C1g174  Garden high in the blue sky

      C2g855 The twin horses

An191  A giant serpent in the blue desert




C1g08  Trees under the sun and the moon      

Bg1104 Melted strange thoughts

C928  Colorful marsh under colorful sky




Bg314  Glory and happiness      

An192  Ceremony of the flame people

Bg300  Evil faces from the dark


         Below are three articles (written by three French art specialists) which help the viewers to understand better the work and the intentions of the artist, which were written originally in French in connection with the invitation that the artist had by the museum Stendhal in Grenoble (for a free of any charge personal exhibition in the museum from 14 till 30 November 2007). These articles have been translated in English, together with the first five articles (of Krinos etc.) that have been also translated in English from Greek.


       When I studied the work of the Greek painter George Koemtzopoulos, in order to analyse it and present it in an art magazine, (as others have done for him several times before), I started wondering whether the analysis was necessary. That is because his paintings talk so fluently and clearly to our souls, that any effort for analysis and comments might damage the immense beauty, harmony, originality and grandeur they contain. So I decided only to address to the viewers and the lucky collectors who own and enjoy these paintings, telling them that each painting is a whole book, and in order to read it and enjoy deeply its richness, one has to see it with the eyes of the soul widely open, leaving his imagination free to enter and wander in the fantastic imaginary landscapes and to communicate with the strange extraterrestrial figures that many paintings contain.

   And the more we indulge in each painting the more new elements are revealed in front of us to be interpreted according to our taste or culture.  And the variety and number of the paintings (see his catalogs from his exhibitions and his site is so great that we can spend hours watching them, filing our senses with beauty and enjoying the feeling that we contribute in the artistic work by completing with our imagination the work of the artist. But here I stop in order to leave the paintings to talk.

Anastasia Rossi (Conseillère Culturelle auprès du Consulat de Grèce à Grenoble).


       No, they are not visions of a crazy imagination. These are real paintings that you can watch and touch, the astonishing paintings of the Greek painter George Koemtzopoulos.  The fact that he paints continuously since 1966 (note that only the last three years 2005-2007 he decided to open his work to the public, due to his previous heavy business obligations), trying each year to invent new techniques and to create new styles and forms, (using every material that can provide colour as well as tools he made himself), made it possible to have such a variety of new and original different styles in painting that makes him unique in the world of painters so far.      

        This variety becomes even greater with a second category consisting of paintings that he enters and processes by the computer, using software that he has created, in order to produce new impressive paintings combining artistic and decorative qualities. There is also a third category where he creates a “happy marriage”, in the computer, of one of his paintings with one photo (taken from his large file he has created during the years), giving phantasmagorical combinations which increase even more the variety of his styles. Recently he is experimenting with a fourth category that we expect to see.

           These dozens of styles and forms that are ever increasing and that differ from one another, but without loosing their aesthetical qualities and substance, make possible for the artist to satisfy all tastes and preferences from the simple viewers to the most sophisticated and demanding art specialists who for sure will find, in this large variety, paintings that breath in them, inspire them and touch them.

          Moreover, the artist’s constant productivity in these three categories created a huge number of paintings that is very difficult to find in other artists. This fact gives to everyone a very large field of selection in order to find the paintings he likes most, so that rightly is called Koemtzopoulos as “the painter for all tastes”.

         In order to verify the above we have only to go through his catalogues with hundreds of his paintings, or to visit his recent site that he has recently created, which contains (or will soon contain) 5000 of the paintings that he has painted until now and others that he continues to paint, trying always to create something new, aesthetically attractive and original.

                              Laurina Hadjimanolis (Art Historic, France) 


        Finally nothing is unsurpassed. The time comes that the “perfect” meets the “more perfect” and this story is repeated again and again. These are the thoughts I made when I saw the exquisite work of the Greek painter George Koemtzopoulos. The phantasmagorical colors with the explosions of light and energy, together with the incomparable aesthetical perfection of the forms and the landscapes, combined with the impressive supernatural figures that are harmonically included in many of his paintings, create to the viewer a great mental euphoria.

     In addition, the vague and uncompleted form of many of his paintings, as the artist on purpose avoids expressing something fully defined and clear, evokes the imagination of the viewer and involves him actively in the painting procedure, encouraging him to see what he would like to see. So the viewer can form in his mind his own picture of the painting, interpreting what he sees in his own way and supplementing it with the elements that are in purpose vague and hidden, taking the stimulus from the elements created by the unbounded imagination of the artist.

        The work of Koemtzopoulos opens new roads in the modern art that only he dares to create and continuously extend these roads, while we, the simple viewers and admirers of his art, watch with great interest to see where these roads will take us. The great variety of his multiform paintings is presented in his catalogs (with many paintings from his exhibitions), and dynamically in his site that he recently created with thousands of paintings ( ).

      Concluding this short tour in the work of the artist, I would like to add that I would not be at all surprised to see in the future the name Koemtzopoulos being at the same level with the names of the international giants of modern painting, (Picasso, Dali, Van Gogh, etc), following the tradition of some of his compatriots who were giants in the classic painting.        

                                    Luka Rado   (Art Expert, Paris - Brussels)                       ENGLISH HOME PAGE




An195  Brushstrokes of a crazy artist

A838 A cave with creatures in another planet

An200  The old lady and her friends among flowers      




A805  The brilliant brain of the artist

C2g347a  The beach of rescue

An199  The golden minerals we try to find




Bg525   The cataract of the magic valley

C2g662   A sky full of colorful birds

Bg526   Tree over the blue river




Bd80 The pond with the living plants

Bd83  The Garden with the strange creatures

Bd84   The ghosts of the hounded park




Cd669 Birds in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Cd652 Rocky landscape in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Cd150 African trees in the 4th and 5th dimensions




Bh65 Vertical rocky formations

Cd758 Reflections in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Bh68 A steep rocky coast





An152  The owl on the tree of wisdom

An161  The fight of waves and lava

An167  The statue of our desire 

An165  Stony gods of Indians