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       INTRODUCTION. This page is a continuation of the previous page II.1.D13 and is going to contain any new (from December 2010) important messages (or selective paragraphs of these messages), coming from our Sirian friends of the Galactic Federation, or from the Divine Hierarchy who are hear on Earth to help us a) to face all our problems during the interim period until end of 2012 (and especially the problems created by the “dark forces” who govern us), b) to ascend to fully conscious beings and c) to enter successfully the “fifth dimension”. These messages are A) From the “updates” of my friend Dr. Sheldan Nidle (see his site:, who has regular communication with them, receiving such messages. B) From another Sirian named SA LU SA speaking through Michael Quisey see his site ( C) Information I receive from my friend Gabriel, an extraterrestrial from his planet Altone of Andromeda, who is here on Earth with the Galactic Federation to help us with the ascension etc, speaking through his sister in Earth Sharon who sends me the corresponding emails, answering to my questions to him. D) From the Divine Hierarchy (Archangel Michael, Saint Germaine, Saul, etc) coming through channelling. E) from other sources from important people on Earth.

        NIDLE 21.DEC.2010

       We return to continue our discussion with you as the world you live in completes another of its Gregorian-calendar years. We come at this time with much news and to proclaim the manifestation of a new reality! The old ways that have controlled your world for the past eight millennia have run their course; the trite reiterations of your authority figures fail to convince; and the economic, governmental, and social underpinnings of your reality are falling apart. The depth and extent of this systems failure is global in scope, and it is apparent that widespread panic is indeed setting in, spreading from one continent to another. Presently, a fake digital bastion disguises the breakdown that lies behind it, but this deception cannot last much longer. What is being perpetrated is a series of monumental misrepresentations which are shortly to collapse in on themselves. Everywhere the need for change grows with each passing day. Our Earth allies have begun to listen intently to what we have to say on these matters, and we are encouraging them to act and to act now!

      The banking sham and the huge debt that is engulfing the system portend the start of a global collapse the likes of which your world has never seen. Similarly, governments, especially in the Americas and many nation-states in Europe, are reaching the end of their rope. Civil unrest and other forms of national disobedience are beginning to crop up in many parts of your world, and the more totalitarian regimes are apprehensive about a degree of civil disorder not seen since the days when the communist regimes of Eastern Europe collectively fell. These conditions do not go unnoticed by the dark cabalists, and their henchmen are now flying around the world to assure many regimes of their support and their ability to keep the lid on the growing public rebellion. Their assertions are hollow and are made to maintain some semblance of control and stability, which is being increasingly undermined, by the concerted actions of our Earth allies. Developments are coming to a head, and the time is fast approaching for us to actively insert ourselves into your affairs to turn the tide swiftly in our Earth allies' favor.

      Our diplomats and liaison teams are monitoring the global situation carefully and at the proper moment we need to intervene on a massive scale. This intervention will be swift and enable deliveries to be made quickly and easily. The dark cabal is watching the approach of this 'first domino' closely. Despite their best efforts, our Earth allies are unable to push it through on their own, so we have decided to do it in our own way. At the right moment, this special intervention will happen. It will signal the start of a chain of events that is to change governments and usher in a new global, hard monetary structure. We have been over the procedures for these changes many times with our Earth allies and our Agarthan cousins. These events herald the end of your non-disclosure policies, and once we are formally announced, we intend to begin an education program that will make first contact much easier to carry out. Right now, many of you are in a quandary over whether we are benevolent or even truly real! Our broadcasts and ship tours will put these questions formally to rest.

     Another aspect of these educational broadcasts is our massive technology bequest to you. Our technologies are to supplement the presently sequestered technologies that the new regimes are to release into the public arena. You are to vault ahead technologically by several decades to make up for the past century during which these discoveries were made and then kept from you. A much-needed new scientific paradigm will be born, preparing you for what is to come. We intend to assist your sciences to coalesce a new paradigm. We discovered long ago that once truth begins to come on line in any given situation, it gets harder and harder for the governments to stem the surge toward full disclosure. We look forward immensely to this technology transfer and all that will follow it, as the situation on your world requires urgent, massive upgrading. Our personnel are ready to go and carry out their assigned responsibilities at a moment's notice.

      Now let us look at the sequencing of events as set up by our Earth allies. We have basically taken over responsibility to see that the flood of global deliveries is carried out at the appropriate moment. Further, we have used our good offices to ensure that the new governments are in power by the time this first task is completed. The new governments, especially the American one, have the job of broadcasting the dramatic, initial series of announcements which will lay the groundwork for all we have been talking about in this message. They have a range of immense responsibilities to carry out. In the case of the new American regime, there is the grand task of reestablishing the US Constitution as a true working document, and the first broadcast will address how this is to be done. The next series of edicts will establish guidelines for debt forgiveness and new monetary and international policies.

      These proclamations will establish a new reality for America. In this new atmosphere, a number of new governments in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Oceania will have the opportunity to contribute additional global guidelines. These are to be the basis for an unprecedented level of global cooperation and will be enhanced by our good offices and by our own educational broadcasts. You are then to enter a new era in which you, as a people, can reach out and rediscover the true nature of Gaia and reunite with your Inner Earth cousins, the Agarthans, who have waited for nearly thirteen millennia to interact with you without outside interference. Then comes a short interim period prior to your return to full consciousness; a time for celebrating your reunion with and getting to know your Inner Earth family.

      We see this coming time as a period when Heaven allows us to be the element 'that makes a difference.' We possess the means to turn our Earth allies into a force to be reckoned with! We have been in orbit around your world for nearly two decades, and this is an unprecedented situation for any Science and Exploration (S&E) fleet. During this time we have been asked to intervene increasingly deeply, all in accordance with Heaven's dictates. Another interesting facet of this mission is the high turnover of motherships joining and leaving the fleet. A further unique aspect is the high exchange rate of motherships between star-nation fleets, giving us a composite made up of members of almost every S&E fleet in the Federation. Normally, the Main Federation Council would not allow such an extensive migration of Motherships!

      What lies just ahead of you is Heaven's grand thrust to institute a new fully conscious reality for you. Our part in these proceedings is to make it happen! We take this role very seriously as we comprehend fully what Heaven intends for you. The suffering you have had to endure is now to end. You are ready now to embrace a wealth of facts and astonishing truths that will run counter to what you have long been given to believe. The cabal has fought tooth and nail to maintain those lies that keep them in power, but that option is no longer available. The time has come for you to learn that you are not alone, and for you to graduate to your incredible future as fully conscious Beings of Light. Celebrate, now, the emerging events that are bringing you this imminent and wondrous destiny!

      Today, we reviewed what awaits you and ask that you prepare for what is now to happen. Be ready to help your fellows and to inform your community about what is happening in their world. We are to stage a mass landing, and then lead you in grace and joy to your new fully conscious world! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!

        NIDLE 28.DEC.2010

       ….The various nations of your world have secretly come together to oppose the hegemony of the dark cabal and to end its millennia-long stranglehold on the globe. Predictably, the dominant agent of this cabal, the US corporate state, used its army of covert intelligence operatives to put pressure on anyone involved in that activity, which created a very sticky milieu for the Earth allies and their new friends to operate in. Meanwhile, several major global trusts were reaching the point of pay-out and a number of parallel scenarios were also underway, the intent of which was to reach the point for our direct intervention around the end of the Gregorian year of 2010 and early 2011. These scenarios are beginning to interlink, and we have come to agreements with the major white-Light, secret societies of your globe on what is to be done next

     . Your world needs to be deeply purged of what has come to be the commonplace and widely accepted prime beliefs of your reality. These erroneous mindsets are fostered by the fiction that you are alone and unique in the universe. Once your true history and the truth of your origins on other worlds are revealed, all these notions will go up in smoke. Those in your society who are willing and able to do so need to take on this huge crisis of perception and get the people of Gaia back on track. Then you can be introduced to us. Our mission is to complete what the many white-Light societies plan to do. Our counsellors have waited for almost two decades to set you free and graciously introduce you to the amazing, sovereign Being that each of you has hidden within you.

      The first item on the agenda of this first contact mission is to move you toward a more ethical form of governance combined with an economy based on abundance. The aim is to begin to fully honor you as sovereign Beings, and this implies a complete reappraisal of how you treat one another. Each of you is a precious creation of the Creator, endowed with equal and unalienable rights and delivered into this world with certain life-long goals. You are then equipped with unique talents that can be used to help others, as well as yourself, to reach those life goals. Galactic societies take these talents to their full potential. Normally, societies have reached this point before being eligible for first contact. You are to go beyond this point, all the way to full consciousness. You have a glorious future ahead, as a key member of the Galactic Federation of Light!....

       NIDLE 4.JAN.2011

       …..While we wait, on a moment-to-moment basis, for the end of what has been a long, drawn-out drama, we continue to advise our Earth allies and to meet with them regularly to sketch out the last details. We are in a special position insofar as we are the only factor in the mix that the cabal deeply fears. We possess the means and the technology to challenge them successfully at every turn, and this feeds their growing panic. At the appointed times we use this leverage to advance the cause of our Earth allies. We fully realize that the moment has now come for us to go beyond our 'containment' of the dark to the point where our Earth allies are firmly propelled toward a well-deserved victory over this cabal. These definitive moments are at hand, and we need to step up the pressure and blast through to the finish! To this end we have assigned several new liaison teams to finish up the delivery process and have sent others to assist in preparing the caretaker regimes to take up the reins of power. These operations are progressing swiftly. In addition, we are moving some key command ships into closer Earth orbit.

       The past few months have seen an increase in secret government craft detailed to attack us. At first, we decided to ignore these silly attempts to harass us and to simply remove ourselves from the vicinity of these technologically inept craft. We reinstituted these non-engagement directives to demonstrate that these antics were not an issue for us. However, their increasing forays, which have lately included conventional fighter planes from regular air forces, have begun to get in the way of our daily scientific mission. Hence, we have detailed a contingent of our defense forces to neutralize the secret-government craft and to temporarily reinstate a more thorough cloaking procedure for all assigned craft, and this has substantially lessened the amount of interference encountered by them. As you can see, the dark cabalists remain defiant and their escalated aggressive measures speak to their unreasoning intransigence. Our recent countering of their strategy of aggression has thrown up new and unacceptable proposals on their part.

       The dark cabal still feels it is the only acceptable group to govern your world. It is constantly out to prove to us the inadvisability of challenging its power. This power does indeed have its roots in an age before your present recorded history, and the notion of dismantling such a 'venerable' and ancient heritage is to them pure hubris. We responded to this dogma with the fact that several different methods for controlling humanity were tried by the Anunnaki before the present group was put in power. We pointed out that, above all, this time is no longer about control and manipulation, but freedom, sovereignty, and abundance. This makes them the proverbial dinosaurs that go extinct in the face of the incoming new reality. Understandably, this analogy upsets them. The thought that what they stand for is no longer appropriate throws them deeper into trepidation and despair. However, the fact is that the time has come for divinely decreed change….

       NIDLE 11.JAN.2011

      ….The dark cabal has made it a point to express its displeasure with the uncontrollable natural modifications of Gaia by perpetrating a direct and unrelenting assault upon her. The massive oil spill that started suddenly last April in the Gulf of Mexico is a prime example of this sorry strategy. Many corporations and governments on your world are in cahoots on a grand scale to cripple the process of transformation that Gaia has been slowly engaging upon for the past half century, and the Gulf oil spill is one of the more dramatic examples of this in the past decade. A major goal of this stratagem is to cripple the Gulf Stream and mess up the North Atlantic Conveyer. This puts the entire Northern Hemisphere into a pattern of very cold winters and cooler springs, summers, and autumns. This has a knock-on effect in the Southern Hemisphere by changing the jet streams. This affects the monsoons, creating large floods during the Southern Hemisphere's summer, and this will happen next summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The way to reverse all this is to restore the Gulf Stream.

      Encircling your planet is an ocean current that your scientists call the Great Conveyer. It is this rhythmic flow of Earth energy that all life here is attuned to. We have seen how diligent your dark cabal is in finding ways to seriously disrupt this prime energy flow, and in part they have temporarily succeeded. Mother Earth is now working to restore this prime conveyer, and her work is reducing the amount of destruction possible, especially considering the amount of ruin that has already taken place around your globe. Our brief is to act in accordance with what Heaven tells us. Your world is reaching a point where the failsafe mechanisms (such as they are) built into your societies can no longer hold, and in light of this, Heaven has described to us a scenario in which a series of direct interventions can safely take place. These projected intercept points are fast approaching. We are monitoring these (ultimately) man-made disasters and deeply wish to intervene on a massive scale. This will happen in the very near future, as events are underway that will make this most possible!

      Not only your climate but your economy also is in serious difficulties. Your dark cabal and its media and governmental minions are deliberately turning a blind eye to the illegal activities that have brought your world to the brink of a colossal ruin. These conditions have now been pushed to their limits. A massive backlash is mounting, but this can actually expedite what we intend to do. Heaven has instructed us on these matters and we need to follow these sacred directions to the letter. Look to the amazing amount of anomalous activity happening on your world and in your solar system and realize that these are clues that, taken together, clearly point to the proximity of what we tell you. Your reality is in a very fragile state. Tipping points are inexorably converging throughout your realm, which indicates that a major shift is starting. Our part is to arrive at a specific point and swiftly complete the momentum currently underway. This intervention is a divine one and will resolve and wrap things up more quickly.

      Your world hovers on the edge of incredible change. We are pledged to intervene. Our many liaison teams are focused on getting the preliminary changes done swiftly. We are determined to do this. One minor obstacle is the continuing belief of many on your world in an invasion by an off-planet organization. This concept is being played up constantly by your entertainment industries, and we have therefore taken measures to ensure that what we do is not misinterpreted by your society. We came here, knowing full well that your limited-conscious society has been thoroughly manipulated, first by the Anunnaki and then by their earth minions. The use of carefully placed misinformation stories is a prime trick of the corporate American government. We intend to proceed in a way that makes us, first, welcome, and then perceived by you to be family.

      The purpose behind what is now happening is to affect a major shift in your consciousness and in your reality. Much needs to be explained. Your recorded history is chock full of lies, unexplained events, and apparent 'mysteries.' We need to clarify what really happened to you and show you a true chronicle of your origins. This will cast light on why we are here and why you are being returned to full consciousness. Then you will be able to understand that this mission goes way beyond merely restoring you to de jure government, and you will see that your new abundance is a mere preamble to the creation of your new galactic society. A more expansive, friendlier approach to the universe is then possible, and you can begin to better comprehend our mission here and why we are working toward a full-fledged first contact with you.

      We know that, each day, many of you wonder about the exact timing of this divine intervention. Let us look at this: your world is close to major collapse. One telltale symptom of a society on the verge of a big consciousness leap is the flurry of conflicting notions about what is actually happening. This confusion can be further abetted by the ruling cabal, which usually deliberately fuels the chaos as a way to prolong its time in power. Anyone looking objectively at your global conditions can see that great change is ready to happen. Usually, things smoulder on for another decade or so, and then a bloody revolution erupts. In your case, the particular circumstances of your situation preclude the luxury of a distant rebellion. The Divine has stated that a bloodless revolution is required, now. This is what our Earth allies and we are about to produce. It is to be at once a truly shocking and a truly marvellous happening!

      Try to resist the temptation of frustration, and see these last days as the lull before a full-blown, unprecedented series of phenomena erupts onto the world stage, changing everything! Our personnel are working all out to shove these sensational events into being. We have to ensure that the surprise factor is also a positive experience, as uplifting events are desperately needed here! We are producing the 'magic' to manifest this, and indeed, many opponents of this cause are daily being converted. It is close and ready to burst forth. All aspects of your reality construct are straining at the seams; look at the growing anomalous changes in your solar system and in your Sun; look at the indices of change in your global societies. Magic is getting ready to pop!

      Today, we delved deeper into what is happening to transform your world. Be advised that the changes to your dear planet, Gaia, and to your reality are truly immense! The mounting chaos and confusion have stirred up a great apprehension in you, but know that this is surely to be morphed into a great joy! The time for this great joy to become your eternal now has come! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!

       NIDLE 18.JAN.2011

       We come again with more things to discuss with you. Right now, some breakthrough developments are taking place around your planet and a new series of meetings has brought us to the brink of your deliveries. These meetings are setting the stage for the events marking the start of the changes we have all been waiting for so patiently. Ever since we arrived en masse above your world, we have been waiting for the global changes that are the precursors to first contact. These much-needed events are getting ready to be presented to you. Federation personnel who are at these meetings have informed us that the last obstacle is being worked out, and at the same time, the delivery schedules are being finalized. The change in governance and the deliveries need to be synchronous, and it was the inability hitherto to achieve this critical timing that resulted in the seemingly unending delays. But now, the dark cabalists have been given to understand that their future safety may be in jeopardy and this has caused some of them to alter course.

      We can also report that several of their associates have been forced to step aside. This breakthrough has much heartened our Earth allies. The dark cabal has been able to keep a number of nations and their respective banking systems from joining the growing movement for a new global financial system, and the recent developments have put this movement for banking change back on track. Further, a number of new criminal trials are close to happening, which will put these obstacles to rest once and for all. Indeed, it is the threat of these upcoming trials that triggered this most welcome change of heart, and we look forward to seeing a sequence of progressive events roll out like a domino effect. The prospect of the looming economic disaster proved too much even for the dark and its cronies to contemplate! This scenario would have pulled the rug out from under the present system and led to an unbelievable rise in global chaos. In short, the change of heart was induced by the twin specter of unpleasant legal repercussions and a financial crash that would bring no relief to the dark's present dilemma.

      We stand at the edge of the precipice! Several adjustments in personnel have been made to the composition of the first cabinet of the interim President. It is important that the caretaker government be able to operate cohesively in carrying out the programs announced in the official broadcasts. We are pleased with the way our Earth allies are using the remaining moments to prepare for the grand charge. The first month in office requires that the scheduled agenda be dutifully and quickly brought into being. We see that each of the departments of this new government is prepared to institute several new precedents on policy, and this applies to many other governments worldwide. A global effort is underway to establish a policy of debt forgiveness, new banking and finance, and even worldwide cooperation. These initial policies will be followed speedily by a full disclosure of our existence and benevolence, which will lead to our full cooperation with these new regimes in bringing out formerly suppressed technologies.

