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       INTRODUCTION. This page is a continuation of the previous page II.1.D14 and is going to contain any new (from Jun 2011) important messages (or selective paragraphs of these messages), coming from our Sirian friends of the Galactic Federation, or from the Divine Hierarchy who are hear on Earth to help us a) to face all our problems during the interim period until end of 2012 (and especially the problems created by the “dark forces” who govern us), b) to ascend to fully conscious beings and c) to enter successfully the “fifth dimension”. These messages are A) From the “updates” of my friend Dr. Sheldan Nidle (see his site:, who has regular communication with the Sirians, receiving such messages from them, as well as from the Ascend masters of the Spiritual Divine Hierarchy. B) From another Sirian named SaLuSa speaking through the channel Michael Quisey, see his site ( C) Information I receive from my friend Gabriel, an extraterrestrial from his planet Altone of Andromeda, who is here on Earth with the Galactic Federation to help us with the Ascension etc, speaking through his sister in Earth Sharon who sends me the corresponding emails, answering to my questions to him. D) From the Divine Hierarchy (Archangel Michael, Saint Germaine, Saul, etc) coming through channelling. E) from other sources from important people on Earth. NOTE: The first message of Nidle and the fist two of SaLuSa have been transferred here from the previous page II.1.D14. This page will be updated from time to time with new important messages.

       NIDLE 31.MAY.2011

       We return! Much is coming together on your world and our Earth allies and our Agarthan cousins are nearly ready to spring their much-awaited actions upon the dark cabal. The agreements signed a few weeks ago have begun to bear fruit. The Earth allies' European legal team has completed the documents that are to be used as the foundation for replacing a number of major governments. Included within these are the legalities to overturn the illegal American corporate state. We can also report that the organization that is to replace the present global financial system is secretly setting up headquarters in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. In other developments, those who are to compel the old governments to concede are taking up their pre-assigned work posts and we are positioning our ships and personnel as backup for them. Our liaisons are there to demonstrate our full support for these changes which are a prelude to full disclosure. Disclosure is the most monumental event in modern Earth history; it is this watershed act that will end the dark's seemingly invincible power overnight!

      Disclosure allows us to begin a direct dialogue with you. Until now, contact has been limited to three 'soft' areas of approach: the first was decades of secret interaction with several world governments, which, for the most part, were more in the nature of simple exchanges of information. These only recently progressed into meetings comprising many nations and privately invited powerful individuals. These mini-conferences resulted in our obtaining concessions which have advanced the general policies of our Earth allies. The second was goal-oriented meetings with selected private individuals, which in many cases permitted us to promote policies that moved us closer to first contact, and we made many new 'friends' who are helping us with first contact. The third is the messages we give you on a regular basis to keep you informed on the progress of first contact. Recently, our verbal negotiations have been reinforced with more assertive gestures by our defense team to show that contact is close and inevitable.

      One of the things we encountered from the start was the constant, overt hostility of your secret governments. These covert organizations possess underground and orbital facilities which use their technology to pester us continually. So far these roving bands of 'mosquitoes' have been no more than a nuisance, but lately, as part of our more proactive stance, we have used constraining measures to emphasize to the cabal our determination regarding various key issues. This more active policy has indeed elicited more accommodating responses from the dark on retooling or closing down these facilities. Furthermore, it is vital that these technologies be immediately revealed to you, as most of these devices can have a galvanizing and beneficial effect on your economies and especially on Gaia. You need to learn more about Gaia than the pabulum fed to you by your sciences and your media, including the scientific and spiritual data held in these secret facilities as this information is a step in your reunion with your Agarthan family.

      Blessings, Beloveds! We are the Ascended Masters! Over the last few weeks, we have been discussing the altering of your reality. We talked about conscious governance and the two things that create it: fluid group dynamics and the four sacred laws. These will be introduced to you by the Galactic Federation and Agartha. The Agarthans are your cousins who were separated from you by the Atlanteans and their successors, the Anunnaki. Our sacred mission is to reunite you with your spiritual and space families and return you to full consciousness. This mission is extremely close to completion. Operations are now underway that will create new governance, distribute prosperity, and permit disclosure. These events include the unveiling of new technology as well as the true, factual history of Gaia and her many sacred hierarchies. At the time of the mass first contact, each of us intends to come forth and pass on this sacred history to you.

      Toward the conclusion of this process, we wish to share with you a number of spiritual concepts that are important. One of these is the matter of your sacred 'soul force' and its application. Each of you has a special sacred power that you long ago gave away to the dark, and this force now needs to be returned to you. After much special ceremony, we obtained from the dark a way of returning this to you even before you regain your full consciousness. It requires your using the coming solstice as a divine manifesting tool. Gaia is opening up her higher, or spiritual, atmosphere, allowing you to link in meditation to both this higher atmosphere and her spiritual core. Do this for the seven days prior to the solstice and for three days afterwards. Call upon us, the Creator (Source), and your Divine I Am Presence to come together and reunite you with your sacred Soul Force. When this solstice period is completed, you will be able, once again, to be in possession of what was given away so long ago.

      Mother Earth continues to prepare her surface for her new attire. The surface that you know has been raped and pillaged for millennia, with the last two centuries being the worst, as a growing population increased the abuse to record levels. We therefore made sure that all the new gold depositories were located on or near major surface grid points, as these nodal points can be used to stabilize and slightly repair the damage. The current destruction to the surface world is due in large part to Gaia's need to rebalance what humanity has so carelessly imbalanced. Your surface realms are in the midst of great turmoil and we have pushed much sacred Light into these realms to lessen what could occur if it is not properly attended to. Gaia wishes to support your return to full consciousness, and she de-stresses only as a warning and as an incentive for change.

      This is the moment for transcendental miracles and they are Heaven sent! We have been guarding the Light and its sacred knowledge for millennia, and as our task is to be guideposts and way-showers for you, we have been hinting at this wisdom since the rise of this present era around 7,000 years ago. We taught this knowledge to those of you who were ready to receive it and spread it to others. Indeed, each of you has done your part to move humanity forward to this glorious moment when our joint endeavors are nearing a triumphant manifestation. Gaia knows and Loves you for your kind thoughts and deeds that are making possible this wondrous age when humanity returns to full consciousness. Rejoice in the fact that a seemingly interminable age of darkness and ignorance is now over, and that the grand reunion with your other long-lost human families and with Heaven is here!

      Today, we updated you on developments, and the Ascended Masters reintroduced you to the concept of your divine Soul Force. As ever, the key element is disclosure, which is when you are made formally aware of our existence, and your reality changes suddenly, forever, and for the better. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!  

        NIDLE 7.JUN.2011

       We return! Our main focus continues to be first contact, preceded by full disclosure. Our liaison teams are now busy with getting the governments of your world on board and we have told our Earth allies that the time has arrived for action. Presently, we are helping them get a major government-transition treaty signed by over 140 nations, and a special task force of legal and government groups is implementing this documentation. Further, a group of high-ranking diplomats is currently on a quick global mission to settle any remaining discord regarding the stipulations in these documents. We intend to use our good offices to persuade and coax any influential dissenters to this accord because it is essential for your reality to be transformed, now, for the better. Disclosure is vital; it literally changes everything. Your global society is bordering on collapse, and is kept functioning by the power of a privileged few. These Beings, against all odds, are just barely keeping your global constructs afloat. Our task is to circumvent this insanity and create a new reality for you, which permits each of you to attain your divine potential.

