An146  Poseidon waiting for us in Aegean sea

Bn20  Twisted desires

An88  The burning forest with the ghosts




Bg454  A bursting out of joy

C286  The sun emerging from the crystal see

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Bg1012  River by the living rocks

Bg309   Curious faces watching us           




       NOTE: The articles in this page have been posted in January 2012 and the corrections in the translation in English have been completed and posted on 21.Feb.12. New articles will be posted for 2012 (as new information will arrive) in my next page II.1.D17 which will be created in March 2012.


       INTRODUCTION. This page II.1.D16B is a continuation of the previous page II.1.D16A and contains any new (from last months of 2011) important messages and information, other than the messages coming from our Sirian friends of the Galactic Federation (Nidle and SaLuSa), which are  included in page II.1.D16, and other than information coming from my Superior Self, astral travels and seminars, which are  included in page II.1.D16A. These  information include among others the following: 1) Information I receive from my friend Gabriel, an extraterrestrial from his planet Altone of Andromeda, who is here on Earth with the Galactic Federation to help us with the Ascension etc, speaking through his sister in Earth Sharon who sends me the corresponding emails, answering to my questions to him (see also my page II.1.D15). 2) Information I receive from my friend Demetra who is the representative for Greece of the Andromeda Council, visiting often ­one of their spacecrafts, as well as representative for Greece of the Olympic Gods and head of the therapeutic Center Zeus in Greece. 3) Information I receive from a friend that I call ‘the messenger’  who lives in a large country of the Far East and has regular communications with various extraterrestrials and divine entities, visiting them in their spacecrafts. 4) Information I extract from some of Nidle’s web seminars (webinars) who holds in the internet twice a month. 5) Information from other sources coming from charismatic people with metaphysical experiences,  among which are also my contacts with some crystal children.

        MESSENGER 16.JUN.11

       On 16.Jun.11 someone from far away, who wishes to keep his anonymity (due to the circumstances in the country he lives in), received orders to visit me in Greece and give me information, and this is why I call him messenger. He had distributed my interview (see my page II.1.D1), which he received from a friend of his from Greece, to more than fifty academic scientists that do research on the subjects that I present and they asked me to clarify various parts of my interview while, as he mentioned, they do not fundamentally disagree with what I describe. This messenger, with whom we repeatedly met, has regular contacts with extraterrestrial, with the Olympians, as well as with other heavenly entities that provide him with information, guide him and protect him. He willingly answered my questions, (in exchange of clarifications and other information that I gave him to transfer to the academic scientists) by telling me: A) About his impressive metaphysical experiences. B) About the contacts he has on almost a weekly basis with extraterrestrials of various origins, as well as about his contacts with other heavenly entities. C) About Zeus, Olympians, Epsilon team and the Greek language in the Galaxy. D) About the political and financial situation in Greece, the developments that will occur, the agenda that certain politicians follow and what the future holds for them, etc, (and all of these without living and following the developments in our country),

       A) In regard to his metaphysical experiences I choose to mention the following: 1) At the age of 22 he almost died from asphyxiation and saw himself following a luminous sphere, while he was feeling high euphoria, which led him to the sky from where he saw Earth and he was somewhere waiting, along with other souls, the decision of a council. While he was on standby for 36 hours (as he was in a coma), his future life was presented to him until the age of 88, where he saw himself acquiring wealth and honours and meeting very important persons. When his turn came, the board told him that he must return to life (a decision that which he didn’t like) because he has a mission to fulfil and this all happened in order to be awakened. When he recovered he began getting involved with metaphysical and finding masters and even though he hadn’t believed a thing from what they told him, he gradually saw all of it coming true (today he is going through the sixth decade of his life).

       2) A few years before, in the country where he lives, he suddenly had haemoptysis and entered the intensive care unit where it was diagnosed that his lungs were completely destroyed. He then pleaded those that protect him and saw next to him a female figure dressed in black (that had often visited her in her spacecraft) telling him to stand up and leave the hospital because he was cured, which he did despite the strong reaction of his doctor that told him that in a few hours he will die. When, after days he took an x-ray of his lungs he  realized that they were as healthy as a young child and when he visited his doctor the doctor said that he was seeing a ghost. 3) Some time ago he was hit by a car that ran at a speed of 120 kilometres and threw him far on the asphalt. While he was falling he felt an angel holding him in his arms and gently lowering him to the ground. The driver, who ran near him believing that she had killed him, saw him standing up and she took him to his home without the need of going first to the hospital.

       4) Many years ago while he was sleeping in the train he was kidnapped by (obviously evil) extraterrestrials and returned to his seat after 9 hours, (as his secretary that travelled with him assured him), without remembering the incident. He simply felt pain in his feet from where some of his toes were missing while his energy was very low. He went to the best hospitals in Europe and United States because he couldn’t walk, where they discovered the existence of an unknown on Earth virus and they were going to cut his legs from the knees. He then gathered all the energy he had and pleaded for help from above. The help came in the form of the black dressed woman that had helped him before, but this time it took him 15 days in order to start walking. Apart from these, he mentioned other experiences as well such as i.e. his meeting with a “Fugitive from the future” which came for a short period of time from the year 2356 and talked to him about how will the Earth look like at that time etc, and the fugitive told him that my friend was alive then (on 2356).

       B) For almost 20 years in the country he lives in he receives guidance along with his other selected fellowmen which they go on a certain hour of the day to certain places of the country each time, where at that time a gate opens and a big ball descends that each time chooses 2 or 3 (the most “clean” mentally) from the almost 20 persons that are there and lifts them in a huge spacecraft located outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Through this they can see the entire galaxy and meet various creatures depending on the origin of each spacecraft. Among these I include the following as he described to me.

       1) Small creatures with antennas on their heads, without hands and feet and without peptic system (as they do not eat but receive energy from the environment), while their body has a foggy form as if they are ghosts. One person of the group, who plays the role of the leader, communicates telepathically with the visitors, providing information, giving orders and making questions. These extraterrestrials belong to the category of the “neutrals” that did not come to help the Earth, but are not allowed by the Galactic federation to intervene in anyway, since they stated that are not members of the federation, but simply study the planet. They are mainly interested in the Earth’s ecosystem, this is why they collaborate with Earth’s biologists etc, and they mainly study rare species, such as rare fishes, by giving directions to the scientists where to locate them and receiving answers to their questions. They are also interested in the minerals of the Earth and specifically in what is referred to as rare earth, while they have a low opinion (appreciation) about the people on Earth.

       2) Furthermore, in other spacecrafts he meets small creatures, that my friend compares them with the little strumfs (in the cartoon films), which however are interested in helping people and give useful instructions and advices on how the financial, political, social, etc systems should be on Earth, (which currently these systems are working with very low efficient and against the great mass of the citizens), giving also information about the changes that will probably occur to these systems. Among the information that my friend has received, there are also thirty basic laws of the universe, most of which he remembers and he will send them in order to put in my site, along with a video shot showing many spacecrafts in the country were he lives in.

       3) He also visits spacecraft with human form creatures that my friend call them “Saints”, where its internal surface is covered by countless screens where each one of it shows a place on Earth and feels as if you are on a huge stage and you can see what is going on at any time on Earth, while the Saints can read people’s minds that appear in the screens, as well as foreseen their forthcoming intentions, in order to intervene telepathically whenever they feel it is necessary, but always with the intention to help. On this category there is also the spacecraft that has only a single entity which is the black dressed woman that, as we saw above, helped my friend when he needed. This entity is surrounded by a large protective sheath, that in order for someone to be able to penetrate and approach her for her blessing and protection, she must give you her permission. My friend was fortunate enough to get permission but when he penetrated the protective sheath, his skin turned darker as if he was sunbathing for months and his body was burning from the high energy that was there. Note: When I spoke with someone about this incident, he informed me that this is usually the form that Pallada Athena (a Goddess of ancient Greece) takes outside Greece. Apart from these my friend he also meets other forms of extraterrestrial, such as robots, giants, etc with less interest experiences.

       C) Regarding Zeus, (a high entity, the head of Gods in ancient Greece) that my friend considers him a very high entity in the Divine Hierarchy, he told me that all extraterrestrials honour him and respect him, while the bad extraterrestrial (as he told me) tremble before him. Furthermore, Zeus and other Olympians are protectors of the Greeks (Ellanians) from the ancient years and made sure that the authentic Greeks, according to their DNA, lead the list of nations of the Earth. Additionally, he informed me of the use of the Greek language throughout our galaxy and beyond. This is also confirmed by the name ELEFTHERIA (meaning freedom) that had an old spaceship that crashed and is now kept in a U.S. secret base.

       D) Finally regarding the shaking information that he gave me about Greece and its “honourable” leaders and officials at key points in almost all levels, (that work only for their interest and against the people), as well as about the future developments and dramatic changes that will occur (even though he doesn’t live here to follow the developments), he asked me not to disclose this information, and that is why I am simply waiting to see if all this will take place in order to ascertain the reliability of his information. In any case, when I asked Gabriel in advance, he told me that this person is bright and when he meets me he will tell me the truth. Concluding this paragraph, I would like to add that when and if the truth comes to light and if things are as my friend described them, then its good not to concentrate our forces to hate and revenge, but on the contrary we must try to remedy the difficult circumstances which we sustained under the manipulation of the dark elite (Illuminate, dark cabal’s governments. etc).

