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: The translation from Greek to English in this page made by a friend of mine has to be corrected, if it will be necessary in certain points by me, which I will do during the last days of April. However the messages from Nidle, SaLuSa, etc, did not need any translation.

INTRODUCTION: This page, II.1.D17 is the continuation of the previous one, II.1.D16, but for messages and events (that have already happened or are imminent) after 1.1.12, the information sources being basically the same as the ones in my previous page. The difference in this page however, is that the time has now come for us to see the events happening around us, things mentioned in my previous pages, which we were longing and hoping to see.      


       On 3.Jan. 2012 I had a brief, (unlike my previous ones- due to a heavy cold) communication with my SS, (through Eric, as scheduled) which began as follows: The first thing my SS said was Fasten your seat belts, as they say on the airplanes, and he explained that I will soon be starting a grand journey within 2012 (as I estimate will happen for all of us), when a long series of events (expected or unexpected), will be taking place with great speed and the exclamations of admiration and pleasant surprise, will be continuous. I must admit that this is the most optimistic message Ive heard in a long time, and it is especially important that this is coming from my SS, who was always conservative and restrained, compared to the very optimistic messages which came on a daily basis by the Galactic Federation, on which we have not yet seen tangible results. When I asked what my behavior should be on this journey, the answer was that I have to limit my self even more to being n observer which means that I should not let the events around me get to me and influence me, but to watch them as I would a movie, without being affected by them, no matter how serious they seem , and that I should not criticize or be emotionally charged, something which I wholeheartedly advise my readers to do. He also pointed out that I should not be anxious about going to the fifth dimension, but I rather let things flow, feeling certain for the final outcome.

Regarding Greece, I was told that (based on the situation today) there will be no elections. They will be continuously postponed for various reasons, until the time comes when they will have no meaning anymore. The seventh bailout will be given, in fact, the procedure will be easier than the sixth, and the Greek bond hair cut will also proceed unhindered. There will be riots and casualties, but on a limited scale (as they happened till now). There will be no deaths from hunger in Greece, and we will not face great difficulties on a medical and medicare level, while he explained that the death of and elderly person who could have lived a little longer if he was given a costly treatment (one million euro for example) does not constitute lack of basic medical care. Furthermore, I asked about various things happening in Greece. I will mention the following two: What two prosecuting attorneys reveal as scandals, initially there will be an effort to cover them up on all levels, as is usually the case, but eventually, their better part will be uncovered and the truth will be revealed for a change. This is expected to start applying for other scandals as well and I cannot wait for these events to take place. The second part has to do with the star of our church, the abbot Efraim, for whom I was told that he will remain where he is. (I later realized that I didnt specify the question by asking whether hell stay in prison or in the monastery)

       I also asked about some stars (in politics and in our life in general) who are in our government or play a part in determining our fate, and to make the long story short, I will give you the answers given by my SS for some of them: For example, he said that Papandreou will soon be leaving, Venizelos will be replacing him, Samaras will not have the guts to make important decisions, Papademos will continue with his suspicious role for a while, Loverdos and other aspiring leaders, will not be able to make decisions from their positions (as is the case with the position of a queen next to the throne of the king), etc. The prospect for Papoulias is so bad that I would rather not mention it. I also asked about certain international events in the political and economical scene, but seeing that my site is not a news agency, I will only give one of these events, regarding a critical military episode by Iran in the Gulf, and the answer was that if something like that happens, it will be in a small scale.

       I also asked my SS, about the hot issue of the extraterrestrials impending landings till March 2012 and the answer was that it is very likely, but by June 2012, everyone will be talking about the extraterrestrials. Furthermore, I asked my SS about the astral journey I had with the aid of Eric, as well as the other journeys I had by my self (see about them in my page II.1.D16), whether the things that I saw were part of my imagination, or real things that I saw with my third eye. He replied for each part separately, telling me that what I saw was real, explaining what I was seeing where necessary. (for example the transparent sphere of the Earth, or the pilots with white fur and tail, etc). He also confirmed how important it was that I connected with my self of June 2012 s well with him of June 2013, which will bring the fifth dimension in my reality even faster, which is why I recommend to all those who can, to try it. (see the technique in my page II.1.D16). Being the distrustful technocrat that I am, I admit that this confirmation from my SS, was necessary and filled me with joy, because up till recently, I considered it more likely that what I saw were figments of my imagination. Furthermore, when I asked him now many people came to Erics seminar in Hilton because they read the announcement in my site, he nswered 42, and many more who didnt make it, heard about it and listened to his recordings on line. When I asked if my English site II.1.D16A which Im working on for English speaking people, will be successful, the answer was yes, but it will happen incrementally and at some point in time, I will receive an invitation to talk on a tv network.

       When I asked why my main mission in this incarnation as I was told on a previous session- was not informing and awakening people, the answer from my SS was as follows: Your main and higher mission allocated to you before your incarnation, which you repeated successfully in other planets as well, will be revealed to you fully, after Ascension, even though subconsciously you know it. Informing and awakening people is a mission you chose to undertake recently, when your Heavenly Councils led you to your wakening after a series of events which you considered mere coincidence. Furthermore, apart from the help you offer with this activity, especially the optimism your messages give to people, (considering that there are many other sources of information with the same goals), this new mission of yours, is preparing you better for your main mission after Ascension. Regarding my sudden cold bout, he said that I was stressed out as I wanted to do many things, and this compromised my bodys defenses and thats the reason I got this cold, and this is something people who are continuously stressed out should take into consideration. On asking why cant I see him as Eric does (for example, see him laugh etc), he told my that it is a matter of hours of exercising.

      When I asked if Erics new seminar on February will give me information, the response was: Yes, by 50%, and that I will also get new info with Dimitras visit, but she will mainly confirm what I already know. He also saw me with Nidle at some beach (which means it is very likely that I will meet him), and he answered many personal questions of mine, among which he confirmed that it was wise of me to stop some medicine recommended by doctors, ( ), because not only were they useless, but harmful too. Furthermore, regarding the email I recently received from a friend about Lucifers influence on the citizens of Greece, he replied that all this is fairytales by 90%, because such negative energies have a very limited influence in the fourth dimension and none in the fifth, and our co patriots with a religious mind set, should take this under consideration, as they believe in the existence of hell and other such nonsense (when God is only Love).

As for the people who consciously or not, attack with negative forces (evil eye, badmouthing etc), which suddenly lower our energy, (something they will not be able to do once our vibrations go high enough) , he confirmed that the method Irene suggests with sage, works (see about it at the end of my page II.1.D16), but only succeeds to remove negative energies already accumulated in our space. In order to tackle the sudden attacks of negative forces, which reduce our energy and we suddenly feel down, my SS suggests we momentarily increase our vibrations well over the negative energy vibrations, so that they cannot touch us anymore. One quick way to achieve this is to use words that give high vibes, for example, the words I want, which we must repeat emphatically and continuously until we feel that the negative energy has been dealt with. Those of you who need this, try and please let me know of the results. At this point, I will not continue to describe my rich communication with my SS who by the way advises me to write less, if I want more people to find the time and the patience, to read them.

       NOTE: I am starting the Galactic Federation messages for 2012, with two paragraphs of SaLuSas message. The first is to fortify the elderly with health problems, (that have brought some of them at the end of their rope) and the people who support them, so that they do not throw in the towel and despair, but to be patient and hold on a little longer, and all problems will be eradicated. The second, pertains to our future ability for direct communication with historical figures etc, at any one of their incarnations, in order to get information and guidance, on the fields that they excelled, and which we are interested in studying and following. I remind you that you can find the full message in Greek, in the lings I gave at the end of my page II.1.D16. Finally, I would like to thank all those who are sending me their energy and love one way or another, in order to help me get over my cold, which is delaying my writing activities. (I suspect that dark forces who are irritated by my writings, have something to do with it).

       SALUSA 6.JAN.12

..Numbers of you are entering this final period at an age when you are not necessarily in good health. Be assured that by the time you take your place in Ascension all bodies will have changed to crystalline, and that means all signs of disease or illness will have disappeared. Like Mother Earth who will have been returned to a pristine condition, you too will no longer show the ravages of time, and also have a physical body that has reverted to the perfection of its original blueprint. Aging has no place in the higher vibrations, and you will choose exactly how you will look should you desire to alter your features. As you go even higher in the dimensions, your powers of creation will continue to grow and eventually you will become a Being of Light. You have much laid out before you and it is yours for the taking once you ascend. The world may be your oyster now, but the Universe will be your playground in the near future.

It is not yet party time, but the celebrations will start once you have the proof that the ones who have enslaved you have been removed. Life will take on a different hue and each day it will be a joy to be alive. The purpose of it will be understood and people will go forward knowing how to make the most of opportunities that come up, and reap their deserved rewards. You will have clear goals to follow, and they will be your choice as freewill is still with you. If you want to emulate the life of someone you admire, you may be surprised to know that they will come to you as that person. All souls in the higher realms can easily appear as they were from any incarnation, and share their knowledge and skills with you. There is no status that places one soul above another except that there is a Universal Law, that states you cannot proceed higher than the level that your vibrations resonate with..

      NIDLE 10.JAN.12

We return! The events that promise to transform your world are close to manifesting! We have been told by our Earth allies that a massive global event is close. We are approaching what is known on your world as the New Year of the Chinese calendar. It is the Year of the Water Dragon, which is characterized by dramatic change. Many of you are waiting, as are we, for the dark to receive its just deserts, and indeed, the current economic realities are beginning to force the dark cabal to scramble for a way out. Its fiat currencies are being challenged. Many nations that hold large natural resources, such as oil, gold, and precious stones, are no longer willing to accept these fiat monies as a true exchange, and this is putting additional pressure on the dark-controlled banking system. Reforms that have been announced but then delayed are being asked to come on line now. This is forcing the dark to move toward a policy of debt forgiveness, but this is depressing even further many stock and commodity exchanges. Moreover, it is forcing a slowdown in the so-called recovery process.

The multiplicity of fears weighing in upon the dark cabal is, strangely, making them even more arrogant. The main rulership committees of the cabal have recently broken off talks with our Earth allies, which we interpret as a panic response as they have in effect very little to negotiate about since the die has been cast as far as they are concerned. As they see it, all these dark ones have left to them is to continue to stoke the flames of several possible large-scale war scenarios; thus, our immediate task has been handed to us. We have instructed our liaisons to monitor all aggressive momentums now unspooling on your world and see to it that none of these develop into major conflicts. The longer a no-war option is upheld, the quicker the remaining issues can be resolved. The main delay now is the fact that your various global political communities have never before acted without the full oversight of the cabal guiding their every action. This last-minute case of 'cold feet' is being addressed and we fully expect a series of revolutionary events to happen and transform your world forever..

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with some interesting facts for you. At present the dark cabal has instituted a series of talks with the governments of the Middle East, Asia, and West Africa. These 'talks' are designed to get the approval of these governments to secretly transfer certain valuable resources that can be converted into hard currency. So far these interactions have failed to deliver the intended results. Nevertheless, the dark ones are using all their remaining assets to strike some sort of deal with anyone who will listen in order to survive through the first quarter of 2012. The repeated failures in this quest have not discouraged them from the belief that some miraculous solution to their dilemmas can be found. However, our associates are confident that the cabal is at a point where it will strike a deal with the Light for its immediate surrender. Victory is very close at hand!

These times before the actual defeat of the dark require us to focus on the reality we all desire. Let us fill in the details and begin to use our collective energies to bring in the Light and with it, prosperity, sovereignty, and full consciousness. Take time each day to go within and use your boundless potential to set up this new world, bearing in mind that you are a most valiant beacon for the Light. Your actions are anchoring in a world that is now being constructed by Heaven's multitudes of hierarchies and lineages. Your part is to take this immense energy and give it freely to Gaia. In doing this you are completing Blessings that come from the sacredness of Aeon to Earth's physical planes. But this energy needs your concerted focus in order to materialize on the Earth plane, and it is thus that your collective visualizations are working the miracle that is your new reality..

      SALUSA 11.JAN.12

      Note.: In this message, SaLuSa urges us to become active in physicality this time, in order to help the quickening of the changes, by informing daily as many people as we can, without fear or hesitation, about the fifth dimension, the extra terrestrials etc, thus contributing the awakening of a critical mass. I am quoting the following:    

Dear Ones bear in mind that it is your beliefs that can hold you back, so it is particularly important this year you have an open mind. As it progresses so greater truths will come out, and depending on the source you will be wise to carefully consider what is being given. Certainly the final decision is up to you alone and no on else can take responsibility, but this is a time to be honest with yourself and follow your hearts prompting. As your consciousness levels increase, so you will be able to discern the truth more easily, and slowly build up your understanding. You have had many lives and opportunities to push on with your spiritual evolution, and now you have reached the very last chance to join all of those who have already prepared for Ascension. Of course some will continue to have little or no interest, having made their decision to have further experience in the 3rd. dimension. Allow for such souls who are entitled as much as anyone else to follow their own path.

Much activity still takes place and we have every expectation of a major breakthrough very soon. We are helped quite considerably by those of you who are not just standing up for the truth, but getting out and about to spread it far and wide. It has the affect of changing the energies to a much higher vibration, and along with other efforts to bring more Light to Earth is helping transmute the lower energies. We could force the changes but that is not the way we work and it is best that we do so together, as it is important that you create your own pace of progress. There are of course matters that are directly our own responsibility, and we are absolutely on course as planned. Have no fears whatsoever, as the Galactic Federation is a formidable player in the game that is being played. Victory is already ours and that also means that you your path to Ascension has been cleared, and nothing can prevent a grand completion that shall be celebrated throughout the Universe. 