      These new technologies are to lay the foundation of a new paradigm, beginning with the sciences, which will turn over a new leaf for humanity and reveal the truth of your origins. We watched as numerous individuals in the physical and social sciences pioneered new directions in scientific research. These forays into new methodologies, initially pooh-poohed by their peers, are now being recognized, and we respect these pioneers who were courageously showing the way to a new science. We are putting together a series of educational broadcasts that will introduce these heralds to you by name, thus pointing the way to a more spiritual science. This will be the prologue that will introduce you to the science that we use every day in our monitoring and upkeep of Gaia. As your responsibilities grow, you can rally to the challenge of developing a science of consciousness, which can enable you to pick up the slack in taking care of your global society and the living planet that sustains you.

      What is happening on your world is not only a quiet revolution in governance and finance; it is a revolution that vaults you into full consciousness! Just think for a minute what this implies. You are moving into a realm filled with spiritual responsibilities. These things constitute our prime reason for existence. Physical Creation is a most special part of the infinite heavenly realms. It exists to provide many unique experiences that are vital to all spiritual Beings, the most important of which is the concept of 'time.' Time in Heaven has little meaning, and whether it is seen as sequential or as the omnipresent, eternal Now makes little difference. All things in Heaven are immortal and each moment simply a given. Time is an element needed for physical Creation; it is time that regulates the process that turns inter-dimensional Light into matter, and it is matter that shapes all of physical Creation.

      As you begin to see the physical universe through the lens of spiritual science, you come to better understand how physicality is put together and how it relates to the Divine. You begin to see why you are here and how best to interact with your fellows. This leads inevitably to galactic society. We see our societies as a sacred, organic meld, in which each Being can visualize their part in society and get the necessary feedback from their fellows, enabling them to potentialize their abilities to the utmost. This is best achieved by what we call fluid group dynamics, which is a system of give and take that we find solves all problems creatively. We intend to impart this to you both before and after you return to full consciousness. You are a most magnificent group and you possess in abundance the logic needed to achieve this.

      As you approach the start of your transformation process, keep in mind how precious is the world you are living on. It is one thing to consider yourselves to be 'masters of this realm,' and quite another to be 'sustainers and guardians of Mother Earth.' These expressions reveal very different approaches: the first is self-serving, indeed 'savage'; the second, spiritual and Loving. A 'master' rules as one who is the predominant and prime species of the realm, but this is not responsible nor is it the Truth. We repeat, you are a very special group of Beings and the ground of your Being is Love! It is your nature to see 'beyond' and to perceive the vast interconnected web of mutuality that is Life. Maintaining this web in its most potentialized form is vital to the preservation of all.

      This web of life is something you can actually see and feel once you regain full consciousness, and as a result, you will immediately perceive how upside down and back-to-front the operation of your society truly is. We have seen many societies rapidly restructure themselves as they rise in consciousness, and this is now the case with yours. It is becoming quite apparent to many influential thinkers on your world that this is a time of immense change. A grand transformation is required to save humanity and sustain Gaia. We have come to know these wonderful visionaries and have done what is divinely permissible in bringing into being what they are trying to tell you. In any event, your society is on the brink of great change, leading you to reunion and transformation!

      Today, we explained more of what is happening on your world. You are on the verge of things that on one level are deeply longed for, but that on another will be truly shocking to many. We come as a divine messenger and mentor, whose prime purpose is to return you to the stars, and your world to her former self. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!

       NIDLE 1.FEB.2011

       We come together to continue our discussion about the transformation of this reality and you. At present we are watching how your solar system is changing, including big changes to your Sun. All the seemingly anomalous occurrences noticed in your solar system concern the migration of your reality to the fifth dimension. This momentum is predicated on a divine plan that is to rearrange the appearance of your solar system. The most drastic of the changes presently happening is the mutation from bipolarity to monopolarity. This means that each of you and the ecosystems that surround you need to be completely realigned. Your electrical and magnetic systems are revivifying the parts of your body cells that control your electrical and magnetic selves. The restructuring of your RNA/DNA is just a small part of this process. Your base frequency is rising as more and more of this reality subtly alters, transforming the very nature of the density of your body. As this density lightens, you are able to take in ever more of the sacred-Light data packets that are changing your physical essence.

      These body changes are concurrent with similar changes that are transforming the physical structure of each of the Sun's planets. Thus Mars is undergoing a type of 'global warming' similar to Gaia's. Venus is beginning to modify the nature of her unlivable, boiling atmosphere, and Mercury and the outer gas giants are experiencing a great deal of exuberant growth in volcanism, planet quakes, and odd changes to their north and south polar regions. The shifts in the solar electromagnetic and gravitational fields that bind your solar system together are also reflecting this mutation. Like Gaia, the Sun is moving its South Pole inward as its North Pole migrates south, creating vast depressions or 'holes' across its surface. This explains the release of huge coronal fields that are shooting enormous displays of solar particles toward its daughter planets, and these are acting as catalysts to further hasten the changes happening throughout the solar system.

      This increasing activity in your solar system stimulates your own changes. The huge electrical fields generated by the Sun are pushing you onward and upward. When these fields encounter your energy fields they trigger the awakening of your latent 'junk' DNA, causing a series of cellular encoding episodes that are leading to the New You. This changes how you perceive your reality; in essence, you are becoming more spiritually oriented, prompting you to search for answers that your global society cannot readily provide. Whole movements are forming all over the world, with the objective of finding answers to these basic questions. This worldwide movement has reached the secular world, creating a network of organizations dedicated to change from the ground up and a rescaling of operational structures that emphasize the small over the large, and the local and regional over the global. You are starting to create the foundation for what is shortly to morph into a quasi-galactic society. Your global society is to become more coalescent as new technologies and new abundance provide it with additional reasons for existence.

      The present is a period of transition. Those who monitor developments around your globe notice two primary trends: first, your global economy is on its last legs. The 'appearance' of a recovery is mostly hot air and smoke-and-mirrors. The amount of debt continues to grow, while the chorus advocating a new system based on a series of hard currencies and a more local approach swells by the day. The present power structure is reaching the end of its ability to maintain the fiction so loudly trumpeted in the world's mainstream media. The second trend is the growth of people-oriented and spiritually based power structures, which we are interlinking to the rising movement to end the UFO cover-up. Many nations, and even a large group of corporate directors, are advising their associates that the time to redirect their priorities on this issue has arrived. We have personally met with members of the global business community and some key leaders of interconnected global spiritual networks.

      All these diverse groups give us the same fundamental reply: the time has come for a benevolent group of outsiders to intervene decisively in the affairs of your world. We have informed them of our first contact mission and of the role in this assigned to the Agarthans. They gladly welcome us and request that such a positive intervention happen in the very near future. The 'families' in charge on this world have grievously erred and humanity stands on a precipice; it can either continue on over the edge or go in a new direction and succeed spectacularly! The key factor in this outcome is for the 'benevolent outside force' to use its advanced technology to produce a situation compelling the dark cabal to resign. Those who operate at important gateways in your society cheer us on toward action during our recent encounters with them! We then tell them about our Earth allies and ask them to join us actively in achieving their passionately held goals.

      Thus, a movement is rising up all across your world that is deeply desirous of change. This movement will not be assuaged with mere passing 'fixes' of the multiple ills that assail your societies; it demands a massive recasting of the operating structures and these must reflect new, more enlightened social contracts that are able to keep pace with the swiftly changing New You. Our task is to move all this through its final hoops and prepare you for the transformation of your consciousness. Those who persist in trying to obstruct the inevitable and who want to prolong the financially and spiritually bankrupt status quo are rapidly becoming the dinosaurs on the verge of another mass extinction! Our divine intercession among you intends no such tribulation; we come to shepherd all of you through the final steps of a gleeful journey back to full consciousness. This means we have a very specific mission to accomplish….

       NIDLE 8.FEB.2011

       We return! Much has happened, and we arrive at a most critical juncture in the transformation of you and your reality. A grand final accounting is in progress, and when this two-step operation is completed, the global abundance deliveries and the much-needed change of governments can commence. These changes are the final requisites before the UFO cover-up can be sent packing! Accordingly, we are working very hard to see that these events happen as Heaven so decrees. Lord Surea has set forth a series of divine proceedings that will see the start of a vast transformation of your solar system's reality, which is even now quite evident in the increasing and unusual activities that are taking place from the Sun to the outer edges of your solar system. And yet these changes are only a pale intimation of what Heaven is preparing to do: she is to transform your reality from a limited-conscious dipolar one to a fully conscious monopolar one. In the end, your solar system will bear only a slight resemblance to its present form.

      This physical transformation is to create the environment in which you will carry out your role as true physical Angels in this Milky Way Galaxy. You will be responsible for sustaining your living world and for maintaining the vital life energies that flow throughout the solar system. Yet these tasks are not limited to simply keeping up your planetary homes; they extend to helping other groups of physical Angels maintain this galaxy and all others that are part of physicality. We understand that at this time this can seem rather overwhelming to you, but it will, in truth, be only one of the many tasks you will perform each day. Surrounding and supporting you will be a planetary galactic society, made up of many major 'clans' that allow your society to function at its fullest potential. Next, you are in contact with fellow associates from other worlds scattered throughout this galaxy. Together you have formed the Galactic Federation to be the vehicle through which you can all fulfill your primary duties to Heaven and to each other. Furthermore, you have reached out to other galaxies and created similar organizations to manifest the divine plan.

      The above scenario actually describes our experience four million years ago. Since that time, we have been integrating hundreds of thousands of galactic societies into our Federation from the farthest reaches of this galaxy. As we welcome these newly awakened star-nations, we learn much about the stunning diversity that the Creator has spread among us. You, too, are in for a magnificent treat as you begin your own journey of consciousness. We have come here to oversee the procedures that will return you to full consciousness, despite our Science and Exploration fleet's assessment that you were far from ready for our arrival. Inspired by Heaven's pronouncements we assembled a first-contact command and came in joyful anticipation to your shores. Over the past two decades we watched and learned, and then incrementally (as allowed) participated in those actions that are now leading you to full consciousness. These actions have now reached a stage where a synopsis would be useful; it is important that you comprehend that we are not in violation of your free will.

     The Creator sent us here with a broad mandate which we are now to discuss with you. This mandate is divided into two parts: first contact, and the wider implications of this for each one of you, starting with your history which can be divided roughly into three parts: the first is your arrival on Lemuria; the second is the rise of Atlantis and your fall into limited consciousness; the third is your protracted odyssey through the dark realms and your rise back to full consciousness. From this bird's eye view, you can understand that this time span is composed of a sequence of what many on your planet call Grand Cycles. Each of these cycles is approximately 26,000 years. Since the beginning of Lemuria over 900,000 years ago, you have completed 34 such cycles and are poised to complete the 35th. This grand cycle is to conclude in the coming solar (or galactic) year of 8 Manik. This is when a special series of galactic events is slated to occur after your Sun crosses the Galactic Equator.

      The principle reason for our arrival in great numbers is, quite simply, that this special time in your history has arrived. The tumultuous events happening all across your planet are a result of the fact that you are completing this 35th grand cycle. We come to welcome you and to assist, both as mid-wife and as mentor, in your transformation into full consciousness. This moment was pegged way back in your history as the time for this wondrous change in consciousness. The Anunnaki, at that time affiliated to the dark continuum Anchara, were well aware of this and had intended to circumvent this eventuality by means of a series of dastardly deeds, but this was short-circuited by the abrupt change of allegiance and subsequent pacifist declarations of Anchara. This led in the mid-1990s to a peace treaty with the Galactic Federation, which profoundly altered the wars in this galaxy. It brought forth the great peace that had been ordained by the Divine many eons ago.

      In this time of galactic peace, we have come to complete a prophecy that is pivotal to that peace. Gaia (Mother Earth) contains the source for this galaxy. She is therefore vitally important to that peace, since the Peace of Anchara is dependent on Mother Earth wholly returning to full consciousness. This places the onus on us to complete this historic mission successfully. For a time the dark cabal delayed this goal, and so we must now hurry things along more rapidly than first intended. To this end we have brought to the attention of the dark cabal's regimes the fact that our patience has run thin. Several actions have been taken to reinforce this point to the cabal's leaders, thus bringing the various objectives we are responsible for to the brink of manifestation.

      At present we are in the midst of finishing those tasks that precede the grand changes that we have touched on in many messages to you. Gaia, in tandem with your global reality, is at that point where her vast transformation can commence; the rising turbulence in your atmosphere and oceans, and the rumblings of your land are signs of this. This indicates that your reality has arrived at that decisive point where it requires either enhanced bolstering, or the go-ahead for the dramatic calamities to begin. We know that these portents show clearly that further delay will only increase the intensity of these changes. The moment for the great changes to be unveiled has arrived, and the time for action is now. Great deeds to spearhead this imperative for change are now urgently required.

      Our first contact team is preparing for action. For too long we have let the forces on your world control the extent of our actions but this policy has now passed into history. The moment to don the mantle of the 'galactic option' has come. Until now, our task regarding the heads of the dark cabal was to read them the riot act; this has been done. The next phase is to take the timetable they have long been apprised of and enact it. The requisites for implementing the new financial and monetary system are in place, and we have foregathered those who are to create the interim caretaker governments. The timetable is ticking and about to sound the alarm. Our fleet and personnel are agog and fully prepared to carry out the mission which will change the course of human history!

      Today, we discussed what is happening and what we intend to do about it. Supreme moments in Creation are marked by valiant and just deeds which unfold the divine plan, giving sovereignty and liberty back to those who have temporarily been divested of these God-given rights. We come as instruments of the Divine, ready to unfurl the next chapter in your history. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!

       NIDLE 15.FEB.2011

       We return once again with more to discuss with you. Currently, our Earth allies are engaged upon a series of moves which is to lead to victory! Meanwhile, the dark cabal is busy goading radicals and firebrands within the populist uprisings of the Middle East into confrontation and unrealistic demands in an effort to destabilize local economies. The goal here is to mess up the final stages of the Earth allies' new economic packages waiting in the wings. Another dark agenda is to generate desperately needed petrodollars for the cabal's now-empty coffers by driving the price of oil to record levels. To counter this, our Earth allies have stepped in covertly and are working with the regional leaders of both sides to secure agreements that not only pre-empt the sharp rise in chaos intended by the dark cabal but also prepare for a smoother transition to the new financial and economic systems. The allies' goal is to turn nationalist fervour into a force that can be used for peace, prosperity, and stability for every nation in the Middle East, and we have used our good offices to aid the efforts of our Earth allies.

      In addition to the unrest in the Middle East are the pockets of instability in Sub-Saharan Africa and in East and Southeast Asia. These are caused by the economic difficulties produced by the mountain of debt that has accrued throughout these areas of the planet. In fact, the western-driven fiat-money economy is reaching a point of immense collapse. A number of elements are ready to force the issues of fiat money and virtual wealth which have brought your world to this breaking point. The primary remedy is the setting up of a true precious-metals-backed currency alternative to the dark cabal's broken monetary system. Our Earth allies have worked extensively on ways to introduce these new currencies to you, and now the time has come to begin to usher them in. We are told that the means to do this will be the deliveries of the various types of prosperity funding. The goal of our Earth allies is to start this now, and then use the legal situation created by the deliveries to bring the new governments into being. With their official decrees a new global monetary policy comes formally into operation.

      Concurrent with the new monetary policy is a whole raft of new banking and corporate regulations which are to take effect immediately. These rules return your world to a state in which your unalienable, sovereign rights take precedence over the dictatorial nature of current government and corporate policies. The social levelling-action of the redistribution of the globe's wealth added to the rise of true de jure governance alters everything: the dark cabal loses access not only to its illegal wealth-building machine but also to worldwide governmental influence. The new governments are to be people-oriented. Their first concern is to enact a number of policies reinforcing the wealth and well being of their people. Further, these policies will enable them to introduce several technologies that can greatly enhance your daily life. However, for us the most important action is to end the current UFO cover-up. This act alone transforms your world! You are to move beyond your present xenophobia and learn that you are not alone and that your origins are indeed off world.

     As we await the actual moment when first contact becomes possible, we watch your world and see the change that is accelerating around you. Gaia intends to alter her surface world and desires to speed up the steps to this end. Meanwhile, your power structure is rapidly transforming. Those in power are only now realizing that the world that has existed for nearly 13 millennia is crumbling at their feet. The various factors that kept them in power are no longer as reliable as before, and the excesses of the dark cabal can no longer be covered up easily. These elements conjoin with the fact that we are here and that we are acting as your defenders. What we require from you is a firm belief in what is happening and some positive action on your part in whatever form comes naturally to you. Support those who openly espouse change. Use your skills to educate your communities and have your views made public. It is time to be an activist for change! This simply means that in some major way you become part of this movement.

      As more and more of you adapt to these new realities, you make it possible for a grand transformation to come into your lives much more easily. It is this that excites us about you: you are admirably adaptable, and when the Truth becomes known you can alter your core beliefs quickly. Our part in this is to put before you the necessary amount of evidence which can demonstrate new concepts about your reality. You have, for the most part, submitted passively to the monumental atrocities that the dark cabals have perpetrated upon you in the past, and the present is a good time to change the way you respond to what the dark is once more trying to do. Use your communications technologies and your sheer numbers to help the Earth allies. Show your global society that what was done in the past to stifle you can no longer work. Times have changed. A new attitude is afoot, and it cannot tolerate what the dark is intent on doing. You can no longer be deceived or enslaved!

      We are here, as we have said, to provide a galactic option. This option proclaims to your oppressors that there exist ways to terminate their dominance and compel them to concede power and wealth back to you. This gives you a moral responsibility to ensure a meaningful transformation and it is this process which paves the way for your rise in consciousness back to your fully conscious state. Our mission is to work with you to accomplish this. We come not to prevail over you but to welcome our family back. We come to give you the freedom and liberty to return to your natural state of Beingness. This benefits all of us! Your newly garnered wisdom and your special place in this galaxy provide you with special sacred compensations, which are to end permanently the galactic wars that have torn apart this galaxy for millions of years.

      You form a vital cog in the Treaty of Anchara. These documents ended the galactic wars nearly a decade and a half ago and now our first-contact mission is to bring you back into the Galactic Federation as a full-fledged and fully conscious member. As you do this, you are to interact freely with the Agarthans and, together, forge a new solar system and star-nation. This star-nation is to consist of the four water planets of your inner solar system and the spirit Beings making up the higher realms who are an important part of your new one-dimensional reality. Your new star-nation is to welcome both the former dark ones of this galaxy and those who have been a part of the Galactic Federation for literally millions of years. You are to be a special Beacon of Light that welcomes all of us, as well as those who come from myriad neighbouring galaxies.