       MESSENGER 18.JUL.11  

       On the 18th of July 2011, I received a response from the messenger (who had returned to the country he resides in), regarding the Epsilon (E) group, which reads as follows: My description regarding the Epsilon (E) group, will go back to the Atlantis era, when the Atlantians had been instructed to work for the progress of humanity. As centuries passed however, the Atlantians disobeyed that order, they became egotists due to the super weapons in their possession, and they misused the energies they handled, wanting to conquer the whole world of that time.  After having conquered many nations, they wanted to conquer the nation of Ionia (which included the larger area of Greece, the population of which includes the ancestors of the Greeks), who also had super weapons at their disposal. So a war started between them which took place on 9.550 BC, and was so fierce, that it brought about the sinking of Atlantis in the Atlantic ocean, as well as the formation of the Mediterranean sea, in an area which was mostly dry land. This reformation turned  the peaks of the highest mountains into the Mediterranean islands as we know them today. After that, the Epsilon (E) group was formed, which was later sponsored by leaders such as Alexander the Great and the Delphic high priest, Lucianus.

       Today, the E group is comprised by individuals who will not go public before the Heavenly E’s order them to do so. There are Greeks as well as non Greeks in the E group, who not only carry the Greek spirit and culture, but also the “Ichor” gene, while they have sophisticated technology, which they use when it is needed, for the creation of  positive energies for the good of humanity. Through this technology they can become invisible, or be beamed elsewhere, and are able to do many more things, which I am not permitted to disclose. You can be certain that those who have claimed that they are part of the E group, have nothing to do with it whatsoever, and they are saying that to impress others. Furthermore, the E group also works on a spiritual-metaphysical level, gradually forming the global positive consciousness.  I would also like to add that the Atlantian era is gradually restored in our days, with the new Atlantians, which are in USA who wishes to impose her policies and pouter one way or another, on the whole world. But when the time comes, (which I think is near) American Atlantians will be defeated (as happen in ancient times) by the contemporary E group.  Right now, the conflict is taking place on the fourth and the fifth dimensions, where the Heavenly E, are carrying out an important work as they guard  the gates, the codes and the energies, keeping them from being stolen, as they are setting the stage for this conflict to be transferred to the material level, for the final countdown in our dimension. 

       I was given more information, including advices for the Greeks for which as soon as I receive the  clarifications I was promised to receive, I will give a detailed account pertaining to matters such as Zeus and the Godess Hestia, about the abolishing of the pseudo religions, the replacement of the political and economical system (of governments, laws, armed forces, debts, taxes, jobs, etc) which confirm what I have stated in my site. I will only mention now that when the Earth returns to it’s original pristine form, the Mediterranean will shrink to narrow sea straights, (as I have already mentioned elsewhere), which supports the fact that it actually sunk during the prehistoric wars. Note: All these are the messenger’s information and it is for everybody (including me) to decide to which extent are correct.

       MESSENGER 7.SEP.11 (confirming the upcoming changes)

      On 7.Sep.11 the “Messenger” came back to Greece along with dozens of prominent Greeks from abroad, that recently arrived incognito in Greece (university professors in economics, politics, law, owners of large international companies, presidents of major industries, etc) who generally belong to the Earth Allies of the extraterrestrials that I have mentioned. In my site These prominent Greeks that have Greek origins came in order to choose the honest and competent persons and to promote them to key positions including positions  in the new parliament and government” that will replace the existing, which will collapse within the next months. This new government with the help of the “prosperity funds” that I have previously described, and with further assistance that they will receive, and under the guidance of the above mentioned Earth Alies will introduce the changes that Demitra has reported, (see below) which information on one hand the messenger confirms and on the other hand he explains in detail.

      More specifically he told me that for many decades wealthy Greek benefactors such as Onassis, Eugenidis and a lot of other, established many (unknown to the general public) companies, and trusted honest and capable partners to run them, which companies were largely developed and these partners and their successors joined the Earth Allies of the extraterrestrials, so that they can help Greece in this tough/ period that is going through. Furthermore, many prominent businessmen around the world, from one end of the Earth (China, Australia etc) to the other (USA, Canada etc), being second and third generation of Greek origin people (but feeling more Greeks than the Greek residents), owners of very large companies, are the second category of Earth Allies that will help Greece. Finally, a third category is the leading intellectuals, also of Greek origin, who are university professors and presidents of major scientific or economic organizations etc. All of these communicate with each other and have established a secret organization (whose title and other details are not to be disclosed in order to protect themselves against the dark elite) and have sent to Greece this period of time their teams, from each country, on a special mission.

       This mission (initially) involves to select jointly (by a vote of the team members), those honest and capable citizens which they will promote and support (economically and with other ways), in order to enter the new Parliament that will result and undertake the new “healthy” governance of the country. For this reason large secret meetings are taking place in various cities of Greece, mainly in Athens and Thessaloniki (note that in Thessaloniki there is a large time-space gate from the time of Aristotle, who was the mentor of Alexander the Great), in which meetings the team members select the citizens to be the candidates for the above mentioned appointments. In these meetings the Messenger comes and goes and, having direct contacts with both the extraterrestrial and the Olympians, (which Olympians guide the extraterrestrials regarding the assistance to Greece), he can transfer their directions and recommendations in the meetings and brings together those who do not know each other, while in addition the Olympians provide him absolute protection from any kind of terrestrial or extraterrestrial threat.

       The existing government will be brought down, as he said, probably by its own members, because they will not tolerate anymore the anti-popular and the political impasse that applies until now. Furthermore, he expects serious events (from people protesting) to take place with the opening of the international fair in Thessaloniki in September 2011. The new “healthy” government will receive all the necessary assistance and guidance that will be given by the extraterrestrials and the Olympians through the Earth Allies, that also includes the large “prosperity funds” (that are as we already saw reserves of precious metals, etc), which are kept in our country (but also in Cyprus), and will be distributed to the people and to the public utilities, through the new form that the banks will take, in order to eliminate poverty and suffering in general. In addition, he confirmed what Demetra also mentioned (see my interview in page II.1.D1, and what I post below), including that any kind of public debt (illegally gathered) will be totally eliminated, (this doesn’t mean that lenders and speculators will get back their money), and that this fact may also mark the beginning of the “domino effect” for its implementation in other countries as well. Furthermore, that all debts of individuals and institutions to banks and credit cards etc will be eliminated and a lot of seizure of assets will be returned. All of these events along with the official disclosure of the UFO and the existence of the extraterrestrial, as well as the disclosure of the hidden technologies, will pave the way for the final landing of the extraterrestrials and of the large changes that will lead us to the fifth dimension.

       In my meeting with him I arranged an appointment with Demetra the following week in Larissa, in his way to Thessaloniki, while he told me that similar centre with the Centre Zeus (see below) has been established long ago also in the country where he lives, that has a huge statue of Zeus with a height over 10 meters, where burns the unquenchable flame of goddess Hestia. He also repeated the high importance of having this flame to all places where gates have been opened and where ancient temples exist, (but even in our houses). This flames enables beneficial energies to descend from the universe (which are constantly increasing lately), which influents us, and which were copied by the religions with its candles, while also it is used since ancient times in the Olympic Games. In addition, I am waiting with great interest to hear the news he has to say to me, and his permission to publish the information with the results of the meetings, mentioned above. Even more, I have scheduled a meeting with Demetra in Athens on 19.Sep.11, as well as  a session with my Superior Self on 22.Sep.11, in an effort to shortly and thoroughly fill in the puzzle of the upcoming changes in order to respectively inform my readers.


       I begin with the important message that Zeus dictated on 13.Sep.11 to Demetra which she brought to me to publish it as a message of high importance (alarm) that the world needs to know and is the following: Greece will soon become the “Promised Land” and this has  already been “locked” in a cosmic level. In a cosmic time first is expected the collapse of the rotten existing system of the dark cabal for the control of the consciousness, the mind, the feelings, the beliefs, (including the religious beliefs where there is mainly the control of the majority of the masses). The Gods blessed Greece and gave the green light to start, and the countdown has begun. The Apollonian light is already in Greece and is connected with central cores around the world. This holy country will raise the flag of light, the power of real democracy, with moral, integrity, justice, fairness and honesty. The thunderbolts of Father Zeus are aiming to one and only target, the dark cabal and the renegades. Soon you will experience a new Atlantis, only this time be informed, read, and search your inner self. Eleftheria (Freedom) is the motto and the flag of the inner soul. Be directed within you and break the chains of prejudice and falsehood that you are taught. Disgrace to the disrespectful.

       Regarding the upcoming changes in Greece and Cyprus Demetra added among other the following: The procedures are expected to begin from a collapse of the government, in order for events to develop smoothly without major disruptions. However, at this point, the free will of people enters and will find themselves standing at a crossroad and will be invited to choose, as the Olympians report: “Either the world will be coordinated with the integrity, justice and the moral that a real Greek has, in order to highlight the ancient Greek spirit and Greece at last to have the value and the rightful position in the world, (to become the sacred spiritual place to be recognized and respected as such by all ,) and this is the target, so that by people taking the responsibility of their free will, will follow what their moral and strong, internal, spiritual world dictates them, which they will also implement in an external cosmic level, with the right decisions and positive actions that they will make, or otherwise they will remain passive, afraid and indifferent, or even worse negative and supporters of the dark ones that rule them, therefore everything will collapse, and this is where the last sentence of the message of Zeus is referred to “Disgrace to the disrespectful”. Let us all be in touch with our inner self in an attempt of self knowledge, without raising criticism but as an effort to recognize, so we can be properly guided to play our role to the upcoming changes.

