C2n43  The velvet butterfly of our sensitivity

An59  The hell in our imagination

An34  The swallow of our soul




A804  The bursting out of the desires       

Bg60  Entangled desires

Bn164   The precious bracelet




Bg1088  Layers of precious minerals

Bg95   The clouds of the coming war

C2g402  Faces hidden in the garden


       INTRODUCTION. This page is a continuation of the previous page II.1.D10 and is going to contain any new (after May 2010) important messages (or selective paragraphs of these messages), coming from our Sirian friends of the Galactic Federation who are hear on Earth to help us a) to face all our problems during the interim period until end of 2012 (and especially the problems created by the “dark forces” who govern us), b) to ascend to fully conscious beings and c) to enter successfully the “fifth dimension”. These messages are A) From the “updates” of my friend Dr. Sheldan Nidle (see his site:, who has regular communication with them, receiving such messages. B) From another Sirian named SA LU SA speaking through Michael Quisey see his site ( C) Information I receive from my friend Gabriel, an extraterrestrial from his planet Altone of Andromeda, who is here on Earth with the Galactic Federation to help us with the ascension etc, speaking through his sister in Earth Sharon who sends me the corresponding emails, answering to my questions to him.


       NIDLE 1-JUN-2010


      We return on this day to talk with you about a number of events that are close to happening. Every day for years, you have waited for the prosperity funds to finally arrive at your door. Every day, you have been disappointed when this did not occur. Our Earth allies have worked hard to make this manifest for you, and as we watched this situation, we noticed three predominant obstructive factors: first, the institutions that control and heartlessly manipulate your world were operating at full throttle; this is no longer the case: your governmental, political, and economic spheres are in disarray! Second, your various military and international enforcement institutions had not as yet made up their minds about the best direction for your world to take. These organizations have since made this decision and now whole-heartedly support change. Third, the underlying attitude of the world's people was largely indifferent to any drastic altering of their realty, and this too has now changed: the level of anger at the state of global affairs and of longing for a new direction has reached critical mass.

      These pivotal collective decisions, coupled with the great longing of the world's people, are at last in alignment with the grand transformations espoused by our Earth allies, and so Heaven has acceded to our demands for a deeper involvement in your affairs. Until now, we had merely cajoled the dark cabalists and had not firmly convinced them of the urgent need for immediate surrender. They took advantage of our indirect stance to intensify the disaster growing in the Gulf of Mexico and had asked their minions to prepare a full doomsday scenario. We watch this in horror and are most relieved by the recent decrees from Heaven. Our task is to employ our personnel and ships in such a way as to force an end to this heinous activity. To this end we have had several sincere talks with Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy in order to get the go-ahead for our diverse strategies. These are designed to push the dark out of the way and ensure the swift rise of our Earth allies. Accordingly, we have asked that all the teams, waiting in the wings to be the transitional regimes around the world, now make themselves known to us.

      In this regard, we have provided these critical personnel with a series of lectures, followed by an open session of questions and answers concerning our mission to bring full consciousness back to this reality. During our recent set of talks with Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, it was made crystal clear that the present level of earth-changes activities such as earthquakes and volcanism was to continue on an ascending scale over the coming months. We are subject to a timeframe which behooves us to ensure that the requisite changes to your world happen now and not later. We have noticed the massive upwelling of magma throughout your planet. Tectonic-plate action is likewise increasing, and it appears certain that what we were told to expect is currently happening. Consequently, we have had many serious meetings with those who are to be in charge of the military and civilian government ministries in the transitional regimes. In a nutshell, we have initiated a plan whose purpose is to divest the dark cabalists of their present seats of power.

     At the same time, we are to ensure that the prosperity programs, which are the final link to this transition, are delivered to their recipients. The purpose of this change is to replace your present illegal regimes with properly established de jure governments. Without Disclosure, our tasks are harder to perform successfully. Nonetheless, these divinely ordained activities must take place in the proper and agreed-upon ways, and to this end, our diplomatic and liaison forces are carrying out our plans according to the agreed legitimate format. We are busy making sure that the old regimes resign at the time jointly agreed to. To date, all is well. The dark understands what we need, and it is grudgingly complying. For our part, we are monitoring the activities of each group of dark minions as we fully expect some form of shenanigans. The secret-government elements behind some of your major governments have indeed put obstacles in our path, and we have responded by limiting the effects of these dirty deeds.

      Mother Earth wants you to know that the present pace of earth changes is to accelerate, making the disaster in the Gulf even more of a threat. This situation is an incentive for all to do their utmost to remove the dark from power. It is no longer an option for these unrelenting ones to remain at the helm, and it is time that they meet with their just deserts. Your global societies need fundamental economic reforms backed by people-oriented government. Our direct intervention is also necessary because these regimes need considerable reliable oversight. Your world, for far too long, has looked to the dark, devious, and controlling ways of the Anunnaki's minions for guidance, which is why some degree of initial mentoring is indicated. Also required is close interaction by each of you with your respective regimes. A cornerstone of galactic society is government that is fully responsive to an aware, informed, and dedicated body politic.

      The old ways are to be transformed by an abundant and fearless populace. You need to regard yourselves as the "owners" of your local and national governments. Those put into power, even in the most propitious circumstances, can falter and require the people's due diligence. We are here to be your mentors; to transform your consciousness; and to reconnect you fully with the Divine. As this happens, you will acquire new and inspiring areas of responsibility. This means you are to step outside your present "box," thereby gaining access to a more responsive and knowledgeable you, and we will encourage you every step of the way. Higher consciousness naturally brings with it more wisdom, more connection with the Divine, and more sacred responsibility, building to the moment when you actually achieve full consciousness.

      Our task is clearly defined. What you have made of yourselves is no longer sufficient, which is why Heaven embarked on her program of moving you up to full consciousness. This jeopardized everything in your environment as this reality can no longer sustain itself. The chain of life that supports you is badly crippled and cannot be repaired. This pushes you to the next level, and indeed it is only higher-level technologies run by higher-conscious Beings that can restore viability to your reality. This new, transformed reality is to be home to fully conscious Beings; and these Beings are of course to be you. They will require mentors only in the beginning; then their own wisdom can propel them toward their divine destiny. This destiny includes the forging of a new star-nation and becoming an important part of the Galactic Federation of Light.

      Your world is to see this happen now! We are moving forward with our pieces of the puzzle and are ready to make it all happen. The dark sees its nemesis looming and knows its time has come! The reins of power are to pass to our Earth allies, and the first items on their agenda are the new economic-financial realities and a reversal of the catastrophe forming in the Gulf. This leads to the end of the UFO cover-up, which permits us to intervene in a more public way. Central to this is the open acknowledgment of the partnership between the Earth allies, the people of Earth, and the first contact team. This partnership is to clean up your planet, start you on the road to full consciousness, and allow you to become accepted citizens of the Milky Way Galaxy.

      Today, we brought you up to date regarding what is happening on your world. Your reality is more than ready to be transformed by Heaven, by you, and by us, and all in a very short period of time. We look forward to the grand reunion and to helping you complete your transformation into fully conscious Beings. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

       NIDLE 8-JUN-2010

       Mother Earth continues to increase activity on her surface areas. Volcanoes are reaching pre-eruption and eruption stages all across your globe. Likewise, earthquake activity remains on the upswing. Our monitoring of the various "danger zones" on the planet indicates that you must be ready for another round of major quakes. For their part, the dark ones have been using various exotic technologies to disturb Mother Earth's upper atmosphere, and this has been having a very deleterious effect on the lower atmosphere. The intention here is to create conditions conducive to spreading disease around the planet. The dark's use of heavy metals created dire situations in the past that led to our intervention in these programs from time to time. Our next move is to time the interim governments' various announcements with an action that will shut down these illicit secret-government bases.

      The dark intends to destabilize Mother Earth and use this calamity to stay in power. Our Agarthan brethren have watched this insanity closely and have prevented this treachery from getting anywhere near success. The extent of the panic among the ruling groups of this cabal caused a whole series of equally harebrained schemes to be okayed. Their most ambitious operation is a project to attack Galactic Federation bases that are undersea or much closer to the surface than the Agarthan realm. Using technology supplied to them by their former Anchara Alliance partners, this cabal forged ahead with schemes to penetrate our bases and attack our scout ships. These operations failed, and only led to situations that demonstrated the huge gulf between our technology and theirs. These fiascos escalated their panic level and showed them in no uncertain terms that their fall is imminent.

      These ever-accumulating setbacks have infused these dark ones with desperation. As this grows, we watch them crisscrossing the planet in pursuit of succour, but their pleas are discounted at every turn and their former allies leave them in the dust to fend for themselves. This cold-shouldering from former cohorts further emphasizes the fact that their demise is at hand. When the end comes, we are ready to provide all the records needed by our Earth allies to prosecute them swiftly and legally. You are to move rapidly out of the present turmoil into a more prosperous realm where a number of amazing technologies are to be given to you. Use these well to show your respect for Mother Earth and to help your fellows to better understand how they are to be transformed into fully conscious Beings of Light. 

       NIDLE 22-JUN-2010      

       We return to talk to you about the changes happening in your world. Right now, your planet is enduring an ecological crisis brought on by an unabated dependence on fossil fuels. This dependence needs to stop, especially since you already possess the technology to transform this antiquated setup. Long ago, your society obtained a number of critical inventions based on zero-point energy. They created the foundation for an electrical system that can run your homes, offices, and factories, and power vehicles that do not need constant fueling. These inventions were sequestered by your governments and developed only in secret government projects. These technologies need to be made public as they contain the solutions to your present difficulties. Hence, we ask you to demand of your major governments that these already-existing technological solutions be released. They can solve your economic and financial woes, and revive your dying manufacturing sectors, giving a huge boost toward ending the current global financial doldrums.

      What we propose is self-evident, and yet the dark cabal is set up to prevent such constructive things from happening. Clearly, the leading cause of your global dilemmas is this cabal. When the Anunnaki changed sides, their on-planet minions began an internal struggle that only recently ended. Now, the victorious, reconstituted dark group is engaged with a new foe: our Earth allies. Unlike the previous battle, this dark-versus-Light confrontation is only getting more deeply entrenched with time; no matter how much this cabal lashes out, the Earth allies simply will not knuckle under. Far from it! In fact, the dark sees itself besieged on all sides either by events of its own making or by circumstances forged by the diligence of our Earth allies. The hubris of the dark renders it incapable of perceiving what is happening to it and this ultimately will be its downfall. The timeframe for this defeat is not far off as the dark's empire is hanging by a thread. The Federal Reserve is bankrupt and the European allies of this once formidable juggernaut are not far behind. The system is collapsing internally, and soon this will become all too public.

      The collapse of the dark empire is mirrored by the quickening disintegration of Mother Earth's ecosystem. The rate of extinctions is such that the biodiversity of the planet is severely threatened, indicating that the reality surrounding you is ready for an immense shift. Your present system is at a point where its demise is to be assured. It is vital that you realize this and prepare yourselves for the coming changes. Heaven has singled out this world for a truly monumental sweep of the broom. We are part of this operation and can see just how close you are to this dramatic transformation in your affairs. Take note of what we are telling you. Your reality has reached the point of change, after which your new governments are to welcome us openly. We intend at that time to make ourselves fully known to you. Much is to be done immediately by us as your planet is in dire need of a series of special "boosts." This will sustain her and give your society time to transition to a galactic one, your shiny new dawn!

      Currently, a number of moves are underway. First, the cabal has convened several international financial conferences to discuss what can be done about the immensity of the global financial crisis. These conferences have either failed or are doomed to. Second, the dark has had its mainstream media convince many that the economic problems are merely a "deep recession" and that you are close to turning this around. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the dark has no idea how to wriggle its way out of this. For their part, our Earth allies are quite close to toppling the monster core of this disaster: the US Federal Reserve "Bank." This illegal behemoth is bankrupt and swiftly running out of schemes by which to keep afloat; hence, its total collapse is imminent. The Bank of England and its partners-in-crime in "the City" are likewise about to go belly up. Similarly, many other allied banks are ready to succumb to a massive extinction.

      This crash is exactly what our Earth allies are aiming for. When the financial meltdown gets to its lowest point, the great changes are to roll out. To counter the fallout, the Earth allies have set up a number of contingency plans whose purpose is to get you through the disintegration phase as easily as possible. Remember that the American corporate regime is tied heavily into the destiny of this dying economic system. As this system fails, so too does the US regime. Our Earth allies are standing by with a replacement for this government and for the failed economic system. The new de jure US regime is to be temporary, and after six to eight months is to give way gladly to a reconstituted and constitutionally sound government founded on common law and the real US Constitution. In accordance with this, the real 13th Amendment is to be added, and the illegal 14th and 16th Amendments are to be expunged.

      This scale of change would normally take around a century to reach critical mass. It is interesting to note how your global communications can so quickly alter this well-tested time span, making the present different from all previous times in your recent history. Two factors combine to produce an unprecedented potential that was not possible until now: the Internet and the mobile phone. Together, these two forge an immense network that instantly sends ideas and information around the globe. The number of mobiles is at a record high and growing, and what is needed is for you to put simple yet forceful messages together and march electronically upon the old political order. Use these new communication domains to start an electronic stampede to put your demands in the faces of your elected officials. Increase your messages tenfold! Keep up the pressure.

      While this is going on, our Earth allies can complete numerous governmental and financial shifts. A new era can then be born. As part of this enormous operation, we are to be announced by these interim governments as a beneficial and vital component of what needs to be done. We have mentioned to you before how this is to play out. First, our Earth allies know that this transition comes as a shock to most of you. The various benefits, such as debt forgiveness, tax rebates, and large monetary gifting can allay the worries of most. Second, the advent of peace, increased global cooperation, and the return of troops to their loved ones can bring on board many, many more. These initial steps are to demonstrate to all that there is no reason to be worried about what is happening. The next step is the new financial system.

      The change to precious-metals-based currencies is at the heart of the new system which reflects the new realities of the post-Cold War world. Nations have reunited, trade between regions has increased, and wealth expanded in different directions. These changes could not be made fully known until the Federal Reserve collapsed as this effectively puts an end to the Dumbarton Oaks agreements. A new system can then be implemented and the new governments are to put the process into overdrive. In America this is to be done in unison with the reintroduction of common and Constitutional law. At present, America possesses a justice system more intent on incarceration that in giving the accused a truly fair trial. The new justice system will end all that.

      Today, we supplied you with more details of coming events. We also asked you to become more active in solving the problems of the day. Your world needs individuals who are ready to empower themselves and assist in speeding up the changes so necessary for your world. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!

