An146  Poseidon waiting for us in Aegean sea

Bn20  Twisted desires

An88  The burning forest with the ghosts




Bg454  A bursting out of joy

C286  The sun emerging from the crystal see

 Ce07  Diamond red flowers




 Bg154  Freedom of ideas

Bg1012  River by the living rocks

Bg309   Curious faces watching us           



       NOTE: The articles in this page have been posted in January 2012 and the corrections in the translation in English have been completed and posted on 21.Feb.12. New articles will be posted for 2012 (as new information will arrive) in my next page II.1.D17 which will be created in March 2012.


       ANNOUNCEMENT: The very interesting seminar of Eric about Greece and how to face her problems successfully, as well as about other metaphysical and spiritual subjects (e.g. how we can have what is necessary in order to cover our needs, or how we can be healthy and happy, etc), has now been translated in English and you can hear it in 12 YouTube using the link  http://www.youtube.com/user/enb1yt1#g/u. In addition in the last chapter of this page I give more details about the seminar, mainly explaining the techniques used.


      INTRODUCTION. This page II.1.D16A is a continuation of the previous page II.1.D16 and contains any new (from last montSS of 2011) important messages and information, other than the messages coming from our Sirian friends of the Galactic Federation (Nidle and SaLuSa), which are  included in page II.1.D16. This information here includes: 1) Information I receive from my Superior Self communicating with him through my friend Eric, who is a very reliable channel. 2) Information deriving from my new astral travels, including the technique of performing such astral travels. 3) Precious information deriving from Eric’s seminars. All other information of the end of 2011 are included in my next page II.1.D16B, which page includes: a) Information I receive from my friend Gabriel, an extraterrestrial from his planet Altone of Andromeda, b) Information I receive from my friend Demetra who is the representative for Greece of the Andromeda Council, c) Information I receive from a friend that I call ‘the messenger’  who lives in a large country of the Far East and has regular communications with various extraterrestrials and divine entities, visiting them in their spacecrafts. And d) Information from other sources coming from charismatic people with metaphysical experiences,  among which are also my contacts with some crystal children.


       THE SUPERIOR SELF: At 2.Oct.11 I had, with the help of my friend Erik that acts as a channel, a long discussion with my Superior Self (S.S.), which he willingly and with clarity answered all of my questions regarding my health, my improvement, my treatment from Zeus centre and the treatments that generally this centre provides, my protection, my metaphysical experiences, the raising of my vibrations and the changes in my physical and ethereal body, the process from my transition in the fifth dimension and the relative timetable, my mission on Earth, the importance of my site and its increasing hits, my relationship with my family and generally, my financial dealings (i.e tax office e.t.c), the proper management of my property and other personal subjects. At the same time, a big part of the session had to do with topics of general interest, the main of which I briefly quote here, such as: A) Extraterrestrials with their technology and the Olympians, regarding part of their role concerning the Earth, as well as the role of the Ascended Masters. B) Greece with her problems, the reasons and intentions for which these were created, and the prospects of developments. C) The global economic and political changes that are coming. D) The landing of the extraterrestrials and “gifts” that we will receive. E) The process of our transition in the fifth dimension and the relative timetable. F) The parallel universes, the parallel realities, our parallel selves and the various parts of our soul. G) Our solar system and the changes that will occur.

       Our Superior Self is a huge entity that covers all the different parts (different individuals) of our soul, and all our parallel selves of these parts, and he is glad to contact us whenever we plead him, and provides us with useful information and advice, which in my case mopst of this information was proved to be perfectly accurate, as long as someone comprehends and interpret it correctly. For this, I recommend to everyone to find a way to often communicate with him, either trusting somebody as a “clean” and reliable channel (because there are many charlatans), or by pleading him directly after you relax. Furthermore you have to be specific with your questions and trust as an answer the first thought that will come immediately in your mind, without trying to analyze or thinking rationally. Since I do not trust that the answers I will receive are correct and that they are not the ones that my imagination or my logic create for my own interest, I prefer the insusceptible communication through a reliable (as it has been proved) channel. In addition, if a future fact will not probably take place, then in that case he does not give a specific answer, or if he feels that something is not still releasable (personal or general), he also does not give answers for personal issues of persons that are not close enough to us, therefore in their turn they have to ask their own Superior Selves. Furthermore, we mustn’t exhaust him by asking meaningless questions, nor ask again the same question because this implies that we do not trust his answer (unless in the meanwhile circumstances have changed). In conclusion, at my request to  give me a proof that he indeed exists, he laughed and said that there is no better proof that he exists from the fact that I am alive, because if he did not exist I would not exist either.

       A) EXTRATERRESTRIALS, OLYMPIANS, ASCENDED MASTERS: These three categories of entities that I have already described in detail (mainly in pages II.1.D, II,1.D1 and II.1.D2 of my site), came to Earth at the request of Gaia (Gaia represents the spiritual entity of the planet Earth), which request is also supported by Haven and is a Divine assignment, in order to help the Earth and the people in their transition to the fifth dimension while being alive, something that happens for the first time at this way in the universe (as I have already mentioned). All people are carrying the burden of their own “karma” which stems from their actions in this and previous incarnations and have to “clean” it right here and now, as in the fifth dimension karma does not exist anymore. For this reason, the above-mentioned three categories of assistants, even though they could easily intervene and change the attitude of people, heal their emotional body from “cracks”, adherences etc, make all the changes to the physical body easily within a moment, they are allowed sparingly to intervene. This happens in order to allow people to act by themselves for the changes, but also to self improve (always under the direction and support of the above mentioned assistants), so that they can live the experiences that they have undertaken in this incarnation, experiences that are considered unique and for this reason almost seven billions souls are overcrowding Earth, in order to live “the joy” that takes place. For this reason, our effort and our dedication to our ascending is substantial, which obviously presupposes the correct information on the awakening, something that the dark ones are fighting with rage.

       Thus, before we enter the metamorphosis chambers, (in the Inner Earth or the spacecrafts), we should be already sufficiently prepared and “cured”, so that the chamber simply gives us the final tuning (coordination) that is required in order to become completely fifth dimensional, otherwise we will be compelled to follow the few year longer process, by becoming completely fifth dimensional in the above surface, living all the experiences needed. Young children, mentally deficient, etc, can enter without any preparation required. Our transition to the Inner Earth will be mostly done through tunnels, (as my Superior Self informed me with this and other information that I quote here), so that during our “trip” to the Inner Earth our energy can be adjusted with that of the Inner Earth, while the few left will be transferred by teleportation (beaming). Regarding the Olympians, although they are emotionally connected from the ancient times with Greece and Greeks in general (Cyprus etc), their mission now is to help the entire planet. Furthermore, in reference to the new technologies of the extraterrestrial, (see my page II.1.D1) the replicators, that we will also manufacture under their directions, when we become completely fifth dimensional, they will lose their importance, because we will be able to “think” and materialise whatever we want with the power of thought. Besides, in regard to the holographic theatres, the part of virtual reality (that creates i.e in our back yard a virtual lake for our vacations), which is useful for all the planets that do not have the variety of landscape, flora and fauna of Earth, we would not need it, because to each side of our house we would be able to open an energy gate with a view to i.e. a real lake or a snowy mountain, where we can go over directly for our sports or vacations.

       B) GREECE WITH HER PROBLEMS AND THE PROSPECTS OF DEVELOPMENTS: In the question that I asked my S.S. on what are the underlying causes for the misfortune and problems that Greece is suffering from, he gave me the following peculiar as well as difficult to understand scenario which I quote. According to my S.S, the main problem of Greece is neither the debt nor the multiple attacks Greece lately sustains, (debt that even if it was eliminated magically, still things would end up where they are today), but if people do not change their mentality, behaviour and heavy energy that most of them carry, they will not be able to pass to the fifth dimension. Since the majority of Greeks did not achieve with a smoothly way to slowly eliminate the heavy energy of Greece (I mentioned besides Greece, Israel and Philippines previously, see my page II.1.D2), Heaven ended to forced and painful way by leading the Greeks to “reach the bottom”, so that they can be awakened and finally wish to discover in them their other part, the proper one, and adopt it for their rapid development. This means that some people that don’t need this kind of lesson are also affected unnecessarily, but there was no other way. Greece will still have a rough period before she starts to “get on her feet”. This period of time cannot be later than March 2012 (as it was confirmed to me once again as a possibility from my S.S.), which is the time that we expect the arrival of the spacecrafts. Therefore any changes will be rapidly accelerated. My S.S. supports that this “reaching the bottom” will not be general, but will differ in time from one person to another, depending on when each one discovers his other part, and if those achieving it can surpass a “critical mass”, then the rest of them, will follow with accelerating pace.

       Here I point out something encouraging that apparently applies to a lot of my awakened fellows. My S.S. told me, before I even begin asking questions, that I do not need any kind of preparation as I am ready for the changes, and that I simply need to have patience and self-control, which I interpret that my fellows and myself must disengage from the justified indignation and anger that we feel against the dark cabal’s governments and their dummies that govern us, especially now that the Earth is continuously receiving positive energies of love, because such negative feelings, even if they’re justified, could lower our vibrations, and this is why I very rarely watch television. This doesn’t mean that we should be inactive, waiting for the changes to be made magically, but in order to bring forward the changes it is required to spiritually visualize that our world is swiftly returning to the proper conditions, and physically by reacting vigorously and factually in each anti-popular measures they take and restriction of our freedom, however avoiding any kind of violence. In addition I believe that all the above aptly not only for Greece, but also for many other countries in similar situations.

       In the particular questions that I made regarding the upcoming events in Greece, that Dimitra and the Messenger gave me and I have already mentioned on my next page II.1.D16B, a lot of them were confirmed, while other were more vague due to the fact that they are not certain, since they depend from the free will of people, which can be reformed every now and then. In regard to the disbursement of the sixth instalment of money lent to Greece, he said (on the 2.Oct.11 that I had my session, before the recent announcements), that it will be approved for release but with a delay. Regarding the medium-term financial help, it will be given to us, but we will not require it for a long time because in the meanwhile we will not need it. In regard to the drillings for hydrocarbons in Greece and Cyprus, he informed me that on one hand the reservoirs are located sufficiently deep, something that affects considerably the cost of extraction, and on the other hand until then we will possess the systems for clean, free energy. For this reason any benefits from the drillings will be limited. He excluded a hot war incident between Greece or Cyprus and Turkey or with any other country of the region and the involvement of Russia as many religious prophecies insist to present. Relations between Turkey and Israel will be strained but will be limited there.

       Greece will face riots with a limited number of victims, but this is something that will also happen in other countries. We will not change from euro to drachma, (but the structure of the banks will change), my bank deposits are not in danger both in Greece and abroad (that I earned when I had international activities), which I estimate that it will aptly for most Greeks, until of course money will lose its importance, due to the fact that we will enter the fifth dimension. He also recommended to me to sell real estates I do not use (i.e. land), as they will lose their value too, (it’s good for all to bear in mind what I just mentioned), and there is a significant possibility for me over the coming montSS to have a successful sale. Additionally, he said to me that Greece (and globally), during October and November, will be positively affected by the energies directed towards us from the universe, and particularly on the 15.Oct.11, 28.Oct.11, and 11.Nov.11, but their power will not be obvious and directly felt externally. However people will feel them (consciously or subconsciously) in their inner self, each one in a different way, depending on their “sensitivity”. For this reason, I strongly recommend to everybody, specifically on these dates, to meditate (or simply relax) accepting these energies, in order to experience their conscious improvement and reinforcement of love that they carry.

