learn from him energetically.  But now is the time to step into your power and become a master, George.

       Your information will continue to be invaluable, and as you say to “wake people up” so they can step into their power in the fifth dimension.  You need to continue to ease people into their multidimensionality so a core group of a certain number is prepared for the PLANET going into the 5th dimension. 

       It is important that you continue to work with the grids. The planet is trying to birth itself into the 5th dimension and already there are pockets. But the people who work with the grids will both awaken themselves and help the planet without the  Earth going through giant traumatic shifts.  The climate is already changing but it is non necessary for the future to contain huge areas where whole countries and continents are destroyed as was earlier prophesied. Trust that the planet knows what to do –  just like a young mother giving birth for the first time can use some assistance but left on her own will push the baby out nonetheless. The planet is having trouble precisely because some people have abused it so badly, as well as the coming pole shift issue which will  certainly influence some things.  Still, we can ease the planet through this transition gently.

       Your interest in Star Beings is timely and excellent.  Some interstellar contact has already been made on this planet. Also, you should further consider the importance of the extraterrestrial heritage of those here on the planet in the form of the star seeds. We all carry some extraterrestrial heritage (all of us come from somewhere else, even the early Cro-Magnon man) but those who are awakening into the 5th dimension are clearly remembering their interstellar heritage and will serve as stellar emissaries.  So the emissaries will be in place when further representatives from other planets come. 

       But, you may have neglected the fact that certain here of the “bird tribe” or ophanic (high angelic) heritage will be able to travel back to their home planets through shamanic navigation and time travel. (i.e. actual travel without ships). Suzanne can share about this. Thus it may be important to put some focus or start a group on time travel and stargate – ask Suzanne if she would be interested in starting this group with you or for you.  Forces on this planet have controlled the star gates in unhealthy ways and that is why keeping the grid healthy is so important, but it is important to keep open access to star gates for those of the light who need them for time travel.  CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS CAN TIME TRAVEL WITHOUT NEEDING A STARGATE BUT THEY ARE RARER.

       There should be a continued emphasis upon your writing. You carry a great gift. Continuing to write in great detail of your astral travels is very important.  Maybe this could become a book  for adults and eventually  a version also for young people (Indigos, crystals and blues who are so awake but desperately need a positive role model and positive vision of the future) with illustrations of your art.  Your artwork activates people a great deal in non-verbal, primal ways.  Think seriously about this book idea, George.  This could be a very important.

       We thank you again for your tireless service and we are available any time for questions or uplifting energy to carry you and your colleagues forth into the 5th dimension.” >>>>>



       Below I will try to give a brief but as far as possible clear description of the real meaning of time, as well as of the calendar we'll have in the fifth dimension (the Tzolkin), and how it adapts to Earth time (the Haab). The practical significance of the new calendars is threefold. First, it defines for each day of our life, what this day means to us, and which of our activities it favours and which not. Therefore, we can daily plan what would be good for us to deal with, and what would be useless or even harmful to do, in order to proceed according to time and not against it. This would greatly increase our efficiency and success in our life. Second, and very important, it determines when and what kind of rituals we must do in order to send our energies and our intentions to our planet, as well as throughout the galaxy, which are needed for the planet’s development. In these rituals, which the extraterrestrials (who do these almost daily) will teach us, but which we will also create ourselves (especially when we will become fifth dimensional beings), not only we will send, but mainly will receive energies from the planet and the galaxy to strengthen us, improve us and make us fully conscious beings. These are carried synchronically and collectively (in order to be more effective, as the meditation I propose in my page II.1.D5), either locally or (less often) in some key energy points of the crystalline grid, on the external and internal planet's surface, that play the role of temples. Third, depending of the day and the year of our birth, and other characteristics, a detailed astrological map is defined for us, describing our character, our strengths and our weaknesses, our relations with other people, etc. This applies to us more and more as we approach the fifth dimension, and replaces the previous astrology, because the planets also change characteristics. How and why the energies from the Galaxy prevailing during our birth influence our life, I explain in my page II.1.D2. I will not further extend to this third part here, therefore I recommend, to those who are interested, the related literature (e.g. Mayan Astrology by Alouna Hoi Giaskin).