      This sector of the universe has an important role to play in unfolding physical Creation. We know this and rejoice in all that we are about to do. This brings us back to the present: you are on the verge of a unique journey. Our role is to mentor you through the final stages and then to welcome you as the wonderful Beings that you truly are. First contact, as a process, is in its final phase. We can at last emerge openly from the shadows to which the dark and its major governmental allies had consigned us and bask in the Light that is natural to us. We can introduce our technology to you and reveal the discoveries long hidden from you by your governments. The Agarthans and you can then help Gaia to achieve her full-conscious Self.

      Today, we continued our discussion of what lies ahead for you and for Gaia. It is to be a time of wonder and joy! A most marvellous journey is ready to unfold, which reunites you with your Spirit and Space families. A grand celebration for us all is about to begin! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!


       NIDLE 22.FEB.2011

       We come to carry on with our discussion about the transformations taking place on your world. Our Earth allies continue to forge ahead with their plans to bring forth a new and much-needed financial system for your global society. These worldwide changes are predicated on true hard currency, comprising six main currencies. We have overseen the setting-up of gold and silver depositories at special points around your planet and these serve two purposes: first, to stabilize your global currencies and allow a radically different set of rules to come on line to regulate international banking. Second, their special placement is intended to provide essential points of energy for Gaia at her most vulnerable nodes on the world grid. Most of the nations involved in these complex negotiations have committed finally to these plans. Now outstanding are a few logistics associated with installing the various caretaker governments. These talks are in their last stages and are expected to be completed momentarily. Several key nations have already agreed to the contents of the announcement on the new international pact on government.

      Meanwhile, we are in discussion with several governments and our Earth allies regarding the formal announcement of our presence. We wish to come aboard formally within the first month of these temporary governments' establishment. Some want to delay this until the middle of the second month. We feel strongly that disclosure needs to be made as soon as the initial announcements have had a chance to sink in and the implementation procedures are completed. This, according to our Earth allies, is on a two-week timetable, yet many still disagree. The disruptions caused by the dark cabal need to be decisively attended to before disclosure is made. We believe it is also vital that the new technologies, either those already existing on your world or those to be revealed by us, become publicly known beforehand as this can make a big difference to how each of you reacts to these initial disclosures. In the same vein, the new regimes also require definitive proof that the world being created under them is far different than any before. Full disclosure and announcing astounding new technologies makes a winning point!

      The new policies and disclosures demonstrate to everyone that the world they live in has altered dramatically and beneficially. It sets the stage for our announcements about the final stage of your journey into full consciousness. Our broadcasts are to be done in such a way as to cast a most encouraging and auspicious light on what lies ahead for Earth's humanity. Another timely plus is the formal introduction of your Agarthan Inner-Earth family, which can lead to truly enlightening interaction between you regarding all that is suddenly happening to and around you. Your individual ascension processes are unique to each one of you, with genetic and epigenetic sequencing that is inimitably you. Ascension is a process you agreed to before you incarnated in this reality, and Heaven permitted us to assist in this operation and create the Light chambers that are to complete your leap into full consciousness. Heaven is guiding each step of your ascension and has given decrees to those angels assigned to you. This process is on a schedule that is rapidly reaching the point where various facts need to be made known to you.

      First on the agenda is the fact that the entire global populace needs to be informed that ascension is well under way. Secondly, you require a formal timetable and concrete signs that it is happening and is not to stop until all of you are fully conscious. Thirdly, you need to be able, en masse, to take in how this is to be accomplished and be assured that the process is safe and is to have only a hugely beneficial outcome. It is here that the announcement of our technology comes in. We can demonstrate what is involved, and then take you on various tours to show you where it will all take place. Your living world, Gaia, wants you to fully comprehend what is ahead. Further, the upcoming transition period will be swift and best spent educating you and getting you comfortable with the wonderful transformation you are to go through. Our technology can not only demonstrate but also allow you to somewhat experience all that we are talking about, and this can substantially appease any qualms you may have about the process.

      Your ascension into full consciousness was promised you by Heaven eons ago. Your ancestors came to this realm nearly 900,000 years ago, and your first settlement was a joint surface-world and Inner-Earth colony that had the full approval of Gaia and her Spiritual Hierarchy. The daughter colony of Atlantis was in actuality the last of Earth's colonies to be founded. It was in the main a surface colony, while in Inner Earth, great crystal cities were constructed and peace reigned there undisturbed for over 800,000 years. The founding of Atlantis was the first time that human rebel groups had been allowed to come together to form their own region instead of being scattered among the various colonists. Secretly, the Atlanteans had a very different agenda; they fully intended to become the future rulers of the planet. The opportunity for this takeover first came into view when the Lemurian council set up separate administrations for each surface colony, around 50,000 years ago.

      About 25,000 years ago, Atlantis' nefarious plans came to fruition, leading to the corrupting experiments that created the environment that led to her demise. Then, around 13,000 years ago, you were caught up in this declining situation and, in order to survive, became greatly dependent on the remaining off-worlders that you now know as the Anunnaki, their Sumerian name. This group of then-dark Beings cast you into a fright-filled world of wars, hatred, religions, and want, and yet you learned to survive in this land of fear and toil. Now you have reached the point where all of this is destined to change. You have become capable of calling upon the wisdom stored in your epigenetics which, when combined with the ascension process, is to turn you into a most wondrous prototype for change throughout the vast regions of this galaxy occupied by the former dark children of Anchara.

      This destiny of yours is most important to the Galactic Federation. The many peoples that until recently opposed us now eagerly await your return to full consciousness. We applaud the way you have mastered the many obstacles on your return journey, and the galaxy is very pleased with the way you are fulfilling the decrees of Lord Surea and the diligence you have shown in preparing for the final great push to your lofty goal. We are here to assist you and, later, to act as mentors. As we have said many times before, let it be known that we come to help and to ensure your success. Your dark cabal persists in opposing the inevitable but this role of theirs is winding down. The members of this first contact team are poised to create the conditions that will complete your journey. Then we can jubilantly welcome you into our ranks.

      Gaia is a most vital entity! She contains within her the energies which formed this galaxy over 20 billion years ago. At that time we were simply divine Spirits who were being made ready for our journey in the infinitely shaped curiosity that is physicality. We all arrived together in numerous forms and densities and since then, in graciousness and joy, have unfolded the divine plan in these realms. This lengthy and intricate odyssey is chronicled in thousands of books found throughout the human star-nations, one of which is the Sirian 'Book of Understanding.' It tells of the migration of a people from Vega to Sirius B (Akonawei) over 4 million years ago. These narratives are to be given to you when the Agarthans make their own announcements.

      Today, we discussed the progress being made in your return to full consciousness. First contact is merely one of the final steps of this operation. We come to meet and greet our cousins and to celebrate your triumph over the dark! This time of joy is very close! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!

       NIDLE 1.MAR.2011

       We return to continue our discussion with you. Gaia is now increasing her warning signs to humanity, which has hereby been put on notice that the time has come for the great transformation mandated by Heaven's numerous decrees. Those still using their wiles to prolong their time in power are also being warned that Heaven desires that these great changes happen forthwith! Accordingly, we have instructed our liaison and diplomatic personnel to make it clear that any further delays are no longer advisable. Meanwhile, our Earth allies are working pedal to the metal to complete the remaining tasks, and we, for our part, have commissioned a series of events to push any remaining tasks through to completion.


      The surface changes contemplated by Mother Earth are in their elementary stage. A major point of focus is the Pacific ring of fire, where the intent is to begin raising the Pacific seabed to reestablish Lemuria. This means that a number of lands near those major tectonic plates are now at risk, and earthquakes, like those in New Zealand and off the small island chains of the Christmas and Fuji isles, are to become more common. The entire Pacific basin is now in motion. This movement is unique, as it anticipates the raising of those lands that are eventually to unite with the coast of Australia, Indonesia, and numerous others. These new lands will redraw the map of the Pacific, and what will emerge is an ocean that once again contains the ancient, long-lost continent and a more even distribution of land and sea. A global phenomenon indeed!


      The return of Atlantis is another bone of contention for the cabalists as each ocean contains secrets they have long been at pains to keep under wraps. The Atlantic Ocean holds much undeniable evidence of the existence of Atlantis: man-made grids, large pyramids, and the presence of strange energy phenomena. The dark has had to be very diligent to keep this information secret; many expeditions of discovery have had to be interfered with or made to desist under threat from the 'proper' authorities. Now we intend to make it easier for explorers to uncover the truth. The fabled lands of Atlantis do exist, and a good spot to begin this discovery is off the south-western tip of Cuba and in the sea between the Yucatan and Cuba. We ask those interested to begin their search there and follow our ships to further sites for their investigations.

       NIDLE 8.MAR.2011

       We come before you with much to talk about. At present our Earth allies are deep in discussions with the last dark cabal regarding its formal abdication. This single act sets the stage for the official induction of a series of transitional governments. These governments' first order of business is to rescind any ongoing states of national emergency and to cancel any remaining national debt. In addition, personal debt in the form of credit cards, mortgages, and bank loans is to be forgiven. Income taxes are to end, with refunds going to that nation's taxpayers. Peace is to be declared and all wars terminated. A series of special agreements concerning these matters is to be signed by all nations. Further, a new hard currency system backed by gold and silver will be instituted, and this will dovetail with the abundance deliveries to all recipients. These acts are to alter your world forever! Once the governments honouring the makeover of your new banking and financial system are installed, and once the world's massive wealth is redistributed, a new epoch dawns for your planet.

      This new period of your history constitutes the final stage before our formal mass landings. We are fully cognizant of why this preliminary stage is so vital to the success of all that comes after it, especially your return to full consciousness. Your world requires a brief time to absorb what is happening and to get used to the many new realities….. The disclosure process includes not only an acknowledgement of our presence but also the revealing of a large amount of technology which can resolve your many pollution problems. We also see this as a period in which we can address many of the fears you still have about who we are and about exactly how you are to be returned to full consciousness. We want you to have all your questions answered and all your qualms laid to rest. It is vital that you feel comfortable and prepared for what the divine plan decrees for you.… It is of vital importance that the secret meetings locking in the new reality continue to progress. To this end we are actively involved in a certain amount of interference to prevent the use of a device created by the dark, which is designed to crush your recently gained feelings of confidence about manifesting a new reality…..

       ….We meet daily with our Earth allies to make sure that they comprehend the beauty of what each of you is accomplishing; but we can assist only up to a certain point. It is important for you to keep up the momentum and take it to the next level and the next focal point…. We are very happy with the way you have assisted us with these procedures. Our combined endeavors have forged a strong framework for the next steps, and various governments are making a big effort to clear the way for what is required….. As more of you awaken, due to this enormous project, the number needed for victory has not only been reached but has been exceeded….We understand that we can only move as fast as your unfounded fears about us will allow. Meanwhile, the dark is using its propaganda programming to stimulate your xenophobia and your innate mistrust of something different….

           NIDLE 19.APR.2011

       Selamat Gajun! We return! Much has happened since we last spoke to you. As is now very apparent, the world is moving ever deeper into change on every level. All of you know what has happened in Japan. This dramatic event is the result of both the energies of Mother Nature and of the dark. In March of this year, Mother Nature began a process to lift the lost continent of Lemuria from the Pacific Ocean floor, the first step of which was the recent massive earthquake off the coast of northern Japan. Another purpose of this earthquake is to change the energies surrounding the Japanese home islands. This prepares the area around Japan to be lifted up, creating a quite different surface configuration for the Japanese island group. This goal will eventually lead to further quakes to the south of Japan. All these geophysical events pertain also to the changing of Earth's declination and her overall surface reconfiguration. Although the Japan quake was initiated by Mother Earth, the aftershocks were aggravated or created by devices belonging to the dark cabal.

 Since the end of the 1990s, we have been working with our Earth allies to end the various forms of dark interference in many aspects of Mother Earth's and your ascension process. We are keenly aware that the incremental containment policy laid out for us has appeared to take an inordinately long time to yield results that are visible to you, and that frustrations are running high among those of you who long to see the start of a new era for your beautiful planet. We share your concerns, and are increasing the pressure upon our Earth allies every day to complete the transfers of governmental power and to authorize the release of the long-promised prosperity funds. Meetings between us focus increasingly on the urgency of the situation and we are ready to take certain actions to push through these vital measures, but naturally we cannot reveal details of these actions to you at this time.

 We have often mentioned to you the existence of a cutoff date, at which point the management of Earth's societal changes is transferred from our Earth allies to us. We desire to avoid this action-of-last-resort and accordingly have exhorted our Earth allies to stop "dragging their heels"! Their preferred timetable is no longer relevant and does not conform to the one laid out in Heaven's decrees. It is Heaven's timetable that must now be honored. Many things on many levels are coming to a head. Mother Earth needs your support in moving forward with her changes. Your many-leveled physical and spiritual changes are also crying out for more enhanced methods of healing assistance than are available to you at present. We want to assure you that we are working hard with our Earth allies to see that the dark's capabilities to run interference on you are neutralized.

 In all matters concerning this first contact mission to Earth we are guided by Heaven's Hierarchies. We are aware that many of you question the fact that things seem to be taking so long while so many suffer. Know that we too share your desire to resolve all the problems facing you and Mother Earth but it is important to remember that there is a wider framework here. This concerns the primary goal of this particular Creation: the reconciliation of the dark with the Light. What is happening on Planet Earth is not just another battle between these age-old adversaries (the Light and the dark) but the bringing together into unity of these opposing forces in order to create a Greater Light. This Greater Light is to be the prime mover for carrying out the divine plan in the second half of this particular Creation.

  Today, we talked about developments taking place on your world. Earth is changing and these changes are set to accelerate even further in the months ahead. It is important for you to be prepared for this and to use your knowledge of what is happening to be a source of stability and reassurance for your communities. Great change is almost upon you! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! 

 NIDLE 3.MAY.2011

       We return! Much is happening! The Ascended Masters are working on finalizing the prosperity payouts. These payments are to commence shortly. Saint Germaine is having his World Trust finish up the accounting and disbursement of your prosperity funds even as we now speak to you. Further, our Earth allies are in a position of power regarding several of the required government changes. What remains to be done is for the leftover custodial tasks to be fully completed. With these done, our Earth allies can quickly implement the new financial system. This new system is to be based upon a sound number of selected hard currencies that are already in place at several designated depositories and ready to be distributed globally. The activation of this system depends on the prosperity payouts and Saint Germaine is currently seeing to it that these funds are released. These funds form the legal underpinning of the various scenarios that our Earth allies have in place. We also expect Disclosure to be announced by your new leadership no later than the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

      The new governments are to come to power with several common objectives. The first is to begin a complete reform of government. The former masters of your world were given to corruption, lies, and outright deceit. The countering steps are to abolish political parties and open up government to the general public. This is where we need your active support rather than mere lip service. We intend to ask you to learn about fluid group dynamics and to apply it to this cause. Rebuilding your governments requires an active relationship between citizens and their representatives. This can be the first goal of your new reality in which all of you can have a hand. It is an opportunity for you as a collective to forge an intermediary between the present types of governance and a fully functioning galactic society. The coming times are truly about contact with your spiritual and space families and the wondrous ride to full consciousness. This process is behind all that is now beginning to happen around you.

      We the Ascended Masters of Mother Earth salute you, dear Brothers and Sisters! We come to inform you that the next brief period of your history is to be marked by the distribution of many different prosperity funds. These monies are being given to a variety of specially selected individuals who had the foresight to participate in programs conceived by us and administrated by individuals chosen at random by a number of secret societies dedicated to the Light. These programs, as they pay out to these selected individuals, have a divine purpose behind them. These monies are first of all being given to start a chain of events which create a legion of organizations focused on bringing to humanity the sacred message of Heaven. You are going to be returning to full consciousness. We have been instructing various Light-Workers on how to employ these funds to convey Heaven's desires to you. Our deepest wish is for these changes in your world to happen easily and swiftly!

      As we have stated, the Divine Will of Heaven has decreed that your present reality collective be altered to a fully conscious one. This implies that those who now "control" you need to let go, and we have set up the framework to bring this about. We have received the necessary dispensation from Earth's heavenly tribunals to use our abilities to remove these dark ones from power. This is to be done once the funds, now held by our Brother St. Germaine, are primed and then released by him. Long ago, we all agreed that indeed a time would come when an Age of Light was to appear again on Earth. This is that time! We are therefore prepared to do all that is necessary for your success! We have instructed many Light-Workers on these matters. The time comes for many of these same Light-Workers to reveal what we have been telling them. We are committed to the victory of the Light! This triumph is here! We stand with our allies in the Light and welcome them all in joy!

      We the Galactic Federation stand, as well, with the sacred edicts of Heaven! The Ascended Masters of Earth are fully dedicated to your return to full consciousness. Our fleet has worked with these amazing Souls since we first came here over two decades ago. The present scenarios for contact were originally conceived by them and immediately adopted by us. We have been in contact with your governments in one form or another since the late 1940s. These numerous exchanges until recently were largely ceremonial in nature and quite unproductive. Now we have their full attention. They listen closely and are quick to comment officially on what we offer them. Our intent is to follow the excellent lead of your Ascended Masters, and it is within this context that our Liaisons and Ambassadors are offering a means by which to effect government transition and a new political reality. We expect this new situation to manifest swiftly! The time for your destined freedom has arrived!

      As you can see, much is transpiring to forge a new world for you. We expect you to participate in this process. Many of you have been privy to our messages for a while, and we wish a favor from you. Use your knowledge along with your innate and learned abilities to make your communities aware of what is going on around them. Come together to form a group. This can be either one or two, or many. Use the like-minded among you to create programs which bring these subjects to your community's attention. Here, 'community' can refer to a town or city, or even a much larger area. Whatever the case, be creative. Start by simply doing a service for the community, and then use this as a starting forum for the information you wish your community member, be creative. An art display or brief video can be very effective. The key is to express your joy!

      The recent headway made toward transformation, dear ones, has got to a point where it requires you to come together and help each other. Each of you has some knowledge of how you are to morph into galactic humans. Share this with each other. Create a milieu conducive to talking about these subjects openly and freely. It is one thing to hear this information coming out of a television set, but it is quite another to hear it with the Love and caring that emanates from someone you know. There is no substitute for the personal touch, of hearing it from a friend or neighbor. We intend for this sacred transition to full consciousness to be filled with a touch of the Divine! This work is a sacred task. It is one that began nearly 13 millennia ago and we are now doing what is needed to bring Heaven back to you all. We are your Ascended Masters!