       C) THE WORLD ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL CHANGES THAT ARE COMING: This subject has been extensively and repeatedly mentioned in my site (see my page II.1.D1), while in the last messages from Nidle, SaLluSa and Ascended Masters related to the perspectives on the latest developments (see ny page II.1.D16), contain recent information and prospects on the last developments. My Superior Self confirmed some of them, while for other (mainly regarding the timetables where the dark ones intervene), said that things are still vague. He also included the following answers: Many governments have agreed to go to announcements on extraterrestrials, but they prefer to wait for information leaking before they proceed to official statements. Along with the extraterrestrials, we have the assistance of the Agarthans of Inner Earth (who are already among us), as well as the Ascended Masters that are with us. All these are present responding to Gaia’s call for help (which is the entity of our planet), and also with the assistance of Heaven (where the Divine forces are). Finally, he confirmed the collaps of governments and the arrival of new ones that will bring changes. Changes will also be made in the financial systems and the operation of the banks.

       D) THE LANDING OF THE EXTRATERRESTRIALS AND THE “GIFTS” THAT THEY WILL BRING: My Superior Self (S.S.) confirmed that the landing of spacecraft will take place (with one or the other way) probably until March 2012, only that he gave us a more conservative perspective regarding the role that they will play, in order to help us to do many things by ourselves. After the landing and the first acquaintance, their first job is to heal us from any physical, spiritual and mental illnesses we might have, which will be basically applied in an energy level, even by distance. Then, they will teach us and help us to construct by ourselves the devices of hidden technology that have already given to us long ago, (for clean and free energy, antigravity systems for vehicles, etc), and the exact same thing will happen for the new technology that they will bring us such as replicators etc, that we will manufacture under their instructions. At the same time, they will teach us how to avoid pollution and generally protect the environment and they will help us clean the Earth from all kind of pollution, and all this will be supported since we won’t use fuel any more. One of their most important missions will be our updating, training and guidance on how we will change our way of life, the way we function in all fields, as well as our mentality and attitude, adjusting them to those that are valid in every galactic society. In order for this to happen new, capable and honest people must replace the dark and manipulated before the arrival of the extraterrestrials.

       Then they will teach us our real history from the fall of Atlantis up to today and the reason for which we entered for so many thousands of years in the duality and had a rough time by lowering our vibrations but living valuable experiences, in order to find our way to the Ascension. They will also teach us the procedure for our transition to the fifth dimension and how to face successfully this challenge, answering any related questions we might have, while they will train us for the prudent and wise use of the “gifts” we will receive in the fifth dimension (telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation by beaming, ability of materialization, intervention on our body and the environment, etc). In addition, they will inform us what will happen in the transformation chambers, in order to eliminate our fears, while they will also help us for our transfer to the Holow Earth or to the spacecrafts, (for those who are chosen to go there, see my page II.1.D1). Regarding my persistent questions to my S.S. whether they will bring precious metals or not in order to reinforce the packages (for which all channels mention their importance), the answer of my S.S. was that even if we use them they will have minor importance, because you cannot eat or be dressed with gold or money. On the contrary, the prosperity will come from the new technology that feeds you and dresses you, as well as from the change of the economic and banking system, but mainly from the change of our mentality and life style, in combination with the significant reduction of our real everyday needs, and stop to worry  and provide  for our future and the future of our children.

       E) PROCESS AND TIMETABLE FOR THE TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION: This subject has also been covered in my site (pages II.1.D1 and II.1.D2) and is basically referred to two groups of people. The first group concerns those who will choose and will be able to use the transformation chambers, (whether they are in the Holow Earth, in spacecraft, or anywhere else, as well as those few likely to be in the outer surface), so they will be transferred to the fifth dimension just after the end of 2012. The second group concerns those who for various reasons, that I have already explained, will choose or will be obliged to become fifth dimensional by remaining in the upper surface, living a more lasting procedure, which however will give them as a return for their patience and insistence that they will show for a few (but not bad) years, the experience of valuable lessons useful for their next incarnations, teaching also other civilizations, that the three days in the transformation chambers cannot provide. My S.S. informed me that I belong to this group of people, (for my good or for my bad luck, I still am not sure), and for this reason I asked him questions regarding my transition by this way, connected with the final dates given by which the various events will take place. My S.S. gave me to understand that this is something that applies to more or less to the majority of other awakened fellows that belong to the second group of people, and that’s why I quote the answers.

       First of all my vibrations are already synchronized in the fourth dimension, (this includes also my awakened friends), and more precisely are in the 4.7 level (I do not yet know what exactly this number means), that however go up and down depending on the good or bad thoughts I make and feelings I have, while this time that I am “connected” to my SS are lifted up considerably. Our passing to the fifth dimension will be done at the same time with our planet’s passing, and this will begin in 2012 and more precisely at the end of it. Then, spiritually, we will have the ability of telepathy and, physically, we will be able to heal illnesses we might have and improve our appearance to some extend (i.e. influence our  weight). Within 2013, we will have absolute health and the ability to intervene in a greater deal to our body, but as regards our height, age and the restoration of body parts that might be missing, this ability will come later (2015 until 2016), when our body will become more etheric and we’ll be able to intervene more effectively. Within 2013 the veil of obscurity that covers our memories from all our previous lives will drop down and we will be able to remember all of them in detail and use this knowledge, experiences, gifts and talents for our own good.

       Regarding the ability of telekinesis (move objects with the power of our thought or switch on and off devices, etc), this will be given to us later (2014 to 2015), so that we will be fully spiritually and mentally developed, in order to use this ability with awareness and for good and not for disaster and revenge. The ability of materialising things using our thought will slowly begin until it is fully developed in 2016, while the ability of teleporting ourselves (beaming up) to be done by ourselves (i.e. without external help that today is required), will be achieved in 2017, when our body is finally totally semi-etheric. The two DNA helices that are now activated (even partially) in our physical three dimensional body, they will eventualy become 12 in our fifth dimensional body, with a different activation rate for each one of us, that however will be completed for everyone not later than 2017. Similarly, our 7 chakras that we have today in our physical body (beyond the 200 secondary), will eventually become 13 in our new semi-etheric body, while in the higher dimensions (sixth, etc) will reach the 20.

       Finally, in my question “Why am I not going to the metamorphosis chambers on the spacecrafts, as a star-seed that I am, but instead I have to suffer the inconvenience of my gradual transition until 2017?'' the answer I got (and that probably applies to my other fellows as well) is the following: “Primarily, apart from a short initial period, there is not any inconvenience but a period full of useful lessons and of valuable as well as pleasant experiences, that compensates you for your effort, while the planned disruptions of the Earth’s crust, even though they will affect you, they will not put you at risk. You will find your lessons useful because, both in this and in previous incarnations (i.e. in the Atlantis, the Pleiades etc), you had as a mission the teaching and the information. Now after awakening, that is something that you are about to do also as a fifth dimensional (as well as many other Earth people will do), helping other planets as well to achieve the Ascension”. Here, I want to point out that other planets may not have the benefit of the transformation chambers that applies to Earth due to clear orders of Heaven to achieve the experiment to passing the Earth along with the majority of its residents, while alive, in the fifth dimension, carrying with them their experiences from the duality, (instead of all dying and incarnate later as fifth dimensional in the fifth dimensional planet  which was happening until now for the other planets). For this reason, almost 7 billion souls are overcrowded on Earth in order to live this unique experience. I recommend to those who do not feel that they have such mission to help other planets, in this or in future incarnations, (that will probably be the most of them), to try and get the quick passing to the fifth dimension through the chambers. In order to be able to do that, they have to be prepared consciously and adjust their vibrations as we have mentioned before, leaving the slower transition on the outer surface of Earth as an alternative in case they cannot be sufficiently prepared.         

       F) PARALLEL UNIVERSES, PARALLEL REALITIES AND PARALLEL SELVES: The God-First Creator creates the physical world (“physical creation”), which creation  after she travels countless years and lives the experiences that the God predicted and fulfils her purpose for which she was created, she then disappears so that a next creation to follow. The present creation that we are experiencing is the sixth one from the beginning of time and aims to bring the harmony between the Light and the Dark (the good with the evil). Every creation consists of a number of independent universes, with no actual connection or communication between them, that each one collects its own experiences, for the God – The First Creator, while each universe also has its own leader that plays the role, as we would say, of a “local God” that takes care of the specific universe and to whom we refer when we call upon the name of God. Each universe, as the one we live in, is made of many “parallel realities”, (which we very often we confuse and also call them parallel universes). All parallel realities coexist in the same space with the reality we live in (as if it is a fourth dimension apart from the three of our three-dimensional space), only that each one of them has its own frequency range. In many of the parallel realities, exist also parallel EartSS that look like our Earth, and within these Earths exist our parallel selves that look a lot like us. Our own reality, in terms of frequency, is somewhere in the middle, with relatively heavy (concentrated) matter. We will be able to see and communicate (when totally fifth dimensional) with the realities and our parallel selves that are above us (with more ethereal matter), while we would not be able to see the realities below us (with more heavy matter).

       In order to meet a parallel self in a parallel Earth, we should first communicate with him by telepathy and he must agree to be visited by us (something that he will do). Each parallel reality has a different space in the ninth dimension, where the souls go after they die, because each reality has different lessons that souls should learn. Apart from our parallel selves, we also have the other parts of our soul that might be completely different individuals from us, which are in the same reality with us, and usually in the same planet, while what joins us is mainly that we have the same Superior Self. These other parts have their own parallel selves in other realities, while all these have the same Superior Self that is above and beyond the realities which proves that the SS is a huge entity. Also, all the extraterrestrials, the Olympians, the Ascended Masters, etc, have their parallel selves and their SS. Additionally, the SS have their own SS and those similarly their own, and this creates a pyramid that has as the pick the God (of the specific universe) himself. This is why we say that “we are all One” (and this is how we shall feel as fifth dimensional), as well as that “we all have inside us the Divine spark”. Finally, sometimes due to neighbouring frequencies two realities contact each other in certain points, like the fact that Erik told me, where in a house occasionally were heard strange noises, while it was proved that there was an airport there in a neighbouring reality. Similarly, many people have suddenly seen strange individuals around them, which later suddenly disappear, (when these individuals take back their normal frequencies), and this also explains the traces in the snow from the steps of “Big foot of Himalaya” that are suddenly appearing and disappearing.