       NIDLE 29-JUN-2010

       We return! Much is happening around your world. At present, the dark cabal is busy meeting and doing their best to stem an impossible tide of escalating debt and cumulative circumstances brought on by its arrogance, greed, and intractability. Each day we watch and listen to these rascals scheme and plot, and then put stratagems into play which only make things worse! Thus, their downfall approaches rapidly. Such an irrational way of operating can be pursued only so long before it kicks back on the perpetrators, and yet it is swiftly becoming the modus operandi of these dark ones. We watch them use what little leverage they still possess to keep up their incredible charade. The situation resembles a cartoon show in which a huge visual disconnect takes place between the top and the bottom of a person or thing, leaving the top hanging in mid-air. Now gravity and the Divine Plan are about to put paid to this curious effect in your affairs. We are expecting to see a most pronounced change very shortly, starting with the advent of the new caretaker regimes around the planet.

      To elaborate a bit on this most peculiar state of affairs: the dark cabal clings compulsively and beyond all reason to power, and our Earth allies appear unable to strike the fatal blow that changes the entire situation at a stroke. However, all is not as it seems. Our Earth allies are moving forward swiftly with a number of diplomatic and legal procedures that are to finish off the remaining dark governments, and this is almost completed. We are told to expect some lightning-swift maneuvers designed to evict the remaining dark regimes. Then, the deliveries and announcements that follow are to be accompanied by the formal acknowledgement of who we are, and this includes a general readiness to have us assist in redressing many of your environmental crises. In preparation for this, we have met a number of times with several individuals who are to be the point men on these issues once the new regimes come to power. Together we have come up with the initial messages to be issued and the way to tackle each environmental crisis. This done, we await the impending collapse of your dark regimes.

      One of the issues these dark regimes and their mainstream media cohorts like to hide from the public is the true composition of Mother Earth's crust. Her sub-surface stratigraphy is actually quite different from what is pictured in your geology books. There are enormous gas belts under the Caribbean Sea as well as beneath the mid-Atlantean, central Indian, and central Pacific Oceans. These gas belts, in the main, are found close to tectonic rifts, as in the Caribbean. This latter area has, from its inception, been one of the causal agents in the rapid subsidence of Atlantis some 13,000 years ago. These gas belts are now relatively dormant. Our geologists are monitoring these belts closely while also sending zero-point energies to calm and minimize any overt signs of activity. Your various oilrigs, which rest above these enormous belts, are in danger if even one of these hundreds of interconnected zones were to become active. We are therefore working very carefully to see that this eventuality does not happen.

      As your climate moves deeper into change, the weather patterns get more severe, and this leads to our second area of concern. The Caribbean is noted for its hurricane season from mid-July to mid-September, the height of which is usually from early August to mid-September. As we are entering the leading edge of this envelope in a few weeks, we have deployed several meteorological missions to monitor and make adjustments when absolutely necessary. Before the Gulf of Mexico oil spill we knew that the changing conditions in your atmosphere indicated that a number of spots on your globe were going to birth more cyclones and hurricanes than normal. So far, this is occurring as expected. Such severe weather can increase the amount of havoc in the Gulf, and it will need to be somewhat stabilized without a lot of open intervention on our part. A visual display of this sort can create needless fears and rumors among the local populace.

      Once the new regimes are in power, we can openly begin the various projects needed to resolve this oil spill and return the Caribbean to a more acceptable state. Until then, we have to ask you to use your influence to insist that many of the technologies that are available be employed in order to minimize the dangers imposed on you by the worsening spill. So far your pressure has resulted in technologies that can start this process, but this is only a start. Many more devices and oil-clean-up procedures can be brought into play. Take this time to educate your legislators, local Gulf coast officials, and others that more needs to be and can be done to alleviate the degradation of the shoreline as well as the plants and animals that are being so blighted. This oil spill is a perfect example of the chaos that has permeated your world and which is nearly bringing your global societies to their knees.

      This growing chaos is serving as an interregnum between the reality that you think of as "normal" and the new one that is waiting to transform your world. The new reality has begun to show itself in the awakening of multitudes around your globe every day. These newly awakened ones are ready and willing to accept what is required to build a new reality. Everywhere, your global population is demonstrating its weariness of what the dark has done to enslave and manipulate people. Literally hundreds of millions of you are searching for something better. The ever-decreasing living standards in Europe and in North America are an example of what irks so many of you. Others are aware of the way certain technologies capable of improving living-conditions, aiding your environment, and providing a way out of your present difficulties are being denied you.

      We have long watched your societies be no more than fodder for the dark. Now Heaven has decreed that this mindlessness be stopped and that a new, more conscious society become the norm. But the dark has rejected Heaven's decree. Certain actions are now underway that were first begun around four decades ago. When we arrived here some two decades back, we were told to contact certain individuals and groups that were behind these types of reforms. As we did so, we discovered the extent of the control imposed on your world by the Anunnaki. We met with the main council of the Anunnaki in early 1992 and informed them that a first contact operation was near. This soon led to a confrontational meeting with the Anchara Alliance liaison teams of the Anunnaki, in which we informed them of Heaven's firm stipulations for this sacred world.

      So began a series of discussions that lasted nearly three years and which ended when the Anchara peace decree was announced in 1995. These decrees changed everything. We were now talking directly and frequently to the dark's on-planet minions once the Anunnaki decided to withdraw and return to their bases at the edge of your solar system. And we are talking to them still! But now the time has come for action; events are to happen that will change your reality and start you on the final journey to first contact and full consciousness. Do not allow the surrounding turmoil to throw you off focus. You are about to experience many wonderful things. So be prepared and know that some of these will be unexpected. Enjoy the journey!

      Today, we continued with our ongoing discussion. Much is ready to manifest. We wish to emphasize the need for you to be prepared for anything. Mother Earth wants to do a few things prior to her large-scale surface changes. So be courageous, and ready to be all that you are capable of Being. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!

       NIDLE 13-JULY-2010

       We continue with our discussion of what is happening on your world and with first contact. At present, our Earth allies are finishing up a number of procedures that counter what the dark is up to now. The dark cabal is determined to set up obstacles to the final transfers of the new bank charters that deal with the reorganization of several major banks in Europe, the Americas, Australia-New Zealand, and Asia-Japan. These charters are at the very core of the new hard-currency banking system. The various gold deposits backing these new banking regulations are in place at special secret locations, and the officials who are to handle these new, open bank exchanges are likewise in hidden locales. When the next steps are completed, these officials will come forth and make a series of stunning global announcements. These official statements are to switch the world into a new financial reality, and in conjunction with these proclamations comes global debt forgiveness. Under conditions of a tabula rasa, a wholly new period of prosperity is to begin.

      The long-awaited prosperity funds are to be delivered during this same timeframe. The new caretaker governments are to explain a number of concepts that presently are largely unknown to the general public. The first is the concept of personal sovereignty, which is integral to the full expression of every individual's unalienable rights. In America this means reestablishing the original US Constitution and a full return to common law. The new governments will explain what this means to you. The same is to happen, in its own way, throughout the rest of the world. Most governments today are not true de jure regimes, and a proper system for replacing them is to be carried out by our Earth allies. This involves systems of national recognition predicated on a true common-law legal system and the restoration of a body of unalienable rights adjudicated over the past few centuries. Traditional groups of grand masters in Asia, designated by Spirit, are to use divine dispensation to reestablish a new rule grounded in natural rights to freedom and prosperity.

      The most interesting place of all is Africa. Here, the colonial masters of this continent divvied up the spoils and created colonies that took no account of the cultural boundaries of the native peoples. Hence, when the legal challenges to these now-separate nations began, a series of consultations with the traditional leaders of the land were convened. Out of these meetings, which in many ways resembled the conferences held around your world on native and aboriginal rights, a grand plan was conceived and acted upon. In sum, a broad body of precedents exists, which forms a basis for what is about to occur. Knowing this, our Earth allies have worked out several agreements on what is to happen in Africa. These lands have largely been carved up artificially into nations which are also extremely in debt. Various individuals have agreed to take the lead in turning this morass into a prosperous, sovereign, and successful group of nations. The peoples of these lands are bright, motivated, and ready to create their own national success stories.

      The rest of your world is likewise more than ready to put personal freedom to use to demonstrate how success can thrive. Do not underestimate those who have hitherto lacked the resources or been denied the sovereignty to re-create their homeland. Everywhere, a kind of magic is ready to ignite your souls and send you on a journey that will astound you. We feel strongly that what is about to happen will be a remarkable catalyst. You are to form groups, initiate projects, and achieve goals that are to fundamentally change how you perceive each other and the reality you live in. We expect this explosion of energy to transform the way you think and to forge ways of governance far different than is now the norm on your world. We stand with you in this and intend to give you ideas that can broaden the scope of what you are doing. As the glow of Spirit rises in you, the possibilities of what you can envision and manifest will only soar, heading inevitably and quite naturally toward full consciousness.

      The process of change is natural to you. What the dark ones did, very successfully, is take this predilection of yours and manipulate your behavior in their favor. This kept wealth almost exclusively in the hands of a chosen few, which allowed these ones to control the governments and, hence, the planet. This control also meant that anything that did not support certain outcomes was banned or destroyed. The numbers of people who encountered this syndrome are legion. We will enable much banned technology that is important to the upcoming Earth clean-up projects to be 'rediscovered' by this current generation. The dark also possesses several sequestered devices which the caretaker regimes are to make public. At that time, the UFO cover-up will end and this will allow us to intervene more openly. First contact permits us to work together and this can help banish your xenophobia.

      You are about to meet your ancestors and your spiritual family. This requires a full commitment on your part to full consciousness. We intend you to fully comprehend what such a commitment implies. The landings are, first, to get you used to us, and for us to get your views on all that has happened to you. Next, we want you to better understand what happens in the Light chambers in Inner Earth. It is essential that we put all the facts before you, because the implications of this transformation cannot be overstated! You are to change from being a person full of fear and doubt into one who understands completely the divine plan and is in fact a physical Angel. The countless powers that then become yours are astounding! This needs to be fully comprehended before you enter the Light chambers.

      The metamorphosis you will undergo merely reconstructs what is now latent and unstructured in you. Over the past 13 millennia, you lived in a reality in which you were barely able to use 12 % of what you actually possess. This state bears no relation to the one you are about to inherit! The past two decades have seen Heaven and her many spiritual instruments use their abilities to set the stage for this dramatic transformation. You are to transform all that has been put before you since you first became 'encased' in limited consciousness. The Light chambers nullify all this and vivify what has lain dormant in you. This procedure requires a mentor who knows you fully and who is responsible for monitoring everything from start to finish. S/he will make sure that your Full Self flowers as prescribed and that you return to your natural state of physical Angel.

      Once you have completed your transformation, you will begin to remember a whole host of facts about who you really are. Then you need to be trained in the nuances of full consciousness. This is what the first days of training are all about. You will be able to pick up ideas and employ them almost instantaneously. Indeed, these trainings are more like a kind of in-depth refresher course, as you are in fact regaining former talents. During these first days, you are to experience a huge amount of environmental stimuli and encounter data that you at present do not believe is 'out there'. Getting you used to this and applying standard 'etiquette' is vital. Once you get your bearings again in this sea of stimulus, the rest is easy! You have become a fully conscious Being of Light!

      Today, we carried on with our discussion about your changing reality and what awaits you! Your transformation into a fully conscious Being is something we do not take lightly. Endless hours, days, weeks, and years have gone into what is to happen to you. Be joyful and know that something wonderful is almost upon you! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!

       NIDLE 20-JULY-2010

       We return with more to discuss with you! Right now, the ongoing difficulties affecting the European Union's banking system continue to deepen. These developments are only the tip of the iceberg of what is to come. A vast quantity of derivatives, debentures, and other monetary instruments are coming due, and there is no apparent financial remedy for the havoc they can cause. Similar situations are likewise brewing in other parts of your world. The dark cabal is starting to realize that its policy of lying about these things will no longer work, and new excuses need to be concocted, and rapidly. Meanwhile, our Earth allies are waiting for all this to come to a head so that the final push toward manifesting a new financial system can finally commence. Furthermore, the dark's stranglehold on the global money supply is beginning to slip. The euro, the dollar, and the yen are in trouble, and doomsday scenarios are already underway in China, India, and the Middle East. Something has to give, and this 'give' has to be the superseding of the Dumbarton Oaks treaty. A new system needs to be implemented now!

       This requirement is being firmly resisted by the dark cabal. Negotiations between the US Treasury and several central banks determined this to be the one true option. Reordering the dollar is a move that the US Treasury refuses publicly to consider; in private, it is another story. The dollar and the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) need a quick propping up, as the dollar is actually floating with a value determined by a bankrupt FRB. This is influencing Europe and Japan to demand the reconfiguration of the euro and the yen within a new monetary equation. This equation comprises a precious-metal-backed currency, coupled with new standards of international conduct for the banking industry. To the US and Wall Street bankers this is a most bitter pill to swallow. As the crisis worsens, our Earth allies keep explaining to the dark cabalists that the best solution is to let a new system sponsored and run by our Earth allies in the door. This is the poison pill that the dark sees it may be forced to swallow. But it persists in doing all it can to avoid what amounts to its death sentence, yet this is fast becoming inevitable.

       The pressure of collective opinion from most of the world's nations leaves the governments of the West in a dilemma. Any putative signs of growth are quickly eroding. Each 'developed' nation is hitting bumps produced by unemployment, consumer confidence, or the weakness of its currency, which means that the system is showing signs of imminent collapse. We have seen many experts on your world talk openly about a 'third' economic crash. Such talk makes the cabal's minions queasy, rendering the poison-pill scenario more and more likely. To this end, our Earth allies are busy jockeying within the vast unwieldy enigma that is the old financial system to find a way to override this doomed behemoth. Their aim is to impose a new financial system and remove the governments which support the old one; e.g. the US corporate regime that is working hard to keep the Dumbarton Oaks system from collapse. This row is reaching a decisive point, as the US corporatocracy treads water and sees the enormous tidal wave of debt bearing down on its precarious position. The end of the dollar is near!

       Your global society has another decisive factor to deal with: nature (Gaia)! Development of your society over the past 200 years created an expansion that ran rampant over its surroundings. This became an unnatural bubble that sooner or later had to burst. The first intimation of this was the ecology movement of the 1970s, which alerted us to the fact that some of you were awakening to a recognition of the overwhelming importance of nature. Mother Earth was being severely wounded by the loss of her forests, marshlands, and plain open spaces by the ceaseless spread of your society. You are now reaping what you have so carelessly sown: Nature is dying. The biodiversity, so essential to the well-being of your world, is at a tipping-point; and if it is lost, your society is ultimately doomed as well. Yet those who control your world seem unable to recognize this fact or come up with necessary accommodations. This utter intransigence compels our Earth allies to push these dark ones from power.