      Today, we explained to you how close you are to your long-sought victory! The Ascended Masters (such as Count St. Germaine, Hilarion, and Paul the Venetian) are completing sacred tasks that are to ensure your freedom and prosperity. The time is upon you for celebration, and for the requisite for you to take on a whole new level of personal and collective responsibilities. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours!

       NIDLE 10.MAY.2011

       We return! The Ascended Masters continue to assert themselves on your world! Our Earth allies, with their divine help, are readying for the grand transformations that are shortly to follow. We are preparing our personnel for a more direct series of interactions with your new governments. These interactions include the formal disclosure process and a to-be-announced program of technology transfers from us to you. We are also assessing what is most urgently needed to sustain Mother Earth and her diverse ecosystems. A number of her life webs are now critical, and we have set up the preliminary means to resolve these dire situations. Examples of these are the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic. The unabated actions of your last dark cabal have substantially exacerbated the gravity of the conditions in these two regions, and there are others just as sensitive. We are ready to do our part in temporarily balancing Gaia. We are also putting the finishing touches to the initial presentations that our spokespersons are to make to you. These shocking announcements require the right blend of truth and sincerity.

      At the same time we are meeting with our Earth allies to decide where to put the last members of the dark cabal, and we have picked out several places where they can be kept during the trials that are to swiftly follow their mass arrests. This is being done to validate the legitimacy of the new caretaker governments. A large number of announcements will mark the first few days of these new administrations, among them, the revelation of vast, unreported funds which are to serve as a foundation for resolving governmental debt and for restoring many essential services, such as the education of your children. Other funds are to be used to modernize and prepare these regimes for the transfer of their secret technology to the public domain. In addition, there are huge debt-forgiveness programs and public-transparency policies to be instituted. A great deal of responsibility is to be handed to you. Be ready, dear Ones, to support these vital changes and help your societies in their push toward full consciousness.

      Blessings! We are the Ascended Masters! We come today, dear brothers and sisters, to discuss some aspects of the new financial system that have not yet been talked about. First of all, let us look at the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China). Our Earth allies know the importance of these four to monetary reform and have secretly assigned them a series of key tasks. Brazil is a crucial nation for two reasons: first, it is essential that the Amazon Basin be restored to its former, ecologically fully functioning capacity; second, Brazil needs to provide a prosperous lifestyle for her large population. Monetary reform and debt forgiveness gives her the resources to accomplish both tasks. The same goes for India and China. Here, great spiritual legacies need preserving and billion-plus populations moved into a state of prosperity. Again, monetary reform and debt forgiveness will be the foundations upon which the new regimes can institute the policies addressing these colossal challenges. A great spiritual renaissance is to be centered here!

      This brings us to Russia. Russia has been instrumental in forging new monetary policy for Europe. Her vast gold reserves and geographic position (sitting astride both the Urals and the Caucasus) give her a special role to play as a major mediator in bringing this new monetary program into being. We have worked with her in positioning several major gold depositories and in protecting them from harm. In addition, we have used the special energies of the outer Caucasus region to protect the rest of our global gold depository system from destruction by the dark. These activities have been made possible by a special group that we have been encouraging over time inside Russia. This group is destined to form special caretaker governance with the wholehearted assistance of our Earth allies. Russia is using her new economic position in the world to assist the other BRIC nations in their drive to enlist others to adopt a new global monetary system.

      Progress toward regime change continues, my brothers and sisters! We are overseeing the last series of legal hoops. These include: a massive signing-on to the new economic system by a majority of nations that agree with the formal BRIC nations' proposals; and, the completion of documents setting in motion a 'changing-of-the-guard' in a number of nations. These final legal documents contain the provisions to end the long rule of the US Corporation and to return America to her original constitutional governance. These developments dovetail with the last detailed accounting of your prosperity funds. The goal is to bring both processes to completion concurrently. Then we can conclude the final step of our prosperity programs and begin, together with the Galactic Federation, to ready the new governments for disclosure. Then our task is to inform you fully about the next steps on your divine march to full consciousness.

      Your march to full consciousness has been our prime mission over the millennia. All of us have, in our own unique ways, concerned ourselves daily with humanity's spiritual enlightenment. We have used the good offices of Gaia's Spiritual Hierarchy to spread the wisdom and knowledge that you require to advance in consciousness. Our messages and guidance are making you day by day more aware of who you really are. Your advance in consciousness is a necessary preliminary to what is next planned for you by Heaven. In Agartha lies your final destination. Here, the well-trained, personal mentor assigned to you by the Galactic Federation and by Heaven is to merge you back into full consciousness. Then we will greet you and welcome you to our midst! We, all of us, have the responsibility of specific tasks to maintain Gaia and to spread the Light throughout Creation!

      The First Contact mission has been concentrating on Mother Earth. We have been monitoring, especially, the ever-increasing number of seaquakes in the southern Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. These quakes are beginning to alter the traditional ab- and subduction patterns of the South Pacific, Central Indian, and mid-Atlantic Ocean plates. This most certainly portends that major quakes are to happen shortly either near Asia or in the North Pacific Basin. A series of deep resonances of a specific type are echoing through these regions. We are working with several interested parties to scale down what now promise to be truly colossal shakes and some massive long-traveling tsunamis. These phenomena are merely Gaia's warning that all of you need to wake up and become conscious of the dawning of a new era.

      Do what is necessary to prepare and accept that you are not alone! Accept that we are here and ready to disclose a number of vital facts to you. The Ascended Masters are nearly ready to change your reality in the twinkling of an eye! This new world is about consciousness, and about bringing in the galaxy to finally greet you and compliment you on the New You! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!


       SALUSA  29.DEC.10


       As you approach the New Year, you are to all intents and purposes bidding goodbye to the old systems of control and containment. They are about to collapse, as they no longer carry the power to sustain them for much longer. You are therefore looking back on the last year of duality as you have experienced it for millennia of time. Some how and at some time it had to end to make way for the new energies, that are bursting to come forth and cannot be held back indefinitely. In so doing the chaos may grow but see beyond it to your release from the veil of darkness, so that you may invite the Light to be firmly established upon Earth. We are fully supporting you in these momentous changes and you will soon see a new direction for the better enter your lives. You will not and cannot be denied your victory over the dark Ones, as the Light is the most powerful energy upon Earth.


       Looking ahead 2011 is to be most memorable and will eventually re-write the history of the Earth. The truth will come out from all quarters, and your understanding will be such that you will not tolerate any attempt to return to the old ways. As a collective, Humanity has inordinate power through the higher levels of consciousness, and what you have achieved so far is a credit to you all. The awakening is well under way and will continue at an ever increasing speed, and is resulting in the opening of more people’s eyes to where they should be placing their focus. It is the peaceful revolution that was always going to come about, and it is far too late for those who oppose it and would stop its rapid progress. The changes will really commence in 2011 and your path to Ascension will gradually unfold, so that you are prepared for the final year of 2012 when a great uplifting will occur. Then and only then will you have put behind you any remaining vestiges of the hold duality had upon you.


       Already the higher vibrations are affecting many of you and on reflection you will find that you are now all the much calmer, and more able to keep your focus than you were previously. The vibrations will continue to increase in intensity, and as the year progresses you will find it becomes easier to assimilate them. They will carry you forward when the times become very testing, when physical changes to the Earth are going to take place out of necessity. Mother Earth must complete her own cleansing in good time and it will unavoidably cause some disruption. However, we will as always be monitoring your Earth’s activities, and just as we have in the past will lessen the effects it has upon you. Whilst it is all happening, the important issues of your financial problems will be addressed, and your life patterns will begin to change. You will be the eager participants in many schemes, which will help overcome the past lack of progress where your everyday living is concerned. We will ensure that you leap into the new paradigm and benefit from all those advantages you have been denied. In the midst of change your lives will become much easier as the standards will be substantially increased.


       Bear in mind that whatever your coming experiences you will have known in advance what life opportunities were planned for you. Each of you has a role to play and is equally important to the whole, even although only some can take the centre stage. Your success in having come this far and defeating the dark Ones, is more remarkable inasmuch that not too long ago, you were in danger of being completely overrun by them. You are now seeing the tail end of attempts to take away your faith in those that are supporting you that also includes us. However, in spite of such action your intentions remain strong to achieve the results that will restore your sovereignty. You are as much responsible for the outcome as we are, indeed if not more as we have not come to do it all for you. It is your future that is being created and whether you fully realize it or not, you can exercise your power to create it in the manner you desire. Ascension is your goal, but many potential pathways can be taken to achieve it.


       So you will see that 2011 will be a mixed bag, but the overall result will be your greater preparation not just for the end times, but the continuing upward path to even higher dimensions. It may be seen that the upliftment from the 3rd. dimension of duality, to the 4th/5th dimensions of greater Light is a milestone in your evolution. Also as you will ascend in your physical bodies Ascension is as told to you previously, a unique occurrence in your Universe. It follows that you have much to experience that will be very fulfilling and satisfying. There is so much to look forward to, that the changes should be seen as merely stepping stones that take you to your promised land. The Creator’s word carries the powerful energy of fulfilment, and nothing can therefore prevent the end times from passing as given to you.


       We can promise you that 2011 will be the year of action and 2012 will be all the more calmer for it, and once the stage is set the whole process of getting you in full readiness for Ascension will move very fast. Also once the truth of your past history is revealed you will feel more attracted to us, because we have had a hand in your genetic development. It enabled you to grow in consciousness to levels that awakened you to your true selves. You also began to find that you had all knowledge within, and could take personal responsibility for your spiritual development. That also will go forward with leaps and bounds in the latter part of this cycle. Many institutions are having to reappraise their position in this changing world, and one thing is certain that if they do not go with the flow they will stagnate and eventually implode. This is one reason why the dark Ones have no way out, because they cannot or will not change. Eventually only that which is of the Light will remain, and all else will disappear as nothing of the lower vibrations will have any place on the new uplifted Earth.


       I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can assure you that the Galactic Federation is keen to open up an official first contact with you. Everything is in place for such an occasion, and we can adjust to any last minute requirements. The deadline for it is almost here, so in one way or another we will expect disclosure to become worldwide within the first quarter of this coming year. Go forward in full confidence, as we are fully with you in this final stage of your journey.


       SALUSA  3.JAN.11


       …. With everything that is happening do not forget that the most important matter concerns the changes within you. With understanding and the desire to ascend, you must as far as possible live your life as on who has already reached a higher level of consciousness. The distractions will increase but realize that they are only going to affect in the short term, and out of all the sudden changes you will clearly see the path to Ascension. Each soul will become free to progress according to their choice, a decision that was made prior to their present incarnation. Subconsciously you are aware of your choice, and it will have influenced you to take the correct direction. It matters not what others have chosen that may be quite different to yours, simply allow them the same free choice that you have been given. All experience has immense value, and you take it with you when you complete each lifetime’s journey. You are at any time the total of all of your experiences, which makes you a unique and important soul in the tapestry of life.


       The time has long come when you are prompted to spread your knowledge and assist those who are awakening to the truth. It is a matter of taking an opportunity to enlighten others without forcing an issue. Allow for doubt or even skepticism as the truth can make people feel uncomfortable. For some people, to have their cherished beliefs severely questioned is difficult to handle, and it takes time to come to terms with it. Each soul is constantly evolving and not one will stand still, but may take longer to overcome strong beliefs that they may have carried for many lifetimes. However, once the seeds of truth have entered the thoughts of any soul, it creates an opportunity to expand their understanding.


       Remember also that your Guides are working tirelessly to help you expand your levels of consciousness. They prompt you when there is an opportunity to gather more information, and that is often related to someone you meet. It can even go to the extent that you will feel strongly attracted to an article or book, that can fill in some of the missing gaps in your knowledge. It is known for books to conveniently “fall” across your path when they are exactly what you need. Take notice of such happenings, as they are usually for a purpose and although you may view it as a coincidence it is absolutely intended for you. Nothing of any importance to you happens by chance, and each time something special enters your life try to understand what purpose it serves. Lessons come in many shapes and forms, and are not all necessarily what you would choose. Sometimes there are some hard ones to be learnt, but do bear in mind that it will have been agreed to by you beforehand….


       SALUSA  5.JAN.11


       …. You come to Earth to experience according to your spiritual needs and the goal is to evolve, and with Ascension within your reach there is an added prize for those who are successful. How else Dear Ones would you know whether you were ready to ascend, without facing yourself and your ego. The question is whether you are prepared to change the direction of your life, or are you so enamored with materialism that you cannot let go. Having abundance is not the same, as it fulfils the promise of equality and sharing in a fair way that covers all of your needs. This is quite different from the unabated drive to acquire as much material wealth as possible, often at the expense of others. Spirituality does not however require that you live as a pauper or give up all of your possessions.


       However, in any event not one person can take their wealth or possessions with them into the higher dimensions. Firstly it is unnecessary as everything you need is provided for, and secondly you can create whatever you desire for your personal pleasure and enjoyment. For example if on Earth you have a cherished painting, you will only have to visualize it to re-produce it. It will be of light energy and be more alluring and “alive”, just as the original artist tried to interpret and paint what was in his vision. Enjoy what you have and realize that you have much more to gain through rising up into the higher dimensions.


       The lower vibrations are continually assailing you, and your protection is your own energies of Light. Keep calm and hold your focus at all times, and you will be beyond the reach of the dark Ones. Where you meet them face-to-face you have nothing to fear, providing you maintain your position centered within your Light. Continue spreading your love far and wide and you will do all that can be asked of you. As more of you do so, you create a thoughtform of Light that becomes exceptionally powerful. Your energy feeds into the grids of Light and these help keep the balance upon Earth. You are a steadying influence that can lessen the potential of the changes to create major disturbances.


       We of the Galactic Federation are still surrounding your Earth, and nothing that happens escapes our notice. We are particularly aware of the attempts to place weaponry in Space, and it has been planned and attempted for quite some time. We have foiled such attempts and have warned your military and government representatives that it will not be allowed. Even so, we can neutralize any nuclear weapons wherever they are, and it is pointless in attempts being made to deceive us. You are therefore perfectly safe and guaranteed to see out the last two years of this cycle, without any major incident. It really is time that the dark Ones admitted that their plans have been foiled, and allowed you to fully focus on your Ascension….


       SALUSA  7.JAN.11


       Already although only a few days have elapsed since the New Year started, you are hearing of various activities and not all necessarily exactly what you would like. As we have told you before, the dark Ones are also operating within the Law of Freewill, but the Light has reversed the balance and now leads the way home. The dark Ones do however have an obstinate desire to carry on even although they know it will bring their demise. There comes a point where they must allow the Light to take over as the dominant power, and with the help of our allies we are pushing hard to break their resistance. So you are due for some surprises that may possibly come without much advance notice. However, many of you who keep abreast of what is happening all around the world, are picking up the clues to what is about to happen.


       Have no fear Dear Ones, have you not been told that victory is already yours. Just allow some time for it to manifest upon Earth and off you will go with a joyful step and happiness in your hearts. The best is clearly to come, and we have the answers to the financial collapse that hovers over you. Out of all the travails you have had or are to experience, will come the sweetness of success. So we ask that you stay cheerful and confident regardless of the outer happenings because the changes are upon you. Just be patient a little longer as you everything to gain, and in real terms very little to lose. The plan for you is immaculate and your destiny, and provides for all that is necessary to see you firmly step on the path to Ascension.


       I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you that the Galactic Federation is a tremendous force for good, and we will not allow you to be taken advantage of any longer. There may be scuffles but we certainly will prevent any plans that may further damage Mother Earth, as she has lovingly carried you on her back for eons of time and like you she also has to move towards Ascension. As we have mentioned a number of times, such a Universal event is to happen on an enormously large scale. You would find it difficult to comprehend what it entails, and the great Beings that are holding the power to move a Universe into a higher dimension. The Central Sun powers the whole Universe and its energies are creating changes in all kinds of matter, so that Ascension is achieved according to the Creator’s Plan.


       SALUSA  19.JAN.11


       Everything comes to he who waits, and certainly you have needed much patience over the last few years. Yet for all of the frustration and waiting the process of Ascension has proceeded uninterrupted. At times it has seemed that progress was held back but in spite of all the delays, the original goal is still within our sights. Most importantly those of the Light have continued to keep focused on Ascension, and helped raise the consciousness levels on Earth. The important changes that you have been anticipating have now become compressed into a shorter period of time, but will be none the less effective. They will fulfil your expectations and have already galvanized many people into action. You are seeing the results beginning to materialize around you, as the world responds to the energies creating change. It causes unrest, demonstrations and even violence, which is regrettable, but nevertheless is a sign that the people are restless and demand change. We wish that everyone were informed about Ascension, as that would negate the need for violence of any kind. Then the energies would remain positive and put to good use.


       We of the Galactic Federation are more active than ever, not that we would expect you to necessarily be aware of what we are doing. With what is tantamount to the last big battle between the dark Ones and the Light, we are supporting our allies to ensure that matters do not get out of hand. Where there is even the hint of using nuclear weapons, we are preventing such a happening. So we can assure you that regardless of what you may hear or read in the Press, there will not be a nuclear war. It was a long time ago that such a Divine instruction was given to us, as so much damage and pollution has already been caused by their use or testing. Man has learnt little since the first Atomic Bombs were dropped on Japan, and even that act was unnecessary to gain a peaceful surrender.


       What a difference you will find when you arrive in the higher dimensions where there is harmony and peace, such a gentle energy that you can feel it totally embracing you. Each soul you meet will surround you in their love, and you could hardly imagine such a beautiful peaceful feeling. You will feel as if you are floating around on a cloud of gossamer. There is not the slightest presence of discord or negativity, and the joy of being there is an ecstatic experience. Whereas the Earth has become your living Hell, so the higher dimensions will be your Heaven. What you can be assured of is that every soul you meet, is there through having raised their vibrations to those higher levels. You cannot therefore meet with Beings of a lesser vibration, who will have found their own levels elsewhere.