Greetings from the Federation: What must come to pass is presently being discussed at the highest levels of your world governments, behind closed doors and through emissaries to the various other governments around the world. As time draws closer to the inevitable, your leaders are aware that they cannot stop the tide of disclosure sweeping over your planet. They know that they will either be swept away by this tide or they must decide to take the reins and make disclosure their own. Their ability to waffle on this topic amazes even us as we see them fight among themselves for a common ground. Once reached, someone inevitably backs off and the process starts all over again. We wait in the background for what must be done, if not done so by your own people.

News will reach you shortly about a new scientific development in the field of what you have termed zero point energy systems. It will be touted as theoretical, but in reality it is a functioning model of a real energy device created a long time ago and only now being released. There will be interesting developments in your legal field over patent protections. The news" of this breakthrough will be carefully monitored by those in power to determine what type of impact such a disclosure makes upon the people as a whole. The Queen of England has ceded control over a faction of the Illuminati to a group over which our allies have consulting privileges. This means, in the longer term, that this faction will be more amenable to the changes necessary to effect disclosure and the release of the cabals hold over the people. This was a negotiated peace that came about after many, many months of positioning on all sides. We are confident that this is another roadblock successfully removed towards the inevitable. You will have noticed a slight decrease in the sightings of late although those sighting that have made it to your news have been of a more spectacular nature. This is about to change. We are now in another stage of the disclosure process wherein the revealing of our craft to you will become more pronounced..


       Eric gives lots of new info in his interview, thats why I advise you to hear it (see the link at the announcement, at the beginning of the page). I will analyze here, the two most significant: First, he specifies that 150.000 people are critical mass, to start the party of the changes: in Greece, people who should consciously say the magical phrase is it my fault? instead of playing the part of the victim, transferring the blame to others (see details in my analysis on Erics seminar in my page II.1.D16). This creates within all of us the urgent obligation to mobilize ourselves in time (in order to be free of them sooner rather than later), urging the people around us to try Erics proposal.

       he second very significant point, is this: Eric suggests, we stand in front of a mirror (preferably full body mirror) in calm surroundings, and looking deeply in our eyes, telling our self I love you from the bottom of our heart, continuing to look deep in our eyes for 5-6 seconds, and to repeat this process, six consecutive times. The reason we do this, is that if we dont learn to love our self first, and to convince him o that, we will not be able to share true selfless love with everything around us and people too. If we do that continuously we will realize that after the first month, our vibrations will have increased so much, that many things characterizing the third dimension that badgered us, whether medical issues or in our daily lives in general, will gradually start to disappear, while fifth dimensional energies will start surrounding us, which improve our standard of living on the one hand, and contribute to the precipitation of the expected changes, on the other. I have already embarked on this journey and Im excited about it, doing it at least once a day, and Im happy to see a big smile of contentment and happiness in the mirror, at the end of this process. I therefore urge everyone to try it and I am certain that you will be rewarded.


Upon returning from my very interesting trip, I am announcing for my impatient readers, the following, which I will soon post in this page. 1/ Recent information from Nidle and America in general. 2/ Information from Sharon (sister of the extraterrestrial Gabiel) about arrests as well as resignations from executives of the elite. 3/ Information from the most significant parts of Erics seminar in Salonica (for those who didnt attend) 4/ Answers from my SS, regarding Greece and the planet in general, from a session through Eric which I will have in the next few days. 5/ Important information from forthcoming visit from Demetra, who just returned from a long mission she undertook abroad, at the behest of the Olympians. I contacted her today and she promised me that she will soon visit me, when she comes to Athens, before continuing for her mission to Cyprus. She told me that she has important things to tell me, regarding the special role Greece is going to play for the global changes, and what the Greeks should do, for expediting the goals set, in order to be free of their plight, the soonest possible. I have already prepared a series of questions to ask her for the Olympians and Andromedians for things we would all like to know. She also asked me to apologize on her behalf for not being able to read and reply to the messages people might have sent her, due to the fact that her laptop was destroyed. I ask my readers to be a little patient, and I promise them that a lot of information will be provided in a few days.


I delayed a few days in posting the information, so that I could combine and compare Demetras information (D) and wht I got from my Supreme Self (SS) through my session with Eric, so that I could get the best possible approach to the truth, while in a continuously changing situation (due to peoples free will) and as a result, the future is slightly changing, at least regarding the evolving time of the events which we are all anxiously awaiting. The basic difference between Ds and my SS information, is that my SS responds to the questions in a dry and brief manner, and the answers are often unclear, because they are not expressed in words but in pictures, which the channeler (Eric) is called upon to interpret, while Ds information (which are from extraterrestrials and Olympians), are given as if they are talking themselves, and they are complete and clear, often accompanied by long messages which they wish to convey to people. During Ds current visit, the GF spoke and conveyed messages, collectively. Another difference is that SS sees things from a higher metaphysical level and can make more accurate predictions for the future, while the extraterrestrials advantage, is that they have all the details of the present (which they are using, giving detailed answers and clarifications), being the ones that make (along with the humans) decisions on what they will do eventually.

I will start with D, who took a long trip (by order of the GF) with her car and her associate, to Europe (Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, etc) in order to deter a huge hoax by the dark ones, who attempted to obtain reserves of hundreds of billions worth in gold, which are handled by the Earth Allies, and are allocated to the abundance funds about which I have often spoken in the past. This trip, during which, D moved on an earthly level ( by meeting associates and economical executives) as well as an extraterrestrial (guided and protected by the GF), was a complete success. Furthermore, D told me that the visits she pays me and the info she gives me, aiming to awaken people through my bilingual site, (for which the extraterrestrials have repeatedly thanked and honored me), is an important lesson for her too, because she does not know the important questions I will ask, nor the significant answers that will be given, in advance.

She also told me something that surprised me. That the US secret agencies, as well as their equivalent in other countries (including Greece) are continuously watching my site, because they know that I am not making these things up, but they are true and accurate messages given by the extraterrestrials, which are also addressed to them, not only the public in general. They give them to me, not only because of the high visitation rate in my site, but because I convey the information in a totally comprehensive manner, focusing on the truth, and avoiding successfully to post doubtful information from various sources which bombard me, on a daily basis, and this has also resulted in the trust of my readers. The above are confirmed by a friend of mine who is a channel, telling me that there are 103 sites in total which are watched for that purpose, as well as the fact that on the visitation statistics of my site, (there is a special category US Military) include the US Ministry of Defence. NOTE: I just checked my statistics (as mentioned above) and I was pleasantly surprised to find that after having posted the English translated version of my page II.1.D16 (split in three parts as, namely II.1.D16, II.1.D16, and II.1.D16, due to the length of the articles) the visitation rate skyrocketed to a 6fold the usual visits and hopefully something similar would happen for Greece too, (with your help, informing your friends and relatives about my site), so that as we awaken, we will cover the critical mass Eric talks about, thus raising our country high, making it an example for other countries.

Before I proceed with the common questions, I will mention a few things about Eric, who is doing very significant work (Id call it unique compared to other channels) for our country. First of all, Id like to announce that he has added 15 videos with interesting interviews he gave and meditations, which you can hear if you go to the link upon which 15 iconswill appear with the titles: Meditation of heal. Other parts of our soul. Our home. Extraterrestrials. The True Self. Relationships. Let them shout. By the way, I would like to point out six significant meditations Eric recommends in the videos, as well as in other parts of my site, where details are given on how to go about it. 1/ Contact with our SS, so that we travel through the tunnel, or so that he might give us some information or advice, or so we can ask him for something. 2/ Contact with our original self, so we can learn about our mission on Earth, etc. 3/ Contact with our 2013 self who will help us transit to the fifth dimension 4/ Meditation for health, by inhaling the health aura we have summoned, filling our bodies nd organs with it, healing them. 5/ Most important meditation of all, is looking at our self in the eye every day in the mirror, telling ourselves I love you three times, feeling this wave of love in our body 6/ Contact with other parts of our self, that live on Earth or elsewhere and are excelling in various fields, wanting them to give us their special talents, either to help us in our work (i.e. survival a third dimensional trait) or to help us express our selves (which is a fifth dimensional trait), like artistic talents for example. NOTE: It is quite possible, that (before I came to know the extraterrestrials and got involved with metaphysics) I summoned an artist from the future, to inspire me in painting 10.000 pieces in 4 years time.

Regarding the seminar in Salonika, Eric told me that his bag containing the recording was stolen, so he will not be able to post it in the internet. He also said that when he asked about this, the higher forces (powers) told him that it is them that did not let him post it. I consequently asked D about this, and was told that, although the messages of our transition to the fifth dimension and enjoying abundance were optimistic, because there was mention of many deaths, especially in Greece, Israel and the Philippines, of those who will not wish to awaken and follow (the path of ascension? ?), they thought that this independent of prerequisites information, would cause fear or even panic, which does not help the raising of our vibrations, at all. She (D) added that people in Greece are already in fear and indignation, often in unprecedented depression modes, so lets not add insult to injury.. she also said that our ego often leads us to statements that do not help, that is why Eric should adjust his statements as regards to dangerous scenarios, or else he will lose more of his recordings. When I asked Ds opinion on my statements in my site, GF responded through D, as follows: Your contribution is undoubtedly significant. You help and awaken many people. This is a blessing and it helps many levels of your evolution. We have told you in the past, that everything you give today, you will receive it tenfold, during the imminent developments and changes, and for tht you can be certain.

When I asked D what is the possible percentage for Greece and what is the average for the planet, GFs response was that they do not talk or focus on death and the fear it causes, but on life and Ascension, and that their main effort is the awakening, so that even at the last minute, as many people as possible will pass to the fifth dimension. In any case, I asked the higher powers that support my mission, for information, and access to the seminars information, and lo and behold, the next day, Chrisa who organized the seminar in Salonika appeared and brought me the recording she did, apart from the one Eric had done. I heard the recording many times, and I intend to post in my site all the new and significant things that were included in the seminar. Eric was to travel abroad and return for the next seminar, when he had new significant information. Before leaving, he told me that he has an intense premonition that there is going to be a great bang in Greece (which will be for the better I guess).

Having given a preface above, I will now present the questions (Q) I asked both D and my SS, quoting the answers (A) from both, wherever these differ between them, or complement each other. In the event of total agreement, I will only quote one source (mostly D), which will cover the other as well. The A (answer) of my SS on the general question as to what they see, was stop chasing, while Eric exlained to me that he meant I mustnt be impatient, or anxious and that I should let things flow without being sentimentally influenced, (so that I can watch them like an observer), which my SS admitted on my Q-protest, that I do it better than before, but Im still not totally comfortable. (I mention this, with the intention to suggest wholeheartedly that we all do it). On the same question (if she sees something), D responded that I have no health problem to speak of any more, that my heart works like a clock and that the only thing she sees essential for me, is to reduce my weight (she will help me on this effort, with the additional help of the Zeus Centre which has already helped me effectively in many other matters). She said I should also increase my daily walks (which I also suggest we all do). When I asked my SS if I must do Erics health meditation, I was told that this was not necessary for me, as I am already in control of my health. (does he mean my connection with the Zeus Center? I wonder)

In fact, both D and my SS, pointed out the significance of daily meditation with the mirror and the excellent results of saying I love you to our self, (which I never neglect to do). They also applaud my using crystals, provided to me by my friend Panos Merekos (6909790106, ), who deals with energetic therapies among other things, and makes items of art which we can wear or keep at home, like crystal necklaces which I already use, and which help us physically, sentimentally as well as spiritually. Regarding these necklaces, D adds that crystals withhold negative energies and feelings, so that the positive ones can be empowered, thus helping in healings of ailments and disorders, and providing protection.They also activate chakras provided each crystal is programmed to a specific function. We then wear them alternatively, taking advantage of each crystals properties.

D gave me instructions for energy enhancement (something I need due to my intensive work on getting and information and then giving it out to people). She will also suggest herbs for me to drink, after she gets advice from the entities of the Zeus Center. She also pointed out again, how important emotional health is (positive not negative feelings) for our physical health and energy. When I asked her how Ill be on August 2012, she said that if I follow her instructions (which is not that easy) we will be talking about an Olympic champion (I mention this in order to point out the significance of a proper diet and a healthy way of living in general ). I continued with several personal questions to D and my SS, regarding my self, my family, my finances etc., which are of no interest to the general (except for those that might apply for others too). On those, my SS was especially optimistic. I will now go to the questions of general interest.

Even though my questions covered a wide spectrum of subjects, like metaphysics etc., I will focus on Greece here, which is the epicentre of our interest. When I asked D whether Erics suggestion to wonder is it my fault? will have the expected result, the GFs response was as follows: It helps to look within and accept, even though the monster called ego resists, we will say that yes, I take any personal responsibility I have in whatever I have felt and contributed in anything positive or negative I have given, or have omitted to give, in this dimension, in this country, in this collective effort. Thus, recognizing all this without repetitions, without self punishment and guilt, and with humility and immense love and understanding for our self, and embracing our self with self acceptance, and activating our inner self confidence (this is where our inner strength lies), then and only then will we be able to raise ourselves up high and we will be able to be in there too, to help this collective effort.

Regarding the critical mass of 1,5%, who will consciously say is it perhaps my fault and will see their lives in retrospect, but without criticism and guilt feelings, my SS said that right now, we are under 0,5%, and the awakened Greeks in our country who know about the fifth dimension and believe in it, (apart from my efforts and many other people too) , according to D, are just a little more than 5% and many more are needed. This percentage is still too low and we must hurry. It is comforting to know that once the critical mass reaches a satisfactory level, from then on, it will increase rapidly. When I asked when Greece will reach its lowest point, so that she can fly high after that. D said that the lowest starts on April and will last for 2-3 months, so that the Greeks can find the other part of themselves and take their power back, unless something something unforeseen happens as my SS explained (who foresees developments earlier) like the Greeks revolting, toppling governments and administrations. Upon asking my SS whether the Americans will take their power back by reaching the lowest possible point, I was told that things are developing differently there, and this is done with information input on the crimes of the dark cabal and the awakening. Reaching an all time low however, is a much stronger force to lift us higher.