       The present state of the dark cabal v. Earth allies conflict resembles the end of a punishing uphill race: both sides are exhausted, but our Earth allies seem to have got a second wind which could get them first past the finishing line! Nevertheless, the dark is not yet ready to concede defeat and its minions continue to cook up schemes to delay the inevitable. Our Earth allies maintain their advantage but lack a means to deliver the knockout blow. However, several upcoming events have the potential to create such a condition by default. The dark's true Achilles heel is the torpedoed monetary system which is on its last legs. When it collapses, the rest can only fall in on itself. In the resulting vacuum, the new financial system can roll out, unimpeded, bring new governance to the fore. These regimes will reframe how the world works and will spell the end of the present sorry lineup of pseudo governments.

       The practice of government on your world needs to embrace fully the unalienable rights of each sovereign citizen. These rights form the foundation of galactic society, and in the American Declaration of Independence the Ascended Masters set out to proclaim these basics and to ask for a government capable of exercising these principles. Saint Germaine strongly intended America to be a beacon and a showcase for these axioms, and it is a shame that slavery was allowed to continue in order to gain the approval of the southern states. Despite this, the document remains a strong statement in favor of personal sovereignty and the role of government in preserving it. The 18th century was just beginning to see how this new concept of governance operated, but additional 'nuances' were still needed to make it truly efficacious.

       The idea that remained beyond the mental reach of those who dabbled in the theories and practice of governance was the problem of creating a power entity with sufficient self-censorship and motivation to defend its citizens from all onslaughts against their natural rights. The initial concept was a republic. This could be simply a loose confederation or, alternatively, one comprising a central corps endowed with certain powers enabling it to arbitrate among a loose confederation of sovereign states. Each state in turn was to be the defender of each citizen's rights. The prime question then was how this was to be legislated and adjudicated, and this conundrum still stands. The rise in consciousness has recently thrown this unresolved issue into sharp relief, as ages-old rights abuses become unacceptable to an awakening humanity.

       What is now added to this mix is the promise of abundance. Universal prosperity can redistribute power throughout society but this also triggers the necessity of educating everyone on the truths that surround them. The public miseducation system and the blatant manipulation of the mass media have invested the populace with a desire for access to new and truthful information that can begin to resolve the multitude of urgent, global threats. We fully intend to support this need by providing the facts about your society and ours. As you move toward full consciousness the prime concept of personal sovereignty enters the spotlight. Then, in an atmosphere of open discussion, you can decide how best to head your global society toward its bright future.

       Today, we addressed the progress being made on a number of fronts. We drew your attention to some pivotal questions which we hope will stimulate your now-dormant sense of sovereignty. The time is approaching for your society to progress beyond its present context and to become the prototype for your new galactic society. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! \

       NIDLE 27-JULY-2010

       We come again! Great turmoil has descended on your reality! The turbulence needed to push the dark cabal from its seats of power is underway and numerous agreements are now being implemented that will accomplish this goal. Groups within America are coming together armed with plans and legal documents that demonstrate the illegality of the current American administration and that show just cause for the investiture of new governance. Concurrent with these developments are similar proceedings in many other nations which are being carried out by our Earth allies. Remember that with regime change come the deliveries of your prosperity funds. Several governments are now defying the US regime and secretly staging a challenge to the legitimacy of its rule, and various military and law-enforcement organizations are close to actively joining in the struggle. In short, we are seeing events that can at long last bring all this out into the open. Meanwhile, the collapse of the economic system gets closer and closer. The final push to topple the dam of dark control on your world is on!

      Meanwhile, Mother Earth continues to move this reality nearer to her moment of change. The odd weather patterns are bringing strong typhoons, floods, and torrential rains to the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Oceania, thereby issuing a warning that the world you have known is approaching a massive change point. This is the point where Mother Earth shifts your 3-D realm into a 5-D one. Obviously you cannot remain as you are and survive the reconfiguration of the surface world, and this is a primary ingredient of the reasons for first contact. Those still in charge of you persist in harboring the insane notion that they can somehow prevent the inevitable. This reason alone is grounds enough for removing the present incumbents with their rabid obstructionism from power. There is much to be done once these minions of the Anunnaki are gone. Earth is still a fragile place, with ecosystems very near the end of their viability. Redressing this damage requires a global effort, supported by the swift release of a number of now-suppressed technologies. Then there is the question of full UFO disclosure.

      Our Earth allies understand the whys and the hows of disclosure. It is an operation that must be carried out in such a way that it is beyond doubt that we are benevolent and of the Light. Too many factions in your society over the years have spread a dogma demonizing anyone who is not of this Earth. Further, the existence of Inner Earth needs to be presented alongside a new, fully proved geological model of the planet. The people of Agartha have compiled a series of joint announcements that are sure to resolve this requisite. The purpose of this information is to ease your world into an acceptance of the fact that you are not alone and that the world is put together quite differently from what is taught. Once these new facts are squarely proven, our own announcements can proceed. What we desire is, first, to assist you in rehabilitating Mother Earth's surface world. Then we wish to introduce certain Light-tech devices, which, together with many now-suppressed on-planet technologies, can remedy the ecological problems that have been wreaked.

      We envision the temporary caretaker regimes as the bridges to a new reality. The first goal is to get these interim governments up and running. The great shock of these immense governmental and financial changes needs time to sink in to the collective psyche and to be accepted as 'normal'. This will be accomplished by umpteen hours of television and radio broadcasts explaining everything in detail. It is then to be followed by the disclosure of the UFO cover-up. This is a twofold operation, starting with many eyewitness accounts and the release of now-closed UFO files which will provide a chronology of off-world contact since WW II. This leads in to part two: the fact of our benevolent presence and first contact. Once more, our Agarthan allies have come up with an excellent approach for this, and our liaisons and Earth allies are fully on board with this plan. At the end of this process, we can begin to broadcast openly on a number of subjects that need to be discussed before the actual mass landings take place.

      The most important subject is, of course, full consciousness. We need to broach this matter with you in the right way. You have lived for generations in a limited-conscious state that has never been questioned. The Anunnaki manipulated you into believing that you were divinely created this way, whereas the truth is quite the opposite; indeed, the present 'you' is a mere shell of who you truly are. The facts of how you came to be this way need to be presented with the skill and enough incontrovertible evidence to allow you to accept the reality of You. Indeed, your sciences have been hinting at these things for the last few decades. Their case studies of individuals with extraordinary abilities pave the way for our revelations. You are all capable of things that you have only glimpsed in the few documentaries based on these case studies. You are in fact much more than what these programs and films depict.

      You are a fully conscious Being in disguise, who has completely forgotten the amazing capabilities that you possess. One of the affects of dropping into limited consciousness is the eventual loss of all awareness of who and what you are, or where you come from. In your case, you have been in this state for over 13 millennia! It is small wonder that you will require extra-special one-on-one mentoring, refresher courses, and oodles of loving support to be able to reassert your true Beingness. We have come as your space and spiritual family and are pledged to bringing you back to full divine consciousness. All is being done in conjunction with Heaven. This special planet and this special solar system are to be restored and a new star-nation created. This star-nation is to blossom and become the center for many major conferences that will make the galactic peace permanent and bring union to many thousands of nearby galaxies.

      Mother Earth welcomes her destiny and dearly wishes you to embrace yours too. Your global society is at a point where a new working paradigm is urgently needed. Change is well overdue for your present industrial model, and a new energy and a new society must be birthed if you are to survive. As you know, yours are not normal evolutionary circumstances, and therefore the question is not so much what you do at this point, but what we do. We need to progress you toward a solution that includes your return to full consciousness. To do this, we have indirectly interfered with your society in numerous ways since the early 1960s. Your culture is indeed changing rapidly, but nevertheless, we need at this moment to accelerate this process. Mother Earth asks us to carry out a first contact sooner rather than later, and Heaven seconds this request.

      So we have a clear mandate to get the landings done as soon as possible. Consequently, we are putting immense pressure on our Earth allies to finish their tasks. Our imbedded personnel are constantly monitoring developments in various governments, in the dark cabal, and among you. We intend to have some dramatic changes happening very shortly and to land soon thereafter. Thus you are witnessing the last vestiges of this reality. It is fading and fading fast! And the new one is ready to manifest. Change is ready to burst forth! The world you live in is too unstable to hang together much longer and its total collapse is imminent. Even the mighty machinations of your dark masters cannot prevent what is about to be sprung upon you!

      Today, we discussed what is happening around your world. Mother Earth and Heaven decree in earnest that this reality is at an end and that the time has come for this world to morph into a 5-D integrated whole. The inner and outer worlds are to be reunited at last! And all this is ready to pop! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!

       NIDLE 3-AUG-2010

       We return with more information. At present, you are in a kind of 'settling' period. The remnants of the dark's power are fading, and as a result your realm wallows in a sort of limbo. Our Earth allies are not yet finished with the process that is to bring on the downfall of the dark cabalists, but be assured that they cannot stop what is now well underway. Once these historic momentums have reached their goal, the announcements and deliveries will proceed immediately. Pursuant to this, we have alerted our liaisons and our flight crews to watch closely and assist this stage to its forgone conclusion. We are also asking our crews to help Mother Earth as she prepares for the next phase of her transformation from a limited-conscious state back to her original 5-D one, so be prepared for another increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Two of her major tectonic plates are already in virtual 'locked in' mode, with more of such preparatory measures to follow imminently. Your atmosphere is likewise preparing for a huge increase in oxygen content, in anticipation of the needs of her new ecosystem.

      The new ecosystem will be a far cry from your present one: during the Great Dying of the late Permian and early Triassic periods, Earth's ecosystem changed from one which supported countless reptiles and amphibians to one that saw the dinosaurs rise to dominance. The upcoming change will be similar in degree and will be about consciousness. Wild animals will become able to interact directly with Mother Earth, which is the state of play prevailing in Inner Earth. The atmosphere is to be purified and a much more life enhancing one will form out of the cleansing violence that will accompany the surface reconfiguration. The new realm will contain new types of trees, plants, and animals, and Mother Earth is to evolve new, higher-level colors, sounds, and smells. These heightened qualities generate Love, and are designed to create an environment that breeds happiness and secures an ample abundance for all the flora, fauna, and Beings that are to inhabit this new ecosystem.

      The new Earth is a magical place! The ancient myths of the Pacific islanders talk about Lemuria as a place where picked fruit grew back swiftly, and where animals and people could be described as belonging more to the realms of 'spirit' than stuck in the purely physical state as they are at present. Endless tales are handed down of miraculous deeds and of the strange and beauteous world they inhabited. This is once again to be the future of Mother Earth. It is to be a place of exquisite beauty, where colors, scents, and even the 'taste' of the air will be like Heaven. The same will be true for Inner Earth. Eons ago, this magnificent planet took on a mantle of deep shadow to facilitate the establishment of an environment that resembled that of the dark empires that surrounded your solar system. A chronicle of events was to be played out which is now coming to its natural conclusion, in which you fell into limited consciousness by shutting down most of your RNA/DNA. This strange saga is now in reverse mode, and you and Mother Earth are returning to your natural, pre-fall states.

      This current realm is something of an oddity. When you look around your galaxy and see stars and dust clouds and other amazing phenomena, you are looking through the prism that is your particular reality. This 'colors' everything into the shapes, sizes, and qualities that make up your definition of 'real'. In truth, the galaxy is composed of multiple realities operating on a basis of mutual attraction. The key concept here is 'realities'. Your science is defined by what is 'physical' in your reality, and many other realities in this galaxy possess similar styles of reality. Many others do not, and it is these 'realities' and the way they impinge on one another that create the huge array of anomalies that stun your scientists. Now, new paradigms are being proposed and we welcome this accommodation. It gives you a foundation upon which to study what is truly going on in your galaxy. This is why our craft seem so strange to you, as they are from a higher reality and are designed to move easily between realms.

      'Reality' seems a simple concept to you but in fact is quite complicated, with definitions that are never-ending. Each set of realities is formed from a unique series of conceptions that we encounter on a regular basis. We are describing these things to you to help prepare you for full consciousness. In this very special state, you will be able to experience these myriad realities simultaneously. What you do is focus on where you need to be, and whoosh! You are there, immediately, immersed in the particular reality you have chosen. This is how we get from our home worlds to this solar system and your beautiful Mother Earth. Everything to us is reachable and doable. This Creation is gently unfolding, and our task is to help it do so as gracefully and easily as possible. First contact is part of this process, and what is to unfold now is a series of events that is to lead you quickly back to full consciousness.

      How the return to full consciousness is to be carried out can sound hazardous to the uninitiated. The dark's minions have noticed what is going on within you and have set up a variety of ways to prevent, or at least delay, this rise in consciousness from taking place. All this has failed. They have also had to accept that their strategies for reducing your global population and completing their enslavement of you have begun to peter out. There is a divine agenda that is addressing the dangers of this reality, and this has somewhat lessened the consequences of these dark onslaughts. The result is a stunning defeat for the dark cabal. Its power is greatly dwindling as many nations, private organizations, and powerful individuals turn toward the Light's agenda. This growing support for the Light is close to being made public, and this is when manifesting the new reality can go into high gear.

      The dark cabal sees all this and wants to find a magical way out, but its dilemma is not going away and is, in fact, growing. As your globe approaches a critical mass, the numbers needed to trigger the changes get larger by the hour, which means that our Earth allies' covert operations are about to bear fruit. The constitutional illegality of the major western nations is feeding scandals that are seeping through Europe and America. The very nature of these governments serves to support special interests that fly in the face of the principles laid down many centuries ago. New governance truly dedicated to the people's welfare is desperately needed and forms part of the sweeping agenda of our Earth allies. These new governments are a prime component of the next stage of your journey to galactic society.

      As you move toward galactic society and full consciousness, you are fulfilling a destiny that was given to you by the divine plan. This plan placed most of you within a 13-millennia-long karmic cycle. You have been into the very heart of darkness and back! You now stand on the cusp of great revelations, and we have come to share your journey's end. We come with advice and knowledge, and to restore the memories that will make you fully conscious citizens of this galaxy. In this capacity you are to use your wondrous talents to complete a permanent galactic peace and to spread throughout physicality the great Light that each of you holds. Yours is the task of dispersing a great joy throughout galactic humanity!

      Today, we continued to share information about what is happening around you. Everywhere on Mother Earth a great Light is spreading. This heavenly Light is the true Light of the world! A dark burden is being lifted from you, and joy and everlasting prosperity is now your reality! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! 