       The Galactic Time, which will be valid for us after 2012, is not linear used only to determine durations and facts (as we were taught by the Annunaki for 13,000 years), but ''circular'' where past, present and future coexist and we can move back and forth in time. The meaning of the above, that the extraterrestrials told me, I can not say that I have fully understood, but I expect that we will all understand when we experience time in the fifth dimension. However the Time with its pulses, as well as the Light, the Divine Love and the Energy (Crystalline) Grids, are the basic elements of Creation, which created the current “Sixth Reality” in which we are now living (see details in my page II.1.D). This time with its harmonics guides our steps during our lives, helps us to plan properly for our future, and is the mean that makes us to better understand ourselves, to fully perceive the reality around us, and to correctly interpret the experiences and the lessons it gives us. Moreover, as I have already said, time is accelerated (the actual duration of the day decreases), and also the changes are accelerated. Changes, especially in our consciousness, that in the past needed thousands of years, later reduced to hundreds and then tens of years. Therefore, the changes made from generation to generation (i.e. the generation gap every 30 years) now occur every year and even faster as we approach 2012.


       TZOLKIN. The galactic calendar Tzolkin, which originates mainly from the Pleiades, includes a year of 260 days in which the time of each day has a particular influence on us. These days are defined by two sets of characteristics. The first has to do with the “13 tones (or steps) of Creation” each of which has its own properties for us, and if we want to refer to them with only two or three words these properties are: 1) Unity-attraction-purpose. 2) Challenge-lessons-counterbalance. 3) Activation-linkage-services. 4) measurement-definition-form. 5) Empowerment-administration-radiation. 6) Organization–equality-balance 7) Initiation-inspiration-channelling  8) Integrity-principles-alignment. 9) Intention-awareness-pulse 10) Realisation–production-perfection. 11) Liberation–independence–freedom 12) Loyalty-cooperation-globalization. 13) Persistence-presence-patience. These tones, that are the consecutive steps of creation, are symbolized by the numbers 1 to 13 and are the steps in the “spiral of time” that continually swirls. The second group consists of 20 solar seals (or more simply “suns”) that are separated into four groups of harmonics or colours and in five groups of “harmonic cycles” (4x5 = 20). The four groups of harmonics correspond to 4 colours and to the 4 points of the horizon and have the following characteristics. 1st harmonic is the red Sun (East) with characteristics the beginning and the power of creation. 2nd harmonic is the white (North) with the purification-cleaning of thoughts and actions. 3rd harmonic is the black (or alternatively the blue) (West) with the realisation-manifestation. 4th harmonic is the yellow (south) with the completion – perfection through the Divine wisdom. The 5 groups of harmonic cycles, each comprising 4 suns in the following order, red-white-black-yellow, are: 1) Of birth and baby age. 2) Of childhood. 3) Of adolescence. 4) Of adulthood. 5) Of maturity, where thoughts merge with material and spirit. The full description of the influences that each of the 20 suns has on us, needs at least two pages. So, I will give here in brief only one or two key characteristics for each of the 20 suns, in the order of the 5 groups of harmonic cycles (and of the 4 colours inside them) that I already mentioned, along with their names given by the Mayas (in capitals). For a complete description, refer to the bibliography e.g. the one mentioned above (Mayan Astrology).