      Disclosure is the magical catalyst that swiftly erodes the remaining power of the dark cabal. The pressure we are exerting for disclosure is allowing our Earth allies to move forward on those reforms which will begin an about-face in your society's direction. Announcements addressing these many topics are imminent. We are also monitoring the dark's many secret terror-weapons as it is pivotal that these horrendous devices be kept at bay. This doesn't prevent the karma previously accrued by your society from continuing to manifest in the form of diverse global disasters which you see daily in your newscasts. These are warnings from Gaia for you to mend your ways and adopt policies that support Mother Earth and refrain from harming her. These policies include an end to mindless warmongering and the release of many new, appropriate technologies. We are ready, as always, to assist in the introduction of these devices. The old dark ways of your world are over! And the time has come to present the ways of the Light!

      Heaven is maintaining her schedule for changing your reality and preparing your body, mind, and Spirit for full consciousness. One goal is to raise continuously the base frequency of this reality, which has had the effect of transforming the actual length of each day from the traditional 24 hours to a 14-hour day. This accounts for the hectic, driven feeling many of you are experiencing. As your world moves forward, the dark seeks to disrupt this momentum despite the futility of this pursuit. The Earth allies' legal preparations are at the point of completion and still the dark ones chase vainly after some form of miracle solution. There is, of course, only one option open to them: surrender. The Ascended Masters are preparing their allies to begin carrying out the provisions laid out in the documents signed in Europe and agreed to, albeit grudgingly, by several other major governments. These massive transfers of power, coupled with a vast redistribution of your society's wealth, are the last step before disclosure.

      Blessings! We are the Ascended Masters! We can report that our many associates have completed the final acceptance agreements which establish who are to take up positions in the caretaker regimes. These individuals are preparing the announcements which will forever transform the way your world operates. A primary stipulation is to be the new state of cooperation between nations, beginning with the immediate return of foreign troops to their respective homelands. We also intend to show ourselves to you and use that moment to spread a message of peace, Love, and universal brotherhood. This time is all about transforming the hate and division now bedeviling the world into Love and mutual acceptance. This flowering of compassion can easily change the way nations relate to each other. We want to use this growing Love and awareness to transform the high levels of global xenophobia into a consciousness that can accept with joy our space and spiritual families.

      The ongoing process to manifest your new reality is nearly complete. We are moving those who have been chosen to make the initial announcements into places of safety. In these locations are the communication links which are guarded by our Galactic Federation allies. These sites were chosen for two reasons: first, they are utterly secure, and this is paramount because we fully expect the dark to stage a final flurry of attacks to disrupt the changes in government. Second, we asked that the transfer of key new-government personnel be done immediately once the initial announcements are made. This was agreed to, and we are now rehearsing the actual transfer operations. We are somewhat concerned about a number of major governments, and so the Galactic Federation and each of us have prepared some 'special surprises' for the dark cabalists and their government minions. These surprises will defeat any last desperate moves on their part.

      Creating this new conscious reality is what Heaven expects of us. Hence, we watch over you as your physical bodies shift upward and as Gaia alters your physical reality. The former dark ways of your world are irrevocably transforming and a new era of Light is swiftly manifesting. The dark can plainly see the writing on the wall, while our joy mounts as more and more of you awaken to our messages of Light, wisdom, and hope. Heaven has assembled many souls from worlds in this galaxy and from others across this vast Creation. All of you are here to anchor in a new realm of consciousness dedicated to the Light and to fulfilling the sacred decrees of Lord Surea and the grand Seraphim of Aeon. We daily bless these eloquent ones of the Light and their powerful decrees. Rejoice in the Light and its mighty ways!

      While your dark-oriented world teeters on the point of collapse, our programs to bring the Light-oriented realm into being are manifesting. The dark thoroughly comprehends its dire predicament, but nevertheless is still unable to disengage from its blind arrogance and let go of what is now clearly a failed venture. All the while, the Galactic Federation and the Ascended Masters continue to offer the cabalists the option of grace to redeem themselves by immediately broadcasting disclosure and effecting their resignation by admitting what they have done over the past 200 years. They are highly unlikely to do this as they strongly believe that the anger of the masses cannot be so easily quenched and are convinced that the enormity of their crimes can only end badly for them. We believe differently, and are ready to oust them from power. Today, we march to victory. A great triumph is being made possible by several events that happened last month. The dark's reality draws closer to collapse, and the divine moment has come for the first changes to be unveiled. Let us prepare to rejoice!

       NIDLE 14,JUN.2011

       We return once again! Everywhere, our Earth allies are making progress. The Ascended Masters assure us that the new financial system is in place and the new monies are ready for distribution. We are busily assisting them in setting up the final pieces needed before the new governments make their first announcements. This operation runs parallel to the process that is manifesting the new central banks. Indeed, several of your major financial institutions are now no more than façades for the institutions slated to succeed them. In addition, the globe's secret gold depositories have already allocated the funds that support the world's new hard currency system; and the mass printing of new bills and the minting of new coinage is also complete. This money is being held in well-guarded, undisclosed facilities around the globe, and the people selected to distribute these funds are at present waiting for the final 'go' codes. The same applies to most of the new-government personnel. All that is left is for the divine right moment to occur.

      As we await this magic moment, our fleet personnel are carrying out the next steps in our disclosure scenario, one of which concerns our first post-disclosure broadcasts. Our communications team is revising what we intend to convey to you. You now want to know more about us, and so we are completing the presentation which will set the stage for our massive first contact with you. One of the main items will be to display the various technologies we intend to share with you, and another will be to give you a video introduction to your Inner Earth cousins, the Agarthans. The Agarthans intend to follow this introduction with a full explanation of who they are and to ask you for a formal recognition of their Inner Earth realm. They desire to teach you about your true origins and your true history. This knowledge is very different to what you now generally believe and hence, needs a clear and formal recognition of the Agarthans before it can be given to you. These events are only the first part of our initial interaction with you.

      The Agarthans are setting up a grand tour for the leaders of the various caretaker governments, which includes a demonstration of a comprehensive tableau of Earth's early history (from Lemuria to the fall of Atlantis) and an explanation to each leader of the scenario envisioned for the initial cooperation between the Agarthans and each new surface government. It is important for the two parts of Gaia to be reunited. During the nearly 13 millennia that the two realms were apart, the dark reigned supreme over the surface. But with the return of the Light to the surface world, a grand reunion can take place, which is why we are giving the Agarthans this vital role in the first contact mission. On another front, the numerous secret societies that serve the Light are in a position to execute the final government transitions; indeed, these governments have begun to issue the orders that initiate the new global financial and currency system. This establishes the system's formal legitimacy and permits our Earth allies to remove the dark cabal from power.