       G) OUR SOLAR SYSTEM AND THE CHANGES THAT WILL OCCUR: In our Solar system will initially appear two new planets and then three more (totally 9+5=14 fifth dimensional), while later we’ll also see the ethereal (immaterial) planets of higher dimensions as luminous spheres. There will also appear new satellites, where two of them will be the new Moons of Earth, one of which will be inhabited. The planets are all hollow. Even the Sun is hollow and is also inhabited by ethereal souls of higher dimensions. in addition, most of the satellites are hollow which when they are inhabited are mainly inhabited in their inner surface. Most of the Solar system residents are anthropoid, with a few exceptions. People e.g. in Jupiter, as well as in Aphrodite, (which we will see them when we will be fifth dimensional), are thin and tall, with subtle physical body, multicoloured and with female appearance. All fifth dimensional residents of various planets (to some of which we will be transported and choose to live there), constitute a united group (like the United Europe), which is the star nation of the Solar System, (like the star nations of Sirius etc), while the people of the higher (than the fifth) dimensions, constitute their own separate star nations of the Solar System. All people of the Earth (external and Inner) will constitute one nation (one country), and this is why we see intense immigration, so that we can have as much as possible uniformity of energies of various races in the various existing countries today, that will all finally be united in one. Each person living on Earth (and on all the other planets), when he is incarnated, he is accompanied by a group of non material souls (advisors, guardians, or simply observers), who advise and protect him during his life, and who follow him to the ninth dimension when he dies, in order to help him choose wisely his new incarnation.      


       On 2.NOV.11 my friend Erik, whom I use as a channel, returned in order to help me to communicate (reliably and without allowing my subconscious to interfere) with my Superior Self (SS1). I had a long session followed by questions that had to do mostly with Greece and additionally Erik helped me to make my first astral travel, not during my sleep as I used to do by myself, but awake in relaxation (which I will describe below, along with communication techniques with our SS, the extraterrestrials, and other useful techniques). Since I needed further clarifications on the important answers I received, I communicated again with Erik (by phone) on 4.NOV.11, this time asking him to communicate with his own Superior Self (SS2) for answers, so that together with the clarifications, I could have the confirmation and farther estimates of a second heavenly entity. The most basic of these important answers that I received from the two Superior Selves (without disagreements between them), I quote here which include information a) about Greece b) for the planet in general c) the estimated timetables and the process for our transition to the fifth dimension, and d) general information. Even though the information that I receive from these two high heavenly entities is conservative, and it is not as enthusiastic and optimistic as from  other sources of information that I use (e.g. the Sirians), because until now it has been proved reliable, I intend to use it in combination with other information on a regular monthly basis, in order to inform my readers with all the latest important developments regarding Greece and the Ascension in generally. In addition, on 6.Nov.11 my friend Sharon (who communicates with her extraterrestrial brother Gabriel, as we have repeatedly mentioned on my previous pages), has informed me that she will soon send me very important information regarding Greece (which I have already  included in my page II.2.D16B).

       A) FORECASTED DEVELOPMENTS IN GREECE. On 2.Nov.11 I received the answers that Papandreou will obtain (fraudulently) the vote of confidence from the parliament, that we will not resort to a referendum and that we will not have elections in 2011, barring unforeseen circumstances, and when I asked what does he mean by saying “barring unforeseen circumstances” he showed to Erik the murder of Kennedy. Furthermore, a collaborative government including all parties is not considered very likely to be formed and that Papandreou will probably be replaced but they will try to avoid it since it dose not suits their purposes. The above aforesaid and many of those that I quote below, have been mentioned orally (since I didn’t have internet for several days), to many of my readers that knew about my session on 2.Nov.11 and they anxiously called me to learn news (so I have proof that I did not adjust the answers according to the events). Moreover, the disbursement of the sixth instalment of the European loan to Greece will soon be approved for release as well as the seventh instalment (which is the first instalment of the new loan which will be definitely approved as Europe has no other choice). It will be approved at the beginning of 2012, while SS2 showed to Erik China in relation to this instalment (probably implying a guarantee from China or something similar). Regarding issues of internal disturbances and riots with victims, possible intervention of the army, wars between countries in our area, change of borders, transfer of currency from euro to drachma, etc, SS1 and SS2 confirmed what I mentioned above in my previous session, with the difference that riots will be escalated a bit more, and there is a very small chance of the army to interfere, following the recent changes in its leadership. In any case regarding the fuel adulteration in the army (that was mentioned in the internet) they considered it negligible, while the problems of pupils from hunger is due to, as they said, changes in energies that require higher daily protein intake for the children. In addition, they told me that individuals will be forced to accept the 50% haircut of the Greek bonds to diminish Greek debt, because for them it’s “the frying pan or the fire”. Regarding the mineral wealth of my country they said that they minerals exist, but will be activated only in the fifth dimension, (showing also a white dust that will be proved valuable for many applications), while for the hydrocarbons (oil and gas), they told me that they are located sufficiently deep to be economically exploitable, while the reserves left on the surface are limited.

       When I asked SS2  of why the Greek people (as mentioned in the previous session) have to go through this combined attack, both by internal factors (bad government leaders, unreliable banks, big fraudsters, etc), as well as by external factors (creditors, foreign banks and governments, etc), having to suffer more than other people of the region, so that they are forced to “hit bottom” and search for the other part of their selves, and of how is it possible for Greece to be developed rapidly in order to abolish the debt until 2013, Erik rather surprised answered to me the following: “Listen, when the majority of Greeks discover the other part of their self, the energy of the citizens and of the whole country in general, will be launched extremely high and will bring Greece higher than all the other countries, so that Greece can be taken as an example to show the way forward for other countries as well. This will bring to the country new ideas and scientific inventions, from knowledge that already exists in the subconscious and that will now be revealed, which will bring, within 2012-13, billions of Euros to the country”. When I asked what kind are these inventions, he answered to me that they include, among many others, waste management devices, free energy for domestic and other devices “without plugging in”, which Greece will first manufacture and will manage to sell internationally, before other countries to follow, pointing out that “the need will bring action”. Furthermore, because a friend of mine informed me that in the city of Larissa a factory that can manufacture free energy devices already exists, SS2 told me that it is not a factory, but an inventor that has manufactured some of them and has the ability of producing them in larg quantities. Similar inventions already exist also in some other parts of the world. Personally, even though all the information that I have received from my SS1 until today has been totally confirmed, I do not know if the last mentioned is simply wishful thinking or it is a very likely reality. If this really happens, then I am fully convinced that it is the assistance from the Olympians that came here to help us, the existence and the task of which it was confirmed to me by the two SS. In addition, they confirmed to me that Olympians already existed in ancient times in other countries such as Eastern Mediterranean, some of them also in India and America (but with their local names in each country).

       Regarding the fate of the officials of the dark cabal (in the government and other key positions of our country), but as well for other countries, obviously they will not hit bottom, as the rest of the people. However they will understand that their political or economic power no longer counts, and that they lose their influence on the people, something that gave them the greatest satisfaction to their ambitions, and will be now a great disappointment for them. This kind of people, most probably a large percentage of them, will not wish to discover the other part of their self and successfully pass to the fifth dimension, but instead they will leave Earth (die) as three dimensional individuals during the major changes. SS2 estimates that during the disruptions of the Earth’s surface, a 5% of the current population of Earth, will die (because this is what they have chosen to experience in their present incarnation). Besides a similar percentage (we hoped to eventually be lees), in which a large number of the dark cabal’s officials are included, will not seek to be awaken, nor will choose to pass to the fifth dimension, so they will also die during the major changes. I refer to only a part of the dark cabal officials, because there will be those who the last moment may decide to change and consciously ask to pass to the fifth dimension, and no matter how “bad” they were, they will also have the possibility to achieve the Ascension. Here, I wish to say that both SS1 and SS2, as well as Dimitra (see about her in my page II.2.D16B), disagree with what the Sirians (through Nidle and SaLuSa as I describe in detail in my site), support that the vast majority will be transfer to the Holow-Inner Earth to enter  the transformation chambers for the quick passing to the fifth dimension. They consider (SS1 and SS2) this to be the old case scenario, (before the disruptions of the Earth’s surface that will occur are significantly reduced), and now this scenario refers to a small percentage of people, which are already prepared (mainly in their emotional body) in order to enter the chambers. Most of them are chosen, to quickly becoming fifth dimensional, in order to fulfil urgent missions in the entire planet (outer and inner). The rest of us will have to go through a longer period of change in the outer surface (the process of which I mention once more below), until 2017, in order to take all the lessons and live the experiences that we will need as fifth dimensional individuals, in order to be better able to help also other planets to their transition to the fifth dimension (with their physical bodies alive).

       B) FORECASTED INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENTS. As a beginning I will mention what is going to happen in the USA: Obama is foreseen to remain president until his term in office ends, only with the difference that his presence will be symbolic (i.e as the queen Elizabeth’s is), because the real authority will be exercised exclusively by the local governments of the various states, which will become independent and among their other activities will determine their relations (economic etc) with other countries. With this decentralisation it will be easier for each state to begin introducing the hidden technologies we have already mentioned. Riots will take place in several states, and to some of them the army will even intervene and the martial law will be applied and there will also be victims. All these will take place but will also finish within 2012, while until the end of 2012 the world peace will be established. The economic system will change and the central bank (FED) will lose the authority that has today, limited to a purely symbolic role without customers and transactions. Despite the pressure from the Earth allies, until today it is not foreseen that the U.S government (for which the dark ones have “tied her hands”), will be allowed to make official announcements about the extraterrestrials. Instead they will be limited only to reveal, when their spacecrafts will begin to clearly appear, that a long time ago they had started communicating with them. On the contrary, U.S government will encourage unofficial information leaking (regarding extraterrestrials), from officials that are not under the control of the dark ones, so that the world can be prepared. The occupation of Wall Street from the demonstrators will not have any substantial effect. The rest of the information about U.S that I have written in other parts in my site is still valid. Regarding the governments of other big countries, the government of Russia is also under the control of the dark ones, only that the dark ones are those who govern. The dark ones in China are still kept out of the government, while they attempt to influence its officials by bribing them and as the power of the dark ones continuously grows their influence in the government becomes more decisive. As for India something is going wrong and at the end it will blow off but I didn’t ask for more clarifications. Wars are not expected in Middle East or Iran. President Assad of Syria will be forced to secretly escape. Finally, the deaths in the third-world countries (Africa etc) from the disruptions of the Earth’s crust, (as Demitra also mentioned to me), would be relatively to the population more than in other countries, (for which i didn’t ask for the reason).

       C) TIMETABLE AND THE PROCESS FOR OUR TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION: Here you will find the summary of information that I have already mentioned in my previous reports. By mid 2012 the following will occur: Extraterrestrials will land probably until March and no matter what happens this can be delayed maximum until June 2012. Our health and generally our energy will be improved (also with extraterrestrials’ help), and we will begin to understand why everything happens. Until the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 the following will occur: We will have a total health (unless we miss a part of our body which will be restored later on), due to the fact that in 2013 there will be neither diseases nor doctors. Wars and generally riots will completely stop and world peace and collaboration will prevail between the populations. Those who have been chosen to enter the transformation chambers in the Hollow-Inner earth, or in the spacecrafts, (but also some of those in the outer surface), will become fifth dimensional in three days and after they are trained for a short period, in order to properly use the new powers that will acquire, they will undertake various urgent missions. The human need for food will be limited from 10% to 20% compared to what we need now, since we will receive energy from other sources as well. In conjunction with the application of the new technologies and the use of new devices, there will be prosperity and abundance of goods and generally we will have an easy living (i.e. including transportation, telecommunication, etc). There will be intense telepathy and we will have the ability to read other people thoughts, while the veil of obscurity that covered our memories from all of our previous lives will drop, and we will be able to remember all of our previous incarnations. SS1 and S.S2 claim that we will not need to use the prosperity funds that are repeatedly mentioned in my site because, due to the delays that have occurred, the changes will now proceed so rapidly that the combination of the dramatic reduction of human needs with the introducing of the new technologies and devices, will reduce the need to use the prosperity funds, and will thus be practically unnecessary.