Regarding the attitude of other nations and their help to Greece, the GF responded as follows: The dark government in the US is working insidiously against our country which is already targeted (via IMF, banks, etc) but also against many other nations. Russia will help Greece, but only for her own interests in her minerals and resources. Every entity that makes an effort to help Greece, will be done due to self-interest, for exploitation and sell offs. Every bail out package given to Greece from EE, led by Germany and her dark government behind her, is only for their own interests, thus tightening the noose on a suffocating Greece. Furthermore, my SS confirms that we will take the 7th bailout as well as the others and that the haircuts will proceed (after many negotiations). After the first one, more will follow but all this will soon lose its meaning for our country.

At some point, D asked me to post in bold, certain intensive messages given by the GF, in order to make them widely known. These are the following: 1/ No politician in Greece today is honest. They are all cronies and puppets of the foreign dark cabal politics. Puppets facilitating the German powers, not only in the government, but in the underground powers of Germany. Criminal heinous acts of the dark cabal, causing blood shed, selling minds and souls to the dark forces, so that they can bring total imbalance (chaos) in the world, in the EE and particularly in Greece. This is disrespectful and it will definitely be punished. That is why it was decided that the first to receive aid from GF, will be Great Greece. Everything started here, and here they will be concluded. Dont believe any politician. Dont believe any promises. Resist. Dont believe and dont follow anything they might call upon. Urge people to leave their political parties. Dont believe ANYTHING. They are liars, hypocrites, and stooges. Non existent souls. Just flesh. Beings guided by other forces. Not one genuine politician exists right now in Greece. NO ONE, and let this be made clear. The only real force, is the Greek Soul. The Greek. This is the force that will uplift Greece, making her a spiritual force, a soul which will empower the whole of Europe and eventually the whole world. You can consider this the one and only truth. And this will be done.

Eric mentions that before the elite bows out for good, they will make an effort to make the extraterrestrials look hostile, so that people will fear and avoid them. They will attempt to do this with attacks and many casualties in big cities, using holographic systems to show that fleets of alien space ships are launching these attacks. On asking D about this, she told me that something similar was attempted in the past, but was stopped by the GF, who does not trust the (coltrolled) Media at all, that is why they clarify the following with their second message: 2/ What you are asking, has been happening for years. The Dark ones signed a Universal Treaty, which they have not kept and they will be punished for this. Their punishment has already begun. We continue. The dark cabals, the Americans and the EEs preparatory efforts to show the extraterrestrials as vicious, murderous and dark entities, which snatch our children and adults and kill mercilessly. We tell you that there are no such people among s, but it is them who are doing these things. The GF and the genuine universal forces of the Light, are in no way participating in this, and they are in no way connected to this lie. The disrespectful beings will soon pay for this. The GF mentions the following: Dont believe them. There is no truth whatsoever in this. The truth will soon shine. Believe in the truth, the strength and the help you will soon receive. Do not be afraid and demand to get your strength back. Find it. Dont believe any politician. Dont believe the lies and the news you hear on television. Switch your tv sets off. Their intention is to activate your DNA through that information, to make you mindless creatures with mental disorders, and depression which will lead you to suicide. Suicides are already being committed. Switch everything off and resist the lies and everything they impose upon you. We repeat: Do not believe any European or Greek politician. We are making this clear right now, and we are relaying this message to you. Reject them all.

When I asked D if there will be riots and whether there will be an intervention by the army, the answer was given in the GFs third message which is as follows: 3) There will be riots with bruises and lacerations and people collapsing and some bloodshed. All hell will break loose if and when all Greeks rise, and ignore the choice of any stooge that appears as a leading figure for government. The army will also intervene in such an event, and then we will also be free to intervene as well (whatever that means for the dark). The young men in the army and the Greek police must not forget that they are Greek souls and descendants of Greeks. They must remember this when they will be ordered to terrorize, batter or murder their co patriots. And let this be clear. Note that my SS considers it highly unlikely to reach the point where the army will intervene. My personal opinion is that such intervention would make the extraterrestrials intervene also, which would immediately solve all our problems.

The fourth GF message was given to me by D after Id completed my two hour session with her, and it came about from additional questions I asked her, so this was not recorded and I will present it briefly. The GF informs us that the dark cabal recently abducted one of their Earth Allies who was irritating them. Through this session, they wish to warn the dark ones that if they proceed to another such abduction, this will be casus belli for the GF, and they will not hesitate to intervene imposing exemplary penalties to all involved in any way with the abduction, and they will do this on all levels, regardless of the positions they hold.

There are dozens (or even hundreds) of resignations in the governmental ranks as well as the economic sector of the US, Europe, and Asia (China, India, etc) as shown by many emails I receive from Sharon etc (see for example many relevant links like, http://www.dailymail...ced-resign.html,,, and many more). There have also been numerous arrests of high ranking elite executives, taking place on the basis of strong proof indicating extended fraud and stealing tax payer money, as well as other crimes as shown by Benjamin Fulford here where he mentions the arrests of father Bush, Bill Gates etc. They also talk about the murder of whistle blowers who brought to light such crimes, like the murder of Lord James Blackheath on the 29th of February 2012 who spoke in the House of Lords about the 15 trillion stolen by the Federal Reserve. All this indicates that the lies and the long periods of waiting for changes, are over, as all the above trigger (not in words, but with actions) the beginning of the elites downfall. Of course, the Media are still trying to conceal or play such events down for as long as they can (like the space ship in Patras in Greece, sighted by thousands, which was not mentioned by the Media at all)

Nidles and SaLuSas last messages (parts of which I will soon post here) are talking about numerous arrests of members of the elite, based on charges pressed by the secret organizations of the Earth Allies (who are working in the West as well as in the East). The number of these arrests will eventually be in the thousands. Upon asking my SS, I was told many allegations derive from many groups within the elite, which in conflict with each other, and have now reached the point of trying to put the blame on others. Also, D told me that many allegations and pressure for resignations are from the cabal itself, who is blaming lower ranking members, in order to save the big shots. To complete this optimistic perspective, I ought to add that many channels and information sources with which I communicate, are feeling and expecting significant events around the end of March. They will either pertain to a widespread and unprecedented appearance of space ships, or to shocking events for changes (like the great bang Eric expects for Greece), or to both. Let us therefore focus our thoughts and intentions to this, without raising our expectations too high.

I continue with my question to my SS about Greece, and he repeated the following: Papandreou did make money from the CDS (betting on Greeces default, humiliating her internationally after having bought them, a fact well established in the internet) , but, my SS adds, he did that with his own money, and not the taxpayers. (which as far as Im concerned doesnt change anything, as he had 10 days to sell instead of the usual 3 day period.) The seventh instalment and the next ones will be given and there is going to be a haircut. Some Greeks will rise in indignation, others wont, some will pay the new measures imposed, others wont, and he doesnt see elections taking place and the government will lose credibility (in 2013). The Greeks will not starve (there is adequate food supply but a proper distribution is required). The nullifying of debts to the banks (credit cards etc) will start in 2012, but this will be completed in 2013, so our needs (wherever they exist) will be met. (As Eric said, we will have abundance). There will be no arrests in Greece (there will be no time for that) for unlawful acts by the politicians, but all fraud and deceptions that have taken place on all levels will be revealed in 2012. The Germans will not pay back war damages. There will be riots, but they will not reach such a scale as to require the armys intervention. Money will lose its meaning for some, within 2012, but for most people, this will happen in 2013.

On the same above mentioned questions, D, added the following: Papandreous basic crime against Greece, are not the CDS, but his involvement in a Swiss company in Geneva, for which he sold Greece out to the IMF and the creditors. This can be easily verified with a quick search, and (as GF says) we have all the evidence which are going to be revealed. The people appear to persevere for the moment, and are not revolting. The elections will be delayed because the worlds dark cabal is beginning to lose its grip on some of their puppets in Greece, and dont trust them any more, which makes them fear that a new government will not be totally controlled by them. They are trying to rectify this, before new elections take place. The economy will recover after we have reached the lowest possible point, and the debt will be nullified at some point, because it is all not worth the paper its written on. It would be great if this happens within 2012, but the cosmic energies have not yet reached the point where this could be realised. There will not be arrests of politicians, at least not now. Fraud and unlawful practices have already been revealed, but the Greeks turn a blind eye and the mainstream media, are concealing lot. At this point, D adds a fifth brief message from the GF, which is as follows: 5/ The Greeks have to realise their power at some points, and how hypocritical and manipulative these lying puppets are, trying to convince them with fear, the threat of total lack of things and they are terrorizing them, trying to rob them of their ideals, the richness of their souls and the Earths resources. When I asked what else I should say about the Greeks on my site, D said that I should just emphasise (with bold letters) the messages she gave me from the GF, and the ones she will give me in the future.

Regarding the global scene, D said the following: 2012 is the year when all changes will begin and the events we are expecting will take place. Some of the changes will be completed within 2012, others within 2013. The space ships are already appearing in large numbers and this will increase. Some of them are doing cloaked landings and are contacting selected groups. But the group landing (what we call first contact) when thousands of ships will land in various areas, will happen after certain changes take place, and the exact date has not yet been set by the GF Council and that is the reason D estimates (despite the previous predictions) that the date could be moved towards the end of 2012, at which time, the extraterrestrials can proceed with direct announcements to the Media around the world themselves, if the governments delay formal disclosure. There is always the scenario of landings at any given time, if the dark cabal attempts to create an extensive threat for humanity, something which the GF will not allow, and in this case, they will have just cause to intervene directly, without waiting for us to call them. I remind you that the changes I mentioned before, include: Changes in economics (nullifying debts, distribution of abundance packages etc.) and political systemic changes (transitory governments etc), revelation of hidden technologies as well as the elites crimes etc. It is difficult to give exact dates and by which order these things will happen, but it is certain that once they begin, they will progress rapidly and there are predefined significant dates connected with Earths transition to the fifth dimension, which will under no circumstances can be delayed or avoided.

In America, Obama totally sold his soul out. The Dark cabal is making efforts so that he retains power till the end of his term, because he facilitates their agenda. In Syria, heinous crimes are taking place, many of which are not reported. Help is provided by the extraterrestrials there. Iran strongly resists the dark forces, that is why they are planning an act of war, which will be prevented by the GF. My SS gave additional answers to the above answers given by D, as follows: Disclosure has already started, but not from the governments which are expected to be forced to disclose, in the coming months. The governments will make revelations about hidden technologies (free energy etc) on a limited scale, and leaks are going to be allowed for the rest. UFO sightings will be taking place, not only as lights in the sky, but with their full shape, and my SS believes that this might happen in the coming months. Mass landings will occur in the middle of the year. Answering my question whether they might happen in March 2012, he said that this scenario is not excluded (which we all wish to happen). The Obama administration is not expected to continue as it does today, but will be forced to change course and targets, otherwise it will fall. Asad will stay in power for a little while longer, and then he will be removed, establishing a form of supposed democracy in the country. There will be no war with Iran.

I will continue with the time table of the physical and mental changes we will go through, as well as the new powers we will attain, between the years 2012 and 2017, those of us who will pass on to the fifth dimension, and will do so on the outer earth and not in the transformation chambers. In response to my question about what is going to happen with me as well as with others, my SS said the following: By August 2012, our body will be more agile and healthy. By the end of 2012, our telepathic abilities and intuition will have increased. By the beginning of 2012, our vibrations will become fully fifth dimensional, following those of Earth. By the end of 2013, we will be able to shape our home to our liking, (with our thoughts and without the holographic theatres). Our requirements for food by 2013, will be reduced to 20-25% of our needs today (because we will be getting energy from other sources), and by 2014, we will be able to materialise with our thoughts, any food we need. Furthermore, there will be no disease or ailments in 2013, therefore, there will be no need for doctors and hospitals/clinics/therapy centres. Our telekinetic power, (the ability to move objects and handle instruments with our thoughts) will be attained by 2014 (at which point we will open portals). Our teleportation ability will start on 2015. We will be able to form our bodies to our liking on 2013, and the ability to affect changes on our height or to add a body part we have lost, will come later, when our body will have become more refined. He repeated that generally speaking, our needs will be met by 2013, as regards to ourselves, as well as the country, and we will not really care about when we will attain the other fifth dimensional traits.

I asked D the same questions, and she confirmed. She was rather vague about when some of our abilities will be attained, as she connected that with our emotional evolvement and our spiritual upliftment, thus making sure that we will use these abilities for the general good. Specifically, she said that some traits are based on the activation of the 10 DNA helixes, which cannot occur of the 2 helixes we are already using are not cleared of the negative energies of the third dimension, which have been planted in us by the dark forces. Therefore affecting matter formation with our thoughts (in our body and our surroundings) might delay, giving priority to telekinesis and teleportation. This signifies the importance D and the entities guiding her emphasise, to our emotional health, positive thoughts and intentions, which Eric describes as finding the other part of our self (meaning the good part). This, according to D (and thus the GF) means that in 2013, what Eric said about abundance, might not necessarily apply for all. So let us not delay, and let us become active, not only to ensure our transition to the fifth dimension, but to soon attain the gifts this will provide.