       The Earth has been a great meeting place and a sorting house for souls from all different levels, and from many different civilizations. For that reason some of you are drawn to certain ones, that will most likely prove to be your star family. Many of you volunteered to take an incarnation on Earth to help mankind through this very period. It has meant dropping your vibrations to do so, and losing the memory of your background. You have invariably brought some knowledge and skills, most important for helping those who are awakening and choose Ascension. For some of you your best work is yet to be done, and you will come to the front after disclosure. From that time things will move forward with leaps and bounds.


       Do not despair if you are anxious to help in these end times, and do not yet appear to have been called. If it is part of your plan to be involved you will be for certain, as everyone is known by us for their abilities and experience. It is not that we are without adequate personnel, but we want Man to be an integral part of the projects that will commence in the very near future. We should say that it is your planet, you are the guardians of it and responsible for its present condition. By karma you are therefore expected to play your part in helping Mother Earth to recover. It will be a happy task as so much is owed to her, and she has so to say also been the Mother to the Human Race. She has not always had your respect or treated as she should have been, but has never asked that you should be removed from her. Now you both prepare for the unique Ascension that shall be a most glorious occasion, welcomed throughout the Universe. Yes, Dear Ones as we have mentioned previously, you may have been isolated on Mother Earth and at times seemed to be alone, but in fact your great acts of service in experiencing duality are well known…..


       SALUSA  28.JAN.11


       The midnight hour approaches and you are being given every help to raise your levels of consciousness. It will be quite a rapid acceleration as a number of energies come your way, and already some of you who are more sensitive are noticing the difference. It may be the onset of telepathy, which in time to come will be more used than the spoken word. It is more graphic and precise and conveys packages of information where sometimes words are inadequate. A general indication that your consciousness is rising, is evidence of an inner calmness and detachment from the outside turmoil. Becoming cantered begins to get easier and once you can hold it, you are not easily pulled into the lower vibrations. Certainly these times are a good test of your resolve, and it will still be a while before you can really sit back and take it easy. However, the good times are coming with pronounced changes before the year ends.


       You are involved in not so much in a cliff-hanger, as a steady build up of pressure until the first victory is achieved. Our plans allow for a number of events to materialize, and we have to bide our time to see how it develops. Our intent is that matters start to move on very soon, but it is a complicated issue, involving many people. When a move is made it must be absolutely positive, and bring about the results that are needed. However, the prospects are improving all of the time, and clearly we are not waiting indefinitely. We want your release from the dark Ones to be an occasion to be celebrated, and not marred by any action that is undesirable.


       NESARA has been very much in people’s minds for a long time, and its benefits are coming to you. The new approach to the financial side will be far reaching, so as to avoid any repetition of the recent collapse. Banks are to be accountable to the people, and the gambling syndrome will not be allowed. Money will once again have real value and interference with the markets for pure speculation will ceaseThe most important changes will be in connection with the sharing of wealth so that everyone benefits, and there is no longer such a distinction between the poor and the rich. We have to say that there is more than enough wealth in the world to comfortably achieve our goals.


       It seems quite extraordinary to us, that so much needs to be changed in your world. However over millennia of time you have been led into the current situation, and almost reached the point of no return. The erosion of your rights by increasing controls over you, and the misuse of your taxes has brought about a near collapse of your civilization. In any other circumstances you could all by now have easily been living a comfortable life, with all your needs provided for. You will taste the freedom we talk of very soon and by then you will have contact with us, and a guarantee of your right to choose your own future. It will of course mainly come within the plan for Ascension, but an alternative path may be chosen.


       Your role at present is to be a calming affect on those around you, and do your best to eliminate the fear factor. In the long run nothing will really matter, or have the ability to deny you the opportunity to ascend. It is thus written and so it shall be as promised, as the dark Ones have failed to achieve their aims for world control. The chaotic conditions will be cleared up and total peace declared, by silencing the weapons of war. With the consciousness levels increasing it will become much easier to lift people’s minds, into a new way of thinking largely arising from a new found desire for peace. You are to witness a great wave of love and joy sweep over the world, and barriers between people will quickly come down. Most of you seek the same things out of life, and with the return of your freedom you will achieve success.


       Almost every day somewhere in the world, what was hidden is being revealed and the truth will continue to become known. It will provide the opportunity to move on from accepted corrupt and criminal activities. Such energies will gradually disappear, to be replaced by the desire for open dealings that are honestly carried out. Once it is seen to bring in the changes, a new mindset will ensure that honesty becomes a way of life. That can of course start anytime and the sooner the better, as there is nothing more likely to be followed that elevates the values Man works from. Be an example to others and help create a new energy of fairness and justice, and let it be seen in your everyday dealings. These are all aspects of the changes necessary if you are to complete your journey in an ascended state.


       The Galactic Federation fully understands the tasks confronting you, and we will be making them as easy as possible. In fact eventually we will work together in joint projects, and be on hand to benefit you with our experience. Then you shall really move forward quite quickly and as we have so often informed you, they shall be exciting and fulfilling times. Right now they may seem far away, but you will be surprised at how quickly matters can change. Just keep your sights on your personal goal and put into practice all you have learnt. The parting of the ways has already commenced, and those who choose other than Ascension will tend to lack interest in such subjects. In that case you must allow them to go their way, as it is a freewill choice that should not be interfered with. We have spoken often in this context, as we are well aware of our own need to observe such Laws where you are concerned.


       Let and let live has its merits but not where it intrudes into another souls life. If you do, it can rebound on you in the way of karma and bring you another experience to handle. Often they are minor matters, but they will make a point at the very least as what you experience you are attracting to you. Be careful now as to what you think, because as your creative powers increase you may not always wish for the outcome. Place upon others all you would desire for yourself, and you will not go far wrong. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bid you every success in your intent to move out of duality, into the higher dimensions through Ascension.


       SALUSA  31.JAN.2011


       Changes cannot come without the movement of energies that become powerful thought forms, which when they reach a certain stage of growth energise the people for the purpose they were formed. It is as though there is a sudden coming together of minds that are thinking alike, with the impetus to manifest their desires. It is what is happening in the world now and unrest is reaching epidemic proportions, and it is the reaction of those who have not been treated in accordance with their rights. Sometimes regretfully it is not until matters reach an explosive level and results in violent demonstrations, that the authorities are forced to acknowledge the will of the people. If true democracy existed without corrupt practices, changes could peacefully take place through the ballot box. Using brutal force against the people will not solve the problems, and at best only puts off the inevitable. What you can see is the outworking of the new energies, that are shaking the foundations of anything that lacks the Light. It is to be hoped that in the Western countries a peaceful take over is allowed to take place. Also that new political appointments, are based upon the credentials of those who are energized with the desire to honestly lead the people into a new era of peace.


       We have never condoned violence of any kind, and that includes the barbaric practices that are meted out as lawful punishment. Violence of any kind breeds more violence, whereas love is not in any way forceful but gently permeates all other energies and uplifts them to higher levels. It is the answer to so many problems, yet some people find it difficult to express their love. Sometimes it is because they have been shown little love during their formative years. It also comes from rejection and the fear of it happening again, yet all souls have the potential to express their godselves. As you grow in consciousness so it becomes a most natural aspect of life, and is easy to apply in your everyday activities. True love asks for nothing in return but is normally reciprocated because like attracts like, and it is how you uplift people without imposing upon their freewill. In these present times there is a wonderful thought form of great size moving around the Earth. It represents Universal Love that calls for peace and goodwill, to end the rule of the dark Ones. Its energy is so powerful that it cannot be denied for much longer.


       So you see Dear Ones that when you send out your love and light, it is not wasted or ineffective but grows in intensity until it brings its desired result. In this way what you send out is returned tenfold, as it attracts more energy from beyond the Earth. Each of you that do so are helping build the new Earth that is forming all around you, even if you are not aware of it. Out of the ashes of the old one, the Phoenix is rising with all the promise of a Golden Age, and we are here to lead the way and help you achieve success. Why else would we be with you in such great numbers unless there was a goal to be achieved? We have your interests at heart and are preparing the way, so that your quantum leap out of the cycle of duality takes place with as little disruption as possible. Changes by their very nature can be uncomfortable and unsettling, but we will bring them to completion as soon as possible. It is true that events have not moved on as we would have preferred, but you shall lose nothing as a result.


       It is not just the Galactic Federation that has a prime interest in you, although we will play a greater part in your lives by coming openly to you. There are legions of Angelic Beings also present, and you may be aware that they too have been showing themselves more frequently of late. The Masters also draw closer, and some of them such as St. Germaine will play a prominent part in your final preparations for Ascension. Those that you have been familiar with will return to guide you to new pastures, and it will fulfil the promises made to you eons of time ago. At any time you feel doubts just remember how many Higher Beings walk alongside you, and call upon them if you need help. The most wonderful times beckon, and if you so desire you will be amongst those who are lifted up in the end time of this cycle. Live your life as one who is moving into a new level of consciousness, and let go of the old ways that do not fit in with your aspirations. Do not concern yourselves about others around you who are still bound by the pull of the lower vibrations, as they are not yet ready to give them up.


       What you see on Earth of the coarseness and vulgarity comes from a lack of respect for each other, and is a state of being resulting from the gradual erosion of caring and love for all souls. However, as you desire to instead bring beauty and harmony into your lives, those lower vibrations will be shaken off. You are continually assessing your approach and attitude to what is considered normal and acceptable, and as you become more discerning so you discard those things that do not harmonies with you. The result is that your vibrations are continually rising, and the feel good factor becomes a major part of your life. You will have noticed that the mass media including television and films spend a disproportionate time highlighting crime and war, until it possible to become saturated by such energies. That is how the dark Ones draw you into their vibrations so that nothing no longer shocks you or sickens your feelings, and you become in danger of losing your sense of what is right or wrong.


       For a long time teachers whether incarnate or through channelling have tried to spell out what is needed to lift you up. They have introduced you to Universal Love and the true purpose of life, and warned you of the lower energies that can creep up on you if you are unprepared. You have been helped to understand your true nature and potential to become the gods that you are. Those that have taken heed of the higher teachings, have eventually found that all knowledge is held within and have started their own journey home. Guidance is perfectly acceptable and if you have recognized your intuitive powers you will rarely go astray, but even so will probably quickly find your way back onto your path of Light. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and have an understanding of your difficulties. I say put faith in your own ability to ride out the storm knowing that all will end well, and as you have been led to expect. May you be blessed with true understanding and knowledge.


       SALUSA  4.FEB.2011

       Things are hitting up and there is a movement amongst people all across the world that is pushing them towards a new age. There are changes coming as a result and it is setting the scene for major changes, in line with the promises made to you. So although it is not apparent exactly where it is all leading, you will eventually see that the people are getting attention and their demands being met. It proves that people power is real, and that when sufficient people direct their energies in unison and for the same purpose, it brings results. Also as the levels of consciousness increase, more people are awakening to the truth of their reality. The chains of slavery are beginning to fall away, and suddenly there is an air of expectation that Man will once more become free. It is creating a focus for release from the dark Ones, and soon you will see events that clearly show that their time is coming to an end…..

      ….. I am SaLuSa from Sirius and tell you that we monitor all of your news, and we are well aware from one minute to the next as to what is going on. Better still we also know what is in the minds of the dark Ones, and they cannot fool us as hard as they try. As we have now told you on several occasions their time is up, and they will have less and less affect on us. Even now their activities are being curtailed and we do that with full authority. We have the greatest authority one could work with, and that is your assurance of success. The Divine Plan is the key to it, and has mapped out your whole journey.      

       SALUSA  18.FEB.2011


       We continue to draw nearer to you, not that you may necessarily notice as we keep many of our craft shrouded in a cloak of invisibility. How exciting it will be when we can at last be open in our activities on and off your Earth. Our mission at present is one of a holding nature, until we have secured a safe environment and skies that are free of any threat against us. These matters cannot be dealt with very quickly, as it requires orders from people of the top echelons to ensure our safety. It is not that we are really at risk, but we cannot operate in an atmosphere of tension and malice. . We refrain at all times from confrontation, and take evading action when we are threatened. Because we have advanced technologies we do not use them to overpower people, but to protect ourselves. The Galactic Federation is a peaceful organization that promotes peace and cooperation between civilizations.


       Your Universe has been one that has perpetually been engaged in war, and the most devastating Galactic wars. When weapons carry such power as to destroy planets, you will know that a serious level of destruction has been reached. Yet your scientists tested the atom bomb without real understanding of the consequences, and went ahead knowing that there could have been a knock on affect.   In the times of Atlantis they also pushed caution aside, and destroyed a great civilization and a whole continent. Many of you incarnate now were present in those times, and your presence has helped prevent another calamity. The levels of consciousness you reached allowed us to respond and stop another serious threat to the Earth, and you will know that it was during the latter part of last century. Once you discovered how to split the atom, it was seen that such a development would take place, but we could not interfere with your freedom to use your discoveries.


       Your freewill has been both a blessing and a burden depending on how you have used it. Through your decisions you have moulded your society and its laws, and of course created all that is around you. You are still exercising your freedom now, but having realized the shortcomings of the old ways you are seeking change. You have spoken and your dreams will materialize, and we are with to ensure that completion takes place as planned. In fact it is through Ascension that you will find yourselves moving into not just the New Age, but also the Golden Age. You have to be there to appreciate what it all means, and it will surpass anything that you can imagine. Yes, we tell you from time to time what to expect, but words seem quite inadequate to describe the beauty and harmony that awaits you.


       It is as well that there are Light-workers on Earth, as they are stabilizing the energies of Light and grounding them to the benefit of others. They carry their torch wherever they go and illuminate the way forward. Without them many would succumb to the lower energies, and find it difficult to lift themselves up out of them. This year is to be one of great upliftment for all people in general, as they will see major changes commencing with the promise of more to come. Out of the present turmoil will come the seeds of freedom from oppression, and the beginning of true period of happiness and advancement. The problems that exist today will gradually be eliminated, and then you will know that the path to Ascension has truly opened up.


       Dear Ones, by all means send out your Light where you perceive it is most needed, but remember your immediate needs in the locality where you live. Communities will need the advice and experience of those who are understanding of what is happening. Groups will serve the needs best, and it is time to use whatever skills you have to direct people’s energies in the right direction. There will be plenty of volunteers once the goal for Mankind is understood, as it will be seen that you are all involved in what is taking place. It will be a pleasure to be of service to others, and the spirit of Oneness will prevail. It will continue to grow and the differences because of color, culture and religion will be of no consequence. In fact people will realize that at heart they are all souls on the same journey, and will go forward as One in harmony with each other.


       There is not one problem that cannot be solved, no matter how big, and the tasks ahead will be dealt with quite speedily. We naturally wish to commence our operations as soon as possible, and must have the right people at the helm. That means bringing our allies into prominence, and they will step forward once the way is clear. We cannot have the dark Ones meddling in our work, so they will have to be first removed. We already know exactly who they are and they will be shown for what they stand, and there is no way that they will escape justice. By that time there will be a free exchange of information, and the media will have become a true expression of events that take place.


       The Creator has never left you at the total mercy of the dark Ones, and regardless of what has taken place has surrounded you with Beings of Light to protect you. The Creator also decreed that this cycle should now end, and so it shall. So you can continue with your life, knowing that nothing can prevent you moving into the higher dimensions through Ascension. Allow yourselves to indulge in fantasies about the life you are about to move into, and you will not be far wrong if at all. Think of the most wondrous surroundings, the beauty and harmony beyond your present experience, the energies that speak of everlasting peace, and the iridescent light that permeates everything around you. Such visions will lift you up so that you never forget what is to be your destiny.


       I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and if I have given you hope and assurance that a beautiful future lies ahead of you, I will have succeeded in giving you a help line to assist you through these troubled times on Earth. Already you are seeing what people can do when there focus is concentrated upon their goal. The result may not be instantaneous but can bring about changes that lead to it. If you did not think the changes would ever come, you know different now and they will continue to escalate. With your knowledge you can help others who only see the outer happenings, and help them avoid a fearful reaction. We will leave you with those thoughts, and express our love for you all.


       SALUSA  23.FEB.2011


       Let no one imagine that the tasks ahead are going to be easy, as much confusion already exists and not everyone has the advantage of knowing the purpose of the cleansing which is taking place. The Middle East is now entering a period of instability until the way forward becomes clear. However, one thing is certain that it will not return to the old ways of dictatorship. The people have spoken and their voices heard all around the world. They are drawing upon the energy of change that will ensure that they are given back their rights. To a greater or lesser degree the revolution will be felt by all administrations that have taken advantage of their people. Our presence will give protection to those who emerge as the new leaders, and they will carry the torch of freedom. It is all the forerunner of a complete return to your sovereignty.


       You are at the beginning of a period of great activity, and throughout this year the beginning of the end will be clear. We see many possibilities that will fulfil the promises made to you. Progress must clearly be made in readiness for the final thrust through 2012. It is our mutual responsibility to ensure that Ascension is safely reached, and of that you may be absolutely sure. No matter how you view events, nothing will prevent what has been planned for eons of time. You are about to experience a most exciting time in your lives, and if you can see it that way the journey will be much easier for you. You have been preparing for this time for ages, and it will go down in your history as the Great Awakening of Man.


       The coming together of people is important for their protection, and there is also safety in numbers. There is no need to resort to violent acts as that plays into the hands of the dark Ones. Keep your peace and spread your love everywhere, and eventually even some of the dark Ones will be moved to change their approach to life. The energy of Love is most powerful, and there is absolutely nothing it cannot achieve, as it is the ultimate power of all creation. Have faith in it even if you cannot see results straight away. Love has a way of softening the hardest hearts, and will overcome all negative energies. Let love be your guiding light. and give freely of it wherever and whenever you can.


       The great step forward will come when we can meet you, and start to introduce you to advanced technologies. They are planned to cater for your needs so that as quick as possible you can become independent, and start to sample a much better standard of life. Food, energy and water are essentials to give everyone what they need to survive. Peace will be established across the world and we shall ensure that it is kept. At these times a great feeling of elation will sweep the world, as it will be seen that at last Man has taken a quantum leap forward. Religious divides will disappear, as it will be understood that there is only the One God of All That Is.


       You have waited long for something positive to happen, that would prove that the process of change was under way. Now that it has arrived you need to be wide awake and alert to the final attempts of the dark Ones to spread confusion and disinformation. Keep your eyes straight ahead and never lose sight of your goal. Where you have doubts or concern hold fast, as in the not too distant future the truth of many happenings will become clear, and it cannot be interfered with or presented any differently. Deceit and outright lies will not be tolerated any longer, and the media will once again be able to report truthfully. Freedom of speech will return like a breath of fresh air, and law and order will be both just and fair. Happily with the changes and new levels of consciousness, there will be an immense drop in criminal activity of all kinds.