       By the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 the following will occur: Most of us will already be (in terms of vibration) totally fifth dimensional, while others, that have delayed their conscious choices, will require one more year (that is until the beginning of 2015). However we will not possess all of our new powers (i.e. not the materialising using our thought, the telekinesis and the teleportation), which we will possess them later (2016-2017). Several DNA helixes from the twelve that we have, will be connected and activated and we will begin to be fully conscious beings, full of unconditional love for all. Our life will be very pleasant and we will feel a great inner joy and bliss. This will allow us to visit the spacecrafts with our physical body and live for a period of time in them. Earlier we managed to do it only with our astral body and then we were forgetting it because otherwise we would not want to return to the misery that existed on Earth and we would have mass  deaths of people who would prefer to “return home” than live on Earth (and this is something that had to be avoided). Both money and real estate will lose their value, because on one hand our various living needs will be covered and on the other hand we will not have to be concerned, as we do today, about our future. Aging, that will have stopped long ago, (from the moment that we consciously believed in our immortality), will now start to be reversed and we will become increasingly younger. The Earth will become idyllic, with her flora and fauna and it will be cleaned (with the help of the extraterrestrials) from all kind of pollution. We will have the ability to intervene to our body and its characteristics, except our height, which we will be able to change later on when our body becomes more ethereal.


       The next three years, (from the end of 2014 until the beginning of 2018), when our transition to the fifth dimension will be fully completed, the following will occur: The 12 helices of our DNA will be fully connected and activated. In our fifth dimensional body our 13 tsakras will be activated as well, while our cells will have a crystalline form and our body will become much more ethereal, so that we can be called (as extraterrestrials claim) Physical Angels. First we will continue (as we did earlier) to communicate telepathically (many with thoughts and images) both with other people and with the extraterrestrials, limiting words mainly in written. Our actions will be based on prudence and unconditional love. From 2016 we will have the power of telekinesis and materialising (without becoming dangerous to ourselves and others), while from 2017 (for many from 2016) with our ethereal body, we will be able to teleporting (beaming up) ourselves, adjust our height, our biological age (i.e. to look as a twenty year old person), and restore body members that might be missing, while from 2016 we will already be able to fly and hover. The dates given might differ somehow from one person to another but cannot be later than beginning of 2018 (e.g. regarding myself SS2 informed me that I will become totally fifth dimensional until the end of 2015). As far as the animals of the Earth are concerned, both the ones that exist and those that have been extinct the last 13.000 years (that will be transported from the Hollow Earth to the outer surface in order for the Earth to return to the condition she had before the destruction of Atlantis), will become vegetarian (for the little food that will need) and very friendly, while we will be able to fully communicate with them telepathically. Regarding the disruptions of the Earth’s crust that I show in the map on page II.1.D1, on one hand Atlantis will emerge in Atlantic, however without all of its destroyed pieces and on the other hand, Lemouria in the Pacific (that was sunk down long ago) will emerge according to SS2 not now (as Nidle probably means) but in the next century. Here, I remind you that the perception of time will differ in the fifth dimension and we will really understand it when we become fifth dimensional.


       D) MORE GENERAL INFORMATION (Based on the views of SS1 and SS2): Regarding our colonization on other planets of our solar system (that the Sirians suggest), planets Mars and Venus (that we should massively inhabit but now are dry planets), will be revealed to us in the fifth dimension not only with their waters, their flora and fauna, but also with their fifth dimensional residents that they already exist there.  Thus, they will not need massive new residents from Earth, but those of us that will go, we will go either because we will like to live in a different environment, or because we will want to share our unique experiences from our Ascension. Regarding planet Pax or Maltec that was destroyed from the galactic wars, its energy body always exists in an ethereal dimension and when we become fifth dimensional we would manage to see it, but in order to be able to live there we will have to be ethereal as well, (i.e. in the sixth and higher dimensions), while as fifth dimensional we can visit it only with our astral body (astral travels). The Ascended Masters (many of which are already here helping us with the Ascension) will massively descend right before the massive descend of the extraterrestrials, without us generally being able to see them, (unless few of them choose to appear selectively to some of us as they already do), but we will feel them when they are close to us usually as an intense heat in our body, while they will give us subconsciously directions and advices. From 2013 and on we will not be generally concerned about the pace with which we will acquire our other powers, due to the fact that everything will be developed smoothly for us without obstacles or problems, while those that have missing parts of their body, as we already mentioned, they will delay to restore them, but they have chosen in this incarnation to be handicapped in order to learn karmic lessons. Regarding the population of the Hollow Earth they estimate that it would be much less than one billion (as Nidle probably sadgests). The difference, in relation with the overpopulation on the outer surface, is being attributed to the fact that there, (and not in the Hollow-Inner earth), a unique experiment is taking place, that all souls are overcrowded to experience. The estimates of Nidle differ probably because he also calculates the ethereal souls (advisors, guardians, etc), which as we have already mentioned, accompany each person from his birth (in order to watch and protect him, etc), while they also accompany him in the ninth dimension when he dies. Finally, to my comment that my site will not be need in 2013, since they will all have access to the “ Akashic Records” (where all information is recorded), they told me that it will be useful for at least three more years, but in order to give directions to what people should do in each case.



(Communication technique with our Superior self, with the extraterrestrials, and other techniques).

          Aided by my friend Eric, at his place,  I had the most exciting journey to Pleiades, not in a dream but with my faculties in full use this time, as I will be narrating below, describing not only what I saw, but mainly  the useful techniques that Eric instructed me on, for accomplishing astral travels, communicating with ones Superior self (SS), as well as other techniques which help one in their lives. In order to make this process instructive for others, I will present it exactly as it happened, where Eric (E) asks or instructs and I (G) respond. Anything I see which is not included in this dialogue, will be put in inverted commas (or quotes).  OK means that I follow the instruction I receive, and (…..) means time passing. 

       Å: Lie comfortably on the couch, put the black cloth over your eyes (it doesn’t matter if they’re open or closed) and take deep breath until you are totally relaxed…. Now, remember a very happy moment in your live, and see how you feel and what you see happening around you….  G: Ok. It was when I was given my first bicycle.  E: just as you saw and felt now, so we will see (with your third eye) and feel during this journey. Now take a deep breath and say: “My SS, come and show me some things today…” G: Ok. E: Relax and take note of the way your body feels. Don’t rush it, because this could come in 10 seconds or in 10 minutes. G: I feel an itch around both of my eyes. E (a little later): How do you feel now? G: My body is relaxed, and I feel warmth around my eyes. E: Now tell the energies that are doing this “I am ready for this therapy” or “I am ready to continue”. G: Ok. E: By doing this, you are giving them permission to do more. How does your body feel in general? G: Very relaxed.  E: If you defined this relaxation in color, which color would it be? G: Light blue. E: Envision a cloud with this blue color… Now imagine putting your hand inside this blue color. How do you imagine your hand would feel? G: Comfortable and cool. E: Now imagine putting your other hand inside and let this blue energy gradually pull you in. This blue energy is your SS. Let him give you a warm hug… How does your body feel now? G: Somehow warmer. E: Perfect. Stay on this vibration for a while and tell your body “This is the way I want you to feel always”. G: Ok. E: Now tell your SS “I am ready to express you even more on Earth”. G: Ok. E: What was the feeling (sensation) he gave you when he heard that? G: a slight tension. E: Perfect. This meansyes”, that he got the message. Now ask himWhat is the first thing I must do, to express you even more on Earth?”  G: Ok. E: you might get only one word in your mind. What is it? G: “You are doing it”. E: Perfect. You needn’t worry about that, you are consciously ware that you are primarily a soul, and then a body. That is what “you are doing it” means. Because many of us think that we are our body, ignoring the soul.

          After this preparation, which establishes communication with my SS, Eric instructs me to ask my SS several (about 10) questions, (which I had prepared earlier), in connection with my health, needing advice on what I ought to do, and the deeper reason for various things that are happening to me, etc, considering as a correct answer, the first thing that comes to my mind, whether I consider it logical or not. By exercising this way, I would have a fruitful dialogue with my SS (as Eric does on my behalf during my sessions with him) and I will be able to receive by myself valuable information about me, (as anyone ells who follows this technique can), as well as about things that are going to happen in the future. As an example, I will quote one of those questions which Eric read from the paper I had prepared, and I repeated them to my SS, complementing them with more questions for clarifications (some with Eric’s help), when the replies I got were not fully comprehensive.  Question (Q) when my energy goes down, is it due to other people? Reply: (R) Sometimes. Q: Am I doing something to attract this? R: You expose your self. Q: How do I expose my self? R: By your claims, and by your views that you support. Q: How can I protect myself? R: For the moment, you can’t. Q: Why not? R: Because you don’t know how.  The dialogue with my SS continued, as per the above mentioned real example. The SS answers are usually brief, that’s why more questions are needed for clarifications. I will be dong another session on November 11 and I will be asking my SS the same questions through Eric, in order to confirm that the answers I got without an intermediate, were correct. Now, I am  proceeding with my astral travel to a planet of the star Alcyon in the Pleiades (where I traveled in the past during my sleep),  this time with Eric’s guidance.

          E: Now tell your SS “Open a tunnel in front of me, which will take me to Pleiades”. G: Ok. E: Now visualize an energy tunnel in front of you, rather wide, with light and colors. G: Ok. E: Imagine approaching the tunnel and putting your hand in there… How do you think your hand will feel in there? G: Fine. E: Now put your other hand in and let your hands pull all of you into the tunnel…This tunnel also increases your vibration, so when you get there, it will be as it was when you lived in the Pleiades, so the deeper you go in, the lighter you will feel… G: Ok. E: You will gradually feel so light, that you will begin to fly in the tunnel… Continue flying, because the tunnel is very long… How do you feel now, as you’re flying in the tunnel? G: Fine… “I imagined that the tunnel was cylindrical, with invisible light projectors on its walls, emitting a colorful array of light, each with a different color, like colorful wide ribbons, so closely arrayed, that they limited the vision to a few meters within the tunnel. I was moving arms and legs freely, having the wonderful feeling I had when I was a kid, the day I got my first two wheeler bicycle, and the more I went through the tunnel, the more I felt lighter, flying faster, and my energy increasing…” E: When you reach the end of the tunnel and exit it, you will be in Pleiades. Don’t think of anything else, just focus on the energy. Don’t focus on what you are seeing, but on what you are feeling. G: I fell very comfortable. E: Perfect. That’s it. You are at home, because the first thing they have there, is great comfort. Now say: I want all the friends I had when I lived here, to come around me.  G: Ok.