       NIDLE 17-AUG-2010

       Much has happened since last week! The dark cabalists are scrambling to procure their survival and our Earth allies are maintaining the pressure on them. At present, the dark is working on a plan to use its growing debt as leverage to amass desperately needed capital without which it faces massive bankruptcy from which it can never recover. Knowing this, our Earth allies are focused on denying this infusion of assets to the dark. The prospects are that the dark cabal's strategy to accrue new monies is to fail, and our Earth allies expect this situation to end with the dark's capitulation. When this moment arrives, the dark has no choice but to agree to the terms laid down by the Earth allies. This is when the triumph we have long discussed with you becomes reality! Our Earth allies are ready at that time to formally begin the inauguration of a series of caretaker governments that are to set in motion the various procedures and programs that we have been discussing with you.

      These changes in how government on your world operates are the next step on your road to full consciousness. The purpose is to realign government so that it actually reflects what you the people truly intend, and consequently, an extensive exchange between government and the public needs to begin. It is one thing to be accountable, and quite another to be truly representative of public opinion. The intent of the new governance is to have many different opinions come together and be openly expressed. This national conversation need not be muddied by quaint political maneuvers; rather, the objective here is for a range of possibilities to be fully discussed and a reasonable plan of action agreed to by all. Such a proposal requires that the public become aware, educated, and prepared to enter into this national dialogue. Creating such a milieu is a prime goal of these new regimes, which means that in the initial stages, government will be without a working legislature and an ill-conceived judiciary. The point is to re-create these branches so that they uphold Common Law and honor its citizenry.

      Another major goal is to review all that was instituted by former governments and work swiftly to correct what is unconstitutional or ineffective. Government manifestly needs to alter its underlying principles, and these caretaker regimes come to power with a well thought out and lengthy agenda. This agenda involves more than bringing prosperity and common sense to this realm: it is about allowing a new consciousness to rise up and be fully embraced. Mother Earth has endured humanity and its dark masters for 13 millennia, and it is time now to graduate to perceptions that bring the power of the Light into full play. You have been marinated for eons in a witches' brew of lies, innuendo, and manipulation, which have brought your societies to the brink of extinction. This folly needs to be replaced with something completely different. This something must be righteous, far-reaching, and inspiring, and able to be quickly manifested by government and, above all, by each of you. This something has been thoroughly mapped out by our Earth allies and by us, and is capable of laying the groundwork for first contact.

      What we are talking about is a conscious relationship between humanity and Mother Earth (Gaia). Gaia has long accepted your limited state and provided a safe environment for your many lessons in growth. She has endured endless wars and other excesses that have marked your societies through the ages. The time comes now to return to another level, away from the exploitation of either off-world overlords, like the Anunnaki, or by their earthly minions or cabals. The next step is to take responsibility for your actions. Your new governance needs to accommodate this growth in public responsibility and the Earth allies have designed their agenda with this in mind. A great deal of profound change is to take place which requires your support and your full participation. Policies will be enacted that are geared to this end. A series of revelations will also be announced. We are to take part in this operation after a short period, and then together we can prepare for first contact.

      Once the dark is no longer at the helm, a whole lineup of topics is to be broadcast by the new governments. This will be your first opportunity to come together and interact with your new governance. A great prosperity is to roll out. Massive debt forgiveness will occur, and many other actions that liberate your economic potential set in motion. This increases the opportunities for paying more direct attention to government and for forging a new relationship there. The ongoing revelations are to include the disclosure of our benevolent presence and the fact that we have been helping. As many amazing, suppressed technologies are made public, you need to sort out what this all means. We want you to discuss everything openly with each other and with your governments. The age of special-interest corporations is over, leaving the way open for you to assume your responsibilities and create governance you can all be proud of!

      To participate in such a world requires a certain diligence. Your wealth is no excuse not to take part in what is happening. Many changes need your feedback and, especially, some follow-up monitoring. Government is to be carried out within the context of Common Law. Mindless, irrational government regulation is at an end, and in its place is your active response. Be ready to contribute and make your voice heard! In a galactic society everyone participates, and each person's ideas and suggestions are regarded as vital to a society's well-being. A society made up of self-actualized individuals works best. Our Earth allies envision you as honored participants in this new open society. Each of you is a sovereign Being. You possess talents and creativity that can bring ingenious and original solutions to bear on any and all problems facing the collective.

      Knowing who you truly are is a central component of being fully conscious. This period of inaugurating new governments is when this process of stepping-up to a new personal identity can begin. You need to move beyond the very polarized world of special-interest party politics into a transformative place filled with amazing technologies that allow you to be part of many interlocking communities. These local, regional, and national communities require redefinition. You have been fragmented, indeed 'atomized', by the dark matrix, and positive change on the scale being planned means an about-face in your attitudes and actions. Propelling such change will be the new technological devices which, once widespread, can produce a multileveled web, analogous to neural networks. These networks are to be the foundation for what we are trying to describe to you.

      Within the framework created by this new technology you can blossom, rise in consciousness, and get a better idea of what lies ahead. Your future is not merely an improved projection of the current status; you are destined to become someone who can handle a wholly different world, and this world is to come at you full tilt when first contact happens. Prior to that, you will have these small samplings of galactic society. The Light has set an agenda and a timetable for this transformation, and events are happening in secrecy which are to make possible the many astonishing changes to your world. Together with our Agarthan brethren we have instigated ways to hasten our arrival on your shores and these plans are to be introduced to you shortly!

      Today, we brought you up to speed regarding developments on your world. We are ready at any moment to carry out first contact with you. This magical moment is to reunite your planet, return you to full consciousness, and set up the foundation for your galactic society and your star-nation. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!

       NIDLE 24-AUG-2010

       We come again with more to discuss with you. Right now, Mother Earth is in the midst of profound changes to her surface. The current topology is based on a series of major and minor tectonic plates which float on hundreds of miles of hot, plastic-like magma that is in a constant state of flux. Large currents of energy flow from the gravitational neutral zone to a region many miles beneath these floating plates. Every one of you lives upon landmasses that lie upon one or another of these large plates. These continent-sized plates are presently in the process of 'locking', which has caused major earthquakes and unusual seismic activity that your geologists cannot as yet explain. This is Mother Earth's way of preparing for her drastic surface makeover, but so far these measures have reached barely 15%. The remaining reconfiguration is to be rather more turbulent in nature, and for this she needs to wait for your evacuation from her surface. This requires us to first carry out a massive first contact with you and we plan to do so after the new governments make their formal announcements.

      Ending the global UFO cover-up is central to getting these broadcasts made. A network of groups that we call the dark cabal has illegally taken over most world governments, and these are deeply wedded to maintaining the cover-up. This subterfuge actually began long before World War II. As long ago as the 1880s and again in the 1920s, we tried to initiate programs to make ourselves public and to inform key governments on your world of our benevolent existence. These two attempts failed. All that these actions accomplished was to make the militaries aware of our presence and to imbue them with the determination to create hardware roughly equivalent to ours. It also provided an opening for the dark and its chief emissary, the Anunnaki, who began to suggest to Earth's governments how to acquire such technology. The upshot was a drive to confiscate or steal promising inventions from prominent researchers, like Tesla and Moray, and also to undermine their work. Guided by the Anunnaki, many world governments began a stealthy search for these devices.

      The first place to look was of course the laboratories of these famous inventors, and many ideas were seized and stolen over the next few decades. By the start of World War II, many nations possessed the foundations to begin the construction of various prototypes, with Germany leading the way. She had scientists working openly on space-travel research, zero-point energy devices, and advanced communications technology. At first glance one might presume Germany to have an advantage over the competition, but not far behind were the twin secret research teams of England and the US. By the late 1930s, an undeclared technology war was underway between these two groups. On top of this, the rising corporate world desperately wanted to use this technology to gain world dominance. To control this jockeying for supremacy, the dark created rivalries amongst all and sundry to ensure that its own plans to enslave Mother Earth's children would triumph. The Light watched these shenanigans and waited for the right time to intervene and put a heavenly 'monkey wrench' in the works.

      WW II went off as desired by the dark. The Anunnaki and the dark space empires they associated with gave the alliance of England and the US a major victory. All the advanced German technology, either in prototype form or in production, was seized. The major scientists heading up these projects were captured and sent off to America to start new research. The purpose was to meld the German and American research to hugely leapfrog the current projects. On another front, the Anunnaki's dark associates, the Draco, had become apprehensive about the technological strides being made by the UK-US alliance, in particular, the rapid progress in atomic research. This represented a threat to their control, and so the Draco Empire sent in their Reticulan clones to investigate. The many Reticulan spacecraft crashes that followed alarmed them even further. These limited-conscious humans were doing things that were supposedly beyond their ken! A Draco intervention to reassert control seemed imminent.

      The Draco, who considered your solar system to be part of their empire, were worried that Earth governments had begun to drift away from the dark control of the Anunnaki. So, in the interests of preserving their own powerbase on Earth, the Anunnaki sent their diplomats to reassure the Draco that they had the Earth 'situation' well under control and that a full-scale invasion of Earth was unnecessary. In this, they were finally successful. During this time, we presented ourselves both to the dark Earth governments and to open-minded scientists and political figures. These latter meetings were our first contacts with what was eventually to become our Earth allies, and our goal was to create the foundation for what would be the first contact mission. From what we presented to them, these contactees and the various Light-oriented secret organizations began to envision a way to achieve their own goals in a distant future. Then we had to withdraw.

      In the many decades leading up to first contact, we watched our Earth allies grow in strength and ability. Meanwhile, the dark on-planet minions began to work with the Anunnaki and their dark allies. This relationship produced technology that the Anunnaki and their minions needed for enslaving humanity. Hence, two divergent momentums were being played out on your world. However, we knew that the dark was slated to lose this battle with the Light. Heaven had been given a timetable by the Divine, and it was this element that brought the Galactic Federation back into the game in the early 1990s. We were convinced of the importance of first contact and the role it played in returning you to full consciousness, and this thinking brought us into alignment with the viewpoint of the Agarthans, and so a full partnership with them ensued.

      The Agarthans had long been observing the machinations of the Anunnaki and their pursuit of a planetary power structure, the on-planet minions. To maintain control, the Anunnaki whittled down this group during the three Golden Ages early on in your deep dive into limited consciousness. However, these civilizations were also given certain devices and knowledge in order for them to retain some allegiance to the memories of ancient Lemuria. This enraged the Anunnaki who retaliated with great purging fires around 6-5000 BC, which left humanity clinging out of fear to their Anunnaki overloads, but also to what was left of their collective memories. These were handed down in oral myths from one generation to another. Clearly, the intimations of Heaven were still burning bright in every clan, tribe, city nation, and empire!

      Modern times have witnessed the huge changes that are leading you to a massive transformation in consciousness. This move from limited to full consciousness is predicated on the rise of a new era of Light, which dethrones the dark and permits the Galactic Federation to intervene directly in your affairs. Heaven decrees that this transformation is inevitable and scheduled for this moment in your history. First contact with you is required, and it is our prerogative to sort out the details. We have advised your governments and their dark handlers of this fact, and regardless of exactly how this all plays out, we are ready to carry out our mission. The dark's dominion on your world is at an end, and the Light is here to bring you abundance, Love, and Light!

      Today, we filled in some historical details to give you a better idea of how the Light set up what is about to happen. Our Earth allies have worked with dedication to ensure that this world of Light is manifested. We, too, have added our voice, and this will shortly include our technology, to prepare the way for the world Heaven has proclaimed! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!

       NIDLE 31-AUG-2010

       We return in the midst of great negotiations that are preparing to bring your world to the point of transformation. The dark cabal has forged its own demise with its relentless greed and hubris. The next financial collapse is approaching unabated, and shows up clearly on the dark's radar screens. All those in the know financially are deeply concerned about the global economy, but their expressions of misgiving merely touch the surface of what lies ahead. The dark cabalists' desire to save their own skins from their fiscal irresponsibility has been dashed by the inescapable fact of their deeply flawed financial constructs. The present monetary and economic system is riddled with fault lines that are now coming apart and a radical fix is the only way forward. Our Earth allies have positioned themselves in such a way that the only way for this fix to manifest is by means of the proposals they first introduced nearly a decade ago. A majority of those in the financial world understand this clearly and very much want to get on with it. An immense force for change is building around the dark's minions.

      The switch to a new system of finance necessitates a commensurate change in who controls government. Over the millennia, the dark cabal's rule has been unchallenged; the obstacles now springing up around them are unprecedented. That their desires are being set aside by various influential players in the global economy is deeply shocking to them, and they are amazed that their tried-and-true tactics for squashing such insolence are unable to prevent a growing rebellion. This inability to maintain a hitherto undisputed preeminence is spreading panic in the ranks of the cabal, as they watch many nations secretly plotting to dethrone the dark's chief instrument, the UN corporatocracy, and they are becoming truly desperate. In the 1940s, this dark ruling cadre set up a world system that is now on the point of collapse, yet it doggedly refuses to yield to new ways or new circumstances. It is this intransigence that has spurred the present series of secret meetings by others in the power elites, and these are producing a cogent strategy for drastically loosening the grip of this still-powerful corporatocracy.

      The monetary troubles of the US corporate government are a major key to this strategy: over the past few years, the implausible fiscal policies of this government and its associates have brought them to this impasse as a debt of unfathomable proportions becomes due. This debt lacks any legitimate instruments to stay the inevitable, which is why recent machinations on the part of the Federal Reserve Bank have failed to produce any efficacious result. A series of astute legal maneuvers by our Earth allies have led several small nations to seek redress of fiscal grievance for debts accrued at the hands of this invasive corporatocracy, and this adds to the legal prosecutorial portfolio being prepared by our Earth allies. A major bankruptcy and its consequences are anticipated. This lineup of sundry legal actions is to force the illegal US government from power; the world community can no longer afford to tolerate the injurious policies of this rogue regime. An about-face in global fiscal policy is now at the eleventh hour!

     The pivot of this about-face is to have in place the structures to replace the numerous corporatocracies allied to the US regime. The dark and its minions have woven a complex web comprising nations in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and South America. In anticipation of this moment of regime change, the Earth allies have spent years putting together a series of temporary governments which are ready to come on line when the definitive financial showdown kicks in. This moment is close at hand. Once the new global financial system unfolds, an equally new political system will simultaneously come into being. Decades of truly diabolical intentions have been leading up to this moment: in the beginning, the dark possessed the technology to entice the naïve to join its ranks, and by the end of World War II, a dark master plan started to manifest. By the early 1960s, a devious plot for global enslavement and depopulation was well underway and set to reach maturity by the mid-1990s.