       1) Red Dragon IMIX (supplies the start, the unity, and the source of creation). 2) White Wind IK (gives birth to the spirit and communicates with inspiration). 3) Black Night AKBAL (connects us with our personal abundance and connects us with the inspiration). 4) Yellow Seed KAN (develops ideas and thoughts and prepares them for their manifestation). 5) Red serpent CHICCHAN (strength and vital energy that maintains life and survivability). 6) White Death CIMI (turns ideas into beliefs, creates opportunities and bridges spirit with matter). 7) Black Hand MANIK (self-awareness that leads to the achievement of our goals and to healing). 8) Yellow star LAMAT (harmony with the universe, elegance and beauty through art). 9) Red Moon MULUC (purification and ritual, whereas it organizes the flow of our thoughts to understand ourselves). 10) White Dog OC (power of love and devotion, and meditation for faith and good relations). 11) Black monkey BATZ (magical joy of creation with spontaneity and childhood spirit). 12) Yellow Man EB (wisdom that explores the limits of free will and of the connection of “thought forms”-believes with reality). 13) Red Dancer of the stars BEN (awakening and exploration that connects our personal rhythm with infinity and our thoughts with “timelessness”). 14) White magician IX (creates the magic of ideas, joy, fun and acceptance of our divine self). 15) Black Eagle MEN (dedication and success to a vision-goal and fulfilment of our journey to our inner self). 16) Yellow Warrior CIB (investigates rationality and the reasons for our existence and travels with courage and wisdom in the heavenly paths). 17) Red Earth CABAN (explores the evolution of reality and the usefulness of our “thought forms” and synchronizes the Earth things with the infinity). 18) White Mirror ETZNAB (reveals our inner self and analyzes the reliability of our thoughts and puts them into order). 19) Black Storm CAUAC (rebirth, regeneration, energy and final transformation of the body and spirit in preparation for ascension). 20) Yellow Sun AHAU (integration, unity with the infinite, enlightenment of the soul, and guidance of our ascension to higher levels).


       HAAB. The combination of the first harmonic cycle (of 4 suns) with the 13 tonnes that interchange consecutively, give the first 52 days of the Tzolkin calendar of 260 days (13x4 = 52). Similarly, the next 4 groups of 4 suns each give the following 4 groups of 52 days of the Tzolkin (5x52 = 260 in total). The properties and the importance that each day has for us are determined by the combination of the properties of each tone with the properties of each sun. Since though on Earth a year has 365 days instead of 260, those extraterrestrials responsible for the calendars gave to the people of Lemouria (when they founded Lemouria 900,000 years ago), the calendar that the Mayas inherited later and named it Haab (which slightly differs from the original calendar of Lemouria). This calendar has its new year’s day on the 26th of July of the Gregorian calendar, and the day begins when our Sun rises over the mountains Heleakala in Maui, Hawaii, where there is the Temple of the Sun, which is near the sunken capital of Lemouria. This selection was made in honors of the Sirians, who were the first humanoid to colonize Earth, since on that date our Sun “aligns” with the star of Sirius from where they came.


       The duration of the Haab is 365 days and is divided into 18 months of 20 days each (20×18 = 360), while there is one last month of 5 days (6 days on leap years), which is the month of celebrations and rituals for the closure of the current year and the preparation for the next (21-25 July). The correlation between the two calendars is 52 years of 365 days, which is equal to 73 years of 260 days (52x365 = 18980 = 73x260). The end of the 52 years is on 21.12.2012. To find each day of the Gregorian in which day of the Tzolkin corresponds, there are relevant tables where next to each day of the Gregorian there is the day of the Tzolkin, which is given with the number of its tone and the Mayan name of its sun. To see how those tables correspond, let us imagine a measuring tape with 18,980 subdivisions where, instead of centimetres on the top side and inches on the bottom, to have the days of the two calendars one on the top and the other on the bottom (with the corresponding micro-adjustments for the leap years). So we can know the properties of each Gregorian day, (getting them from the corresponding day of the Tzolkin), in order to arrange accordingly our daily plans and activities, (i.e. what is good for us to do and what to avoid, etc, each day). This correlation should be used at least until the Gregorian calendar seizes completely to be used. In addition, our new experiences with the galactic time (with the help of the meditations that are connected with the various days of the calendar), lead us to our internal development, and to discovering the real purpose in our lives. You can find more details on the galactic time and the Haab calendar (as I found as well) by purchasing the calendar (from 26.7.09 to 25.7.10) from Dr. Sheldan Nidle (site ).