      E: Now, imagine many energies around you. They are your friends. Let them touch you. How do you feel when your friends touch you? G: I feel good. E: Ask them “what did I do here before I decided to go to Earth?” G: I was teaching. E: wow.. so that’s why you want to do the same now, and that’s the reason for the persisting questions whether your site awakens people. Now ask them “What made me go to this incarnation on Earth?” G: The Ascension, that is, the experience of my transition to the fifth dimension with my physical body. E: Ask them “what energies did I take from here, on my journey to the Earth?” G: Knowledge saved in my subconscious. E: Ask them “What will I bring back with me when I return from Earth?” G: I will teach my experiences from the Earth, but I will not be back for some time. E: Yes, all Pleiadians will not return for some time. Will it take you long, because you will incarnate again? G: No, it will take me long, because I will stay to help on Earth, and I will return to Pleiades with my present physical body.  I saw my friends (about fifteen of them), tall and thin, and although it was dawn they had two blue lights above their heads, which lit up the place. E: Ask them “what can I do, to be more comfortable physically?” G: I should be watchful of my feelings. E: Ask them “What is the first feeling that I can release, in order to help my body?” G: The anger for the things happening around me. E: Ask them to give you an example as to how to do this. G: Apart from other damaging consequences, anger makes me resort to food. E: Ask them what you can do in order to avoid this when you get angry. G: I should think pleasant thoughts. E: Ask them to give you an example. G: I should think that all will be well, that the time is near when everything will change, therefore, there is no reason for me to get angry. E: Tell your friends to touch you and to give you the feeling that everything you are experiencing is a theatre play on Earth… G: Ok.

       E: You will now feel that you are seeing the broader picture. That everything will be alright, and that there is a reason for everything being the way it is.. That the role you’re playing in this theatre, does not really matter, as long as you are playing it with fait, and determination. You are an actor. How did you feel when they gave you this feeling? G: I saw Earth with relief. E: Now tell your friends to show you some things they have and are not yet on Earth. Some things that you have forgotten… G: They are showing me the replicators. E: Tell them that you would like to see a city in Pleiades… G: Ok. E: Focus on what you are feeling in that city. See through your third eye. See through the mind. With your imagination. Whatever you imagine, is there. Your imagination is real. You cannot imagine something that does not exist. Look at the building, see the green, see what color the sun is, see the people… G: Ok. “They are taking me to a small town which is built amphitheatrically, as if the houses are built on the bleachers of a huge horse shoe shaped theatre, where the stage is a large round square, without buildings or greenery. Thick and lush vegetation embraces the buildings, and there seems to be no roads, at least as we know them. There are buildings of various heights with curves instead of sharp edges, and glittering walls (like non transparent glass or metal)  but I did not see doors or windows. (Note that when Nidle describes the extraterrestrial homes, he mentions doors that appear telepathically when someone wishes to enter, and non transparent walls from the outside, but transparent from the inside looking out. See pages II.1.D1 and II.1.D2 in my site) .

       People commute with leisure or stand in small groups at the down town square, and the sun (Alcyone) being sky high, had a blue color but shone white light, just like ours.  E: The reason you’re in a hurry to go to the fifth dimension George, is that you miss your home. Your home is here in this city. Ask them what you can do to be more patient regarding your transition to the fifth dimension on Earth. G: Focus on receiving information and instructions and share them, in order to help your fellowmen awaken.  E: ask them how you can trust the information you receive from the extraterrestrials and your Superior Self. G: I already trust them well enough. E: Now tell your friends that you want them to take you to the Galactic Federation. G: OK.  E: How does the energy there feel? G: It empowers me. E: I see someone from the Galactic Federation approaching you. Ask him if he can show you around. G: Ok. He took me by the hand.  E: Now say good bye to your Pleiadian friends, who will return, and tell your escort that you want to feel the energies, and focus on that.. G: Ok. “I am inside a large circular room about 100 meters in diameter, where there is a large ring approximately 1 meter wide and a little less than 100 meters diameter, resembling a large perimetric surface of a conference room, with sofas at the outer side, which seat groups of seven people comfortably, each group with slightly different attire, and different features at times. I immediately get the impression that each group represents one of the 50 constellations in the Galactic Federation, which have undertaken the task of helping Earth in its ascension, and I estimate that the people in the conference will be in total 7 X 50 = 350.  They do not converse, so I assume that the  conference proceeds telepathically. The 1 meter wide surfaces which are their desks,  take at times the form of a small monitor or computer with information, and then they return to their original form. My escort who is with me in the inner space of the ring, a space totally empty, takes me by the hand and leads me through (walking on the inner side of the ring) all the delegations, in order for me to receive  energies and information (data)  from each one of them. This tour lasted for quite a while, and I felt various energies and warmth, but I did not understand what the info or data I got meant, nor do I remember any of them, so I’m just hoping that something was imprinted on my subconscious”.

       E: Tell you escort to show you another room if he wishes to do so. G: Ok. “He took me to a large circular room, covered with a transparent dome, which had various devices around looking like parts of the control panel (cockpit) of a huge mother ship, with people watching or handling the panel. E: Tell your escort that you would like to see how the small space ships enter or leave this place”. G: Ok. He took me to a huge room that reminded me of a scions fiction film. E: This is natural, because the information in the movies often come from channeling. G: “It was a huge room with high ceiling. I could see it from a balcony situated across one of it’s sides. Underneath there were many small space ships, One or two appeared out of the blue (apparently beaming up there)”. E: Tell him now that you want him to take you where they are convening about the Earth. G: Ok. He took me to the large room with the ring, the one we were in before. I am now concluding that this room is in the same mother ship. E: Stay quiet for a while and see if you can pick up their conversation about Earth telepathically. G: The most important topic of discussion, is the best way they can help Earth for Ascension. E: Thank your escort for everything he has shown you and ask him to take you to a room where you can see more things from your soul.... G: Ok. E: He will take you to a smaller room with isolated walls, with something like an armchair inside. He will bid you farewell and close the door, while you will sit in the armchair. How do you feel? G: Very well.It was a small, rather dark room with a circular floor, approximately 4 meters in diameter, which had a candle flame shape (the curved walls opened sliding upwards, and finally converged upwards on a point at a top, and as soon as the door closed, it disappeared)”.

       E: Now say that you are ready to see your Real Self. G: Ok. E: You will now feel a much higher energy, but do not let its intensity surprise you. This is your First Self, the initial self which existed before the planets were created and before your first incarnation. It is the one deriving from the Source and it is very big.  If you have ever wondered “Who am I”, well this is who you are. You are this energy. This is the core of your soul. All the rest is theatrical plays in which you are acting during your various incarnations. Go in your Real Self. Take a deep breath slowly and see a part of your Real Self entering like a haze through the nostrils and filling all your brain cells and then going down your neck and filling your whole body. How does your body feel now? G: Expanded. E: Perfect! Now ask your Real Self, what does he learn from you on Earth. G: Ok. “The things that happen” is my Real Self’s answer. E: Perfect answer! He is able to see the things that happen, but through you, he can experience them. Wow! Now you know your higher purpose, George!  Your primary purpose is to be fully conscious, experiencing the “here and now”, so that your Real Self, the core of your soul,  can live out your experiences.  All other purposes you might have, are secondary. Now ask him if he has any advice to give you, using two or three words, for your present life on Earth. G: Ok… “Patience, optimism and unwavering faith for the future that is coming, knowing that all will go well”. E: Give emphasis to “patience” George, because you and many others, are in a hurry for the fifth dimension to com. Understand? The purpose here is not just to go to fifth dimension, but to experience the way it will come. This is what your self wants to know.

       E: Now tell this grand energy that you want to see your Real Self’s Higher Self.  G: Ok. E: Now another even grander energy will come. Go inside this energyHow do you feel in there? G: Even more intensely. E: This energy is what we call God. Talk to it telepathically, not asking for help at this moment, (which you have anyway) but just ask it to tell you in a nutshell  what does it get from you..  G: Ok. Experiences”. E: Good! Now ask for an advice with two or three wors. G: Ok.Patience, enriching your knowledge, inform people”. E: You see George, the first thing they tell you is patience, and this applies for most people. If we are not patient, we cannot experience the “here and now” and we cannot take the experiences in full consciousness to take them further up. Now you can open from where you are,  another tunnel which will bring you back to Earth, but a year later, i.e, the Earth in November 2012. Go inside the tunnel. Because you are lighter now, you will fly faster.  G: OkE: How does Earth fell in November 2012? G: Good. E: How do you feel health wise? G: Betteror rather, very well.  E: Now look back a year ago and see what you did to feel much better in November 2012.  G: I received the coming energies and was vigilant over my feelings. E: You mean, you were not frustrated by what was happening in the world anymore? G: Right. I was not frustrated anymore. E: How did you start seeing things and stopped being frustrated? G: I focused on the final optimistic outcome which I knew was coming.

       Å: What other feelings do you have  on November 2012? G:  Lighter and happier. E: Now, look from where you stand, from this sofa, at your future self in 2012 and tell him: “I am now ready for us to become one. Come and get me! G: Ok. E: Now visualize him approaching you, giving you a warm hug and melting  inside you, so that you merge in to one. G: Ok.  E: How do you feel now that your future self is inside you? G: Very relaxed, like I want to sleep. E: Now it will be easier for you to reach November 2012, because you have connected with your future, and he will pull you through.  He knows how to lead you and when you encounter minor problems, ask: “How do we rectify this, my future self?” This way, he will give you ideas to handle various problems, as long as they concern you, and not asking for solving a third party’s problem. How does your body feel now? G: Very relaxed. Very comfortable.  E: Stay on this energy for as long as you want, and open your eyes when you are ready to do so. (End of session).

       Note:  I narrated this experience I had with my friend Eric, in full detail (exactly as it took place, although I am by principle for brevity) in order to make it easier for anyone who wants to benefit by the valuable techniques described, attempting similar journeys by themselves, and having similar experiences and communications. In fact this is my effort to answer many questions I receive as to how one can make astral travels consciously and willingly, taking useful information and experiences, and how one can communicate reliably with his Superior Self, with the extra terrestrials and with other higher entities, taking equally valuable information and guidance for his problems. I have already started applying all this, enjoying their beneficial results, and I suggest to all my readers to do the same. All I can say to the ones who believe that everything I described here is nothing more than  fairy tales”, is: It is their choice and they will suffer the consequences.

       MY SECOND ASTRAL TRAVEL ON 11.NOV.11 (And other information).