       Regarding the governmental changes, I do not give details due to the fact that they will be superficial and of short duration, but I will go straight into the core which is that in the key governmental and administrative positions (organizations, banks, etc), Greek people from Greece and abroad will be placed, with the appropriate procedures, activated souls by the Ellanium spirit, individuals with spirituality, honesty, integrity and justice, qualities missing from today’s Greece, not only from politicians but also from an important part of the society and this must change. These people, along with the changes that will bring as a relief to the world, (which I described in my site in detail many times, and which they will also be temporary covering the transition period until we become totally fifth dimensional, and then we will not need them any more), at the same time they will prepare, through official announcements etc, the arrival of the extraterrestrials. Along with the re-confirmation from Demetra that this arrival will start probably until end March 2012, she assured me that many awakened fellows (with their vibrations raised), frequently see spacecrafts, mainly in places that energy gates have opened, not just as bright spots but with their regular shapes, (and this is confirmed by the many e-mails I receive regarding this issue), while often they do not notify it in order to avoid being ridiculed by the people, and as time goes by this sightings will increase.

       Concerning the events in Cyprus she told me that the beneficial changes will effect Cyprus as well, (noteworthy that the Olympians are interested in all Greeks in every part of the world), but they will occur with a small delay. This is mainly because the island must first “get cleaned” from the great pain that has been accumulated (mainly because of the Turkish invasion), and release the trapped souls of the victims that still wander in an astral level. Cyprians must try to forget and erase, as much as possible, from their souls the feelings of pain, anger, indignation, etc that resulted from the betrayal and violent loss of their beloved, forget the past and forgive, looking forward optimistically the wonderful future that is ahead, which under regular circumstances this would require at least three generations to be accomplished. By this way they will raise both individually and in groups their vibrations which is very important both for the upcoming changes and the Ascension. The rest of us Greeks should express, on a spiritual level, our compassion for our Cyprian brothers and our support in the difficult task they have to carry out in a short period of time. Furthermore, the Olympians confirm that along with the twelve temples of the Olympians that are activated in corresponding energy places in Greece, the temple of Aphrodite will be soon activated in Cyprus as well. Aphrodite is a very important goddess, whose characteristics have been tampered and downgraded through the descriptions of ancient mythology.

       Finally, the Messenger, that I mention above, informed me before to leave for his country, that the effort made to approach and influence the existing government to begin applying the (in any way) upcoming changes, was unsuccessful because, as he mentioned, the current government is totally manipulated by the dark cabal’s government and globalisation, aiming at the complete economic and political enslavement of our country. This leaves us with the initial plan of the overthrowing of the existing government, which may arise from the inside through the defection of some of its members and its replacement by a new government where the final say will have capable and honest (parliamentary and outside the parliament) officials, with the Earth Allies and the “prosperity funds”, that we previously mentioned, helping them with their task. Furthermore, I answer the question regarding Larissa, where the Zeus Centre was  opened on 2.Sep.11 and what happened on Sunday 3.Sep.11 when the initiating team of Centre Zeus climbed mount Olympus. They wend In a cave that is an energy gate of mount Olympus, where with the help of Apollo they pleaded for the energy triangle of Sounio-Acropolis-Olympus to be connected and activated, while at the ceremony among other metaphysical incidents, Apollo himself appeared and the cave was filled with the Apollonian light that remained there for sometime even after the ceremony.


       In an English video with Greek subtitles (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBC8i-26Nx4&feature=feedf) Alaje from the Pleiades says among other the following: Almost 10.000 years ago the Olympians (extraterrestrials and Heavenly entities) descend and Heaving mount Olympus as their base (they were named after the mountain), they travelled with their spacecrafts not only in Greece but also from Italy to Egypt, teaching (basically the Greek population), mathematics, astronomy, agriculture, and physical sciences, philosophy, art, medicine, etc. Among them distinguished were Zeus (as the leader), Apollo, Poseidon, Hermes, etc. Since they travelled with spacecrafts, they are described as people riding chariots, or flying, (like Hermes with his winged sandals), and because they handled electromagnetic waves, the people they thought they were thunders. Gradually several legends about them were created by the people (that considered them Gods), regarding their powers, their character, the relations between them and with the people, etc. Part of the characteristics of their potentials were in one hand, their power to influence the DNA of the people, with the result to raise the level of activation of the DNA of the residents in this area (basically Greeks), of which their genuine descendants maintain it to this day, (and this is why the dark ones are particularly afraid and are against the Greeks), and on the other hand they helped in the expansion of the consciousness and of the insight knowledge, and this is the reason of so many enlightened minds in the ancient Greece.

       Another important element of their high technology was a rod with two wings on top and two snakes as if it is surrounded by DNA helixes, which they used as a “magic rod” for any kind of healing treatments. This rod was given by Apollo to Asklipios (extraterrestrial that was incarnated in order to develop healing treatments in Greece), and this is why it is known as the sceptre of Asklipios, while today it is used as a symbol by the doctors and pharmacists. Incarnated Asklipios established therapeutic centres in Greece (called Asklipieia), located at the energy centres of the crystal grid of Earth (see page II.1.D5), where along with the energy of the area and his own energy (using the sceptre), he performed energy treatments and healed thousands of patients, where he was considered to be one of the most famous doctors of his time and father of the medicine nowadays. The most important asklipieio was established by him in Epidaurus and included treatment rooms, baths, guest house, restaurant and theatre. My note: Similar role with Asklipieia aspire to play the centres that are founded today with the care of Asklipios, such as Counselling Center Zeus in Larissa. Alaje mentions Delphi as another important energy centre in Greece, saying that the place was named after the dolphins which came to Earth from Sirius, while Delphi have strong energy receiving it from the constellation of Sirius, helping them predicting the future successfully enough in most cases He also mentions the ruined temple of Zeus,  the temple of Athena (Parthenon), the temple of Poseidon (Sounio), the temple in Penteli mountain, etc, and many other, while we also know that all the ancient temples, ()not only in Greece but also elsewhere, have been built on smaller or larger energy hubs, where today time and space gates open and energies along with other entities descend.


       Because many people express reservations, not fully comprehending the function of the transformation chambers (as described in my interview in page II.1.D1, as well as in page II.1.D2), or in the Hollow Earth (described in my site page II.1.D7), I will present clarifications given to me by the Sirians through Dr. Nidle. (see the 6 pictures at the end of page II.1.D1)

       The transformation chambers have been created years ago (and are still being created), and there is one for every person who has chosen (or will choose) this quick transition (within 3 Earth days) to the fifth dimension. They are organic with their own intelligence and some level of consciousness which they get from the extraterrestrials that manufactured them. The extraterrestrials, having received advice from the heavenly counsellors of humans, have built the chambers, taking into consideration their physical and spiritual uniqueness of each person, automatically adjusting to all epigenetic changes the person will undergo till the moment they will enter them. Details about the changes taking place within us and the physical and psychic abilities we attain in the chambers, among other information, are given in the interview I gave for 2012, in my site page II.1.D1, so here I will just try to analyze the way these changes occur, replying to anyone who asks questions (see schematic illustration of a chamber, in pages II.1.D1  and II.1.D15).

       The chambers are controlled by the Angelic counsellors, and our extraterrestrial mentors are watching over us and instructing us.  They function with “high spiritual energy” and use light (in massive amounts of information), colours and in a secondary manner, sounds which increases our vibrations. They contain a ring with 21 pastel shade colorations, which shower our body with pulsating chromatic waves, a different one for every stage of our Ascension within the chamber, as our body as well as its aura, glow when they are activated with each colour’s energy, which indicates our connection with our “light body”.

       As we have already mentioned, these functions, assisted by some secondary ones, perform the following: a) Change our chakras. b) Activate the inert part of our DNA in the two helixes we now have. c) Activate and connect 10 additional helixes (which the Atlantian geneticists had disconnected in order to keep us undeveloped and subservient to them, but they remained in our energy-astral body), and which gives us the ability, among others, to finally use our brain’s full capacity and not only 10% of it, as we are using today. d) They alter our cellular form, making them crystalline and our body becomes finer (more ethereal). e) They connect us to our light body, which is comprised of 14 layers, and through which we can travel anywhere we wish, with the speed of our thoughts, becoming super human in a way, with the abilities and powers we attain (as described in my above mentioned interview).

       Regarding the changes in our chakras, the third eye chakra (see diagram in page II.1.D1), is replaced by that of the pituitary gland, as well as by two more i.e. of the pineal gland. (which defines our hormones) and that of the well of dreams (which defines our dreams and visions), while the crown chakra is reinforced with two more over our head, which collect the male energy (the one on the right) and the female energy (the one on the left). Furthermore, two more chakras are added to the body. The one on the thymus gland, and the other on the diaphragm (which gives us a total of 13 chakras instead of 7), apart of the 200 secondary chakras which are activated. See details for the 13 chakras in my page II.1.D6 and use the 30 recorded therapeutic crystalline sounds which I posted, for the opening, the cleansing, the activation and the healing of the chakras, as well as the healing of the organs and the bodily functions connected with each chakra. Furthermore, the silver chord that is connected to the solar plexus chakra, connects us with our travels to higher dimensions, while the crown chakra is connected with the golden chord, which connects us to the heavenly entities, as well as to the heavenly “source” (which provides heavenly information), and also to the “akashic records” that contain all universal information. We will then be able to converse freely with our Superior Self and our heavenly counsellors, and our mission on this incarnation will be revealed to us.

       In response to my readers question, ‘how can all those millions of people be transported  in the Hollow Earth?”, I can say this: First of all, the transportation (of those who choose to go there) will be done mostly via teleportation, (beaming up) during their sleep. They will awaken in an environment which will be (with the aid of the holographic theatres), the exact duplicate of their present homes (so that they can feel comfortable), and the only additions will be the transformation chamber (one or more if a family is involved), and the extraterrestrial counselor-mentor, who will guide them. As for the space required to take them all in, I remind you that the Hollow Earth (which is inhabited by our “brothers” the Agarthans), has the crystalline cities which are mostly situated in underground caverns, hundreds of miles wide and many miles high (in order to preserve the inner pristine environment), with crystalline buildings of some miles in height, which contain the  the installations with the transformation chambers, which will be taking us in.  (see my page II.1.D7 and illustrations at the end of my page II.1.D1). I also wish to remind you that space in the fifth dimension has the suppleness (as I have already described) to extend the inner dimensions according to our needs, without affecting the outer dimensions. See the schematic image of Hollow Earth in my page II.2.D1 and at the end of this page, there is a model of a small crystalline city built at the top of a mountain, so that it doesn’t disturb the lush vegetation on the rest of the inner surface. I would also like to add that all the animals there, can communicate with us and tare friendly towards humans and among them, and they don’t need to feed on each other.