Back on the subject of the arrests and resignations in America, after the message Sharon sent me and my phone conversation with her yesterday. She not only confirms the facts but adds that there are preparation for change of government in the US next month. She also predicts that the distribution of the abundance packages from St. Germains trust funds, will soon begin, as well as the value re-evaluation of various currencies, agreed upon by 195 countries (in the secret Basel111 treaty), based on precious metals in accordance with 70 programmes for the largest wealth transfer in the worlds history. Something the dark cabal is trying to stop to no avail. She promised me that the minute she receives the first money, she will immediately let me know. She added that my country (along with the others) will soon benefit from these changes and she closed her message saying that yesterdays solar flair (3.9.2012) was going to reach Earth and affect electronic systems etc., endangering airplanes on flight, was redirected by the GF, so as not to cause problems. She knows all this, because her extraterrestrial brother Gabriel and herself are involved in these efforts. Because Nidle and SaLuSas last messages are referring to arrests and resignations, I will hereby quote the first three paragraphs of SaLuSas message, who also points out our effort and contribution on a physical and metaphysical level, in order to expedite the events. The full message as well as other messages from Nidle and SaLuSa are translated in Greek, and you can find them at the links I gave earlier.

SALUSA 5.MAR.12 The good news about the changes cannot be held back for much longer, as it will be seen as too important for the whole world not to share the knowledge. The Internet is alive with information, and more people than ever are coming forward. After months and years of preparation, a sudden push has started a whole series of arrests and resignations, that is sending fear through the ranks of the dark Ones. Having felt that they were safe and beyond reproach, they are shocked to find that they are now vulnerable. There will be no let up until the Illuminati are removed from their positions of power, and that is proceeding with all speed. It is enabling other missions to also move faster, and the way is being opened for the governmental changes to be lined up. It is all part of the continuing collapse of the old system, and no matter what is done to prop it up it will never be the same again. You Dear Ones have achieved a most remarkable victory, inasmuch that using the power of thought you have brought the energy into being that has fulfilled them. You have sent out powerful prayers and thoughts calling for an end to the wars that have continually brought countries to their knees. Wars that have killed millions and caused widespread destruction. You let it be known that you have had enough of the violation of Mother Earth, and decimation of the Human Race. With love in your hearts you have caused the changes to come about, and it shows that when you strongly focus on what you want, it is possible to bring about its manifestation.

Indeed, it is you who have overcome extreme obstacles, that not long ago looked as if they would engulf you and take away your freedom. You have brought the Light and Love back to Earth, and it has become so strong that it has fired the grids around it. Now it acts as your protection, and is your guarantee of a successful conclusion to your journey through duality. Never forget how powerful you are, and by keeping your sights on what it is you desire to create you will do so. In the future you will reach a stage when you will experience creation instantaneously. However, by then you will have reached a higher dimension and your thoughts will only center upon all that is pure. As individuals you may not be so aware of your present creative powers, but as the Human Race it is you who are continually creating and re-creating your reality. With nothing else but the energy of love, you have overcome all that the dark Ones have done to keep you in their control.

Because many people still talk about the existence of the devil, Lucifer, hell and similar nonsense, despite the things I have said, I asked Nidle, my SS and D, and I was told the following: Nidle said in no uncertain terms that there is no such thing on the third or the fifth dimension. My SS said that the devil does not exist in any dimension and that the psychic attacks we sometimes get, and feel down, are from inferior entities trapped in the astral level. They do it in order to suck energy off of us and we deal with such attacks in various ways (see some of them described in my site). One of which is by raising our vibrations over theirs, repeating out loud the phrase I want. When I asked if these attacks come wittingly or unwittingly from other people who are envious of us or hate us, my SS didnt say much. D responded more analytically as usual, saying that the devil is the dark entities of the Earth and the control and the terrorizing we allow them to inflict on us, as well as our tolerance and our faith in pain and fear, is our negative feelings of misery that comes over us, and the fact that we accept all this. This is the devil. A fanaticism imposed on us by various religions, in order to keep us in fear and under control. Furthermore, there will no longer be dark ones or our negative feelings in the fifth dimension.

Regarding the formation of our solar system in the fifth dimension, I have the following information by my SS and D. In his last internet seminar (on February 2012) Nidle describes 13 planets in our fifth dimensional Solar system (which means there are 4 additional ones). Other interesting info of this seminar as well as the replies given to our questions, will be posted here, after I watch his next internet seminar which will be by the end of March, which, considering the imminent events, I think will be very interesting. Continuing, my SS speaks of 18 planets through Eric, including the new moons which will appear. D speaks of even more planets, including the non material ones (purely energetic) of our Solar system, inhabited by non physical beings of the 6th and 7th dimension, which we will be able to see when we become fifth dimensional, but will only be able to visit them in our astral travels, where we will not see objects or people, we will only feel their energies. She also said that the dark side of the Moon is inhabited and that Earth humans (of the secret US base called Area 51) visit that side. With the technology given to them by the Greys, they hve opened the portal and can commute to the Moon as well as to Mars, where they have created a base. I want to repeat that all the fifth dimensional planets will be a single Star Nation in our Solar system, which will be ruled by the High Council, as it is in other constellations (like Sirius, Pleiades etc), and the people of the 6th and 7th dimension are a separate Star Nation, which also cares for us.

Regarding my last question, I would like to say the following: When I was in Mexico, staying in the Mayan Palace Hotel, I suddenly started exclamations with indignation, surprise, pain, anger, admiration, etc., and verbalizing incomprehensible words and even whole sentences, like a ranting that relieved me, such a swear word.. this continues and today frustrates the people close to me, who hear me. When I returned to Greece, I asked my SS about this, and he directed me to Eric and the Mayas. Erics interpretation was that I had lived previously there, and I remembered their language. He confirmed this when I told him the name of the hotel. I asked D when I am going to have metaphysical communications, and she answered : How do you think you started speaking the Mayan language? I insisted telling her that I would like to see an entity and she said This will happen but you must be patient. We understand your need for this communication. After all, you are not from Earth, but a Star Seed and your soul cries out for communication with your brothers and sisters out there, and this is totally understandable. However, you know that this will happen, even though you have temporarily forgotten it. That is why you must have patience and be understanding.. Upon giving one of my usual phrases to some channel for interpretation, I was told that it is a Mayan greeting.

In closing this chapter, I must say that there were many more questions and interesting answers, on which I would not like to elaborate right now, for this would shift your focus from the above important issues, and I would make this text too long, making the reader reluctant to read it (as my SS advised me) . For this reason, I will only reply to one question, which is why do we need the new economic system and the abundance packages, if these things will apply only for a few months, seeing that after the Ascension, all this will lose its meaning, as we will not need it anymore? The GFs answer to this is as follows: Abundance and end of misery will create a great emotional euphoria which will remove all negative feelings and will skyrocket our vibrations. This will make it easier for (as many as possible) awakened people who have chosen to pass through to the fifth dimension successfully. I would like to thank my readers (Greek and non Greek alike) for their enthousiastic messages, which make me even more eager to go on. My friend Michalis, who searches the internet endlessly and reads many relevant books, called me yesterday, he was very moved and told me that my text was the best he had read in his life.

When I send the above text to D yesterday for her comments, I received the answer today 3.11.12 from the GF, which is as follows: Dear George, all the information is given to you, as you proved to be the right person, and you agreed to do it, because your texts are crystal clear. You penetrate through logic and undo deep rooted mind sets, with a straight forward and understandable manner. We honor you for that, but also for your devoted perseverance and determination to pass on these messages, rejecting all sense of fear and embracing decency and truth. And this is how it is. The Galactic Federation of the 17th command of Andromeda-Centauri.



There, you can read interesting messages sent by the GF, through the channel Greg Giles (provided you state your name and email and click on the confirmation mail sent to your email address- you can then post any comments you might have). Under the English message, there is list of languages in which a message can be translated. Greek is included in these languages. Clicking there, the first paragraph of the message will appear in Greek, as well as the first paragraphs of previous messages, also in Greek. Under each paragraph, there is the indication read more, and if you click on that, the whole message will appear in Greek. If you wish to read more messages, go to the previous page and select another message. After this brief guidance I give to all those who need to receive more information, I will soon choose the most interesting paragraphs of these messages (as they are numerous and often repeat the same things) so that you can focus on them, saving time. Also, I was pleased to see today, that visitor views have increased significantly on the relatively small post concerning Greece. Is it possible that we are beginning to awaken with your help?

: this new translation from Greek to English in this page made by a friend of mine has to be corrected, if it will be necessary in certain points by me, which I will do during the last days of April. However the missing messages from Nidle, SaLuSa, etc, will be added soon and some links will be corrected to reflect to the English text (instead ogg the Greek).


he site ( ) 'Spiritual Truth Blog' has many interesting articles, among which the one '236 RESIGNATIONS ..' written on 10.March.2012, as well as a previous article of 7 March 2012, which talks about 155 resignations. This indicates a rapid resignation rate of executives, who are forced to leave their important positions, after having been pressured from the Earth Allies of the extraterrestrials, in an effort to avoid as much as possible the consequences of unlawful (mainly economical) actions which they committed or in which they participated, or willingly allowed to happen (for a good fee of course). If you click on the title 236 RESIGNATIONS, you will open a long list of 236 article titles, which give date and name of the person who resigned, as well as the country or city (which in the first six titles is N. York, Hong Kong, Jordan, Scotland, Australia and Switzerland). Underneath each title there is a relevant link, which leads to the details pertaining to each resignation (for whoever has the patience to do this for all 236 cases), as well s the newspaper or other source, who made this public. For example, regarding New York (go to this link ) it was the New York Times that made this public. This shows that the media, although they do not make a big deal out of these resignations, they do not hesitate to publicize them, while they are still keeping the lid on the arrests (and many resignations which will be followed by arrests sooner or later). The reason I put this post on my site, is to emphasize the fact that for the first time, after a very long time, the information given to me by higher sources (through channeling, my astral travels etc) is being officially verified, which means that things are really getting to a head and it will not be long before we see even more significant changes. As for the arrests, I will comment on them when I have collected adequate credible evidence.

Today I will add Sharons message given to me yesterday (12.March.2012). She sent me a new site, the which includes the above 236 resignations, and 84 more were added within a few days, to reach 320, and this continues, thus confirming Sharons claim that over 500 elite executives will soon be neutralized and their total numbers will exceed 6.000, and by that, clearing the field. I changed this site to having done automatic translation in Greek through Google, you can read the titles of the resignation in Greek and through the links and I did it so that there will be no controversy. By the way, to the readers who are not well versed in English, I suggest they do automatic translation through Google (a tool available for free). Although the translation is not perfect, it gives out the general meaning, adequately.

With the beginning of the changes, and in order to try and expedite the events which we are impatiently awaiting impatiently, me following Erics suggestion, who is trying to create critical mass of people who will consciously say Im I perhaps to blame? , I will take the initiative to suggest the follwing procedure, which I think approaches faster and moe directly, and even more effectively, our final goal. I therefore suggest (something Ive been doing for days) that before we go to sleep at night, to cloe our eyes, open our soul and consciously saying the following: Dear extraterrestrials of the Galactic Federation, please appear and help us. We implore you and are awaiting to see you with love, the soonest possible. When I told this idea to a friend of mine, he told me that some awakened groups in Peru are already doing this, and as a result, many secret landings of space ships and contacts with these groups (mentioned in the internet) are taking place, and the UFO sightings have increased in various areas, considerably. Isnt worth and effort on our part, spreading this to people we know? We have nothing to lose, and let us be optimistic for the result. Sending the two above mentioned paragraphs to D for GFs comments, D replied immediately as follows: Dear George, it is perfect along with your suggestion for the night time evocation. Good work! Besides, they did not select you by accident!!


Instead of quoting paragraphs which you can read if you go to the above mentioned link, I preferred to point out some of the most intresting messages from the GF, which are relayed on a daily basis by Greg Giles: 1/ the extended neutralization of the elite figureheads are mentioned, including resignations and arrests/imprisonments based on proven accusations by the Earth Allies, which are taken under serious consideration by the judiciary system since it is being freed by the dark cabal, and is following due process as it is meant to do. Proof of this, I have given in the above mentioned paragraphs (regarding the resignations) and in one paragraph (about twenty paragraphs above) regarding the arrests. The above mentioned neutralizations which are proceeding exponentially, will come to over 6.000, thus clearing the field for the changes to proceed unhindered, for government changes, for hidden technologies to come to light and for full disclosure.

2/The second very important point emphasised time and again, is the obligation we all have, being informed as to what will happen (fifth dimension, ascension, extraterrestrials etc) to inform the others around us tirelessly and every day, about these forthcoming events, and also to convince them, (after they have accepted) that they should not rest on these laurels, but should also inform the people around them about these things, convincing them, so that they in turn continue, by informing others, so that this information spreads at a rapid pace. It is therefore essential that the extraterrestrials feel welcome by a large number of people, so they will be able to arrive (even without governmental invitations), without causing mistrust, fear and even panic. That is why the GF stresses that it is not you having expectations from us, but us from you we expect you to become active on this, so that our hands will be untied the soonest possible. The GF further adds that you will have to overcome the fear that you might be considered lunatics or idiots and be ridiculed. The main purpose here is very important, so dont let such feelings influence you. At this point, Id like to add that an easy and safe way to inform, is to recommend my site to your friends, after having done a brief introduction on this matter. There is proof there with articles and videos. After they see them, you can discuss it with them, something many people are already doing. In fact, because my sites volume is already large, I recommend you suggest they see my page II.1.D1 which gives a general picture, and then my pages II.1.D16 and II.1.D17 which relay the latest developments in relevant to Greece. And for those with health problems, or people who wish to enhance their psychic bilities (for example communication with their HS and other entities), they can hear the healing crystalline sounds of my pge II.w.D6 (30 recordings) which open and activate our chakras, and consequently increasing our vibrations.

3/ The third is referring to the imminent distribution of the abundance packages (as soon as the matter of government change is settled, so that they dont fall into the wrong hands), the short term necessity of which I explain in a previous paragraph. (nine paragraphs above). Nidle talks about these packages, that we are all impatiently awaiting, as you will read immediately below. 4/ The fourth of the significant points he mentions, concerns the control of our emotions, so that we can keep our vibrations high, thus passing to the fifth dimension, along with the Earth. So in order to avoid feelings of fear, anger, indignation, hatred etc., we must exercise ourselves to see things as neutral observers, focusing on the final optimistic result. To this end, it helps if we can avoid watching news that generate such feelings, s much as possible. I am also giving the link of the Greg Giles site so that you can read every new message he gives out, and which is translated to Greek, 2-3 later.