      This met a speed bump in the person of the late president, John F. Kennedy. He defied the recommendations of the advisors and family surrounding him by instituting a plan for world peace and prosperity, the first step of which was a nuclear test ban treaty. Implementing the rest of his vision revolved around his 1964 reelection. He informed us of his intention to give a speech that would include disclosure of not only the benevolent ET presence but also the many off-world technologies acquired by the US secret government. By the early fall of 1963, Kennedy and Khrushchev were in secret discussions to create a US-Soviet non-aggression pact which was to lead to massive demilitarization on both sides and an announcement of the secret technologies held by both sides. We were ready to step in as needed to encourage peace and a non-nuclear future for your world. Kennedy's assassination by the US secret government brought this to an abrupt halt.

      At the time of the American President's death, we did not yet possess a first contact edict for your world, nor were we involved in discussions with the Galactic Federation's Main Council concerning this topic. Earth's society was considered immature and lacking the elements for survival, and it was not until the early 1990s that Heaven's mandates sent us to your shores. Prior to that, a series of personal missions by various star-nations, such as the Pleiades and Sirius, were underway, all of which were unable to formally recommend Earth as being ready for a first contact. Instead, they were inclined toward a continuation of limited intervention. It must be borne in mind that you are the remnants of a former Galactic Federation colony, which means that watching over you and intervening when necessary is a right bestowed on us by Heaven.

      The present circumstances are greatly tempered by what President Kennedy tried to instigate. He deeply wished to bring peace to your world and to transform the ubiquitous hate and schisms into Love and global cooperation. To this end, he drew up plans to bring in a new monetary system and to create an atmosphere conducive to peace and prosperity. As you can see, these goals were in consonance with those of our Earth allies. The Earth allies arise out of ancient secret societies dedicated to the Light and gain coherence from the deep yearning of many influential individuals who are children of the major dark-minion families. All these ones are committed to bringing you a new reality. They have linked with us to further these goals, which now include the return to full consciousness.

      This diverse group is close to victory. Furthermore, we have apprised them of the prevailing heavenly timetable, under the exigencies of which the Galactic Federation is bound to institute a full first contact by a certain date. Thus we are honor-bound to monitor the actions of our Earth allies and to intervene if necessary. The time comes to move your reality into full consciousness. All has been carefully prepared: crystal cities in Agartha (Inner Earth) are ready to receive you; mentors have been trained and a vast dossier kept on each of you; the mechanism for full consciousness is in place. Only the dark now stands in your way, and they are ready to fall! The moment for showing what you are capable of has arrived. Come together! Your victory awaits!

      Today, we discussed the roots of your present difficulties and the events leading up to first contact. Our Earth allies are focused on carrying out what needs to be done prior to our arrival. Be confident of your abilities to do what is necessary to prepare your societies for these glorious events! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!

        SALUSA  2-JUNE-2010


       You have more violent happenings occurring on Earth, and we ask is there ever a day when peace reigns. Man is still strongly influenced by his warrior image that he has carried with him for eons of time. When will you learn that your warlike ways are so futile and gain you no advantage in the long run? If only for karmic reasons each victory you claim carries consequences that travel with you for many lives. History shows that you have assumed might is right, and you use it to trample over those that get in the way of your ambitions. The old ways leave us feeling despair, but there is a rising movement amongst the people that has had enough of them. It arises from the desire for peace amongst all people, and it is growing stronger each day. It cannot continue to be ignored and those in power that do, will find themselves moved out of office. We of the Galactic Federation place our energies with the peacemakers, and it shall be seen to bring success.


       Governmental changes are close to taking place, and with them will come those dear souls who have bided their time for such an occasion. You know some of them very well, and they will spearhead the moves towards creating world peace. Differences of opinion will be settled amicably and fairly, and with the return of your rights no one will be wrongly treated or imprisoned. A breath of fresh air will sweep through the halls of power, and those harboring dark intentions will be replaced. When the people realize what is taking place they will stand alongside those souls who have put themselves forward. By so doing there will be an acceptance that the old ways must be relinquished, for peaceful co-operation between all countries. You are one family on Earth, and the time has arrived to put aside all that has created separation between you all.


        Nothing can be more pleasing for us than to see Man waking up to his divinity, and realizing his Oneness with all life. When Man wakes up to his full responsibilities to each other, the world will be quickly transformed. The Light will grow even stronger, and the last remnants of plan for your enslavement will disappear for good. Freedom is not something you have fully experienced yet, but it will come before the end time comes upon you. Meantime we ask you to continue strengthening your vision of peace on Earth, and you will help speed up the changes. Remember that you have immense untapped power within, and you can have more influence on the future than you imagine. There is of course a plan that will ensure a victorious ending for the Light, but you can affect it through your collective energy.


       In the space of ten years you have had so many experiences, that have sent you through the highs and lows. Yet you have come out of them with a positive vision of your immediate future, and not totally conceded your sovereign rights to the dark Ones. They are to be returned to you along with everything that is necessary to restore you to your rightful position on Earth. You are its guardians and Mother Earth also looks to you to help restore her, to the pristine condition that she once held. There will be changes necessary to remove the blight upon the earth, and much cleansing will take place.  When the cycle began millennia of time ago, she was truly a beautiful star within your Solar System, literally a jewel in the firmament. Be assured that regardless of the present state of Earth, she will soon be restored. Her hand will shake the rudder of the ship you call Earth, but you shall be protected as far as possible.


       You are experiencing what will be one of the biggest oil spillages in your short history. You wonder why in view of its threat to the Gulf of Mexico we do not step in, but if we did not let you see the result of your actions it would only be repeated again. It seems a strange response to you when you know that we have the technology to deal with it quickly, but it would still be interference without us receiving an official request to do so. Man only seems to learn when matters become serious, and our intervention would not really help the right decisions to be made. We want to see you take responsibility for your wanton damage to Mother Earth, and take steps to ensure it cannot happen again. Yes, you are getting better at clearing up your mess, but far away from the ideal guardianship required.


       When you consider your ancient history, you will realize that it is normal for dramatic changes to occur when a solar cycle ends. Both Lemuria and Atlantis disappeared almost without trace, in each case allowing a new civilization to emerge from the remains. This time is similar except that you are not going to experience your demise. Instead you are ascending as your mission will have been fulfilled, and duality can be put behind you. Whatever memories you have of the old Earth, will fade into the background when you awaken to the new one. It will be perfect for new Man, and a most exhilarating and joyous experience where all is built upon the energy of love.


       Your remaining time on Earth will bridge the gap between where you are now, and would have been but for the actions of the Illuminate. It is why the changes will go ahead, even though some question why when it is such a short period of time to Ascension. It is because there is a greater chance that more souls will see the Light, when the stress and problems that now exist are removed. When you are relaxed you are more receptive to the incoming energies, and they will expand your consciousness levels. After all, the main objective of all that is happening is to get you prepared for Ascension, and everything will be done to help you. The Creator desires that all souls make their way back to the Source, and creation has set up a path before you that will attract your attention. You cannot really stand still even if you wanted to, and if you stepped backwards the impetus to evolve would take you forward again. All experience is of value, and that is why in duality you will all have had your share of lives in both the dark and Light.


       I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and see your beautiful Earth becoming brighter than ever, as the Light is growing with each soul that accepts it. You become the beacons of Light that others are attracted to and follow, and you are leading the way home. Bless you for your dedication to the Love and Light that you all are, and may your path be lead you to the happiness you seek.


        SALUSA  7-JUNE-2010


       With each message we draw nearer to the time when the long awaited disclosure takes place. It will release information long hidden away, but more importantly it will allow the whole subject of UFO’s and Extraterrestrials to be reviewed. There are many misconceptions about us, fuelled by the continual disinformation that is purposefully released to confuse you. When the truth can be freely expressed and discussed, our presence will not only be accepted but also welcomed. There is much waiting to be done to stem the intentions of the dark Ones to prolong their time on Earth. However, day by day their power is ebbing away, and with our coming it shall be totally curtailed. They have created their own future as has every other soul, and they cannot escape the result of their own actions. The Laws of the Universe apply in all circumstances, whether an individual is aware of them or not. You do not therefore need to concern yourselves regarding the application of justice, or fear that the Elite will escape responsibility for their misdeeds.


       You are already beginning to take back your power, and with it comes the confidence to take charge of your future. You have been dictated to for far too long, and kept from claiming your divinity. It is inevitable and indeed intended that you should take back your sovereignty, and that will not take very long to be achieved. The governmental changes are approaching, and with them many obstacles to you moving forward will be removed. It will be a wonderful experience for you all to jump into the future, and your new found freedom will be exhilarating and a joy you have not yet fully envisaged. All that you have gone through or are yet to experience before the end time, will count for little against the prospect of returning to your higher level of consciousness. You will have been released from the pull of the lower vibrations, and the Light and Love will be your home.


       In your hearts you know that this cycle is all but completed, and also that you are to be helped to move into a higher dimension as part of your return to your real home. Your achievements are greatly admired by us, and we stand ready to welcome you back as equals. We are all brothers and sisters together on a journey through the Creator’s Kingdom, and it promises experiences and pleasures beyond your present imagination. It is also very rewarding to serve with the Brotherhood of Light, and help those souls whose journey has barely commenced. What you will notice is how relaxed it all is, because time does not exist, as you know it. On Earth you are forever racing the clock, and seem to have insufficient time to do all that you desire. You will never be in that position again, as you will travel instantaneously or in little or no time. Distance is not measured as you do and everything is in the Now. It I something you will quickly adapt to once you rise up, and settle into it quite easily.


       If the changes all sound a lot to comprehend, do not worry because as you progress each step of the way will be explained. The Galactic Federation is here to serve you, and has done so for a very long time. Your place along with us is assured, and we eagerly await the opportunity to allow your visits to our ships. For some of you they will seem familiar, as you have already met is in your out of the body experiences. Memories of such events are usually kept in the background, so as not to distract you from your responsibilities upon Earth. So we would say that you are not dreaming when you have vague memories of meeting us. There can also be links with us going back eons of time, and one day you will understand your true selves and relationship with us. Let us simply say that we know you better than you know yourselves.


       Take whatever happens now in your stride, as you are quite capable of going along with the changes knowing that all will work out well for Mankind. It is only where uncertainty exists that you begin to worry about your future. Eventually the legacy of the dark forces will be removed, and you shall see the changes come very quickly. They will be far reaching and bring a positive outlook amongst you, as it will be clear that what remains will be all that is best for you. Where you experience loss it will be offset by your gains, and they will be far more than you can dream of at present. The plan is to move you nearer to the conditions you will experience, when the dimensional shift has taken place. It will therefore be a gradual introduction to the new way of life, one that gives complete joy and happiness. It will also fulfill all of our earlier promises regarding your release from the Dark Ones.


       We of the Galactic Federation are as you might say, “biting at the bit” and most keen to get started in a way that you are co-workers with us. Now we have the authority to go ahead and become more open in our assistance to you. Creating the right circumstances to enable the first changes to take place has been difficult, because of the opposition to them. However, we can now use more forceful means to remove it. Having said that there will of course be many people, who will take quite some time to accept the intrusion into their lives. Man is always reluctant to accept changes until the real benefits can be understood. All that we come to do is at the command of the Father/Mother God, and will result in the most acceptable changes that will lift you up.


       The Sun is about to rise on a new day that will change the course of your lives forever. Love and Light will be your daily bread and sustenance, and you will be given the powers to create according to your wishes. By then you will have learnt that it comes with responsibility, and you will use it sensibly and in a positive way. Can you imagine the potential that it gives you and perhaps more important, your freedom. Having to work together in your more physical lives, has taught you much about tolerance and sharing. It has also taken you through the challenge of finding a love for all life, which has like you originated from the Source of All That Is. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and think constantly of your coming changes, and how you will be so delighted to put the past behind you. In its place will be all that you could possibly desire, and the Golden Age will have truly arrived.


       SALUSA  9-JUNE-2010


       For those of you who are aware of what is happening and have a strong belief in your future, the coming events will simply fulfil your expectations. We would ask that you put your knowledge to good use and help others understand, as the uncertainty in their minds will cause fearful reactions. The last thing we want to see is a return to panic and muddled thinking. Such help will stabilize matters until we can move openly amongst you. Some groups with their own set of beliefs hold the view that they can do without us, but that is not the case and without the help that has already been given you would not be here today. You can easily underestimate the threat the Illuminati have posed, because most of their operations have been through black operations carried out in secret. They have also been very clever at covering up their tracks but that has been to no avail, as we cannot be fooled so easily.

       Nothing can be hidden from those who monitor the Earth as each of you can be read like a book. The Galactic Federation can also keep tabs on any person they wish to track down. Each of you has your own signature formed from your energy emanations, that are quite unique to each soul. It does not matter whether you are in the open or concealed away from our view, we will locate you. This information will also explain how in any form of emergency that necessitates you being lifted up, we can find you. It will not be the first time we have rescued people by doing so, and some of your Astronauts will have a few stories to tell when they are free to do so.

       Great changes are not just on the horizon, but with you now simply awaiting the right opportunity to go ahead. So when we talk of them being very near, that is exactly what we mean. Some are poised to come out within weeks if the circumstances stay consistent. However, there are many aspects that constitute the “right” time, and having come so far we are not going to jeopardize the result by being hasty. That is not our way or indeed is it necessary, as we are in any event closely working towards the final date for action to be taken. A few more weeks will have no real affect on the outcome, but ensure that all is in place for the final thrust. Our decision is one that is not confined to what is happening in just one country, and we must always bear in mind the situation across the whole world. The focus may be upon what is happening in the U.S. but it must be borne in mind, that we come with the assurance of a peaceful future for everyone in your world.

       The financial meltdown continues and has yet to reach rock bottom, and its repercussions are being felt around the entire world. It has given everyone involved, the opportunity to find a more satisfactory way of handling your monetary affairs. There cannot be a return to the old systems, as they have been proven not to work in your interests. Already the required changes are being discussed and arrangements being made to introduce them. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and trust that my approach to your concerns, has helped to inspire you with confidence and trust in our decisions, made for you.

       SALUSA  5-JULY-2010

Our present mission of enlightenment will eventually come to an end in this form of communication, and will be superseded by one that addresses all alike. In the initial period we shall speak with you through your existing outlets such as television. However in time there will be a more personal form of contact, similar to your mobile telephones except that it will be based upon a different technology. It will enable you to converse with anyone, regardless of where they are around the world. Your present system emits harmful radiation, like many other appliances you use on a daily basis. The changes to the type of energies you use will be far reaching, until all of them come from free energy sources that are safe to use and non-polluting.