       DREAM SPELL. In modern times we have a change of the Haab where instead of 18 months we have 13 lunar months of 28 days each, thus totalling 13x28=364 days plus one day (the 25/07, or two days in leap years) for celebrations, see calendar Dream Spell (The Thirteen Moon Calendar, site Here as well every day of this calendar is connected to the equivalent sun and tone of the Tzolkin calendar, from which it takes its properties, while the extra day of leap years is not taken at all into consideration neither on the date of the year nor on the day of the week. This calendar has the advantage that for each day of the year of 364 days corresponds always the same day of the week in each year, while the 365th day does not considered within the days of the week. Moreover these 7 days of the week are steadily linked to the days of the lunar month, and also with the “electromagnetic plasma” of each of our chakras, with the following order: 1st of the Crown (1,8,15,22), 2nd the basic chakra (2,9,16,23), 3rd the third eye (3,10,17,24), 4th sex chakra (4,11,16,25), 5th of the neck (5,12,19 , 26), 6th solar plexus (6,13,20,27), and 7th chakra of the heart (7,14,21,28). These 7 days, that are respectively characterized with the properties: 1 goals, 2 flow, 3 serenity, 4, creation, 5 liberation, 6 purification, and 7 relief, are the days to activate during these our corresponding chakras and the  connected with the chakras properties, organs and systems of our body. (Look for properties of the chakras and their activation using crystal sounds in my page II.1.D6).


       A global organization has been created since decades supporting this last calendar, and trying to introduce it in order to replace the Gregorian one, so that people to benefit from the information provided, adapting accordingly their lives. Moreover in this calendar the days of the “galactic activation of the time-space portals” are noted with special colour, (which are 52 every 260 days of the Tzolkin calendar), which are mostly offered for every kind of action, for rituals-meditations, etc. They are also noted the “days of the core” (which are 20 every 260 days) and are very favourite for the people who have been born in one of these days. In addition, certain meditations that help us are given, witch should be done during certain days of the calendar. Moreover based on our date of birth, certain characteristics of our character and our general course in our life are defined (e.g. our “Guide Seal” that guides us, our “Code Spell” that describes us, etc, see details in the calendar). A free of charge colour version of the Dream Spell calendar can one order, or can download (but black and white) every year, from the internet at the above address. I believe that finally this calendar, due to its many advantages, will replace the Gregorian one.


       ASTROLOGY OF MAYAS. Regarding astrology, the day and year of our birth, (that from the Gregorian calendar is transferred to the Tzolkin), determines both our central sun that mainly characterizes us, and our four peripheral suns (strengthening of the East, challenging of the West, compatible of the North and mysterious of the South), which according to their position strengthen us, or teach us, or affect our relations, or reveal our hidden self, etc. These five suns (out of the 20 that I described above) together with the number of our tone (one of the above 13), and the position that our birth date has in a related table (i.e. if we are born in a “portal”, or in the “core” of the table, etc.) determine our new astrological map now entering in the Galactic Time (see above bibliography in the first paragraph). For those born on February 29, in a leap year (day not considered in the calendar), we are taking the combination of the characteristics of the two adjacent dates (28.Feb and 01.Mars), or if we know the time of birth then for am we take the 28.Feb and for pm the 01.Mars. Finally, because different calendars of 365 days circulate (i.e. the Kiche), some of them connecting each of their days in different ways to each of the 260 days of the Tzolkin (which is the calendar that determines, as we have seen, the special properties of the day), the correct way to make this conection is the one I indicated above with the example of the measuring tape, so that the astrological map that comes from the date of our birth is the correct and the only one.      

       MESSAGES FROM THE SIRIANS: Furthermore in order to support, the information that I received from the Pleiadians, about the 5th dimension mentioned above, I give you below the information that a charismatic person Dr. Sheldan Nidle ( site ) has received from the Sirians (see also my pages II.1.D, II.1.D1, II.1.D2, II.1.D5, II.1.D6, II.1.D7, II.1.D8, II.1.D10 and II.1.D11). This information is given in the 24 paragraphs of three messages which Dr. Nidle received on 1, 8, and 15 Sept.09.  These messages are as follows: 


       1ST MESSAGE: (of 1.Sept.09). We come again to inform you of current events on your world and how your reality is transforming. Everywhere, signs of great change are appearing. Your oceans, atmosphere, and lands are becoming something quite different. The vast increase in energies from the galactic core has begun to affect your Sun as well as each planet's general orbit and composition, including her relationship to the various moons that circle her. This energy influx is re-forming the electromagnetic and electrogravitic grids that bind your solar system together, and is one of the main causes of global warming and the heating-up of the oceans. It is also responsible for the exponential rise over the past two decades of seismic and volcanic activity. All these things affect the Earth by weakening her electromagnetic and gravitational fields, conditions which prefigure a new monopolar, fifth-dimensional world. These transformations also mirror what is happening to all of you: You are becoming multidimensional Beings, with full access to the Creator's magnificent, countless realities!