       Any acts on your part that could be considered as sacrificial will serve to illustrate the new sense of Oneness. Treating others as yourself will become commonplace, and sharing will seem a most natural way of life. It will help of course that the wealth of the world, will have become shared so that there is equality between you all. No more shall the Elite exist and deny others their rightful share of the Earth’s bounties. Mother Earth has always provided more than sufficient for the souls that have lived upon her, but having abused her generosity and love for mankind it must now be the time of reckoning. That is why a great cleansing and restoration of Earth to her previous beauty, must take place.


       So as you can see, recent events are only the beginning of many that are waiting to greet you. You know by now what to expect, and it is simply a matter of which ones can go ahead when the opportunity presents itself. Mother Earth is commencing her cleansing and it will inevitably result in upheaval in some countries, but as always we remind you that we do exercise control over them to reduce the affects. In the long run we can get more involved and will assist you in avoiding total disasters. Your history shows that they are not at all unusual, as the Earth is continually changing and has always done so. If you live in danger zones expect problems and prepare accordingly, and that is simply sensible advice and not intended to scare you.


       All in all you can expect an increasing amount of activity, and particularly during the second half of the year. After that things will become gentler and not so volatile, and you will experience your first taste of what it is like to move into the higher vibrations. By then your consciousness levels will have also lifted up, and a beautiful energy will build up upon the Earth. You are getting there Dear Ones, and it is most heartening for us that you have risen to the occasion. It was never believed that you would falter, but it is still a remarkable achievement considering where you were just a century ago.


       I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and we of the Galactic Federation cannot help but admire your tenacity and resolve to win your way forward to Ascension. It is not just how you have reacted in recent times, but your success in leaving the Dark Ages behind and setting sights on a more fulfilling life in Love and Light. Your intent to succeed has earned you a place in Ascension, and it does not come without much work and persistence on your part.


       SALUSA  25.FEB.2011


       The current circumstances that are taking place in the Middle East, require that you keep calm and do not add to the emotional turmoil that has been generated. You have the advantage of knowing that the people will win their freedom, therefore the way in which you can help is to spread the Light into those areas in question. A peaceful energy that carries the energy of love, will have a wonderfully calming affect all round. Anger and hate simply feeds the very energies that are fomenting the troubles that you are witnessing. Having come thus far it is not the time to waver or fear the consequences, because as you know your victory over the dark Ones is assured….


       The repercussions of the unrest will to a certain extent arise in all countries, and it will make the authorities think twice before taking action. They know as well as you that the old ways have run their course, but hesitate to promote the new way of thinking that calls for a total change from the old to a new paradigm. Yet it cannot be prevented from coming into being, and your energies continue to build it up so that it cannot be denied. Soon the fact that Ascension looms large must also be made known to Mankind, and that by itself will bring a great measure of peace to the world. It will be coupled by the knowledge that your lives are infinite, so that all people are aware of their immortality. That encourages them to look beyond their present lives, and understand that all experiences happen for a purpose. It will put meaning into lives that are being wasted in the belief that they do not have a future, and fall into the depths of despair….


       Furthermore, it is also time to establish the fact that it is you that will judge your lives, and that God does not mete out punishment or condemn souls to purgatory. You may well consider that Hell is on Earth, and that is of your own making as you were given the powers to create as you desired. Now you shall see that when you direct your energies to create peace and harmony on Earth, it shall be so. Because you have risen up and hold the intent to make it a better world, you will accept that you have incredible power when you set your minds on what you want. It also allows us and other Beings of the Light to come to you, and help manifest the New Age. So you shall see great happenings as the Light works its miracles when all hope seemed to be lost. It was always intended that this cycle would end with Ascension, but did not become certain until there were a number great leaps forward in your consciousness levels….     


       SALUSA  28-FEB-2011


      At present the picture in the Middle East is not pretty, and many souls are so eager to bring peace to their region that they risk their lives. Be assured that they are subconsciously aware that they agreed to do so, and their sacrifice will elevate them into the higher Light. Fortunately it will not be in vain and the dark Ones will be dispelled in one way or another. It has been apparent for some time that unrest would escalate and bring about their downfall. Once people power is recognized as able to achieve changes of great magnitude, no government will feel safe. The Light gathers momentum all of the time, and it is going to achieve the goals that people desire. There is therefore every reason to keep relentlessly aiming for total victory, because it will be yours to celebrate….


       We are tempted to tell you to expect one thing at the time, but a number of events are reaching completion together. So it is quite possible that there will be a whole string of happenings in a relatively short time. Things are turning in your way and it will certainly be a year of surprises, and they will more than compensate for the unwelcome ones. Of course there are upheavals to come, and that is the price of your freedom. Concentrate on the benefits of the changes, and accept that they cannot come without a major affect upon your lives. We watch over you and are active where we can help to ease situations for you….


       Remember that your thoughts and prayers are received, and your consciousness levels collectively recorded. It enables us to check your progress and respond to your petitions for help. We cannot always give you exactly what you want, as there is a greater plan that we work to and obey. However, together we are a force to be reckoned with, and yet our only weapon is that of Love and Light. It is the one thing the dark Ones have no answer to although they will try to take you off your focus, through fear and intimidation. By now you should have learnt enough about their methods to ignore them, and not in any way lose your energy to them. They are not yet a spent force, but time is running out for them very quickly. As always we are aware of their intentions, so they cannot pull any surprises on us. They might as well surrender now and allow the future to be molded by the plans for your Ascension, as nothing can prevent it from taking place….


       SALUSA  2-MAR-2011


       With time continuing to speed up, the series of changes that face you will soon seem to pass by. As a result you will reach the point of major changes quite quickly, and you will find that they proceed at a fast pace because they have been well planned in advance. Whatever way you look at what the future holds for you, it must come regardless of any interference. Furthermore, as knowledge of what lays ahead spreads, the levels of consciousness will also rise quite rapidly. It means that in the main the people will be quite receptive to what is planned. Somewhere along the way disclosure will have been made, and that will give the green light to many more revelations. The truth cannot be hidden forever, and it is important that you understand what has taken place during duality, and the reason for it….


       You are part of the pyramid of life and through the natural order decided by your vibrational level, you will always find yourself exactly where you should be. The aim is to continually advance, and souls at a higher level will always help one who aspires to ascend. That is why there are so many higher souls with you right now, and some of them will make themselves known to you all very soon. Whereas there is a physical cleansing taking place, it is also necessary to cleanse the spirit by releasing anything of the lower energies. Those on the path will already know exactly what that means, and there will gradually come a time when you will find that the lower vibrations do not sit easy with you. Take for example the diet of violence, death and destruction that is served up as entertainment, that numbs your senses to such energies. Do not allow it to affect your ways of thinking, because it will pull you down and introduce darkness into your aura that you will carry around with you. Also remember that if you are not careful, you will attract even more to yourself. Live with the purity of thought and appreciate all that is of the higher vibrations. If successful, it will take you a long way forward on the path to Ascension, and if you can keep your focus there it will become much easier to maintain….


       While the Beings of Light move further forward and nearer to Ascension, so there are those who are sucked further down into the dark having lost their connection with the Light. They will not be forgotten and before the end time be given every chance find their true selves. Our objective is to bring you all together, by eliminating those often false divisions that have deliberately kept you apart. Once it is accepted that you are all One, those prejudices that exist now will disappear. We do however accept that some beliefs are going to hard to release, but hope to be able to show that they have no foundation in the truth. At our level of consciousness we can only deal with the truth, and will present it as such but not in a forceful way. It is still your freewill choice to believe as you wish, and we know that if you are in error you will eventually turn to the truth….


       SALUSA 7-MAR-2011


       It will not be long now before things really get underway, and an exciting time awaits you that will bring cheer and joy with it. There are those of you who are experiencing hardship, but no matter what the problem the answers are already known. You will be quite surprised how quickly a fair and acceptable life will be established for all citizens of Earth. Your needs are many, but they will be covered by the plan that has already been drawn up. It will prepare you all for the end times, and you will be ready to ascend at the right time as Beings of a higher level of consciousness. Some of you have already noticed the commencement of such changes within yourself, and they will continue to rise until you finally reach full consciousness. That is a requirement for any soul that aspires to move into the higher dimensions. What is assuring for you all is that there are so many great souls that have joined us in this grand adventure. When the appropriate time comes after First Contact has been made, the way will be clear for them to come amongst you. All in all they will be familiar names that have appeared time and again in your history.


       The experience you are going through is priceless when you consider how unique it is. You are privileged to have been accepted for incarnation into this period, and if you think otherwise, please remember that you knew exactly what was in store before you did so. You are those who are strong in purpose and intent, and in reality have sufficient experience to overcome all obstacles and challenges. The value to you is that you will have raised your consciousness quite dramatically in such a short time, and it will serve you well during the coming period. It is what you have worked for over many. many lives, and it does not matter whether you have succumbed at times to the pull of the lower vibrations. Once you have chosen the path of Light you are helped to clear old karma out, and eventually the slate will be clean through the Law of Grace. The Creator desires the eventual return of all souls, and their service to the Light will mean that much experience is gained. It is never lost and can help others who are also seeking to raise their consciousness.


       Financial changes are being discussed, and they will come into being and so prevent another collapse because of greed and unacceptable trading practices. Small is going to be beautiful and ensure that the moneylenders never again have the power to destroy your lives. In fact as many of you already know, such changes will be accompanied by an entirely new set up. Monopoly Money as you so call it, will not be allowed and in future it will be backed by precious metals. Many know this scheme as NESARA and it is now a part of the new financial set up waiting to be introduced. The greatest benefit to all will be the forgiveness of debt thus removing the worries and concerns of so many people. Taxes unfairly taken will be refunded, and a new system will ensure it cannot happen again. Wealth will be spread so that economies can recover quickly, and overcome poverty where it has caused distress and all manner of ailments. There are a considerable number of loving souls ready to give their time to such projects, and it is yet another way of bringing people together. The Human Race is benign in nature, and it is only the dark Ones that have separated you from each other. They have set one against another using insidious tactics to promote hatred and division.


        SALUSA  18.MAR.2011


       As the full affects of the earthquake are being felt in Japan, so it is focusing people’s attention upon it due to the vast damage, loss of life and potential for even more after shocks. It is a situation that is making people world-wide; question the sense in continuing with nuclear energy as a source of power. The more the dangers are publicized and the longer it goes on, there will undoubtedly be a groundswell against its further use. Do you see Dear Ones how eventually the truth must come out, yet regrettably it is not until a serious condition arises. There are already calls for an alternative source of power, and our allies will be pushing for free energy devices that are already available. It is sad that Man does not wake up until faced with a disaster, but if it can be a stepping stone to a new approach it might be looked upon as at least having a beneficial outcome. Free energy would solve so many problems that exist at present, and be one of the greatest steps forward in this era. The difference in your lives would be phenomenal, and put you that much nearer to what lays ahead by way of Ascension.


       We monitor all major events on Earth, and as far as we are allowed are always looking for ways of lessening the impact upon you. Over a long period of time we have substantially reduced radiation levels, which have inevitably followed the testing of nuclear weapons. Without such help you would by now have been a nation of very sick people, and as you know the affects continue from one generation to another. If and when the decision is made to stop using nuclear power, we will help remove the dangerous plant and prevent it from posing a threat to you. We cannot help you unless you are prepared to help yourselves, as we must only re-act to requests from you rather than be seen to “interfere”. We would love to deal with all of your problems, but there are lessons to be learnt that mean there is a proper time for us to show up. However, we are working hard to get Disclosure acknowledged, and then we can really help you and would not delay coming amongst you.


       How life can change without any warning, and so suddenly that you are often ill prepared. At least you have been made aware of what lies ahead, and with your input all will proceed as planned. You are vital to the outcome and getting an enormous amount of attention. The Universe is closely following your journey, as it is important that you reach the stage of readiness to become Galactic Beings. The cycle of duality is to all intents and purposes over, and we want as many souls as possible to return to the level that was your home in past times. Many of you know that Earth is not your real home, and yearn to return to it. It will be like taking a grand holiday in the sun, after being underground for all your life. Everything will be so bright and beautiful, the very air you breathe clean and refreshing, and an uplifting energy permanently around you. It cannot be much different wherever your home is located, as so much more perfection exists in the higher dimensions.


       One day in the future you will look back and no longer feel any pain or unhappiness, because the high energies of the love vibration will have taken over. You will be in a permanent state of joy and happiness, and dark thoughts will not even enter your mind. All souls together in such energies become as one, and share a close bonding in a high state of love and Light. But for reasons of service to others, you would have no reason to return to the lower dimensions. Indeed, if anything you will move into even higher levels for the purpose of furthering your evolution. Progress is ongoing and only ceases when you fully return to the Source of All That Is.


       Peace will come to Earth, so do not feel downhearted if for a time the dark Ones are able to resist change as it will only be a temporary hold up. The higher energies planted upon the Earth are so powerful that they will transmute the lesser energies. That will take away any possibility that the dark Ones had of making more mischief and soon they will be stripped of their power, and we can start our many projects to lift up Earth and the people upon it. It will happen, and then the suffering upon Earth will be dealt with quite quickly, and a happy civilization will emerge. Health will be a principle benefit upon Ascension, as in near perfection you will not experience the aches and pains of the old carbon based body. You will stay young and healthy, and in the process of Ascension will be healed of any condition that is anything less.


       The dynamics of the energies playing upon Earth are setting up the grid that will bring the new Earth into being. At the same time they will uplift you also, and both will be ready for the final action leading to Ascension. It calls for more time being allocated to your personal development, so that you may take the opportunity to raise your vibrations. Meditation is most suitable and recommended; even if you can only find limited time in which to do it. At least find quiet moments when you can unwind, from what is a stressful time on Earth just at present. Being fearful will not help, and your health will benefit if you can find a little time for yourself each day. Also remember when you are in a relaxed state to send out your love to wherever you see it is needed. Perhaps you are already in a group presentation, and that will be even better and more powerful.


       Money worries occupy many people, but even these will disappear in time as debts are forgiven, and wealth is distributed more fairly. Can you imagine the relief when people can start again with not just a clean sheet, but with the advantage of being funded once more. It will be but one step towards a brand new society, that focuses on sharing and works for the benefit of each other. Dealings will be carried out above board, and the authorities will show their honesty in whatever they do. People will be consulted much more than now, and have more say in matters that concern them. In one way or another the old paradigm will die away, as it has ceased to fairly reflect the needs of the people for eons of time.


       I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and trust that the information we give answers many of your questions. They are not complete and best addressed when we can come to Earth, when we shall spend much time quickly acquainting you with all that is to follow. We send our unconditional love to all of you.


       SALUSA  25.MAR.2011


       ……Japan is of concern, but the immediate danger has lessened, and we are hopeful that everything will soon be under control. What has happened is a lesson for Mankind, and is causing you to question the further use of Nuclear Power. Clean energy abounds all around you and can be tapped to supply all of your needs. Amongst the people there is a mood of desiring change, but few are aware that free energy is already known and has been proved possible for your use. It could have been introduced many years ago, but you have been deliberately denied use of it. In fact many inventions that would have advanced your society have been kept back. That will all change once we arrive on Earth, and you shall share any new technologies that will meet your needs.


       Do you not think it strange that over the last century your means of road transportation have hardly changed; yet in other areas technologies have advanced quite considerably. Yet a number of inventions have proved successful in converting what you already have, to a clean and more economical power machine. Again Dear Ones, you have not been allowed to benefit from them, but we will ensure that such discoveries are open to whosoever wishes to develop or manufacture them. We will of course bring our own devices, and the use of those that are robotic will prove very attractive to you. It was never intended that you should spend the best part of your lives labouring, and in the future the emphasis will be on ensuring that you have all the time you desire for developing your own skills. Mundane jobs and services will no longer need manning, except perhaps for a computer expert to monitor all such functions.


       We are going to help you speedily move into the future, and make up for lost time. You are going to get back on the path that takes you to Ascension and beyond. We already enjoy such a life, and we can assure you that it is quite normal to provide an easy and comfortable life for yourself. In time even education will be made much easier and more beneficial, yet take up so little of your time. That is partly because new concepts will be introduced to you, so that you do not need to study for hours on end. You can be programmed with information quite easily as you will find out. For those who desire a greater knowledge of spiritual matters, there are other planets that have fabulous temples of healing and knowledge. The Arcturians are one such civilization that excel in this particular area, and have the most wonderful temples of crystals and Light with colors beyond your present knowledge…..


     We see moves being made on Earth by our allies that indicate some possibility of results within the next two months. We can say no more as the outcome is dependent on those who we have no control over, although our authority does carry the power given us by the Higher Councils of Light. It is the Light that is the key to success, and the more mankind can contribute to it the quicker there is likely to be a result. You have such power yet do not realize its potential, and as you ascend it will be your place to ensure that it is not misused. You will however be given every help to understand your responsibility towards others. Once you have risen up it will be quite easy for you to become a Galactic Being, with full control over your powerful energies of creation…..


       SALUSA  28.MAR.2011


       For a long time you have asked to see action and although we cannot allow you insight to everything we have done, you are becoming more aware of our part in what is happening worldwide. Along with our allies we are pushing hard to get really started on bringing some matters to completion. We know that once things start there will be no stopping the onward surge. As you can see and as was predicted, your ever-increasing levels of consciousness are bringing results as evidenced in the changes taking place in the Middle East. It will not stop there, and you will see other countries subject to pressure from their inhabitants. Freedom is the flag that everyone flies, and it is such a powerful energy that it will carry all before it. With it will come truth and a great reconciliation will occur between both people and their countries, where previously they have been set apart…..


       Sometimes it is intentional that you see our craft are become aware of our activities, as for example where we have openly disabled nuclear weapons on their missile sites. We made it clear to all governments that nuclear weapons would not be allowed to be used, and it is quite pointless in having them primed ready to launch. In the course of time we shall call a halt to all war activities, and if that is ignored we shall disable all types of weapons so that none can be raised in anger. Peace is coming and our role is to ensure that it is achieved well before Ascension. This is why you must have the right people leading you governments, and those at present representing you will by and large be replaced. For you at present a politician that speaks the total truth is a rare specimen, but there are souls who are with you who come especially for that purpose. Some you already know by their work to bring changes about for the benefit of the people.