      Blessings! We are the Ascended Masters! In our last message, we described a means for you to regain full use of your Soul Force during this June solstice. This ceremony begins with your standard practice for reaching inside and communicating with your I Am Presence, which can be meditation, prayer, or even just creating a special time of peace that silences for a time the constant drone of your waking mind. Once this special connection is obtained, each person makes a personalized decree, evoking the return of this long-lost sovereign right. This process reclaims your Soul Force. Fully conscious, sovereign Beings have easy access to their manifesting powers, such as the ability to determine the type of society they live in. You are taking back this particular ability prior to your return to full consciousness, and this initial exercising of your sovereignty will be a big contributing factor in transforming the base conditions of your present world. Your collective action can anchor in peace, universal prosperity, and above all, full consciousness.

      Our primary mission is to raise the Earth plane to the Light. This task implies, by its very nature, that all of you can now manifest a fifth-dimensional reality. This new reality includes the realm of Agartha and reunion with the endless Orders, Administrations, and Life streams of Heaven. In short, the full breadth and wonder of Heaven are to be revealed to you, and in the process, you will discover who you truly are, spiritually, including your role in unfolding the divine plan. The present time is the transition period decreed long ago by the Creator, and we are reaching that miraculous point when the new reality manifests. So take this time of rising chaos in your stride, knowing that the immensity of spiritual and galactic humanity is fully behind you and in support of your endeavors. Go within and merge with Spirit. Recognize the journey you have so valiantly made and know deeply that your destination is in sight. You are very, very far from alone!

      This moment is filled with anticipation! Our associates have taken the tasks we gave them and are finishing them on time. Now we await the divine release given to us by Heaven. This is when your world suddenly veers toward the Light. We have alerted our associates that this time is at hand. Then, we require that a set of specific instructions presented to us by Heaven be publicly read out. These words may be shocking to many, yet their purpose is to prepare you for what is to come next. We intend to begin a series of special appearances and teachings, as we feel you need to know about what we collectively call the "first truths." These teachings concern Love, true compassion, and the unity between all the diverse branches of humanity. The time has come for you to connect to each other and to your fellow humans across the vastness of physicality.

      This brings us to first contact and your return to full consciousness. We, your Ascended Masters, are completing a work that has taken thousands of us over 12.5 millennia to complete. This sacred mission is to transform the dark to Light, and hatred and division into Love and cooperation. What is transpiring on your world is marvelous to watch! Inspired groups are coming together to form both virtual and real networks that are transforming your societies. These little-reported activities are the grassroots beginnings on which our larger programs are based. You have shown us that these small beginnings can swiftly grow into the foundation for a galactic society. Our associates and we bless you for what you are doing and what you are about to do!

      Today, we talked about how you are speeding toward your great victory over the dark. We rejoice in the profound significance of what is happening around us. The dark realm is morphing by spewing out its great wheel of chaos, while your response has been to hold rock-steady in the Light. Now your well-deserved time of jubilation arrives!

       NIDLE 12.JULY.2011

       We return! We sit and wait in much anticipation high above you. We know that the divine moment for our Earth allies approaches! The dark has long been in control of your governments and, indirectly, your lives; and now this long reign of tyranny is to come to a long-awaited end. Certain agreements are ready to be made public which will dictate the termination of the dark's rule. Although the new monetary and financial system is also ready for immediate implementation, the finalizing of a necessary set of accords constituting the legitimacy of the new temporary governments is still delaying matters. The heads of these interim regimes will completely revamp the world that is familiar to you. They will institute the distribution of universal wealth and set up new governance that is truly transparent and obedient to the people. These caretakers are to oversee the introduction of the sequestered technologies and the formal disclosure of our existence. Many dedicated adherents of the dark are to be revealed and arrested for serious crimes against the people and the world. And this is just the beginning.

      Restructuring government is one of their most weighty tasks: it entails nothing less than a full reexamination of the daily workings of government and the manner in which its many services are executed. It is essential that each of you play a role in assisting these caretakers in carrying out this in-depth overhaul. As you move ever close to full consciousness, you become more able to add your well-considered suggestions to the process, as it is this very process of open dialogue between citizens and the new governance that will make the transition smooth and constructive. Naturally we expect glitches and some bumpy times ahead, and we know that advice from us on many issues will be needed as this restructuring phase plays out. Reframing your entire global society in such a short space of time is a truly daunting undertaking, and you are being asked to 'jump in the deep end.' Differences of opinion between you are inevitable, and we therefore offer your Agarthan cousins and ourselves in the role of mediators and counselors…..

       This revolutionary scientific and philosophic knowledge, as well as official confirmation by your governments of your collective ascension, will define your last days as surface dwellers. The next step will introduce you to the wonders and beauties of Inner Earth. Planets are magnificent Beings who possess both inner and outer realms. Our task is to help a planet to link these realms and to sustain them at their full potential. This work brings you into contact with the flora and fauna of both realms, allowing you to discover the amazing differences and similarities of the two worlds and thus, how the ecological balance is maintained. This husbandry is one of society's primary tasks. Once you are fully conscious, all the animals and plants can speak to you and explain what they require to live and prosper. The podlets assigned to specific tasks at the planet's various nodal points use this prime energy to sustain the complex ecologies of both realms. It won't take you long to become true stewards of Gaia and all her life forms.

      Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! The final parts to a very convoluted puzzle are now being put in place. Over the past few millennia, the dark and its earthly minions have been able to run this world as they pleased. Nevertheless, during this time the Light slowly gained adherents in key places, and these cracks in the dark's solidarity allowed us to form several crucial secret societies around your planet, dedicated to serving your Ascended Masters. These organizations are now using their connections and resources to force the dark from its seats of power. This mission has produced a series of legal precedents which are about to achieve our aims, and we are ready to make the announcements, which will doubtless shock many of you. It is generally assumed that these illegal regimes are immune from change, but such is not the case! Prepare yourselves for some astonishing broadcasts in the immediate days ahead!....

       The period we are passing through is when Mother Earth is to be made over to the Light. This process is nearly done. The end of this particular stage will be the formal announcements that proclaim that our space family is here and ready to disclose its program for the landings. At the same time, the first broadcasts from our Agarthan family will go out. We have lived among them for millennia and know how much they desire to reunite the realms of Inner and surface Earth. They intend to show you around their glorious world and prepare you for your journey back to full consciousness. The environs and residences where this is to take place are ready and waiting for your occupancy. We have supervised all the preparations and greatly look forward to completing your ascension. It is vital that the divine plan be manifested, and manifested now!....

        NIDLE 2.AUG.2011

       ….This transitional interlude will not last long. Heaven sincerely desires you to be prepped, prompted and prepared for your formal transition to full consciousness as soon as is possible. This mission has been slowed by the persistent lingering of a number of dark states that have run your world since the end of the 16th Century. These regimes have flaunted their power and used frequent ruses to appear to be righteous and sovereign rulers. In fact, they were all merely fronts for the dark minions and their Anunnaki overlords. The Anunnaki have recently left. Their minions, however, refuse to abide by the decisions of the Anunnaki to rejoin the forces of Light. This has left you and your supporters in a ticklish plight: how to successfully overthrow the dark Earthers and their impressive show of strength. This is where our technology and commitment to the Light enters the picture. We are here to bring into existence a new age of eternal Light and to help you swiftly morph into fully conscious Beings.