        In response to a question about the moon, she is an artificial satellite of the Earth (a huge Pleiadian mother spacecraft) which was revolving around planet Pax or Maltek in the past, before Pax was destroyed during the galactic wars. Her outer surface had an Earth like appearance, before she was also destroyed by the wars.  When the Atlantians dropped 25.000 years ago, one of the two natural moons of Earth, on Lemuria and sunk her, the extraterrestrials, in order to replace it, brought the Moon orbiting the Earth, which is now used as a Galactic Federation base and as Earths observatory (fact that  NASA suppresses). The other natural moon of the earth was destroyed 13.000 years ago by the Atlantians, in an effort to destroy Ionia (today’s extended area of Greece), and the result was that the debris of this moon sunk the land, creating an extended Mediterranean, while other parts (led by the Ionians) sunk the Atlantis (see my page II.1.D). Also, when I asked whether Jupiter and the other planets are inhabited like the Earth, and what kind of entities were there, I was told that the entities are mostly ethereal (of higher than the fifth dimensions) and they chose to be there, in order to help our solar system, while humans in general (of the Earth and extraterrestrial) prefer to live in a beautiful watery planet like our Earth, and like Mars and  Venus  which will soon become like Earth in the fifth dimension.

       The third picture in page II.1.D1 includes schematics of some of the miraculous devices which we will have as fifth dimensional beings (replicators, holographic theatres, sonic rejuvenation showers, holographic telecommunications centers, etc) which will be given to us by the extraterrestrials, and which I describe in detail in my interview.


       This information I mention here, because I consider it important and current, that covers three different topics. First:  As Saint German confirms there are (among others) two basic categories of manipulators. The first category aims to spread fear and influences many people that act as channels and believe that they receive information from higher dimensional entities, and every now and then talk about so enormous disasters that we will suffer, aggressive extraterrestrials, antichrist and other fairy tales that are even related with ancient religious and prophecies, with the intention to keep low our vibrations by spreading fear. The second category uses with the same way channels that talk about (non-existent) important events, forecasting that these events will take place in certain dates usually of the next weeks, (selecting usually dates that the gates indeed open and positive energies are beamed down to Earth). For example, they say that on a particular day in October 2011 there will be absolute dark and the next day Earth along with its residents will be transited (magically) to the fifth dimension, or that a particular day in November 2011, 3 million light workers will be ascended and will return the next day as fifth dimensional in order to help and other nonsense like these. At the end, due to the fact that all these are proved to be inaccurate, the world loses its confidence towards any kind of serious information that is given, as well as to the higher entities from which it is supposed that these channels are being informed. I mention this because lately I’ve been receiving a lot of phone calls from people that feel fear or enthusiasm and to which I want to say: a) That the Earth is not at risk from any major disaster andthe Ascending is guaranteed. b) That nothing is going to happen “in one night”, nor are certain dates going to be given but only time periods in which these events will happen.

       Second: Because some of my readers express their indignation for what is happening, and even an underlying envy for those who do not face similar problems with them, I want to say to them that generally the difficulties that they are facing are nothing more than the lessons that themselves have chosen to experience in this incarnation, in order to “clear” their karma and raise their vibrations, by facing with strength and integrity the hardships. Furthermore, they have to bear in mind that this is something temporary and that soon a splendid future awaits us all, and to have as their main concern to replace the feelings of fear, anger, hate, despair, etc, with those of optimism and mainly of love, so by keeping their vibrations high, on one hand they will have protection and on the other hand they will have guidance in order to soon overcome their difficulties. On the above mentioned, the advice that my Superior Self gave me, to sell real estates that I do not use (and doesn’t give me any income, as e.g. is the land), which I also recommended my readers to do, I point out that the real estates will lose their value, sooner than the money will do, due to taxation and loss of interest to buy while today the money from a sale can cover any living needs you might have, (and anyway its circulation helps the economy in general), or even can be used for an important purpose. In my case, this purpose will be the “forced” promotion of my site in the media, (which they did not seem willing to do it voluntarily), so that the visits on my site can be increased for the awakening of people. Today the Greek visitors cover only the 10% of the 70.000 visitors that I have each month from 50 countries. Finally, regarding the criticism that I received from one of my fellow citizens deriving from the reference of my Superior Self (in my page II.1.D16A) about the safety of the money that I have abroad, I would add that this comes from business activity that I previously had in Africa and Middle East, and not only I did not exported these money (as many do nowadays without reason), but on the contrary the money that I have in Greece are imported from foreign banks along with the “pink papers” as a Greek living abroad.

       Third: This part concerns the information asked by my readers who wand to be members in the Center Zeus that performs energy healing treatments free of charge to its members (see details about the Center at the end of my interview in page II.1.D1). So after arrangements that were made regarding the revenue associated with Center Zeus in order to cover its expenses, the monthly subscription fee has been established (as Demetra recently informed me) to 50 Euros monthly, both for members already registered, as well as for those who will register in the future, and this will be in effect until arrangements are made for a possible further reduction, or even deletion of the subscription fee, when other sources to cover the operational expenses will be available. Because of the fact that at this point my role to present in detail at my site the Center has been completed, (page II.1.D1) those who wish to register as members from now on please address to the Center’s website www.thunderzeus.gr, chapter “Contact”, giving full details (full name, address with postal code, and your email), and then depositing the amount of 50 Euros, to the below bank account that the Center has in Cyprus bank: Iban: GR8807303130000000029706260 with beneficiary: Demetra Karakosta, (if the money is sent from abroad they will also ask you for the swift No which is BCYPGRAA and if they ask for a phone, the number is +30 24105391). You will then post the bank deposit paper to the address of the Center (66, Farmakidou and Papakyriazi St., 41222, Larissa, Greece), or even easier you can send it by fax in the fax/telephone number of the Center (+30 2410 539172), giving also your complete address, so that you can receive by post your member’s card and your receipt of your deposit, a procedure that you will have to repeat every month, (until the monthly subscription is covered by other revenues of the Center and therefore it will stop). Afterwards, you can ask for the energy healing that you wish from the entities of the Center to give you, regarding health issues, by sending your request on the Center’s site under  the “Contact”. Then, if it is required, you will receive directions for your therapy by e-mail.   


       Since, I soon plan to go on a trip to Bali in Indonesia, that my Superior Self indicated to me, because gates are opening there and important energies and entities are entering, I will not have that period of time the possibility to post information in my site, (but I will have access to my emails). For this reason I quote here the summary of a part of it, while the details will be given after I return on 10.Dec,11. As a beginning I will give the following answers to questions that I received regarding the new government in Greece: The recent government of Papadimos, unfortunately, does not belong in the category of the transitional governments that we are waiting for, but it is also dark (as well as the Prime Minister Papadimos), as the previous governments were, manipulated by the dark cabal’s governage that manipulates as well and all other governments of E.U. and other cauntries. Furthermore, this weekend I expect a visit from a “crystal” five year old child, that can talk and behave as an adult, while he also communicates with his astral family where he came from, and as my Superior Self informed me, he will give me interesting information about his planet and more. Additionally, many friends are visiting me, particularly lately, giving me shocking details regarding their metaphysical experiences, part of which, that is of general interest, I intend to publish below. One of them is my charismatic friend Violetta, which while looking at you, she can talk about your previous lives, identify emotional and other problems you might have, and give you information how to heal them, (i.e. with crystals, herbs, etc), while she easily communicates with your Superior Self for answers. She helped me by providing me useful body healing methods, ways of communicating easily with high entities and she assisted me regarding problems of members of my family. She brought me a wealth of written personal metaphysical experiences that include visits to spacecrafts, while she has her own private space where she uses it for all kind of treatments, therapeutic massages, seminars, etc, but within the framework of “keeping a low profile” she did not wish to publish her email in my site. Finally, she belongs to the same family with the crystal child that will visit me on 19.Nov.11, the members of which (with their metaphysical experiences that shared with me) I have met and they are known by their friends as the fairy-family.

       On 18.Nov.11 I attended one of the web seminars that Nidle holds twice a month, which hundreds of people from all over the planet attend, (of which I record the voice  and photograph the slides that he presents in order to communicate useful information), while at the end of his speech he answers to several questions submitted in written by the listeners. In reply to the question “why even though they have already been thousands of arrests in U.S. of the illegal dark ones (as mentioned in his messages, see page II.1.D16), the media have not made any announcements?”, he said that the media belong or are manipulated by the dark ones and such announcements are taboo, because they can put in motion a domino of changes. Similarly, the relatives of the arrested don’t make any announcements or public protests in order not to lose the financial support given to them. To the question “why the senators and officials do not react to blatantly unpopular laws?”, the answer is that some of them are also dark ones and that is why they hold a high position, and some of them have been paid for their silence, while others are afraid to react, because those who reacted had often many “strange accidents”. In addition, to question regarding the finances and debt of Ireland, he analyzed the actions that Ireland takes and explained why they are in the right path.