      MY SECOND ASTRAL TRAVEL: Following the enthusiasm of my first (in alertness) astral travel, I decided on 11.11.11, (this important date that energies of love that raise our vibrations are directed towards us from the universe and that are here to stay), to repeat it (by myself and this time without guidance), so that I can pay attention to certain points that I hastily passed in my first one. Since I made the “Synchronized Global Meditation” that I describe on my page II.1.D5 (they use this meditation in 50 countries and I recommend it to my readers as a powerful source of energy and joy) ,and I “opened” myself for 15 minutes accepting the new energies, which I bonded for 5 minutes connecting them with those of the Earth, (I did that by hugging a large tree at my garden, as I often do), I went back and laid down for my second astral travel. This time, that flowed faster than the first, I made additional questions to my Superior Self regarding personal issues, which I afterwards supplemented with corresponding questions to my future self of November 2012, while I was transferred in various places of Pleiades, seeing new things, but also clarifying older experiences that among many others are the following:

       In the large conference room of the Galactic Federation, when I asked how the large area which is surrounded by the ring of offices is used (which ring is interrupted in 7 points in order to have access to the central area), I was shown to occur in this area, where the floor suddenly became transparent, the hologram of a huge sphere that occupied the larger part of the space, (I would say about 60 meters in diameter, since I am a technocrat and I like to talk with numbers), which in this case I recognized Earth, (with its Equator coinciding with the transparent floor area). Further, each group of extraterrestrial could watch the region that interested them (by rotating the sphere suitably) and zoom in with as high resolution as they wish so that they can monitor the developments. This meant that in the same area, simultaneously, were appearing about 50 figures of holograms of the sphere, so each group can be served at the same time. They told me that in place of the Earth they could choose any other celestial body to appear, (i.e. that might threaten the Earth) or mother spacecrafts, etc, as well as the future shape that Earth will take, as well as natural events that are about to happen due in the near future, which shapes and events these people can affect or prevent to some degree (with their energies and their technology). This also gives the answer for at least one of the methods that they use (I intuitively consider that they have several others), in order to control and limit the upcoming disasters from the disruptions of the Earth’s crust, (and not only from those but also from human etc intervention), so that victims should not exceed the 5% of the current population of Earth, (as my SS mentions above), while at the same time an effort is made to continually diminish this number. Finally, I noticed that around the sphere, the positions of their large spacecrafts and how these are changing are identified with the appropriate symbols,

       In the hall of the cockpit of my first astral travel, I noticed among others, that many of the scientists that handle the instruments, even though they have human body (with two legs and two hands), all their body was covered by rich, white, hair (i.e. like of a cat), while they also had a tail and their face had as well the form of a cat, which nevertheless have a sweetness in their expression, that not only is not repelling but on the contrary it attracts you, while their aura, when you approach them, makes you feel very pleasant and friendly. This confirms that a percentage of the constellations of the Galactic Federation don’t have a humanoid form. Particularly, the specific I described belong to the “feline” and from what Erik confirmed to me later, (and Nidle also mentions in his book), these are Sirians, which are the heads of the group of 50 star nations that are helping Earth. This is why when the different forms of extraterrestrial land in Earth, we must neither be scared nor be repelled by their body shapes, because they are all, regardless of their appearance, totally fifth dimensional conscious beings, full of unconditional love, as we will also become in the fifth dimension. In the parking of the small spacecrafts, I noticed that the crew (or the passengers) either hovered around the spacecraft, in order to do various tasks, or flew entering or exiting from it. In the city of Pleiades (I would say a village built with respect to the flora of the environment), I did not see neither domestic animals, nor birds, because these either do not exist in the particular planet (I remind you that Earth has the greatest biodiversity than anywhere else), or they prefer to live freely in the wild nature that surrounds the settlements. Additionally, I did not see any street leading to this city, which means that they have more advanced ways for their transportations. Finally, I did not see a bulky building that would indicate public premises, but I forgot to ask if they have and how they operate any public services. When I make more astral travels and in other star nations I will give you the relevant information, while the centre of my interest now is the problems and changes that occur on Earth and mainly in Greece.

       OTHER INTERESTING INFORMATION: Since, I soon plan to go on a trip to Bali of Indonesia, that my SS indicated to me, because gates are opening there and important energies and entities are entering, I will not have that period of time the possibility to load information in my site, (but I will have access to my emails). For this reason I quote here the summary of a part of it, while the details will be given after I return on 10.Dec.11. As a beginning I will give the following answers to questions that I received regarding the new government: The recent government Papadimos, unfortunately, does not belong in the category of the new transitional governments that we are waiting for, but it is also dark (as well as the Prime Minister), and as the previous governments were, manipulated (and even more), by the dark cabal that manipulates as well and all other governments of E.U. and of other areas. Furthermore, this weekend I expect a visit from a “crystal” five year old child, that can talk and behave as an adult, while he also communicates with his astral family where he came from and as my SS informed me, he will give interesting information about his planet and more. Additionally, many friends are visiting me, particularly lately, giving me shocking details regarding their metaphysical experiences, part of which, that is of general interest, I intend to publish here (see page II.1.D16B). One of them is my charismatic friend Violetta, which while looking at you, she can talk about your previous lives, identify emotional and other problems you might have and give you information how to heal them, (i.e. with crystals, herbs, etc), while she easily communicates with your Superior Self for answers. She helped me by providing me useful body healing methods, ways of communicating easily with high entities and she assisted me regarding members of my family. She brought me a wealth of written personal metaphysical experiences that include visits in spacecraft, while she has her own private space where she uses it for all kinds of treatments, therapeutic massages, seminars, etc, but within the framework of “keeping a low profile” she did not wish to publish her email in my site. Finally, she belongs to the same family with the crystal child that visited me on 19.Nov.11 (see page II.1.D16B), the members of which (with their metaphysical experiences that shared with me) I have met and they are known by their friends as the fairy-family.

       On 18.Nov.11 I attended one of the web seminars (webinar) of Nidle that holds twice a month, whoich hundreds of people from all over the planet attend, (of which I record the voice and photograph the slides that he presents in order to extract useful new information), while at the end of his speech he answers to several questions submitted in written by the listeners (I saddest to everybody to enter his site www.paoweb.com and attend his seminars in the internet). In reply to the question “why even though they have already been thousands of arrests in America of the illegal dark ones (as mentioned in the following messages), the media have not made any announcements, he said that the media belong or are manipulated by the dark cabal and such announcements are taboo, because it can put in motion a domino of changes. Similarly, the relatives of the arrested don’t make any announcements in order not to lose the financial support given to them. To the question why the senators and officials do not react to blatantly unpopular laws, the answer is that some of them are dark as well and that is why they hold a high position, some of them have received bribery and others are afraid to react, because those who reacted had many “accidents”. Additionally, to the question regarding the finances and the debt of Ireland, he analyzed the actions that Ireland takes and explained why they are in the right path, while analyzing what's going on in Greece both with the old and the recent new governance, he said that in order to cover the large debt of Greece, that was unlawfully created and with the cooperation of the banks, domestic and foreign, Greece should follow the example of Ireland, courageously and radically changing the financial system that has put Greece to a tight spot, while Italy and Spain are the next in line.

       Furthermore, the central banks of both the U.S. and other major countries (with first the Germany in Europe), are those who brought the world economy in such a mess, and if the system didn’t change, they would no longer exist member states but states of slaves, that would be subjugated to the few and powerful. The Earth allies of the extraterrestrials, urges the Greeks to take legal action against the unfair debt. They will have the assistance of light secret organizations from various parts of the Earth, (including China with the organization of the “Red Dragon” becoming financially gigantic), that are under the supervision of the Ascended Masters. Saint Germaine is for the Western world (he has came to Earth this period of time, as he earlier did, to help us) and Quan Yin is for the East (China etc), while there are other high entities as well that help us. Furthermore, he said that the prosperity funds that have been collected (in precious metals etc), in order to be currently distributed, have the amount which is equal to 400 trillions of US dollars. Finally, he added that the overturning of the Arabic world is already extended in Asia, South America and Africa, while it will not delay to be generalized because they all try to change the financial systems and the dark governments.

        MY THIRD ASTRAL TRAVEL (Reffering to the transformation chambers).

       At the dawn on 15.Nov.11 I suddenly woke up with the desire for a short astral travel, hoping to experience the feeling that will have those who will go to the transformation chambers. Thus, after I was prepared with the blue cloud of my SS. (that I have already described above) I was led by a tunnel to the great gate of Delphi in Greece, where the invisible, “therapy and activation chambers” exist (that I have described in my pages II.1.D2 and II.1.D15), in order to prepare my emotional body for the transformation chambers. When entering (with the assistance of my SS.) such activation chamber and asking to see my emotional body, I saw a copy of me as a rag, stuffed doll, only that its “cloth” was torn, lengthwise into several places. When I pleaded my SS, my advisors and in general the higher powers to relieve me from any kind of negative emotion (and particularly from stress, guilt, rage, fear, attachments, etc), I saw little by little this tears all disappearing, while I felt absolute peace, comfort and optimism, and then I realized that I am now ready to make an attempt to enter a transformation chamber. Thus, with the help of my SS I entered another energy tunnel that transferred me very fast to the holographic display in the Hollow-Inner Earth, of the house where I live today, while during the transfer I felt subconsciously my vibrations to raise. (I remind you that such tunnels that connect us with the Inner Earth also exist in the real life, see page II.1D7). The difference was that in the room next to my bedroom there was a transformation chamber (as shown in page II.1.D1) and next to the chamber I saw on one hand Archangel Michael (as my spiritual advisor), as I have seen him in a picture on the internet, and on the other hand my friend Gabriel (as my extraterrestrial advisor, with whom I often communicate through his sister Sharon, see page II.1.D15), whom I saw for the first time, noticing that he had dark skin. I felt their aura radiating love that overflowed me with joy, and I laid down in the mattress that was hovering in the air which then slipped into the chamber, while the chamber’s door closed and disappeared.

       Inside the chamber my advisors communicated with me telepathically and even though I had my eyes closed, I was watching with my imagination a bright light with alternating colours bathing me (with dominant colours of purple and yellow-orange), which, as they explained to me, it was the inter-dimensional light that would connect my other 10 helices of my DNA and would change the form and function of my cells. At the same time I heard sounds that reminded me of the sounds of the crystal bowls (which I have recorded in page II.1.D6), which, as they explained to me, opened, cleaned and activated my tsakras, the existing 7 and the new 6 that I was acquiring (total 13), while simultaneously the sounds were healing the organs and the body functions connected with these tsakras. The bliss that I was feeling was such, that I was no longer interested in moving ahead to the next stages of the functions of the chamber, (that is in the second and in the third day, see details in page II.1.D1), but instead I stayed there relaxed until I fell asleep. When I woke up, long time after, I was in bed full of energy, joy and wonderful memories from my astral journey, which I intend to repeat. The unfortunate thing is that this was nothing more, as I noticed, than a rehearsal of what is about to happen when we really enter, (not with just our astral body), the transformation chambers, that my SS gave me the chance to experience, hoping however that this improved something somewhere upon me, while the drastic results will occur if and when we really enter, this time with our physical body, the chambers. Finally, I wrote all these because the joy, the comfort and the optimism that someone feels after such a journey of the imagination, makes it worthwhile for someone to attempt it and I won’t stop believing, as I said, that probably somewhere somehow it helps us.


       Before I continue describing my astral travels in alertness and because much of what I say may be considered to be by many people (even by me the technocrat), the result of an exaggerated imagination, I consider good to repeat a phrase of the extraterrestrials that I have in my page II.1.D1 that says: “When the people on Earth understand that the imagination is the divine part of the mind, then they will open the gates of immortality and will become again the Gods that they were”. After this short introduction, I proceed to the second astral travel that I made at the dawn of 16.Nov.11, this time attempting to experience what is happening the next day at the chambers, where the spiritual and mental changes take place (see details regarding these changes in page II.1.D1). After I passed briefly all the steps that I mention in my previous travel, I imagined a chamber’s door opening at my feet and my mattress transferring me to an extension of the chamber, while that door closed behind my head and I imagined, the previous section of the chamber (that was used for changes to my physical body in my previous astral travel), compressing and eventually disappearing, since it had fulfilled its purpose. The area was now lighted by small, bright, pale purple surfaces, of different shapes, which were appearing and disappearing by changing positions across the surface of the chamber, while with their appearance they created sparks, (as high voltage electric shocks), that were directed to the tsakras of my body, with the highest density on the head and on the chest at the height of the heart. I felt these electric shocks as a pleasant heat that made my body expand.

