An146  Poseidon waiting for us in Aegean sea

Bn20  Twisted desires

An88  The burning forest with the ghosts




Bg454  A bursting out of joy

C286  The sun emerging from the crystal see

 Ce07  Diamond red flowers




 Bg154  Freedom of ideas

Bg1012  River by the living rocks

Bg309   Curious faces watching us           

WEB SITE: The artist has created (during July 2007) a site in the internet in order to exhibit a representative sample of his paintings that he has been painting from1966. Due to the various techniques and methods that the artist used and continues to use, (trying always to discover and apply something new and original in his art), his sample contained initially 5000 of his paintings. For this reason as name of the site was chosen the: . In October 2008 his site contains more than 9.300 paintings, groped in more than 620 folders (per category), and it will be updated from time to time as additional paintings will be uploaded to reach a minimum of 10.000.

     As is previously explained in detail in the chapter “Techniques”, his work is groped into three main categories. Category A contains paintings that he painted with a variety of materials on various media. Category B includes paintings that he painted on paper, with emphasis in colour combinations, and then he scanned and entered in the computer and processed by various tools in order to achieve impressive effects. Category C contains paintings produced by the combination of one of his paintings and a photo, or by processing photos in the computer taken from his large file.

    The visitor can choose, by clicking, to open a folder with 15 small paintings, and by clicking in each of these small paintings he can see them larger, (about 20X26 cm. i.e. 8X10.4 in.) and with mach more details.  All paintings are heaving a unique code, which indicates also its category. The titles of the first 19 folders of Group 1 are accompanying the tables, while the titles of the paintings of the first 42 folders of Group 2 are given in separate folders (C1, C2, and C3), per category. The titles in the above two Groups are covering also all the titles of the paintings of the two published catalogs of the artist. On the other hand, for most of the paintings of all other Groups the artist has given no titles. This is done in order to give to the visitor the opportunity to see, with his own imagination, what he wants to see, and not to be influenced by the artist’s title, which indicates what the artist had in mind when he created his work.

    The fact that the actual size of the paintings is usually 100X75 cm. (40X30 in.) and the majority of them includes many figures and many details together with the main subject, makes it very difficult to give a representative picture of the painting in a usual site (where the volume of the file is limited by the time you need to open it in the internet). The same is valid for a printed catalog where also the dimensions are limited. Therefore you have to see the actual painting in order to fully appreciate and enjoy its contents.

       In other folders-pages the visitor can have more information about the artist and his work i.e. C.V. publications, exhibitions, comments by art experts of various countries, etc. All the text is in English and in Greek, and certain items are in French, while later it will be also given in German, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

      Furthermore the visitor is heaving information about the way he can obtain the paintings he prefers, and especially, for certain of them, in the form of ”mixed media”. These ”mixed media” are created by printing on various media (canvas, plexiglas, etc.) and in various sizes, and the artist continues to work on the printings after they are produced (with oils, acrylics etc.) so that they become unique and different from any other, and therefore original. This fact allows them to have a considerably lower price than the conventional paintings of category A. (Printings in ”mixed media”, are also most of the paintings created with the help of the computer, either alone or in combination with photos).

      In addition the artist decided to include in March 2008 in his site some of his experiences from ‘‘astral travels’’ (see page II.1.D), and his contacts with extraterrestrials, which experiences were also one of the sources of his inspiration. He also included information about how will be the life in the Earth when in a few years we will enter in the ‘‘fifth dimension’’ (see page II.1.D1), and become a member of the ‘‘Galaxy Confederation’’(see page II.1.D2). Moreover added a large page containing the symbols of the cosmic healing energies of Reiki, Seichim and SSR, with the methods by which someone can take all the initiations himself (self-attunements) and use these energies for healing etc, without the need to go and spend money to the relative schools (see page II.1.D3). Also in October 2008 he added a page with ‘‘mandalas’’ (see page II.1.D4), which are pictures-symbols by which we can attract beneficial energies that can help us in many aspects. At the end of 2008 he added a page proposing a global meditation to help the entry of the Earth in the fifth dimension, which is done twice a month by thousands of his “electronic friends” he has in the internet in the various nink communities where he is a member (see page II.1.D5). Finally in the beginning of 2009 he added a page with 30 recordings of healing sounds produced by crystal bowls which are used to heal our body and mind (See page II.1.D6). Also since 2008 he stopped the sales of his paintings and he will again open his work to the public after 2012, when the Earth will enter the fifth dimension,

      The visitors are also encouraged to send their comments to the artist, including their evaluation on some of the paintings they choose to evaluate, helping in this way the artist to concentrate his effort to those of his techniques that are more appreciated by the public. Also to send any information that might have concerning extraterrestrials and metaphysical experiences in general. 

        Finally, since the artist is at the same time a poet, the site contains also a selection of hundreds of  his poems in Greek, as well as a selection of hundreds of  jocks he collected for the entertainment of the visitor (also only in Greek).





An67  The prison of our desires

An186  Monks of another planet

An190  Stony figures in the frozen valley




C1g280  The treasures of a small town

An149  Surface on a satellite of Jupiter

An134   Pluto and Cerberus in Acheron lake




Bg619  The shore with the red sand

C2g1065  Landscape in a planet of Gemini

Bg616  The garden in the Greek palace




Bd45  The green shore of happiness

Bd38  The ghosts of stone of the woods

Bd13  Strange faces in the river




Cd05 A colorful valey in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Ch443 An enchanting landscape in the 4th and 5th dim.

Cd379 A colorful coast in the 4th and 5th dimensions




Bg991 The coast with the orange waves

Cd337 Red waves in the 4th and 5th dimensions

Bg998 A stormy coast under the yelow sky





An72  The monster pursuing its victims

An12  Landscape on Mars        

An62  Extraterrestrial vegetation

An103  The blossomed Tokyo