NIDLE 13.Mar.12

In his recent message, the beginning of which I have attached, Nidle again mentions the abundance packages, this time stating that they are ready and will be coming soon. I got the translation of this message from a new friend of mine, the Herald of the New Age, who has his own site in which he has been translating for a while now, Nidles weekly messages to Greek, the minute they appear, as well as other important texts. This message begins as follows:


From the seminar held on 5 Feb.12, I note the following new significant facts, which I briefly ention here (1 to 30, even if some of them are already known), without detailed explanations: 1/ The new energy coming will reveal to us who we really are, because nothing must remain secret anymore, and we should not avoid this issue, because once the veil is lifted the shock will be so strong and the discomfort so great, that it might even prove to put our lives in danger. 2/ We are not free and we are not doing what we want, but only what others want us to do, in order to gain their acceptance. With the passage of time, this makes us ill and keeps our vibrations low, making our Ascension difficult. When we do what we want, our vibrations remain high and low vibrations of illness do not affect us. 3/ The thoughts going through our minds and the choices we make are usually not ours, but those imposed to us by our parents, our friends, television, etc. Our mothers often get involved (influencing us subconsciously) even when we chose our mate (that is why they are considered psychocidal) whereas we should only do what we feel we want. 4/ In 2012, we can and should try to save only ourselves. We cannot and are not allowed to interfere (except by informing) and try to save anyone else, because each person follows their own chosen path. Whoever choses to pass to the fifth dimension, they will do it separately and through their own gateway. We are not to worry about the minors (children), because they will be the first to pass through with ease. 5/ By accusing others as being responsible for our problems, we give them (at a metaphysical level) our strength, thus enhancing theirs, because we play the role of the victim for them, which lowers our vibrations. Also, let us not forget, that it is mostly us who have caused these problems (within our lifes plan), in order to learn to overcome them, and obtain the experience we need.

6/ to the Question why Greece has to go through these hardships, so that the Greeks can find themselves, and if there is no easier way to do this, the Higher Forces Answer was that this is the easy way. The hard way would have been a great earthquake which would have destroyed everything, thus forcing the Greeks to change. 7/ Greece is one of the richest countries in the world, even though she does not know or make the best of it, and the way the Greek History has been distorted, it is wrong to a large degree, and many significant truths are hidden. 8/ In the event of aliens appearing with weapons, we must know that they are not extraterrestrials but terrestrials of the dark governments who want to annihilate the extraterrestrials as hostile. The extraterrestrials do not need to use weapons against us, either in defence or for attack. 9/ The seminar included a meditation so that we can go to 2013 and connect with our future self of 2013 (which I have already described) as well as a very important meditation, for saying I love you to ourself in the mirror (which I have also described previously). 10/ There are various time lines, each of which leads to a different future. So if we change time line, whether individually or as a nation, or even as a planet, we will then be lead to a different future. My note: If elections do take place in Greece, although my HS said that they will be avoided using various pretexts, this might mean that the nation has changed timeline.

11-17/ Regarding relationships in 2013 (which Eric mentions in YouTube also, as I have mentioned) they will be more free and sincere then. Given the fact that nothing stays hidden and that our thoughts and intentions will be read by all, relationships, the relationships that are not based on true love but on hypocrisy will disintegrate and people will prefer being alone and or having the people of their choice around them. Families will lose the compulsory form they have today and their members will be completely free to follow their preferences. Children will soon prefer to live in their own space and make their own choices, unaffected by their parents influence, while they will be cared for (mainly for their education) by their environment and the state. Cities will remain large, because people will want to contact other people, but they will be greener, nicer and more functional, but completely clean. Almost everyone there will have their private exclusive space, which, despite the outer dimensions, they will be able to form the inside, making it as large as they wish, without inconveniencing the people next door who will have their space according to their vibraton. Thats where they will entertain their friends and family, because their psyche and their aura will need to be alone without third parties affecting them, for several hours. Sex will be much more liberated than it is today and will not be a taboo, but rather a social function, which apart from pleasure, will give the opportunity of energetic exchange between two people. There will be fewer children born (about 8% of the couples will program their lives to include kids) as our life span will extend to as many years as we wish, and the raising of children will be done collectively, as if they have many parents.

18/ We have not realized the great abilities we all have and perhaps we do not want to see them, because then we would have to assume our responsibilities and become sovereign, whereas we often prefer to play the role of the victim, being dependant, in order to obtain love and sympathy from others. 19/ In the fifth dimension we live as many years as we wish, young and healthy, and when we wish to leave and go to new incarnatons, we say goodbye to our friends and we make a soul transition to the ninth dimension, while another soul can enter our body, which remains healthy, instead of going through birth. My note: This is what happened with Sharon for example, who was incarnated on earth as a walk in (see details in my site). Furthermore, if an extraterrestrial comes to live for a while as a walk in today on Earth, in order to help with something urgent, they can later return to their body which is asleep on their planet, in order to continue their log life. 20/ It is a given that we will suffer som loss, when some of our beloved people will not chose to pass to the firth dimension. In order to get over the grief for those losses, we can think that by dying, they simply returned home, where everything is nice, and that we can meet with them when we become fully fifth dimensional. Besides, as Eric said, when someone dies, their heavenly counselors ask them whether they want to return to life, and most of them do not want to, feeling the warmth over there. But if someone feels that they still have obligations to fulfill and wishes to return, they are taken back in time, just before the episode that killed them occurred, and so, they return to life. We have many examples of such cases. Finally, as the natives in Peru say, the life we are living here is nothing but a dream and a theatre, in which we play various parts every time, and we awaken when we die, and we return to our beloved home (in the ninth dimension), in which we are ourselves.

21/ According to Eric, every person places five gateways of exit during their birth (at times even more) in various points in time, and decides to take one of those, in order to die, or they move to the next, until they reach the last one. Whatever the case, nobody dies if they are not at the point in time where a gateway is placed for them. Of course, in the fifth dimension, such gateways are no longer used. 22/ The reason we have almost 7 billion souls on Earth today, is because they want to have the unique experience of passing from the third to the fifth dimension with their physical body still alive (whereas in all other situations, all the people of third dimensional planet died and reincarnated later as fifth dimensional beings, on the planet that had also become fifth dimensional). So they carry with them all the experiences from duality, which the fifth dimensional civilizations have not experienced, having lived for millions of years without such problems. That is the reason many will chose to take the experiences of the transition within a few years time on the surface, instead of three days only in the transformation chambers in the Hollow Earth. 23/ The physical discomfort we now feel, like fatigue etc., are due to the new energies we are receiving, and more serious physical ailments are due to the fact tht we re doing things that our soul does not want. 24/ When Greece takes its power back and skyrockets, then the other countries will follow her within 3 to 6 weeks at the most. 25/ Most civilizations in the universe are in the fifth dimension and higher (6th, 7th etc). We are now seeing only 3% of the universe and as fifth dimensional beings we will be able to see much more, but still the greatest part of the universe will be invisible to us. 26/ The greatest turmoil, upheaval and chaos will occur as we are nearing the 21st of December 2012, but we must keep our cool and pass to the fifth dimension without fear. 27/ Although each of us will make the passage to the fifth dimension alone and in their own time, by the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, the transition will be taking place in such large numbers, that it will appear to be massive. 28/ The awakened people who will pass over to the fifth dimension first, will be a great example for the others to follow them. 29/ The universe and our HS, are talking to us daily, advising and guiding us, not only for the significant things, but for simple every day matters. Thats why we must learn to listen and to often trust the flow of things to guide us where it will. 30/ We must first learn our lesson, and find out why we are in debt (whether as individuals or as a nation) and then we will be able to repay the debt, for if someone waved a magic wand and nullified our debt, it would not take us long to create it again.

Today, 19 March 2012, I spoke with Eric who is in Austria and he told me that instead of a next seminar, he will give an interview, which he will post on YouTube, for which he will inform me. Also, he repeated that despite the announcement, he does not see elections taking place in Greece and that he soon expects to see the big bang he mentioned before. Regarding a question I received today from a reader, who wondered what are the extraterrestrials waiting for and why arent they coming, I answered that they expect us to reach the critical mass which we have already mentioned, therefore, you must become active and start informing people. I also received a question about the meditation regarding point (9) above (for our connection with our 2013 self) I feel it necessary to repeat the technique of this important meditation, giving some additional tips to enhance it: We lay down comfortably, take deep and slow breaths, and with closed eyes, we call our HS to come. We visualize our HS as a white or colored cloud that surrounds us and makes us feel good. We then ask him to open a time-space tunnel which leads us to the end of 2013, so that we can meet our future self there.

We visualize a spacious and lighted tunnel opening before us, which we enter and start flying faster and faster, becoming lighter, with our vibrations increasing to reach those of 2013, which we will have upon exiting the tunnel. There we see our future self waiting for us, smiling, happy and good looking, surrounded by a bright egg shaped aura. It is good for those of us who are in an advanced age, to find and focus on a photo of us when we were young before we start meditating, thus imprinting this image of us. In fact we could omit any imperfections, idealizing our image, which we then relate to our future self, who we visualize at home, which has been formed the way we want, with its rooms, furnishings, garden, view, etc. We then we take in a broader view of the city our home is in, allowing our mind to observe without criticizing or distorting what it sees. We then see our self today, lying in bed meditating, and we tell our future self: I want us to become one now. Come and take me. We visualize our future self approaching, embracing and melting inside us. We remain with our eyes closed for a little while longer, focusing on how we felt and then we open our eyes. This meditation helps us to reach 2013 with ease and every time we encounter problems, we will ask our future self: How do we overcome this problem?. We will then open our mind and our intuition, in order to get the answer. Finally, if we are not able to see our future 2013 self, this most probably means that we have a serious problem with our transition to the fifth dimension and we ought to deal with this, by correcting our thoughts, our beliefs, our feelings, our way of life and our behavior so that we raise our vibrations and keep them at a high level. It is recommended for all to to this meditation once, and if we dont see our 2013 self, to repeat it, after having done the proper adjustments in our life.


D sent me today (16 Mar 2012) the following (catapult-as she put it) message, dictated to her (in some form of automatic writing) in the dawn, while space ships here hovering over her, and one of them remained for at least two minutes over her house, as she told me over the phone. I suggested that she have a camera ready next time, in order to record them, as many do in such cases, and post them in the internet. We must always have our reservations for this message as well as all similar ones, until the things promised overcome successfully the reactions and delays that the dark cabal is trying to create (despite the things promised and undersigned), until we see them materializing, along with the practical results they announce. This message is as follows:



Underneath this message, D added the following: George, this is the message I received officially this morning, and I was told to relay to you. It was a catapult for me as well. Needless to say, that their presence is everywhere around me. Their ships appear out of nowhere, and they are flying very low. Their presence today was very intense George, and immediately after that, I got the message I sent you. I dont know, it is up to you to decide how you will handle this, and whether you will choose to post it or not. George, they are here! I am in tears of joy since this morning.


Lately, many Greek volunteers have undertaken the important task of translating to Greek, messages coming through channeling, either from extraterrestrials or from Ascended Masters, or Divine entities (Archangels etc). I am giving the links of those sites along with what each of them translates. I am pleased to see that they have all those in their right column, where they refer to other similar sites as well as mine, I will extend the following list, as new such sites are created, but I suggest we select the volume of information we read, because too much makes us lose the essence- and that is the reason I am trying to be brief as my HS advised, but to the point in my texts. By the way, new info refers to the resignation of the head of the Anglican church, the archbishop of Cantenbury, as well as for the Pope Benedicts statement that he will be leaving on the 15th of April 2012. See this as well as The article comments, that now that the ship is sinking, the mice are trying to abandon it, in an effort to avoid prosecution. Furthermore, the resignations of members of the elite mentioned in the above mentioned site Sharon sent me, have increased between 12th and 14th of March 2012, from 320 to 358, which shows that the resignations momentum is continuing. The site is called American Kabuki and shows a Japanise man doing hara-kiri.

This site translates SaLuSa. This one translates Nidle. his translates Mattthew Ward. This translates Wanderer of the Skies. This translates Mlntague Keen. And this translates Greg Giles, link , ( ). 16.3.12 ( -) See it in which is his English speaking site, until it is translated in Greek (within two or three days) Greg Giles describes the shape and form of the spaceships we will be seeing frequently, and the fact that some of us who are working with them, will even be able to visit them familiarizing themselves with their new technology.


Due to the fact that the seminar is to be continued (as always) next Friday, 24.Mar.12, I will post relevant info, immediately after that. (Note: See an addition, 5 paragraphs above)


Many pesimistic scenarios are circulating in the internet as well as in various media, regarding the difficult times that are to befall our country in the long run, based (and rightly so) on the multiple insidious and unjust attacks and dilemmas we are being bombarded with from our supposed friends outside Greece, as well as from the groups of decay within the country, and the corruption existing in almost all sectors of society and all levels of the administration) which are being revealed gradually with the new incoming energies. There is no quick remedy for the unlawfulness. All this, along with the poverty that ravages a large portion of the Greek people, which keeps getting worse (based on facts and logical analysis) with no light at the end of the tunnel, has brought people in desperation, indignation and hopelessness, while everybody, even the ones are not suffering today, are consumed by fear for their future. Because I am receiving messages and calls (especially lately) expressing anxiety and worry for the way things are going, Id like to say, or rather shout, that they must NOT worry, because these people (in and outside Greece) are calculating results, without considering one main factor, which is the Divine plan (which will not change or be postponed) of the heavenly forces that have decided (using the help of the extraterrestrials, the Ascended Masters and the Earth Allies) that earth along with its populace will pass through to the fifth dimension by the end of the year. So do not give in to fear which lowers your vibrations (and this will make it difficult for you to participate in this significant passage) because all our troubles will be over in 2012. THAT IS FINAL.