      This operation by the forces of the divine to return you and Gaia to full consciousness has inestimable consequences throughout this Milky Way Galaxy. Literally billions of individuals who formerly were the backbone of the dark's Anchara Empires now yearn to become fully conscious and free. This desire has brought your efforts to the forefront. To these Beings, what you are on the brink of accomplishing is a sign that their deepest desires can be fulfilled. You are thus a most important example of what Heaven can achieve. This curiosity has brought us a large group of sympathetic observers who sit at the very edge of your solar system, watching intently as you move forward on your divine mission to become fully conscious. It is for this reason that we tell you that one of your first missions as a member of the Galactic Federation will be to assist many of our newest star-nations in becoming fully conscious Beings of Light. In effect, you will be cementing the new relationships that are destined to guarantee permanent galactic peace!

      Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! Your world is moving quickly toward the time when a new governmental and financial system can become manifest. Those who now control your world are using their final desperate tricks to maintain their ever-slipping grip. We have asked our associates to prepare for the magic moment that we all have been waiting for. The Galactic Federation's First Contact Team is to send special liaisons to three major governments. Their task will be to ensure that the transition to a new financial and governmental system starts immediately. Over the past few months, agreements have been signed that transfer this power broker role to a committee consisting of individuals designated by the dark, together with a much larger group belonging to powerful secret societies dedicated to the Light. This extraordinary committee has set a time for the transition to begin. The agreement is now about to be enforced…..

      We are happy to say that those liaisons from the Galactic Federation's First Contact Team have assured us that they consider it their responsibility to quickly carry out a series of governmental transfers of power and the implementation of a new global financial system. This will include a full debt forgiveness program, as well as a complete reorganization of bank operations and the fiscal responsibilities of each type of bank. The new system will permit a general re-issuance of new currencies, based upon specific hard currency reserves. These monies are to be concentrated on central banks that are truly part of a nation's public treasury. Government-run "treasury Banks" will be the outcome of these actions. The resulting prosperity is yet another aspect of the program outlays that are to flow from St. Germaine's world Trust! ….

       NIDLE 16.AUG.2011

       We return with another report concerning your world! At present, we are tracking a number of individual unit commanders who are summarily defying the series of recent agreements, signed by a majority of your globe's nations, and a special amended codicil that was ratified by the American government only last week! These groups of the military are on the verge of being neutralized by our special defense force. The peace of your world is being temporarily threatened. We have sent warnings to these various rogue groups and given them a date for their deactivation. We expect full compliance and a swift return to the condition pro ante. Several major governments sent similar warnings to these groups once this situation was made known to them. When this state of affairs is resolved, we fully intend to begin the rapid distribution of your prosperity funds and formal announcements by your new governments. The road to disclosure has hit only a small bump. Your prosperity and your new economic system are still on target for completion by the divine schedule decreed by Heaven and Lord Surea.

      We are watching our Earth allies and seeing to it that those selected for major cabinet appointments in the new "caretaker" governance are ready and fully apprised of what is expected of them. A number of special Agarthan envoys are now evaluating how these new governances are to function during the first week of their operation. Every chosen administration has a series of tasks to complete. These include: announcements, special orders and a series of procedures that are to pump monies quickly into the "starved" economies of your globe. The first authorized moves of this new governance are intended to relieve the immense debt pressure on your world and get under control the "casino-like" atmosphere that has produced an exponential yearly increase in global debt ratios. The debt needs to be dismissed and a sound series of budgetary rules put into place that can truly evaluate how well each aspect of your various national governments operates. The crucial point is to shift from a "bottom line" to a more humane "spiritual line"….

       Disclosure is the principal event that will formally change your world. When we appear on your screens and are heard all over your planet, the reality in which you have lived since childhood will become unalterably different. The many myths about who you are, together with the quasi-scientific beliefs about your origins, will be quickly put to rest. You then will discover your true spiritual origins and your magnificent place in the cosmos. First contact is about a massive transformation of your reality, and of you. This procedure will come about in a series of rapid shocks that we and the Agarthans have discussed long and hard with your Ascended Masters. These talks led us to plan a series of special broadcasts that we intend to begin once disclosure is public knowledge. These messages need to be given in a way that brings this shocking information to you clearly and comfortingly. You will experience a state of joy and some confusion when the vast governmental agenda is revealed. We need to be gentle and to use these moments to prepare you for first contact.

      Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! At present, we have forced a series of rogue military groups to stand down as ordered by the heads of state of a number of affected nations. These military units were threatening not only to defy the various agreements that had set the stage for new governance, but also to delay and force a sudden change in the way this new governance was to be implemented. Our Agarthan brothers and sisters were able to obtain their surrender and end any possibilities posed by this event. We are now preparing to move swiftly to the delivery mode, and to set a date for the first new government announcements that will put an end to the current global debt crisis and introduce the new monetary system to your world. Once these economic and monetary reforms are under way, these governments intend to begin the formal disclosure process. This will start with a special news conference given by the new American President.

      This news conference is extremely critical. It will introduce the Galactic Federation and Inner Earth to the people of your world. Evidence and top-secret files will be revealed at the beginning of this news conference. This opening will set the stage for similar news events to be held in other parts of your world. Disclosure will be announced with a general call for global cooperation and for the forthcoming release of a wealth of advanced technologies. The world is to go beyond conflict and prepare herself to welcome our Inner Earth and space families. Among these press events will be various spiritual phenomena that we, your Ascended Masters, fully intend to manifest on your world. This new reality is an experience of consciousness and of spirit: both need to be discussed equally. These educative programs will be only the beginning of events that lead up to first contact…..

       NIDLE 23.AUG.2011

       We return! The last stages of the delivery process are beginning! The various packages are being readied for distribution. It is expected that a full bank holiday will be implemented after the first formal announcements by the new caretaker governments, and that this legal holiday will be used to change over the entire American banking system to the new rules and regulations which are to take effect after the demise of the Federal Reserve System. At this time the new hard currency will be introduced. This is the first part of a larger series of reforms that is to take effect concurrently throughout the rest of the globe. This new worldwide financial system will be facilitated by global debt forgiveness; taxation will be applied to goods and services but not individual and corporate income; and a wealth of secret trust funds will be launched in order to replace the financial resources normally used by your governments. The people will be liberated from their onerous burdens and encouraged to use various tax refunds to jumpstart your national economies.

      This new financial world will become the foundation for a growing prosperity that will be boosted by the release of a whole host of now-secret technologies. Then comes the major disclosure announcement that puts an end to the global 'UFO' cover-up. This revelation will support the cessation of global violence as well as misguided foreign military adventurism. It is time for your world to reclaim the many pieces that make up many nations' territorial sovereignty, and for negotiations to formally settle the issue of many national boundaries. We intend to participate in these discussions and bring an end, finally, to any form of discord. The criterion here is a swift and forthright win-win situation for all, bearing in mind that this form of sovereignty is largely anachronistic within the context of your global awakening. Nevertheless, quickly resolving boundary issues constitutes another step toward this goal, which is to create a world where peace, prosperity and cooperation are a given. This quickly leads to the next step.