      The global society you currently live in is collapsing around you. The reason for this is that the core philosophies of your societies no longer resonate with the new energies, and a new philosophy is now essential. The axioms of the newly emerging paradigm go far beyond merely 'going green' or reforming the rules that govern corporations or ethical standards in government. A philosophical and humanistic change is taking shape which is to move you, finally, beyond scarcity and limitation into abundance and sovereignty. This mandates a foundational reordering of your society. As your consciousness rises, so too does the need to express those basic emotions that make you quintessentially human. We have watched you become more and more aware of your innate need to care for each other, and of your growing distress at the alienating and degrading social codes under which you live. These unsatisfactory constraints, intrinsic to your society, are beginning to break down, as demonstrated by the recent, ongoing crash of your financial and economic system. The need for something quite new grows more urgent by the day!

      The need for a new worldview is reciprocated by a movement on your planet to return to a more connected and humane social order. The nature of this impetus leads naturally to what we call galactic society. The philosophy behind galactic society emphasizes the innate sovereignty of the individual and integrates this with a familial grouping that focuses on nurturing and honouring not just the young but also each person's natural talents and abilities. This translates into a process we call fluid group management. This 'glue' holds our society together and facilitates a technology that serves humanity in a manner that elevates honouring its members to the highest level possible. This naturally 'organic' technology was given to us in its most rudimentary form some 4 million of your years ago. Since then we have perfected it, and would like to gift it to you in turn. As you return to full consciousness you will require all the accoutrements that a fully conscious society entitles you to.

      Your industrial society is predicated on ravaging the Earth. The wholesale depredation of your environment has reached the point where it can no longer support your present global society. The avarice and brutality of your society guarantee its impending ruin. The way forward lies not in recoiling into some form of technological primitivism, nor being subsumed by an already looming tyranny which hoards and controls your dwindling global resources. Another option stands on your horizon, one which requires a new understanding of technology. Until now on your planet, technology has been largely a slave to profit rather than a true servant of humanity. Most civilizations in this galaxy, upon reaching this point of no return, either adapt upwards or succumb to chaos and assorted dictatorships, followed by self-destruction. We are here to carry out a special plan that, one way or another, leads you toward Heaven's highest vision for you. This is the reason for this first contact mission.

      First contact, now more than ever, is a complex process. We are using our expertise together with the experience of our Inner Earth family to guide you to where you need to go. This is neither an easy, nor a familiar path for you. We fully realize this and have set up parameters for our Earth allies to follow. This they are doing, and we expect the next major markers in your journey to be achieved shortly. Disclosures of many things, including our presence, are in their to-do list directly after the initial prosperity programs are delivered and their major announcements are broadcast throughout the world. We intend to play a key role behind the scenes to ensure that all comes about in a timely manner. Further, our Inner Earth family is closely advising our Earth allies on what the last dark cabal is doing. Thus we intend the next moves to happen swiftly. We are also ready to land at a moment's notice if required.

      Our operation is tied into a timetable set by Heaven. We have been informing your world's governments of this since the late 1990s, and since then have regularly revisited them to emphasize that first contact is inevitable. They are also apprised of the divine ban on all nuclear weaponry. Our continuing visits to your governments have two major aims: We want them to be very clear about the fact that we are not going away and that, at an appointed time chosen by Heaven, we are to make ourselves known to you and land on your world in great numbers. We also want them to know that their days as major controllers of the planet are about to end. We are watching and if, by chance, what is planned fails to materialize, we have back-up scenarios to enable us to complete what has been decreed by Heaven and Lord Surea.