Unfortunately, I do not have the time to answer each and everyone separately, (I apologise for that), I will attempt to answer certain agonizing questions, in my site. Someone wrote: I have never seen UFOS, nor have I ever spoken to my HS. How can you help me believe everything you write, which I always make a point of reading? My answer (which applies to everyone else) is as follows: You have also never seen Jesus or Mother Mary, but you believe in them and you evoke them in your prayers. You also have not seen the plnets in our solar system, but you are certain they exist, because others have seen and studied them. By the same token, in this case, thousands of people have seen UFOS, photographed and video recorded them, some of them have also worked with extraterrestrials (see photographs and links in my site). Furthermore, there are many people who often communicate with their HS. You will soon see UFOS. This is all I can say without trying to convince anyone, because everyone has the right to believe and make the choices he wants. As for those who still insist on wearing blinkers, and do not choose to awaken and Ascent to the fifth dimension, all I can say is no harm done, because the soul is immortal nyway and when the body dies, it will return to the warmth of its home in heaven, incarnating later, carrying its karma in another third dimensional planet, so that it gets the experience it has chosen (good or bad), since the Earth will be fifth dimensional by then and will only carry fifth dimensional people. I also wish to add that Ive stopped playing Mother Theresa lately, trying to convince people around me (especially people I love), who refuse to accept, because, in the final analysis its their problem, not mine. That is why, from now on, I will remain detached (and that is what I recommend to you), focusing in my mission which is to try to inform as many people as possible, and they can use the information I give them, as they choose fit.


My friends tell me that they see my texts slightly altered verbally, in various sites, as if they were written by the site owners. I said that this pleases me, because the main purpose here is to inform and to awaken, regardless of who signs the texts, and I encourage everyone to copy my texts, and sign them if he/she wishes, because I dont expect any monetary profit from my site, nor do I wish to promote myself. The love I receive from my readers, is enough for me. However, to those who insist on altering the text, I wish to point out the following: First, I wish to ask them to please use the Greek language correctly, because I have detected many syntax mistakes in texts that my friends referred me to, which make the content seem ridiculous. So I suggest that they copy the text as is, since nobody is going to hold them responsible for this. And let us not forget, that most of my writings (with the exception of my astral travels and some of my evaluations and recommendations for meditation etc) are things I copied from others who have the gift of direct communication with extraterrestrials and higher entities. I either record my sessions with all these people (literally interrogating them) or they send me their messages (some of which are answers to my questions).

My contribution is that I simply select the essentials, avoiding repetitions and high theories, and focusing on practical issues that concern us, which I try to relay in a comprehensive and succinct maner, while I connect them with information from other sources, for counterchecking, verifying and eliminating any contradictions. I am hoping to attain this gift of direct communication myself, (without the intermediate use of the channelers, who feel exhausted within one or two hours) and then I promise to keep a continued pce and write long texts with the info given to me by the sources who intend to teach us later when they appear. So I continue saying that it is logical that it frustrates me to see the efforts I put on each text distorted with irrelevant and irresponsible additions and alterations attempted by people, just so they can add their touch. Thankfully, such changes are not attempted on my English texts, for which (due to language barriers) I make an even greater effort. Even the texts listing the English channels are difficult to understand (especially for people not familiar with the subject matter) so they often need further processing by me before I post them. In closing, Id like to mention the situation where someone (I think his name is Dimitris) who had a group in Face Book. He posted my texts, which he sensored subjectively, and when I dared ask him to give link to my site so that any interested party could read the full texts, he replied that he will not post any more of my messages (apparently afraid that people would find out the texts were not his and that he copied them all this time). So Im now telling him, (if he is still reading me) that he can continue to post them (but in their full length) without mentioning my site.


The theme was Divine Time which does not mean Divine time (although it does mention time as well, which along with light and love are the three basic factors of creation) but the Divine moment, which is the end of 2012, when the changes are expected to happen, which will bring us the new golden age. He does a quick review from the beginning of creation until our transition to the fifth dimension, which by a good coincidence, everything he mentions, I have already described extensively and comprehensively in my pages II.1.D1, . II.1.D16, and II.1.D17, which I think you ought to read. For this reason, I will stick to the chapters he processes, focusing solely in any new and significant thing he mentions. He starts with the creation of the world and the hollow planets, he describes the heavenly (celestial) hierarchy and the various ranks in the GFL and its members, humanitys history and how it fell to duality, the Divine plan which is going to be implemented without deviations and without further delay. Also, what it means to be fully conscious fifth dimensional beings, natural Angels, and the abilities we will have, as well as what is happening to our body and our state of mind, due to the energies we receive and the changes in our chakras, along with minor physical and emotional symptoms of discomfort these might cause. Also, by whom and how we are helped with Ascension (Ascended Masters, extraterrestrials, Earth Allies, etc, as well as beings like Jesus, Buddha and others that helped us throughout the ages), the secret sacred organizations they created which are handling the abundance funds which are going to be distributed at a specific time, in order to help us through the brief transitory period, until we become fully fifth dimensional, at which time we will not be needing them anymore.

At this point, I would like to add something new which I just heard, that these organizations (which were created hundreds of years ago) overseen by the Ascended Masters (in the West as well as in the East) have technologies that they took from Lemuria, with which they can collect and/or create the planets precious metals that they will be using. I also heard that many of their executives have infiltrated the cabal lately, in order to facilitate its downfall at a given time. Regarding the recent storm of resignations, which he also mentions, he says that these have to do with the small fries. The big ones are soon to follow. As for the arrests rate, he says that the delays are because of the lengthy due process, which follows each charge pressed. However, he believes that within weeks rather than months, the changes will begin. These include among other things, government changes or people within governments. Within 30 to 60 days after this, changes of various social, political, banking, economical systems will be taking place. The changes include, among others, the government changes or replacement of people in government, and within 30 to 60 days, we have various systemic changes regarding social, political and economic issues, which include individual and public service debt forgiveness, the restoration of confiscations, reduction of revenue, etc. We also have the revelation of hidden technologies, official announcements for the existence and the role of the extraterrestrials, which will be followed by multiple sightings of their spaceships which will then land, so that they can start work with the people of Earth, as there are still many things that have to be done in time.

Furthermore, he proposes something new, which is meditation for the activation of the kundalini powerful energy which we all have, (energy of fire which is dormant within the basic chakra and which will come up through the spine when activated, to reach the crown chakra as well as others). He stresses however, that because of the dangers that threaten the beginner when this powerful energy is released, we should start this meditation gradually, in the presence and under the guidance of someone who has done this repeatedly, until we are capable of doing it alone. This meditation is already done by people who know about it, and they often do it in groups, connecting with the Ascended Masters as well as with their HS (along with the central crystal of the Earth below, as well as with the central sun of the galaxy above). The result is the significant raising of their vibrations and consciousness, and the group meditation helps to expedite the changes we are awaiting. I will not describe this meditation, seeing that it is considered dangerous. I advise anyone who wants to try it, to find the proper teacher, just as Nidle recommends. Instead, I will recommend a harmless meditation, which is the opening and cleansing of our energy column, which goes through our body, also starting from the central crystal of the Earth, and reaching the central sun. This meditation will also connect us with higher entities, and enhance our consciousness and our vibrations. I describe it analytically for anyone interested, in the chapter Selfhealing Techniques in my page II.1.D3, which I created a few years ago to help those who want to become masters in reiki (as well as in other healing energies like Sekim and Sekem), to do it themselves (self initiation) without needing to pay a lot of money to teachers and schools (something that reiki teachers have not forgiven me for.)

Nidle answered some questions in his seminars of March 18 as well as of March 23 2012. The most important ones are: The basic changes will take place by the end of 2012, because that is when Earth chanes dimensions and that is a Divine order which is not going to change. That is why (I will add) we must hasten, so that Erics prediction of many deaths, especially in Greece (who is still asleep in this area), does not come true. The penalty time frame for the cabals minion will have to be short, because anyone of them who chooses to change their frame of mind and chooses Ascension, will succeed just like all the others. (besides, in this incarnation they chose to play the role of the victimizer, because without them, there can be no victims). If they dont make that choice, they will die just like all the others who do not belong to the cabal. The various black spots appearing on the sun are from spaceships, which appear and/or disappear, as they pass through portals. Our solar system will not attain two suns (but the Earth will attain two moons) and the various doomsday scenarios circulating in the internet, will not apply. Certain sci fi movies with extraterrestrials used channels to approach reality. Although in the fifth dimension we will not need to do things and work as we did in the third, if someone wishes to do so (for example, riding a bike) they can. There were many answers he gave, which I did not include here, as I have already covered them on various parts in my site.

DEMETRAS VISIT OF March 24th, 2012

After having written down (yesterday 23 Mar.12) the things D told me, which covered 13 handwritten pages, I will now begin to expand on the most important parts, thus confirming for those who are impatient and worried, that the changes will start and proceed within 2012, and that during 2013 Greece along with the whole planet will enter the golden age that has already been heralded. And because I just received a phone call expressing concerns about earthquakes, famine, calamities, dark three day periods and other such nonsense that some channels relay in order to frighten people, I admonish you not to fear and to stop focusing on such things. I will begin with the things that shook me concerning the elections in Greece. D (and through her the higher entities) claims that no elections process in the past years was clean. Given the fact that all party leaders are controlled (willingly or under duress) by the cark cabal, the person who will govern has already been preordained and agreed upon before each electoral process, and is helped if needed by a small or larger rigging, which is done in their knowledge. Thus, the results were either in favour of PASOK or New Democracy with either Papandreou in power during the past decades, in order to lead the country to its present situation. This power interchange is also helpful as the leaders share the responsibility of treason against the nation (whether they do it willingly or under pressure), when they relinquish sovereignty and national wealth, dehumanizing the population and helping the corporate fraudsters they are in cahoots with. So while we naively believe that with our vote we define the countrys destiny, in reality it is the big bosses that do this, outside the country. Of course this applies for many other countries as well, and when things dont go according to the cabals wishes, we have assassinations too. (As we had with the Kennedys) or accidents (like last year when an airplane crash, annihilated Polands political and economic leadership when they dared to defy them).

So regarding the coming elections in Greece, Eric said that they will be continuously postponed for various reasons, while D says that they will take place only if the cabals plans will not be compromised. The cabal controls the outcome of course, but at times there are doubts as to whether those controlled by them today, will remain loyal and not defy them at some point in time. They do not leave things at chance. Anyway, D says that multi-partisan governments that will arise after every election, will be short lived and this political instability will be exactly what the elite wants. Of course, in the event of extremely obvious result falsification, the people might revolt in a massive scale, questioning the electoral result, and in such an event, the army can intervene ( units of populace control are already being trained in Macedonia). If that happens however, the Olympians said that they will be able to intervene openly as well. On the Q of what is happening with the new party recently created by Kamenos (whos views I am watching with interest) the A was that the cabal still considers him harmless as his party is not well established (but I must add that there might be surprises there). When I asked for an example of a previous sell out, D told my that when Simitis was in power, the gold mines of Halkidiki were sold to a subsidiary to Goldman Sachs, thus the cabal gains millions per year, instead of Greece.

Continuing with the program of changes (see below relevant message from Greg Giles for the planet ), starting with Greece, where during the next two months, things will continue to get worse, reaching the lowest possible point. The only way left after reaching bottom, is our sky rocketing, which will be done with a sudden and impressive upward thrust. The exact month in 2012 of this happening, will depend on the time that the Greeks will decide to find their true self and take their power back. I remind you that Eric said that this is an opportunity we will grab at the last moment, and D repeats that the best way to expedite the events and to call the Olympians to intervene to our aid, is to consciously sing two verses of our national anthem. She goes on to say that if 300.000 people to this daily, this will be a sufficient calling for the Olympians, that is why I follow this and recommend that everybody does it, they have nothing to lose, except for a minute of their time. Regarding how this rising can be successful after the Greeks take their power back from the government, D talks about two ways that will work in parallel course. The first one is the exploitation of our national wealth (subterranean and on the surface) which will be done based on a strong drachma, independent from other foreign currencies which are there to control us, combined with the release of the abundance packages which are kept by the secret organizations out of the country, and are to be given to Greece. This will be fortified by taking the countrys sold out wealth back. This will be done combined with healthy investments made by real Greeks from abroad who are waiting to help us.

Regarding the second way, D said that a/ there is on the one hand the knowledge in our memory (Greeks have it imprinted in their DNA since antiquity) which is dormant in the subconscious and is activated with meditation and the raising of our vibrations, and b/ there is the knowledge we attain during our life time. So when the Greeks take their power back, the inherent memory knowledge will be activated in a great number of people and they will develop new technologies which (according to Eric ) they will be the first to make the best of, and exploit them to our economys advantage. Here D talks about two categories of awakened people. The actively awakened ones and the implicitly awakened ones. The actively awakened, are those who have been informed about the forthcoming events of the fifth dimension and the role of the extraterrestrials, and are not asking for proof to believe, while the implicitly awakened, are the ones that although the know and generally believe, they still need to search and obtain proof in order to be convinced. When I asked whether the new technologies are already in Greece, D said that they are, and are in the hands of actively awakened people who are secretly training actively awakened people to use and produce them, so that when the right time comes, they will be able to proceed in mass production. However, due to the strong electromagnetic currents connected with the function of many of them, which could be dangerous for the ignorant and energetically unprepared, and due to the fact that they can become weapons in the hands of people who have not adequately developed their benevolent consciousness, these devices are not going to be distributed in every home for starters, but they will be used exclusively by some people for the benefit of all. Regarding how these technologies came to the hands of the awakened, D said that it is a combination of the inherent memory knowledge we mentioned, and the fact that the Olympians downloaded in some peoples subconscious mind, the know how, in order to inspire them.