      This next step is hugely significant! Here, you begin to interact freely with your Inner Earth cousins. This experience allows you to view your planet in an entirely different way: you begin to see her as your living host, and as such she has a claim on your respect. The old dark perspective can swiftly be discarded and a truer way of regarding Gaia can take its place. At this time you will have the opportunity to watch the Moon being 'terraformed'; then you will be able to travel to and explore this transformed, artificial object. It will be the first time that most of you have left the Earth to go to another sphere in the heavens. We wish you to feel great Love for your home and to see how your original two-moon system can easily be re-established in the very near future. We wish you to begin to comprehend the sort of wonders that are about to become your new reality because, after all, most of you are to become future citizens of Mars, Venus, and of course Pax….

      Blessings, dear Hearts! We are your Ascended Masters! We come in joy. The time arrives for a new Golden Age to lift up humanity in its grace-laden arms and embrace you with a profound wisdom and the gift of full consciousness! Your world has wandered in the realm of darkness for nearly 13 millennia. Now the Light returns to show you the divine path to your destiny. The vast span of amnesia is ending. Prepare for a huge download of forgotten information provided graciously by Heaven and with the assistance of the Galactic Federation of Light. All the secret societies dedicated to the Light in Asia, Europe, India, and the Middle East are preparing for what is to happen presently. A great change in your world is beginning and through its full manifestation will prepare you for the mass arrival of your spiritual and space brothers and sisters. Rejoice in your heart, knowing that a great day in your lives arrives at long last!

      This new realm of golden Light is to extend throughout the length and breadth of this solar system. Everywhere, your blessed Beingness will send energies that will sustain life. You are to meet many different types of life forms. You will overcome your present limitations and will be renowned not only in this galaxy but in every corner of Creation. For many millennia we have seen this in our visions of you and have known just how important our mission among you really is. Our primary purpose is to keep the great Light that resides in all of us burning brightly despite the manifold schemes and contrivances of the dark. This we do gladly. At times in the past, many succumbed to the corrupting enticements of the dark, and some of these souls have been wrested triumphantly from their dark paths and returned to the Light! Blessings to you all…..

       SALUSA  25-MAY-2011

       There are signs all around you that are indicating the nearness of Disclosure, and when the latest information is meant to make the public domain ways are going to be found to achieve it. Even your dark Ones deliberately leak secrets when they feel it is in their interests, but that is sometimes purely for the purpose of preparing you in advance for one of their false flag attacks. Needless to say, they also as a matter of course spread disinformation to confuse those who seek the truth. Trust your intuition as by now you should be aware of their tactics, and if you are well informed you will have a good idea of what should be set aside….The energies continue to reach you from many sources outside of Earth, and they are helping both you and Mother Earth to rise up much quicker than ever before. Always the object of whatever happens is to focus you upon Ascension, and ensure that the preparations are in line with your needs. In that respect we are more than happy, as in spite of the delaying tactics of the dark Ones everything is on course for completion as planned.….


       ….So what should you be doing as you anticipate and await the inevitable changes. We would suggest you try to keep your mind on the coming benefits and certainly focus on Ascension. There will be distractions for a time, but when we appear before you, your attention will be directed towards positive changes and you will be able to participate in some ways. Those of you with knowledge about us will be able to assist others in coming to terms with what is happening…..You will no doubt understand why your freewill choice is so carefully honoured. Even God does not force Gods will upon you, but there are laws that are applied should it cause harm to others, or interfere with their freewill. Yet as you evolve and set your sights on returning to the higher dimensions, you learn that there comes a stage where you gladly accept the Will of God. It becomes the most natural and desirable advancement, as you become a Being of Light….. 


       ….We of the Galactic Federation are helping you close the gap between what you are now, and will be when you acquire full consciousness. The sooner we can invite you to join us as equal partners, the quicker we can move onto the next journey that will take us into other Galaxies and Universes. They seem to be never ending, as there is no end to creation as we see it. Can you imagine the numberless opportunities that lie before you, as there is certainly no limit to the adventures that you can take? Life is everywhere around you at different stages of evolution, and it is our role to serve others who like you are now are making their way through the different dimensions. It is exciting and rewarding and in no way imposed upon you….


       SALUSA  27-MAY-2011


       ….Now you have realized that the power lies in your own hands, and it has largely removed the fear factor that was so essential to the dark Ones success. Their control over you is ebbing away, and there is no longer any way that they will regain it. That is an absolute promise from us to you, and very soon there will be actions that shall back it up. Needless to say, the last half of this year will be a great turning point in your lives….. The last time we walked on Earth with you in a peaceful period, was in Atlantean times long before its downfall. High states of spirituality were reached and many of you were there to experience it, and now you are at a similar stage but this time you will ascend.


       The Universe also rejoices at your success, as it will complete the picture so that every part of it can ascend. Believe us Dear Ones, that your future is followed very closely, as the experiment you have been involved in has resulted in wonderful advances in your evolution. Each one of you has been where many others would not wish to go, and endured tough and often wretched lives to experience duality. You did however know what a wonderful opportunity it presented to become a mentor to other souls, who might desire to tread the same path. Service to others becomes a natural ambition once you reach the higher dimensions.


       Having been earthbound for so long you have acquired a strong affinity with Mother Earth, which is why so many of you chosen to stay with her. It will be a grand experience to ascend together, and wonderful to see Mother Earth once again in all her splendour. If for example you decide to join us, then your life will be largely spent on board our great Motherships. In fact some are so large that they can easily replicate the surface of any planet. So it is like home-to-home and complete with other forms of life such as animals. They are no longer wild and have completely lost their primitive instinct for survival, as they live in perfect peace happiness. Such peace is a feature on all of our craft, and life is as satisfying as it could be anywhere else. The comradeship and partnership also includes families, and they have all that they could need for a happy and contented life.


       You are certainly not alone when it comes to preparing everything in readiness for Ascension, as there are legions of souls helping that are even from other Universes. It will be a memorable occasion when it occurs and many wish to be present to witness it. Tucked away in your homes it might seem that all of our talk is but a dream, but you will physically experience Ascension albeit your bodies will have been suitably prepared by that time…. You will find a peace settling upon you that enables you to keep calm whatever the circumstances, a sure sign that you are making good progress… One the racial tensions and disputes will disappear, and religion such as you know it will reform to be based upon the new truths that will be revealed. The One God will be accepted for all followers, and at a stroke remove what has proved to be the root of many problems and wars over the centuries….


       SALUSA 1-JULY-2011


       Matters have almost reached their conclusion, as the preparations already made to bring about disclosure are well advanced. When dealing with the dark Ones regrettably their word cannot be trusted, but fortunately when in their presence we can read their minds. That is useful as we realize the pressure is getting to them, and suddenly they are concerned as to what their future holds. For those who have committed the more serious crimes against you, the realization of the gravity of them has shaken their confidence in getting away with such crimes. We have offered a way out so that we can go ahead with the many tasks that are necessary. A way out is not the avoidance of justice but their removal to a safe haven, to keep them out of everyone’s way until they are called to answer for their crimes. Naturally many, many people will be seriously shocked to know the truth, but we will make it clear we do not condone revenge and that violence of any kind is abhorred. We can tell you that there will be plenty going on to keep your minds on the tasks ahead. We would not want you wasting your energy or time on pointless actions, when there will be so much to do of a positive nature.