       Naturally such changes must include the different forms of transport you currently use, that are creating massive pollution and are harmful to all life forms. Many of your illnesses result from it, not to mention the affect upon your Earth that has become seriously poisoned as a result. Your scientists and specialists in such matters have been well aware of the dangers, but their recommendations are ignored to protect the companies who are responsible. You have been unnecessarily held back, from what should have been natural progress towards the use of clean energy which could have already been widely used. As we have mentioned previously, the condemnation of your government is that they have kept these advancements for their own use. Their underground military bases use every conceivable advancement, which could have greatly benefited your quality of life.

       Our mission will still proceed to accompany you to Ascension, but it also requires us to bring you into the modern age of free energy and all of its benefits. In fact we shall be together for a long time, well beyond your immediate needs and shall become as One. Your destiny is to travel the Cosmos which is open to you once you have ascended and live from your higher consciousness. Many of you have already acquired such a level, and your presence on Earth is awakening others to the power of Light and Love. It is the goal that you should be aiming for and it is achievable, which is why you are given so much help and encouragement. In fact your levels of consciousness are continuing to increase very rapidly, and if you are committed to Ascension you will be successful. As your bodies inevitably change so you will notice a more gentle energy present, and be of a much healthier disposition. Illness and disease is unheard of in the higher dimensions, and it is only prevalent in the lower ones such as yours.

       Your future is assured, and even if you are not amongst those who do aspire to ascend. Those who oversee the progress of Humanity plan your evolution, and many times it has fallen into the lower dimensions. On each occasion it has been given the chance to rise up again, with a careful plan for your upliftment. The cycle you are just closing is one such example, and although you have had to find your own way back you have been helped at every turn. When it is seen that the Light is returning, you attract the attention of those Teachers who serve you. They incarnate into the more spiritually developed countries, and help to establish conditions for greater progress.

       It may seem that you are at the mercy of events beyond your control, but in fact you collectively have the power to change them. You have for example contributed to the changes that are now taking place and have re-directed the focus of Man from the old paradigm, by seeing its inadequacies into a new vision that is bringing freedom and peace. Yes, it may take time but once the seeds are set they will come to fruition, and you are just beginning to see new ideas being examined that will bring you long awaited changes. Because it starts from the bottom upwards, you have much more influence than you imagine. Fear as always is to be avoided at all cost, as it feeds the very source that has kept you under its control for eons of time. It is the Love and Light that will transmute it and against which the dark Ones have no defense.

       Your patience will be sorely tested in the immediate future, as matters will seem to be becoming more serious. However, the answers are with us and together with our allies, we shall reverse the threatening trends that you see now. We want to meet you with due ceremony befitting of such an occasion, and cannot just arrive without first approaching your leaders. The only exception would be where we were give divine permission to do so. You will understand that the Galactic Federation is not some marauding group of Space Beings, we are organized to police the Universe helping young civilizations evolve without interference. We carry out the bidding of those who have the ear of God, and carry out his plans for evolution.

       Even in your lowest moments of despair, Beings of Light are with you and try to ease your worries. They help you pick up the pieces, and lift you into the Light so that you may find hope and new inspiration. You are never alone regardless of what position you are in, and your Guides will influence you for your good if you will but listen. Sometimes you need to create a quiet moment so that they can get through to you. Inspired thoughts are often a result of such contact, and unlike your ego will not lead you astray. Indeed, it is your ego that often controls your life, and imposes upon you the image you have built for yourself. Go within Dear Ones and listen to your Higher Self to understand who you truly are and what you are capable of. Your ego sometimes will limit your ability to change from the mindset you have created.

       We are not the only ones here to help you open your eyes to the marvelous opportunities ahead of you. There are teachers and helpers at all different levels. They come to Earth with a variety of skills and experience, and often specialize in one subject to which they are fully dedicated. They come from many different planets as we do, and have volunteered for tasks that demand their full co-operation. Their lives are not your usual incarnations as they have already ascended, and normally would have no need of further earthly experiences. They come out of love for you, recognizing your godspark and acknowledging your final spell in duality. I am SaLuSa from Sirius and leave you with my Love and Blessings.

       SALUSA  14-JULY-2010

       Over eons of time you have given your power to those who would lead you, and some have been true to their spiritual beliefs. Most have usurped power for their own gain, and established law and order to ensure they keep it. In more recent times you were placed under the rule of Kings and Queens, who declared they were appointed by God or indeed were gods, and the right of succession was born. Along with the Church your freedom of choice was taken away, and since then you have rarely had a true Government of the people. Increasingly, power has since been seized by those who control almost every aspect of your lives, and it is power and money that has taken over. This brings you right back to the Illuminati and the wealthy banking families, that set up a system that has denied you your sovereignty, and your God given rights to live in peace and happiness. As a result your reality is in dire need of change, and not just because of the problems deliberately set up by the Illuminati.

       As promised. within the provisions of NESARA are virtually all of the steps necessary to reverse the established systems that have held you back. These are necessarily far reaching and indicate the direction in which Humanity should have progressed. The changes that we have participated in that are awaiting an opportunity to be introduced, are those very same benefits and they are close to becoming part of your new reality. In part you have created it by showing your intent to manifest changes for the good of all. That indeed is the key, and has the backing of the Spiritual Hierarchy and God, and has been the flag that St. Germain has carried for you. The present period of time was foreseen millennia ago, but even so you still had the freewill to determine how it worked out. The Light has never been far away and battled with the dark Ones for supremacy. However, as you slipped into the lower vibrations, you forgot who you were and fell victim to them.

       Now you stand tall and know where you are going, and fear has been replaced with the certain knowledge that you are safe within the Light. It is your shield, sword and suit of amour, and cannot be assailed by the dark energies. You the Lighted Ones are the Knights in Amour that have arrived on Earth to win the final battle, and we tell you that it is already won. The emphasis of power has switched to you, and the Light is now so well established on Earth it cannot be extinguished. In fact it continues to grow exponentially, and is opening up the path to Ascension for all to see. More souls are awakening to their true self, with the knowledge of 2012 and its significance. As always the choice is yours as to whether you accept this unique opportunity to ascend.

       Our mission has been to not only assist in your awakening, but ensure that the dark Ones were unable to interfere with your evolution. Where you have accepted their rule, that has been your free choice and it was not for us to intervene. However, many of you have expressed your intent to move forward into the Light, and because of that decision we will protect for you. Being of the Light is a state that you work towards, and every aspect is embraced by Love and your ability to express it in all you do. It is being gentle, compassionate, kind, considerate and most importantly non-judgmental. It comes from understanding that all life has its source in the Creator, and therefore you are All One. What you do to One you do to All, and that is expressed in the saying “that no Man is an Island”. Whatever you do effects everything else, and creates energy levels that can powerfully influence other souls.

       We come to you not to preach but there are conditions created upon Earth that must be changed, if you are to be prepared for Ascension. So many of you look for guidance and that is what we give, but you must find what satisfies your search for the truth, and yet even so it will most certainly change as your consciousness expands. This is why the path of another soul will not necessarily be for you, but you should have no difficulty in finding yours. If it feels right it will serve you at the time, but do not fall into the trap of becoming too rigid in your beliefs, and leave space for change. You will find that knowledge and understanding, is far more expansive than you could possibly believe whilst you are still held in the lower vibrations. Allow for the fact that it will be a long time before you can possibly know everything there is.

       You might ask where do we stand as far as evolution is concerned, and we would reply that we as member civilizations of the Galactic Federation have already ascended. We continue to evolve, and will do so until we find ourselves at One with the Source of All That Is. No matter who you are or how you view life, or what your beliefs are you will still evolve through the experiences each life provides you. You may go in all directions at various times, but the fact is that the net result will see you progress towards the Light. You may choose to stay in your present dimension, and that does not mean you are not evolving. You can return to any level you desire in the interests of gaining the experience you need. It is not usually a decision you make alone, and your mentors and Guides will assist you in making it.

       In reality life is quite orderly inasmuch that every individual has his or her own plan, yet it still interacts with the whole. The Laws of the Universe apply to each one of you, and you are very much affected by the Law of Attraction. You may not knowingly use it, but if you do it can be very beneficial. Cause and Effect are real and that is why you take responsibility for all of your actions. Indeed you are also responsible for your thoughts and words, which carry energy according to what you intend. Be careful Dear Ones, and think before you act and simply check that you are not about to harm another soul in any way. It sounds rather hard to be in control as you are prone to act first without thinking, but you can if you put your mind to it. Live from the heart and love will accompany all you do and say.

       I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and in the time we have had together, a lot has passed between us. We have followed your consciousness levels as they have expanded, whilst helping you with your spiritual understanding. We are now much closer as a result, making our coming tasks so much easier.

       SALUSA  16-JULY-2010

       Now you are seeing out the cycle of duality, and at times there will be mayhem, but it is the end of an era that has taken you to the depths of darkness and you have survived. At last the Light has broken through and there is only one way forward and that is upwards. Leave duality behind and try not to let it influence you, as your sights should be on whatever you need to tread firmly on the path to Ascension. The door to your future is opening wide, and it will accommodate every soul that has ambitions to be part of it.

       We of the Galactic Federation are totally ready for action and we have the advantage of knowing exactly what your needs are, through our extensive coverage of you and your planet. We respect your privacy, but if needs required it we could see right into your buildings and focus on whomsoever we wished. We can hear your conversations, or even read your minds, which is useful when dealing with the dark Ones. It is why their plans will never succeed, as we know too much about them. We take preventative action and our allies are very active in these roles. We do not like confrontation or threats, and our approach is diplomatic but firm.

       Each day that passes brings you nearer to completion, and nearer to our open contact with you. But first the preliminaries, and although the announcement we seek has not yet been made, there are now many individuals making their voices heard. It is putting pressure on the authorities that cannot hold back for very much longer. We would like to get started before next spring, so we will do all we can to assist our allies to this end. We do still of course have a deadline date by which we should have started, and clearly it is not that far into the future……

       SALUSA  21-JULY-2010

       There is much for you to learn that needs revising in light of the truth we shall bring. It is to be expected that some of your beliefs and theories are inaccurate, and what we shall do is enable you to make a quantum leap into the future. There is as you might say a lot of catching up to do, and also the development of many good ideas you have already been working on. Nanotechnology is one example of what you have seen as a desirable advancement, and it will come into being. It is unfortunate that so many advancements that could have benefited Mankind, have been deliberately hidden away to keep the status quo where profit is put before your well-being. Yet massive amounts of your money have been invested in new technologies for military power. While these policies are followed, you are clearly not going to see peace come to your world. However, that is soon to all change and the war machine will grind to a halt and be dismantled. We shall bring you peace and ensure that all weaponry is neutralized by our higher technologies. We are coming not to perpetuate the old life style, but introduce you to an easier and more satisfying way that will restore your sovereignty. You are to become free to have more time to follow your own pursuits, and the drudgery of life will be removed and replaced with more acceptable conditions that allow time for it.

       The changes are lined up and in a well advanced state, that means once we can commence events will move forward quite quickly to say the least. You can sense that the dark Ones are losing their grip on you, and as they do so they will be unable to re-claim lost ground. We are blocking any moves they may make to establish any major threat, having already averted the potential of a serious incident. We are here to lead you on to a successful conclusion in your quest for Ascension. That result is beyond doubt and is already written in the annals of time. You may therefore set your sights fully upon ascending, and the plan is being supported by many Councils and individuals who are also helping you go forward. You would undoubtedly be surprised if you knew how many of them were with you at this time.

       There are times when you feel that you need extra support, and in such instances it is as well to remember that you can contact your Higher Self. We often mention about allowing time for yourself and this is one of those occasions. If you have the names of your Guides then use them to make a contact, and if you have attached yourself to one of the great Angelic Beings such as Archangel Michael even better. Your prayers or petitions will be heard, and the answers may come in unexpected ways, such as through another source. You are indeed never alone, and in your times of need your Guides draw closer to you and welcome contact with you…….

       SALUSA  11-AUG-2010

       Have you not been told on numerous occasions, that you are a far greater Being than you believe? You have been unaware of it simply because eons of time ago you have dropped into the lower dimensions, where your full powers have been unable to manifest. Also, there was a time when your DNA was interfered with, so that you were reduced to virtually a sub-human Being. You have climbed your way back to present levels, and will soon take a quantum leap forward allowing you to re-claim lost abilities. It will be crowned by your total transformation into Galactic Beings, and it is not that far away. Subconsciously you know this to be true, and it will not seem strange at all to eventually become a Being with superconsciousness…..


       Your tasks are made easier by the continual help you get, which is largely unseen. The Lightworkers carry out their important work on Earth, and it helps open your awareness to other possibilities. Once you announce your intent to take the path to Ascension, you will find that your experiences will direct you to people and information that will lead you in the right direction. We would add that if you attracted to messages such as ours, then you are undoubtedly already on the path to freedom and greater awareness. Furthermore you are assured of reaching your goal to ascend, and will have already lifted your level of consciousness.


       In the long term life is about raising your consciousness levels, and each life you have is planned with that in mind. Knowing this may enable you to find the answers to many challenges you have had to face up to and wondered why. Most will relate to your earlier lives, where opportunities may have been missed and return to give you another chance to succeed. When you look back at your experiences in this lifetime you may see that what was considered unwelcome, as an event that caused you to change something in your life. That may have proved to be a turning point for your wellbeing, and it is often how you are moved onto your correct path. We say that in the context of someone who has strayed off the path they chose before incarnating. There is so much more attention paid to each individuals life plan than perhaps you realize, and those charged with keeping you to it accompany you through your life. We are referring to your Guides, and any higher Being whose presence you might have invoked.


       There will always be people who will deny there are Spirit Beings with them, but they will be there regardless of what they believe. What they will not do is interfere with your freewill, and will not impose their will upon you. If for example you have planned to see out your life to old age, they will prevent you where possible from accidentally shortening your life. For example, instead of dying in an accident your life will be saved, and sometimes the circumstances of your survival are looked upon as miraculous. Your Angelic Keepers can do what you would see as near impossible, and many lives have been saved by them. They are not bound by linear time, and can go backwards or forwards in it to alter your experience.


       Your lives are far from what you may call ordinary or simple, because it does not matter whether it is meant to be action packed or not, you all have key moments that are very important to you. We know you can recount many “coincidences” that have brought two people together, who were meant to meet because it was part of their life plan. Now the attention given you is more constant, as anyone who is awakening needs every help to keep rising up. Have faith whatever your circumstances, and know that nothing you are experiencing now will last too long. A wonderful future awaits you, and we of the Galactic Federation are just part of a great assembly of Beings here to ensure your success. Once we can get started in an open manner, you will soon see that pressing matters will be sorted quite quickly. There is so much to do to put right the wrongs that have taken place over a very long period.