We are referring to technologies such as devices to produce pure free energy, antigravity syseems for the propulsion of land and flying vehicles, as well a healing technologies, which are not pertaining to drugs, but to devices which when in contact with the human body, can immediately heal every ailment, even cancer. When I asked whether the extrterrestrials and the Olympians will bring a great number of these devices for distribution, i.e. simulators and holographic theatres (which are used for the materialization of foods, items, even buildings, converting energy to matter), D (as well as my HS) said that with a few exceptions, they will teach us how to manufacture them and they will help us produce them ourselves. As to whether the elite have such hidden technologies, the answer is that the dark governments of the major countries have them, as they were given to them by negative extraterrestrials, and they include powerful weapons of destruction, as well as the ability to teleport from one subterranean base to another (please not that as we have already mentioned, most of these bases now have been destroyed by the GF), and they use these technologies (especially the ones for healing), exclusively for the big shots.

Regarding the weapon systems, they are not in the hands of the dark cabal in Greece, but with the dark cabal outside Greece, thus the country (even its dark minions) are not able to use them for defence. However, a fierce weapon is exclusively in our country, in the hands of the Olympians and their Earth Allies, which is based on atom fusion, releasing incredible amounts of energy, which could be used for peaceful but also aggressive purposes. This weapon called betatron is a huge umbrella which averts every attempt of the dark ones to attack our country with their weapons, and they know this only too well, that is why they are frantically trying to hit Greece with other weapons.

So, for a month or so, they have directed a virus towards Greece, which affects the mental state of people, causing depression and negative feelings which lower the vibrations, making people inactive, sluggish, and vulnerable, as the energy beams did before, which were released by their subterranean bases (which have already been destroyed by the GF). This attack which has physical side effects (like dried out skin, coughing, fatigue, sudden headaches etc) will culminate in the next two months. D says that we must react dynamically, controlling our feelings, and then the virus will not affect us physically or mentally. Regarding the punishment of the top people in the elite (which are only a few hundred world wide), an ultimatum has been given to them to quit and conform, receiving a temporary punishment by their transference to another third dimensional planet with harsh living conditions. But if the decline, then they will be annihilated, and will pass to an astral plane and their incarnation will go through a council of judgement which will also determine the karma they will have to atone. The rest of them, (a few thousand world wide) who were subservient to the abovementioned, after they go through a just but brief punishment (for as long as it takes for full transition to the fifth dimension), if they choose to do so, and if they can prepare in time, they will be able to transit to the fifth dimension like all the others.

Regarding the bond haircuts, another two of those will follow, as well as another two economical aid packages from the EU. The revelation of scandals will continue and many people will pay, but many big fish will evade the law, at least for the time being. Right now, it is over 50% probable that Greece will stop payments and return to the drachma (which will be an example for other countries too), by breaking the bailout package (memorandum) contracts and by not accepting the bigger part of her debt and by consequently changing her banking and economical system. This will include among other things, the individual and organization debt forgiveness to bank and credit cards, drastic reduction of taxation, as well as the restoration of foreclosed assets to their owners. For covering the initially difficult period in the event of return to the drachma, the secret light communities are keeping the required amount of money, and the large abundance packages oversee by the Ascended Masters, will be distributed later, at the same time for the whole planet. The money deposited in Switzerland is not going to return, but there will be the investments we mentioned from the good Greeks abroad. The others (on a world wide scale) should not rest on their laurels, because when the extraterrestrials and their Earth Allies settle here and things are in order, the wealth (in any form) attained illegally, (which the extraterrestrials ad the Ascended Masters are fully aware of) will be confiscated and used for the good of all people (from whom they stole it in the first place).

As I am completing for the time being, the special information for Greece, we proceed based on the latest developments, to the events that are about to happen world wide, most of which affect Greece directly. The US dollar will be devalued considerably, because they issued a lot of money with no value to back it up. Obama will not be reelected. Much destruction will take place in India, as well as a large scale earthquake in Japan. Russia will help Greece. England will have many governmental overthrows, and Merkels fate is not good. Queen Elisabeth who is participating in the dark cabals game, is now trying to appear as a light worker. As for Asad and Iran, the same things apply, as stated in D previous visit, and we will be back on this if something else arises. The UFO sightings will increase even more, to the point that the controlled media will have to focus on them (perhaps in June). Disclosure will begin through leaks from high ranking people an will continue with isolated but official announcements, before the governments end up announcing, (in many instances, after they are replaced with new light worker governments). The government changes and disclosure will be followed by mass landings for First Contact, which is a milestone on our way to Ascension. The exact time of this happening depends on our awakening, our reaction and our stand towards the extraterrestrials, but also among ourselves. One thing is for sure. All this will be completed by 2012, in accordance with Gaias ascension by Divine decree which will not be subject to changes or postponements, regardless of the dark cabals stand.

Regarding the UFO landings, D says that they are already secretly taking place in selected spots, where contacts with actively awakened groups are taking place (people who have prepared their vibrations, so that their physical bodies can handle the strong electromagnetic currents prevailing there.). Furthermore, she says that many extraterrestrials are already among us incognito, having adjusted their vibrations to ours, and those who are not humanoid, adjust their physical bodies to humanoid form, so that they can study and get to know us first hand, unnoticed, for quicker and better cooperation with us when they officially arrive. In fact, D said that we can spot them by carefully noticing their white skin which is iridescent, as well as the clear gleam emitted through the iris of their eyes. Try it and if you spot someone, let me know, and Im not joking. There is a great number of Ascended Masters among us, who guide the secret sacred organizations we mentioned, who, because of their nature, remain invisible, and we will start feeling their presence as energies when they come to earth in groups, to guide us telepathically. Of course, in special instances they will appear with their bodies and converse with some people, when they deem it necessary. This happens still happens rarely.

Yesterday (28 Mar. 12) I got an interesting message that reports more than 200 arrests of top bankers internationally, in the last week, apart from the resignations I have mentioned which already exceed 450. More arrests of top elitists are to take place, thus proving that the present economical system has already begun to crumble. See this in , I will soon post parts of this in Greek, because it reveals other important issues about the families of the dark cabal, etc. It also mentions that Japan has taken the initiative for the creation of a financing fund of 10 trillion dollars to support the new economical system that will be created. When I told D about this, she said that the big shots are still exposing their minions o that they can get away with it, but their turn will soon come and they will be hit when they least expect it.

When I asked D what do the readers expect from my site, she answered proof. Saint Germain told me the following: The danger of a communication or physical contact with beings beyond our planet, is directly connected to the electromagnetic field on the physical body, thats why protection is imperative, and what is now happening on Earth, is the assimilation and equilibrium of the energies, which is achieved by the raising of the vibrations. It must be made clear that not all earthly physical bodies can handle with the same dynamics, the sighting, communication and contact.

The ones that see, have chosen beforehand to do so, and the same applies with those who do not see, and the veil of memory loss does not help us acknowledge and accept this. Demanding of proof of the truth from all light workers is not acceptable, and nobody has benefited in any way, by seeking proof for their sensory satisfaction. You have chosen to incarnate on the planet in this era of great historicl changes, in order to attain experience, events and feelings, because they are useful to you for your evolutionary progress. Before you came down to Earth you know, and after you incarnated you forgot, knowing that this temporary cut off was essential for all the above. Inherent memory knowledge and art is the language of the universe, and feeling is the language of the wise creation which, as it progresses, reaches immortality where the other souls exist. Research the art of inherent memory knowledge and trust the language of the Creator inside you and through the experiences and the events around you, with patience because everything will happen on the right time. So we are back to the magical word patience which is recommended to me by all the higher entities I have come to contact with, asking them to meet an extraterrestrial.

Regarding the kundalini exercise that Nidle mentions, D undertook the task of teaching me in three stages. She showed me the first, which I will practice once a day for a month, and we will then proceed to the second month, etc. She asked me however,not to take the responsibility to describe the exercise in my site, so that anyone who wants to do it, will do so only under the guidance of an experienced teacher, for their own safety. She also showed me how to call on entities and ask them questions, after making sure through a specific method that they are the entities I called and not other lower energy entities who impersonate the real ones. She asked me not to describe this either, in order to avoid misinformation and wrong answers to people who are not properly prepared. In order to protect ourselves from misinformation, we can apply the method SRT, which I describe in my page II.1.D1. She also told me that the method of automatic writing Sharon uses, will help me answer readers questions. At this point, my long discussion with D came at an end. Other things we discussed, either concern me on a personal level, or have already been covered in her previous visits. She left telling me that she will soon trust me again with new information and messages, in the meantime, I am awaiting confirmation on all those issues from my HS, which will be given to me through a session I will have with Eric in a few days time. Now, my Greek readers will allow me to focus on my English pages for a few days, as I am being pressured by my English speaking readers who are a great majority.

MESSAGE FROM THE GF BY GREG GILES (23 Mar. 12) (see it with the link I gave)



George, this just came in and I am sending it to you. Apparently, this new virus affected many people, so they recommend this means of protection. In essence, what we are doing is allowing the GF to heal with their evolved technology, through our memory vision and intention or expression, in the form of our inner logos, so that the virus can by destroyed and removed by the earth people. They also say that it is recommended to do this daily, since it only takes a few earth minutes and when we are familiar with this procedure, we will be able to do it anywhere and at any time we will feel that we need it. Zeus Centre- Demetra.


In response to another question I received regarding the nature of time in the fifth dimension, I will say the following: The present, the past and the future are at our disposal in the here and now to see it, study it and experience it. We experience the present almost as we do now in the third-fourth dimension. The past is beside us and we can take the thread of time backwards any time, and go to the period and the place we wish to see, or experience, by living there for a while, but without us being able to change it (as we do not belong in the higher hierarchy). On the contrary, regarding the future, there are many forward threads of time we can take, each of them leading to a somewhat different future, as each is formed according to the decision and the free choices we now make, either as individuals (when focusing on our personal future) or as groups and/or societies, countries, etc. (when focusing on the common future). Therefore, we can influence and form the future based on our present deeds. Regardless of our free will at present, we have chosen many things that define our general course as individuals on Earth, before incarnating and they lead us to certain points in order for us to attain our required experience, whether we like it or not, and in order to affect the karma we carry. By the same token, regarding the group future of societies, countries etc., of the planet as a whole, this is defined by Divine Decree (rarely), such as Earths-and its population- passage to the fifth dimension in 2012, as well as by decisions (more often) that the planet itself takes (as a larger scale entity as Gaia is) in order to cover its needs which finally aim to the general good of the inhabitants. The general conclusion, to lighten up a little: Dont trust fortune tellers when they tell you that you will cross a great doorway and you will meet a thin dark haired person, etc. For the first time, I decided to post a political message in my site, (satisfying Nikos personal wish), and I did that because it gives a full and very clear picture to exactly what is happening in our country, to the positive prospects which I would otherwise have to analyze myself, continuing with what I have already stated previously for Greece in my page II.1.D12. I do not recommend the message contained to the following video: in order to create feelings of indignation, hopelessness or despair, but on the contrary (apart from the information) I recommend it as a spiritual exercise which prepares us for the fifth dimension, which proposes we try to overcome the negative feelings by replacing them with optimism because of what we (the awakened) know that is going to happen, and consequently to activate our urge to get off our couches and do something (based also on what I have discussed in previous chapters) to the extent that each of us can, in order to turn the present situation over and expedite the changes.


As we await the exciting events that are going to unfold for Greece during the period between the 1st and the 24th of April 2012, for which Demetra is collecting information and messages from higher sources which she analyzes and complements with further questions and clarifications, so that she can pass them on to me when she is ready, enabling me to post them here, I now quote parts of two important messages from Nidle and SaLuSa who preordain the developments on a world wide level, while SaLuSas message supports in a way, the things I previously mentioned about time in the fifth dimension. The messages (the full texts of which you can see at the links I gave or all of them in many languages in ) state the following:

NIDLE 27.3.12

SALUSA 30.3.12


Before I describe the events unfolding world wide for the dismantling of the dark cabal and the corrupt economic and banking system which they have imposed in order to dehumanize and enslave the world, I would like to announce that my HS wanted to make me rest as follows. He urged me to schedule four new trips (when I first heard this from Eric it seemed very unlikely) the first trip from 10 Apr. 2012 till 22 Apr. 2012 in Tenerife (where energetic upheavals are forseen)- while D who was going to give me exciting information for Greece, told me that she is not allowed to tell me this from afar and the higher powers do not allow her to leave Larissa till the 21st of April, where she is feverently working, and Eric with whom I had an appointment yesterday for a session, told me that unfortunately, he will not be on able to communicate via phone for the next fortnight. So my information for Greece will begin coming after the 22nd of April, while this week I will focus on international events which seem to overcome the unending promises and we will start to see things happen on an earthly level. Keep in mind that I will be getting e mails during my trip, but I will not be able to post articles in my site. Eric told me that the big bang he foresaw for Greece is rather moving away and that there are already many extraterrestrials among us, who are visible (but we can not discern them) as well as invisible, and their numbers are increasing. Regarding the world events, I will give the following summary and relevant links (to articles and videos in English) for those who want to see details (and dont scold me for my absence).