       You will have noticed that in spite of the lack of coverage from your media, there is increasing unrest around the world. Demonstrations are increasing and becoming well supported no matter what type of opposition they meet. Often it is the authorities that are heavy handed and start violence, which is self-defeating and only encourages retaliation. We wonder when Man will learn that peace is achieved through dialogue and good sense. What all of this shows is that the people have realized that the ultimate power lies with them….  As time progresses towards Ascension, the changes in your levels of consciousness will be quite noticeable. That in itself will take mankind to a level where there will come a greater degree of harmony, and far less discordant actions…. 


       At our level you will find that on board our ships the atmosphere is so restful and uplifting. We have nothing that will create discord and all operates with a continual feeling of joy and happiness…. The ships also have a level of natural consciousness, and are able to automatically deal with any problems. Even you scientists understand such possibilities, having back engineered some of the captured or crashed craft. It means that you can no longer be certain as to whose craft you are looking at in your skies. It does explain some unusual incidents that include abduction and even cattle mutilation…. The contacts have been long made that will make the announcement we desire. There is an ultimate date when we shall have to speed up matters, and possibly take them into our own hands. We would rather be seen to act in accordance with your protocol, but time speeds on and we are fully ready to go ahead with our plans….


       SALUSA  22-JULY-2011


       There is everything to gain and nothing to lose by following the path to Ascension. Indeed, you will gain so much that you will look back at lives on Earth, and wonder how you got through them. Whatever you visualize as the beauty, joy and happiness of moving into a heavenly abode, we would say that you will still be overwhelmed by the sheer magnificence of everything. Wherever you go you are the focus of much love and attention by all life forms. You might believe that you have experienced love, but you are in for many surprises. It surrounds you, and you will literally feel as though you are walking on air. That is how it should be and is a most natural feature of the higher dimensions. Each soul you meet would seem as a God to you, yet by that time you also shall be one. Were you not made in the image of God, so is it not natural that you would be recognized as one yourself? The real you bears little resemblance to what you are now, but we acknowledge that many of you are trying your hardest to lift yourself up, and achieve success by being ones that lives by the Light and Love.


       Whilst on Earth you have the most difficult time to lift out of the lower vibrations, which is why few souls achieve Ascension without immense help. In your present situation you are receiving levels of help that are not normally given, but are intense because the Creator desires that as many of you as possible ascend this time round. It is after all a special occasion that allows for mass Ascension, as the cycle of duality ends for all life forms on Mother Earth. As you must know by now, it does not however take away your divine right to follow your freewill choice. By your actions, words and intent it is you who decide what your experiences shall be. If you so choose to carry on in a similar condition of duality as you are now, that is perfectly acceptable and no one will admonish you or view you as a lesser Being.


       Michael has now added Cities of Light to his understanding, as another facet of what is to manifest for souls on the Ascension path. As the weeks go by information of these magnificent cities will become widely known, and you will find that they are technologically advanced healing centres that will totally change you. They will not be the only ones, as there will be many ways available to you that will concentrate on raising your vibrations. Many civilizations of the Galactic Federation will contribute to the task of attending to your needs, and each often has their own specialized expertise. Be assured that before you reach Ascension, you will have healing that is based on Light, Sound and Color. Your earthly ways are often quite crude, but we do not belittle your attempts to cater for all types of illness and disease. A lot of the new methods are understood by you, but usually lack the funding to be developed. Furthermore, there are Corporations in the drug industries that stem any advances that may replace their products and reduce their profits.


       Dear Ones, your crazy world is falling apart, as it can no longer sustain itself. You are in a changing Universe as everything is always on the move, even if sometimes it is not perceptible. Nothing can stand still, and although the dark Ones would like to keep you in their control forever that is impossible. Each civilization has a period of time in which to grow and experience, and your history shows that your earlier ones all fell apart. However, the lessons learnt are carried forward at a subconscious level, and your present civilization was charged with completing its cycle without destroying itself. Without our intervention in recent times you could easily have failed, and we were given the authority to ensure that souls who were ready to ascend should be allowed that opportunity. In duality, the high and low points of your evolution come and go according to the level of the mass consciousness. Having dipped to a very low point in recent times, you have overcome the attempts to keep you down and are well on your way to a successful conclusion…..


       SALUSA  8-AUG-2011


       As you can see, the financial situation in the world is out of control and before much longer; our allies will have to step forward to implement the new policies. It does not take a genius to understand that creating more debt will not solve your problems, and debt forgiveness is the only certain way out. With the general disarray that is happening, people are realizing that a totally new approach is required if you are ever to move on. What is necessary to do done is part of our plans, as the breakdown of your societies has been anticipated and allowed for by us. We wait the right time to instruct our allies to go ahead, knowing that our offer to help you through this period will be accepted. Once we are acknowledged and accepted by the majority, we can then proceed to reveal the mission we have to carry out and prepare you and Mother Earth for Ascension.


       Have some compassion for your leaders, as they are working to the old model which is now defunct. They do not have the power or will to tackle the problems in the way we are intending, and obviously it could not work without every countries co-operation. Since you normally believe in the survival of the strongest, you will always have inequality and great differences between the rich and the poor. A measure of how you view others is evident from your response to the serious famine in Somalia, and the urgent needs of the suffering and dying people. We are pleased to note that the public are responding to it, and doing so in times when many of you are under pressure yourselves. For too long you have been under the influence of the dark Ones, who mostly ignore the plight of others and have no compassion or love in their hearts.


       You ask why we do not come to your aid now but please remember that all souls presently involved in the suffering, have at a higher level already accepted it as part of their experiences. As we so often point out, in such circumstances our intervention would be seen as interference, and denying them the experience they have undertaken. It does not mean you cannot help, and the reaction of others to their plight is also part of their experience. Try not to judge situations without knowing all of the facts, as you cannot know what is behind decisions that other souls take. Duality by its very nature is testing and bound to place you in difficult situations, and often it is for you to find ways of dealing with it. Be assured your life plan will take you wherever it needs to fulfil it.


       Fortunately the less desirable experiences are being countered by the promise of extensive changes that are really underway now except that you are unable to see them. Also with Ascension approaching very quickly you have no need to dwell upon what is happening on Earth now, as the cleansing gets underway and with our coming will be speeded up. One thing is for certain, and that is the Earth will not be largely destroyed as some predict. It will not be hit by a comet or any other missile, and we will deal with any such threat. Yes, there are the inevitable physical changes that have already been taking place for some time now, but we monitor them.


       Your part Dear Ones, is as always to keep focused on the future and not be distracted by any attempts to instill fear in you. There is of course fear still around, but that largely comes from a lack of understanding as to what is happening within your Universe. All is in a state of change and in the hands of exceptionally powerful Beings who will ensure that all action is completed In accordance with the Divine Plan. They oversee our activities and we have complete and utter faith in them. We obey their instructions to the letter, and know we are taking the best course of action for all concerned.