       I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and it warms our hearts to see the continuing response to the Light spreading around the Earth. Consciousness levels are continually rising and nothing will stop them reaching even higher levels. This is wonderful in view of the pressures you are experiencing all around you. Yet you are sticking to your task, to keep your focus on the positive changes that are to come out of the present chaos. Time speeds on as ever, and our presence becomes more apparent as we back you up in your work for the Light. Call upon us if you are in need of help.


       SALUSA  13-AUG-2010


       We refer to Ascension often, because it is the most important issue that you will have to decide. We have mentioned that once you decide to ascend, you are creating a pathway to it. The point we wish to emphasize is that many paths lead to it, so you need not be concerned if others follow one different to yours. You will find that they all lead to a moment in time, when there are great changes involving Mother Earth. Where you go from there depends on whether your vibrations are such that you can be lifted up. If they are not at a level where you can, then clearly you will continue at the same one as before. That means you were not ready for Ascension, and indeed the higher vibrations would not suit you and would make you feel uncomfortable. Fortunately you cannot but advance to a level until you are ready, and that is Universal Law.


       Some people have such a rigid mindset that although they find greater truths around them, they find it very difficult to move on. They have become bound by the chains of their beliefs, they will be amongst those who will continue to experience in this existing dimension. Fear plays a part and they cannot contemplate that they are in a state of denial, yet they invariably have their personal doubts in connection with their beliefs. As we do where all souls are concerned, we place the truth in front of them and it is up to them how they deal with it. When you have found the true path, there is no conflict within as you are at peace with all life. Your understanding also allows for the acceptance of all souls, because you see them as an equally important part of the whole. You are one mighty group soul, and all contribute to the mass consciousness. Due to the efforts of the Lightworkers, it is continually expanding and is helping bring others out of the darkness that engulfs them.


       Levels of consciousness have reached a point, where further upliftment is going to occur at an even quicker rate. Almost every month there are configurations of some kind that are bringing it about. It is extremely good news as the higher you can take your consciousness, it will help manifest the new paradigm. You cannot have a vacuum, and as soon as the old is removed the new is waiting to take its place. The Divine Plan for your release from duality is well established, and all stands in readiness for the first time conditions allow it to proceed. Our allies make steady progress, and have established a strong front against any attempts to prevent the ultimate changes from going ahead. It is not a question of whether they will, they MUST- to fulfill the needs of the people. Also the cleansing must take place to enable the Earth to be restored, and these are all stepping-stones on the path to Ascension.


       We of the Galactic Federation have long ago learnt to curb our desires to rush matters, as we are moved by our strong love for other souls who are suffering. We would dearly love to appear on Earth now, and put a stop to all of the actions being taken that are not in your interests. However, as you surely know by now, we obey the higher principles of Universal Law that prevents us from doing so. What is wonderful is to see is your own response as more of you reach a greater state of awareness. You are putting your energies into use and are taking your own action, and believe us it is having a positive affect.


       So much more is known about us and other Space Beings in general. The subject is increasingly becoming spoken of in public, and no longer is there any stigma attached to having a belief in our existence. The proof of our existence is no longer a matter for speculation, and only the most skeptic amongst you could deny it. It allows us to be bolder in our presence around you in your skies, and also on your Earth. So much is known about us, it will almost be just a formality when Disclosure is announced. However, what it will do is allow the hidden truth to come out about our long-standing relationship with you. You will also learn about our many operations on your behalf, to prevent the dark Ones from destroying you and Mother Earth. After the destruction of Maldek in your Solar System, God decreed that such an act would never be allowed again, and we are charged with ensuring that it is observed. If allowed, such an act would have seriously put back your evolution, and would have also interfered with other civilizations. That could not be tolerated, as this particular cycle was planned eons of time ago to end with Ascension.


       Now you stand in the midst of the chaos, that is a sure sign that the old is breaking up. For some it is an extra painful experience, but understand you are all where you are supposed to be for the end times. The nightmare is real enough, but you have the power to change it through your power of thought. You are creating the way the final days work out, and it can be joyful and exciting or fearful and depressing depending on how you view it. Lightworkers know that it is best to stay calm and centered at all times, and not allow fear to creep in. All life is infinite and whatever happens you will be looked after by Beings of a high vibration, that have the power to bring you Love and Light. We count ourselves amongst them, and our actions are never ones to cause you harm. Even when we have to deal with the dark Ones, we do it from a position of loving all souls. Whatever levels they are at their Light cannot be extinguished, and we bless them for being part of the great experiment that you all agreed to take part in. We are not here to judge anyone, and we know that very soul will one day fully return to the Light.


       I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and hope that you can stay focused on the bright future that will take you out of duality. To be in the higher dimensions will be dreamlike compared to what you are experiencing now. There is absolutely no comparison and that is why words are so inadequate. To be in an energy that is all embracing and is so peaceful and joyful is your right, and for too long you have been held back by those who have lost their ability to love themselves, let alone others. They are souls who have become so separated from God, they have lost their compassion and love for all other souls. It is the Light and Love that will eventually lift them up, and in their own way they need it more than those who have already become aware of their Godself.


       SALUSA  18-AUG-2010


       You have power beyond your imagination, and as you get nearer to the end of this cycle, it will become more evident. Up to now it has been largely expressed through your mass consciousness, and has created the conditions and experiences you are having now. There are some exceptions where a soul has been able to lift their vibrations, and the most common example is one with positive healing abilities. To a degree you can all do it and it is healing with the love vibration. A mother’s love for her child is a typical example. It is not too many years ago that claims to have healing powers would have most likely been ridiculed. It requires a firm belief in your ability to do such things, and you are now in a period when it is becoming easier to do so. People are also more accepting of natural healing methods, and some prefer them to a lifetime of drugs with their own side effects.


       As you progress through the next few years, the vibrations will increase more rapidly. You will find that as you lift up your own, you will be less afflicted by illness or any health problems. Your body is becoming more crystalline, and it will be able to overcome any attack upon its bodies defensive system. You will no longer be subject to any form of disease, and eventually the process of aging will stop and be reversed. There is a point coming in the future when you will be in the most perfect body form. May we say that is why you have never seen an “old” Space Being, and when we speak of long past events it is because we often have first hand experience of them. We live many hundreds of years and do not age as you do.


       As you keep on ascending, so you will reach even higher dimensions and eventually become a Being of pure Light. It means that you have no need for a physical body, but with your godlike powers can create whatever form you may need. There are times when such Beings drop down into the lower dimensions to serve the souls at that level, such as for example the one you are in. The higher dimensions are the creations of pure love, and cannot be affected by any energies of a lesser nature. They are levels that you would find too powerful to remain in, and because of the Law of Attraction you cannot in fact reach them. However, some souls are taken to them under the wings and protection of a Higher Being, and it is usually as part of their spiritual teachings.


       For many of you what has been described will sound familiar, and some will have had such experiences in your present lifetime. There are very few of you that can bring back such memories to your waking state. Virtually all souls will leave their bodies at some time during their sleep period. You will most likely meet your loved ones in the Astral regions, including those that have passed over. Sometimes such meetings are partially remembered, but simply seem like dreams. It is a quite normal experience, but those who have no belief in life after death or the other realms remain poised above their body. When you realize how much more you do than you are aware of, perhaps you can see how limited you are in your understanding of life in the 3rd dimension.


       If you approach life in the best way, even although it can be a great trial you can move through it without being affected by it. Nothing that can happen to you will be lasting, and at a point that comes nearer each day we shall be allowed to enter your lives. A great cleansing will commence very quickly, whilst steps are taken to reverse some of the pollution that affects very large parts of your Earth. At the same time negotiations will ensure that unjust laws and actions are no longer possible. It will result in your sovereignty being restored, and freedom assured for the future. You will quickly put all of your present concerns behind you, and there will be a totally different sense of well being not experienced for a very long time. Our plans will be shared with you, and many of you will obviously work with us.


       We wish you to feel part of everything that is happening, and there will be a coming together of many countries that have previously been archenemies. Your history shows that the dark Ones have deliberately created tension between them, and have perpetuated the idea of continual wars. It has been to drain your resources and keep you in state of fear, whilst projecting the possibility of a world war. In fact but for our actions the predicted Third World War would have commenced some years ago. The Galactic Federation have been active in this way for a long time, to ensure that you safely reached the point of Ascension. You sometimes forget that we are behind you all of the time, and we continuously monitor what is happening on Earth.


       Be assured that we are tightening the net around the dark Ones, and the longer it goes on the less opportunity they have of avoiding the inevitable. They know they are losing the fight, but cling to the hope they can hold out. However, their days are numbered and plans in disarray, and they cannot escape the days of reckoning. God may allow you total freedom, but that does not mean that you can treat others just as you wish. You are all on Earth to learn lessons, and without laws there would simply be anarchy. All experience is to lead you along the path of understanding, to the realization that everything is founded upon the love energy. When you find the true God you will then realize that all life is irrevocably connected, and is infinite.


       It is in order for you to concentrate on your own advancement, as the end times are rushing towards you. Your consciousness levels will by now have increased, and as a result you are better able to be discerning where your future is concerned. You do have all knowledge within, and can trust your own decisions. Sometimes your Guides will help you, by trying to influence you in your actions and that is quite allowable. They know your life plan better than you do, and will always act in your best interest. Get to know that they are there with you and talk to them, as they will hear you.


       I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and enjoy sharing my thoughts and understanding with you. I also like the opportunity to tell you about our part in your future. We have been preparing you for this time for ages, and you are now well informed. We appreciate and thank you for your welcoming messages.


       SALUSA  20-AUG-2010


       You may wonder at times what we do to fill in our time. Most of our duties are involved in studying data that is collected by our computers. For example we constantly monitor sites where weaponry is ready to be used. Our brief is to ensure that those of mass destruction are not used, to the point where if they are launched we will destroy them. We are also intent on preventing false wars, and any attempt to raise the tension between rival countries. We are holding back progress towards any further attempts to repeat a 9/11 scenario, because as you will know the dark Ones create chaos and fear whenever they can. It is not just the Galactic Federation that are involved, but also our allies who are often placed at the heart of things. In general terms we monitor Mother Earth, so that we able to predict where and when changes will occur. That gives us time to take action to limit the dangers, as we cannot interfere beyond the margins we are given. Mother Earth must be allowed to proceed with her Ascension, and that is course vital if you are to go forward with her.


       As we sometimes mention to you, our plans are continually being updated according to the feedback we get from our computers and earthly sources. We know where events are likely to proceed to but not necessarily in detail, as a number of options usually exist. The main point is that the outcome of this cycle is assured, and in no circumstances will that be altered. In due course you will all learn of what is planned, and it will give you back your freedom and prepare you for Ascension. There are times when you feel that there is no defense against the dark Ones, but since we know what they plan their threat is limited by us. Remember that we must respect the laws of freewill, and the karmic situations that you have been responsible for. These may go back eons of time, and can be played out at any time when it is appropriate. Your reason for going through duality is to learn lessons, and it would not help you if we shortened them.


       If necessary we are on call throughout the whole Universe, and have millions of ships in our fleet at our disposal. There are also millions of personnel from the different civilizations that work with us, so in fact we can spread them far and wide. They are all like us inasmuch that they have achieved high levels of spirituality, and live in the higher dimensions that have moved well beyond duality as you know it. So why are we here you may ask, and the answer is that all ascended Beings act in service to other souls that are moving into the Light. Also, your whole Universe is involved in Ascension and that is quite an important event. Because you need help to ascend, what is being given to you may be looked upon as disproportionate assistance according to your size. By other standards even in your own solar system, you are in fact quite a small planet. However, your place in Ascension is so vital to a successful completion, that a strong focus is placed upon the Earth and its inhabitants. This will ensure that regardless of what happens in the meantime, you will succeed in reaching your goals.


       Our work is not organized in the same way that you are used to experiencing. We have no need to confine ourselves to strict times of working, although we take our responsibilities very seriously. It is our life, and a pleasure to serve others, and not in the least boring. We are happy at our work, and since we do not use money we have no competition for jobs based on remuneration. All skills are employed where they can be used to our best advantage, and there are no square pegs in round holes. Work is not tiring as we do not experience fatigue because our bodies are more refined than yours, and we continually re-energies them from the energies around us. We can enjoy some small refreshments or light food, but that is more for pure enjoyment. In time you will also reach such levels. Your needs are different as you have a heavy physical body to support, and eating is both essential and a pleasure for you. However, you will find that as your new body develops, and becomes more refined you will eat less.


       As you are beginning to understand, the changes you are to experience will be far reaching and a new Human will emerge. You will go from the illusory lower dimensions, to the levels of spirituality that respond only to the Light. All is in harmony and balance, unlike the imbalances you experience upon Earth. The contrast is so great that it is hard for you to imagine moving from hell to heaven, but that is how it will strike you. Perhaps the most impressive experience, will be feeling the love energy that pervades the higher dimensions, where only the truth can exist.


       Bearing in mind what you are learning about your future, we might comment on the need to keep focused on it, and do not allow earthly matters to distract you. What is of the old has served its purpose, and the new is waiting to be introduced. First must come the cleansing, and the restoration of your rightful entitlement to all that is given to you for your use by the Creator. By the time you reach the end of the cycle, you will already well along the path to Ascension and ready to go even further. As is often emphasized, the end times are simply the end of duality, and life goes onto to the next stage. At present you are a poor reflection of what you are destined to be.


       When you suffer your aches and pains your disappointments and fears, can you imagine being free from them, because that is your promise. Duality has been a hard lesson to go through at the levels you are in, but your progress up the spiritual ladder has been phenomenal. Nowhere else could you have achieved such results. Perhaps fortunately in some ways, you cannot remember your past lives and know how hard it has been to make progress. That is not important however, as it is what you take from them that determines how far and how quickly you evolve. Those of you who have awakened are able to attract the Light to you, and unless you have an exceptional lapse you are assured of ascending.


       I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and like to give you acclaim where it is warranted. You are wonderful souls, that stand at the door of release from all of the attachments to the lower dimension. They cannot in any event exist in the higher ones, and everything is being done to help you do so


       SALUSA  25-AUG-2010


       We hear some of you asking if we are here to save you, and if we are why do we not do it. The answer is that we have been with you for a very long time, and have guided you in a way that has enabled you to lift your vibrations, and save yourself. The only way you leave the lower vibrations is by lifting yours to a higher level, so that you can rise up with them. So we are talking about your success in leaving the 3rd. dimension and duality, and placing yourself beyond the clutches of the dark Ones. We will save individuals from danger, but these are exceptions and that is quite different to interfering with your spiritual evolution. To ascend you must have raised your level of consciousness, and so many souls are still held back by their lack of spiritual development. The most difficult task for your teachers is to awaken you to the idea that you are more than simply your body.