       However analyzing what's going on in Greece both with the old and the recent new governance, he said that in order to extinguish the large debt of Greece, that was unlawfully created and with the cooperation of the banks, domestic and foreign, Greece should follow the example of Ireland, courageously and radically changing the financial system that has put Greece to a tight spot, while Italy and Spain are the next in line. Furthermore, the central banks of both the U.S. (FED) and of other major countries (first of which Germany in Europe), are those who brought the world economy in such a mess, and if the system will not change, they would no longer exist members but states of slaves that would be under the orders to the few and powerful. The Earth Allies of the extraterrestrial, urges the Greeks to take legal action against the unfair debt. They will have the assistance of sacred secret organizations from various parts of the Earth, (including China with the organization of the “Red Dragon” becoming financially gigant), that are under the supervision of the Ascended Masters. Saint Germaine is for the Western World (he has come to Earth this period of time, as he earlier did, to help us), and Quan Yin is for the East (China, etc), while there are other high entities as well that help us. Furthermore, he said that the “prosperity funds” that have been collected (in precious metals, etc), in order to be currently distributed, reach the amount of 400 trillions of US$. Finally, he added that the overturning of the Arabic world, will start to be extended in Asia, South America and Africa, while it will not delay to be generalized, in order to change the financial systems and the dark governments.

       NOTE: At this point I should note that at times I get  strange messages from my Superior Self  who reveals to me that  I travel to some strange places, and when I ask Him if any benefit is going to come out from such a journey the answer is always positive. So some time ago I was led and I visited three small islands in the Pacific Ocean beneath which there is the sunken Lemouria.  Now I am going to visit Bali in Indonesia for two weeks, in the Indian Ocean, near which there is the sunken Great Srilanka where there used to be Rama’s kingdom (which by coincidence is the name of the hotel where I am going to stay). In January-February of 2012, I am going to spend 25 days at three places in the area of Caribbean (Florida, Bahamas, Cancun of Mexico), in the Atlantic Ocean beneath which there is the sunken Atlantis, and in Costa Ri (at the Pacific side).  I expect with great interest, to have new experiences there to share with you. I have also invited my friend Nidle to this journey, who promised to come with his life partner Coleen with me if he finds the time to do so (if he will not be able to come, he has already invited me to stay for a few days at his home in Los Angeles). In any case, if we meet this journey is going to be for me a valuable long lasting seminar with many new information from the Sirians through Nidle.


       My first experience was in the taxi which took me to the hotel on a trip lasted two hours and I dozed off many times, as I was tired from the long air journey. I had many dreams that lasted only some seconds each, about various, irrelevant among them, issues. Besides on the first night at the hotel I saw many dreams which I remembered in the morning and I am going to describe the most important of them:  I had a big sketch book and I was sketching, on two pages, two small flying vehicles which looked like a speedboat and after I had felt completely satisfied and happy with the result, I called the staff of a technical company that I used to run a decade ago, and I instructed them on how to construct them. Then, while I was studying other pages of the sketch book, which included various information, someone came, who obviously had some power on me, and started tearing the pages saying that I still had no jurisdiction to see them. The last page, I remember, included information about agreements that were made in relation with Albania. When he tried to tear a page concerning Greece, I strongly reacted, I grabbed his hand and finally we ended up in compromise and he only tore the half page, from top to bottom. The following days I saw more dreams but I don’t think it’s useful to tire you with them. At this point, I should confess that I justify Demetra who told that one of the reasons I don’t see or I don’t remember things (while many others see and remember), is that if I do, then I am going to be absorbed in their magic, against my main mission which is the awakening of the people through useful information and instructions. The reason I mention all the above, which many may consider to be uninteresting, is that my Superior Self was right when he pointed out to me that in Bali are now entering important energies which, somehow, I am going to feel.


       In the tranquility of Bali, I was able to somehow look into the way a Galactic family functions in a Galactic society which will be, more or less, valid for us when we are fifth dimensional. As our interest today is focuses on the oncoming changes, I am not going to supply the numerous information I have collected but  briefly only some highlights. Nidle described his visit to a planet of Sirius B, where the inhabitants are humanoid (in contrast to those of Siriun A who have the shape of the operators in the cockpit I described in page II.1.D16A). So I began, almost daily, astral travels to this planet, supplementing Nidle’s information and resiving answers to my questions. Well, this planet is covered 80% by land and only 20% by sea. Most of the population lives, respecting the natural environment, in cities built in enormous caves, both on the external and on the hollow surface. The caves possess all comforts, flora, lightning and everything else would exist in the external environment. The planet has two moons, a little bigger than ours, which are also inhabited.

       The inhabitants live in groups of about 60 people, who have tight bonds like our families (either they are relatives or not). The children (who become adults at 75 years old) grow up with a wider care as if they have many parents, uncles and aunts. The family is guided by its teachers-mentors, the older people who have been apprenticed for some decades in special schools and have been particularly experienced as the years went by. The education both of the children and of the adults (for whom it is continuous), is a very pleasant occupation dew to the aid of holographic theatres and other means. The inhabitants live for as many years as they want (usually 1000 up to 3000) and die when they decide that they have fulfilled everything they had to do in their present incarnation, and are ready to go ahead for new experiences in new bodies and probably in other planets. There are no leaders and the various issues are solved with cooperation. The coordinator in each case  is the one who is talented, has the knowledge and the greatest experience on the specific subject or problem. Each person is encouraged to develop his/her own talents, present his/her ideas and is morally rewarded for any contribution in the development of sciences, technology etc. On the whole, new ideas, methods and improvements are constantly searched out and they are immediately spread everywhere. Sometimes its contribution may have positive consequences to the whole Galaxy.

       These groups live in cities of about 30.000 inhabitants. There is no money or financial exchanges, while the residence-accommodation, the kind of food they eat (usually energy soups), the clothing, the transportation and other needs and facilities, are supplied free of any charge by the high technology and by the abilities of materializing objects, of telekinesis, teleportation, etc that each one possesses. There are vast temples in the cities, where services are often held, the purpose of which is the maintaining of the high vibrations both of the planet and of the inhabitants as well, and the maintaining of the inhabitants’ harmony and the planet’s too, which is regarded to be a live being of another scale of the Holy creation. The rituals include meditations, prays, chants and music with various organs (as huge drums, harps, harmoniums etc. Each city has its spiritual mission which is expressed through its own rituals, therefore cities with the same mission are uniformly scattered around the planet (each city lies on an energy hub, primary or secondary, of the planet’s crystal grid), so that the geographical division of cities with different missions is even.

       Many thousands of such cities make up what we would call countries, or better the states of the planet, and the population of each one ranges between 300 and 350 millions of citizens. A planet, depending on its size and the density of the population, may include more or less such states. Each state usually concentrates on a particular field of mentality, of science, of technology, of activities, etc. E.g. such a target in the field of the activities may be the exploring of the Galaxy for the discovery of planets with intelligent beings, and the supply of assistance to them for the improvement of their level at all aspects. Something relevant is happening now with the assistance which is supplied to Earth for its Ascension (only that, this time there is an explicit, divine order for this). Such an activity proves the intense feeling of the fully conscientious beings (of the fifth dimension), for help and support to everyone. Such various targets-responsipilities are usually about twelve, or probably more, which the different cities choose and concentrate on, so that there is a separation of responsibilities and expertise, which aids the fast progress (see my interview in page II.1.D1 where I describe such responsibilities).

       All the states of all the planets of a stellar system (e.g. Sirius B), make up a unique “star nation” (such as the star nation of our Solar system is going to be), which is governed by councils (as I describe in detail on my pages II.1.D1 and II.1.D2), and which (star nations) may include many billions of inhabitants. The states are governed by similar councils, the members of which are the most capable and experienced citizens which are rotating by entering new members in the councils. These members of the councils have chosen to live for many years, so that they can accumulate their knowledge and the experience that their position demands, and which position in fact is a vocation without any personal benefits, even though it is an intense and responsible occupation. On the whole it is a common belief that anyone who has solved a problem in the past, also has the ability to solve the same or a similar problem that may arise. It is also believed that the problems don’t arise at random but their aim is to teach some kind of a lesson.

       Finally, details about the inhabitants’ way of living, their occupations, their entertainment, their relationships, the universal laws that rule their lives (which we also are going to follow), their worldviews, their preferences and so on, are going to be uploaded after I will have crosschecked them with the ones of our brothers and sisters, the inhabitants of the Hollow Earth, which I intend to visit repeatedly during my next astral travels. The relevant postings are going to take place when we will have accomplished the target of awaking the people for the Ascension. I could briefly add that everywhere an unconditional love to everyone prevails, an intense joy and satisfaction from life, a unity among people (as if  all are one without secrets or differences), while the competition is totally absent (even from games where it should naturally exist). Still, there is a continuous communication and cooperation with the spiritual beings (Superior Selves, Heaven Consultants, Ascended Masters, etc), from whom they get help and guidance. In order to quickly and safly enter in this Galactic society through the Ascension, which is the main point of our interest today, I kindly request my readers to contribute to the awaking of people, in any way they can, informing the people around them or everyone else, without being ashamed or afraid of bad criticism because the facts will soon justify them.

       STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF THE HEAVEN HIERARCHY (Based on information I received from Nidle which mainly comes through the Galactic Federation).

       As it has been mentioned before, God – The First Creator ,created at the present  sixth Natural Creation (which began 50 billion years ago), with the various universes ,setting a different mission to each of  universes  The First Creator, appointed at each universe a representative with the form of a “local God”. The local God is surrounded by three types of heaven beings: the Elochim, who are responsible for the creation in general (galaxies, stars, planets, etch, in all parallel realities), the Angelic Kingdom, which is the bearer of the Heaven’s Will and the Heaven plan in general, and the Lords of Time who are responsible for the harmonic coherence and the coordination of everything in the “complex-circular time” which is the time that exists in the universe. All three types of heaven beings cooperate closely at all levels. For example as far as a time-space gate is concerned, the Elochim create it, they open and close it, the Angels define the energies and information which pass through the gate, and the  Lords of Time define the coherence and the coordination of the operations performed there. As far as the structure is concerned, every type of the hierarchy is governed by the Higher Councils, beneath which are the Higher Administrations and beneath them the Administrations, (I choose these terms to correspond with the ones we are using in Earth). This structure is escalated for each of the many billions of Galaxies in the universe, then it descends to every star nation and it ends up to each planet. I am going to describe in detail the structure and activities of the Angelic Kingdom only, mainly because it is connected with us, the human beings.