       If you knew how much interest there was in your Ascension, you would not worry about any developments that might involve you. Each of you is accompanied by a number of Guides or Angelic Beings, and they are with you to protect you and ensure you make Ascension if that is your wish. Some of you are aware of their presence, and all of you can communicate with them and indeed should do so if they are to be fully aware of your needs. Often the only time people call upon them is when they are in danger, and that is perfectly in order and they will “hear” your call. However, remember that they are also there as your spiritual mentors and helpers. They are pleased when you acknowledge their existence and engage in thought contact with them. In time you will meet your Guides and teachers, as your evolution is ongoing and does not stop with Ascension. However, once ascended your consciousness levels will be such that you will need fewer helpers in attendance….




       I AM Archangel Michael. Some people call me Ashtar Sheran. I AM one and the same. This period that Earth is now going through, begun long ago, is one that required extraordinary measures in order to anchor the Light and assure the outcome, though I assure you; the outcome has always been assured. [smile] Such extraordinary measures of which I speak have included, no less, the necessity and free will choice of many of us who have never been incarnate before, to become incarnate in order to help facilitate in the best ways possible, the Ascension of Planet Earth and All Her In Habitants.

       My own incarnate “identity” is as Ashtar Sheran. This physical body has been party to a blended Soul – or the state of being known as Soul Multiplicity – though recently, over the last year, the other Souls who were in residence within this physical body have vacated leaving only my own vibration, that which you are familiar with as Archangel Michael. In the upper echelons, the higher dimensions, I have no spoken name, for spoken language made of words is not used, but rather I can be recognized by my frequency/vibration, or as some refer to as, my “aura”. This is the way that we recognize All of you also, for within your Soul you encompass your own unique frequency of Light, your own unique color that distinguishes you from all other souls. Each of you are also part of the extraordinary measures of which I spoke earlier, for without your prior arrangement and planning to be here at this time, the outcome, although as always has been assured, may have been quite different, and may perhaps have taken longer than it has. As it stands, through your steadfastness and your stalwart demeanour, All has actually come out ahead of schedule.

       The vibration of Planet Earth and All her inhabitants has been successfully raised to a degree that those of us who came into being, became incarnate, in the Higher Dimensions, most prevalently this, the 5th dimension, which you have so diligently been aiming yourselves toward, are now fully compatible with and can now interact freely among you and with you. This opens up all kinds of possibilities, not the least of which is Earth’s full inclusion into the Galactic Community, of which you have heard so much about. Information will be disseminated to you; which up until now some have known about, but which was kept from you. All secrets have come to an end now, however, and full disclosure is now at hand. There is nothing that can stop this process now, even though some still believe that they maintain ultimate power where Love now prevails. They will be dealt with, firmly but gently, so that there will be no doubt left in them which direction the world has turned, and the decree of the majority of the population of Planet Earth, that this is now a “fear free zone” will go up in a great cheer of Freedom for All based in True Unconditional Love.

       We of the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command would like to extend deep gratitude to All of you for working so diligently holding the Light here and making possible what now will take place. We would especially like to commend all of you who have come here to be reunited with your Twin Flames, as it is through this connection of Deepest True and Unconditional Love that huge amounts of Love Energy have been created on behalf of Planet Earth and All Her In Habitants, to assist in holding the Light and raising the vibration ahead of what was anticipated. Yours has been a difficult undertaking and is greatly appreciated and respected by All. Of course All Souls who are here now will continue collecting, holding, transmitting and generating Love and Light to continue on toward the culmination of this Ascension process when you are fully within the 5th Dimension and all traces of the 3rd Dimension have fallen away.

       The Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command greatly look forward to assisting you in the next steps you will take in becoming full members of your Galactic Community. It is our honour to bring to you knowledge of ways that will make your lives infinitely more enjoyable, and you will be living them in pursuit of that which brings you Joy and Happiness, instead of eking out a meagre existence or feeling the need to try and amass as much material wealth as possible to keep ahead of “the game”. In your New Earth, the amassing of great wealth will not even be a consideration to you, as you will come to understand that attaining what you want, need or desire, is as simple as conceiving of it, and you will learn unequivocally how to provide yourselves with All that you require to make you happy.

       I would like to take opportunity now to bring up a point of contention that many of you who are still on the dividing line have had over recent developments and received messages pointing to certain events that will be taking place shortly. While it has been evident to us that the intent and meaning of these messages has been undeniably clear, still it appears many had misinterpreted what was said, either through not fully understanding what is necessary in order for these events to take place, or because of their own doubt and fear of what is slated to take place, or the doubt that any of it is real, or will ever take place. We want to reassure you, once again, that the outcome is assured, and though, as there are still “hold-outs” within some of your governments, and undoubtedly you know who they are, we are still waiting patiently for them to secede and move aside so that we may enter your airspace and reveal ourselves directly to you, the People of Earth, the majority who truly want to take this next step. We also want to assure you that “push” IS coming to “shove” and soon we will take matters into hand whether we would receive a warm welcome from your hold-out governments or not. We also want to assure you that this WILL happen SOONER rather than later, as the majority has spoken and Freedom from tyranny, and movement toward a Joy based existence which is founded in Love is now desired. It is, after all, your Divine Right, and is the way that your experience has always been prior to your becoming incarnate in the 3rd Dimension.

       As I have iterated and reiterated within this message, the outcome is now assured, but let me stress that your diligence in holding the Light for those who are still awakening is vital. It is necessary for you to continue to do all you can to bring Earth into Ascension, so don’t stop now because you are aware that the desired outcome is guaranteed. Remain Heart Cantered and Love-filled so that through your compassion toward your Brothers and Sisters who still have yet to awaken, Love will continue to prevail and your Journey and destination ultimately fulfilling. You once were careening toward a future of uncertainty, but once within the Light gained momentum toward the future of your dreams, finally escaping the nightmare that your lives had become. You are still gaining momentum which will bring you to your rightful place in the Divine Plan ever quickening if you will but maintain that increasing momentum. This will also assure the smoothest ride to your destination as the added Energy will tend to prevent anticipated “bumps” in the road. Your arrival fully within the 5th Dimension will be virtually guaranteed free of major disasters and catastrophic Earth Changes as your Light and higher vibration assist Earth with attaining and maintaining Her own Light and higher vibration.

       All is well. All is going according to Divine Plan. All will be announced shortly and All will be known once and for All. I AM Archangel Michael, incarnate as Ashtar Sheran. I have been planet-side for some “time” now making arrangements for unveiling of the fleet in your skies, though I now return to orbit to make final preparations for full disclosure at which time I will return to the surface for the extended stay which was mentioned in a previous transmission. I look very much forward to greeting you then! Until then I send my Love out to each and every one of you, that you have a glimpse of what you will be feeling non-stop in the coming days. Blessings of Love and Joy to you All!


        GABRIEL 3.JUN.11

       Questions: For Gabriel about the chemical trails sprayed by aeroplanes: A) Who are doing it? B) How it is done? C) What materials they use? D) What is their purpose? E) What excuse they present? F) What are the results upon people and the planet in general? G) Why we do not stop it? H) Why the governments do nothing about it? I) What will be done from now on? J) When it will be stopped and how? K) Is it done to all countries or are countries that do not permit it?