      Let us now return to what we touched on in earlier paragraphs. Your world has reached what many call a turning point; in other words, your global society lacks the means to continue forward as it has in centuries past. Wars, as a workable tactic, have run their course. The rationale for your society's existence is beginning to sound like a hollow mockery of past achievements. Your global economy is on life-support and the future is bleak, to put it mildly! The ties binding your society together are unravelling. Your futurists see this clearly and know that your world must graduate from its childish ways or colossal, ungovernable environmental disorder will erupt. Only the politicians and those with deranged levels of obduracy intent on maintaining the status quo against all reason still resist what needs to be done.

      Your world cries out for something completely different. A global 'quiet revolution' is imperative. Your social scientists have now come to the conclusion that capitalism, as presently constituted, is not the answer. You require a global move into universal prosperity, followed swiftly by the introduction of now-suppressed technologies. These liberating developments can be instrumental in putting your Earth-centric xenophobia to flight and preparing you to accept the next leaps in your development toward a successful, fully conscious global society. These final, challenging steps require a Loving, fully conscious mentor, and if necessary we are ready to jump-start this remit of ours with a mass landing on your beautiful shores.      

      2ND MESSAGE: (of 8.Sept.09). We return with more to discuss with you. The events leading up to the announcements by the new transitional regimes are close to happening. Our Earth allies have caught the dark cabal in a series of grievous mistakes, which allows them to spring a trap that has taken literally years to construct. We fully expect this well-deserved triumph to be just moments away. In this light, let us look at what is occurring around your globe as we speak. The new financial system is poised to manifest; indeed, certain aspects of this system have been operating freely without a great deal of interference from the dark. Vast quantities of gold bullion have been moved secretly from place to place in preparation for the setting up of a new, global, gold and silver-based currency system. This new system is one of the topics to be revealed as part of the many startling public announcements. Another issue is to be the series of special trials conducted to punish the many members of the dark cabal who so lightly and savagely disregarded the unalienable, God-given rights of humanity.

      The many horrible crimes perpetrated by this dark cabal that are to be addressed are only the better-known aspects of their thuggery. For millennia, this miserable bunch of miscreants has lied, cheated, and mass-murdered their way through history in the guise of your rulers. They have wrought endless wars, forged fictitious hatred, and spread continuous economic calamity designed only to enrich their coffers and increase the amount of suffering that has been their only bequest to humanity. Now this era of grief and woe is closing, and the advent of a new, prosperous day shines down lovingly upon your valiant efforts! Our Earth allies have an agenda in place that is to restore your liberties and provide you with the opportunities to grow and become all that you are capable of being. This new era brings a time for first contact, when we, with your collective approval, can land upon your beautiful shores. These landings are to happen once you have graciously demonstrated to Mother Earth your worthiness to once again be her true guardians, by making inroads into cleaning up her oceans, disinfecting her land, and purifying her air.

      As her guardians you become eligible for the final steps which are to return you swiftly to full consciousness. These steps are to take place in the awesomely gorgeous 5-D realm that is Inner Earth. Here, magnificent crystal cities have been prepared for you, where a technology will be used that can undo the outrageous impairment carried out against you in ancient Atlantis. When you emerge from your Light chambers, you are whole again. You have been carefully reintegrated with your many now-dormant strands of RNA/DNA, and in this restored state you are once again ready to experience states of being and realms only dreamed of. Now, Heaven can fully appear to you and the unknown wonders of physicality can become known. You have morphed into a most glorious butterfly! The miracles you are now capable of are truly infinite. You need, at this time, a very special group of mentors to teach you the ropes of this new realm and to help you fully comprehend and apply its complex etiquette. Heaven has extended this most loving task to us. You are arising out of a long amnesia and require a gentle touch.

     Many truths are to be revealed to you. Much that your former overloads, the Anunnaki, taught you will be shown for the twisted lies they are. Special training on a great many subjects is to be given. Hands-on seminars will be ready to teach you full-consciousness etiquette and this is likely to be the first thing that you will be involved in after the reintegration process is complete. Being fully conscious puts you into a world filled with sensations and powerful abilities that you have not experienced before. We will train you to attune with and integrate the incoming waves of memories of past and future lives, and to harmonize with and control your now-restored instant-thought-creation abilities. Some of you may even feel a bit nauseous at first, or overwhelmed by what is happening to you. In these rare cases, your mentor's soothing physical energy balancing will put this straight within minutes. Our role is to assist and prepare you to go through your orientation as gently and easily as possible.