       The Archangels, who are around God, lead the Angelic Kingdom and are responsible for the implementation of God’s plan. Among the Archangels, Archangel Michael and Metatron come into prominence, followed by Archon Surea and the other Archangels and Lords (some of whom I have already mentioned at my site), then come the Seraphim, and the Cherubim. Below them are other “high entities” (for each particular planet), some of which are incarnated in the planets in order to help people and created religions (e.g. Christ, Buda etc). Their teachings are in most cases changed by the priests and the church  to cover church’s purposes. For example, God is often considered as punishing people for their crimes or believes etc, though in fact He is full of love, or they talk about the hell, the purgatories and so on, which in fact do not exist. The Archangels lead the battalions of Angels (who are similar to the bees in a hive) and who carry out the various commands of the Archangels. Beneath them there are the “Angelic Presences”, whom we call to be our “Guardian Angels”, while beneath them are the “Heaven Presences”, whom we call our “Heavenly counselors”. The above first four categories refer to the non physical - spiritual heavenly level, while the following three refer to the physical-material-half ethereal level and are the following:


       The “Ascendant  Masters” of each planet come next, (such as Saint Germaine, etc.), who after have been perfected with their many successful incarnations, dismissed their karma and ascended the scale, so they no longer need to incarnate. However they continue to decent to Earth in case thy have special mission in order to help people, as they are going to do now. Actually they are going to descend with the extraterrestrials in huge numbers in order to guide and help us with the Ascension. The “Physical Angels” come next, which are we, the human beings (and every other intelligent creature), but we are going to acquire this title only after we become fully conscious fifth-dimensional beings. Last comes the “Devas Kingdom” (which I think, we call also the elementals’ Kingdom), who are responsible for the biosphere of the planets (flora and fauna), and for whom we could say that they represent the “souls” of the animals and plants (mainly trees).


       Before I end this brief description, I should add that the various celestial bodies (planets, stars, satellites) are regarded to have their own soul of a larger scale, (no matter how  strange ithis may sound), only that their nature is electro-gravitational in contrast to the humans and other intelligent beings whose nature is electro-magnetic. Therefore the various celestial bodies, in order to operate efficiently so that they can fully support  any form of life which may exist on them, should have their crystal grid (see page II.2.D5 which we could say that it is their neural and circulatory energy system), as well as their energy hubs (which are the points of cross-section of the energy lines), fully activated and working properly. This is the reason for which the extraterrestrials often have their ritual ceremonies at these energy hubs-centers, so that they can keep their vibrations high, as well as the “health” of their planet in perfect condition, fact that in turn secures the peoples high vibrations and the high living standards on the planet.



       I am not going to go in details here about this very interesting and meaningful seminar, because both its content and the answers to the submitted questions have been sufficiently covered by the extensive text of my “interview”, on my page II.1.D1. However, I am going to highlight certain points:  Nidle, first goes back on a brief historical overview explaining how the dark elite has managed to enslave humanity, politically and economically, over the last 150 years, and then he refers to three distinctive cases. The first one was in 1963, when Kennedy, of U.S. Hrustsof of Russia and Sokrano president of Indonesia (who at the time was the leader of the third world), in a secret conference, had agreed to stop the wars and the armaments (including the war in Vietnam), and to reveal the secret technologies for clean, free energy, etc, As a result the dart elite managed that Kennedy and his brother were murdered, whilst the other two leaders were removed from the government in the next two years. The second case was in 1998, when it had been settled down a date to make the announcements about the extraterrestrials. The announcements were delayed with various methods until  11.Sep.2001. The third case refers to the date which would be the beginning of validity for the NESARA agreement (see my page II.1.D1). At that day (11.Sep.2001 or 9/11 as we call it), the two airplanes hit the twin towers in New York, which were blown off and foal down by explosives organized  by the CIA (see details in my page II.1.D1). In the basements of the towers many tons of gold were kept, which belonged to the NESARA organization (for the economic support at the beginning of the treaty’s implementation), and which were stolen by the dark Elite. Bin Laden was rewarded to participate in this crime, which, along with the following wars, contributed in delaying for one decade the extraterrestrials’ landings, who wanted “the shore to be cleaned” first, before they make their official appearance.

       Therefore, in my opinion, it is doubtful, whether this NESARA agreement, with the abundance funds, the debts forgiveness and the other beneficial changes, will have the time to be implemented, (after the more than ten years delay), because from the end of 2012 and the beginning or the mid of 2013, most of us will have passed (one way or another) to the fifth dimension, and we will not need the NESARA benefits, (case that Eric also confirms as above), since our needs in any kind of commodities and services will be limited or we will be able to cover our needs by ourselves. There will be no diseases, pollution, criminality and other problems which torture us today. Particularly, concerning the medicaments which are sold today by the major pharmaceutical companies, (the profits of which are three times more than the most profitable category of companies, the biggest majority of them, especially the psychotropic drugs, are not manufactured to cure the cause of the disease, but only to limited the symptoms. So, the addicted people who can no longer stop taking the drugs, remain clients of the companies for the rest of their life. On the contrary the really effective medicines, even for the most serious diseases (which have both been given by the extraterrestrials, or been discovered by the scientists on Earth), remain secret for the majority of people and are exclusively used for the members of elite. So, be cautious with the use of drugs (and particularly the antidepressants which have become trendy), most of which rather do harm than make any good, as some important members of the major pharmaceutical companies admit, (according to the relevant video   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcubW58ySpU&feature=player_embedded .


       As the messages below refer to the recent destruction of the underground bases of the dark extraterrestrials, I am answer the following in order to respond to readers’ questions. As I have already mentioned, after the signing of the Galactic Peace Treaty, the (dark that changed) Anunaki and the Greys abandoned Earth, with some exceptions that remained in underground bases, (after having been renounced by their planets), cooperating with the dark governments of the most powerful countries. The target of these bases (which are military, of the special forces of the Illuminati to establish the “New World Order”) was, among other missions: a) To transmit waves (covering huge areas), which either created tensions, confusion and hate, turning one group of people against the other, (as for example did the under the bottom of the see base in the sea of Yemen – Aden, for the wider Middle East area up to Pakistan). Or b) to cause fear, worry and sloth to the populations, so that they remain obedient and “asleep,” (as for example did the similar base in the sea of China, for all Eastern Asia area up as to Thailand). Similar underground or under the bottom of the see bases were in U.S. (in August, 2011, one was recorded in Virginia and one in Denver), as well as in other places around the planet, which bases the Galactic Federation considered it was prudent to eliminate, before the massive landing of the extraterrestrial spacecrafts.

       This destruction of the bases was managed by the use of very high frequency rays, which disrupted the defense systems and defused (without killing) the extraterrestrials there, saurians and Greys (the Greys remained there, either voluntarily or because they were forced by the saurians). On the other hand these rays didn’t affect the earthy personnel, which the Galactic Federation transported to other bases to protect them. Afterwards, using rays of lower frequency which dissolve the material, destroyed the installations of the bases and blocked the access to them. What is more interesting, these bases, sometimes, would almost bring about a nuclear war between the nations affected by them, (which would unfavorably affect  not only the planet but the whole solar system as the nuclear explosions diffuse to higher dimensions. The planet had a narrow escape, so the Galactic Federation had to interfere and deactivate, for precaution reasons, many nuclear warheads. You can see details on the http://extraterrestrials.ning.com/video/video/show?id=2832124:Video:647100&xgs=1&xg_source=msg_share_video .

       This information was received through Channeling from the Galactic Board of Andromeda. The channel, who is also a university professor in U.S. speaks more generally in this and in other videos, on Extrapolitics TV, about the end of “the war of the stars”, which had been planned by the dark cabal in order to prevent, in this way, the expected landing of the Galactic Federation spacecrafts. In addition you can visit the interesting sites www.andromedacouncil.com and ExtrapoliticsTV.info.


     The following message is Gabriel’s response (an extraterrestrial from Andromeda, with whom I have already often communicate (see my previous pages) by using as channel his sister and my friend Sharon, who lives incarnated in U.S. My question was “how he foresees things to evolve in Greece,?” for which I received the following answer, which speaks about a soon upcoming solution to the problems of the country. The answer is so optimistic (if Sharon functioned correctly as a channel), as opposed to the more conservative view of my Superior Self, (which however is also optimistic but requires a few more months time), that I recommend to my readers to hold a “small basket”, (as we say in Greek), to put the results. However that does not mean that we must not focus our intentions, so that the projections of Gabriel (who knows better than us because of his position in the Galactic Federation), for this wonderful scenario ultimately proven true. The answer is as follows:

       Greece has gone as low as it will be allowed to go. There is a great many things happening right now to make sure that Greece nor any other EU country goes deeper into bankruptcy. This is something that Sheldon Nidle has brought up on many occasions speaking about the debt forgiveness and the abudans packages. If you look around you right now, at the prime ministers and other officials from not only Greece but other EU countries stepping down. Even here in the U.S. there is going to be high officials stepping down from their position in the next period of time. Then look at all the changes in governments in the middle East. I all goes along with the coming events. Our Earth Allies have been busy at work, and the work is now paying off. Think about this George. A couple of weeks ago it looked like Greece was going to no longer exist. That goes for other countries as well as there was no money, and the EU was in terrible trouble. Then out of no where the trouble started to become lessened, because out of no where there became money to do things with. Doesn't that sound a little strange to you? Yes Greece’s debt is going to be half if not more reduced, yet because Greece has no fluidity it appears to still be bad for her but it isn't. There is a plan in place set by our Earth Allies that is going to change the financial picture in Greece as well as all EU countries vey little time.