           Answers: Hello George, I will do my best to answer your questions about the chemical trails. You ask who is doing it. Of course it is your governments that are doing it, but you already knew that. How it is being done is something you also already know. Why are you asking these questions? they are loading the chemicals they want sprayed in populated areas onto the airplane, not passenger planes but private or military planes. Most is done at night. They are using very toxic materials harmful for humans and animals. Again their purpose is to depopulate the world and they need no excuse. They are very frustrated because their purpose has been hampered, as they are not allowed to destroy the population, yet they continue to try. Have you personally heard of any deaths from these chemical sprays? I don't understand your question as to what will be done from now on? I will ask you again have you personally heard of any deaths of animals or people from these chemicals? You don't already see that we have been keeping the sprays from harming the peopleWhy would the government do something against something they themselves are allowing. There are a lot of countries that do not permit it. The United States is one of the main ones that use it daily, and scratch their heads as to why it isn't working. It will stop soon as they will get frustrated. I have told you before that depopulation isn't going to be allowed, and we haven't changed our minds. People are like boys, and they keep playing with their toys, hoping for a different outcome. Your Friend Gabriel of the Galactic Federation.

       GABRIEL 20.JUN.11

       Dear George, this is Gabriel. I don't have a lot of time today as things are moving very fast toward first contact and disclosure as you are already aware of. Here are the answers to your latest questions. Question 1): Is it true that on 15.Jun.11 a gate opened in central Greece through which divine entities together with extraterrestrials entered in order to help Greece, and until end of Jun announcements will be made here about changes in our political and economical systems, and until the end of July announcements about the extraterrestrials? Answer 1): Yes there was a gate that opened on your Jun 15th in your central Greece and yes ET's did enter and it is in order to help Greece as well as others. We have been very busy as Sharon knows as she has tried hard to communicate with us and we have been too busy even to communicate, so things are getting ready to really change your planet. Announcements are important as you know but they are not the most important, since your country is past the brink of no return and without help is going to implode in on herself. Remember a long time ago George when I told you that everything would start in Greece. Now you are seeing and feeling it as being so. There is change and help for you and your country. Again we will see about the announcements actually happening. We wouldn’t like it to be that way, as we don't want to scare the people and show up unannounced, but if that is the way it has to be, then it will be. 

        Question 2): Is it true that the entity of Zeus has also come to help us, (as he did in the ancient Greece as a mythology God), which is a very high Divine entity which together with other 6 similar entities are responsible for our universe? Answer 2): Yes George Zeus and other Greece Gods of mythology are helping with the events in Greece. Ôhey are not the only responsible for our universe. They are beings sent to help and they have been around in a watching position for many centuries. The source or heaven is the creature of the universe.

       Question 3): Is a Greek visitor from abroad who came on 16.Jun.11 and told me about his contacts with extraterrestrials saying the truth and is he of the dark or of the light? Answer 3): He is of the light, and he is telling you the truth. Please explain to Sharon what his truth is. Question 4): Are you Sharon and Gabriel responsible to help only the USA (as my Greek friend connected with Andromeda is probably only for Greece), or you are responsible to help Earth in general? Answer 4): We care here for the world. Sharon’s work that she does at night takes in the whole world. She is also going to be the mentor of her husband with the arrival of the extraterrestrials, when the time will come. As of now we help with the destruction of the dark throughout the planet. The time is almost right for all to know the truth about us. Rejoice as it is so different than religion has taught. Blessings Dear George. Your Friend Gabriel of the Galactic Federation.

       GABRIEL 26.AUG.11

       After I sent to Sharon and Gabriel my article about Greece (see the end of my page II.1.D1) I received from Sharon  the following message from Gabriel:  Dear George, I found your writings most interesting. I am going to give it to Gabriel now. Gabriel: As for our part of the Galactic Federation George, we have been working to keep the dark from absolutely destroying our beautiful Gaia. Sharon has been working at quieting volcanoes that have the ability to destroy many-many souls, while others have been working hard at keeping the earthquakes at some sort of bay. We have been working hard at helping the world governments keep their promises and the military from bringing their Faults Flag Events. At the same time getting the prosperity funds in place, when the governments change hands, and do all this before the massive Earth changes start, whereas very few of humanity could survive if left out on the exterior of the planet. These next couple of months are going to be very exciting for all as we also have a planet that comes around every 27.000 yrs that is starting to bring more changes to the Earth than we can keep up with. Pray for your planet and the Federation as we all need the prayers. All will be as it should, and it has just been slowed because of the dark. The people of Earth will pretty much all ascend together (with or without their vibrations being raised to a certain level), and will all succeed with assertion. Keeping the fear ofthe people at a low level is also a challenge and that is why so many channels are giving up building and happy forecasts. I wish you all well George and I will keep an eye on what is happening in Greece, as I am also watching poor Japan and Indonesia as well as other lands that are suffering .Gabriel of the Galactic Federation. Be at Peace Brother we are very close.

       GABRIEL 30.AUG.11

       In the questions I made to Gabriel A) If he is going to visit the Center Zeus and talk with Demetra and B) About the origin of the storm Irene, the answers were: A) Dear George, I don't believe I will be communicating with Demetra on 2 Sept..  When I said I saw the Center I meant I saw it from afar. On our ship we have the ability to watch what is going on on Earth when ever we so choose. It is like a large screen that we have sat in the floor of the deck of the ship, Sara has been there many times and watched, but she just doesn't remember it. I have been following Demetra and the Center from the beginning and I do not need to communicate with her. B) As for how the storm Irene being created, the storm was created by HAARP and directed by several different kinds and types of frequencies to make it go directly to New York City. When the storm started to go out to sea at one point, they directed the strongest HAARP rings (we have ever seen used out of Charleston South Carolina) to not only straighten it, but to get it back on the direction to New York. When that happened, dozens of our scout ships got in front of the storm right over New York City (where thousands of people witnessed the ships). and redirected the storm and softened it greatly so that when it hit New York it didn't do near the destruction that it was meant to do. Once again mans plan to destroy the population failed. Instead of massive destruction of the structures in the city they had a lot of flooding. Human lives were lost, but not nearly in the numbers they wanted them to. Gabriel.

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ChamberminCristal minPresentsmin1

Schematic of the transformation champers

Schematic of a crystal city in Hollow Earth

Schematic of 5D “magical”  apparatus





An61 Gods of the Clouds     

C2g318a The river with the heavenly rays

An246  Prisoner of the savages




C1g183  Garden in a stony landscape

     An43  Targets we pursue

C1g212  The touching of our soul




Bg572  Flood in the slope of the mountain

C2g867 Coast in another planet  

Bg582  The canyon that carries our hopes




Bd91  Reflections of ghosts in the pond

Bd87  The valley of our dreams

Bd92  Ghosts in the stream




Cd481 Angry sea in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Cd688 Red rocks  in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Cd15 Colorful waves in the 4th and 5th dimensions




Cd413 Yellow cliffs in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Cd75 Valley by the sea in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Cd242  Trees by the sea in the 4th and 5th dimensions






An104  The Charlie Chaplin inside us

An130  The web that keeps us prisoners

An216  A god of the Indians

An131  The forest of life where we are lost