      The new crystal cities recently built for you by the Agarthans are designed to be easily converted into places that can fully serve your needs and desires. The Agarthans intend to make it possible for a grand reunion between Inner Earth and the surface world to take place. This means that you need to learn about your true planetary history and general planetary protocols. Some of you are under the strange impression that Inner Earth is a dark and dismal place. In fact Inner Earth is a most beautiful and spacious world, filled with many different ecological zones. The Inner Earth sun is the glowing central core or heart of Mother Earth. Surrounded by these vivifying energies, the Agarthans have created a wonderful galactic society that can serve as one of the prototypes for the future galactic society of your still-nascent star-nation. The coming time is the beginning of a new era for Earth's humanity.

      As the fear and negativity of the dark is replaced by the prosperity and the Love of the Light, Heaven lifts you up into a wondrous age of full consciousness. In this realm you are sovereign, honoured, and able to express your true talents and abilities. You live in an environment that permits you to blossom and to freely help your fellows. Gone is the need to worry, or to think less of yourself or of others. You are all equals who have come together to forge a remarkable organic entity: your galactic society. Galactic societies develop out of the expressed needs and desires of a society. It is expected that as you re-member your past, you will propose social models that reflect your distant origins on the many human home-worlds that are scattered throughout the Galactic Federation of Light. From these memories will develop your unique star-nation's galactic society.

      Once this star-nation has taken shape, you can become the happy inhabitants of three newly terra-formed worlds. These worlds are Mars, Venus, and the reconstituted planet that will be called Pax. Venus lost her oceans and her atmosphere when the dark Anchara Alliance attacked about one million years ago. The same ravaging disfigurement was inflicted upon Mars. Shortly, this damage is to be reversed, and over 80 per cent of your current population is to be transferred to these three worlds once they are gloriously ready for their human inhabitants. Then you are to revel in the magic that you are capable of. In the twinkling of an eye, you are to build a network of cities inside these three worlds, and a living star-nation is to be the result of your grand endeavors!

      The glorious future of your star-nation is your grand destiny. First contact, as you can see, is only one of many steps that lie ahead of you on the path to full consciousness, and many of these have already been completed. The steps remaining on this path are being prepared by our Earth allies and by us, with Heaven, as ever, as our divine supervisor. The dark ones who have controlled you for over 13 millennia are losing their grip over you, and the time has come for a much-needed transformation of your realm. We await with glee the signal to begin our mass landing, but before that comes the damage restoration of Mother Earth that will transform your lands. It is time to let go of your old ways and to accept the new ways given to you by the Divine!  

       3RD MESSAGE: (of 15.Sept.09). We continue to follow what is happening on your world. Our Earth allies are proceeding to deploy the trap they sprung on the dark cabal a few weeks ago. A global action is underway that is moving your world toward the creation of a fully transparent banking system and a monetary system based on precious metals, such as gold and silver. This action is being implemented throughout most of the globe. To manifest it fully the American system needs to default to gold, and the Federal Reserve and the illegal Internal Revenue Service (IRS) must now disappear. The means for this to happen is in place, and quite shortly, all of this is to be announced by a new caretaker government in Washington. As these announcements are made, a vast reordering of the American Republic is to take place. The USA corporate entity that has long controlled this government is to be dissolved and the myriad statutory laws that were put in place since the start of the Roosevelt administration in 1933 are to be nullified.

      In its place is to emerge a smaller government with hugely decreased international commitments. America will be dedicated to peace and will no longer send her military to the four corners of the globe. All major foreign bases are to be abandoned and all remaining foreign bases reduced to their pre-WW II size (13 small foreign bases). America was never intended to be a European or Asian power. Japan and Germany need their naval, air force, and military bases back, and the US needs to withdraw from Korea and, in so doing, help reunify North and South. China needs to give up Tibet, and India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan to redraw their mutual borders. Africa likewise needs to address the same issues. The colonial map of pre-WW II is a sorry excuse for drawing up the borders of the nations of your world. A great deal of thought has been given to these matters by our Earth allies and by us as all of this constitutes a large part of forging a new reality for your home world. Further, it is necessary to restructure the United Nations and remove it from the clutches of the dark cabal and its many silent cronies.

