An117  The entrance for the other life     

C2g1060  Reflections in the explosive lake

An85  The party of our crazy neighbours




Bg527  The serin waters of our conciens

C2g06  The magic crystal sphere

C2g832   Valley in a satellite of Jupiter




Bg107  Uncertain faces and forms

C2g594  The small animals of the flowers

     Bg26   Yellow Metal waves

PRESS RELEASE The analysis that follows was made by a famous art writer in New York Mr. Aaron Deland and was shown in the internet in the address ( or more specifically in the address together with selected paintings of the artist that have been exhibit in an exhibition of the Agora-Gallery <> from 14.Dec.2007 till 3.Jan.2008 in Chelsea N.Y. See below

      (Dr. George Koemtzopoulos creates artworks that represent the wondrous harmonies of the earth, sea, and cosmos from a stunning variety of materials and methods. The spectacular effects gathered from such wide-ranging methods as printing inks, paints, photography and computer imaging programs is matched only by his boundless imagination. Koemtzopoulos’ work ranges stylistically from hyper-colored realism to abstract schemas resembling the stellar forces of primordial abysses. His works are explosions of light and energy, a dizzying spectrum of natural beauty and pensive abstraction.

       Well educated, and possessing experience in both the academic and corporate worlds, Koemtzopoulos has been pursuing his passion for art in his leisure time since 1966. “Due to my serious business and academic occupations, for many years I considered my painting not as a profession, but as a hobby that pleasantly filled almost all of my free time.“ Now retired, he has fully immersed himself in creating and promoting his art, the extensive travel and fascinating experiences have proved a great resource for artistic expression. Koemtzopoulos lives and works in Athens.)


ARTisSPECTRUM: The analysis that follows was made by a famous art writer and critic, Mrs Alison Rogers, and was presented, together with paintings of the artist, in volume 17 of May 2007, page 10, of the New York art magazine ARTisSPECTRUM (see the address in the “Home Page”, or, when the next volume will be published at the end of 2007, in the “Archive”). This analysis was aiming to mark out the new elements of the artist’s work that make his work outstanding and different from what we are used to see until now. See analysis below:

       (George Koemtzopoulos paints into the unknown with bravado and confidence. His work breathes into the viewer, granting visions of untravelled psychic spaces and hidden corners of the imagination. Koemtzopoulos' canvases are worlds of color and light; his painterly brushwork and sensual compositions are both vivacious and dreamy. His work has been praised by art critics as displaying "boldness and imagination;" his colors described as "phantasmagoric," and his overall aesthetic sense inspiring "mental euphoria."

       Koemtzopoulos merits this praise from viewers and art critics alike, in part because of his ability to touch the viewer's imagination and inspire questioning and wonder. He has been called "a preacher of aesthetic freedom" by art critics because, as some have said, "he does not impose in his paintings something certain, final, or concrete. He waits for the spectator to give the form." The loose brushwork and the undetermined scene allow space for the viewers mind to wander, yet his intense colors and layering of shapes and lines arrests our attention and sustains our interest.

      The attraction of his paintings lies in the combination of its obvious decorative beauty and its roots in Abstract Expressionism. These works are introspective without being remote and they are aesthetically pleasing without losing their substance.

      Koemtzopoulos, a retired civil engineer who taught at the National Technical University of Athens, started painting in 1966. While only embarking on a serious painting career two years ago, already his work has been bought by public and private institutions and widely displayed. Koemtzopoulos sites nature as one of his primary inspirations. Another source, he says, is to "enter deep meditation and to imagine that I use the techniques of a great painter of the future, and that I am on another planet, where I watch with my imagination the curious landscapes and creatures that live there, which later I try to include in my work." George Koemtzopoulos has exhibited his work throughout his native Greece and abroad, where he has been well received and awarded for his artistic endeavours.)


ARTisSPECTRUM volume 18 of November 2007: The analysis that follows was made by a famous USA art writer and critic Brooke Green, analysing mainly one of the paintings of the artist the “Surface in a planet of Orion” shown in volume 18 of the magazine ARTisSPECTRUM: (The painting is shown in the Home Page of this site).

       (If process were an art form, Dr. George A. Koemtzopoulos would be the purveyor. With a background in realms more logically based, it is not surprising that Koemtzopoulos’s subject matter and modes of creation reflexively inform one another. His works are systematically categorized into three subjects: those involving classic painting techniques, those involving digitally manipulated paintings, and those involving the compositing of paintings and photography via digital manipulations. He breeds an "uncommon variety of styles" whilst enhancing the pulchritudinous caveats the earth has to offer. Surface in a planet of Orion exemplifies Koemtzopoulos’s relationship between process and product. His subject matter is plainly referenced in its title, despite its fictionality. Koemtzopoulos incorporates a myriad of rainbow color marbling its way across the textured surface of said planet. The resulting image is almost artificial, yet retains qualities so abstracted and seemingly intangible that it reaches an unparalleled level of beauty, inversely promoting a sense of lucid understanding. Likewise, utilizing digital techniques seemingly usurps the credibility of Koemtzopoulos’s subjects. On the contrary, his process begets a new sort of actuality and allows for variance in truth, furthering a deeper awareness. Koemtzopoulos, similar to the constellation and Greek myth for which Surface on the Planet Orion is named, is a hunter. He seeks out beauty and captures it and assembles new formulations for others to appreciate.)

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An218  Fossils of strange creatures

A818  The marvellous human brain

An227  Colours of the summer






C2g1125  River under the moonlight

C889  The twin trees of development

 C2g1109   A serene dark coast






Bg530  Chosing betwing the two streems

C2g746  Cosmic rays over Antarctica

Bg534  The secret river of our future






Bd93 Statues on the rocks of the river

Bd88  Ghosts in the hounded pond

Bd89 Rocky landscape in a remote planet






Cd236 An orange desert in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Cd817 A bright Landscape in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Cd625 Strange clouds in the 4th and 5th dimensions






Cd270 A wide cataract in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Bh69 Glowing walls of a colorful cave

Cd343 A bright coast in the 4th and 5th dimensions






An228  A landscape with monsters

An234  Creatures of a planet of Orion

An236  Figures of the tropical sea

C1n105 Ghosts in the garden of Eden