       After a while my attention was focused on my head, where I saw my brain growing and transforming into a huge room full of arrays of chips, hat the computer memories contain, heaving a height of about 2 meters and other dimensions 1.00X1.00 meters, with narrow aisles between them. There countless knowledge and information were registered, while in both sites of the the aisles you could see many computer screens. In some of these screens I saw my previous incarnations unfolding like a film, which I was able to recognize due to the spiritual recollections I had done in the past, while other were totally unfamiliar to me. In general, I felt a rumble from too much information that I received, but soon what was happening in my chest area attracted my attention. There, I saw a big colourful bubble growing continuously (which looked like Disney cartoons) and gradually being filed with a lot of heads, of which I basically saw their faces. In the beginning they were familiar and beloved faces, while later were also a lot of strangers of various ages, races and colours, some of them very beautiful and other less beautiful. Yet all were smiling and radiating love which I received with great pleasure, which love I also returned to them with great pleasure. As the bubble grew the number of the faces were increasing, possibly reaching hundreds of them, while they were shuffling and rotating like balls that boil in a huge saucepan. I was fascinated by this feeling so much, filling me with love, joy and calmness, that I didn’t feel anything else around me, while I was relaxed enough to sleep and wake up later in my bed, as was the case in my previous astral travel in the chambers. However, this time I gained a real benefit from my experience with the bubble, which is that now I feel that I have more tolerance and understanding and I am more willing to forgive those that in this incarnation play the role of the “bad” gays that make our life difficult. Such feelings allows us to remain calm with everything that is happening around us, (without of course reaching ap to a “guru” status), while we maintain our vibrations high and this contributes to our health protection. Finally, next evening (17.Nov.11), I saw myself (in a dream this time), as a visitor in the room with the electronic memories, but this time the memories were in large drawers, placed one below the other in each group, which I could open one by one, without the disruption and confusion that I felt in my astral travel, receiving information from all of them at the same time.


       This last astral travel, that is referred to the third day to the chambers, where we acquire our new powers as fifth dimensional beings (see page II.1.D1), is the final link in the chain of my astral travels that I post here (which I have started and will continue doing with great enthusiasm in alertness and not in my sleep as I used to). I am mentioning this because I do not wish the above mentioned  activity to be at the expense of my main mission (because of my very limited time), which is to inform and prepare the people for what is taking place or the upcoming events, even so because my English pages, (that concern almost 90% of my readers) have been left behind. In this astral travel, that I did at dawn on 17.Nov.11, after I passed briefly once again all the steps that I mention in my previous travels (that had to do with the first two days in the chambers), I now imagined the door of the chamber opening from where my feet were and my mattress transferring me, not in the room were the chamber was, but in the countryside in an indeed idyllic and sunny environment. The first thing I noticed was a sceptre nailed to the ground, with a big green crystal at the top that emitted a light with a changing intensity. I immediately grabbed it from a handhold that was about 20 cm. from the top, because I remembered when they told me (see page II.1.D2), that such a sceptre would make me almighty. While I was moving on in the green meadow that was surrounding me, each time I touched with the bottom of the sceptre to the ground, beautiful plants were springing, with big, sweet-scented, colourful flowers. Then I thought to make an attempt to materialize with the help of the sceptre (as we will be able to do in the fifth dimension) and with pleasure I realized that by shaking the sceptre as if I am striking something with the crystal, while simultaneously I was persistently thinking about an object, (particularly my first bicycle), the object was immediately materialized in front of me. Afterwards I tried and materialized a favourite painting, while with my thought and only I began to intervene by changing its colours, zooming in wherever I wish, even correcting what I didn’t like.

       As I was carried away I decided to materialize a friend of mine from my childhood, which in this case failed. I tried once more with someone else that was also my mentor in my first steps towards metaphysic, which he appeared only with his hologram, while I saw him much younger. He was glad to see me and he explained to me that this is the way we communicate with each other from now on, while to the questions I made to him telepathically, he gave me with the same way the following answers: The first girl that I tried to materialize did not appear because obviously she does not exist in the phisical level any more. We are now on Earth at the end of 2015 and Earth is totally fifth dimensional. People in general have acquired most of their new powers as fifth dimensional, although from 2013 and onwards, since they didn’t have any problems, they were no longer interested in when will they acquire all of their new powers. I thanked him and continued my exploration, leaving my sceptre and flying above the amazing forest that was after the green field, observing the animals that lived there, (most of them were familiar but some I saw for the first time). Thinking of my friend that did not appear I felt the desire to visit people that have died and particularly my parents. I then felt a force removing me fast from Earth and I saw our planet shrinking and disappearing and I found myself flying through the dark space with the distant stars glowing. At some point I felt as I was passing through something like a gate and the stars disappeared, while I found myself in a huge dark dome where I wasn’t able to distinguish clearly neither walls nor the floor. Then, happy, ethereal figures of my beloved friends and relatives came to visit me, appearing exactly as I remembered them the last time I saw them on Earth, as well as other that weren’t familiar to me, but I sensed that it should be my heavenly advisors and they were so many that even though I really wanted to communicate with them, I didn’t have much time to talk and ask questions, apart from an intense exchange of feelings of love, because the same force that brought me here, took me quickly back to the green field from where I left.

       There, I materialized using my thought and feelings (since I did not have the sceptre any more) a large mirror where I saw myself as I was in the third decade of my life, with a light and fit body, full of energy and great health. Remembering the lessons I took from Erik at my first astral travel, I kept well in my memory the image of myself on 2015, while with the help of my SS I created a tunnel (as usual), that brought me back to my bed at 2011, from where I started my astral travel, during which I was in alertness (without sleeping at all). Then I said to my future self of 2015: “I am ready to become one with you from now. Come and take me”. I visualized him coming close to me, giving me a warm hug and melting inside me in order to become one. Thus, (as happened in my first travel with the image of myself on November 2012), it will be for me (as well as for someone else who will try it), easier to become fifth dimensional at the end of 2015, because we will be connected with our future, and our future self will attract us. He will know how to lead us, and when we have problems we will ask: “Future self, how did we solved this?” So, he will give us advices how to face the various problems, as long as somebody can visualise himself in the year of 2015, which means that he has been successfully ascended. If he doesn’t see himself, then he must be awaken and activated in time in order to change his future and ascend, fact that if he consciously wishes it, then it is possible to achieve it. I dare to go further and say that, according to what I previously mentioned, probably someone can be able to foresee (with a chance of success), what will happen to his relatives and friends in his environment. At this point, my descriptions regarding my astral travels come to an end, hoping I didn’t tire you and that perhaps someone might find something useful from my writing.


       The title of this three hour seminar was “Greece” and was based on the new information and events which have been overwhelming Earth lately, and which Eric received through channeling along with information he was given by the Superior Selves of the great number of participants (who could submit questions of general interest). I am only going to describe some new facts, concerning this seminar, because I have already mentioned most of them in the private sessions I had with Eric, connecting me with my SS, which I have described in detail above in the present page. I am also going to refer to everything that concerns Greece, as the submitted questions covered many more interesting issues. An interview in English based on the  seminar has been recorded by Eric and has been uploaded on YouTube in 12 pieces. (see them in the link http://www.youtube.com/user/enb1yt1#g/u ).  In addition Eric will have his next seminar on fifth of February having the title “Greece in 2013” where new interesting information about Greece is expected, which most probably it will also be given in YouTube in an interview translated in English.

       Let’s begin with the fact that throughout 2011 people in Greece and in the rest of our planet as well, are split in two categories: The three-dimensional (3D), who are still unaware of what is happening, and the fourth dimensional (4D) who are fully aware and act conscientiously, following the path to the fifth dimension. The vibrations of the last ones are high and the positive outcome of this situation concerns health, mentality, feelings etc.  In 2012 the same situation will continue and the only difference will be that the proportion of the 4Ds will keep increasing and their vibrations will become continuously higher. As a result in the last days of 2012 there will not be any 3Ds on the planet, which will have become fifth dimensional. 

       In 2012 the 3Ds will either awaken (with the help of the extraterrestrials and the Ascended Masters who will have come down to Earth in great numbers) and will become 4D, or, attached to the status quo and the privileges they may enjoy, will die due to various causes, because those with low vibrations will not be able to survive in a fifth dimensional planet. It is possible that many of them will be transported by the extraterrestrials to an underdeveloped 3D planet of the galaxy, to live there for the rest of their lives. It is my strong belief that these things are going to happen, and for anyone who thinks that all these are fairy tales it is better to think it again soon.

       On the other hand In 2013 there will be two groups of inhabitants: the 4D as mentioned before and the 5D, who will have pushed up their vibrations in the fifth dimension, which they will experience and will begin to enjoy the “gifts” that 5D offers. However, five more years will be necessary to become fully 5D (by the end of 2017). In the meantime they will gradually acquire the gifts of telekinesis, the capability of materialization objects and so on and finally the gift of teleportation (beaming up). However, they will not care about when they are going to acquire these latest gifts, because life will become much easier from the middle of 2013 both for the 5D and the 4D (who 4D either in 2013 or in 2014 will also become 5D). Everyone will have a majestic, comfortable life, healthy and having fully covered all this needs. After Eric’s general comments about the planet I am going to refer to what is going to happen in Greece.

       A question was put forward: “Why was Greece given this opportunity by the extraterrestrials (and according to Dimitra by the Olympian Gods, too)?  That is, the opportunity to be the first country to break its shackles and be freed from the dark elite, to be distinct and the vivid example for the other countries to follow right after. So, a domino is expected, both by the terrestrials and the extraterrestrials, to begin. The answer that Eric received from the higher beings is this: Greece was chosen because the Greeks have always been reacting unpredictably, they do not easily obey to rules, they do not submit to common sense and cannot be forced to conform with regulations (such as easily and without any protest would do other people, the Germans for example). It is in their genes, to take any risk when they are pressed. Therefore, it is regarded very probable for them to grab the chance and make the beginning. Now it is the right time to do so because the higher forces have taken measures to press Greece quite enough, in order to achieve the target. The answer that Eric received to a relevant question he submitted to channels in America was that Greece will grab the chance but only the very last moment, when Greeks will not be able to suffer any more pressure. Besides other channels have informed Eric that the extraterrestrials are obliged to “press” Greece to grab the chance because they do not have time to prepare another country for this aim. Finally the answer to the question why other countries with similar attitude was not chosen, is that such countries do exist but they are third world poor ones and they could not become the example. On the contrary Greece is a European, and (no matter how strange this may sound) is a rich country.

       The crucial question is what we, the modern Greeks should do (in order to prove we are worthy of our ancestors), so that we can grab the chance, the sooner the better, and get rid of the suffering that have been tormenting us, as soon as possible. The answer that Eric received long ago (from all the higher beings with whom he communicates) is a method which, I believe, we all should follow with consistency (as I have already started to do), and no matter how unrealistic or metaphysical it may seem at first sight. I hope we will soon be vindicated by the results. The first (and probably the only) thing we need to do is to regain our power which we have surrendered to the dark ones. So we will find the other part of our selves and will not be necessary to touch bottom any more.  We surrender our power to the others by accusing them (rightly, often enough) of everything bad happens to us, by getting angry and indignant with them, by hating or even by fearing them.  So we fill ourselves with negative feelings which lower our vibrations and take us out of the path to Ascension.  