      Let us return to the caretaker regime of the restored American Republic. The first thing you notice is that the vast social welfare net created by the Roosevelt administration is gone. It is replaced by a series of private organizations created by the abundance programs and by a structure framed by our Earth allies. The purpose of governance is to guide and direct; interference and regulation happen only in special cases where the "general welfare" is at stake. A return to "common law" blended with constitutional law is to become the new social contract governing the mutual responsibilities between government, business, and citizenry, and will be overseen by a new Justice Department. The premise of these laws is to "provide for the general welfare" as stipulated in the preamble to the US Constitution. America is once more to become a nation founded on freedom, prosperity, sovereignty, and the "pursuit of happiness." To accomplish this, a vast nationwide network of abundance disbursement programs is to become a primary force in the life of each American.

      The purpose of this is to enable each of you to become "your brother's and sister's keeper." You are responsible for each other and to each other. You are to become a community of Love and Light, and this is to extend throughout the globe. Your new reality is about helping each other, being caring, sovereign citizens, and making good use of those resources provided for us by Mother Earth and by your own creativity. To this end, a lot of technology, at present either suppressed or hidden away, needs to be revealed and fully supported by the world community. These new technologies can solve the current energy crisis, clean up your world's vast store of polluted water, soil, and air, and provide you with faster, more efficient forms of ground, sea, and air transportation. This is only the start of what you can accomplish in a very short period of time. A whole network of interrelated business enterprises can be built, which can also be the basis for establishing a workable system of "fluid group management."

      What you are getting ready to do is shed the society that you have lived in up until this moment. Yours is a society based on separation, fragmentation, and alienation. Only a few deeds of exceptional kindness on the part of some extraordinary individuals and service-oriented families have kept your societies from a continuous state of open rebellion. This has been the case down through the ages. Despite this, these groups were usually unable to prevent the sudden outbreak of such uprisings, and so your history is one long catalogue of bloody revolutions, mindless wars, and mass outpourings of pent-up anger. The aim now is to transform all this. Prosperity and mindful, loving cooperation can replace the above. New institutions are therefore needed which maintain and promote global cooperation. This is something our Earth allies and we have thought about long and hard.

      An essential component is an independent and powerful central arbiter: an organization that can respond effectively in a crisis, namely, a reconstituted United Nations. However, the financial institutions that are to guard the new monetary and financial system will not be attached to it. Instead, the UN's role is solely to promote peace, and establish and maintain international harmony. Central to its new modus operandi will be the principles of "fluid management" and the Hawaiian "Ho'oponopono." These creative conflict- and problem-solving techniques transform the difficulties in a given situation to the satisfaction of all concerned. We ourselves use such tools to remove obstacles that may at first appear insurmountable. Our Earth allies are fully acquainted with both these practices and are ready to use them on a daily basis.

      Each sovereign nation is to be prosperous, debt-free, and home to self-motivated, curious, and informed citizens. There is a desperate need on your world for a well-educated global populace, and learning technologies exist which can rapidly create this prime requisite for sovereignty, both individual and national. Education is a vital ingredient of your transforming reality and is central to your being able to identify and achieve your primary goals. One of the main reasons that you were so easily manipulated throughout history was the extent of your ignorance of all things. This must be remedied. On top of this are the many things your inner logic tries to tell you but that your social environment forces you to deny. Such abilities can be given free rein in the times ahead, supported by a cornucopia of exciting and useful new data.

      As this new realm comes on-line, be aware of the vital role you play at this juncture between the old and the new world. In this context, it is very important for the initial investors in the prosperity programs to follow to the letter the instructions accompanying the funds. Do not go into overwhelm. These rules are designed very carefully to enable you to hold on to your funds! Then, when appropriate, dispense them in the widest and wisest way possible. Remember what we suggested: Come together in networks with similar agendas. It is your responsibility to share this immense wealth with the world. You are doing nothing less than creating the foundation of the new world we are talking about. This global prosperity is the means to defeat the dark permanently, thus ushering in a new world that can easily accept our first contact with you!

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