Regarding the events in the world, I submit a summary below, giving relevant links (to articles and videos in English and some in Greek) for whoever wishes to see details (and not scold me during my absence). I am lucky to have a friend like Vasiliki who browses the internet relentlessly and saved me the trouble of doing it myself, as I am soon going on a trip, I wish to express my gratitude, as well as my readers gratitude, as she send me the following email:


Hi George. Im writing you because I see earthshaking events coming. It is the first time that the information given by various channels converge so much between them, but also with reports from investigative reporters who are working for the Light. I am sure you have noticed SaLuSas latest messages through Quinsey. From the first message in April me says that the Illuminati are panicking. It seems that the deadline given to the dark cabal is over! Apparently some people were right placing the deadline on the 31st of March, although they could not announce it formally. On you can see the messages from the channels. On the 1st of April, Montague Keen refers to the panic of the dark ones and talks about many revelations within the month of April. On the 4th of the month, SaLuSa confirms that the Divine Decree gives them the green light to proceed. Nidle gives details for the operation at hand. Other channels not mentioned here, tell us that in the forthcoming days, we will hear bout something earthshaking and the problem is the shock that people who have no idea will experience.

For those who lost their patience with the channels promises and I suspect that you might be one of them- I would like to focus on earthly things. David Wilcock, well known for his work against the dark cabal, interviewed some one named Drake. He is a good guy working in the Pentagon. Since you are well versed in English, you can listen to this interview if you visit the link and you will realize that part of the Illuminati panic is due to the fact that the weapon systems dont work anymore in the field and they cannot wage their wars. The interview focuses on the coming mass arrests of top Illuminati people. Everything is ready for the arrests which will be legal, and for the things that will follow.

As Gregg Prescott writes in Steve Beckows blog , during those arrests, there will be an upheaval for 72 hours, so they are warning people to make sure they have the necessary supplies, so they wont have to face hardships if nothing works (like communications, commuting, electricity, etc) for that period of time. This blockage is necessary in order to avoid the arrests and the money transfers via the internet. The bankers that resigned and took money and their families and left, will be found and arrested as well!

When will these arrests take plac? I cannot tell you exactly, but Benjamin Fulford says that the Pentagon has started recommending to the citizens to make sure they have food provisions for 72 hours, explaining that there might be some upheaval when the old dollar is replaced by the new. I dont know if we should do something like this, seeing that on the imminent economic planning, the collapse of the euro is included. They think that the new dollar will be quite devaluated as it must be supported by real alues (we all know that it is presently thin air). Another reason they are expecting this event soon, is that a CIA European source asked and received from the White Dragons (an eastern light organization with which Fulford is also connected) names and addresses for the following organizatons of the dark cabal: The Committee of 3000 (names in )

which is at the top of the dark cabals pyramid. Bilderberg Group, CFR, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission and the European Commission. You might wonder what will happen next if they arrest these people. The time after the arrests seems to be preordained or very well planned if you like. In this video there are news from the RT channel. They talk about the meeting of BRICS (Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa), BRICS which Fulford mentions in his highlights. This video mentions that during the this summit, the heads of state decided to reform the role of the UN and to handle things in a way that will bring peace to Syria. They also decided to detach their economical transactions from the dollar and the euro, and they stated that the IMF and the World Bank are not useful as expected any more. According to Fulford, a new international financial organization is created called LIFE (Long Term Investments for Everyone), which will finance the economic reform of Europe and the US. Japans government agreed to allocate 1000 trillion yen (12 trilion dollars) on this project, aiming towards the eradication of poverty, the protection of the environment and the revelation of hidden technologies!

Of course, those who know, believe that ll this will lead to the replacement of the governments, immediately after NESARA (you can read about this on my page II.2.D1) and Disclosure. And regarding the latter, exiting things are expected to happen. I will tell you about this when I have something tangible to present. Till then, I am signing off. Love and Light, Vasiliki.



This afternoon (April 6th 2012) Demetra sent me the following message from Zeus and the Andromedians, which I will present as she received it, along with the clarifications she gave me via the phone. This message refers to the descent of invisible Andromedians in Greece in the month of April, who will contact spiritually one by one, those of us who chose this contact and verbalize our wish to do so, to Demetra, so that: 1/ they can upgrade us and provide us with protection from the dark ones (with viruses etc) 2/ they raise our vibrations, 3/ detach us from negative beliefs and feelings 4/ give us the strength to help expedite the required changes, and be an example of light which will make others (not initiated), follow our lead, and finally 5/ to prepare us for our successful entry to the fifth dimension. These things will be completed due to the great numbers in the next five months ( the aim is 300.000 to 500.000- which depends on us) .




(Knowledge and Freedom Eleftheria- are gained by those who dare with courage and valor). Hellenes, the following announcement is of high significance and requires your immediate attention, and evaluation from the center of your heart, which is an important energy center of feelings- and decide with a sense of responsibility, while we on our part will make sure you are safe and protected. After the Central Council of Andromeda convened with the full presence of the Ellanian Sacred Lord of Light, it was decided that 300.000 -500.000 Andromedians, fully conscious beings, will come down to the Greek land from the 1st till the 21st of April 2012, so that we cn come to contact-union with you, after you expressed your acceptance, in order to create the new awakened generation of Hellenes, who are already incarnated and will bring the great and permanent downfall of the dark ones of the world elite, and will help expedite and secure the outcome of this project of ours. It is your undeniable right to choose freely, as well as your decision to manifest with courage and determination, your intention to join this effort which is being formally announced for the first time and is being completed on your planet. We salute the grandeur of the universal changes. We salute our sacred union. We salute your conscious choice.

SYMPTOMS FOR RECOGNIZING CONTACT/COMMUNICATION. (My note: The basic symptoms you might feel which indicate communication taking place, are indicated below)

1/ Feeling you are floating.

2/ Feeling that an electrical current passes through the body.

2/Hair static electricity, focusing mainly on the crown.

4/ Cryonic energy (sensation of ice or hypothermia in the body)

5/Intensive heat (hyperthermia)

6/ Slight headache or sense that the skull is being squeezed.

7/Pricking sensation on th energy centers-chakras (like bees stinging these points)

8/ Intense tingling sensation down the spine.

9/ Intense thirst

10/ tendency for frequent small meals (subconscious need for receiving energy through food)

11/ Intense expression of feelings (explosion of expressing positive or negative feelings)

12/ Appearance of continuous signs which are the same every time for each earth being, in the form of colors, animals, smells, objects, flowers, etc.

We want to make clear that your decision to join this pioneering project will be followed by Demetras full guidance from ZEUS centre, who is officially appointed to train in communication, for the success of this goal for all of you. Our presence will be intense during communication training, which will be completed within 5 months, starting on April 21st 2012.

Central Andromedan Council.

Message of Demetra below. George, after long and careful consideration of the above, your decision to publicize this announcement from your site, makes me express m gratitude and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know that there will be many questions and feelings arising from this, because it is not every day that such a union takes place with existing human bodies. What is happening is completely safe and I will be pleased to start with you on a personal level, after your return. Those who will decide to go ahead, will do so by sending an e-mail to Zeus Centre and they will be receiving the proper guidance after April 21st. Telephone/fax number: 0030-2410-539172.

Sincerely yours, Demetra.


NOTE: Because some hasty people read one thing and understand another, I must point out that the guidance which is necessary, will be given mostly from afar. Regarding the conscious level, via phone and email from Demetra, and the subconscious will be guided by the entities of the centre. Those who are near and can visit the centre, they will receive it directly from there.



Because I dont want people to think that Demetra and I who support her are the only crazy ones here, I present some other crazies bellow who talk about the extraterrestrials descending on other areas of the planet. I asked Vasiliki to do a research on my behalf, told me that such info are posted in the web, so she goes to google and downloads them. In fact she has translated the latest one, which she will be sending to me so that I can post it. If descent spreads, than the 3% to 5% which applies for Greece (to cover the critical mass so that others can follow), if it is applied for the whole planet, this will mean that 200 to 300 million will descent with similar non official ways within April, preparing for the first official encounter, by which time, the numbers will be much greater and will occur with their space ships landing. Something like this answers the direct or inner question that many have sked (with disappointment and frustration) Why did this not happen, considering that Demetra as well as my HS predicted this descent by the end of March 2012. The answer to this is that they preferred to start this way, so as not to upset and even cause panic the people who are not aware, seeing that the governments, despite the agreements, kept postponing the disclosure, thus preparing the people. The above mentioned move by the Andromedians, is supported b the information I received on April 6th, by a new friend of mine, Manolis, who visited me and told m the following: In 2005, he was invited to a lecture-presentation here in Athens, which was organized by a big international company with its headquarters in Canada, and its subsidiary in Greece. He was led there by an acquaintance who is in one of the groups organized by that company. This company gives generous sums of money through the distribution of its products (which are the cover for its dark purposes) and the only thing it asks in return is that the moment it gives the word, all its members world wide, focus their thoughts and intention on a specific issue, the context of which will be announced at that time. The man who made the presentation asked to see my friend Manolis, who was a new visitor, and when he went, he noticed (being intuitive) that the presenter (lecturer) and the people surrounding him, were very dark personas, emitting an intense negativity he had never felt before. In the brief discussion that followed, they promised him the world, asking only for the focus of his intent at that moment, which as they indirectly admitted was the denial and the rebuttal of the extraterrestrials descent when it is to happen, as personas non grata. My friend refused the offer of course, despite the economical problems he was facing. When the dark ones organize matters like that world wide, giving out large amounts of money, knowing that the extraterrestrials respect the will of the people completely, it is logical that the Andromedians and other extraterrestrials who support us from 50 constellations, would wish to do something about this, now that the time of first contact is at hand.

I will continue with Vasilikis letter, which Im giving below, without any intervention from my part:

George, you can trust what Im writing, because its not just something I found in the internet, (which I have no time to search meticulously all the time as you have mentioned in your site. As you know, I am with an international group of light workers, in which I have an active part. We know which channels we can trust, but when and how to check whether some of their messages are interventions from lower entities.

Thank you for allowing me to be one of the first people who got to know of the important tidings that Demetra brought. I would like to bring to your attention, a message received by Greg Giles from the GF on April 3rd as seen here

We consider this message very important, and it has significant information. I must say at this point, that Greg Giles messages are translated in 19 languages and are posted in the corresponding blogs. It was a strange coincidence that on the day we were posting this message, Google blocked our account to which these blogs are linked. And even more of a diabolical coincidence, the same thing happened to another associate who was posting Giles translation on a blog. We hope that we will soon restore these blogs. The Greek translation of this message done by Voula, didnt get posted, so I will give you some parts, which not only have many things in common with Demetras message, but in some instances, they also provide proof!

We would like to begin the first stages of our disclosure plans which will necessitate a working relationship with selected individuals who we feel would be qualified and very suitable for this purpose. We will begin contacting those of you who we feel we would like to work with throughout this process, and you will clearly recognize when we begin these communications. You will be instructed on how to proceed and what the next steps will be, and we ask you to keep this information to yourselves at this time as there are matters of safety concerns and a certain level of discretion is called for.

We see this project reaching millions of your people, and we say to you this will surely be a most exciting time for you and the people of your planet. Those of you who we are selecting to take part in this project will be the ambassadors for your people and will also be ambassadors for our people. This is why our selection process has been a careful one, and we have carefully chosen each of you for this assignment. We have great confidence in each and every one of you, and we look forward to working with you to bring to the people of your planet evidence of our existence and our true nature, and an understanding of our mission in service and in love to the people of your world.

You may assist this project at this time by preparing yourselves to be able to leave your places of residence with little or no prior notification whatsoever. We will try to give you at least a few minutes notice of when we are going to come to rendezvous with you, however, we cannot guarantee this as every precaution must be taken to protect you as well as our crew sent to collect you. Please try to remain prepared to be able to leave your residences at a moments notice. This will require different levels of preparation for each of you, and we ask you to think about what it is you will have to do to be able to leave your home without any prior notice to meet with us for an indefinite amount of time. We understand that many of you cannot leave your home for days at a time, and we will see to it that you are returned within a suitable time frame. We do have much to discuss with you, and when we can speak more personally we will make known our entire disclosure plan with you and you will learn when you will be called upon to meet with us and how long you will stay. We will not disclose this information with you at this time through our channels or any other way. We will wait until we can speak with you personally.


From what I gather, the thing that is important in the contact effort, is communication, and to this end, it seems that Demetra will play an important part, seeing that (as you have also mentioned before) the awakened Hellenes who could recognize the communication efforts that Giles mentions, are only a very small part of the population. Giles says the following about communication:

Please be advised we are at this time contacting many of you who have been selected for this project, and we ask you to keep your eyes and your ears open for our communications. These communications will differ from individual to individual depending on how fast we feel you will recognize our attempts to communicate with you. Please use your powers of intuition and make an effort to recognize our attempts to contact you. If you do this, we are confident you will indeed recognize these communications, and we will know that you have understood our message and there will be no need for you to attempt to contact us and inform us that you have received our message. We will know this. You are asked again not to publicly announce that you have received this invitation from us. Again, safety is a priority, and a certain level of discretion is called for.

I would like to tell you however, that by posting all this and after our experience, I dont know what might happen to your site. Besides, in the same message, Giles says: We would like you to know that many of your

online posts.

(NOTE: Tto be continued soon with a lot of new information during the last days of April when a lot of new events will happen)







Be08 The living jewel

Ce20 A pair dancing in the sky

Be09 The magic lamp of Aladdin






An66 The flowers of our heart

C1n21 Trees in the vortex of our life

An38 A tribe in a planet of Pleiades






Bg512 River covered by the autumn leafs

Bd31 Angry waters

Bg535 River in the green forest






C920 Strange rocks by the seaside

Bd26 The gohst of the seaside

Bg590 A snow covered landscape






Cd589 A beautiful view in the 4th and 5th dimensions

4 5

Cd407 Red islands in the 4th and 5th dimensions

4 5

Cd592 A colorful landscape in the 4th and 5th dimen.

4 5






Cd305 Calm yellow waves in the 4th and 5th dimens.

4 5

Bh83 A fertile valley by the lake

Cd229 A yellow sea in the 4th and 5th dimensions

4 5






An20 Landscape in a planet of Libra

Bn08 Desert in another planet

An22 The monsters kiss

Ae12 On a planet of Orion