       On the contrary, the higher forces support the idea that it is just enough to look into ourselves (instead of looking for the causes anywhere else) and utter fully conscientiously the following magic words: “Could it be my fault”? We don’t need to proceed to self-criticism or try to analyze our actions and combine them with the facts around us. It is just enough to wonder. If a great number of inhabitants of our country, which surpasses the “crucial mass”, does the same, the universe, as if by magic, will hear us and the turnovers will begin, general changes will take place, the vicious commanders will be replaced by bright, honest, skilful ones, etc so that our country will be distinguished.

       Eric and his consultants insist that nothing else is necessary. The only thing we need to do is to utter fully conscientiously the following magic words: “Could it be my fault”? and at the same time to stop worrying intensively about what is going on around us, to stop blaming the others or getting irritated with them. It would be helpful if we stopped watching the news on mass media like Eric has been doing for a long time. To the question that if we stop caring about what is going on around us, anarchy will prevail,  Eric’s answer was that the same is happening now. To the question what we are going to do when the tax officers or our lenders knock on our door Eric’s answer was that if we surpass the “crucial mass”, neither the tax nor the tyrants will affect us and our debts will be deleted. To the question which the “crucial mass” is, there is not a specific answer but it is estimated that a small percentage (e.g. 1.5%) of conscientious citizens will be enough for the changes to begin, which will make our country to distinguish as mentioned above.

       Finally, if many of you think that all the above mentioned are just fairy tales (as many other things in the magic world of Golden Era which we are entering seem to be), I believe that we have nothing to lose by just trying  it, believing to a positive result, and moreover to inform and convince as many as possible to do the same, so that we will be able to get rid of our sufferings (which are getting more and more serious), as soon as possible. As far as I am concerned, after the seminar I stopped watching the news on T.V., stopped blaming and getting irritated, (I have never felt fear or insecure, anyway) and as if by miracle I already feel better, more energetic and I dare to say more healthy. Could it be the time for you to try it?

       At the end of his seminar, Eric also gave a meditation about the money (to secure the sources in order to live with dignity). He said that those who claim that they don’t care about money and have other more important issues to be concerned of, should be careful because the time may come, when the first thing they will be concerned of every morning and the last every night, will be the money and how they will respond to their financial commitments. Therefore it is worthy meditating even if, today, we don’t lack money. I am going to describe the meditation in detail (it is similar with the guidance I was given by Eric for my stellar journey), since it is not included in the YouTube of his interview in English. We can apply the same meditation, with exactly the same way, not only for money but for any other material, health, mental or psychic asset we desire to acquire. We begin like this: We lie down comfortably, close our eyes, breathe deeply and call the energy of money which we visualize as a big ball of golden light, full of small lamps. We put in the ball one of our hands and then the other, and let the whole of our body to be pulled in it, while concentrating on our feelings. We breathe this energy from the nose and feel it loading on each cell of our brain. On a second breath we feel the energy descending through the throat and filling the whole of our body while concentrating on how our body feels now. Then we say to the energy of the money: “I want to become lovers” and feel how the energy reacts in our body. Then we say: “I want you to be the primary thing in my life” and once again we feel the reaction of the energy in our body. Then, we try to concentrate on how our reality and our body is now, after these declarations. We try to define this situation with one word and say to our body: “I want you to feel like this all the time”. My note: By connecting our desire with how our body feels, we constantly remind to the universe what we expect to have from it, thus reinforcing significantly the possibility to acquire it.

       When we complete the above process, we call our Superior Self, whom we visualize as a luminous cloud, and ask him (or her) to open for us a bright tunnel which will transport us in June of 2013. We visualize a spacious tunnel where we enter and begin to fly faster and faster, becoming lighter and lighter and while moving forward our vibrations are getting higher to adapt with those we will have in June 2013, where we find ourselves as soon as we come out of the tunnel. At that point we concentrate again on how we feel, how more free, more satisfied we are, how we love our self and how comfortable we feel with him (or her), etc, and how we like everything in 2013. Then we look back, at the 18 months that have passed since today (the day of the seminar), and see what we have done and what decisions we have made in order to be so contented with our self in 2013. Let’s not be surprised if the decisions were very simple. We still are out of the tunnel and see how much we like Greece in 2013 and its inhabitants, while looking back at the 18 months we see what factors contributed for the changes made. Then we say to our self of 2013: “From now on, I am ready to become one with you.  Come and take me”. Then we see him/ her coming to the place where we meditate and give us a warm hug and melt within us, while we concentrate on how we feel now that we have become one with our self of 2013. Now we have access to him/ her and we are able to ask him/ her how we coped with the various difficulties in order to successfully reach 2013. In the mean time we may now acquire some advantages that we will normally have in 2013. After we have thought about briefly our entire route, we breathe deeply again and open our eyes.  Ending up this useful meditation that Eric offers to us, I should also like to add that it is necessary to feel deeply what we do and the consequences it has on us, because the emotion is always much stronger than just the thought and the rationality.

       Beyond the basic points of Eric’s seminar, mentioned above, there are also some other points which I think I should point out. Let’s begin with the question “why do the extraterrestrials delay to interfere?” Nidle’s answer is that, according to plan A, (see my pages II.1.D1 and II.1.D15) are wanting for the official announcements of the governments to precede, so that they will not scare people with their arbitrary appearance. Plan B is for a direct intervention without the announcements is ready in case of emergency, in case plan A delays beyond the allowed time limits. On the contrary, Eric and our Superior Selves (who speak through him) support the idea that the extraterrestrials wait for us to make the first step of change. They don’t want to offer us everything ready (as they could easily do), because in this way we would miss the chance to take the lessons we should for our psychic improvement. For this very reason (to take these lessons before we ascend) the universe has created these hardships which we, by ourselves, should overcome before the extraterrestrials’ valuable support begins. For this reason when we face a serious problem, instead of putting the blame on our fate or on those who have caused it, we had better wonder “what, is the lesson the universe is giving us and we should take?” and go on to eagerly confront it.

       The next important point is that when we believe that the others (governors, individuals, etc) have caused our problems and put the blame on them, we undertake the role of victim. The victim’s energy (of very low vibrations) doesn’t compromise with our route to the fifth dimension. In the meantime, we give our power to those, whom we believe to be our victimizers, and they, in a metaphysical level, are able to keep on overruling us. This reinforces Eric’s argument on how we can regain our strength as a country and ascend. We should look for the blame in ourselves and not in the others, wondering at the same time if it was our fault. We should also consider that this is the reason for which the universe chose to create our problems. That is to make us take our lessons, at last, which we didn’t try to take under better conditions. In this way we dispose of any karma we bear from the present or previous incarnations. We cannot transfer our karma to the fifth dimension because there is no karma there. My notes make up my ultimate effort to support this simple remedy for Greece which Eric gave it as above, because this remedy may have seemed unrealistic to many and consequently they would not want to try it. So, through my site I am trying to convince my readers to try it out, due to the great importance it has for our country, i.e. to surpass, as soon as possible, the necessary crucial mass in order to ascend as a country, as everyone (both terrestrials and extraterrestrials) hopes and wishes to accomplish soon. I also believe that the same procedure could help also every other country with similar problems, so is not only for the Greeks to try it.

       On completing the basic points of Eric’s seminar I also add the following: Our material-physical body is surrounded by three (fundamentally) ethereal bodies. The energy-astral body, the sentimental body and the mental body (see details in my site) which possess the 75% of our phisical strength, though the material body possesses only 25% of it. When we think about something nice, positive or true then we have at our disposal the 100% of our strength. On the contrary, when we think about something negative or untrue, our ethereal bodies do not participate and we have only the 25% of our strength. Eric, in order to prove it at the seminar, invited people stronger than him to get on stage and raise their right hand horisontaly. He tried to lower their hand while they had to resist. When people thought about something nice or true, Eric’s effort failed. On the contrary, when they thought about or said something untrue, Eric could easily lower down their hand. Eric used this method repeatedly to prove that many of our convictions are wrong and among them that our hardships are the others’ fault. Such experiments (with the help of someone stronger than us) can help us take answers about what is true and what is not, on issues which only refer to us and not to our environment or to other people. In this way we can check e.g. if in 2013 we will be in our present material body (that is, if we will be alive or not). If the answer of our hand is negative we should hurry to change our cast of mind and behavior so that we will soon have a positive answer. This is not foolishness but it is very serious, so I suggest to everybody to try it.

1)          When we get back our strength, as mentioned above, our vibrations are getting higher and everything negative is happening around us, which is of low vibrations, cannot affect us significantly. At the same time the universe guides us to what we should do to avoid pitfalls and face any kind of troubles. Still, we should not worry about our security in the future, but we should feel protected and follow eagerly the flow of events, believing strongly that the universe knows where all these are going to end up. We should be careful about where and when we offer our help and to what degree (mainly, as far as our relatives are concerned, e.g. our children). We should offer it only when it is asked, either asked directly or indirectly. The arbitrary help to those who have not asked for it, results in our deleting their opportunity to take the lesson that the specific problem was going to teach them, thus delaying the evolution programmed in their present incarnation. This is a situation that many parents (unfortunately, I am one of them) have caused to our children by being overprotective or solving, in advance, all their problems. Besides this is the reason for which the extraterrestrials are eager to support us (as mentioned before) but not to offer everything without our prior efforts.


3)          As far as our debts are concerned, we should first consider why we created them and what were the lesson they wanted to teach us is. For example, once, in America, Eric had created a debt by treating continuously his friends, trying in this way to gain their love. But the only way to gain the others’ love is, first, to learn to love ourselves really and unconditionally. In this way we will be able to love the others more easily, thus gain their reciprocal love. What is more, Eric believes that those who still have the ability, instead of keeping their money in order to insecure their further future (which they are not going to need), had better spend them today, which is going to help not only the other people but also our economy which is in a serious decline today. I am closing Eric’s very interesting seminar (whom I believe to be a very important factor for the peoples’ awakening, particularly in our country where most people still wear blinkers), mentioning that his next seminar is going to take place in Thessaloniki, So far, I have tried to bring into light, to support and justify his most important points (in order to apply the techniques), which points you may have not adequately noticed and understand, since the questions during the seminar were too many, and the time available limited.


       About the application: as far as the meditations are concerned, Eric made clear that: 1) if we strongly believe that what we ask will definitely happen, then it would be enough to meditate just once, whilst if we have even the slightest doubt, we had better repeat the meditation once in a while. 2) As the universe is multi dimensional, we can ask, for everything we pursue, to also be the primary thing in our life. This will not affect the effectiveness (to be the primary thing in our life), of what we had initially asked. All it matters is, what we ask to be essential and to concern exclusively ourselves and not anyone else (e.g. our children). After that I repeated the meditation, this time for health-energy-fitness and I was satisfied to realize that I had less appetite for food, which unfortunately is one of my basic weaknesses.


       Note: Continues with additional information on the next page II.1.D16B


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