       There is no turning back to the old ways and whilst some aspects may survive you are taking a great step up, and will make good the period of time that you have been held back. The upliftment you will experience will far outweigh any difficulties you go through, and many of you have still not grasped the immense importance of the time you are in. We have told you previously that it is a unique occasion, but just as important is the fact that mass ascension only occurs at long intervals. It is an opportunity that will not come your way for many thousands of years, so take it with both hands and do not worry yourselves with what is necessary to achieve it. With great love for you all God planned the end times of this cycle, so that every soul would have an equal chance to ascend. It is not forced upon anyone and neither will you be coerced into doing so, but nevertheless you will be given every encouragement. Many feel the pull of wanting to “go home” as they know that the lower dimensions are not their real home. Set your sights firmly on Ascension, because it is your pathway back to where you originally came from.


       We will be with you when circumstances permit, and then we shall have a wonderful period of getting to fully know each other. In many instances we are old friends of yours and your true family from the stars. The Greys have been on Earth for a long time, and have been working with many Earth representatives of their family to help save their civilization. These are in the minority but in gaining permission to have bases on Earth, were responsible for the early exchange of advanced technologies, Regretfully the Illuminati never intended that it should be used to everyone’s advantage, although some of it did make into the commercial markets…..


       SALUSA  02-MAY-2011


       As you are finding out time is not constant, and according to what you are doing it will sometimes seem to speed up so that you convinced you have lost time. It shows how you have moved into a vibrational mode of a higher level of consciousness. Eventually time will no longer be experienced as linear and it will all be in the “Now”, as in reality the past, present and future are all One. It is why we can state quite positively that at our level of observation, Ascension has already taken place. The process of Ascension is gradually changing your body and whole outlook, as of course it is to be expected and is a quite natural occurrence. There are also those souls that are not responding to the higher energies, and in fact have little or no interest in that process. There is as a result a separation occurring between the two groups, and this will determine which of them ascend or leave the Earth for a different destination. It is all part of the Divine Plan and based on Universal Law, which ensures each soul proceeds correctly to the next stage of their evolution.


       In the context of what is due to take place in the remaining period leading up to Ascension, your upliftment is really the most important issue. The preparations for a quantum leap into the future are necessary to introduce you to an almost entirely different life style. There is a gap that needs to be bridged resulting from the deliberate actions of the Illuminati to hold you back. It has left you in a perpetual state of need, and prevented you from experiencing the advantages that new technological advances would have given you. Consequently most of you have struggled to exist, and almost all Third World countries have lived in continual poverty. You are to experience abundance and peace before the end times arrive, and once you have ascended you will move into a most wondrous and fulfilling time. The Earth is beautiful in its present form, but once ascended it will be a showcase of perfection and truly a heavenly abode. Equally you will be its appointed guardians and will have reached an understanding, that allows for your full appreciation of Mother Earth’s place in your lives as a fully conscious Being.


       We of the Galactic Federation are also part of your destiny, and not simply here to guide you onwards. We are part of you and together we will re-unite again and become as One, as we move on to the next stage of evolution. You are at last returning to the levels of consciousness you were at previously. The veils of separation are lifting, and it will not be long before you realize who you truly are and reclaim your sovereignty. In spite of what some of you feel, you are worthy of the opportunity that is before you and should take it with two hands. It will be thousands of years before one again comes along again. It is of course entirely your choice, and be assured you would have been well informed of it before you came to Earth for this lifetime. If you feel drawn to the idea of Ascension, then most certainly you will be one who has decided to be part of it. Do not be concerned as to whether you are ready for it, as already your consciousness levels will be rising. This may well be apparent from the subtle changes you are experiencing within yourself. You will find a greater control over yourself where thoughts and emotions are involved, and more able to centre yourself so that you remain calm and peaceful regardless as to what goes on around you. Indeed, you can bring a measure of calmness to others by simply being around them.


       We realize you are tired and frustrated at the long wait for an obvious sign of positive changes. Yet within the turmoil and chaos presently taking place, are the first signs of a major cleansing occurring. Understand that the Earth is polluted with negative energies, which must be cleared away before peace can be established. It is sad that certain souls who are directly involved in such issues are in the thick of it, but it is often their choice to atone for actions taken that have led to it. It releases karma and ultimately will enable a new positive energy to be grounded in those areas. There are of course physical changes that must also take place, and it is these that we monitor to keep any damage and loss of life to a minimum. We stress that it is not our right to interfere with your life plans, which for some of you means you will be in places where the most activity occurs. It does not in any way deny you the same opportunity to ascend as every other soul, as even following the death of the physical body it can still take place.


       We are more active than ever, as the Earth reels once again because of the upsurge of negative events. However, Mother Earth is aware that it is all part of the vital cleansing that must be completed before all can ascend. You can expect outbreaks of violent changes, as the energies of Earth are subject to the effects of the powerful Light energies coming in. The lower energies are being transmuted quicker than ever, and it is bringing a more peaceful outcome. As Beings of Light they are also lifting you up, and we recommend that you take the necessary time needed to allow them to be absorbed into your body. It is after all gradually changing, and will continue to do so until its cells become crystalline and able to contain a greater degree of consciousness. You are heading for a great upliftment that leads to full consciousness and your elevation to become a Galactic Being.


       Go about your daily routines with a positive attitude, and do not let fear enter into your thoughts. You must know by now that your future is assured, and that the Divine Plan for your civilization and Mother Earth cannot fail. So do not succumb to the attempts of the dark Ones to distract you from your path. They are in fact torn apart by the sudden rise in consciousness, and the growing awareness of how they have controlled and enslaved you. You are seeking the truth in all matters, and indeed it shall set you free. Your trust has been badly abused by those who should have worked for your best interests instead of their own. They have been found out for what they really are, and their days are numbered. Soon there will be dramatic changes that will allow for extensive changes where major governments are concerned. Very little will advance until you have the right people leading you into the final period before Ascension. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and remain the spokesperson for one group that represents the Galactic Federation, and guides you ever onwards.


       SALUSA  13-MAY-2011


       ….You yourself are experiencing subtle changes within your body and consciousness levels, and out of it will eventually arise the new you, the Galactic Being. Let go of that which is clearly going to be out of place in the New Age, and know that it will exist in a suitable form in the higher dimensions…..


       ….Take for example the various resources of Earth that are used daily to sustain your world and its demands. In the higher levels that will become almost unnecessary as you will have little need to take from the Earth, when you can create what you want through the power of thought. In the same way as you dispose of your creations when there use has expired, there is no waste or pollution as all is returned to the unmanifest to be used again. When you reach such levels you will have the knowledge and ability to handle such matters, as your consciousness will be consistent with that expected of a Galactic Being. If you cannot fully comprehend the changes, simply accept what is happening is to elevate you to a level where all is in harmony and balance. At a subconscious level it is all familiar to you, because it is your natural home…..


       ….There has to be a period of peace, and the unnecessary controls and restrictions removed so that your sovereignty is gradually restored. We of the Galactic Federation respect you and want you to have the freedom you are entitled to. Draconian laws and anything that unfairly restricts your actions will be removed. That of course will be the duty of the new government which will soon be appointed. For that to happen naturally there will be vast changes, and no representative will survive who has been guilty of breaking his/her oath. Clearly you can look forward to an earth-shaking end to this year…..


      …. We are well pleased with the progress made over the years to bring the truth out. To be well informed and intuitive has enabled you to rise up above the lower energies. They cannot cause fear or threaten you unless you allow it to be so. Stay calm and as we so often say, keep focused upon the wonderful future that beckons. You will soon become aware that everything you have been promised is near to coming your way, and your patience has been admirable in view of the time taken to reach this point…..


       ARCHANGEL MICHAEL 03.JAN.11  (through Celia Fenn


       The Shift into the New Timeline and the Manifestation of Peace on Earth. Living an Authentic and Soul-Full Life in the New Reality. The New Earth Energies:

       The Light Frequencies for 2011.


       Beloved Family of Light, how joyous and wonderful it is that the Earth has completed the transition that began at the time of the Grand Cross alignment in 2010. At that time, you knew that major changes were occurring in your world as the Planet began to realign herself for the final phases of her shift into the Fifth Dimension and the New Timeline. By the time of the Solar Eclipse on the 4th of January, the Earth will be fully aligned with her new trajectory and her new frequency, which will ensure tat she will arrive on time in December 2012 for her rendezvous with the Galactic Time gate and her entry into "no time" or the "infinity frequency".

       Indeed, Beloved Ones, the shift that has been made in the last months of 2010 was primarily about Time and your Perception of Time in relation to your lives on Planet Earth. The shift into the Fifth Dimension of Light is a shift into a Higher Frequency of Consciousness. The energy at this level vibrates at a higher and more accelerated rate than at the Third Dimension. But, and here we ask for your attention, for there is a paradox here that is important to your experience of the New Reality. In the Fifth Dimension of Light, accelerated frequency is experienced as slower time! In the Third Dimension, the new frequency is experienced as faster time and things seem to be moving too fast.

       The Earth herself has now shifted fully into the new Fifth-dimensional Timeline, but as an act of Grace, she is allowing the Third-dimensional Timeline to continue and to co-exist with the new timeline up until 2012. The population of Earth thus has time to adjust to the new frequency and timeline. Both will be available as options until mid 2012, when the old Third-dimensional timeline will be collapsed as the Earth begins her journey through the 2012 Time gate into the "No Time/Infinity Frequency" or the zone of Infinite Consciousness. At this time, all on the Earth will begin preparation for the giant leap of "conscious evolution" into the New Age of Light and Peace.

       Beloved Ones, you have been the pioneers for this shift, and now we ask you to become aware of how your perception of time will be crucial to your personal shift in the next eighteen months. You will learn to know when you are in the old time paradigm heading for a dead end, and when you are in the new time paradigm and on the path forward. On the old timeline, you will experience the acceleration of frequency as a feeling of time passing too fast, of being stressed, rushed, and anxious, with too much to do.

       On the new Fifth-dimensional timeline you will feel as though everything has slowed down and that there is plenty of time to accomplish what is necessary. You will feel calm and peaceful, and you will know that all is in Divine Order in your life. You will experience a sense of Abundance and Wellbeing, no matter what your financial situation might be. And, you will have a sense of the possibility of miracles in your life as you move forward on the adventure of life on Earth.

       Grounding into the New Timeline.


       Beloveds, it is important that you ground yourselves into this new Timeline and allow your Light Body and your Physical Body to become accustomed to these new frequencies and vibrations. For, your body will be vibrating energetically at an increased rate, but you will experience life more slowly. Initially, you may experience some inner confusion, your body may feel uncoordinated and heavy, you may feel clumsy and out of synch with yourself. You may also experience anxiety, disturbed sleep patterns, exhaustion, dizziness and nausea, as your body deals with the new time frequencies. These temporary symptoms are what we would call "motion sickens" as your body adjusts and recalibrates on the new frequencies.

       Know too, Beloveds, that your Physical Body is also in this process of shifting and aligning to pass through the 2012 Time gate into Infinite Time. So, we suggest that you nurture your body with love and care and that you ensure that you live a balanced life. Release any old dramas that remain from the past and enter fully into the energy of Love and Forgiveness. And, on a daily basis, ensure that your Physical and Light Bodies are aligned with Divine Will.

       In order to achieve this, we will offer here a daily activation and meditation that will be helpful. This is similar to the last meditation that we offered, but it has been upgraded to adapt to the new energy shifts that you will work with from the Solar Eclipse completion on the 4th of January. Begin by simply focussing your energy into the Heart and breathing deeply. Know that in the Fifth Dimension, your consciousness is anchored in your Heart. Experience that reality as a deep sense of Unconditional Love and Connection to All That Is. Feel also the deep Peace that is part of that Consciousness.

       Then, allow that energy to move downwards through the solar plexus, the sacral and the base chakras and down into the Earth Star Chakra, located within the Earth just beneath your feet. Feel how you are now anchoring your energy into the Earth, into the New Crystalline Grids of the Fifth Dimension as they connect with your Earth Star Chakra. Now, let that energy move further down to connect with the Crystal Heart at the centre of the Earth. Here you feel the deep and unconditional Shekinah Love of the Earth Mother coming up to you, through the Earth Star Chakra and into your Heart. Hold that Love in your Heart, and know that you are deeply Loved and Nurtured by the Earth Mother, and that you are in Alignment with the Divine Will for the Earth, as expressed through the evolution of the Planet into Multi-dimensional Reality.

       Now, let the energy move up your body, through the Throat, Brow and Crown chakras, and up into the Soul Star Chakra that is located just above the head. Here, you connect with your Soul and your Higher Self, your I AM presence as it anchors into your Physical Form. Here you can also connect with your Purpose for being here now, and with your Divine Essence. Feel the Unconditional Love and Beauty of your Soul as you align with your Higher Purpose for this lifetime. It feels wonderful and filled with brilliant and radiant light. Now, let that energy move upwards through the Dimensions of Light to the Great Cosmic Heart of All That Is. Here you feel the Infinite Love of the Source for All that Is. Draw that pulsating and radiant light back down into your Heart and hold it there.

       Now you are aligned with Divine Will, for yourself and for the Earth. When you are in this alignment, you will find it a simple matter to be grounded into the Fifth-dimensional Timeline and to experience the energies of Peace, Calm and Abundance. Life will become Simple and Clear as you follow the Divine Guidance that will come to you on this new Timeline of Grace and Love.

       Manifesting Peace in the New Earth Timeline.


       Beloved Family of Light, we would now speak to you a little about the energy of Peace that is so important at this time. Peace is not just the absence of war and conflict. Peace is rather a distinct energy that radiates Unconditional Love and Compassion and Acceptance of All. It is first an inner energy that must be cultivated in the Heart, before it can be experienced in the outer reality. Beloved Ones, we know that you have worked hard in the last years to heal all those inner conflicts and angers that have prevented you from coming into the experience of inner peace, and now many of you are living in that inner joy and peace and so are able to be anchor points for these energies on the New Earth.

       We ask, Beloved Ones, that you continue to work for that beautiful state of inner peace and lightness, that you may share these energies with others. The key to this state of inner Peace is to have your consciousness anchored at the Heart, and to live always in a state of conscious awareness and forgiveness. be ready to forgive and release at all times, and become conscious of when and how you fall out of the state of inner peace. In this conscious state, you will be able to maintain your inner Peace for longer periods, and so to create that energy of Peace and Love around you. This energy will be a seed point for the manifestation of the New Earth and the New Earth Timeline. Each person who achieves this becomes a Master of Light and is able to begin to manifest the New Earth on the New Timeline in their lives right now.

       Beloved Ones, by the time that you enter the 2012 Time gate, there will be many of you who will be Masters of Light and Time, and you will be the navigators that will guide Humanity through the Time gate and into the New Reality. It is now that you are asked to begin to work intensely with these skills and abilities, so that you may truly fulfil the purpose for which you came to the Earth at this time.

       Living an Authentic and Soul-Full Life.


       Beloved Ones, you may indeed ask, what does this mean in terms of my day to day life? And we would answer that in this New Timeline your life will become more "authentic" and filled with the energy and Light of your Soul and your Divine I AM presence. You will become aware of the flow of your Soul Light in your daily life, and you will hear those directions and suggestions that come from the Higher Sources. You will learn to trust these directions and to flow with the synchronicities and desires and miracles that occur on the flow of the creative partnership between the Higher Self, and the Ego Self as Master of Light. That is what it means to live a "soul-full" life, where each day is filled with the passion and light of the guidance of the Soul and the Higher Self

       When you live in this way. Beloved Ones, then your life becomes and authentic expression of Who You Are on all levels. The Higher Self, and the Ego Self, work together in a wonderful partnership that ensures that you experience peace and joy on all levels of your being as you begin to manifest the New Earth Reality in your own life.

       And so, Beloved Family of Light, in this year that lies ahead, you will be learning and experiencing in a wonderful way. The most important date for you in this year will be the 11th of November, when the 11/11/11 Star gate will provide the final recalibrations of the Earth for its journey to the Galactic Plane alignment on the 12/12/12 and the Journey through the Time gate on the 21/12/12. So, Beloved Ones, we wish you much Joy and Love as your Journey continues in the Year of 2011.

       GABRIEL 9.JAN.11

     Question 1: Concerning the dead birds, fish, etc, is there any connection with HARRP? Answer: “Dear George it has everything to do with HARRP. They are preparing to cause a major earthquake that is going to rock the middle of the USA. They are starting to deploy FEMA to the area so that they can bring about martial law and put the people in the FEMA Detention centres they have created throughout the USA. This is all part of population control. This is something you might not understand but it will be allowed. The reason it will be allowed is that this earthquake was going to happen during the Earth changes anyway HARRP is bringing it sooner than it would have come naturally. The people that will lose their lives came to Earth knowing they would loss their lives at such a time and place. What won’t be allowed it the death of folks at the hands of FEMA outside of this event. This is going to bring on the landings of the ET's because without the landings, the people would panic and the military and cabal would fulfil their desire for depopulation. This event that HARRP has set up, has caused a speeding up of events involving the ET's. The birds and fish are dying because of the frequencies that HARRP gives off. The amount of death and the areas that are covered tells you what a large weapon HARRP is. We look forward to getting rid of HARRP all together. It's sad about those that will loss their lives, but to them they are just fulfilling there paths. Gabriel.”

       Question 2: What is happening in the golf of Aden? Is it true that a huge gate is opening there? and naval forces from 27 countries are there to face what? Answer: “Dear George, Yes, they are gathered there to greet the aliens that they feel well be coming through the gate that they perceive is opening up. They feel that is the only way the large ships can get into earths atmosphere is through this gate. They don't realize the gate has been there for a very long time. They don't realize that the massive mother ships don't need a gate to come through to enter earth. Humans are very funny in their reasoning. The humans intend to greet us with their new tech weapons to show they are as strong as we are, they do not realize that their new tech is our old. They are laughable to say the least. What is funny is if they are busy waiting for us there we will just come in on the other side of the globe. No worries there George as they look so silly to us. A few months ago an Earth ship with their reptilian helpers tried to board our mother ship, farther just laughed as they were like ticks and just wouldn't give up. They still try on other ships but they have the same reaction, laughter from those aboard. They bring again their brand new tech to attack our million year old vessels and expect to win. They are such fools. I must say we are getting tired of it. I hope this helps dear friend. Gabriel.”

