ARTIST’S STATEMENT (for what he feels about his paintings)




An32  The electronic flower

An59  The hell in our imagination

An34  The swallow of our soul




A804  The bursting out of the desires       

Bg101  Our  fanny neighbours

A807 The core of our brain




Bg1088  Layers of precious minerals

Bg95   The clouds of the coming war

C2g402  Faces hidden in the garden


        At night, before I sleep, going through the catalogs and the books containing my paintings, I feel like traveling over the landscapes they show and studying the strange figures they hide. I feel I am climbing on steep snowy mountains breathing the cold air or diving in the oceans and watching the fascinating creatures that live there. Sometimes I feel I am flying in skies with amazing colors to meet there sublime figures, or I am lost in dense forests where creatures and wild animals are hidden together with savages having good or bad intentions, or I am wandering in sunny deserts with intense colors.

      In some paintings I feel I am swimming in enchanting lakes and rivers or laying down in blossomed meadows and smelling the perfumes of the flowers. In other paintings I feel I am traveling to another dimension where I meet strange ghosts, dwarfs, sirens and mermaids which capture my mind. Yet, what I like most of all, are the journeys to other worlds and planets, where I can meet extraterrestrial creatures with strange shapes and figures, whole tribes of “stone-men” who look at me remaining steel and silent, with whom, unfortunately, I can’t communicate.

      In these wonderful journeys I meet figures of people, some happy, some astonished, some angry and some tragic, trying to express their feelings, dozens of figures in each painting, some obvious and some hidden, so that one has to use his imagination to discover them. And the more one searches the more he discovers, sometimes one within the other, each trying to attract his attention. Among them I sometimes recognize persons I know and in certain cases (like as Hitchcock used to do) I recognize myself.

      Well, as I travel from painting to painting I sometimes fall asleep, and then, when I am lucky enough, I dream that I enter and live in this strange world, and that I finally communicate with these strange figures and learn about their history and their customs. In this way I fill my senses with fantastic experiences and my soul with beauty, and when I wake up in the morning, I have new resources to face the difficulties of the day.     

      So I invite you, my dear friends who you have in your hands one of the catalogs of my paintings, or you are visiting my website, to try to see behind my paintings what you would like to see, leaving your imagination free and your heart open, and the more you try the more you discover. Then I also invite you to follow me in these journeys, and, who knows, you may be also lucky enough to dream during the night and live for a while in the fascinating world of a magic art.   

       But one day something magical happened and this strong desire to come into contact with beings from other planets finally happened, fact that radically changed my life. So I started to actually have astral travel to other planets and converse telepathically with extraterrestrials, and these experiences are described in detail in my pages II.2.D. II.2.D1, and II.2.D2, which I added to my site. These pages I strongly recommend to visit  and be informed, because during 2012 the Earth with her people is entering another fascinating reality (the “fifth dimension”) about which we must be prepared.


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An137   The path to a blessed country

C2g572  People of the flowers

An124  The monster hidden in the bushes




Bg494  A happy couple

C2n10 An enchanting  night in Mexico

An58  Lost in the Labyrinth of our life




Bg521  The fertile valley in Autumn

C2g885  The brown whirlwind of arrogance

Bg563  The Grant Canyon of another planet




Bd65 The ghost of the Chinese in the haunded lake

Bd69  Living plants in the haunded park

Bd67 Reflections of haunded plants in the lake




Cd38  Barren trees in the 4th and 5th dimensons

Ch435 A yellow cataract in the mountains

Cd22 An arch in the 4th and 5th dimensions




Cd272 A brown seaside in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Bd129 The sea with the ghosts in the 4th and 5th dimen.

Cd321 Yellow cliffs  in the 4th and 5th dimensions





An168  Supernatural blue waves

An175  The stony wood of our thoughts

An198  The queen of our hearts

An203  Protesting against the heaven