       Are you aware of the G20 meetings that have been held? Are you aware that over the past few days members of major countries, US, Russia, China, Japan, etc, have been meeting in secret in Hawaii, the first of such meetings in the history of governments. These meetings where being held because of the financial situation that has taken over the world. They have made a big decision in regards to the worlds condition, and remember our Earth Allies are the ones that brought them together. There is going to be a major revaluation of the world currencies. Greece’s currency is included in this package, along with 125 other countries. Along with this revaluation there is going to be mass debt forgiveness giving the countries, including Greece, to get their economies a very large reboot and the people a chance to make a living. Those people that have large sums of these currencies, will be able to trade them in at their banks and get the revalued amount. This information is very guarded and it will be until the banks are allowed to show it on their screens. It will be show on the CBI screens, first of which could be as early as tomorrow. This all has to be done before the 15th of November, because it has to be done in conjunction with Iraq's new sovernity and the paying of the new contractors there. This revaluating is going to be the biggest in history and it will or would go down in the history books, if our friends weren't coming in March as you said.

       If my information is correct, and I Gabriel feel it is so, unless something very large comes alone and stops it, it could only be stopped for a short time. It is what heaven wants to happen as it will relieve so much of the stress in the world and it is part of the Love energies from 11/11/11. I have no way of knowing what the new value of your currency will be. I just know it is part of the new prosperity packages which we and the Earth Allies have worked toward for many years. I hope this helps you and your friends. Keep an eye on the banks and know that blessings are on there way. No worries only blessings. Be in peace and remember the Federation keeps a very close watch on you and all of our friends. We will see you in the transformation chambers. Either in Inner Earth or in one of our ships. Your Choice!!! Gabriel of the Galactic Federation. 

       Note: I think that the latter about the transformation chambers, is impaling a direct remark in contrast to what my Superior Self told me, who wants me to become 5D at the outer surface, helping my fellow human beings there, contrary to Galactic Federation who probably wants me to become quickly 5D in order to pass on them my experiences from duality, etc. 


       Before describing my meeting with the crystal boy and girl, I think it is useful to specify certain caracteristics about these charismatic children (see details in site http://www.starchild.co.za/what.htm about indigo and crystal children, and in http://www.starchildren.info/rainbow.htm, about the rainbow children, as well as in my page II.1.D2). These children, who have been incarnating on Earth over the last decades with continually increasing numbers, come from other of at least fifth dimensional planets. They have a third helix in their DNA activated and their vibrations are in the higher octaves of the fourth dimension. They are here under the supervision of Archangel Michael in order to wakeup people, particularly the persons of their environment, and help them with their Ascension. The Indigo children, who started their incarnations in great numbers in the beginning of the 1970’s, aim to knock down the structures of status quo, denying the existing beliefs and philosophies, while as adults they will take up, step by step, the governments on the New Earth. The crystal children, who started their incarnations in the beginning of the 1980’s, are here to set the foundations where the structure of the New Earth is going to be based. Finally, the Blue Ray children are here to construct the New Earth, following the preparation made by the two previous categories of children. The age of these children is of no significant importance, because their influence on their environment is not limited only at the physical level (which they affect with their aura and their ideas), but also at the metaphysical one, with the special metaphysical abilities they possess. The Rainbow children constitute a importand, still small in number, subcategory of the Blue Ray children, whose vibrations are very high, touching the level of the fifth dimension, so we regard them as Earth or Physical Angels, just like we are going to be when we become fifth dimensional. These children are new souls who incarnate for the first time in a physical body and whose parents were usually crystal children. Consequently, they have no karma to delete. Therefore, they live in fully harmonious families.


       All the children mentioned above are a real blessing not only for the families, where they belong to, but far beyond these. Their metaphysical abilities begin with telepathy and extend to the ability of seeing from afar things that are happening now. They communicating with other beings, and what is more, many have invisible, extraterrestrial friends, of having access to knowledge they had never been taught before. They have a smaller or greater ability to cure people and relieve from pain. Their many more abilities are described in the sites mentioned above. These abilities often make both the teachers and the psychologists (which almost all of them are totally ignorant about metaphysical issues), to characterize them as maladjusted or problematic, a reason for which many of these children don’t want to go to school, or they consider the school is useless and boring. Particularly, the Rainbow children often reach the point, beyond their very powerful curing abilities (for which we could say, with some exaggeration, they are like small Christs), not to be afraid in general, to be able to materialize objects or create situations they desire, almost just like we will be able to do when we reach advanced levels of the fifth dimension. They still communicate easily with other forms of life such as animals and plants, even with inorganic material, e.g. receiving information from crystals with which all of them, (the crystal children and the other Blue Ray children), have special bonds. All of these children (even the adults who come from them) have the intense feeling of collective consciousness, believing that all of us are ONE.


       Concerning the crystal boy Nikolas, his grant mother, before she brought the five and half year old boy to my house, she told me, among others, the following: One day she saw him sitting very sad and after she had asked him persistently to find out the reason, the boy answered that he misses his family, not the one that he has got here, but the one that lives in the stars, in a beautiful place with trees and rivers and which he sees when he has the chance to look at the skies with a telescope or binoculars. (Demetra explained to me that this is a way to communicate with an invisible to us spaccraft in the sky above, and through this, with his planets). Still, the boy said that he often sees (without binoculars) a spacecraft over his house and sometimes, other similar ones, over the mountain. He also said that an invisible friend of him, often visits him and they talk, and sometimes he asks his family here not to make any noise so that he can hear him better. Some weeks ago I called him and I told him that I also come from the stars and that I would like him to tell me details about his planet and life there. He replied to me that one or two hours would be required to do this, and that for some of my questions he would also need a telescope, in order to communicate  and give me the answers I need. So we agreed to visit me at my house when he would come to Athens. Finaly I said that I expect his visit and that I love him very much and he replied “I love you, too”, words that he doesn’t usually say, as his grandmother told me.

       On 19.NOV.11, I had the joy to meet Nicolas at my home who came in full of vividness and happiness, spreading around energy which we all felt. He was very glad to see the telescope I had bought in order to offer him as a present, and he asked to go immediately to the veranda were he used it. When I asked him what he saw, he said that he saw his father and then his mother taking a shower. I asked him about his friend’s age and after looking again, he said: “about 13”. I had listed a number of questions but his grandmother stopped me and she confessed to me that the boy’s mother wouldn’t wish any metaphysical conversations to be made at this meeting, and not to take the telescope back at his home, because the boy had already raised an issue at the kindergarten with everything he said to his classmates, so she would like to let the metaphysical issues to slow down for a while. So the first meeting was not exactly what I and my readers would expect but I am looking forward to the next meeting. We made earthy conversations and he really talked as an adult, which was also obvious from the way he picked up four of the drawings I offered to him which he said would give to his (earthly) father, to frame them. When he left, he expressed his intense wish to come back again.


       In order, for the other sex, not to feel inferior, I hurry to add that a crystal girl is also going to visit me soon, Gaia, who is a year younger than Nicolas and whose mother is going to bring her at my home. This girl, who, despite her age, behaves as an adult, doesn’t stop to give daily, instructions to her parents about what they should do and what to avoid. Indeed, after her intense demand, she obliged them to move into a new house and live by the sea, on the western coast of Attica, because, as she said, the energies there are much better there and all the family is going to be helped. I should repeat here that the crystal children (who are one step ahead of the indigo children), have three activated helixes in their DNA and they keep increasing in number (visit my page II.1.D.2, to see international studies and details for the types of these special children), which are here to play an important role on the upcoming changes. 

       As her charismatic mother and good friend of mine, Irene, had promised to me, she brought Gaia (I remind you that Gaia the name of the live being who represents planet Earth) at my home, on 27.Dec.2011, visit that filled all of us with joy and positive energy. Beginning with the mother, Irene is a psychologist, curing mainly in groups and individually as well, and during the healing sessions she often sees next to her an Angel curator who helps her, while she also has rich metaphysical experiences. So she can see from afar things that are happening now, e.g. peoples’ deaths. She saw all the details, exactly as they happened, of a serious accident abroad from which her father luckily survived. When she was a child, in a state of sudden high fever she started speaking in a strange language which her mother recorded, and later proved to be (by people who deal with this subject) a language in Atlantis. Still, she can go, with her astral body, to various places and see what is happening there (something that a friend of mine, famous actor, used also to do). The day before her visit she came at my home with her astral body giving me energy, and as a result I got up late at night and wrote the above two paragraphs about the enlightened children, wondering why I had the eagerness to do so. She also was kind enough to clean the space and us from any negative energy, and she taught us ways how to do it by ourselves. Finally, during her pregnancy in Gaia (who is 4.5 years old today), she saw in her belly the presence of a big, golden luminous ball which filled her with joy. Now, she lives in Athens where she keeps her office, but they are soon going to move by the see, according to Gaia’s demand, whose Angels tell her that she should be in the energies that exist there. 