       GABRIEL 17.JAN.11

       Questions: Dear Sharon, here are my new questions for Gabriel: 1) Nidle in his last webinar said that the first to come and help us (before the first contact) will be the Agarthans of the Inner Earth, some of which are already among us. In my meditation some time ago, I invited one on more of them, when they will come, to stay in my home. The answer was that “they got the message”. My question to Gabriel, in case he knows, is whether they will accept my invitation, when they will come, to stay with me. 2) Nidle also said that the Ets will try to intervene before the total financial collapse, in order to limit the consequences from it. Is Gabriel thinking that this intervention will be done before the financial collapse of Greece, and limit the consequences for my country? Answers: Dear George, here are my answers. 1. Yes they will accept your invitation. They will come and stay with you. Who of them that will come is still up to them. 2. No I don't have the answer to the financial issues with Greece. The consequences to your country will be limited just by our intervention. Again George don't worry so much it will make you age faster then needed... All is well. Gabriel.

          GABRIEL 13.MAR.11

       Questions: Dear Sharon, here are my new questions for Gabriel: There are 4 recent events in our planet for which I would like Gabriel to comment about the reasons, the development, the final outcome, etc. 1) The floods in Australia. 2) The earthquake etc in Japan. 3) The war in Libya. 4) The revolution in Wisconsin in US (where the citizens revolt against the anti-popular laws of oppression and occupied the local parliament, a lot of the local deputies resigned, and the forces that were sent against them finally joined the  protestors, while the media have still not reported anything), The 5th question is: “What will be the development of the difficult economical and political situation in Greece, and the final outcome, and if we will receive a real help from the European Community.


       Answers: Dear George. Here are the answers to your questions from yesterday. Please remember we are not mind readers (actually we are, we just choose not to be when it comes to mans affairs) nor can we interfere in events that are unfolding on Earth by their natural unfolding. We are here on a peace mission to save mankind from the last part of the events that are unfolding. This is Gabriel and what I am saying is not coming from just me, but also from those of my race and other races that have become guardians of your planet. The war in Libya, what can I say on that event other than those people have been warring among themselves from the beginning of time. Let them work their own problems out but with so much interference from the United States and other countries, they might not be able to work it out alone this time. It wont be men that will help, it will be us. Do you remember the day of rage that was planned for the 11th in Arabia? It didn't happened. That was because we softened their hearts and helped them not to proceed. We can do that when we see that the behaviour is from outside influences such as from the USA. They still hate each other bat they just aren't so openly killing each other because they feel they shouldn’t.

       What can I say about the earthquake in Japan other than it isn't over and we won't interfere with your planet’s natural events. Your Earth is changing and you and everyone else has known this for a very long time. Why is it so surprising when it starts to happen? Humans have a way of knowing things, then not excepting them. Then when what they know starts to happen they act all confused. We find that unfortunate. It isn't over yet with Japan, it is going to get worse before better. New Zealand, Australia and even parts of the United States shore lines are part of the well known Ring of Fire. It will get worse and it is natural what is happening. Mankind feels they can overt what is to come, but it would be like trying to stop time, or space and it can't be done. If we could finally get the governments to see, this and allow us to be finally officially known about, we could get on with the prosperity funds, the debt forgiveness and so very much more. The dark will fight us to the very end. That end is much sooner than later. Until then all we can do is keep doing what we have been doing helping the dark soften their evil hearts.

       We truly haven't been interested in what is going on in Wisconsin, as there is much worse things to deal with other then humans throwing temper tantrums. They will or wont figure it out, it will be without our interference. George, Greece will fight to the end, or until we get there. Greece isn't open to agreement and like Wisconsin so much of it is temper tantrums. The people of Greece will be fine until we arrive. The things I want to ask you George with all the up rising in Greece, are you and your family fed? Clothed? Out of getting involved in all the trouble? Are you and yours safe, are you happy with the work you are doing with informing the people about upcoming events? If you are, let your country fight its own battles, and if there is killing stay out of the way, as it will be over soon. Money isn't the answer to your problems in Greece because the issues run much deeper.

       There is probably going to be at least one more large earthquake this month. The 11th was a planetary alignment and because of that you had this earthquake, plus two volcanoes one in Indonesia and one in Russia. Because of all the action on the sun, right now the Ring of Fire is very active. (Note: Gabriel refers to the perimeter of the tectonic plate in Pacific where the sunk Lemuria is laying). This is all natural affects of Gaia changing. People again on your planet want to sugar coat what is going to happen in 2012 but they are foolish to do so. 2012 is what it is, with great Earth changes, which have nothing to do with consciousness or anything like that. It has to do with changes that have been happening here since the beginning and they cannot be stopped. That is why we are here in order to get you to safety, and then to give you back the planet. What happened to Japan should help to show that it is what it is and stop fighting and let us help. This isn't like one of the movies you see where one man turns away a meter, or moves the moon to prevent a terrible thing from happening. This is raw real life and no one is going to stop it with a bow and arrow. Your Dr Nidle has it totally right, listen to him. Well George I am going to stop for now. These are things you needed to hear. I am glad you got your food and supplies as we are sure that in the next short while might going to come in very handy. Much Love to You My Friend. Gabriel from the Galactic Federation of Light. Peace Be With You And Yours.

       GABRIEL 18.MAR.11

       Questions: 1) Is the new electrical line established going to solve the problem with the cooling system and everything is O.K.? or 2) Will be additional problems with even explosions and great radiation release? and if so 3) The radiation will be limited locally? or 4) Will be spread widely affecting also other countries? and 5) Will it be a lot of deaths in the near future due to radiation? 6) The great negligence concerning provision of alternative electricity solutions for the cooling pumps, it was just a mistake, or haw to do with actions of the dark forces? 7) Is the federation going to do something to help the situation? 8) Besides the nuclear danger are they going to be new catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan in the near future? 9) The problem with the reactors in Japan will be repeated also with the reactors in other countries 10) And if so in which countries?

       Answers: George as you have seen nothing has given the Japanese relief from their none stop nightmare. Fear at this time is a true fear and that on of these reactors will blow up causing worldwide problems with radiation. This would make the dark very happy. Japan has her work cut out for her, as far as these reactors the reality is we will not let anything happen that is going to effect the Earth. Éf one blows the radiation will be minimal at best. We have worked hard not to allow this disaster to happen. Yes it might happen but the effects won't hurt the entire world, Japan will feel the effects at best. There will be those that will say otherwise, but they are just trying to cause problems and don't listen to them. We can't allow it to get to other countries. Unfortunately Japan is continuing to rock and she is due for yet another large one as well as is due in the United States. Watch this period. No George there wont be a lot of deaths from radiation, I promise. Lately the Federation has been doing a lot to keep Earth stable, as mankind is determined to see that she is destroyed and they are getting very frustrated that all their efforts have been forted and they will not look to the heavens for the reason why. Please remember we can't allow them to damage the Earth further. Gaia has her own ideas which we won't intervene, or to say it is not possible for us to stop her. Be in peace Dear George because things will be much better very soon. With Love To All. Gabriel of the Galactic Federation representing the Andromeda Galaxy.


       GABRIEL 6.MAY.11

       Questions: 1) About the death of Bin Laden. 2) About my friend from Andromeda that she is lately visiting me.

       Answer 1) Ben Laden: The public in general do not pay attention to things that aren't right in front of their faces. If people truly thought about it they would have realized that Ben Laden had kidney failure shortly after your 9/11, at which time he went to several different countries. These were countries that were friendly toward him and knew that he really didn't have anything to do with the 9/11 issue. Yet was the scape goat for the US government, so the countries he went to for help helped him the best they could. His body was to far gone because of the disease to do anything but set him up with the best kidney dialyses machines that they could. It wasn't to long after that that he died of kidney failure. This was something the world in general couldn't know because the government wanted to be the one to take him down, yet his own body did. The videos that have come out since then were fakes done by the government, to make the people believe they still had to fight a war that the government started. That is why no photo's can come out of him nor will they, because there are people that can tell fakes from reality, and the government can't take the risk of the general public finding out and making the US president look bad. This will all come out soon as there are groups that won't let up and feel the truth needs to be known. There was someone killed at the mansion, it just wasn't him.

       Answer 2) Your friend V we will call her as I don’t know her earthly name: She is a dear friend of mine and has been for many-many years. She is also a friend of Sara's. She isn't from our planet of Altone but is from one that is near by. She is used by the federation to help spread the light on Earth. Because she isn't from our ship I don't know the true mission she is on, she will let you know herselfYou can trust her, she will cause you no harm. Her sharing with you that there is evil aliens on Earth and mostly in the USA wasn't a good thing for her to have shared with you. Although true, it could have scared or made you frightful more than you need be. The fact is you needn’t be at all, as they can't hurt you because you are of the light. Please don't add that to your site as it could and would frighten others. We the federation are handling the issue of these beings and controlling the harm, if any, that they will be allowed to cause. Now that you have been enlightened to the actual year that you are living in, there will be instructions for you in the near future, and those instructions will come to you throw V. Do as she instructs. This is all I am going to say for now as I am having to help Sara with some of her issues with these new to her revelations. I will tell you that the road ahead will be very bumpy but it will be most pleasant when it is concluded. See you soon my friend. Gabriel of the Galactic Federation, Blessings.


       GABRIEL 8.MAY.11


       Since the dark cabal is closing the ning community Children of the Sun (COS) on 9.May.11, I have invited my 1350 frients  in COS to another ning community the Extraterrestrials (link where you can find my blog posts, my discussion, my group,  and many new information that I will regularly add. For the reasons of the closure I asked my extraterrestrial friend Gabriel from Andromeda and here is the answer:  Dear George. The closing of Children of the Sun is due to watching of the internet that has been taking place in the United States by its government namely a man by the name of Cass Sunstean. He has decided that the people can no longer voice their thoughts and ideas freely on the internet, they see it as against national security to let the people continue with freedom of speech. You are going to see more and more of this as we get closer to disclosure. Videos of all kinds are being taken down from your YouTube and other sites the closure of COS is just the beginning within the ET community. There will be a time very soon where communication on the internet will be very difficult as they are trying to keep the people in the dark. The dark still feel they are in control, shortly they are going to discover their control has come to an end. Gabriel

      GABRIEL 16.MAY.11

      Question 1). What are the rear reasons of princes Diana’s death? Was it a murder? for Gabriel about the chemical trails sprayed by aeroplanes: A) Who are doing it? B) How it is done? C) What materials they use? D) What is their purpose? E) What excuse they present? F) What are the results upon people and the planet in general? G) Why we do not stop it? H) Why the governments do nothing about it? I) What will be done from now on? J) When it will be stopped and how? K) Is it done to all countries or there are countries that do not permit it?Dear George, I really do not see the importance in these questions about Diana, but I will do the best I can to answer them for you as they seem important to you. The real reason for her death is she knew tïo much. The man she was dating was a dangerous man. Çe also had a price on his head. Yes, it was murder, being run into a wall in a tunnel was anything but an accident. The responsible parties where in very high places. Yes they where dark forces.

       Question 2). Will be today an earthquake in New Madrid as a Channel says? Answer 2). É have no idea where some people get there inside information, of  alleged earthquake at New Madrid that was given to you with pinpoint timing. How did they get such information as it is impossible to tell exactly when an earthquake is to happen. You might want to recheck your sources. There will be an earthquake there and it is soon, but not even a man can say exactly when, not even those that are in charge of working HAARP can give you that kind of information. They might want to, but they can't pinpoint when the earth is going to react to what they are doing to her. Blessings Dear Friend, Gabriel of the Federation.

       GABRIEL 20.MAY.11

       Question 1). Are there dark extraterrestrials in the Hollow Earth? Answer 1). Dear George NO. With so many star nations represented in the Hollow Earth and these star nations are part of the treaty, they wouldn't allow dark energies inside. They couldn't co-exist. The Hollow Earth is love, peace and joy, and there is no room for dark and evil. Now as far as for caves below the outer surface of the planet, having no connection to the Hollow Earth, they can and are evil within some of them, totally disconnected without any entrance to the Hollow Earth. Also many of the dark cabal exist underground.


       Question 2). Are 5D beings able to live for long periods of time on a 3D planet and vice versa? Answer 2). NO, a normal 5D being couldn't live for an extended period of time in a 3D world without making some adjustments to themselves which they can do if need be. A 3D being can't exist or live in a 5D planet either. It just isn't possible without a breathing apparatus. If a 5D being tried to stay for an extended period of time on a 3D planet without making the appropriate adjustments they would become weaker and weaker as time went by. As far as the Et's that are working with the government, the dark ones, they have been here for so long and the ones that took human form most likely have the same problem Sara does with the breathing. They breath very shallowly making it where sometimes they need to almost pant to get a full breath. This has been noted in other walk-ins from other planets as well, Sara has friends with the breathing issue from the Pleiadians as well as .one from Acturius. All of whom are very shallow breathers. The ET's working with the government made the adjustments right away. Even if a 5D being could exist on a 3D planet they still would be in a different dimension and invisible to the 3D being, I did that to Sara the Christmas before last. I came to visit her as myself to say hello, and she couldn't see me but she felt me very strongly. I stayed only a few minutes. I could have made myself appear before her although it would have taken too much energy to do so, but she knew I was there. So the answer to this matter must be a yes and no answer. For us Andromedans at this time it isn't something that we choose to experience until the time is right. All of us ET's will have to make the appropriate adjustments to ourselves before first contact, in order to do the work we have ahead. Remember George this is the first time that such a job has been done with a planet that is changing. What I mean is keeping the beings alive in their present bodies while changing from one dimension to another. So this is not only new to you but it is new to all of us as well. Gabriel, of the Galactic Federation sending you Blessings.


       Astral travel of Sharon to the 5D. Dear George. When I went into the future a couple of months ago  I appeared in a very large building in a pretty dark room. When I got to my feet things smelt different and there was an overwhelming joy. I opened the door and there was people walking up and down the hallway, if I looked straight ahead. When I looked to the right there ware windows that were at least 20 ft tall, and they went along the whole side of the building. They where separated by small pieces of metal like normal framing would be. The building was very long and at the other end was again a bank of windows that had a door in them. On the left side was like several offices that people where milling around in. They where all dressed in white and had little white hats on. A woman that came to me she also was wearing white, with a white hat and with an old fashion hair style. I asked her what year was it and she said it was 2014. I fell back a little, then I asked her if the Earth shifts had happened and she said yes. I looked at the windows and outside was beautiful tall foliage, as well as trees and flowers where everywhere. I looked back at her and asked her if many people where living on the outside surface and she said no, because many lost their lives, and many stayed in the Hollow and the Inner Earth, while many went to their home planets. I then felt disconnected and went home. I have asked many times since then if I could go back, and if I have I don't remember, but it was a place of great peace and love. Your friend Sharon.


       Finally I asked Gabriel about IMF head Straus Kan and he told me that he was framed without been his fault.


       MY HIGHER SELF 13,FEB.11

       I recently put a series of questions to my Higher Self, In order to complete the picture, mainly as far as Greece is concerned, which, (in order to ensure reliable answers), I put in a relevant channelling session through my charismatic friend Eric, who functions as a very clear channel. In having this ability, he often organizes seminars in various countries, and also publishes many relevant books through the internet (the contents of which also pertain to what he receives through channeling from his Higher Self, etc), which you can download for only $2 each from his site in my site I will present the most important answers here, beginning with the response I got regarding my question whether what I post in my site are true, sayingyes, they are true for now but the truth could be influenced, as time passes, by our free will”, which I believe is true for the following answers, that I give below in summary:

       Greece will not default financially (at least officially) and will not leave the euro to go back to drachma. The savings in the bank accounts are not in danger but it wouldn’t hurt to split the savings, splitting the amounts to more than one  banks,  to be on the safe side, and therefore we will not  need to send our money abroad.  Those living in Greece, will not require  a considerable amount of money at home, neither the large storage of food at home will be necessary. There will be no war for Greece and our borders will not be altered. There will not be a revolution domestically to remove the government, although many of the people holding governmental positions, will be replaced by competent and honest people, while the corrupt politicians, despite the hearings, will not be punished and will get away with it. There will not be sufficient time for the carbohydrate reserves in Greece and Cyprus to yield significant benefits for these countries, and the “selling out of the country’s assets” will have to do mainly with assets not exploited to their best advantage, which will be sold for development. The situation the country is facing today with the immigrants will not change for the better or for the worst.

       Real estate in general as well as money, will gradually lose their value and their importance, since people will only be focusing in the present, and not on investing for the future (for them and their children), while their needs will lessen because some of them will be met by the new technologies gradually coming to light, as well as the fair distribution of money and resources. The deaths before the transition to the fifth dimension will not be caused by natural disasters as much, but more by people’s refusal to follow the transition and adjust their body to the rising frequencies of the planet. Furthermore, the extraterrestrials will land by millions, definitely within 2012, or even by the end of 2011, forcing the governments to proceed to UFO disclosure within the year 2011. Many of these governments will be replaced by temporary transitory ones.

       Apart from the numerous personal answers I got for my many questions, for guidance, I will present the following.  Regarding my present e-mail which circulates in Greece and in other parts of the world in great numbers: «Most people when they open it soon they close it without reading it all, because of it’s volume. This should not distress me however, because those who have a subconscious tendency towards the fifth dimension, will read it all with great interest and will send it out to their friends as something valuable.» Regarding if there is any truth that a come from the Cherubim, (as my friend Maro told me), the answer was: «In part yes, but I am mostly Star Seed from Pleiades and Sirius, that is why, when I move to fifth dimension, I will be going back and forth between my spaceship and Earth, in order to encourage my fellow men for their Ascension. Finally, I was assured of the reliability and the charisma of the people I consider charismatic in my present text, which I can generally trust. In response to certain questions about medications-vitamins-food supplements, etc that I presented to him, I was told which of those would help me, which will have no result, and which would be harmful.

       The above mentioned reference to many isolated deaths and their causes, (and as proven repeatedly, I have every reason to trust what my Higher Self says), I’m led to the conclusion that the ones who will most probably die, are attached to wealth and power which they already have and are unwilling to let them go. They do not want the changes and do not care about the fifth dimension and about rising their vibrations, (perhaps because some of them made that choice in their present incarnation), so they will return on their next incarnation in a three dimensional planet again (which will not be Earth by then of course), to continue their karmic evolution there. In fact, this can be seen as just a self-punishment for those who belong to the Illuminati.

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