       Our presence and that of many souls who have incarnated to help you, has stirred memories of greater knowledge that is held within. Subconsciously you know much more than you imagine, and once you start to awaken you begin to see yourself as you really are. Your limitations no longer stifle you, and the truth becomes less fearful and allows you to recognize the soul that you are. You lose nothing but instead gain everything that will put your feet firmly upon the path to true freedom. Because the Earth is an open prison you believe you are already free, but that is far from the truth. In the past where older civilizations have been concerned, there have been periods of great spiritual achievement. However, these have never lasted as slowly but surely the dark Ones have introduced their lower vibrations. This will always be a problem such as it is now where you are in a period of transformation, yet the lower vibrations remain around you. Your response against them lies with your ability to lift up your own vibrations, high enough to give you protection. The Light as always is the most powerful protection you can have.


       Once you have reached a certain level and can maintain it, you will not in fact be subject to the lower vibrations. It then enables you to become an observer of everything that is going on around you, without becoming involved in it. It is a wonderful level to achieve, as you can become detached and protected from anything less than your own vibrations. In such circumstances you can progress with your spiritual evolution far quicker, and working on an intuitive level can be positively discerning when new information comes to you. A great leap for some of you is the acceptance of our presence, because of the fearful images carried at the subconscious level. Sometimes it is compounded by religious beliefs, but we must mention that the Vatican has officially and publicly recognized us. Accepting that life extends well beyond your planet and that it abounds everywhere, and mostly in the higher dimensions allows for a greater expansion of your consciousness. At some stage you had to come out of your cocoon where extraterrestrial life was concerned. It is now time to meet your ancestors who are your Space family, who have been responsible for the evolution of the Human Race as you see it today.


       You do not exist by some freak of nature, and are not the result of natural selection, but purposefully and lovingly created to exist in your environment. You are a special species of Humans that have taken over from Cro-Magnon Man, and have been genetically engineered to allow for a speeding up in your evolution. That we would say has been particularly successful, and the proof lies in how many of you now stand in readiness for Ascension. On your part it is in fact a tremendous achievement, to have had lives during the darkest hours and to have risen up from them. You are now the untouchables and providing you keep your sight set firmly on ascending, nothing will be able to divert your attention from success.


       Most of what is happening at present is beyond your eyes, but be assured that all still proceeds well. Events are taking shape that will at last ensure there are signs of the direction you are heading into, and it will come from official sources. That will allow a whole sequence of events to commence that will signal a start to the countdown to Ascension. The process is always moving as change is the only constant there is, and the Light and Love continues to grow upon Earth. It has not been achieved without immense help or indeed sacrifice, but that is the result of your great success in lifting up the vibrations. To those who have not made up their minds, we would say that the opportunity that now faces you would not come your way again for a long time. So please consider carefully what the significance is of this time in your present life. You will undoubtedly have been informed about it prior to incarnating, and with freedom of choice it is possible to awaken to the truth in time to ascend.


       We look at your history and see that in the beginning you were gods, and used your power to create whatever your hearts desired. You were as excited children marvelling at your abilities, and playing games with each other. After all, you did not know any different and all that existed was your playground. With time you forgot your origin from the Source, and your creative powers diminished. You eventually became trapped in your own creations, but never lost your god spark and it has been your footstool as you return to the Light. Most of you will find it incredulous to learn the truth about yourselves, yet you now begin the journey back from whence you came. You still have a lot more to understand, and your Light will continue to grow exponentially.


       I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and try to comprehend what you have gone through to get this far. I find it truly amazing that you have been prepared to walk through the valley of death, yet have emerged stronger than ever. Your strength has been your belief in the Creator, knowing that you would never be deserted. You also knew that in your hours of need, you would be assisted to overcome your darkest hour. Now you rise up so much more powerful than ever, having become a warrior of Light. In time this realization will fully come to you, as the truth about you is slowly revealed. You have walked through duality with one foot each side of the fence, and nothing more could have subjected you to a sterner test. You are indeed great Beings, and I am proud to have an association with you.


       GABRIEL 14-JUN-2010


       Dear George, You don't mess around with easy questions do you? The time for easy ones has passed, I understand that, and the world is at critical mass. Sharon gave me the rains right away so lets get to the questions. Question 1): In the last Bilderberg's meeting in Spain the representatives of the various countries gave the green light to USA for air attacks to Iran. Are these attacks going to happen eventually, and if so what will be the response of Russia and China? Are we going to have a new major war? Answer: I don't know where you got your information about the meeting with the Bilderbergs. It is very interesting that you see them as being the ones that would be able to give the order for air attacks of a country. Those decisions lie with the countries that are thinking about doing such a thing as well as with the UN. The Bilderbergers  are the ones that deal with the rich of the world and they are even losing their power. They are the ones that deal with HAARP and other diabolical things like that. The people that go to those meetings are presidents as the  US president did, as well as the former presidents. They meet for very bad reasons such as your question on the FEMA detention camps. Now they do have a say in that as they are the ones that want the population to be 500,000,000. They also had a say in the blowing up of the oil well but they don't have a say as to bombing of other countries. Israel probably is going to bomb Iran not the United States. There isn't time for another world war, don't worry on that. It won't be allowed even if there was time. Mother earth couldn't stand it. War doesn't only kill people, it also hurts the Earth and she has been hurt as much as she is going to allow.

       Question 2): There are rumours that the US military is preparing to evacuate millions of Americans from the gulf area for a “temporary” accommodation in the notorious FEMA (concentration) camps, under the pretext to protect them from the toxicity of the spill, and this might be one of the reasons that the spill was engineered? Answer: Again I must ask you were you get your rumours? The government is intentionally poisoning the air with the chemicals they are putting in the ocean to disperse the oil, this is intentional. There is going to be evacuations and they might even be to FEMA camps. This whole oil spill was for the purpose of hurting the people to weaken them so badly they will do anything they are asked to do even relocate. This is all under advisement of the source and will not be allowed to cause many deaths, except those who agreed to it before they came to planet. This is a very sad thing that humans have done to their own home just for power. Question 3): Are they going to find a method to stop the oil spill in the gulf, and how soon, or will let it continue probably in order to press people for acceptance of the 'carbon tax' that they try to impose? Answer: They are not going to find a method to stop the spill in the gulf very soon, because they don’t want to find a way. There are many ways they could stop it if they wanted to but they don't, so it will continue. I don't know how much the carbon tax plays into it. They don't have to inflict pain on the Earth in order to pass their laws look at health care.

       Question 4): Is Greece going to become officially bankrupt, and if so how soon this will happen, or the European and IMF support mechanism will manage such an option to be avoided? Are Greek real estate state assets going to be lost in favour of the lenders? Answer: Yes Greece is going to become officially bankrupt if we don't intervene soon, in the not to distant future. You don't want the IMF to bail you out again because then you will become the property of the European or World Government. Yes Greek real estate assets will be lost if the IMF get their way. I hope this information helps. Again is not what you wanted to hear. Question 5): Under these conditions how I will protect my assets? Answer: George I can only warn you and suggest you are the one that has to make the choice to follow the warning if you find it creditable. I can't tell you what to do nor will I. You know the condition of your country. If you trust it then do nothing, if you don't trust it then act. You are the one that will have to live if your assets are frozen or taken. You are the one that will have to figure things out if you need money from your bank and can't get it. You realize that it is going to get worse before better. You also realize better could come sooner then later. Your friend Gabriel.

       GABRIEL 14-AUG-2010

       Question 1. Are the fires in Russia (around the capital etc) an accident, or are an organized plan and if so by whom? Answer: They were an organized plan done by a group in Russia, lets say not to smart of a group in Russia as they have hurt themselves as much as the country. They didn't count the cost of their actions. Lets say some of them were done by the group but the rest were caused by the heat and sparks from the existing fires.

       Question 2. Do we have to expect a major earthquake in Greece until the end of this year with many deaths? Answer: The whole world has to expect a major earthquake as that is the times we are in now marching to 2012. I know that you know there have been several small earthquakes in Greece recently the possibility is strongly there that there will be a large one in the near future. No promises. With any major earthquake there is always the possibility of many or few deaths, just know that the deaths would be expected by those that will die.

       Question 3. Is it going to be an attack against Iran by the USA or Israel, and if so are Russia and China going to be also involved creating a major war? Answer: George there is not time for a major war, but the likely hood of Israel attacking Iran is very strong, with the United States President being so focused on the destruction of his own country he is not going to get involved with attacking Iran, in fact I think Mr Obama would help Iran. Russian and China are funding Iran. Iran truly has no fears.

       Question 4. After the treaty signed between the Galactic Federation and the Ankara Allies last decade, I understand that all wars in our galaxy have ended and all hostile Ets (Anunnaki, Greys, etc) left Earth, and now only friendly Ets are permitted on Earth. Is that true, or are still in earth hostile Ets, and if so who are, how many, do they create a danger for the people on Earth, and what is going to do about it the Galactic Federation? Answer: There are no Greys on Earth. They died out or as you say left earth. Now the reptilians that have not left Earth are those that remained after the treaty, and were banned from their planets, so they have no home to go back to. There are no wars in your galaxy, all that has ceased. Oh George we walk a very fine line here. The reptilians that remained, remained at the military's request, that was for the technologies that the reptilians had to offer. They are by no means good and they are part of the dark that needs to be done away with, before disclosure or landings can occur. There are reptilians on all levels 3rd and 5th. There are fewer and fewer of them every day. The Earth allies have been doing a good job containing them. Once landings happen they will be gone, and earth on all levels will be free to experience a clean ascension to the 5th. Lets leave that question there. Is too dangerous.

       Question 5. I had an interview with a Greek TV channel where I described in detail about the 5th dimension and 2012 (actually a summary of what I have in my site) but it was not finally broadcasted (was cut). Therefore I paid my friend Nikos to sent the text of the interview (increased with many additional information) to 500.000 email addresses in Greece (today 200.000 have already been sent, with a rate of about 5.000 per day). a) What is the reason that the interview was not breasted, the journalist was afraid to proceed or the director of the channel did not permitted it?  And b) dose a good percentage of the people who receive the emails read them, and pay attention to what I say? Answer: The reason that they didn't air the program is they are not liking what you are saying. It is too different than what they know and believe. People want to believe that one day everything is going to be back to normal and all will be well. What you present is anything but normal, it sounds normal to you but to others that don't even believe in ET's find it hard to believe. Your emails are a good thing especially for those that are waking up and seeing that unless something changes the Earth is doomed.

       The following questions are about Greece: Question 6. Is Greece going to become officially bankrupt before the Ets intervention? Answer: It is very possible Greece will go bankrupt before we land as it is possible many other countries will also. Question 7. Are the actions I have taken to protect my assets until the end of 2012 sufficient or I have to do something more. Answer: As for your assets you know how well protected they are, I gave you guidelines to follow before and if you followed them then you are fine. Although the end of 2012 is much to far in advance to be looking at, we will be with you much sooner than that and your financial issues will be solved. Question 8 Will I need money and property after 2012 or these will be obsolete then? Answer: George read your blogs on your website, then answer this question yourself. Question 9. Will the present government stay in power for long or will be soon replaced. Answer: I must refer to Sheldan Nidle on this question. How long do you think the present government will stay in place if we are to have our landings soon, and we are doing away with the dark cabal? Please ask me questions that you don't know the answers to, as I am very busy. Question 10. Will Greece sell a lot of the national properties to foreigners (banks etc) before the Ets intervention? Answer: Yes, they will sell a lot of national properties. Question 11. Will the people suffer a lot in Greece and for how long? Answer: There will be suffering but not because of us, most suffering will be because that is what they bring on themselves. No suffering will go on long, we are on our way. Remember those people that do suffer and die choose that before they came to Earth this time, even though it is hard to see, they are prepared in there most high consciousness for what will befall them. Question 12. Will this situation lead to strong protests and rebellion of the people with many deaths? Answer: Yes they are going to be many deaths. Peace and Love. Gabriel of the Galactic Federation.

       GABRIEL 22-AUG-2010

       Question 1. There are rumours for a probable war in Greece (in the north part). Is that possible to happen a) in 2010? or b) in 2011?. Answer: Dear George to answer your first question at this time in the history of your world anything is possible, but these are just rumours and rumours can't hurt anyone or anything.

       Question 2. Is it necessary for me to accumulate at home long lasting food etc, to cover a case of emergency and foe how many days? Answer: For your second question it is very important that you have a food supply in your home, I am surprised that you haven't already started that. Don't have food for days but rather have a supply that could last you a couple of months at the least. Also water is very important. You never know what is going to happen to stop the food supply in any country not just yours, you should be prepared. Sharon and her husband have a years supply at the least.

       Question 3. Is it necessary to install at home an electric generation with sufficient fuel to cover periods of lack of electricity? Answer: As for your third question it is a very good idea to have some kind of fuel source be it generator or something else. There will be a time when all these things will be important. Also a radio would be good. George I don't normally deal in the needs of individuals but for some reason you are different. Prepare yourself and your family so that your heart won't be so heavy. You must stop worrying as it will get you know where things will happen in there time and the time is so much closer then it was yesterday. Blessings Dear George. Gabriel.

       GABRIEL 25-AUG-2010

       Question 1.  I saw a video of Project Camelot talking about concentration of naval forces in the Golf of Aden near Yemen in Middle East, that has to do with a star gate opening there, and the expected arrival of “synthetic beings. Have you or any information about it? Answer: Dear George, I don't understand what you mean by synthetic beings. Yes there is not only going to be a star gate open there as there are several around the Earth at this time. The floor of the ocean is rising in that part of the Gulf. This is being done volcanically, something the humans don't understand. They feel that is where they are going to meet the ET's, but they will be very surprised as us ET's, know that they only want to cause harm. Therefore we will avoid that area.

       Question 2. Are we going to have a new pandemic (the same or different as previous) the coming winter with a new wave of vaccinations? Answer: There could be a pandemic start but like all the rest that humans try to cause, this one won't cause many deaths. Now keep an eye on the earthquakes as the earth is getting ready to rock.

       Question 3. The attached video says that around the 20th of September there will be a change by force of the present government of Greece to be replaced by another in order to face the bankers criminals. What is Gabriel your opinion about this video? Answer: Ôhe coup that you speak of, will probably happen. Ét may be the beginning. As we have said through several different channels, (Mr Nidle) being one of biggest things would start changing and start changing big before the beginning of 2011. Besides we do not see the United States having normal elections this year, as they are collapsing in on themselves because of their debt. Be at peace George as you know knew why you are where you are and you should feel much excitement as your new government will be the beginning of the new World Governments of Peace. We will soon meet you and I. Your Friend From the Federation. Gabriel.





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