       As I have received many questions concerning Irene’s cleanings, I add the following paragraph, recommending them to anyone who needs them: 1) In order to protect ourselves from negative energies, we imagine a golden, luminous sword, upright, touching with its spearhead the chakra of crown (on top of our head). Then, we imaging covering all our body a) with a golden cloak which carries the energy of Love, b) over it with a green cloak which carries the energy of euphoria and c) over them a cloak with dark purple color which acts as a shield and protects us from any negative energy, which either exists around us, or is maliciously send by evil people against us. The shield, as a mirror reflects the negative energy back to those who send it. We visualize this at least once a day or even more often when we feel we need it, particularly when we are about to sleep at night. 2) In order to clean our place, we put fire to a small bundle of sage, in a small pot of clay or in a coffee pot used exclusively for this purpose, until its leaves are burnt with flames and there is plenty of smoke. We carry the pot with the smoke, first around our body and of the other persons who are present, and then to every room of the house, emphasizing on the corners where the negative energy is usually accumulated. At the same time we should definitely have a half-opened window in every room while saying to ourselves that “anything that does not belong to the powers of Light and Love, to go away”. As soon as we finish with this procedure, we open the windows wide open and let out the smoke and its smell completely, along with the negative energy that the sage subtracted. We leave the pot covered, out of the house. We repeat the same procedure every time we feel there is negative energy in our place, carrying the pot either around the entire house or only around the room where we are and which probably needs it. At the same time we can visualize the golden, luminous sword at the chakra of our crown, as in case 1.


       I continue with little Gaia who sees angels around her, which she described to me and with which she talks. The angels, among others, instruct her about what her family should avoid or do, e.g. to move into a new house by the seaside. I should point out that she is a winter swimmer and swims in the sea without feeling cold and generally she doesn’t feel cold or get sick. As far as I am concerned, she said that she saw five angels around me who take care of me (she usually sees for other people up to three angels), and that my aura was blue, whilst Nana’s (a friend of Irene who came with them) was yellow. She mentioned the name of the planet where she comes from, which (as I recorded on my small recorder) is Fribour and she said that I also come from this same planet of the Pleiades constellation. Suddenly she said “I often leave my incarnation”. I didn’t ask her to explain it to me, because Eric, whom I had consulted just before her arrival, advised me (according to my Superior Self), not to tire her with difficult metaphysical questions, but to let her tell me only what she wanted.


       So, we talked about various matters concerning her school, her preferences, her good friend whom she is going to marry when they grow up, her love for the animals with which she communicates and she is not afraid of. When I asked her why she is here, I was surprised to hear that she often ascends to the stars to get “things” (?) and bring them back to Earth for the people. She also told me that when she grows up, she wants to become a doctor in order to cure, which she said she also tries to do when it is necessary, now that she is so young. She also seemed to be very contented when she heard the crystal sounds that I created with my crystal bowls and particularly with the high sounds of the activation of the chakras (visit my page II.1.D6 for the recorded healing sounds), which she didn’t want me to stop. She was enthused with a huge teddy bear (higher than her) which I offered her as a present. On leaving, she ran around the garden hugging the trees, spotting places where she mostly liked to stand and she wouldn’t leave the garden until her mother (whom she always called by her name, Irene, as if she was her friend), promised her that they would be back soon. I don’t want to be tiring, so let’s not write anything more. Other meetings with Nicolas, Gaia and other crystal children are going to follow. Their presence fills the house and its residents with joy and positive energy.


    Many charismatic people have been visiting me lately in order to describe their metaphysical experiences which they hesitate to confess, even to their close relatives, so as not to be ridiculed. I am going to describe some of them aiming to awaken some people who believe that there is nothing else beyond the material world that surrounds us and which we can feel with our five senses. In the descriptions, I reveal no full names, according to what I have been asked to. However I am jealous of these people, because my technocratic conception has not allowed me to have such exiting experiences yet. 

       I begin with my friend Gregory (an ophthalmologist who has helped me effectively with my impaired vision, after I spend long hours working on the computer), and with his most impressive experience. It was a rainy evening and he was speeding up in his BMW, at 180 km/h, when his car was overturned. Only the last seconds did he manage to ask for God’s help. Then the car clashed by its side on an electricity pole and split up in two parts, while he found himself standing upright, in his unwrinkled costume, at the opposite lane of the avenue, staring, along with other passersby, at the separate debris of his car. This happening along with his other metaphysical experiences, concerning spacecrafts etc, have convinced him that he is here on some mission, but he still doesn’t know what his mission is.  

       I go on with the experiences of my friend who is the grandmother of the crystal child Nicolas, whom I have mentioned above, which belongs to the “fairy-family” (as their friends call it) of the seven people, who make up a group with a specific mission, given to them by higher entities, where each person covers his/her own sector of responsibility. The Nicolas’ sector is generally the protection of the group, and more specifically the advices he gives despite his young age. This woman visited me with her dossier full of dozens of metaphysical experiences. She would communicate, without asking to do it, with people who had recently died and who would give her messages and directions to be transferred to their relatives which my friend transferred to them to their great astonishment. The same friend, who had bought shares when the stock market in Athens was at 1000 units, repeatedly received persisting orders in her sleep, in August, before the great Depression in September, and when the stock market had reached the 6500 units, to liquidate and buy her a house, which she was finally convinced to do, despite the stock brokers’ contrary advice. In September she had her house while the stock market kept collapsing. Another experience of her was when she was pregnant, (abroad where her husband had an influential position), and her famous obstetrician told her that she should undergo an abortion, because both she and the fetus would die. Then she dreamt her husband holding in his arms his newborn girl and dancing with joy, (as there had been no problem) at the child’s baptism. So she chose to keep the baby and everything happened (even the dancing) just as she had dreamt them. I should point out that the doctor had said that if something like this would happen, it would be a real miracle and he would change his religion, which on fact he did and he now often visits Greece and the monasteries in the Holy Mountain.

       Another experience was the instructions that she and her little girl received, to go and clean their summer house at the outskirts of Athens from the negative energies. The girl is now an adult and her job is Reiki and healing using crystals. While this daughter was doing Reiki in her house, she was instructed about the changes she and her mother had to make and the procedures they had to follow (with the use of crystals etc. This house was built in a field where there used to be an ancient sanctuary and there is also now an open time-space gate there. Despite, time ago, the elder daughter’s efforts (to whom the house belongs and who is the mother of the crystal child) to sell the house, she didn’t manage to do it (despite the low price of the house). This happened because it had been scheduled by the higher entities, to make this summer house their permanent house, so that she and her child Nicolas would be protected from any affect of negative forces and could communicate freely, receiving information and instructions from Nicolas’ astral family. All the above prove once again, that many of the things we regard as random, are in fact, parts of a more general plan which is defined by the higher entities, but to which our free will can participate, with our choices, either  following the plan or not following it, while undergoing the consequences of our choices.

       What is more, my very charismatic friend Violeta, whom I mentioned before and who belongs to the, above mentioned, group of seven, and is cousin of Nicolas’ grandmother, had, among others, a very interesting visit that she made to a spacecraft, where she had urgently to go and give information and codes for the repairing of a failure of the spacecraft. At first, no one of the extraterrestrial pilots paid any attention to her advices, but in the end they had to follow her instructions and codes she was suggesting (which not even herself could understand), as the last attempt, and the failure was restored. Besides, on her second recent visit,, she showed me techniques (as I asked) for my better communication in general (with the help of crystals, too), so that I can subconsciously receive information, instructions and answers to my questions too, just as she does, which eventually I hope that will work.

       Before I finish for the time being, with such experiences, I am going to refer to one more visit of my charismatic friend Thanasis who is a dentist. He cooperates with a group of Italians who have created at the outskirts of Torino a model village, of 3000 inhabitants, completely self sufficient, with farming, advanced small industries, with public services, its own system of financial exchanges which don’t rely on money, and with  its own model system of governing. This village which has been lately largely known (not only in Italy where it is created), is governed by someone who says that has come from the future, and more specific, from the Earth of 2600. He came in order to help, informing people on various metaphysical issues. For this reason, he does informative seminars in Italian, every Tuesday and Thursday (8-9 p.m. Italian time, which are also recorded in the internet), and answers lively to many questions of the audience. You can watch these seminars later, on relevant videos at his site and also find information about the model village. I asked my Superior Self and he confirmed to me the origin of this man, and he also added that he was sent in our time in order to repair some details on people’s psychology of 2600, as this would be an easier way to improve now the psychology of the people of the future. From this man, whom I have invited to Greece through Thanasis (as I speak Italian fluently), I expect to learn much about the future, even though my Superior Self told me that the image he will be able to give me will be significantly worse than the one which will really be applied.

       Thanasis often visits the village as he is supplied with every convenience at the hospital there, for his long dental research which he is about to complete. Thanasis is going to give to the Italian the brochures of my paintings, (as the Italian also paints with a style similar to mine), but this time he didn’t meet him, because he has a group of close in cooperators, and they often are all transferred to another dimension, for several days. Thanasis has the ambition to enter this group some day, after suitable preparation. One more event which Thanasis told me about, is that a friend of his from the Italian village, visited the Delphi and sent him many pictures from an energy gate there, which opened and closed depending on the time of the day, like a very big, perfectly round hole. Finally, Thanasis was visiting the Delphi with another Italian friend who suddenly exclaimed: “Do you see this huge river of energy which surges out from here?”, while Thanasis was not able to see anything.

       NOTE:  Here I finish this page II.1.D16B together with the end of 2011, in order to begin the new one II.1.D17 of 2012 which begins with a session with my Superior Self through Eric on January 2012, as well as with the next visit of Demetra bringing new information about Greece and the planet in general, coming from the Andromeda council and from the Olympic Gods. In that page I expect to include not only information about things which are going to happen, but about exciting facts happening as well. This new page will be posted in a couple of weeks after I return (on 20.Feb.12) from my 25 days journey to Central America (Caribbean and Pacific), where I expect to meet for several days my friend Nidle (whom I have invited with his life partener Coleen), and to return with precious information from him as well.


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